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GM Name/Discord HandleGame NameFull?FormatTimes/Days AvailableUTC/GMTFrequencyCurrent CPDescriptionLast Updated
Solarok 1515
(TL7 Urban Fantasy/Superheroes/Mystery)
Yes, but week-to-week availability may vary.

There will be a series of one-shot games. All sessions will be independent, new payers may be able to join at any time. Ask for availability.
Roll20 and Discord Voice
Satruday and Sunday
(Two independent sessions)
WeeklyN/AFour hundred years ago, the world was a realm of fantasy and magic, ruled by powerful wizards, psychic aliens and construct-gods, and inhabited by altered humanoids, monsters and demons. Now, centuries after a catastrophic war between the forces of freedom and enslavemnet, the world has finally achieved modernity, but the frail balance is at stake. Transformed humans fight for rights and freedom, the ancient powers have shattered and they have suffused the common population with wild and diverse powers. As the old spirits have been laid to rest, new forces start to take form in the supernatural order. And still, even under all the miracles and chaos of modern society, an ancient fate waits for the right time to be awaken and a secret to be unveiled.

The game style is semi-realistic/serious, story oriented, in the spirit of adventure and fantasy novels, and modern superhero comics. However, the campaign itself is fairly open-world, with an aim for exploration, diplomacy and combat (mostly in that order of relevance).
StarslayerPirates of the Rose ThornYesText only, over IRC2100 EST Wednsdays0100-0400Weekly250/-50
Kalzazz, Starslayer, Shieldbunny
#OuswclubNoText only, over IRC
When people are around;
normally between 1900
and 0000 EST
0000-0500whenever100 or 300Three campaigns by three GMs, Low point fantasy, mid point fantasy, mid point modern, chararacter portability See:
Exxar#9597Hidden SunsRecruiting currently closed, possibility of additional open slots in the next month or twoVirtual Tabletop TBD + Discord voice + Discord text between sessionsGM available workdays 18-23 CET/CEST. 4 hr sessions. First session in the week between 16-20 Jul, concrete date and time TBD between players.1600-2100 UTCWeekly330/-50Basic description is GURPS Space Opera / Space-Dungeon Fantasy in the Starfinder setting (TL10). I will be blogging about the campaign on and some info can already be found there. We are a group of real life friends spread by the winds of life through several countries and are looking for an additional player for our upcoming campaign.

A party of adventurers in a limited sandbox setting. Core activities are wilderness (terrestrial and space, little bit of planar) and "dungeon" exploration and combat. As much in-character roleplaying as possible in context of adventuring, but no complex social interactions are expected. We have a decent amount of house rules, but new players are welcome regardless. No intra-party conflict or characters that go out of their way to cause trouble. Rules lawyers keep away. We just want to have some good fun in good company.
Riemaia#6642Alpha CentauriUnfortunately, YesDiscord Text
Wednesdays 1-2pm to 5-6pm US Eastern
1700-1800 Start, 2100-2200 EndWeekly150/-50A Sci-Fi game (TL9 w/ some TL10 stuff) set in the world of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. The party is a group of likeminded acquaintances from the different factions of Planet who have been hired by a small Pirate frontier town to survey the land around them, and handle any mysteries and dangers that may arise.July 8, 2018
vicky_molokh#2203Space Operators' Problems,

set in the world of

Æthereal Sun

Discord Text +
1800 UTC on Sundays
is the usual start time, but situational alternatives are negotiable. Off-schedule sessions are usually reserved for minor, non-full-party scenes that aren't important for the main plot.
Sessions tend to last 3 hours, occasionally closer to 4 if everyone can keep playing.
+28ish earned
Talented but inexperienced spacers trying their luck offworld, while a TL(6+3)^ retrotechy setting is gradually becoming less retrotechy. Little, if any, combat so far; more focus on daily problems and interactions. Subtle, low-key and low-level cinematics enabled, but they won't solve all your problems.

