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Batters:PosLevelRd:OverallFrom2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:PosLevelRd:OverallFrom2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:PosLevelRd:OverallFrom2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:PosLevelRd:From2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:LevelRd:From2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:LevelRd:From2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:LevelRd:From2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:LevelRd:From2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:LevelRd:From2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:LevelRd:FromAssignedRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:LevelRd:FromAssignedRule 5 eligibleBonusBatters:LevelRd:FromAssigned
House, BradySS/3BHS111Winder Barrow HS (GA)FCL2025 R5 Draft$5,000,000Infante, SamuelSS/3BHS271Monsignor Edward Pace (FL)XST/FCL2024 R5 Draft$1,000,000Mendoza, Drew3B/1BCOL jr394Florida StateAA2022 R5 Draft$800,000Canning, GageOF (CF)COL jr5Arizona State U.High-A2021 R5 draft$208,900Freeman, Cole 2BCOL sr4Louisiana State U.AA2020 R5 draft$150,000Kieboom, Carter  SSHS1Walton HS (GA)Washingtonon 40-man$2,000,000Stevenson, Andrew* OFCOL jr2LSUMLBon 40-man$750,000Reetz, Jakson CHS3Norris HS (NE)MLFA (2021)2018 R5 draft$800,000Ward, Drew 3BHS3Leedy HS (OK)FA (2019) released (2020$850,000Renda, Tony 2B*COL jr2UC BerkeleyTraded (2015)$500,000Rendon, Anthony 3BCOL jr1RiceFree Agent 2019$6,000,000Harper, Bryce OFJUCO1College of Southern Nevadabecame FA (2019)
Lile, DaylenLFHS247Trinity HS (KY)FCL2025 R5 Draft$1,750,000Lindsly, BradyCACOL Sr4123OklahomaHigh-A2023 R5 Draft$20,000Cluff, JacksonSSCOL so6183BYUAA2022 R5 Draft$200,000Cropley, TylerCACOL sr8U. Iowareleased (2020), signed with KC2021 R5 draft$10,000Connell, Justin OFHS11American Heritage (FL)High-A2021 R5 draft$125,000Neuse, Sheldon  3B^^COL jr2Oklahomatraded (2017)$900,000Perkins, Blake OF #HS2Verrado HS (AZ)Traded (2018)$800,000Carey, Dale "D.K." CFCOL sr7Miami (FL)released (2018)$60,000Gunter, Cody 3BJUCO6Grayson Cty Coll. (TX)released (2017)$175,000Miller, Brandon OF-CACOL sr4Samfordretired (2015)$100,000Goodwin, Brian OF* ^CCS1Miami Dade CC Southtraded (2018)$3,000,000Hague, Rick SSCOL jr3Ricereleased (2016)
Boissiere, BrandenOF/1BCol 4Jr382ArizonaLow-A2024 R5 Draft$600,000Ydens, JeremyOF (CF)COL jr8243UCLALow-A2022 R5 Draft$169,500Shaddy, Carson2BCOL sr10U. Arkansas Fayettevilleretired (2019)$10,000Senior, Eric OFJUCO13Midland Coll. (TX)released (2020)2020 R5 draft$100,000Banks, Nick*  OFCOL jr4Texas A&MXST2019 R5 draft$500,000Wiseman, Rhett* OFCOL jr3VanderbiltMLFA (2021)$554,000Gardner, Jeff LFCOL sr8Louisvillereleased (2016). Indy (2017)$40,000Yezzo, James 1BCOL jr7Delawarereleased (2015)$160,000Kieboom, Spencer CACOL jr5ClemsonFree Agent 2019$200,000Skole, Matt 3BCOL jr5Georgia TechCWS. became FA (2018)$161,100Martinson, Jason SSCOL jr5Texas Statebecame FA (2019)
White, T.J.RFHS5143Dorman HS (SC)FCL2025 R5 Draft$400,000Pratt, AndrewCACOL sr10303Lubbock Christian (TX)High-A2022 R5 Draft$10,000Wilson, CodyOF (CF)COL jr13Florida Atlantic U.AA2021 R5 draft$125,000Peroni, Anthony CACC14Mercer County CC (NJ)released (2019)2020 R5 draft$100,000Johnson, Daniel* CFCOL jr5New Mexico St.traded (2019)$325,000Kerian, David# 1BCOL sr9Illinoisreleased (2017)$25,000Byler, Austin 1BCOL jr9Nevada (Reno)drafted by AZ 2015 (11)Middleton, Brennan SSCOL sr10Tulanereleased (2015)$15,000Jennings, Hayden CFHS6Evangel Christian Academy (LA)released (2014)$100,000Ramsey, Caleb OFCOL sr11University of Houstonreleased (2017)Leonida, Cole CACOL jr6Georgia Techreleased (2015)
