2019 Staff Birthdays and Gift Ideas
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First NameLast NameBirthdayRole/Position at CPADietary RestrictionsFavorite ColorsFavorite Gum and/or Mint FlavorsFavorite ChocolateFavorite CandyFavorite Sweet SnackFavorite Salty SnackFavorite FruitWhat I would order at StarbucksWhat I would order at Dunkin DonutsIf I went to a Drive-Thru, it would be...and I would orderYou will most likely see me shopping at
TheresaAnderson9/6TeacherGlutenBlue, yellowNoneDark NoneChocolateKettle potato chipsPineappleAmericanoNothingPanera green goddess cobb saladTarget
AnneBaines10/232nd grade assistantnonebluenonemilk chocolategummi bearsanything sweet :)sour cream and onion chipsStrawberriesstrawberries and cream frappuccinoblueberry muffinChick-fil-A chicken sandwich, no fries.Target
KennBaker9/17TeacherNoneBluePeppermint BallsBrowniesAlmond Joy, Peanut M&MsAnything SweetCashewsAppleLatteGlazed DoughnutsChicken Books A Million / Walmart
DeannaBarber11/15Teacher assistant
Dairy, soy, grain
Purple, TurquoiseTrident Original & Cinnamon
Dark Chocolate
NoneDark Chocolate Almonds NutsLove them allChai Tea Latte w/Almond MilkCoffee Chick-fil-A Market Salad Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Marshalls
JillBarrett8/29TeacherNo onions, please!NeutralsPeppermintAnything darkM&MsCookiesPretzelsAll berriesDecaf Cafe Au LaitBoston cream filled covered with chocolate Chick-fil-A...grilled chicken club sandwichHobby Lobby
EmilyBobo5/195th grade English Language Arts, Technology NonePink and greenAny!I don’t eat chocolate Starburst and SkittlesRice krispie treats or donutsGoldfishStrawberries and peachesChai tea latte or black iced coffee! Bavarian cream or vanilla frosted with sprinklesChick-fil-A, a grilled chicken sandwichTarget
JenniferBolding2/3Finance manager & RegistrarNone All pinks :)Peppermint and cinnamonDoveMilky Way or SnickerscupcakesPopcorn or DoritosStrawberries Anything caramelAnything caramelChick-fil-A - combo #1 w/ a CokeKohl’s, Target or Kirkland’s
GingerBraund5/236th Grade TeacherhealthyJewel tonesWintergreen Dark with AlmondsDove Dark with Almondssweet popcornpopcorn or CheezitsanyGreen Iced Tea/Soy Cafe Mocha/Egg white sandwichIced Mocha CoffeeChick-fil-A for a Market SaladAmazon, JJill, or SwimOutlet.com
Doreen Buben8/6Kindergarten Teacher None Pink and Green Spearmint Gum or Breath Mints Snickers, Dove, any chocolate Sweet and Sour Gummies, Boston Baked BeansChocolate chip cookies, Bakery items, Peanut Butter sweetsPopcorn, Salt & Vinegar Chips, Veggie Stixblueberries, strawberries, apples, watermelon, kiwiHazelnut Latte or Hazelnut FrappuccinoChocolate Covered, Boston Cream, GlazedChick-fil-a - Chick-fil-A sandwich with extra pickles or grilled nuggets or a market salad Walmart, Target, TJMaxx, Home Goods, Belks, Sprouts, Marshalls, Stein Mart
KellyBurton7/66th Grade English TeacherNonebluish grayMentos cinnamon salted darkHot Tamales, TwixBarkTHINSSkinny Pop popcornHoneycrisp applesgrande Flat White with two pumps classiciced coffee with extra cream and sugarChick-fil-A Market Salad with apple cider vinaigretteTarget, Kroger, Marshalls
BobCagle12/1TeachernoneGreenwintermint Milk ChocolateThree MusketeersRaisinettes or BrowniesSour Cream Chips or Cheetos CrunchyAppleFood - sweetsBreakfastSteak and Shake -Triple Steakburger with cheese- no sidesHome Depot or Costco
BrookeCalabrese3/101st grade teachernoneturquoise, green, bluecinnamonmilk chocolateReese'schocolate chip cookieschips and salsa/quesoI like so many of them!I'm not a coffee drinker, so I wouldn't go there.egg and cheese breakfast sandwichChick-fil-A cool wrap mealTarget, Old Navy, Amazon