Player quote: I'd say that AES is a combination literary hard SF's belief that details and consistency and important and interesting and that people thinking about those details are also interesting, significantly divergent tech in ways more typical for more cinematic SF, vancian social exploration, mystery television shows with season length overriding mysteries that sees progress in between shorter arcs and slice of life interest in people's day to day lives

Setting wiki:
John F.#8236Terramar (GURPS Fantasy)Limited slots open
Roll20 map and text + Discord Voice
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, 6PM-10PM (US Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-4). Play any day or combination of days.1800-2200 UTC-4, 2200-0200 UTCWeekly150/-75Clockpunk (TL 4+1, except weapons/armor are TL 4) fantasy/planetary romance campaign on Terramar, a backwater colony world inhabited by humans and other species. The setting is similar to Majipoor (by Robert Silverberg), and to a lesser extent Tekumel (by M.A.R. Barker), and New Crobuzon (by China Mieville).
*DRAFT* Campaign Planning Sheet at
jhymesba#4801Bar at the End of Time1 Limited Slot open2
See Description, times in UTC-7 or UTC-6 (Depending on DST)
19:00 to 24:00VariableOpenThis game is a game for retired heroes. It's a low-impact, slice-of-life game with an interaction to action ratio in the 60-40 range. I encourage players to make a full backstory for their heroes. While point values can range anywhere from 100 to 5000 points, I definitely prefer players whose backstory is far more important than the raw asskicking power of their hero. Heroes should be mostly heroic, and can be any TL.

Our usual timeframe for playing is Saturday from 13:00 MDT until 18:00MDT, but I encourage players to use the game room at any time for interaction. I may run micro-scenarios from time to time, and there will be occasional story arcs that will upset the 60/40 Interaction to Action ratio. The game is rated R, which means: Adult scenarios and graphic violence will be encountered. ERP is allowed, but players are strongly asked to respect other players' sensibilities, and "Fade to Black" as requested. A sexually themed character is appropriate within those guidelines.

You can reach out to me on Discord, or on Roll20 (I am Denver Catboy there), or by Skype ( Please mention you are interested in Bar at the End of Time.
Mark Langsdorf #9561Empire of Night: New DawnYesMapTools and Discord8 pm to Midnight US-Eastern Fridays22:30 UTC (I think?)Weekly300"Empire of Night: New Dawn" is an online GURPS campaign about diplomacy, quests, and battles, set during the rebellion of an oppressed peasantry against an evil empire. Knowledge of GURPS Mass Combat is helpful but not necessary. We're also alternating it with a DFRPG game by forum regular Bruno.Feb 17, 2017
@salsathegeekHeroes of the RimYesRoll20 with Discord for VoiceFourth Saturday of the Month @ 10AM CST (-6 GMT)4PM GMTMonthly300/-50Session 0 Jan. 27th. Discord for the game is here:

Psi-Wars game set in the Rim of the Galaxy. More info on the Discord and will be provided during the first session.
Richard Sharpe/Stripe
Dungeon Fantasy: Gorefest Dungeon
Yes & Discord
None; On Summer BreakCentral (UTC-6)Once Weekly250/-50Gorefest Dungeon is recruiting! Our first session was July 26, 2014, but we're still going strong. This season, we’re playing the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. Templates to the letter. Pure rules as written. If interested, PM the GM, Stripe.May 27, 2018
Jarred (EpicYoshi #1135)Saltwater MarshNo, 3/(3 to 6) & DiscordTo be determined!TBDWeekly125Three-to-six guys/gals look out at the sun setting over the swamp, its disk split between windmill blades every few seconds. A few sniffles are heard through the silence between them, but a realisation dawns on them: there's no use crying over spilt money if you can always make more...

Saltwater Marsh is a modern crime-themed game set in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. A group of friends invest their earnings into cannabis stocks hoping to strike it rich and secure their future, but in an alternate timeline legalization is struck down by the Canadian Senate and pot stocks plummet. Our protagonists withdraw what's left (About $10,000 each) and decide they will make the money grow themselves, by starting a grow op in/around town. How you rule the market is up to you: stay small, grow in a field and wheel and deal to freaks and friends alike around town, or dig out a megalab and ship it the world; all that matters is money!

Bonuses will be rewarded for creativity and humour. Gameplay will be based roughly on the cult-classic
Liberal Crime Squad, where actions are taken on a week-by-week basis and instances and events are generated by a dice roll table. A story of Atlantic Canadian petty criminals is also incomplete without paying homage to Trailer Park Boys.

