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This spreadsheet is the work of  Deb at www.speechgadget.com.  It is meant to be a listing of apps that can be used for Speech/Language therapy or for speech/language development.  I have also included other educational apps. Being included on the spreadsheet does not mean that I am recommending the app.  This is a work in progress.  It is my hope to continually add apps to this spreadsheet. If you have an app that you would like me to add to this spreadsheet, please email me at speechgadget@gmail.com.  For more information about many of these apps or for reviews and recommendations, please visit the following blogs:  www.speechgadget.com    www.therapyapp411.com   www.consonantlyspeaking.com  
Early LearningElementaryMiddle SecondaryAdultAACAbstract LanguageArtic/ PhonologyAuditory Processing/ HearingDescribingEarly ConceptsExecutive FunctionExpressive Language Following Directions/ Receptive LanguageGrammar/ SyntaxLiteracy/ Reading/ SpellingMemoryPragmatics/ SocialSemantics/ VocabularySpeechWritten LanguageInteractive BooksHandwritingVisual Perceptual SkillsReferenceMathOther CurriculumOtherGames
Clicky Sticky ($1.99)Clicky Sticky ($1.99)Speak It ($1.99)Speak It ($1.99)Custom Boards Premuim ($49.99)Fact or Opinion Fun Deck ($4.99)Articulate It (38.99)Decibel 10 (free)Toca Robot Lab ($1.99)Clicky Sticky ($1.99)Spaced Retrieval TherAppy ($3.99)Toca Robot Lab ($1.99)Clicky Sticky ($1.99)Speech with Milo Prepositions ($2.99)Bob Books #1 (3.99)Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)Toca Robot Lab ($1.99)Toca Hair Salon ($1.99)Speech Trainer 3D ($7.99)Speak It ($1.99)The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore ($4.99)ABC Pocket Phonics ($2.99)Slice It ($0.99)ICD9 Consult 2012 ($14.99)Kid Cart ($1.99)ABA Flashcards Earth Science ($0.99)Decibel 10 (free)Angry Birds ($0.99)
Toca Kitchen ($1.99)Toca Kitchen ($1.99)Expressive ($25.99)Expressive ($25.99)Expressive ($25.99)Idiom in Use-Advanced English Idioms Dictionary ($0.99)Talking Tom Cat (Free)SoundAMP ($4.99)Clicky Sticky ($1.99)First, Then Visual Schedule ($9.99)Reading TherAppy ($14.99)Clicky Sticky ($1.99)Toca Kitchen ($1.99)Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)Kid Cart ($1.99)Talking Tom Cat FreeClicky Sticky ($1.99)Toca Robot Lab ($1.99)Talking Tom Cat (Free)Writing TherAppy ($19.99)Another Monster at the End of this Book ($3.99)Dexteria Fine Motor-Skill Development ($4.99)Little Finder (Free)3D Brain (FREE)Freefall Money-Coin Math for Kids ($1.99)ABA Flashcards Famous Places ($0.99)IEP Checklist (Free)Angry Birds Space ($0.99)
Toca Robot Lab ($1.99)Readability (free)Social Adventures ($14.99)Dysphagia ($7.99)First, Then Visual Schedule ($9.99)Idioms ($2.99)Bilingual Articulation Phonology Assessment ($74.99)Hear Coach (Free)Cookie Doodle ($0.99)Toca Robot Lab ($1.99)Comprehension TherAppy ($24.00)Cookie Doodle ($0.99)Toca Robot Lab ($1.99)Speech with Milo Adjectives ($2.99)Bob Books #2 (3.99)Fun with Directions ($0.99)Cookie Doodle ($0.99)Toca Doctor HD ($1.99)S/Z Ratio ($1.99)Comprehension TherAppy ($24.00)The Foot Book-Dr. Seuss ($2.99)Letter Reflex-Overcoming Letter Reversals ($2.99)Cut the Rope ().99)Epocrates (Free)Freefall Math ($1.99)ABA Flashcards Musical Instruments ($0.99)Percentally ($2.99)Cut the Rope ($0.99)