Young, JacobCF/2BCol 4Jr7203FloridaLow-A2024 R5 Draft$275,000Arruda, J.T.SS/2BCOL jr11333Fresno StateLow-A2022 R5 Draft$250,000Rhinesmith, JacobOF (Corner)COL jr18Western Kentucky U.High-A2021 R5 draft$125,000Scudder, Jake* 1BCOL jr16Kansas State U.released (2019)$2,500Barrera, Tres  CCOL jr6Texas Fredericksburgon 40-man$210,000Schrock, Max* 2B^COL jr13South CarolinaTraded (2016)$500,000Page, Matthew RFCOL sr10Oklahoma Baptist U.released (2017)$30,000Masters, David SSJUCO14Central ArizonaMLFA, R5 draft (2019)Perez, Stephen SSCOL jr8Miami (FL)released (2018)$100,000Kalenkosky, Casey 1BCOL jr13Texas Statedrafted by ATL 2012 (30)Keyes, Kevin RFCOL jr7TexasSigned with TEX as FA
Frizzell, Will1B/DHCol 4Sr8233Texas A&MFCL2024 R5 Draft$179,800Randa, JakeOFJUCO13393Northwest Florida St.Released 20222022 R5 Draft$300,000Vega, OnixCAJUCO20Broward Coll. (FL)Low-A2021 R5 draft$125,000Choruby, Nick* OFCOL sr18Texas A&M Ureleased (2018)$2,500Noll, Jacob 2BCOL sr7Fla. Gulf Coast U.Rochester2019 R5 draft$190,000Sagdal, Ian* SSCOL sr16Washington State U.MLFA (2021)Davidson, Austin 3BCOL jr13Pepperdinereleased (2020)2017 R5 draftBallou, William (Isaac) CFCOL sr15Marshallreleased (2017)Manuel, Craig CACOL sr10Ricereleased (2016)$25,000Stubbs, Roland (Cody) LFCC14Walters State CC (TN)drafted by KC 2013 (8)Kelso, Blake SSCOL jr10Houstonretired/released (2014)
Baker, Darren2BCol 4Sr10293UC BerkeleyFCL/Low-A2024 R5 Draft$146,800Martina, Junior3BJUCO16483Western Oklahoma St.Low-A2022 R5 Draft$100,000Daily, ColeSS/1BCOL jr22Notre Dame (IN)High-A (inj)2021 R5 draftPryor, Jonathan* OFCOL sr19Wake Forest U. (NC)released (2019)$2,500Harris, Joey* CCOL sr9Gonzaga U. (WA)released (2018)$10,000Dulin, Dalton# 2BCC17Northwest Mississippi CCreleased (2017)Ripken, Ryan 1BCOL soph15Indian River State (FL)released (2017). Signed by BALAllen, Willie CFJUCO16Western OklahomaLewis-Clark State (ID)Lopez, Carlos 3BCOL sr12Wake Forestreleased (2015)Houchins, Zachary SSJUCO15Louisburg Coll. (NC)drafted by LAA 2014 (13)Smalling, Timothy SSCOL jr14Virginia Techsigned by COL 2011 (15)
Fein, JadenOF/RFCol 4Jr15443San Diego StateLow-A2024 R5 Draft$125,000Dunn, JackSSCOL sr20603Northwestern (IL)High-A2022 R5 Draft$10,000Hamilton, ColeCACC23Linn Benton CC (OR)Oregon State, NDFA Wash 21retired 2021Blash, Jamori 1BJUCO23Cochise Coll. (AZ)released (2019)2020 R5 draft$100,000Panaccione, Paul SSCOL sr10Grand Canyon U. (AZ)retired (2018)$10,000Rodriguez, Melvin* 2BCOL sr18Jackson State U. (MS)released (2016)Keller, Alec CFCOL sr17Princetonretired (2021)2017 R5 draftPerrott, Geoffrey CCOL sr17Ricereleased/retired (2015)Poole, Jordan RFJUCO14Chipola Coll (FL)released (2014)Williams, Deion SS HS16Redan HS (GA)released (2016)Freitas, David CA***COL jr15HawaiiTraded
Williams, StevenCACol 4Sr18533AuburnFCL2024 R5 Draft$100,000Strohschein, KevinOF (Corner)COL sr21633Tennessee TechLow-A2022 R5 Draft$10,000Marinconz, KyleSS/2BCOL jr24Cal. Poly San Luis ObispoHigh-A2021 R5 draft$60,000Richards, Tim SSCOL sr24Cal. State Fullerton(retired w/o signing)Upshaw, Armond# CFJUCO11Pensacola State Coll. (FL)XST2019 R5 draft$400,000Brandt, Clayton SSCOL sr19MidAmerica Nazarene U (KS)retired (2017)Williamson, Clay RFCOL jr19Cal State Fullertonreleased (2015)Allen, Brenton LFCOL jr20UCLAreleased (2014)Smith, Brandon CFHS15Woodbridge HS (CA)Grand Canyon U.Norfork, Khayyan 2BCOL sr23Tennesseebecame free agent (2019)Miller, Justin 2BCOL jr18Middle Tennessee Streleased (2014)
Kligman, ElieC/SSHS20593Cimarron-Memorial HSWake ForestBerrios, AllanCAJUCO22663Western Oklahoma St.Low-A2022 R5 Draft$50,000O'Connor, Pablo2BCOL sr27Azusa Pacific U. (CA)retired (2019)Esthay, Kameron* OFCOL sr26Baylor U. (TX)released (2019)2020 R5 draft$20,000Simonetti, Conner* 1BCOL jr13Kent State U. (OH)released (2017)$40,000Reeves, John Clay CCol jr (RS)20Rice (TX)Rice UniversityLanglois, Bryan RFCOL jr20Pepperdinereleased/retired (2015Dent, Cody SSCOL sr22Floridareleased (2016)Lippincott, Bryan 1BCOL sr19Concordiaretired (2014)Fernandez, Erick CACOL sr25Georgetown U. (DC)released (2013)Moore, Wade CFCOL jr19Catawba Collegereleased (2013)
