Book Acquisition 2017-18
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Acquisition of Books 2017-18
Central Library IIT Patna Status of Books
S. N.DepartmentName of FacultyDetails of BookIndent No.Date of IndentOrderedRecievedTechnical ProcessingRemarks
1PhysicsDr. 1. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Nielsen, M. A.; CUP
2. Quantum Information Theory by Wilde, M. M.; CUP
3. Elements of Information Theory, 2nd Ed. by Cover, T. M.; Wiley
4. Quantum Theory: Concepts and Methods by Peres, A.; Springer
5. Principles of Quantum Computation and Information. Volume I: Basic Concepts by Benenti, G.; World Scientific
6. Principles of Quantum Computation and Information: Volume II: Basic Tools and Special Topics by Benenti, G.; World Scientific
7. Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction by Mermin, N. D.; CUP
8. Introductory Quantum Optics by Gerry, C.; CUP
9. Quantum Optics by Scullym M. O.; CUP
10. Quantum Statistical Properties of Radiation by Louisell, W. H.; Wiley-VCH
11. Quantum Optics by Agarwal, G. S.; CUP
12. Quantum Optics by Walls, D. F.; Springer
13. Complex Variables with Applications by Wunsch, D. A.; Pearson
14. Introduction to Classical Mechanics by Takwale, R.; McGraw Hill
15. A Course on Group Theory by Rose, J. S.; Dover
PH/0117-04-201718-05-201718-07-201727-07-2017*Sr. No- 7, 10, 13, 15 are remain to be deliever.
2PhysicsDr. Manas Kumar Sarangi1. Biophysical Chemistry. Vol. I – III (Set) by Cantor, C. R.; W.H. Freeman
2. The Physics of Living Processes: A Mesoscopic Approach by Waigh, T. A.; Wiley
3. Molecular Biophysics: Structures in Motion by Daune, M.; OUP
4. Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting by O'Connor, D. V.; Elsevier
5. Photophysics of Aromatic Molecules by Birks, J. B.; Wiley
6. Handbook of Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Imaging: From Ensemble to Single Molecules by Sauer, M.; Wiley
7. Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules by Turro, N. J.; University Sc. Books
8. Advanced Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Applications by Becker, W.; Springer
9. Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy by Lakowicz, J. R.; Springer
10. Classical Mechanicsby Upadhyaya, J. C.; Himalaya
11. Molecular Driving Forces: Statistical Thermodynamics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Nanoscience by Dill, K.; Garland Science
PH/0218-04-2010718-05-201707-06-201712-06-2017*Sr. No-1, 4, 5, 8, 10 are remain to be deliever.
3PhysicsDr. Jobin Jose
1. Quantum Collision Theory by Joachain, C. J.; Elsevier
2. Many-Electron Theory by Raimes, S.; North Holland
3. Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems by Fetter, A. L.; Dover
4. Quantum Theory of Scattering by Wu, Ta-you; Dover
5. Atomic Collisions and Spectra by Fano, U.; Acadmic Press
PH/0317-04-2010718-05-201729-06-201703-07-2017*Sr. No-1, 2, 5 are remain to be deliever.
4PhysicsDr. Jayakumar Balakrishnan
1. Introduction to Solid State Physics, 8th Ed. by Kittle, C.; Wiley
2. Principles of the Theory of Solids by Ziman, J. M.; CUP
3. Solid State Physics by Ashcroft, N. W.; Harcourt
4. Solid State Physics by Dekker, A. J.; Macmillan
5. Physics of Atoms & Molecules by Bransden, B. H.; Pearson
6. The Theory of Atomic Spectra by Condon, E. U.; CUP
7. Atomic Physics, 7th Ed. by Rajam, J. B.; S Chand
PH/0417-04-2010718-05-201707-06-201712-06-2017*Sr. No-2, 6, 7 are remain to be deliever.