Kid Cart ($1.99)Toca Doctor HD ($1.99)Idiom in Use-Advanced English Idioms Dictionary ($0.99)iSwallow (Free)iCommunicate ($49.99)Understanding Inferences Fun Deck ($1.99)Pocket Pairs ($24.99)Touch the Sound (Free)My PlayHome ($2.99)My Choice Board ($9.99)Sticky Notes for iPad (Free)Talking Tom Cat FreeMy PlayHome ($2.99)Speech with Milo Verbs ($2.99)ABC Pocket Phonics ($2.99)Spaced Retrieval TherAppy ($3.99)My PlayHome ($2.99)Cookie Doodle ($0.99)Speech4Good ($19.99)Letter Reflex-Overcoming Letter Reversals ($2.99)Dr. Seuss's ABC's (2.99)iWrite Words ($2.99)Fruit Ninja ($0.99)Neuro Toolkit ($2.99)Everyday Mathematics Addition Top It($1.99)Hudson Alpha iCell (free)Visual Countdown Timer ($2.99)Fruit Ninji ($0.99)
First, Then Visual Schedule ($9.99)Expressive ($25.99)Idioms ($2.99)3D Brain (FREE)My Choice Board ($9.99)What Are They Thinking ($1.99)SLP Minimal Pairs Full (29.99)Auditory Figure Ground AFG ($29.99)Toca Kitchen ($1.99)Cookie Doodle ($0.99)Cozi Family Organizer (Free)Toca Kitchen ($1.99)Toca Doctor HD ($1.99)First Phrases ($9.99)ABA Flashcards Alphabet ($0.99)More Fun with Directions ($9.99)Toca Kitchen ($1.99)Kid Cart ($1.99)Disfluency Index Counter ($8.99)Dragon Dictation (Free)The Lorax- Dr. Seuss ($3.99)Alphabet Tracing (Free)Ready Set Spot ($2.99)iSwallow (Free)Everyday Mathmematics Equivalent Fractions ($1.99)Sid's Science Fair ($2.99)ShowMe Interactive White Board (Free)Where's My Water ($0.99)
Toca Hair Salon ($1.99)Toca Hair Salon ($1.99)Understanding Inferences Fun Deck ($1.99)Readability (free)Proloquo2Go ($189.00)Analogies ($8.99)ArtikPix ($29.99)What's that Sound Learning to Listen and Identify Sounds ($1.99)Toca Hair Salon ($1.99)Toca Hair Salon ($1.99)Evernote (Free)Toca Hair Salon ($1.99)Toca Hair Salon ($1.99)Irregular Varbs Fun Deck ($1.99)Readability (free)Kid Cart ($1.99)Toca Hair Salon ($1.99)Toca Kitchen ($1.99)Fluency Tracker ($8.99)Story Builder ($7.99)The Monster at the End of this Book ($3.99)Fish School HD ($1.99)Pattern Recognition ($0.99)Dysphagia ($7.99)Everyday Mathematics Beat the Computer Multiplications ($1.99)My Congress (Free)Make Dice ($0.99)Doodle Jump ($0.99)
Toca Doctor HD ($1.99)First, Then Visual Schedule ($9.99)What Are They Thinking ($1.99)Pillboxie ($0.99)Speak It ($1.99)Figurative Language ($8.99)Smarty Speech ($19.99)Simon Says Music Instruments ($1.99)Toca Doctor HD ($1.99)My PlayHome ($2.99)Things for iPad ($19.99)Toca Doctor HD ($1.99)Cookie Doodle ($0.99)Plurals Fun Deck ($1.99)ABA Sight Word ($0.99)Evernote (Free)Toca Doctor HD ($1.99)Toca Robot Lab ($1.99)Speech Tutor ($7.99)Book Creator for iPad ($4.99)Green Eggs and Ham- Dr. Seuss ($2.99)Letter School($2.99)Toy Balls! (Free)iStethoscope Expert ($0.99)Everyday Mathematics Divisibility Dash ($1.99)World Atlas HD ($1.99)Super Duper Age Calculator (Free)Tiny WIngs ($0.99)