Once I get a group together it should take about two weeks to get characters created/approved and Roll20 set up.
dripton#2784DF WhiterockYesRoll20 with DiscordUS-Eastern (UTC-4 in summer,UTC-5 in winter)Almost every week160 / -25 / -5DF Whiterock is a zero-to-hero DFRPG (with a few GURPS/house rules) game, set in the Castle Whiterock megadungeon. (Do not read it!) PCs will start at a lower point total than usual for that "first-level" feel, but advance quickly. PCs will return to town at the end of every session, so we can run with whoever shows up the next week. Goal is to have 6-8 players in the campaign and hope 4-6 show up each week. Both experienced GURPS/DFRPG players and new players are welcomed. You only need the DFRPG box set to play. More info at https://dfwhiterock.blogspot.com2018-06-14
Kerdied #0222A year in the countryNo. Players: 0 of 4.Roll20 + Discord Voice
17:00 Eastern Time. Open to schedules.
UTC -3Monthly150/-75 England, 1140 A.D. It is the time of Anarchy. The barons of England and Normandy ran wild. They built unlicensed castles, made private wars and alliances, oppressed their own tenants and slaughtered those of their neighbors. In the middle of this chaos, there is room for heroes and villains. As members of the Norman ruling household of the newly appointed Earl of Nottinghamshire, the characters must keep the peace in their fief and help ensure that it runs smoothly and for the benefit of all. Gritty Realistic Campaign.30 December 2017
Gigs#5394 (mannyreign on skype, more reliable)
Cerulean Memories2 Limited Slots open
Roll20 + Skype (voice call, no video)
Available: All
Session time: Saturdays @3pm EST
UTC +5Weekly325/-50System is GURPS 4th Ed. Newbies are fine and even preferred, we would like to avoid people with bad habits.
Setting: Developing world in the age of sail (TL5), on the brink of major cultural, magical, divine, and socioeconomic shifts in many societies. Currently the party is traveling through continents and a investigating hotspots of (literally) cancerous activities. Story is very player-driven and actions have effects on the world, be it local economy, imports, supernatural/magical phenomena, flora and fauna diversity, crier guild news, political, and even geographical. It is heavily RP-driven as well, with about 1/3 or more of our sessions not even having combat or skill checks because players get heavily invested into the story, NPCs, or attempt a more diplomatic approach. There are also several races, factions, and more. Most are limited to current story arc availability and proximity, but the choice to change characters is offered every couple of months.
Additional Notes: All applicants will be vetted and put through a small 2 part interview. First will be a solo introduction with the GM and then with the players. Only those that get the thumbs up from the group can sit in on a session and be allowed to join. This is just to make sure you will be a good match and get along well with everyone. This group has been together for nearly 5 years now and it's pretty close-knit, we're all great friends. Sessions will be held over Skype and Roll20, microphone is necessary for OOC talk and planning, IC actions and conversations are handled through text. Punctuality is also a big thing, missing your first session is immediate expulsion. All those interested or that have any questions/want more information, feel free to contact me on Skype.
Feb 24 2018
Christopher R. Rice @Ghostdancer ( empererofthemoon@gmail.comGURPS Dungeon Fantasy: AersalusYesRoll20 + Google Hangouts Video (Private Discord Chanel for inbetween session planning)1400 EST to 1800 EST (ish) Sundaysutc-5Weekly250 Adventurer Template + 25 racial template or power-ups (if human)It's going to be using DF as a frame, but will be more than just hack n' slash. GURPS knowledge is helpful but not required; I'm writer for SJG and good at familiarizing new players with the system. I've also several excellent "system tech support" players who can help in this regard. The game is set in the fantasy world of Aersalus, which mixes cultural influence from Native American, Western and Eastern myth.8/8/2018
@Provinto#0811 An Orc's LotYepRoll20&Discord
20:00 EST (UTC-5) Saturdays starting 20 Jan'18
utc-5Weekly155/-75It's game where you play orcs. You're in the Long-Tusk tribe, trying to get by in the tough life that is orcdom. Your chief just recently got geeked in a raid by the Shield-Breakers (some other orcs). After the typical tournaments have been done, there's a new chieftain. He's got a plan, and you're gonna go on a quick quest for him.
There's a more legit description here:
8 Jan'18
Fennefell#4034Sierra 17YesRoll20 + Discord Voice18:00-21:000 EST, Wednesday. Time not yet set in stone.UTC-5Weekly50/-20Characters will start as **CHILDREN** (11-12), and progress naturally as Astartes. All the characters will be part of the Raptors chapter, which is a successor of the Raven Guard. They will progress to Scout marines, then Tactical marines, then to the Deathwatch. I expect that this campaign will be quite long, around 1-2 years.
14 December, 2017
Search for the enemy
No. Players: 4 of 5.Discord voice and roll205 pm to 9 pm, WednesdaysUTC-6, Central standard timeWeekly100/-20/-5This campaign is an alt history earth where monsters are real, but dwindling. In the past, monster hunter was a common career, but they were hunted to near extinction in the early 1800’s. The year is 1920, and rumors of some weird murders have been going around.