Alu, Jake2B/3BCOL sr24723Boston CollegeHigh-A2022 R5 Draft$10,000Chisolm, Blake1BCOL sr28Sam Houston State U. (TX)retired (2019)Baker, Darren* SSHS27Jesuit HS (CA)UC Berkeley, Wash 2021Beckwith, Tyler SSCOL sr17U. Richmond (VA)released or retired (2018)Diedrick, Philip* OFCOL sr29Western Kentucky U.released (2016)Salters, Daniel CCOL soph22Dallas Baptistdrafted by CLE 2015 (13)Gordon, Garrett RFJUCO23Wabash Valley (IL)released (2015)Brooks, James SSCOL sr20Utahreleased (2013)Pleffner, Shawn RFCOL jr26University of Tampareleased (2017)Mozingo, Chad RFCOL jr20Ricereleased (2012)
Quinn, Parker1BCOL sr25753Hofstra (NY)Retired 20212022 R5 Draft$10,000Pogue, ColtonSSCOL sr29Pittsburg State U. (KS)released (2019)Perkins, Nic CACOL jr28Drury U. (MO)released (2020)2020 R5 draft$60,000Gonzales, Jarrett CHS19James Madison HS (TX)New Mexico, Wash NDFA21DiNatale, Dalton* 3BCOL jr32Arizona State U.released (2016)Riopedre, Chris SSCOL jr23East Tennessee Statereleased (2015)Hampson, Garrett SSHS26Reno HSdrafted by COL 2016 (3)Chubb, Austin CACOL sr21Florida Southernreleased (2015)Cotten, Sean CACOL sr29Tusculum College (TN)contract voided (2011)Rowe, Connor CFCOL jr21Texasreleased (2012)
Hart, Dupree2BCOL sr26783College of Charleston (SC)(retired w/o signing)VIckers, TreySSCOL sr30Wichita State U. (KS)released (2020)2021 R5 draftDunlap, Alex CACOL sr29Stanford U. (CA)AA2020 R5 draft$2,500Boggetto, Branden SSCOL sr25Southeast Missouri St Ureleased (2018)La Bruna, Angelo SSCOL 5S33U. Southern Californiareleased (2018)Bacak, Kyle CCOL sr25Texas Christian U.released (2015)Harman, Bryce RFHS27LC Bird HS (VA)East CarolinaBolt, Skye CFHS26Holy Innocents Episc. HS (GA)drafted by OAK 2015 (4)Tobias, Joshua SSHS31Southeast Guilford HSdrafted by PHI 2015 (10)Moldenhauer, Russell DHCOL sr24Texasreleased (2012)
Hubbard, Jaylen3BCOL sr27813Texas State (TX)Released 2021$10,000Quintana, JonathanOFCOL sr31Barry U. (FL)released (2019)$3,000Guibor, Austin* OFCOL jr30Fresno State U. (CA)released (2018)$2,500Sundberg, Jack* CFCOL sr26U. Connecticutreleased (2020)2019 R5 draftMontes, Coco SSHS35Coral Gables HS (FL)drafted by COL 2018 (15)Keniry, Conor SSCOL sr27Wake Forest U.released (2016)Medina, Willie SSCOL sr31High Pointreleased (2015)Bailey, Hunter SSCOL sr28Oklahoma Statereleased (2013)Burns, Billy OFCOL jr32MercerTradedRapp, Joey RFJUCO28Chipola JuCo (FL)signed by SF 2012 (28) released (2014)
Gonzales, BrandonSSHS29873James Madison HS (TX)Greyson County CollegeHaney, JackCAHS33Cedartown HS (GA)Chipola College commitCaulfield, Phil* 2BCOL sr32Loyola Marymount U.released (2020)2020 R5 draft$2,500Clarke, Tristan CFJUCO30Eastern Oklahoma St JCU. New OrleansBush, Taylor SSHS36The Linfield School (CA)WestmontCary, Elliott CFHS32Clackamas HS (OR)drafted by Det 2019 (29)Humphreys, Reid SSHS36Northwest Rankin HS (MO)drafted by COL 2016 (7)McQuillan, Mike 2BCOL sr33Iowareleased (2015)Karlen, Trey 2BCOL sr33U Tennessee - MartinreleasedHughes, Rick RFCC29Marin CC (CA)released or retired
Gomez, Anthony2BCOL sr341023Univ. of TX, Rio Grande Valley Released 2021$10,000Baca, TylerOFHS34The Linfield School (CA)Biola University commitCarrillo, Adalberto CACOL jr33U. Southern Californiareleased (2020)2020 R5 draft$125,000Picerni, CJ CCOL sr31New York U.released (2018)DiPuglia, Steven SSHS37Cooper City HS (FL)Western KentuckyCasey, Clay CFHS33DeSoto Central HS (MS)U. HoustonHamilton, Caleb SSHS38Woodinville Sr HS (WA)drafted by MIN 2016 (23)Jefferies, Jake 2BHS34Foothill HS (CA)drafted by WAS 2015 (39)Verdin, Peter RFCOL jr39GeorgiaGeorgiaKiene, Timothy 1BHS30Avon Old Farms HS (CT)Maryland
Cruz, TreiSSCOL so371113Rice (TX)drafted by DET 2020 (3)Binelas, Alex1BHS35Oak Creek HS (GA)Louisville, 2021 3rd MILCramer, Jackson* 1BCOL sr35West Virginia Uretired (2018)$2,500Gonzales, Garrett* 3BHS32James Madison HS (TX)Mary-Hardin BaylorMorales, Matt SSHS38Wellington Community HS (FL)drafted by KC 2017 (23)Skoug, Evan CHS34Libertyville HS (IL)drafted by CHW 2017 (7)Tenerowicz, Robbie 2BHS39Campolindo HS (CA)drafted by TB 2016 (27)Ungar, Max CAHS36Smith Jewish Day Sch. (MD)DenisonCollum, Stephen (Cory) RFHS40Cartersville HS (GA)Snead State CC (AL)Mayo, Jeremy CACOL jr31Texas Techreleased (2013)
