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STATCALL #TitleAlt TitleDirectorYearMediaTRT NotesStarringGenreCountryDate of Entry
A1StromboliRossellini, Roberto1950BR206Disc 1 of 4 disc box set titled 3 Films by Roberto Rossellini Starring Ingrid Bergman. Includes: Stromboli (1950; 106'), Stromboli Terra Di Dio (1950; 100'). Italian and English Language VersionsBergman, IngridDramaItaly06/02/2015
A109 1/2 WeeksLyne, Adrian1986DVD118Disc contains both Standard and Widescreen versionsDrama, RomanceUS02/06/2003
A100CobraHenabery, Joseph1925DVD75DramaUS06/19/2000
A101CollegeVarious1921-1927DVD66Includes: College (1927; Horne, James W.; 66'), Hard Luck (1921; Cline, Eddie & Keaton, Buster; 22'), The Electric House (1922; Cline, Eddie & Keaton, Buster; 23'), The Blacksmith (1922; St Clair, Mal & Keaton, Buster; 21').Keaton, BusterComedy, SilentUS06/19/2000
A102The Color PurpleSpielberg, Steven1985DVD154Widescreen VersionDramaUS05/10/2001
A103ComaCrichton, Michael1978DVD113Widescreen and Standard VersionsThriller, MysteryUS06/08/2000
A104Come and Get ItHawks, Howard & Wyler, William1936DVD99DramaUS06/08/2000
A105ContactZemeckis, Robert1997DVD150Widescreen VersionDrama, Sci-Fi, MysteryUS05/09/2001
A106Les GirlsCukor, George1957DVD114Kelley, Gene; Gaynor, Mitzi; Kendall, Kay; Elg, TainaMusicalUS04/08/2008
A107CrashCronenberg, David1996DVD1001.78:1 aspect ratio; NC-17 & R Rated versionsDrama, ThrillerFrance06/08/2000
A108Crimes & MisdemeanorsAllen, Woody1989DVD1041.85:1 aspect ratioDramaUS05/10/2001
A109DallasVarious1978, 1979DVD1397Includes Episodes: Digger's Daughter, Lessons, Spy int the House, Winds of Vengeance, Barbecue, Reunion Part 1, Reunion Part 2, Old Acquaintance, Bypass, Black Market Baby, Bouble Wedding, Runaway, Election, Survival, Act of Love, Triangle, Fallen Idol, Kidnapped, Home Again, For Love or Money, Julie's Return, The Red File Part 1, The Red File Part 2, Sue Ellen's Sister, Call Girl, Royal Marriage, The OUtsiders, John Ewing III Part 1, John Ewing III Part 2.09/23/2016
A11The Color PurpleMizoguchi, Kenji1942DVD222Drama, ActionJapan06/26/2003
A110Daddy-Long-LegsNeilan, Marshall1919DVD85Includes: Daddy-Long-Legs (1919; Neilan, Marshall; 85'), What The Daisy Said (1910; Griffith, D.W.)US06/19/2000
A111DamageFataleMalle, Louis1992DVD1111.66:1 aspect ratio, includes Unrated and R Rated Versions.France/GB06/08/2000
A112Dancer in the DarkVon Trier, Lars2000DVD141Björk; Deneuve, Catherine; Morse, DavidMusical, DramaDenmark05/13/2008
A113Dances With WolvesCostner, Kevin1990DVD1812.35:1 aspect ratioUS05/10/2001
A114Dark CityProyas, Alex1998DVD96WidescreenSewell, Rufus; Sutherland, Kiefer; Connelly, Jennifer; Hurt, WilliamMystery, Thriller, Sci-FiUS08/25/2004
A115Dark WatersDe Toth, Andre1944DVD90US06/08/2000
A116Deanna Durbin Sweetheart PackKoster, Henry; Pichel, Irving; Ryan, Frank; David, Charles1936-DVD2 disc set includes the films: Three Smart Girls (1936; Koster, Henry; 85'), Something in the Wind (1947; Pichel, Irving; 94'), First Love (1939; Koster, Henry; 84'), It Started With Eve (1941; Koster, Henry; 90'), Can't Help Singing (1944; Ryan, Frank; 90'), Lady on a Train (1945; David, Charles; 94'). 1.33:1 aspect ratio.Durbin, DeannaComedy, Musical, Romance, Western, Crime, Film Noir, MysteryUS06/10/2015
A117Deconstructing HarryAllen, Woody1997DVD96Widescreen 1.85:1 aspect ratio & Full Screen VersionsUS05/09/2001
