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Make Your Own Handwriting FontsYour own handwriting turned into your very own font, Handwriting, CalligraphyPrint Template, Complete Template, Scan & Save Template, Upload Template, Preview Your Font, Download, Install & UseUnknown your font for free, but costs $9.95 to download and use on your computer.anonymous
CalligraphrTransform your handwriting or
calligraphy into a font!, Handwriting, CalligraphyFree version allows you to make a font with 75 characters maximum and 2 varriants for character randomization.anonymous
FontStructEasily create fonts using geometrical shapes."FontStruct is a free, font-building tool funded by advertising and some generous sponsors."anonymous
Font JoyGenerate font combinations with deep learning pairing, Generator, Deep learning, Combinations Click (Generate) to create a new font pairing, (Lock) to lock fonts that you want to keep, and (Edit) to choose a font manually. The text is editable, try replacing it with your company name or other copy.2017bmtm
enFONT TERRIBLEBreak and destroy high-quality typefaces for fun. drag and drop a font file or pick one from our catalogue (coming soon!) and move the sliders until you are happy with the result, then click Create font and a weird new font will be generated for you!5 min agoJavier Arceanonymous
Text to ASCII Art GeneratorTransform your text into ASCII art., ASCII2012Patorjkanonymous
Glitch text generatorAdd glitch to your text., glitchstAllio!anonymous
oh noRandomly replaces every text symbol by some other similar-looking symbol., glitchRun tool. Type text in the upper box, press "of no" and see the result.2018YellowAfterlifeanonymous
CustojiCompose your own emojis. different emoji parts using the options menu.2020Seán Halpinanonymous
palettsyA palette generator made for Bitsy but usable by all. paletteEach palette you click generates a new generation of palettes based on the one you selected.2018sarah gould
CoolorsThe super fast color schemes generator! paletteanonymous
Misfortune CookiesSomething bad is going to happen to you. Ask a question to know more., textAsk a question and wait for your misfortune to be revealed. alienmelon (Nathalie Lawhead)anonymous
Tarot TimeAn Action for the Google Assistant that lets you pull a daily tarot card to guide your day., textTo try it, just say “Hey Google, talk to Tarot Time” or “Hey Google, ask Tarot Time to pull a card.” You can do this with a Google Home device, or the Assistant app on your phone.2018Jane Friedhoff
This person does not existA person generator imagined by a generative adversarial network. generator, imageRefresh the page for a new person to appear. 2019lucidrains
This Artwork Does Not ExistAn artwork generator imagined by a generative adversarial network. generator, imageRefresh the page for a new artwork to appear. 2019lucidrains
Just rainA soothing audiovisual rain simulator., sound, videoListen to varying degrees of rain sounds from gentle drizzle to intense downpour -- controlled by the drag of your finger or the click of your mouse. Just Rain also features stereo audio panning and a visual rain simulation.2013ROBYSOFT1$... anonymous
myNoiseCreate beautiful noises to mask the noises you don’t want to hear. sounds2013Stéphane Pigeonanonymous
NoisliMix different sounds and create your perfect sound environment to work and relax. sounds2013Stefano and Sabine,anonymous
KinopioThe visual thinking tool for new ideas and hard problems. new cards by tapping empty areas.PirijanKinopio is free for 150 cards, afterwards it's 4$/month
ArtbreederBreed images together to create new ones., VideoJoel SimonFree limited monthly actions for non-subscribers.anonymous
Evolvinf alien coralsGrow a virtual coral reef. space Drag to rotate, right click and drag to pan. Click on a coral to watch it grow.2018Joel Simon
Glitchy3bitDitherA utility to mutilate images in unpredictable ways. can choose different encodings, effects, and emulate several glitch techniques, resulting in aleatoric new images and hidden configurations.2018JKirchartz
WordsEyeFrom words to 3D worlds, Type a Picture! space, Images, VideosDescribe a scene, see it appear, change its components, change to 3D view, swap objects, add title or 2D effects, and share!2019Bob Coyne, Gary Zamchick, Daniel BauerYou are given some tokens when you register and once you use them all, you can buy some to keep using the application. anonymous
The Breakup Letter GeneratorLet this generator find the right words for you., Dating, Breaking upAdd your soon-to-be ex-partner's name in the heading and sing your name below. Generate a new letter if you are not satisfied with the one proposed. alienmelon (Nathalie Lawhead)anonymous
Safari mixerInvent a new animal by combining the head, body, and legs of other animals. tell Safari Mixer which animals you want to combine, then see (and hear) your creation come to life.2018rehab
I'm a Puzzle!Convert any image into a puzzle., gameTake a photo or select one at random, then click and drag to Wiblr it. Double click / double tap to randomise the Wibl. Space / two finger tap to pause it mid-wib.Lawrieanonymous
WiblrUpload an image and warp and deform it.