LaRue, TylerCAHS381143Blanco HS (TX)Rice Commit Gratkowski, Kody 3BHS37Fairhope HS (AL)Wallace CC-Dothan commitWetzel, Ryan* SSHS33Heritage Christian Acad. (KS)Pittsburg StateJefferies, Jake# 2BCOL jr39Cal. State Fullertonreleased (2016)Fairchild, Stuart RFHS38Seattle Prep (WA)drafted by CIN 2017 (2)Williams, Mitchell CAHS39Coosa HS (GA)Marion InstituteOrtega, Bryce 3BCOL sr41Arizonaretired (2013)Oduber, Randolph OFJUCO32Western Oklahoma State Collreleased (2016)
Brown, JadenSSHS401203St Marcellinus SS (ON)Iowa Western CC CommitBoone, Jake SSHS38Torrey Pines HS (CA)NDFA Wash 2020McFarland, Jordan OFHS36Waterloo HS (IL)Arkansas, then Missouri StQuinn, Parker 1BHS40The Benjamin School (FL)Drafted by Wash 2019 (25)Littell, Jon OFHS39Stillwater HS (OK)drafted by LAD 2018 (37)Gutierrez, Ricky CFHS40American Senior HS (FL)UConn (football)Kerian, David SSHS42Bishop Heelan HS (SD)drafted by WAS 2015 (9)Oliver, Robert (Tyler) 1BJUCO35Wabash Valley CC (IL)released (2011)
Nelson, Kai OFHS39Fieldston HS (NY)Georgetown commitVoss, Cory CCC37McLennan CC (TX)ArizonaMorales, Mitchell SSHS43Wellington Community HS (FL)drafted by SD 2014 (29)Nunez, Wander OFJUCO36Western Oklahoma State Collreleased (2012)
Mervis, Matthew* 1BHS39Georgetown Prep (MD)Duke, NDFA20 CHCSnyder, Matthew 1BCOL jr44Mississippidrafted by NYY 2012 (10)Diaz, Alex SSHS40John Ferguson School (FL)Florida Gulf Coast
Thompson, Tyler OFCOL jr46FloridaFloridaBouton, Jeffrey RFHS45John T. Boggard HS (NC)North Carolina
Bisenius, Michael RFCOL jr48Wayne StateWayne StateFernandez, Erick CACOL jr46Georgetown University (DC)signed by WAS 2011 (25)
Cole, Hunter LFHS49Dorman HS (SC)drafted by SF 2014 (26)Jarreld, David (Lance) CFHS47Goodpasture Christian School (TN)Walters State (TN) CC
Nix, Anthony (Tony) CFCOL sr50UC Riversidereleased (2013)Miller, Brandon CAJUCO48Northwest Florida Statesigned by WAS 2012 (4)
Hatcher, Rashad CFJUCO49Patrick Henry CC (VA)released (2011)
Major Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:4Major Leaguers:1Major Leaguers:0Major Leaguers:Major Leaguers:2Major Leaguers:4
Major Leaguers:2
Known Bat Bonus$8,025,000Known Bat Bonus$1,020,000Known Bat Bonus$1,939,500Known Bat Bonus$666,900Known Bat Bonus$797,500Known Bat Bonus$4,585,000Known Bat Bonus$2,629,000Known Bat Bonus$930,000Known Bat Bonus$1,200,000Known Bat Bonus$1,025,000Known Bat Bonus$9,161,100
Pitchers:PosLevelRd:OverallWhere2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:PosLevelRd:OverallWhere2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:PosLevelRd:OverallWhere2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:PosLevelRd:Where2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:LevelRd:Where2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:LevelRd:Where2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:LevelRd:Where2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:LevelRd:Where2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:LevelRd:Where2021 Init AssgRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:LevelRd:WhereAssignedRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:LevelRd:WhereAssignedRule 5 eligibleBonusPitchers:LevelRd:WhereAssigned
Saenz, DustinLHP (Starter)Col 4Sr4112Texas A&MFCL/Low-A2024 R5 Draft$500,000Cavalli, CadeRHP (Starter)COL Jr122OklahomaHigh-A2023 R5 Draft$3,027,000Rutledge, JacksonRHP (Starter)JUCO117San Jacinto College North (TX)High-A2022 R5 Draft$3,450,000Denaburg, MasonRHP (Starter)HS1Merritt Island HS (FL)Low-A (inj)2022 R5 draft3,000,000Romero, Seth LHPCOL jr1U. Houston (TX)XST (inj)on 40-man$2,800,000Dunning, Dane  RHP^COL jr1FloridaTraded (2016)$2,000,000Rivera, Mariano III RHPCOL sr4Iona (NY)retired (2018)$410,700Fedde, Erick RHPCOL jr1UNLVWashingtonon 40-man$2,511,100Johansen, Jake RHPCOL sr2Dallas Baptist U.released (2017). CWS$820,000Giolito, Lucas RHP**HS1Harvard-Westlake HS (CA)Traded (2016)$2,925,000Meyer, Alex RHP*COL jr1Kentuckytraded$2,000,000Solis, Sammy LHPCOL jr2San Diegoreleased (2019). signed by SD