Cookie Doodle ($0.99)Kid Cart ($1.99)Analogies ($8.99)Normal Swallow ($2.99)TapSpeak Choice for iPad ($149.99)Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck ($1.99)Match2Say ($19.99)Auditory Rhyming AR ($29.99)Speech with Milo Verbs ($2.99)Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)Dragon Dictation (Free)My PlayHome ($2.99)Speech with Milo Verbs ($2.99)iPractice Verbs ($9.99)Super Why for iPad ($3.99)Categories Learning Center ($9.99)Feel Electric (Free)My PlayHome ($2.99)Magic Voice (Free)60 Story Starters ($1.99)One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish ($2.99)Zaner Bloser Handwriting- Manuscript ($1.99)Where's Waldo ($0.99)Child Development ($2.99)Everyday Mathematics Monster Squeeze ($1.99)Constitution for iPad (Free)Geek SLP Apps and Technology (Free)Scribblenauts Remix ($0.99)
My PlayHome ($2.99)Cookie Doodle ($0.99)Figurative Language ($8.99)Naming TherAppy ($24.99)That's How I Feel ($2.99)Is that Silly ($9.99)All About Sounds HD Initial Positions ($0.99)Auditory Verbal ($3.99)Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)Speech with Milo Prepositions ($2.99)Grades 2 (Free)Speech with Milo Verbs ($2.99)Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)Rainbow Sentences ($7.99)Beginning Sounds Interactive Game App ($0.99)Alzheimer's Memory Pal (Free)Zanny Born to Run ($2.99)Clicky Sticky ($1.99)Ah Up ($0.99)Spark HD ($1.99)The Cat in the Hat ($2.99)Intro To Letters ($4.99)Where's Waldo in Hollywood ($2.99)Normal Swallow ($2.99)Everyday Mathematics Tric-Trac ($1.99)Periodic Table of the Elements (Free)Chronological Age Calculator ($0.99)Scrabble ($1.99)
Bob Books #1 (3.99)My PlayHome ($2.99)Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck ($1.99)Spaced Retrieval TherAppy ($3.99)My First AAC by Injini ($24.99)Question Builder ($5.99)Articulation Station Pro ($49.99)Rule the School Self Advocacy Board Game ($14.99)Speech with Milo Prepositions ($2.99)Speech with Milo Adjectives ($2.99)Calm Counter ($2.99)Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)Speech with Milo Adjectives ($2.99)Sentence Builder ($4.99)Montesorri Crosswords-Spelling with Phonics ($2.99)Memory Orientation Screening Test ($49.99)Alpha Belch ($0.99)Speech with Milo Verbs ($2.99)Small Talk Common Phrases (Free)Abilipad ($19.99)If I Ran the Zoo-Dr Seuss ($2.99)Little Sky Writers ($0.99)Zotz! ($0.99)Meriam Websters Medical Dictionary ($24.990Kids Math Fun First Grade ($1.99)Intro to Geography - North America ($1.99)SLP Spots (Free)Checkers (Free)