HotglueBuild a website as you would make a collage. manipulate pictures, text and video directly in a browser window!2010Danja Vasiliev and Gottfried Haider
OdieTurn your Google Doc into a webpage. your google doc and File > Publish to the web. The link in that dialog is your published doc url
Lorem Ipsum GeneratorsThink classic lorem ipsum is passé? Give your next project a bit more edge with these unique text generators. on the generator of your choice and follow the instructions to generate your text. anonymous
Casual games for casual hikersA book and map of things to do on a gentle walk: stories to tell, rules for kicking pebbles, ways to name mountains, maps to draw when you get home., activitiesGo out in nature for a walk and perform an activity from the map.2015Harry Josephine Gilesanonymous
Casual games for city walkersGames to be read and played by walkers and gamers, as part of relaxed and incidental walking around towns and cities., activitiesChoose a walking route seems very familiar to you. Write down the exact directions, the turns you must take to reach your destination: first right, third left, and so on. Now, follow those directions to the letter, even if you think they’re leading you wrong.

If you end up where you expected to, you lose; if you arrive somewhere else, find something to take home for your trophy cabinet.
Harry Josephine Gilesanonymous
GathioA quick and easy way to make and share events which respects your privacy., invitationsYou don't need to sign up for an account - we just use your email to send you a secret link you can use to edit or delete your event. Send all your guests the public link, and all your co-hosts the editing link. A week after the event finishes, it's deleted from our servers for ever, and your email goes with it.Raphael Kabo
FlowScapeCreate your own tiny nature scene., spaces, scenes, landscapeChoose from 20 landscapes and more than 300 models to create your own private paradise by changing the sky, rotating the sun, adding sound effects and adjust your camera settings for that perfect photo.2019PixelForest10$anonymous
A House of DustOne of the first computer generated poems., housesReload the page for new combinations. 1967Alison Knowles and James Tenney, reimplemented by Nick Montfort
A Little World GeneratorA little world generator that makes a map based on what you draw., dnd, Generator, map, SandboxRun little_world_generator.exe
Draw on the planet's core.
Press space to start the simulation.
Glyph GeneratorA procedural generator of glyphs., alphabetsIt features a set of parameters that can make the generated glyphs look very different every run. There's an option to export the whole alphabet as a PNG file.2014MadEquaWindows, macOS, Linuxanonymous
PixelatorTurn any image into fancy pixel art., pixel, 16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, GeneratorGenerate: convert real images into pixelated sprites to generate lots of content, and fast.
Reuse: turn different art styles into the pixel-art style that match your game, and unlock otherwise unusable resources.
Create: paint in your own style of choice and convert it into pixel-art. You no longer need pixel-art skills to create pixel art!
2018RonenNessTo use this tool commercially you need to purchase a license from:, macOS, Linuxanonymous
Poem PortraitDonate a word to become part of an ever evolving collective poem and create your own poemportrait., poetry, generatorDonate a word that will be instantly incorporated into an original two line poem generated by an algorithm trained on over 20 million words of 19th century poetry.2017Es Devlinanonymous
Text to morse code converter Convert text to Morse code., text, converterLoad your text in the input form on the left and you'll instantly get Morse code in the output area.Browserlinganonymous
Text lines shufflerLoad your lines – get shuffled lines. processing, lines, shufflerLoad your multi-line data and get its lines rearranged in random order. Browserlinganonymous
Word shufflerLoad your words – get shuffled words. processing, word, shufflerJust load your words and get them randomly rearranged.Browserlinganonymous
Text splitterLoad text – get chunks processing, text, splitterLoad your text in the input form on the left and you'll automatically get pieces of this text on the right.Browserlinganonymous
JPEG PixelatorImport a JPEG file – pixelate a JPEG file., processing, pixelJust paste your JPG image in the input area and you will instantly get a pixelated version of this JPG image in the output area.Browserlinganonymous
Text splitterSplit a text (or set of characters) into a string of smaller size. processing, text, splitterdcodeanonymous
Million ShortAn alternate method of organizing, accessing, and discovering the Internet., textanonymous
vdcrpt ("video corrupt")Destroy videos in entertaining ways. the video you want to corrupt from the window. vdcrpt works by randomly stuttering chunks of video data, and you can configure the following parameters.branchpanic
The Beat MachineEver wondered what your favorite song sounds like with every other beat missing? and configure a song. Shorter songs process faster! Add up to 5 sequential effects to rearrange your song. Press the button to render the result!branchpanic
GifsyncAdd another dimension to gifs by syncing their frames to audio! an animated GIF. Upload an MP3 up to 2:30 in length. Press the button below to render the result!branchpanic
Handwriting with a Neural NetA neural net that generates handwriting based on your style. new strokes based on your handwriting input.Shan Carter, David Ha, Ian Johnson, Chris Olah
Your World of TextAn infinite grid of text editable by any visitor., text, collaborativeThe changes made by other people appear on your screen as they happen. Everyone starts in the same place, but you can scroll through the world using your mouse.