Kirian, MichaelLHPCol 4Sr6173LouisvilleFCL2024 R5 Draft$200,000Henry, ColeRHP (Starter)COL So255LSUHigh-A2023 R5 Draft$2,000,000Cronin, MattLHPCOL jr4123Univ. of ArkansasHigh-A2022 R5 Draft$464,500Cate, TimLHP (Starter)COL sr2U. ConnecticutAA2021 R5 draft$986,200Crowe, Wil RHPCOL sr2U. South CarolinaTraded (2020on 40-man$946,500Luzardo, Jesus  LHP^^HS3S. Douglas HS (FL)Traded (2017)$1,400,000Hearn, Taylor LHP^^COL jr5Oklahoma Baptist U.Traded (2016)$275,000Suarez, Andrew LHPCOL jr2Miami (FL)drafted by SF 2015 (2)Pivetta, Nicholas RHP **JUCO4New Mexico JCTraded (2015)$364,300Mooneyham, Brett LHPCOL jr3Stanfordreleased (2015)$428,500Purke, Matt LHPCOL soph3TCUSigned with CHW as FA$2,750,000Cole, A.J. RHP**^^HS4Oviedo HS (FL)Traded (2018 NYY)
47 4Sr9263TexasFCL/Low-A2024 R5 Draft$130,000Powell, HoldenRHPCOL Jr394UCLAHigh-A2023 R5 Draft$500,000Dyson, TylerRHP (Starter)COL jr5$153Univ. of FloridaHigh-A2022 R5 Draft$500,000Schaller, ReidRHP (Starter)COL soph3Vanderbilt U. (TN)High-A2021 R5 draft$551,100Raquet, Nick LHPCOL jr3William & Mary (VA)released (2019)2020 R5 draft$475,000Bogucki, A.J. RHPCOL jr8U. North Carolinareleased (2019)$150,000Crownover, Matt LHPCOL jr6Clemsonreleased (2019)$160,000Dickey, Robbie RHPJUCO4Blinn College (TX)Inactivated (2018)2017 R5 draft$400,000Voth, Austin RHPCOL jr5U of WashingtonWashingtonon 40-man$272,800Benincasa, Robert RHPCOL jr7Florida Statereleased/retired (2017)$145,000Turnbull, Kylin LHPCC4Santa Barbara CCreleased (2017)$325,000Grace, Matthew LHPCOL jr8UCLAFree Agent 2019
Davis, MarcRHPJuco Fr11323Florida SW StateXST2024 R5 Draft$125,000Parker, MitchellLHP (Starter)Juco J25153San Jacinto College North (TX)Low-A2023 R5 Draft$100,000Peterson, ToddRHPCOL jr7213LSUHigh-A2022 R5 Draft$220,000Irvin, JakeRHP (Starter)COL jr4U. Oklahoma High-A (inj)2021 R5 draft$550,000Hill, Brigham RHPCOL jr5Texas A&M U.retired (2020)2020 R5 draft$291,200Howard, Hayden LHPCOL sr12Texas Tech U.released (2020)2019 R5 draft$100,000Borne, Grant LHPCOL jr7Nicholls State (LA)released (2019)$150,000Van Orden, Drew RHPCOL sr5Dukereleased (2016)$75,000Napoli, David LHPCOL sr8Tulanereleased (2016)$15,000Self, Derek RHPCOL sr9LouisvilleFA (2019) released (2020)$25,000Hill, David (Taylor) RHPCOL sr6VanderbiltSigned with SF as FA$36,000Barrett, Aaron RHPCOL sr9MississippiMLFA 2021
Alvarez, AndrewLHPCol 4Sr12353Cal PolyFCL2024 R5 Draft$125,000McMahon, HunterRHP (Starter)COL jr9273Texas StateAuburnTraded (2020)$152,600Karp, AndrewRHPCOL sr6Florida State U.Released 20222021 R5 draft$200,000Johnston, Kyle RHP^COL jr6U. TexasTraded (2019)2020 R5 draft$226,100Simonds, Kyle RHPCOL sr14Texas A&Mretired (2018)$1,000Glover, Koda RHPCOL sr8Oklahoma Stateretired (2019)$200,000Williams, Austen RHPCOL jr6Texas StateXST (inj)2017 R5 draft$233,000Joyce, Jake RHPCOL sr9Virginia Techreleased (2014)$15,000Rauh, Brian RHPCOL jr11Chapman (CA)retired (2018)Dupra, Brian RHPCOL sr7Notre Damereleased (2016)$35,000Holland, Neil RHPCOL jr11LouisvilleSigned with CLE as FA. released (2017)
Anglin, MackRHP (Starter)Col 4So13383ClemsonRibalta, OrlandoRHPJUCO12363Miami Dade CC Kendall (FL)XST2022 R5 Draft$125,000Day, ChandlerRHPCOL jr7Vanderbilt U. (TN)Retired 20212021 R5 draft$188,300Tetreault, Jackson RHPJUCO7State Coll. of FloridaXST2020 R5 draft$300,000Williamson, Ryan LHPCOL jr15North Carolina State U.released (2020)2019 R5 draft$100,000Guilbeau, Taylor LHP##COL sr10AlabamaTraded (2019)$25,000Davis, Weston RHPHS11Manatee HS (FL)released (2019)$200,000Simms, John RHPCOL jr11Ricereleased (2018)Waterman, Elliott LHPCOL jr13U of San Franciscoreleased (2014)$100,000Holt, Gregory RHPCOL sr8North Carolinareleased (2014)$34,000Ray, Robbie LHP^HS12Brentwood HS (TN)traded