This campaign will by monster hunters, but with more focus on the search for the monsters rather than on the combat itself. It will have elements of noir, and will feel a bit more like mystery than action fantasy.
there will be little if no magic in this campaign.
Zarmonic#2811Acadamy ArcanaNoRoll 20 with Discord or Skype for voiceVaries according to personal schedule but generally 6pm to 12am on Weekdays or any time of day during WeekendsUTC-8One Shot200 / -50 Pregenerated characters providedAcademy Arcana is a game session designed to teach players Ritual Path Magic (RPM), a versatile alternate magic system for GURPS. Choose from pregenerated characters who are all students of magic in a game that incorporates lessons with roleplay and then use your skills in the following adventure. Overall, the expected time of the game is about 6 hours, although that can potentially vary greatly depending on how things go. Scheduling will depend on the availability of participants. 4/8/18
Kalsare#3398Eastern ProvincesNo, definitely looking for
more players.
Discord(VOICE)+Roll20Fridays 1400 to 1800 ESTWeekly200/100Setting: A fantasy world of varying TL but for the purpose of the PCs I'd imagine we will be looking at TL3. Humans are not the dominant species and other races play a large part in the setting. Magic is certainly a factor and is approached differently by different cultures. The Gods are alive and well, and legends of those who have the favour of the divine are abound.

Theme: A group of "adventurers" starting out on the periphery of human lands.

PLEASE READ: The game is meant to be a more "realistic" take on fantasy, there is a whole list of house rules to help with this (these will be sent via discord to anyone interested). Further, while I have not assigned different TL levels to different species, the world is NOT uniform. As such, a minotaur in heavy armor would require an interesting backstory explaining why this is the case, and the backstory SHOULD be noticeable in the mechanics of the character sheet.
Kalos#9376Pointless WarfareNo and never will beDiscord and Roll20. voiced.ANy day. Check #pointless-warfareUTC-7
(California/ Pacific standard time)
Multiple times a week, largely unscheduled.N/A, characters generated from templatesA set of loosely connected combat crawl oneshots in a tl6+1^ deiselpunk airships-n-floating islands fantasy world set in the backdrop of a vaguely defined world war. Check out the channel #pointless-warfare in the gurps discord for more information. check the pins!
Maljevac#2453Blue BloodstonesNo
Skype for general group chat, Discord for session voice chats, Roll20
Saturdays from 3PM to 11PM EST. Times are subject to change
Eastern Standard TimeWeekly220/50Setting is an otherworldly fantasy setting where plants don’t exist and all life survives on a strange oil-like substance of pure energy. Humans are the past invaders of the planet, and are a minority. TL is highly selective based on the tech but varies all between 2 and 10. 08/18/2018
Michael Lee Viviano CahokiaGreatGeneral#1185
PolicenautsCan maybe use a team leaderRoll20ThursdayCentralWeekly200/75Call on the Galaxy Police (otherwise known as the Policenauts) to solve your world's crimes!
hootless#7932The OASIS Living WorldNoDiscord voiceTime varies based on which GM runsPSTAt least 1/week, more when we get more GMs25 w/ 50p of disads. Lots of points handed out for sessions!Based on the VRMMO present in Ready Player One! Functions kinda like a game inside a game (the game itself is a VRMMO that the players know they're playing) and players have lots of potential to grow more powerful!8/15/2018

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