Put any letters at the end of the URL to go to a new world. For example, They all start off blank. You can also create a custom world for you and your friends.
Andrew Badranonymous
The Video Game Name GeneratorGenerate video game names., generator, textClick on generate for a new name. anonymous
Rhyme ZoneFind rhymes, synonyms, adjectives, and more!
Talk to TransformerLet a neural network complete your text., generatorSee how a modern neural network completes your text. Type a custom snippet or try one of the examples. 2020Inferkitanonymous
PHP Markov chain text generatorA very simple Markov chain text generator., generator, markov chainEnter some text or select one of the pre-selected texts available.2008Hay Kranen
Dutch Design Week Bullshit Bingo GeneratorA bullshit bingo generator that gives a critique on contemporary art and design. Verhoog, Hay Kranenanonymous
Kayye West Tweet GenetatorGenerate Kanye West tweets using a Markov chain. chain, generator, text2016Hay Kranenanonymous
GenGenDesign a text generator in Google Spreadsheets. generator, spreadsheets, textPaste in a Google spreadsheet URL (here is an example). Click on the "What is this thing??? How do I use it?" button in purple. Darius Kazemianonymous
Context-Free GenGenDesign a context-free text generator in Google Spreadsheets. generator, spreadsheetsPaste in a Google spreadsheet URL (here is an example). Click on the "What is this thing??? How do I use it?" button in purple. Allison Parrish's quick hack based on GenGen by Darius Kazemianonymous
A Soft MurmurA background noise generator. Bradyanonymous
PatatapAn animation and sound kit. Create melodies charged with moving shapes. any key, A to Z or spacebar, and turn up speakers.2014Jono, Lullatoneanonymous
TypeatoneMake music while you write. a text and listen to what you write. 2015Jono, Lullatoneanonymous
Word SyntCombine speech and music. type some words, then set them to your own melody. You can change the melody with your mouse or keyboard, and explore different voices, scales, and more.2018Yotam Mann, Kyle Phillips, Claire Kearney-Volpe, Luisa Pereira, and Google Creative Labanonymous
KandinskyTurn anything you draw – lines, circles, triangles, or scribbles – into sound., imageChrome Music Lab
Clarion LiteMake music in different ways, using simple shapes on your screen., imageYou can use your mouse and keyboard. Or, track a point on your body, like your nose. Explore the different patterns to find layouts that work best for you.2018Open Up Music, Use All Fiveanonymous
Voice SpinnerSpin the spinner like a record player. the spinner like a record player - slow, fast, forward, backward - to hear how it affects the sound. You can also record your own voice, or other sounds around you. The pitch of your voice gets higher when spun faster, and lower when spun slower.Yotam Mann, Eric Rosenbaum
MixLabCreate music, using simple voice commands. say things like "Play me a funky bass," or "Add some jazz drums." Or let MixLab surprise you by simply saying “Play me something." 2017Anthony Tripaldi, LAD, Maya Man, Prit Patel, Yotam Mann, Use All Five
Assisted MelodyCompose melodies like a maestro. your own tune with a virtual piano keyboard and make it sound like Bach.2020Simon Douryanonymous
eveInteractive articulatory speech synthesis. or sing with your fingers.2017Neil Thapenanonymous
500 LettersGenerate your own artist statement., bio, statement, artFill out a form that asks you for your date and city of birth, your primary and secondary media, and the main themes of your art, and generate your statement.2012?Jasper Rigoleanonymous
Secure Password GeneratorGenerate strong passwords and cool tips to remember them., safety, password2012anonymous
Haiku Generator Create your own haiku poem generators from lines of text you feed them with. Gauvin, Léonard PoissantFree, open source, independant designers