A118DeliveranceBoorman, John1972DVD109Widescreen & Full Screen VersionsUS02/12/1999
A119Dersu UzalaKurosawa, Akira1974DVD110Widescreen VersionJapan/USSR05/09/2001
A122001: A Space OdysseyKubrick, Stanley1968DVD139Widescreen VersionDullea,Keir; Lockwood, GarySci-Fi, AdventureUK06/25/2001
A120DestinyDer Müde TodLang, Fritz1921DVD99Tinted VersionGermany01/06/2003
A121The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3, Disc 1Various1963DVD175Disc 1 of 5 disc box set titled The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3. Includes Episodes: That's My Boy?? (Rich, John), The Masterpiece (Rich, John), Laura's Little Lie (Rich, John), Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rich (Rich, John), Uncle Georgo (Paris, Jerry), Too Many Stars (Paris, Jerry), Who and Where was Antonio Stradivarius (Paris, Jerry)Van Dyke, Dick; Moore, Mary Tyler; Marie, Rose; Amsterdam, MoreyComedy, TV seriesUS11/17/2014
A122The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3, Disc 2Various1963DVD150Disc 2 of 5 disc box set titled The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3. Includes Episodes: Big Max Calvada (Paris, Jerry), The Ballad of the Betty Lou (Morris, Howard), Turtles, Ties, and Toreadors (Paris, Jerry), The Sound of the Trumpets of Conscience Falls Deafly on a Brain That Holds Its Ears...or Something Like That! (Paris, Jerry), The Third One from the Left (Paris, Jerry), The Alan Brady Show Presents (Paris, Jerry)Van Dyke, Dick; Moore, Mary Tyler; Marie, Rose; Amsterdam, MoreyComedy, TV seriesUS11/17/2014
A123The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3, Disc 3Various1963-1964DVD175Disc 3 of 5 disc box set titled The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3. Includes Episodes: My Husband is the Best One (Paris, Jerry), Happy Birthday and Too Many More (Paris, Jerry), The Lady and the Tiger and the Lawyer (Paris, Jerry), The Life and Love of Joe Coogan (Paris, Jerry), A Nice, Friendly Game of Cards (Morris, Howard), The Brave and the Bakache (Paris, Jerry), The Pen is Mightier than the Mouth (Paris, Jerry)Van Dyke, Dick; Moore, Mary Tyler; Marie, Rose; Amsterdam, MoreyComedy, TV seriesUS11/17/2014
A124The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3, Disc 4Various1964DVD150Disc 4 of 5 disc box set titled The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3. Includes Episodes: My Part-Time Wife (Paris, Jerry), Honeymooners are for the Lucky (Paris, Jerry), How to Spank a Star (Paris, Jerry), The Plots Thicken (Paris, Jerry), Scratch My Car and Die (Morris, Howard), The Return of Edwin Camp (Morris, Howard)Van Dyke, Dick; Moore, Mary Tyler; Marie, Rose; Amsterdam, MoreyComedy, TV seriesUS11/17/2014
A125The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3, Disc 5Paris, Jerry1964DVD150Disc 5 of 5 disc box set titled The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3. Includes Episodes: October Eve (Paris, Jerry), ear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband is in Jail (Paris, Jerry), My Neighbor's Husband's Other Life (Paris, Jerry), I'd Rather Be Band Than Have No Head at All (Paris, Jerry), Teacher;s Petrie (Paris, Jerry), My Two Showoffs and Me (Paris, Jerry)Van Dyke, Dick; Moore, Mary Tyler; Marie, Rose; Amsterdam, MoreyComedy, TV seriesUS11/17/2014