Computer Science & Enginnering
1Computer Science & Engg.Dr. Ashok Singh Sairam1. SDN: Software Defined Networks, an authoritative review of network programmability technologies Nadeau, T. D.; O’Reilly Media
2. Software Defined Networks: a comprehensive approach Goransson, P.; Morgan Kaufman
Humanities & Social Sciences
1Humanities and Social ScienceDr. Priyanka Tripathi1. Autobiographics: A Feminist Theory of Women's Self-Representation by Gilmore, L.; Cornell University Press
2. The Indian Graphic Novel: Nation, history and critique by Nayar, P. K.; Routledge India
3. Tainted Witness: Why We Doubt What Women say about their Lives by Gilmore, L.; Columbia University Press
4. The Limits of Autobiography: Trauma and Testimony by Gilmore, L.; Cornell University Press
5. The Generation of Post memory: Writing and Visual Culture after the Holocaust by Hirsch, M.; Columbia University Press
6. Autobiography and Postmodernism by Ashley, K.; University of Massachusetts Press
7. An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures by Cvetkovich, A.; Duke University Press
8. Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror by Herman, J. L.; Basic Books
9. One Hundred Demons by Barry, L.; Drawn and Quarterly
10. What It Is by Barry, L.; Drawn and Quarterly
11. South Asian Feminism by Loomba, A.; Duke University Press
12. Women and War: A Historical Encyclopedia from Antiquity to the Present by Cook, B. A.; ABC-CLIO Ltd.
13. Women in the Civil War by Massey, M. E.; University of Nebraska Press
14. Women, War and Peace in South Asia: Beyond Victimhood to Agency by Manchanda, R.; SAGE
15. War and Literature by Ashe, L.; D. S. Brewer
16. Noor by Khan, S.; Look Out Books
17. Borders and Boundaries: How Women Experienced the Partition of India by Menon, R.; Rutgers University Press
18. Women, War, and the Making of Bangladesh: Remembering 1971 by Saikia, Y.; Duke University Press
19. The Spectral Wound: Sexual Violence, Public Memories, and the Bangladesh War of 1971 by Mookherjee, N.; Duke University Press
20. Nation building, Gender and War Crimes in South Asia by D'Costa, B.; Routledge
21. Psycho-social Impacts of Armed Conflict on Women in Sri Lanka by Shahi, L. J.; LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
22. The Seasons of Trouble: Life Amid the Ruins of Sri Lanka's Civil War by Mohan, R.; Verso
23. Tamil Tigress: My Story As a Child Soldier in Sri Lanka's Bloody Civil War by Soyza, N. D.; Allen & Unwin
24. The Cage: The Fight for Sri Lanka and the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers by Weiss, G.; Bellevue Literary Press
25. Ethnicity and Nation-building in South Asia by Phadnis, U.; SAGE
26. Kashmir in Conflict: India, Pakistan and the Unending War by Schofield, V.; I.B.Tauris
27. The Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan's Lawless Frontier by Gul, I.; Penguin Books
28. Death in Kashmir: A Mystery by Kaye, M. M.; Minotaur Books
29. Kashmir: The Case for Freedom by Roy, A.; Verso
30. Witness Kashmir 1986-2016/Nine Photographers by Kak, S.; IFA and Yaarbal
HS/0116-05-201729-05-201729-06-201703-05-2017*Sr. No- 6, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30 are remain to be deliever.
Electrical Engineering
1Electrical Engg.Dr. Shovan Bhaumik1. A Course in H∞ Control Theory by Francis, B. A.; Springer
2. Quantitative Feedback Theory: Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd Ed. by Houpis, C. H.; Marcel Dekker
3. Sliding Mode Control: Theory And Applications by Edwards, C.; CRC Press
4. Robust Control: The Parametric Approach by Bhattacharyya, S. P.; Prentice Hall
EE/0127-03-201711-05-201715-06-201719-06-2017*Sr. No- 4 remain to be deliever.
2Electrical Engg.Dr. Yatendra Kumar Singh1. Adaptive Filter Theory by Haykin, S.; Pearson India
2. Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design by Cripps, S. C.; Artech House
3Electrical Engg.Dr. Ahmad Ali1. Non Linear System Analysis by Vidysagar, M.; SIAM
2. Non Linear System by Shastry, S. S.; Springer
3. Non Linear Control Systems by Marquez, H.; Wiley
4Electrical Engg.Dr. Shovan Bhaumik1. Bayesian Estimation and Tracking: A Practical Guide by Haug, A. J.; Wiley
2. Optimal Estimation of Dynamic Systems, 2nd Ed. by Crassidis, J. L.; CRC Press
3. Optimal State Estimation: Kalman, H∞ and Nonlinear Approaches by Simon, D.; Wiley
4. Nonlinear Filters Estimation and Applications by Tanizaki, H.; Springer
Mechanical Engineering
1Mechanical Engg.Dr. Probir Saha1. Friction Stir Welding and Processing: Science and Engineering by Mishra, R. S.; SpringerME/0104-05-201718-05-201720-06-201723-06-2017On Stack
2Mechanical Engg.Dr. Murshid Imam1. Recrystallization and Related Annealing Phenomena, 2nd Ed. by Rollett, A.;Pergamon
2. Hot Deformation and Processing of Aluminum Alloys by McQueen, H. J.;CRC Press
3. Computational Welding Mechanics by Goldak,. J. A.;Springer
4. Physical Metallurgy by Singh, V.;Standard Publishers Distributors
ME/0206-05-201719-06-201717-07-201720-07-2017*Sr. No- 1, 2, 3 are remain to be deliever.