Bob Books #2 (3.99)Feel Electric (Free)Naming TherAppy ($24.99)Reading TherAppy ($14.99)Easy Speak HD AAC ($49.99)Story Builder ($7.99)Speech Hangman ($2.99)Hearing Aid TIc Tac Toe ($8.99)Speech with Milo Adjectives ($2.99)Fun with Directions ($0.99)Functional Planning System ($19.99)Speech with Milo Prepositions ($2.99)Fun with Directions ($0.99)Story Builder ($7.99)Phonics TIc-Tac-Toe Interactive (Free)Medi Memory Lite ($2.99)Social Adventures ($14.99)Speech with Milo Prepositions ($2.99)Small Talk Days, Months, Dates (Free)Story Wheel (Free)Zanny Born to Run ($2.99)ABC Monsters ($2.99)Doodle Find (Free)Brain MRI Atlas (Free)Kids Math Fun Second Grade ($1.99)Britannica Kids: US Presidents ($0.99)Caseload Tracker ($14.99)Uno ($4.99)
Zanny Born to Run ($2.99)Bob Books #1 (3.99)Reading TherAppy ($14.99)Writing TherAppy ($19.99)Verbal Victor ($6.99)If Then Fun Deck ($5.99)Minimal Pairs Academy ($24.99)Rule the School FM Tic Tac Toe Bingo ($9.99)More Fun with Directions ($9.99)More Fun with Directions ($9.99)Visual Schedule Planner ($14.99)Speech with Milo Adjectives ($2.99)More Fun with Directions ($9.99)Grammar Jammers Primary (Free)Phonics Genius (Free)Memory Screening Test ($19.99)iCommunicate ($49.99)Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)Small Talk Phonemes (Free)What's Being Said Fun Deck ($5.99)Alpha Belch ($0.99)Alphabet Fun ($2.99)Glass Tower ($0.99)3M LIttman Sound Builder (Free)Kids Math Fun Third Grade ($1.99)Stack the States ($0.99)SLP Goal Bank ($14.99)The Game of Life ($0.99)
Speech with Milo Verbs ($2.99)Bob Books #2 (3.99)Writing TherAppy ($19.99)Comprehension TherAppy ($24.00)Small Talk Conversational Phrases (Free)Let's Predict Fun Deck ($5.99)Speech Stickers ($14.99)Ling 6 Sound Application ($0.99)Name that Category Fun Deck ($1.99)Touch the Sound (Free)Memory Orientation Screening Test ($49.99)More Fun with Directions ($9.99)First Phrases ($9.99)Grammar Jammers Elementary ($2.99)Fry Words (Free)Mem Trax (Free)iTake Turns ($1.99)Speech with Milo Adjectives ($2.99)Small Talk Consonant Blends (Free)What Does Miss Bee See ($5.99)Speech with Milo Interactive Storybook ($1.99)Little Writer - Tracing (Free)Super Search 60 (Free)Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab (Free)Math Pad 4-Word Problems ($0.99)Stack the Countries ($1.99)SLP Break Room (Free)Jetpack Joyride (Free)
Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)Zanny Born to Run ($2.99)Comprehension TherAppy ($24.00)Sticky Notes for iPad (Free)MyVoice Communication Aide ($189.99)Compare Contrast Fun Deck ($5.99)Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games ($4.99)HOPE Words HD ($1.99)Let's Name Things Fun Deck (Free)Oppposite Day ($9.99)Mem Trax (Free)First Phrases ($9.99)Touch the Sound (Free)Grammar Jammers Middle ($2.99)Sight Words List-Learn to Read Flash Cards & Games (Free)Fun Deck Following Directions ($5.99)iGreet You ($0.99)Fun with Directions ($0.99)Small Talk Letters, Numbers, Colors (Free)What Are They Asking ($5.99)Miss Spider's Bedtime Story for iPad ($2.99)Glow Coloring (Free)Vision Training 1 ($11.99)The Physiology of the Respiratory System Lite (Free)MathPad 3-Less than, gretaer than, equal to ($0.99)National Parks National Geographic (Free)ITPADD ($7.99)Waterslide Extreme (Free)