A126Driving Miss DaisyBeresford, Bruce1989DVD99Standard versionUS01/21/2001
A127Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeMamoulian, Rouben; Fleming, Victor1932,1941DVD209Includes: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932; Mamoulian, Rouben; 96'), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941; Fleming, Victor; 113').March, Fredric; Hopkins, Miriam; Hobart, RoseDrama, HorrorUS03/22/2006
A128Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeRobertson, John S.1920DVD79Includes: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920; Robertson, John S.; 79'), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1911; Henderson, Lucius J.).Drama, HorrorUS06/08/2000
A129Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombKubrick, Stanley1964BR951.66:1 aspect ratioSellers, Peter; Scott,George C.; Hayden, Sterling; Pickens, Slim; Wynn, Keenan; Jones, James EarlComedy, WarUS04/14/2014
A132010 The Year We Make ContactHyams, Peter1984DVD116Widescreen & Standard VersionsSci-Fi, Adventure, Mystery, ThrillerUS06/25/2001
A130Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The BombKubrick, Stanley1964DVD931.33:1 Aspect Ratio.Sellers, PeterComedyUK06/21/2005
A131Drunken AngelKurosawa, Akira1945DVD997Japan01/14/2003
A132Duch: Master of the Forges of HellPanh, Rithy2011DVD1034:3 screen formatDocumentaryCambodia03/05/2014
A133Duck SoupMcCarey, Leo1933DVD68US06/08/2000
A134Dust in the WindHou, Hsiao-Hsien1986DVD1091:33 Aspect RatioTaiwan
A135Easy RiderHopper, Dennis1969DVD/CD951.85:1 Aspect Ratio. Includes soundtrack CDFonda, Peter; Hopper, Dennis; Nicholson, JackAdventure, Drama, Action, CrimeUS10/06/2005
A136Easy RiderBookletProgram notes fot A135.
A137The Exorcist: The Version You've Never SeenFriedkin, William1973DVD132"Widescreen Version". Recut version, DVD does not include original edit.Blair, Linda; Burstyn, Ellen; Miller, Jason; von Sydow, MaxDrama, Thriller, HorrorUS03/22/2006
A138The ExorcistFriedkin, William1973DVD122Widescreen Version.
A139The Exorcist IIIFriedkin, William1973DVD110Widescreen Version.Blair, Linda; Burstyn, Ellen; Miller, Jason; von Sydow, MaxDrama, Thriller, HorrorUS02/12/1999
A14Adam's RibCukor, George1949DVD100Standard VersionCrawford, Joan; Tracy, SpencerComedy, RomanceUS04/27/2009
A140Fahrenheit 451Truffaut, Francois1966DVD1121.85:1 aspect ratioUK05/10/2001
A141Fanny and AlexanderBergman, Ingmar1982DVD188Disc 1 of 5 disc boxed set. Theatrical Version.Drama, Fantasy, MysterySweden08/04/2007
A142Fanny and AlexanderBergman, Ingmar1982DVD312Disc 2 and 3 of 5 disc boxed set. Television Version.Drama, Fantasy, MysterySweden08/04/2007
A143The Making of Fanny and AlexanderBergman, Ingmar1982DVD110Disc 4 and 5 of 5 disc boxed set.Drama, Fantasy, MysterySweden08/04/2007
A144Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics IIILewis, Joseph H.; Parrish, Robert; Quine, Richard; Karlson, Phil; Wendkos, Paul1945-57DVD4195 disc set. Includes: My Name is Julia Ross (1945; Lewis, Joseph H.; 64'), The Mob (1951; Parrish, Robert; 86'), Drive a Crooked Road (1954; Quine, Richard; 83'), Tight Spot (1955; Karlson, Phil; 96'), The Burglar (1957; Wendkos, Paul; 90'). 1.33:1 aspect ratio.Film Noir, Crime, Drama, ThrillerUS06/09/2015