Tolman, ErikLHPCol 4Jr14413Arizona StateXST2024 R5 Draft$125,000Knowles, LucasLHPJUCO14423Central Arizona CollegeLow-A2022 R5 Draft$136,980Driskill, TannerRHPCOL sr9Lamar U. (TX)Released 2021$10,000Brasher, Jared RHPCOL sr8Samford U. (AL)released (2019)$10,000Morse, Phillip RHPCOL sr16Shenandoah U. (VA)released (2019)Lee, Andrew RHPCOL jr11TennesseeAA2018 R5 draft$180,000Mancini, Domenick RHPCC12Miami-Dade CC Southreleased (2015)$150,000Cooper, Andrew RHPJUCO12Sierra JC (CA)released (2016)Pena, Ronald RHP JUCO16Palm Beach State (FL)Free Agent (2019)Anderson, Dixon RHPCOL jr9UC Berkeleyretired (2014)$95,000McKenzie, Chris RHPJUCO13San Jacinto North JuCoreleased (2013)
Sinclair, JackRHPCol 4Sr16473U Central FloridaFCL2024 R5 Draft$100,000Moore, DavisRHPCOL jr15453Fresno StateLow-A2022 R5 Draft$125,000Bartow, FrankieRHPCOL jr11U. Miami (FL)Released 20222021 R5 draft$125,000Troop, Alex LHPCOL jr9Michigan State U.High-A2020 R5 draft$185,000Braymer, Ben LHPCOL jr18Auburn U. (AL)Washington2019 R5 draft$100,000Peterson, Tommy RHPCOL jr12South Floridaretired (2020)$125,000Bourque, James RHPCOL jr14MichiganMLFA (2019) signed CHCon 40-manCosta, John RHPCC13Palm Beach CC (FL)released (2015)Schwartz, Blake RHPCOL sr17Oklahoma Cityretired (2015)Rodriguez, Manny RHPCOL sr10Barry (FL)released (2015)$115,000Herrera, Mark RHPJUCO16San Jacinto North JuCoreleased (2012)
Collins, BrendanRHPCol 4Sr17503UNC GreensboroFCL2024 R5 Draft$100,000Willingham, AmosRHPCOL jr17513Georgia TechXST2022 R5 Draft$125,000Lawson, GrahamRHPCOL jr12U. South CarolinaNDFA (20) by CHCTurner, Trey RHPCOL jr10Missouri State U.released (2021)2020 R5 draft$100,000Barnett, Jake LHPCOL jr20Lewis-Clark State U. (ID)released (2019)$70,000Lemieux, Mack LHPHS14Jupiter Community HS (FL)drafted by AZ 2016 (6)Plouck, Cole LHPCC16Pima CC (AZ)released (2015)Bafidis, Cory LHPCOL sr18Texas Wesleyanreleased (2014)Fischer, David RHPCOL sr18Connecticutreleased (2014)Monar, Blake LHPCOL jr12Indiana Ureleased (2013)$125,000Hanks, Tyler RHPJUCO17College of Southern Nevadareleased (2012)
Threadgill, RiggsRHPJuco So19563McLennan CCXST2024 R5 Draft$125,000Yankosky, TylerRHPCOL jr19573Millersville University (PA)Low-A2022 R5 Draft$125,000Fletcher, AaronLHPCOL sr14U. Houston (TX)Traded (2019)$125,000Stoeckinger, Jackson LHPJUCO12Coll. of Central FloridaXST2020 R5 draft$175,000Howell, Jacob RHPCOL jr21Delta State U. (MS)released (2020)2019 R5 draft$55,000Mooney, Kevin RHPCOL jr15Marylandreleased/retired (2017)$175,000Mills, McKenzie LHP*HS18Sprayberry Senior HS (GA)Traded (2017)$150,000Spezial, Niko LHPCOL sr19Wake Forestreleased (2014)Hudgins, Will RHPCOL sr22Notre Dameretired (2013)Guzman, Esteban RHPCOL jr17San Jose StateSan Jose StateSelik, Cameron RHPCOL sr22Kansasreleased (2014)
Cuevas, MichaelRHP (Starter)HS23693William J Brennan HS (TX)Low-A2023 R5 Draft$125,000Lee, EvanLHP (Starter)COL soph15U. Arkansas FayettevilleHigh-A2021 R5 draft$125,000Montes de Oca, Bryce RHPCOL jr15U. Missouridrafted by NYM 2018 (9)Sharp, Sterling RHPCOL jr22Drury U. (MO)Fredericksburg2019 R5 draft?Pirro, Matt RHPCOL sr21Wake Forestreleased (2017)Bach, Connor LHPCOL sr21Virginia Military Institutereleased (2016). Indy (2017)Thomas, Justin LHPCOL sr21Southern Arkansasreleased/retired (2017)Selsor, Casey OFCOL sr23Texas -- San Antonioreleased (2014)Lee, Nicholas LHPJUCO18Weatherford (TX)released/FA (2018)Bates, Colin RHPCOL sr23North Carolinaretired (2016)
Bocko, JordanRHPCOL sr28843University of California - IrvineReleased 2021$10,000Teel, CarsonLHPCOL jr16Oklahoma State U.AA2021 R5 draft$125,000Johnson, Jared LHPJUCO17Palm Beach State Coll. (FL)released (2019)$100,000Rishwain, Michael RHPCOL sr23Westmont Coll. (CA)released (2018)Boghosian, Adam RHPCOL 5s22North Greenville U. (SC)released (2016)Simmons, Kyle RHPCOL jr24Texas Lutheran U.released (2016)Derosier, Matthew RHPJUCO24Southwestern (CA)released (2018)Dicharry, Kevin RHPCOL sr24Texasreleased (2013)Buchanan, Hawtin RHPHS19Biloxi HS (MS)drafted by SEA 2014 (20)Meza, Christian LHPJUCO25Santa Ana JuCo (CA)released (2014)