Speech with Milo Prepositions ($2.99)Speech with Milo Verbs ($2.99)Dexteria Fine Motor-Skill Development ($4.99)Cozi Family Organizer (Free)Verbally (Free)What's Being Said Fun Deck ($1.99)/r/ Intensive SLP (19.99)Hearing Loss Simulator ($1.99)iGet People in My Community ($2.99)Preposition Remix ($9.99)ABA Flashcards Emotions ($0.99)Name that Category Fun Deck ($1.99)Outdoor Fun ($2.99)House of Learning ($6.99)Profile of Phonological Awareness ($29.99)Simon Says Music Instruments ($1.99)That's How I Feel ($2.99)First Phrases ($9.99)Peekaboo Barn ($1.99)Roller Journal ($1.99)Miss Spider's Tea Party for iPad ($2.99)Penultimate ($1.99)Captain Lazy Eye ($4.99)LUMA Audiology (Free)Team Umizoomi Math ($6.99)Ansel and Clair's Adventures in Africa ($4.99)SoundAMP ($4.99)Sunday Lawn ($0.99)
Speech with Milo Adjectives ($2.99)Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)Letter Reflex-Overcoming Letter Reversals ($2.99)Evernote (Free)Verbally Premium ($99.00)What Are They Asking Fun Deck ($1.99)Tic-Tac-Talk (2.99)LUMA Audiology (Free)Fun and Functional ($9.99)Categories Learning Center ($9.99)Little Solver Figural Analogies ($0.99)Let's Name Things Fun Deck (Free)iGet People in My Community ($2.99)ABA Flashcards Actions ($.99)Reading TherAppy ($14.99)Simon Says Classic (Free)Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck ($1.99)Language Forest ($24.99)Old MacDonald by Duck Duck Moose ($1.99)Strip Designer ($2.99)The Duck in the Truck ($0.99)Hairy Letters ($2.99)Eye Training Visual Edition ($2.99)Dictionary.com (Free)Math Dictionary for Kids ($4.99)BrainPop (Free)Hear Coach (Free)Glass Tower ($0.99)
Fun with Directions ($0.99)Speech with Milo Prepositions ($2.99)Sticky Notes for iPad (Free)Things for iPad ($19.99)Small Talk Aphasia Female (Free)Language Adventures ($19.99)Speech Corners ($2.99)ASL Dictionaryfor iPad  ($4.99)Categories Learning Center ($9.99)Rainbow Sentences ($7.99)Little Solver Preschool Logic ($0.99)Irregular Varbs Fun Deck ($1.99)Comprehension TherAppy ($24.00)Grammar Contractions ($0.99)Writing TherAppy ($19.99)Memory Train ($1.99)iGet People in My Community ($2.99)Oppposite Day ($9.99)Peek-a-zoo($0.99)Rory's Story Cubes ($1.99)Moo Baa La La La ($3.99)Touch and Write ($2.99)Highlights Hidden Pictures Countdown (Free)Math Dictionary for Kids ($4.99)Park Math HD ($1.99)Explore Vincent ($3.99)Video Scheduler ($12.99)Unblock Me ($0.99)
More Fun with Directions ($9.99)Speech with Milo Adjectives ($2.99)Evernote (Free)Dragon Dictation (Free)Small Talk Aphasia Male (Free)Little Solver Preschool Logic ($0.99)Speech Pairs ($9.99)ASL Emergency Signs ($1.99)House of Learning ($6.99)Magical Concepts ($19.99)Analogy ($0.99)Plurals Fun Deck ($1.99)ABA Flashcards Emotions ($0.99)What Does Miss Bee See ($1.99)Comprehension TherAppy ($24.00)Easy Concepts ($4.99)Calm Counter ($2.99)Name that Category Fun Deck ($5.99)Peekaboo Pets (Free)Story Buddy 2 ($3.99)Barnyard Dance ($3.99)Cursive Touch and Write ($2.99)Little Things ($2.99)Number Sense HD ($0.99)Thumbnail Therater Macbeth ($6.99)Temple Run (Free)
