2020 Workshop Session Grid
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New Teacher Workshop
(J. Propson)
2021 District Leadership Development Event Host Training
(C. Zimmerman)
(R. Kroeplien)
Flip The Switch
(T. Talford)(R. Sauvola)
What's the Issue? Ag Issues.
(S. Boe)
Managed Grazing Made Easy to Teach
(V. Dantoin)
FBPM-MN Training Part 2
(S. Maass-Pate)(K. Olander)
Farming Simulator
Antibiotics and Your Food-What You Need to Know
(W. Vandenboom)
Climate Change and Agriculture: making sense of he discussion
(D. Mayerfield)
Exploring Forest Careers with Project Learning Trees & Green Jobs
(N. Filizetti)
Making Magical, Mystical Mozz (V. Dantoin)Intro to AgroForestry
(D. Mayerfeld)
Making Your Farm Buildings More Energy Efficient
(A. Baker)
Fiance and Career Opportunities
(K. Iczkowski)(T. Brandt)
Instruction Kits: What's Inside? How can I use this stuff?
(R. Bierbrauer)
Learn How To Run a Day So It Won't Run You
(C. Clark)
FBPM-MN Training Part 1 (S. Maass-Pate)(D. Lecy)
a BriefCASE Ag Business Foundations
(K. Dei)
Explore Bow Hunting
(D. Schroeder)(B. Marion)
Duel Credit Articulation Information Sharing
(K. Spierings)
The Crossbred Cow [9-10] (B. Babik)Healthy Meals and Healthy Daily Routines
(B. Krause)
Ag in the Classroom and the Wisconsin Turf and Green Industry-The Opportunities are (D. Arneson)Understanding Greenhouse Soil Media Components and Selecting the Correct Media
(D. Josko)
-So You Want to Build a Greenhouse
(D. Josko)
Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom
(K. Lowewnhagen)
Agriculture Science Concepts in the Classroom
(B. Pinchart)(J. Ganske)
Is Your SOIL (lesson) too dry?
(L. Sattler)(R. King)
Horseradish and Farm Technology Days 2020...Make the Most of Your Experience! [10-11] ( A. Wehling)Interactive Online Tools to Teach Forestry
(K. Flick)(H. Frater)
Animal Barn Facility
(L. Kopp)(H. Rohland)
FVTC-Ag Dual Credit Articulation Program Summit for Current Schoolks (K.Spierings)
(A. Wehling)
Animal Reproduction
(A .Martin)(A. Gerhardt)
National Board Certification
(M. Howe)
Jazz Up Your Day [ 9-10]
(S. Domke)(M. Handrich)
High Tunnels Made Easy
(G. Schraufnagel)(B. Brunner)
Intro to AP-Environmental Science (Ag Teachers Can Teach This!)
(K. Whalen)
Land and Water Use Activities for Engaging Environmental Science
(T. Buttles)
Restoring a Tractor as a Classroom Project
(M. Reinders & G. Schraufnagel)
Add Spark to Your Vet Lab
(T. Costello)
A Day in the Life: A Veterinarian's Role in Modern Agriculture
(R. Kiehne)(M. Busak)
Food Systems and Value-Added, The Unexplored Territory Beyond Production Alone (V. Dantoin)SAE Lessons and Activities
(G. Crook)
Teaching Employability
(T. Costello)
Wisconsin DNR Volunteer Safety Instructor
(L. Xiong)(K. Cooley)
New Teacers Getting Their Questions Answered. (J. Melby)
CASE Curriculum
(K. Loewenhagen)
An Agriculture Tour for Administration
(T. Costello)
Four Hands-On Labs Exploring and Identificat of Plant Tissues (D. Josko)A Garden in the Classroom?
(B. Krause)
A Sustainable Business- Garden-Garden Tower Farming
(B. Krause)
Renewable Energy
(S Windjue)
Sustainable Agriculture Resources
(K. Mayerfeld)
Pokes and Prods: Using Simulation to Teach Bovine Artifical Insemination and Injection
(D. Cramer) (J. McIntosh)
Farm to Classroom Table: Bring Innovative Learning Tools Into Your Ag Program
[10-11am] (D. Cramer)(J. McIntosh)
Exploring Forest Careers with Project Learning Trees & Green Jobs
(N. Filizetti)
Passing the White Glove Test:Utilizing Handheld Technoogy
(S. Mills-Lloyd)
Teaching Small Engines 101 - The Basics
(D. Drees)
Can You Eat That Or Does It Make My Car Move? Fermenttin Application and Explanation.
(S. Behrends)(K. Kvalheim)
Land Evaluation
(J. Schaefer)(T. Brunton)
You Can Do It
Hands On
(K. Pruss)(D. Colburn)
WI Envirothon:Preparing Students
(K. Warkentin)(T. Arnold)
Fishing Rod Building with Mud Hole Rod Bldg & Tackle Crafting
(S. Kunde)(B. Butters)(M. Nowak)
*Offiste- Basic Pruning
(D. Josko)
Hardwood Lumber Industry Curriculum [all day] (L. Wells)
*Offsite-Canine Adventure
(20 min drive) (T. Harper)
*Offsite - Tour Kwik Trip
(R. Bierbrauer)(E. Follendorf)
New Teacers Getting Their Questions Answered. (R. Sauvoal) (Nat'l Rep)
*Offsite-Local Aquoponics
(R. Bierbauer)
*Offsite - Everything but
the Oink
(T. Harper)
New Teacers Getting Their Questions Answered. (R. Sauvoal) (Nat'l Rep)