KenCampbell11/1Athletic Director / PE teacherNoneBlackOrbit white peppermint Any DarkDark ChocolateDark ChocolateSmart food popcornBananaGrande Americano Ice dark coffee and a blueberry donutChick-fil-A (#1 deluxe with lemonade)Target
KatrinaChampion7/20Reading specialistlow/no carb, no coconutgreens, bluesspearmintdark/Dove/TwixDove, Twix grapesnutstangerines Grande Coffee Frap w/ a squirt of mocha and an extra shotdoughnut holesChick-fil-A - waffle fries or chicken biscuitlots of places
MelitaConrey5/3Director of Special Eventsnonegreen, pink, blueCinnamon & WintergreenDark ChocolateDark ChocolateDark ChocolateSkinny PopMelonEnglish Breakfast teaBlueberry MunchkinsChick-fil-A - Grilled club sandwich with no tomatoTarget & Amazon
JillianCosgrove7/2School Counselor/TeacherDairy, gluten, soy, onionsPurple, greenPeppermint, cinnamonEnjoy Life brandEnjoy Life chocolate or any gummy bears/wormsChocolateFritosCherriesNon-dairy caramel latte, no whip, no drizzle, with almond milknothingChick-fil-A: grilled sandwich with gluten free bun, fries, half unsweet tea and half regular lemonadeTarget, Amazon
KellyCowart10/27Secondary AssistantN/ABlack or NavyPeppermint sugar freeHershey’s Rolos Kettle cornPopcornStrawberriesStrawberry Lemonade refresherChocolate cake donut holesChick-fil-A Cobb salad with avocado ranchKohl’s / Belk / Ross
MarciaCox9/64th Grade Teacher - Language ArtsLow sugar dietBright ColorsBob's Soft Peppermint'sAll...in moderation!Smarties / Candy CornNature Valley Sweet and Salty Granola BarsNuts / Veggie ChipsGrapes / applesPeach Green Tea - Unsweetened :)Decaf Breakfast TeaChick-fil-A; Cool WrapDSW
SamanthaCrump7/55/6 History teacher, technology supportnonepurple, redOrbit Bubblemint and Sweet Mintanything white or milk chocolateanything, except licorice fruit or trail mixwhite cheddar popcorn, lightly salted roasted almonds and peanuts, Extra Toasty Cheez-Itsallvanilla sweet cream cold brew or a blonde roast with creamcoffee and an apple fritterChick-fil-A - grilled cool wrap with avocado lime ranch dressing and lemonadeHobby Lobby
LandonCunningham2/24IT DirectorAvocadoBluePeppermintMilk ChocolatePeanut Butter M&MsOreosCheez-ItsApplesMocha LatteDark Roast, blackChick-fil-A, Spicy Deluxe MealREI
AngelaCusick12/22Teacher, Photographer, Teacher assistantnoneGreen and blueWinter greenany!Heath BarCaramel popcornTrail mix, nutsberries, pearsIced Chai Tea LatteIce Tea Half and HalfChick-fil-A Southwest salad with salsa dressing and a large Ice TeaTarget
Angela Daniel11/17Kindergarten TeacherNoneGray, green, blueSpearmint Dark chocolate with sea salt Butterscotch Dark ChocolatePopcornStrawberries Chai tea latteCoffeeChick-fil-A grilled chicken sandwich with superfood side salad and waterTarget
DeenaDickerson8/9Teacher assistantNoneTurquoise, pinkDon’t chew gum/peppermintMilk chocolate Twix, Milky Way, SnickersPound cakePeanuts or pretzelsBananaHot chocolateApple fritterChick-fil-A, grilled chicken clubTarget, Old Navy, Amazon
JoyceEarp10/10StewardBeef, pork, Bread, SodasPinkDouble Mint Gum, peppermintAny dark chocolateAny dark chocolateFruitNoneAll berriesNothingNothingWendys or Chick-fil-A for a saladKroger, Hobby Lobby and Big Lots
ScottEdmondson11/13Faculty/Assistant Athletic DirectorNoneBlue and OrangeDoublemint Gum/Wintogreen LifesaversSnickersStar BrightDonutsChex MixBananasPlain CoffeeApple FritterChick-filA Grilled Club MealSecond and Charles or Half Price Books
MeganEdwards5/30Teacher and Assistantnonegreen, bluespearmint lifesaversMilk ChocolateReeses Piecescookies/pieRuffles Chips and Deans French Onion DipStrawberriesjava chip frappuccinoCrullers or lemon filledWendy's Apple Pecan Salad with Fried Chicken (not grilled)Wal Mart