3Mechanical Engg.Dr. Deepu P.1. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: With Applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering by Strogatz, S. H.;Westview Press
2. Hydrodynamic Stability, 2nd Ed. by Drazin;Cambridge University Press
3. Acoustics by Beranek, L. L.;Acoustical Society of America
4. Analytical Methods in Vibrations by Meirovitch, L.;The Macmillan Co.
5. Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics: Introduction for Applied Scientists and Engineers by Moon, F. C.;Wiley
6. Hot-Wire Anemometry: Principles and Signal Analysis by Bruun, H. H.;Oxford University Press
7. Particle Image Velocimetry: A Practical Guide by Raffel, M.;Springer
8. Boundary Layer Theory, 8th Ed. by Schlichting, H.;Springer
9. Introduction to Applied Mathematics by Strang, S.;Wellesley Cambridge Press
10. Transport Phenomena, 2nd Ed. by Bird, R. B.;Wiley
11. Numerical Methods for Engineers, 5th Ed. by Chapra, S. C.;Tata McGraw Hill
12. Advanced Transport Phenomena: Fluid Mechanics and Convective Transport Processes by Leal, L. G.;Cambridge University Press
13. Perturbation Methods in Fluid Mechanics by Van Dyke, M. D.;Parabolic Press
14. Interfacial Instability by Johns, L. E.;Springer
15. Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering by Pushpavanam, S.;PHI Learning
ME/0306-05-201719-06-201717-07-201720-07-2017*Sr. No- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 are remain to be deliever.
4Mechanical Engg.Dr. Akhilendra Singh1. An Introduction to the Finite Element Method, 3rd Ed. by Reddy, J. N.;Tata McGraw HillME/0402-06-201719-06-201719-07-201721-07-2017On Stack
5Mechanical Engg.Dr. Anirban Mahato1. Material Science and Engineering, 5th Ed. by Raghavan, V.;Prentice Hall
2. Mechanical Metallurgy by Dieter, G. E.;McGraw Hill
3. Material Science and Engineering (SIE) by Smith, W. F.;Tata McGraw Hill
4. Introduction to Physical Metallurgy by Avner;Tata McGraw Hill
ME/0502-06-201719-06-201719-07-201721-07-2017On Stack
6Mechanical Engg.Dr. Manabendra Pathak1. Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Basics with Application, 1st Ed. by Anderson, J. D.;McGraw Hill Inc
2. An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Finite Volume Method, 2nd Ed. by Versteeg, H.;Pearson India
ME/0602-06-201719-06-201719-07-201721-07-2017On Stack
Civil & Environmental Engineering
1Civil & Env. Engg.Dr. Avik Samanta1. Engineering Ethics: includes Human Values by Govindarajan, M.; PHI
2. Professional Responsibility: Examples & Explanations, 2nd Ed. by Wendel, W. B.; Aspen Pub.
3. The Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing: With an Introduction to Interactive Computer Graphics for Design and Production, 11th Ed. by Luzadder, W. J.; Peachpit Press
4. Ethics for the Professions, 1st Ed. by Rowan, J. R.; Wadsworth
5. The Ethics of Professional Practice by Parsons, R. D.; Pearson
2Civil & Env. Engg.Dr. Om Prakash1. Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling by Uddameri, V.; CRC PressCV/0231-05-201728-06-2017
3Civil & Env. Engg.Dr. Syed K. K. Hussaini1. Handbook of Specialized Applications in Roads, Railways, Bridges And Tunnel Engineering by Watkins, N.; Auris References
2. Railway Transportation Systems: Design, Construction and Operation by Pyrgidis, C. N.; CRC Press
4Civil & Env. Engg.Dr. Subrata Hait1. Green Building: Applied Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy by Anwar, S.; CRC Press
2. Environmental Nanotechnology by Fulekar, M. H.; CRC Press
3. Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries by Kumar, S.; CRC Press
Chemcial Science & Technology
1Chemical Science & Technology1. Introduction to Photocatalysis: From Basic Science to Applications by Nosaka, Y.; Royal Society of Chemistry
2. Photocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications by Serpone, N.; Wiley
3. Photocatalysis: Fundamentals and Perspectives by Schneider, J.; Royal Society of Chemistry
4. Ammonia Synthesis Catalysts by Liu, H.; World Scientific
5. Catalytic Ammonia Synthesis by Jennings, J. R.; Springer
CT/0118-05-201722-06-201725-07-201728-07-2017*Sr. No- 2, 4, 5 are remain to be deliever.