Stainbrook, TroyLHPCOL sr30903Biola University (CA)Low-A2022 R5 Draft$10,000Chapman, RidgeRHPCOL jr17U. South Carolinadrafted by LAA 2019 (14)Cousins, Jake RHPCOL sr20U. Penn.released (2019)$2,500Baltrip, Joseph RHPJUCO24Wharton County JC (TX)released (2017)$75,000Rash, Alec RHPCOL jr23Missouriquit baseball, playing BasketballMcDowell, Chase RHPCOL 5S26Rice (TX)retired (2015)Ott, Travis LHP*HS25Shippensburg Area HS (PA)traded (2015)Avis, Freddy RHPHS25Menlo School (CA)Stanford (retired w/ inj)Laxer, Josh RHPHS20Madison Central HS (MS)drafted by DET 2014 (9)Manno, Christopher LHP*COL sr26Dukereleased (2014)
Stover, BradyLHP (Starter)COL jr31933South Dakota State (SD)Linginfelter, ZachRHPCOL soph19U. Tennesseedrafted by LAA 2019 (9)Strom, Leif RHPJUCO21Pierce Coll. (WA)released (2021)$100,000McDonald, Jeremy LHPCOL 5S27Cal. Baptist U.retired (2017)Smith, Blake RHPCOL jr24West Virginiadrafted by LAA 2016 (29)De La Cruz, Kida RHPCC28Volunteer State CC (TN)released (2016). Signed by LAAWebb, Joey LHPCOL sr28Menlo (CA)released (2015)Poteet, Cody RHPHS27Christian HS (CA)drafted by MIA 2015 (4)Simko, Todd LHPCOL jr21Texas A & M - Corpus Christiretired (2013)Hoelscher, Sean RHPCOL jr27Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
Beasley, DylanRHPCOL jr32963Berry College (GA)Released 20212022 R5 Draft$50,000Tapani, RyanRHPCOL 5S21Creighton U. (NE)AA2021 R5 draft$10,000Galindez, Nelson LHPHS22Haines City HS (FL)released (2019)$125,000Reid, Jonathan LHPCOL jr28Azusa Pacific U. (CA)released (2017)Copping, Calvin RHPCOL jr25Cal. State Northridgereleased (2016)Jauss, DJ RHPCOL 5S29U. Mass. Amherstreleased (2015)Sylvestri, Michael RHPCOL sr29Florida Atlanticretired (2014)Hollins, Leonard (LJ) RHPJUCO29Chipola Coll (FL)released (2014)Henke, Travis RHPCOL jr22Arkansas - Little Rockreleased (2015)Sherriff, Ryan LHPJUCO33West Los Angeles Collegesigned by STL 2011 (28)
Clawson, CutterLHP (Starter)HS33993Laguna Beach HS (CA)BYU CommitVann, ChrisLHPCOL sr25Mercer U. (GA)released (2021)2021 R5 draft$3,000Smith, David RHPCOL sr25Cal. State Long Beachreleased (2018)$2,500Held, Samuel RHPCOL sr29U. Nevada - Renoreleased (2018)Harmening, Russell RHPCOL jr26Westmont Coll (CA)released (2017)Mapes, Tyler RHPCOL sr30Tulane U. (LA)released (2020)2017 R5 draftUllmann, Ryan RHPCOL sr30Concordia U Texasreleased (2015)Orlan, Robert LHPCOL jr30North CarolinaCLE Rule 5 (2018)Ottoson, Kyle LHPCOL jr24Arizona Statedrafted by SDP 2012 (34)Botello, Rolando RHPHS34John Jay HS (TX)Texas A&M - CC
Osmond, BryceRHP (Starter)HS351053Jenks HS (OK)Oklahoma State CommitMorse, ColinRHPCOL sr26Shenandoah U. (VA)released (2019)McKinney, Jeremy RHPCOL sr31Indiana State U.retired (2020)$5,000Cooper, Morgan RHPCOL jr34U. Texasdrafted by LAD 2017 (2)Brinley, Ryan RHPCOL jr27Sam Houston State U. (TX)released (2021)Johns, Samuel RHPCOL 5S31U. Evansville (IN)released (2016)Boling, Pat LHPCOL jr32GeorgiaGeorgiaBoyden, Michael RHPCOL sr31Marylandreleased (2014)Lucas, Bobby LHPCOL sr27George Washington U.released (2013)Serino, Nick LHPCOL jr37Massachusettsreleased (2011)
Wibbels, SamRHP (Starter)HS361083Hastings HS (NE)Kentucky commitMaley, AlecRHPCOL sr32U. Kentuckyreleased (2019)Sousa, Bennett LHPCOL jr34U. Virginiadrafted by CWS 2018 (10)Bayless, Tristan LHPHS35Hutto HS (TX)Mcclennan CC commitVanvossen, Mick RHP ###COL sr28Michigan State U.traded (2017)Doyle, Tommy RHPHS35Flint Hill School (VA)drafted by COL 2017 (1S)Dunlap, Andrew RHPNA33No School (post-HS)RiceMudron, Michael LHPCOL sr32Cal St - San Bernardinoreleased (2014)Ferrer, Kenneth RHPCOL sr28Elon University (NC)released or retiredLee, Nick LHPJUCO38Weatherford College (TX)signed by WAS 2011 (18)
Bennett, JakeLHP (Starter)HS391173Bixby HS (OK)Oklahoma CommitBlessie, BoRHPHS36Robert E. Lee HS (TX)Nebraska commitKlobosits, Gabe* RHPCOL sr36Auburn UWaived and Claimed 2022on 40-man$2,500Murdock, Noah RHPHS38Colonial Heights HS (VA)drafted by KC 2019 (7)Pantoja, Jorge RHPCOL jr30Alabama State U.released (2020)Styles, John Henry LHPHS36Episcopal HS (TX)StanfordWalsh, Jake LHPCOL sr34Missourireleased (2016)Bafidis, Cory LHPCOL jr35Texas Wesleyandrafted by WAS 2013 (18)Harper, Bryan LHPCOL jr30South Carolinabecame FA (2019)Simms, John RHPHS39Woodlands College Park HS (TX)signed by WAS 2013