A145Film Noir Classic Collection Vol. 5Dmytryk, Edward; Mann, Anthony; Karlson, Phil; Mayer, Gerald; Fleischer, Richard; Siegel, Don; Clurman, Harold; Sherman, Vincent1945-56DVD4 disc set. Includes: Disc 1: Cornered (1945; Dmytryk, Edward; 102'), Desperate (1947; Mann, Anthony; 73'). Disc 2: The Phenix City Story (1955; Karlson, Phil; 100'), Dial 1119 (1950; Mayer, Gerald; 75'). Disc 3: Armored Car Robbery (1950; Fleischer, Richard; 68'), Crime in the Streets (1956; Siegel, Don; 91'). Disc 4: Deadline at Dawn (1946; Clurman, Harold; 83'), Backfire (1950; Sherman, Vincent; 91').Film Noir, CrimeUS06/18/2015
A146Final AnalysisJoanou, Phil1992DVD125Standard VersionGere, Richard; Basinger, Kim; THurman, UmaDrama, Romance, ThrillerUS05/10/2001
A147Flash GordonHodges, Mike1980DVD1112.35:1 aspect ratioUK05/10/2001
A148FleshMorrissey, Paul1968DVD89Andy Warhol Presents US05/10/2001
A149Foolish Wivesvon Stroheim, Erich1922DVD141Tinted Version.Sweden02/07/2002
A15Aelita: Queen Of MarsProtazonov, Yakov1924DVD111Sci-Fi, Adventure, FantasySoviet Union01/06/2003
A150Forbidden Hollywood Collection: Volume OneGreen, Alfred E.; Whale, James; Conway, Jack1931-1933DVD3082 disc set. Includes: Red Headed Woman (1932; Conway, Jack; 79'), Waterloo Bridge (1931; Whale, James; 81'), Baby Face (1933; Green, Alfred E.; 72'/76'). Theatrical release and restored prerelease versions of Baby Face.US07/03/2008
A151Forever and a DayClair, René1943DVD106US06/08/2000
A152FranticPolanski, Roman1987DVD120Standard VersionFord, HarrisonUS06/08/2000
A153French Masterworks, Russian Émigrés in Paris: 1923-1928The Burning Crucible, Kean, The Late Mathias Pascal, Gribiche, The New GentlemenMosjoukine, Ivan; Volkoff, Alexandre; L'Herbier, Marcel; Feyder, Jacques1923-28DVD6605 disc set. Includes: Disc 1: Le Brasier ardent (1923; Mosjoukine, Ivan; 110'). Disc 2: Kean (1924; Volkoff, Alexandre; 136'). Disc 3: Feu Mathias Pascal (1926; L'Herbier, Marcel; 171'). Disc 4: Gribiche (1926; Feyder, Jacques; 112'), Les Nouveaux Messieurs (1928; Feyder, Jacques; 135'). 1.33:1 aspect ratio.Comedy, Drama, SilentFrance09/18/2014
A154Free CinemaAnderson, Lindsay; Reisz, Karel; Richardson, Tony; Mazzetti, Lorenza; Horne, Denis; Goretta, Claude; Tanner, Alain; Vas, Robert; Grigsby, Michael; Russell, Elizabeth; Daiken, Leslie; Irvin, John1953 - 1963IDVD24753 disc set. Includes the films: Disc 1: O Dreamland (1953; Anderson, Lindsay; 12'), Momma Don't Allow (1956; Reisz, Karel & Richardson, Tony; 22'), Together (1956; Mazzetti, Lorenza; 49'), Wakefield Express (1952; Anderson, Lindsay; 30'), Nice Time (1957; Goretta, Claude & Tanner, Alain; 17'), The Singing Street (1952; McIsaac, Nigel & Ritchie, James & Townsend; Raymond; 30'), Every Day Except Christmas (1957; Anderson, Lindsay; 39'). Disc 2: Refuge England (1959; Vas, Robert; 27'), Enginemen (1959; Grigsby, Michael; 17'), We Are the Lambeth Boys (1959; Reisz, Karel; 49'), Food for a Blush (1959; Russell, Elizabeth; 30'). Disc 3: One Potato Tow Potato (1957; Daiken, Leslie; 21'), March to Aldermaston (1959; 33'), The Vanishing Street (1962; Vas, Robert; 19'), Tomorrow's Saturday (1962; Grigsby, Michael; 17'), Gala Day (1963; Irvin, John; 25').UK10/17/2013
A155From the Journals of Jean SebergRappaport, Mike1997DVD98US06/08/2000
A156The FuriesMann, Anthony1950DVD1091.33:1 Aspect Ratio. Packaging also contains novel The FuriesStanwyck, Barbara; Huston, WalterDrama, Romance, WesternUS07/07/2008
A157The FuriesBookNovel by Niven Busch.