First Phrases ($9.99)Fun with Directions ($0.99)Things for iPad ($19.99)Conversation Cards ($1.99)Small Talk Daily Activities (Free)Analogy ($0.99)Artic Questions ($14.99)Sign to Talk ($19.99)ABA Flashcards Actions ($.99)House of Learning ($6.99)Monster Hunt - The Memory Game (Free)Outdoor Fun ($2.99)Fun and Functional ($9.99)What Are They Asking ($1.99)Reading Remedies ($0.99)Analogy ($0.99)Conversation Social Stories andSimple PECS Communication Tool ($3.99)Let's Name Things Fun Deck (Free)Sign to Talk ($19.99)Story Buddy (3.99)The Going to Bed Book ($3.99)Handwriting Without Tears ($4.99)Hidden Objects with Kitty ($1.99)Math BINGO ($0.99)Early Jamestown (Free)Marble Mixer ($1.99)
ABA Flashcards Alphabet ($0.99)More Fun with Directions ($9.99)Dragon Dictation (Free)Small Talk Conversational Phrases (Free)Small Talk Intensive Care (Free)How? Fun Deck ($5.99)Speech Treats ($4.99)Signing Time ASL ($4.99)ABA Flashcards Emotions ($0.99)ABA Flashcards Actions ($.99)What Would You Do At Home If Fun Deck ($5.99)iGet People in My Community ($2.99)Preposition Remix ($9.99)Do and Does Fun Deck ($1.99)Question Builder ($5.99)Picture the Sentence ($9.99)Potty Training Social Story ($3.99)iGet People in My Community ($2.99)Speech Amplifier (Free)Toontastic (Free)Barnyard Dance ($3.99)Rush Hour ($2.99)Tally Tots ($1.99)American History Time Line ($0.99)Jelly Car 3 ($0.99)
ABC Pocket Phonics ($2.99)ABA Sight Word ($0.99)Grades 2 (Free)Alzheimer's Memory Pal (Free)Small Talk Pain Scale (Free)What Would You Do At Home If Fun Deck ($5.99)VAST-Tx Key Words ($12.99)Signing Time ASL Dictionary Flashcards ($2.99)ABA Flashcards Famous Places ($0.99)ABA Flashcards Emotions ($0.99)Chore Pad ($4.99)Naming TherAppy ($24.99)Categories Learning Center ($9.99)Using I and Me Fun Deck (Free)Story Builder ($7.99)Monster Hunt - The Memory Game (Free)ABA Flashcards and Games- Emotions ($0.99)Naming TherAppy ($24.99)Easy AFF ($9.99)Story Patch ($2.99)Blue Hat, Green Hat ($3.99)First Find (Free)Motion Math Hungry Fish (Free)The Elementals (Free)Doodle Truck ($0.99)
Super Why for iPad ($3.99)ABC Pocket Phonics ($2.99)Garage Band ($4.99)Memory Orientation Screening Test ($49.99)Small Talk Dysphagia (Free)What Would You Do At School Fun Deck ($5.99)VAST Autism1 Core ($4.99)Sound Match (Free)ABA Flashcards Fruits and Nuts ($0.99)Clicky Sticky Cars ($0.99)Ready Set Spot ($2.99)Spaced Retrieval TherAppy ($3.99)Question Builder ($5.99)Was and Were Fun Deck ($1.99)Abilipad ($19.99)Splingo's Language Universe ($2.99)Model Me Going Places 2 (Free)Spaced Retrieval TherAppy ($3.99)Speech Pathology Tool Kit ($23.99)Tapikeo HD ($3.99)Harold and the Purple Crayon ($6.99)My LIttle Suitcase - The Memory Board (Free)Monster Time ($1.99)Explore the Animal Kingdom FreeDoodle Fit ($0.99)