AngelaEeles9/1TeacherNoneDark blueExtra Peppermint GumDark Chocolate with any nutsDark Chocolate with nutsIced Vanilla Coffee or Dark Chocolate with nutsMixed nutsPineapple Vanilla Iced Coffee with creamVanilla Iced Coffee with creamMoes. Bowl with chicken and vegetables Target or TJ Maxx
PamFinnegan10/29Elementary PrincipalnonepinkPeppermintDark chocolate with sea salt or caramelButterfingerPumpkin pie or pumpkin breadKettle chipsStrawberriesCaramel Macchiato or Pumpkin Spice LatteCaramel Iced Coffee with Cream and SugarChick-fil-A grilled nuggets meal with LemonadeLoft, Target, Amazon
SamanthaFoster3/232nd grade teacherNoneBlue/turquoisePeppermintDark chocolateDark chocolateFruitPretzels w/dark chocolate & caramelAllVanilla chai latteVanilla chaiChick-fil-ATarget
AmyFreiler12/8Director of AdmissionsNoneAny!Any!Milk ChocolateSnickers or M&MsIce Cream, Doughnuts, CandyPopcornGrapesI usually don’t go :)Doughnuts, Sweet TeaChick-fil-ATarget, Publix
NatashyaGiardina2/6TeacherGlutenPurples and greens; like lavender and sage green, eggplant and hunter greenAltoids, dentyne mint gumsGhirardelli and Lindor Dark chocolate and sea salt barHershey kisses Roasted nuts, especially cashews and peanutsStrawberries A large regular dark roast with a shot of espresso, half and half and three packs of raw sugarA coffee... can’t eat gluten Chick-fil-A; southwest salad with grilled spicy chickenAmazon
TerriHaas2/18High school science teacher and department chairShellfishRed, turquoise Ice breakers cubes-grapeDark chocolate, Lindt milk chocolateReese’s pieces peanut butter cups, peppermint pattiesFrench Macarons Chex mix, Cheetos Watermelon, bananas Venti pumpkin spice latte or white mochaMedium coffee cream and sugar Chick-fil-A - #1 deluxe with American cheese and a half/half teaTarget, Amazon
RebeccaHansen9/8Communications Assistant/ Social Media ManagerNoneNavy, Teal, GrayAllMilk ChocolateGummy wormsPayDay BarPretzels, Popcorn, WatermelonIced Coffee, no classic, extra cream, two steviaUnsweet tea with lemon, munchkins, all flavorsChick-fil-A, #1 with a Dr. PepperTarget
JoyHart12/9Kindergarten-Teacher AssistantSucralose (artificial sweetener)Pink or tealCinnamonSalted caramelStrawberry TwizzlersMaple glazed doughnutsFunyonsPineappleN/ACaramel Macchiato (iced or hot)Chick-fil-A -Southwest salad w/creamy salsaAmazon or Hobby Lobby
ConnieJennings7/16Teacher (7th grade math and Alg.1)NoneI love bright colors!Extra Polar IceDARK chocolate (lindt)Dark ChocolateThose "airplane" cookies (Biscoff)Pretzel ChipsStrawberriesCaramel MachiatoCoffee with french vanilla creamChick-fil-A of course!Target
MelindaJustice6/26Teachers Assistant NoneBluePeppermint gumMilk Chocolate Peanut M&MsIce cream Trail mix Like all fruit A food item MunchkinsAnything at Chick-fil-AJC Penny, Belk or Kohl’s
JeanetteKessler11/22Classroom assistant NoneYellow & PurpleSpearmintDarkDark chocolateBrownie Almonds AvocadoEnglish breakfast tea w/milk & honeyPlain doughnutPanera...chicken noodle soup & grilled cheeseTarget
HeatherLee9/6Classroom AssistantNonePinkIce breakers mints and Extra gumDark chocolateReese’s peanut butter cupsAnything chocolateNuts BlueberriesHot ChocolateWake up wrap Chick-fil-A grilled chicken sandwich Target
Michelle Lochamy8/12Welcome Desk AssistantNone
Lime green and hot pink
SpearmintDarkMilk DudsCheesecakeChips and SalsaWatermelonBlonde Roast with extra creamCoffee with extra creamChick-fil-a combo #1 with half sweet/half lemonadeAmazon