A158Full Metal JacketKubrick, Stanley1987DVD116Modine, MatthewDrama, WarUK06/21/2005
A159The Gary Cooper CollectionLubitsch, Ernst; Hathaway, Henry; Milestone, Lewis; Wellman, William A.1933-1939DVD501Includes: Design for Living (1933; Lubitsch, Ernst; 92'), Peter Ibbetson (1935; Hathaway, Henry; 86'), The General Died at Dawn (1936; Milestone, Lewis; 99'), Beau Geste (1939; Wellman, William; 114'), The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935; Hathaway, Henry; 110'). 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio.Cooper, GaryDramaUS10/12/2011
A16Airport 1975Smight, Jack1974DVD1062.35:1 aspect ratioDrama, Thriller, ActionUS06/25/2001
A160Gaumont Treasures DVD 1, Alice GuyGuy, Alice1897 - 1907DVD225Disc 1 of 3 disc box set titled Gaumont Treasures 1897-1913. Includes: The Fisherman at the Stream (1897; 1’), Bathing in a Stream (1897; 1’), Serpentine Dance by Mme. Bob Walter (1897; 2’), The Turn-of-the-Century Blind Man (1898; 1’), At the Hypnotist's (1898; 1’), The Burglars (1898; 1’), Disappearing Act (1898; 1’), Surprise Attack on a House at Daybreak (1898; 1’), At the Club (1899; 1’), Wonderful Absinthe (1899; 1’), Avenue de l’Opéra (1900; 1’), Automated Hat-Maker and Sausage-Grinder (1900; 1’), At the Photographer's (1900; 1’), Dance of the Seasons: Winter, Snow Dance (1900; 1’), The Landlady (1900; 1’), Turn-of-the-Century Surgery (1900; 2’), Pierrette’s Escapades (1900; 2’), At the Floral Ball (1900; 2’), The Cabbage-Patch Fairy (1900; 1’), Serpentine Dance by Lina Esbrard (1902; 2’), Midwife to the Upper Class (1902; 4’), An Untimely Intrusion (1902; 1’), Miss Dundee and Her Performing Dogs (1902; 3’), How Monsieur Takes His Bath (1903; 1’), Faust and Mephistopheles (1903; 2’), The O’Mers in “The Bricklayers” (1905; 2’), The Statue (1905; 6’), The Magician’s Alms (1905; 3’), Clown, Dog and Balloon (1905; 1’), Spain (1905; 10’), The Tango (1905; 2’), The Malagueña and the Bullfighter (1905; 2’), Cook & Rilly’s Trained Rooster (1905; 2’), Cake Walk, Performed by Nouveau Cirque (1905; 1’), Alice Guy Films a “Phonoscène” (1905; 2’), Saharet Performs the Bolero (1905; 2’), Polin Performs “The Anatomy of a Draftee” (1905; 2’), Dranem Performs “The True Jiu-Jitsu” (1905; 2’), Dranem Performs “Five O’Clock Tea” (1905; 3’), Félix Mayol Performs “Indiscreet Questions” (1905; 3’), Félix Mayol Performs “The Trottins’ Polka” (1905; 2’), Félix Mayol Performs “White Lilacs” (1905; 3’), The Birth, the Life and the Death of Christ (1906; 34’), An Obstacle Course (1906; 5’), Madame’s Cravings (1906; 4’), A Sticky Woman (1906; 2’), The Hierarchies of Love (1906; 3’), The Cruel Mother (1906; 7’), A Story Well Spun (1906; 2’), The Drunken Mattress (1906; 10’), The Parish Priest’s Christmas (1906; 6’), The Truth Behind the Ape-Man (1906; 6’), The Consequences of Feminism (1906; 7’), Ocean Studies (1906; 2’), The Game-Keeper’s Son (1906; 5’), The Race for the Sausage (1907; 4’), The Glue (1907; 4’), The Fur Hat (1907; ), The Cleaning Man (1907; 4’), A Four-Year-Old Hero (1907; 5’), The Rolling Bed (1907; 4’), The Irresistible Piano (1907; 4’), On the Barricade (1907; 5’), The Dirigible “Homeland” (1907; 1’). 1.33:1 aspect ratio