Wilcox, ColeRHP (Starter)HS37Heritage HS (GA)drafted by SD 2019 (3)Engelbrekt, Max LHPCOL 5S40Oregon State Uretired (2018)$2,500Cook, Sean RHPHS40Walt Whitman HS (MD)Maryland commitSprengel, Nick LHPHS31El Dorado HS (CA)drafted by TB 2018 (15)Brodey, Quinn LHPHS37Loyola HS (CA)drafted by NYM 2017 (3)Schiraldi, Lukas RHPJUCO35Navarro (TX)drafted by SEA 2014 (15)Watson, Tyler LHPHS37Georgetown HS (TX)drafted by LAA 2014 (38)Drummond, Calvin RHPCOL jr34U. of San Diegodrafted by DET 2013 (6)Cahill, Kevin RHPCOL sr41Purdueretired (2011)
Milacki, BobbyRHP (starter)COL jr38Arizona Christian U.released (2020), signed with Min2021 R5 draft$25,000Watson, Tyler LHP^^^HS34Perry HS (AZ)Traded (2017)$400,000Hill, Jacob LHPJUCO40Orange Coast Coll. (CA)drafted by CLE 2015 (32)Whitson, Karsten RHPCOL jr37Floridadrafted by BOS 2014 (11)Messer, Jared RHPCOL jr38Malone Coll (OH)Malone Coll (OH)Kreis, Alex RHPCOL jr35Jamestown Collegereleased (2013)Littrell, Corey LHPHS43Trinity HS (KY)signed by BOS 2013 (5)
Nardi, AndrewLHPCC39Moorpark Coll. (CA)drafted by MIA 2019 (16)Anderson, Shaun RHPHS40American Heritage School (FL)drafted by BOS 2016 (3)Hawkins, Benjamin LHPCOL jr36U. of West Floridareleased (2013)Hines, Bryce RHPHS44Hanahan HS (SC)The Citadel
Menhart, MichaelRHPHS40Richmond Hills HS (NY)LaGrange College commitBleeker, Derrick RHPJUCO37Howard Collegedrafted by BAL 2012 (37)Fanaroff, Harris LHPHS50Winston Churchill HS (MD)Lehigh
Mooneyham, Brett LHPCOL soph38Stanforddrafted by WAS 2012 (3)
Mirowski, Richie RHPCOL sr45Oklahoma Baptist U.released (2015)
Montgomery, Timothy (TJ) LHPHS47Rockmart HS (GA)Alabama Southern CC commit
Major Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:none yetMajor Leaguers:1Major Leaguers:3Major Leaguers:4Major Leaguers:2Major Leaguers:1Major Leaguers:3Major Leaguers:6
Known Arm Bonus$1,080,000Known Arm Bonus$5,627,000Known Arm Bonus$5,619,080Known Arm Bonus$6,023,600Known Arm Bonus$5,848,800Known Arm Bonus$4,051,000Known Arm Bonus$2,100,700Known Arm Bonus$3,719,100Known Arm Bonus$1,487,100Known Arm Bonus$3,623,500Known Arm Bonus$5,515,000
Known Total Bonus$14,676,100
^ Traded for Adam Eaton^ Traded for Marc Rzepczynski
^^ Traded for Ryan Madson & Sean Doolittle^^ Traded for Mark Melancon* Traded for Howie Kendrick* Traded for Joe Ross & Trea Turner* Traded for David Carpenter* Traded for Denard Span.*Traded for Jonny Gomes
^^^ Traded for Brandon Kintzler
** Traded for Jonathan Papelbon & cash
** Traded for Adam Eaton** Traded for Jerry Blevins** Traded for Gio Gonzalez & Robert Gilliam
# Traded for Kelvin Herrera^ Traded for Jacob Condra-Bogan*** Traded for Kurt Suzuki
^ Traded for Ryne Harper 2020^ Traded for Hunter Strickland^ Traded for Daniel Hudson## Traded for Roenis Elias^ Traded for Doug Fister
### Traded for Ryan Raburn^^Traded for cash
Draft Picks lost/gained and whyDraft Picks lost/gained and whyDraft Picks lost/gained and why
Draft Picks lost/gained and why
Draft Picks lost/gained and why
Draft Picks lost/gained and why
Draft Picks lost/gained and why
Draft Picks lost/gained and why
Draft Picks lost/gained and why
Draft Picks lost/gained and why
Draft Picks lost/gained and why
Draft Picks lost/gained and why
no picks gained/lost this year2nd round Supp
gained from Anthony Rendon FA leaving
2nd Round pick
lost to Patrick Corbin Signing
no picks gained/lost this year
no picks gained/lost this year1st round pick (17th overall)
lost due to Daniel Murphy FA signing
1st round pick (30th overall)
Lost due to Max Scherzer FA signing
no picks gained/lost this year
1st round pick (30th overall)
Lost due to Rafael Soriano FA signing
no picks gained/lost this year
1st round (23rd overall)
Gained from Chicago WS for signing away Adam Dunn, a type A FA
no picks gained/lost this year