AlisonLuke7/4Director of Fine Arts, Teachernoneblue, redspearmintanyAlmond Joy, Almond Snickerscookiespopcorn, chipscherriesmochachocolate frosted doughnutChick fil-A regular sandwich meal, frosted coffeeKohls
BobbyLunceford2/18Director of FacilitynoneBlueThose little white round things with a hole in the middleMilk chocolate with caramelMilky Waychocolatecashewswatermeloncaramel macchiato grandesour creamMcDonalds sausage egg and cheeseHome Depot
AllysonManning 11/6English chair and English teacher noneSilver, blackDouble mint Dark chocolate M&MsChocolate Popcorn Gala apples Blonde roast hot with 2 cream and 1 sweet and low Iced coffee with two cream and one sweet and lowChick-fil-A - combo #1 with diet Dr. Pepper Kohls
ElizabethMartin8/24Program SupportNonePinkOrbit Sweet MintAny!Lindt ChocolatesCupcakesNutsMelonsTeaMunchkinsZaxbys SaladKohls
EliseMurphy10/29Math study tutorNoneBlue, purplePeppermintDark chocolate Dark chocolate and sea salt and caramelChocolate covered nuts or berriesChocolate and sea saltStrawberries blueberriesFrappPumpkin donutMcDonalds - egg cheese bacon biscuitTarget or Marshalls
LisaMurray10/1Teacher, Farm 2 ForkHigh protein & Veggies; no carb, fat & fruit only sugarRed Spearmint sugar free or mintsDarkTurtles (dark choc, pecans, caramel)ice creamAlmondskiwi or NectarinesBlack Coffee & blueberry oatmeal with seeds & nutsBoston cream donutsField or baby green's salad with nuts, fruits, & non-fried meat like chickenAmazon, Kohls, or Publix
LauraNguyen9/4TeacherNoneKelly greenSpearmintMost anyYork patties, Almond Joy, ButterfingerFudge brownies or ice creamChocolate covered pretzelsPeachHot mint teaBlueberry or lemon filledArbys - gyro or reubenWalmart
JanieNiswonger8/25Secondary PrincipalCaffeineNeutrals, turquoise, black, blush pinkPeppermint or cinnamon any - love it all :-)Boston Baked Beans, Chick-O-Stick, Peanut M&MsMacaroons, Cake/Cupcakes - anything but coconutChips & Salsa, Pistachios, AlmondsApple, Strawberry, BlueberryDecaf white chocolate mocha with almond milk no whipDecaf caramel coffee with cream and sugarChick-fil-A - either a salad w/vinaigrette or a #1 with half sweet tea, half diet lemonadeHomeGoods, Target, Love Street, White Rabbit
Kathy Nixon8/21Third grade math/science teachernonePinkTic Tac GUMVery darknonefruitnoneallCaramel MacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoChick-fil-ATarget/Sprouts/Kroger
BrandonNolan8/24Campus Pastor - Director of Student Ministries nonegreen and bluefruity gumdark and filled with caramelNerdstrail mix with M&M'snutskiwiJava ChipMocha hot or coldGrilled Chicken wrap at Chick-fil-AAmazon
NicoleOrton4/9History teacher - 7th & 8th gradesnoneGeorgia Tech Old Gold and greenspearmint, peppermint, sweet mintmilkLaffy Taffy and Rainbow TwizzlersMott's Fruit Flavored SnacksCashews, assorted nuts, thin pretzelsany, especially cherriesSkinny Caffe Mocha or Caramel Macchiato old fashioned or cinnamonChick-fil-A #1 with extra pickles and diet lemonadeHobby Lobby, Walmart, or Target
JennyOstell5/16Front Desk Admin/Cross-Country CoachNoneGreen, Gray, White, BluePeppermintDarkChocolate Covered Almonds/Peanut M&Ms/Andies Mint ChocolatesChocolatePopcornApples/Oranges/Red Grapes/PineappleHot Green Tea & Crumb Cake or a warm Blueberry SconeGreen TeaArbys 1/2lb Roast Beef SandwichAmazon
KristinOwens8/162nd Grade TeacherGlutenPurpleMint and CinnamonDark ChocolateCoffee ;)Gluten Free Brownies or CookiesTortilla Chips and GuacamoleBerriesPikes Place with Cream and a SteviaRegular Coffee with CreamChick-fil-A - Grilled Nuggets, Fries, and an Unsweet TeaTarget and Nordstrom