Short, SilentFrance10/07/2014
A161Gaumont Treasures DVD 2, Louis FeuilladeFeuillade, Louis1907-13DVD217Disc 2 of 3 disc box set titled Gaumont Treasures 1897-1913. Includes: The Colonel’s Account (1907; 4'), A Very Fine Lady (1908; 3'), Spring (1909; 7'), The Fairy of the Surf (1909; 7'), Custody of the Child (1909; 11'), The Defect (1911; 41'), The Roman Orgy (1911; 8'), The Trust (1911; 24'), The Heart and the Money (1912; 17'), The Obsession (1912; 23;), Tragic Error (1913; 24'), Bout de Zan Steals an Elephant (1913; 9'), The Agony of Byzance (1913; 29'). 1.33:1 aspect ratioDrama, Comedy,Fantasy, History, Short, SilentFrance10/07/2014
A162Gaumont Treasures DVD 3, Léonce PerretPerret, Léonce1912-13DVD167Disc 3 of 3 disc box set titled Gaumont Treasures 1897-1913. Includes: The Mystery of the Rocks of Kador (1912; 43'), The Child of Paris (1913; 124'). 1.33:1 aspect ratioDrama, Crime, SilentFrance10/07/2014
A163GigiMinnelli, Vincente1958DVD116Widescreen and Standard versions.Caron, Leslie; Chevalier, Maurice; Jourdan, LouisMusical , Romacnce, ComedyUS08/16/2007
A164The Girl With the Dragon TattooFincher, David2011BR/DVD158Dual format 3 disc set includes Blu-ray & DVD versions. 2.40:1 aspect ratioCraig, Daniel; Mara, Rooney; Plummer, Christopher; SkarsgCrime, Drama, MysteryUS06/05/2014
A165.1The Big SleepHawks, Howard1945DVD116Double sided disc containing both theatrical and pre-release edits. 1.33:1 Aspect RatioBogart, Humphrey; Bacall, LaurenFilm-Noir, MysteryUS08/23/2004
A165.2The Big SleepHawks, Howard1945DVD116Double sided disc containing both theatrical and pre-release edits. 1.33:1 Aspect RatioBogart, Humphrey; Bacall, LaurenFilm-Noir, MysteryUS08/23/2004
A166ThemDouglas, Gordon1954DVD92Whitmore, James; Gwenn, Edmund; Weldon, Joan; Arness, JamesSci-Fi, HorrorUS05/14/2007
A167The Films of Rita HayworthVidor, Charles; Saville, Victor; Bernhardt, Curtis; Dieterle, William1944-53DVD5 disc set. Includes: Disc 1: Cover Girl (1944; Vidor, Charles; 107'). Disc 2: Tonight and Every Night (1945; Saville, Victor; 92'), Gilda (1946; Vidor, Charles; 110'), Miss Sadie Thompson (1953; Bernhardt, Curtis; 90'), Salome (1953; Dieterle, William; 103').Hayworth, RitaUS02/26/2015
A168I am CubaKalatozov, Mikhail1964DVD140In Spanish and Russian with English Subtitles.Soviet Union06/20/2000
A169Johnny Staccato, Disc 11959DVD225Disc 1 of 3 disc box set titled Johnny Staccato, Television's Jazz Detective. Includes episodes: The Naked Truth, Murder for Credit, The Parents, The Shop of the Four Winds, THe Nature of the Night, Viva Paco!, Evil, Murder in Hi Fi, Fly Baby, Fly!US
A17SilsilaChopra, Yash1981IDVD9160Widescreen version. English subtitles.