Beginning Sounds Interactive Game App ($0.99)Super Why for iPad ($3.99)Grammar Jammers Middle ($2.99)Medi Memory Lite ($2.99)Look2Learn-AAC ($14.99)Autism and PDD Reasoning and Problem Solving ($34.99)S/Z Ratio ($1.99)Sound Match Premium ($0.99)ABA Flashcards Musical Instruments ($0.99)Using I and Me Fun Deck (Free)Corkulus ($4.99)Dragon Dictation (Free)Story Builder ($7.99)Has and Have Fun Deck ($1.99)Word Warp Xtreme (Free)House of Learning ($6.99)Conversation Cards ($1.99)Comprehension TherAppy ($24.00)Speech Pacer ($0.99)Voice Cards Are Not Flashcards (Free)Dora and Diego's Vacation Adventure ($3.99)My First Tangrams HD ($1.99)Math with Springbird (Free)Leafsnap (Free)Tilt World ($0.99)
Touch the Sound (Free)Beginning Sounds Interactive Game App ($0.99)Conversation Cards ($1.99)Memory Screening Test ($19.99)TapSpeak Button ($14.99)Kidioms ($1.99)The R app ($7.99)Safari Sound Match Pro ($0.99)Clicky Sticky Cars ($0.99)Opposites Fun Deck ($1.99)Index Card ($4.99)WH Questions ($9.99)Magical Concepts ($19.99)Regular Past Tense Verbs Fun Deck ($1.99)Homophones Photo Fun Deck ($5.99)iMimic Simon Says (Free)Spark HD ($1.99)Fun and Functional ($9.99)Doodlecast for Kids ($1.99)Penultimate ($1.99)Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street ($1.99)Little Things Forever ($2.99)Murky Reef: 1st - 2nd grade Reading, Science & Math ($4.99)Molecules (Free)Shaun the Sheet - Fleece Lightening ($0.99)
Social Adventures ($14.99)Montesorri Crosswords-Spelling with Phonics ($2.99)Spark HD ($1.99)The Naming Test ($19.99)TapSpeak Sequence Plus ($49.99)Shake A Phrase ($1.99)Sign to Talk ($19.99)KidiPlay Match ($0.99)Compare Contrast Fun Deck ($1.99)Picture the Sentence ($9.99)Lumosity Brain Trainer (Free)ABA Flashcards Actions ($.99)House of Learning ($6.99)Picture the Sentence ($9.99)Freefall Spelling ($2.99)Memory Magic ($0.99)My Pictures Talk Video Modeling ($4.99)Go Togethers ($9.99)Peekaboo Barn ($1.99)Index Card ($4.99)My LIttle Pony: Twilight Sparkle Teacher for a Day ($5.99)POV Spatial Reasoning Skills Development ($4.99)Pattern Recognition ($0.99)World War II Interactive ($4.99)Sea Stars (Free)
Oppposite Day ($9.99)Phonics TIc-Tac-Toe Interactive (Free)Abilipad ($19.99)SR Naming ($39.99)TapSpeak Sequence Standard ($29.99)StoryLine for Schools (Free)Pocket Artic ($21.99)AudioPairs ($0.99)What Does Miss Bee See ($1.99)Wheels on the Bus ($0.99)Remember the Milk (Free)Fun and Functional ($9.99)ABA Flashcards Actions ($.99)Action Words (Free)Letter Tracking ($1.99)That Memory Game ($0.99)ABA Flashcards Emotions ($0.99)Preposition Remix ($9.99)Sign to Talk ($19.99)The Surprise Pro ($5.99)Leo the LIghtning Bug ($2.99)Kid Cart ($1.99)Enchanted Dictionary 7-12th Grade ($1.99)Unblock Me ($0.99)