DeeshiaPartin1/233rd grade English/History/DramanoneBluepeppermintdark chocolateDark chocolate and raspberry, ReesesSconesPretzelsBerriesVanilla LatteVanilla Latte /Pumpkin Muffin - in the fall!Chick-fil-A - regular sandwich or grilled nuggets and kale saladTarget, Loft, and Kirklands
RaeannaPitzer4/17Teacher - Farm2Fork coordinator nonepinkbubble gum dark toffee homemade cookies nuts any - love them all - whatever is in seasonregular coffee or iced coffee with coconut milk regular coffee Chick-fil-A - kids meal with superfood saladfarmer's market / Whole Foods
AnnettePrem9/4Teacher Assistant / Welcome deskNoneBlue/yellowPeppermint DarkChocolate Cookies CashewsOrange / tangelosCaramel macchiato Boston creamChick-fil-A / Cobb salad with grilled chicken Kroger / Ross
JenniferRamsey9/296th Grade AssistantNonePurpleJuicy FruitDark ChocolateM&MsMr. GoodbarPretzelsCherriesHot ChocolateChocolate DonutChick-fil-A nuggets with friesTarget
ErinRichardson10/87th and 8th Grade Math TeacherLemon and limepink5 Peppermint CobaltMilk ChocolateGummy BearsReese's SticksSun ChipsCantaloupe and KiwiVenti Iced Coffee with Vanilla and extra creamBagel, toasted, with cream cheeseChick-fil-A Nuggets and french fries (with CFA sauce)Love Street or Target
LindsayRisner9/28TeacherCherries, Apples, Peaches, NectarinesYellow, Pink, Navy blueSpearmintDark chocolateTootsie PopsAny!PopcornBananaCafe Mocha SkinnyBlueberry GlazedDunkin Donuts Hot Americano with MochaTarget
MarshaRobbins12/29Head of SchoolNoneTeal and Sky Blue (but not together)PeppermintDove Dark w/AlmondsKit Kat or Almond SnickersDonut Dollies DoughnutsSea Salt AlmondsApplesChai Tea LatteN/APanera - Turkey/Apple/Cheddar SandwichHome Depot, Home Goods, Kohls
LissetteSanabia9/5Spanish Teacher, Music Teacher, 9th grade Geography Teachernone Red, GrayIce Cube GumBark Thins (Dark Chocolate & Sea salt)Sour anythingBark Thins (Dark Chocolate & Sea salt)Bark Thins (Dark Chocolate & Sea salt)StrawberriesSkinny Vanilla Latte (only 1 pump of sweetner)Coffee with 1 half and half and 1 splendaPanera - Chicken Caesar SaladTarget
HeatherSanders9/13Teacher AssistantGlutenlove bright colorspeppermintdark chocolate with almondsAlmond JoyAlmond Butter Perfect Barpotato chips or nutsall fruitnothingnothingChick-fil-A grilled chicken nuggets and lemonadeHobby Lobby
KarenServiss8/254th grade Science & History teachernoneblue/greenany that is sugar freeBrookside Dark Chocolates/ blueberryanything Reece'sany cookiestrail mix with M&M'sFuji applesnot coffee/ a pastryglazed donutChick-fil-ATarget
TracieSetzler10/26Latin & 10th Grade World History TeacherNoneblueMentos gum - green or whiteDark chocolate with sea saltDark chocolate with sea salt and almondsdark chocolate with sea salt and almondsdark chocolate covered pretzels StrawberriesNothing - don't drink coffeeNothing - don't like donutsPanda Express, Orange chickenAmazon
KatySimmons7/8Teacher and AssistantNoneTurquoise, green, black and redMentos and Orbit peppermint Hershey’s or LindtTwix or ButterfingerFruit and chocolate chip cookiesPopcorn Any and all Decaf Cinnamon Dolce Latte or decaf caramel macchiatoBlueberry cake donut or MunchkinsChick-fil-A, Southwest SaladTarget and Macy’s
LoriSmith4/1Secondary Front OfficeNoneYellow & BlueAny mintDarkTwizzlersWhite chocolate macadamia nut cookiesAnyWatermelonCoffee with creamHot ChocolateChick-fil-A, nuggetsWalmart
MonicaSmith3/29Geometry TeacherNoneRed and BlackSpearmintAnyReese'sPeanut M&MsPopcorn or nutsAnyCinnamon Dolce Latte Maple DonutSonic - a CokeTarget
TinaSouza7/10Director of Communications NoneNavy blueExtra spearmint Reese’s and TwixJolly RancherChocolate Skinny popcornStrawberry and watermelon White mocha Boston Creme DonutChick-fil-A sandwich and ice creamAmazon and Target