A170Johnny Staccato, Disc 21959DVD225Disc 2 of 3 disc box set titled Johnny Staccato, Television's Jazz Detective. Includes episodes: Tempted, The Poet's Touch, The Wild Reed, A Piece of Paradis, The Return, The Unwise Men, Collector's Item, The Man in the Pit, The Only Witness
A171Johnny Staccato, Disc 31959DVD225Disc 3 of 3 disc box set titled Johnny Staccato, Television's Jazz Detective. Includes episodes: Night of Jeopardy, Double Feature, The List of Death, Solomon, An Act of Terror, An Angry Yound Man, The Mask of Jason, A Nice Little Town, Swinging Long Hair
A172The GeneralKeaton, Buster; Bruckman, Clyde1927DVD75Includes: The General (1926; Keaton, Buster & Bruckman, Clyde; 75'), Cops (1922; Keaton, Buster, & Cline, Eddie; 18'), The Playhouse (1921; Keaton, Buster, & Cline, Eddie; 23').Keaton, BusterComedyUS06/06/2000
A173Go WestKeaton, Buster1925DVD69Includes: Go West (1925; Keaton, Buster; 69'), The Scarecrow (1920; Keaton, Buster, & Cline, Eddie; 19'), The Paleface (1921; Keaton, Buster, & Cline, Eddie; 20').Keaton, BusterComedyUS06/20/2000
A174The Green MileDarabont, Frank1999DVD188Widescreen VersionUS01/11/2001
A175GummoKorine, Harmony1997DVD951.85:1 aspect ratioUS07/30/2001
A176GypsyLeRoy, Mervyn1962DVD143Widescreen versionUS01/11/2001
A177Happy TogetherKar-Wai, Wong1997DVD97Leung Chiu Wai, Tony; Cheung, LeslieDrama, RomanceHong Kong06/06/2000
A178The HauntingWise, Robert1963DVD112"Widescreen Version"Horror, ThrillerUS02/09/2006
A179HeatMorrissey, Paul1972DVD100US06/06/2000
A18Segundo de Chomonde Chomon, Segundo1902-1912IDVD2144Includes: Los Heroes Del Sitio De Zaragoza (1904; 3'25"), L'Hereu De Can Pruna (1904; 6'14"), Barcelone - Parc Au Crepuscule (1904; 1'56"), Le Roi Des Dollars (1905; 1'40"), Plongeur Fantastique (1905; 1'34"), Ah! La Barbe (1905; 1'44"), Les Cent Trucs (1906; 2'51"), Le Courant Electrique (1906; 1'18"), L'Antre De La Sorciere (1906; 5'23"), Le Spectre Rouge (1907; 8'56"), La Boite A Cigares (1907; 4'6"), Les Oeufs De Paques (1907; 3'22"), Sculpteur Express (1907; 4'32"), Les Tulipes (1907; 3'26"), En Avant La Musique (1907; 1'40"), Ki Ri Ki Acrobates Japonais (1907; 2'33"), La Maison Enorcelee (1908; 5'54"), Les Lunatiques (1908; 3'21"), Les Papillons Japonais (1908; 3'56"), L'Insaisissable Pickpocket (1908; 3'48"), Creation De La Serpentine (1908; 5'14"), Electric Hotel (1908; 6'27"), Le Petit Poucet (1909; 10'52"), Le Voleur Invisible (1909; 5'29"), Voyage Sur Jupiter (1909; 8'4"), Le Theatre Electrique De Bob (1909; 5'4"), Une Excursion Incoherente (1909; 8'11"), Gerone, La Venise Espagnole (1912; 3'14"), Superstition Andalouse (1912; 10'12"), Metamorphoses (1912; 4'37"), Barcelone, PrincipaleVille De La Catalogne (1912; 3'14"). 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio.Spain, France11/3/2017
A180Heimat: A Chronicle of GermanyReitz, Edgar1984DVD925Six-disc set, in two disc folders.DramaWest Germany04/19/2007
A181Hellbound Hellraiser IIBarker, Clive1966DVD991.78:1 Aspect Ratio.USA
A182Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros.: The History of the Warner Bros. StudiosGuenette, Robert1991DVD1081.33:1 aspect ratioDocumentaryUS06/04/2015
A183The HiddenSholder, Jack1987DVD98Widescreen version-1.85:1 aspect ratio & Fullscreen versionUS01/11/2001
A184High SierraWalsh, Raoul1941DVD101Bogart, Humphrey; Lupino, IdaCrime, Drama, Film NoirUS04/12/2010
A185High SocietyWalters, Charles1956DVD111Crosby, Bing; Kelley, Grace; Sinatra, FrankComedy, Musical, RomanceUS04/08/2008
A186Histoires Du Cinema, Disc 1Godard, Jean Luc1988-1997DVD147Disc 1 of 2 disc box set titled Histoires Du Cinema. Includes parts: Toutes Les Histoires (1988; 51'), Une Histoire Seule (1989; 42'), Seul Le Cinema (1997; 26'), Fatale Beaute (1997; 28')France/Switzerland
A187Histoires Du Cinema, Disc 2Godard, Jean Luc1998DVD117Disc 2 of 2 disc box set titled Histoires Du Cinema. Includes parts: La Monnaie De L'absolu (26'), Une Vague Nouvelle (27'), Les Signes Parmi Nous (37')France/Switzerland