Sign to Talk ($19.99)Phonics Genius (Free)ABA Flashcards Famous Places ($0.99)Mem Trax (Free)Language Lab Core Words (Free)Listening for Absurdities Fun Deck ($1.99)Small Talk Common Phrases (Free)Subtitles (Free)What Are They Asking ($1.99)Old MacDonald by Duck Duck Moose ($1.99)MIndNode ($9.99)Categories Learning Center ($9.99)ABA Flashcards Earth Science ($0.99)Comparative Adjectives (Free)Word Homophones ($0.99)Memory Practice ($4.99)All About You, All About Me Fun Deck ($1.99)Categories Learning Center ($9.99)Tapikeo HD ($3.99)Story Time (Free)I Don't Like Pink HD ($1.99)Sushi Monster (Free)Enchanted Dictionary 4-6th Grade ($1.99)Toy Balls! (Free)
Let's Name Things Fun Deck (Free)Fun and Functional ($9.99)Word Warp Xtreme (Free)Small Talk Common Phrases (Free)Sono Flex ($99.99)Story Lines (Free)Small Talk Days, Months, Dates (Free)Tell Time - The Easy Way ($0.99)Wheels on the Bus ($0.99)Itsy Bitsy Spider ($1.99)iThoughtsHD (MIndmapping) ($9.99)Rainbow Sentences ($7.99)ABA Flashcards Famous Places ($0.99)Sentence Maker ($0.99)Words - Synonyms and Antonyms ($0.99)Tappy Memories ($0.99)What Are They Asking ($1.99)Magical Concepts ($19.99)Breathe2Relax (Free)Story Lines (Free)Hide, Run, Growl (Free)Counting with Very Hungry Caterpillar ($1.99)Trees Pro HD Nature Mobile (Free)Bejeweled ($0.99)
My First AAC by Injini ($24.99)Sight Words List-Learn to Read Flash Cards & Games (Free)Little Solver Figural Analogies ($0.99)Small Talk Days, Months, Dates (Free)Go Talk Now ($79.99)Creative Genius On the Go ($0.99)Small Talk Phonemes (Free)Louder TV ($1.99)Fun & Functional ($9.99)Fish School HD ($1.99)First, Then Visual Schedule ($9.99)Sentence Builder ($4.99)ABA Flashcards Fruits and Nuts ($0.99)Word Sort by Grammaropolis ($1.99)Grammar Contractions ($0.99)My LIttle Suitcase - The Memory Board (Free)Social Skill Builder (Free)The Naming Test ($19.99)ClearRecord Premium (Free)Comixer - Comix Mixer (free)Open WIde Snap ($1.99)Britannica Kids Solar System ($4.99)Where's Waldo? ($0.99)
Outdoor Fun ($2.99)Social Adventures ($14.99)Hudson Alpha iCell (free)Small Talk Phonemes (Free)Abilipad ($19.99)Idiom in Use-Advanced English Idioms Dictionary ($0.99)Small Talk Consonant Blends (Free)Melody Match LIte (Free)Language Adventures ($19.99)Peek-a-zoo($0.99)What Are They Thinking ($1.99)Question Builder ($5.99)ABA Flashcards Musical Instruments ($0.99)iLive Grammar Winter ($4.99)Words - Homonyms ($0.99)Walle Advanced ($2.99)The Social Express ($89.99)SR Naming ($39.99)d2u Dictation and Transcription (Free)Creative Genius On the Go ($0.99)Angelina Ballerina's New Ballet Teacher ($2.99)Where's Waldo in Hollywood ($2.99)
Verbal Victor ($6.99)Oppposite Day ($9.99)Homophones Photo Fun Deck ($5.99)Small Talk Consonant Blends (Free)One Voice-AAC ($199.99)Small Talk Letters, Numbers, Colors (Free)Things that You Can Hear ($1.99)Comparative Adjectives (Free)Category Carousel ($9.99)Story Builder ($7.99)Picture the Sentence ($9.99)iLive Grammar Botany ($4.99)Same Sound Spell Bound (Homophones ) (Free)Voice Cards Are Not Flashcards (Free)What Would You Do At Home If Fun Deck ($1.99)House of Learning ($6.99)Pic-Z Tag ($0.99)Popplet ($4.99)Thomas and Friends Day of the Diesels ($4.99)Rush Hour ($2.990
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