KellySparks9/9TeacherNonePink and PurpleWintergreen or CinnamonDove or Hershey NuggetsI like it all...wish I didn't but I do:)Homemade Cookies...Any kind!!Mixed NutsBlackberriesCold Buster Tea from their secret menu!!Coffee with cream and sugarChick-fil-A - Market SaladAmazon
MandyStarnes2/4Secondary AssistantNoneI like them allAltoidsDark chocolate- especially Ghirardelli Peanut M&MsBoom Chicka Pop sweet and salty popcorn Pringle’s sour cream and onion chipsStrawberries, pineapple, raspberries, blueberriesDecaf Salted caramel mocha or peppermint mochaNot a fan ;)McDonald’s- fries, Chick-fil-A - nuggets and fries, Zaxby’s - fried house salad with honey mustard, Arby’s - roast beef sandwich with Arby’s sauceTarget or Marshalls
SherryStone10/13Elementary & Secondary Math TeachernoneRedExtraDark chocolate Dove dark chocolate with almondsnoneQuest Protein ChipsGrapesN/AN/AChick-fil-A - side salad with grilled nuggets Target
MarianneTomlin10/28Honors Physics InstructorNoneGreen, purpleWatermelon, spearmintBrookside, almond joy, any chocolate!Licorice, Andes mints, butter rum LifesaversDonuts, oatmeal cream piesFritos, salt and vinegar chipsPeaches, berries, melonChai tea frappuccino Cream filled, jelly filled, apple fritterMcDonalds...diet coke with big mac or quarter pounderPublix or Sprouts; Belk or Macys
KatieTuck2/1WebmasterGluten, peanuts, chickpeas, watermelonBlueSoft peppermint ballsAny kind of Ghirardelli dark squares; dark chocolate Lindt trufflesAlmond Snickers, Three Musketeers, Milky Way Dark, dark chocolate M&Ms, SkittlesIce Cream, any kind of gluten free bread/pastryPopcorn (especially any flavor of gluten free Popcornopolis - sweet or salty!)Bananas and mandarinsLondon Fog Tea LatteDonuts for other people since I can't eat them!Chick-fil-A: grilled nuggets, waffle fries, CokeCostco, Target, Sprouts, Aldi, REI, Amazon
EmilyVarner7/18TeachernoneRed/BlackAllmilkPeanut M&Msbrowniestrail mixwatermeloncinnamon dolce lattecoffee with creamChick-fil-A - salad or grilled nuggets meal with Diet Dr PepperWalmart/Amazon
XiomaraVehrs5/5Spanish TeachernoneNavy blue, black, blueAny mintFerrero RocherAny candySweet popcornFritosAppleRegular coffee Chocolate donutChick-fil-ATarget
DeenaWerner3/95th Grade Math TeacherNoneBlue CinnamonDark with nutsPeanut M&MscookiesPopcornAppleIced coffee with whole milkIced coffee with whole milkWendys - hamburger with mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomatoTarget
CynthiaWhite2/15TeacherNoneRed, turquoise, black and whiteAny flavor of mintAll!Sour - Chewy Sprees, Runts, Cherry SoursAnyAnyAnyWhite Mocha - hotWhite chocolate mocha and donuts :)Chick-fil-A - combo #1 with a half sweet/half unsweet teaKohls, Hobby Lobby, Ross, and thrift stores
Amanda Winkler7/26First Grade TeacherChocolatePinkanywhiteSkittles, Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, gummy bearsanythinganythingwhite chocolate strawberriesiced caramel macchiatto iced caramel latte and a bavarian cream donutChick-fil-A - 8ct meal with Polynesian sauce and lemonadeTarget and Walmart
CarolWrenn4/14Teachernonetealspearmint Dove, Ghirardelli, or Lindt dark chocolateKit-Kat dark; Mr. Goodbar darkChocolate chip cookiePopcorn; Nuts; FritosAll of themBlonde roast w/creamRegular coffee w/creamChick-fil-A - grilled chicken salad & sweet teaMarshalls; Amazon
SarahWynn2/26Secondary English teacherGlutenBlue and white AnyAny dark chocolate Heath BarIce CreamPopcornAny berriesDark roast coffee CoffeeStarbucks — coffeeMarshalls/ Home Goods/Target