Material Science & Engineering
1MathematicsDr. Pratibhamoy Das1. First Course in Functional Analysis by Goffman, C.; Prentice Hall
2. Functional Analysis by Limaye, B. V.; New Age
3. Functional Analysis: A First Course by Nair, M. T.; PHI
4. Partial Differential Equations by Copson, E. T.; CUP
5. Partial Differential Equations by Williams, W. E.; OUP
6. Linear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers by Tyn Myint-U; Springer (SIE)
7. Operations Research: Theory And Applications by Sharma, J. K.; Macmillan
8. Linear Programming by Chvatal, V.; W.H. Freeman
9. Introduction to Game Theory by Tijs, S.; Hind. B. A.
10. Dynamic Programming and Optimal Control (2 Vol Set) by Bertsekas, D. P.; Athena Scientific
11. Multiobjective Programming and Planning by Cohon, J. L.; Academic Press
12. Fundamentals of Transportation and Traffic Operations by Daganzo, C. F.; Emerald Publishing
13. Basic Topolgy by Armstrong, M. A.; Springer (SIE)
14. A Basic Course in Algebraic Topology by Massey, W. S.; Springer (SIE)
15. Algebraic Topology by Spanier, E. H.; Springer
16. Introduction to Number Theory by Adams, W. W.; Prentice Hall
17. A Concise Introduction to the Theory of Numbers by Baker, A.; CUP
18. Elementary Number Theory with Applications by Koshy, T.; Academic Press
19. Introduction to Mathematical Control Theory by Barnett, S.; OUP
20. Control Systems by Dukkipati, R. V.; Narosa
MA/0122-02-201711-05-201720-06-201723-05-2017*Sr. No- 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 19, 20 are remain to be deliever.
2MathematicsDr. Pratibhamoy Das1. Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems by Datta, B.; Academic Press
2. Graph Theory: An Introductory Course by Bollobas, B.; Springer
3. A Course in Combinatorics, 2nd Ed by Lint, J. H. V.; CUP
4. A First Course in Graph Theory and Combinatorics, TRIM by Cioaba, S. M.; Hindustan Book Agency
5. Integral Transform and Their Applications by Debnath, L.; CRC Press
6. Variational Methods in Mathematical Physics by Mikhlin, S. G.; OUP
7. Methods of Mathematical Physics, Vol.1. by Courant, R.; Wiley
8. Mathematical Biology: an Introduction by Murray, J. D.; Springer
9. Differential Equations, Bifurcations, and Chaos in Economics by Zhang, W. B.; World Scientific
10. Statistical Inference by Berger, R. L.; Duxbury
11. Modern Mathematical Statistics by Dudewicz, E. J.; Wiley
12. A Course in Functional Analysis by Conway, J. B.; Springer
13. Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications by Kreyszig, E.; Wiley
14. Elements of Partial Differential Equations by Sneddon, I. N.; Dover
15. Basic Concepts of Algebraic Topology by Croom, F. H.; Springer
MA/0222-02-201711-05-201718-07-201724-07-2017*Sr. No- 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 are remain to be deliever.
3MathematicsDr. Pratibhamoy Das1. Graph Theory by Diestel, R.; Springer
2. Introduction to Coding Theory by Roth, R.; CUP
3. Introduction to Coding Theory by Lint, J. H. V.; Springer
4. A First Course in Coding Theory by Hill, R.; Clarendon Press
5. Introduction to Perturbation Techniques by Nayfeh, A. H.; Wiley
6. Methods of Applied Mathematics by Hildebrand, F. B.; Dover
7. Applied Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems, 5th Ed. by Haberman, R.; Pearson
8. Mathematical Modelling: A Tool for Problem Solving in Engineering, Physical, Biological and Social Sciences by Murthy, D. N. P.;Pergamon Press
9. Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, 10th Ed. by Boyce, W. E.; Wiley
10. Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes, 4th Rev.Ed. by Papoulis, A.; TMH
11. An Elementary Course in Partial Differential Equations, 2nd Ed. by Amaranath, A.; Narosa
12. Nonstandard Finite Difference Models of Differential Equations by Mickens, R. E.; WS
MA/0322-02-201711-05-201707-06-201712-06-2017*Sr. No- 8, 12 are remain to be deliever.
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