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NameIDStart DateHolidayStartViaFinishDaysCoreDistanceOrganiserParticipants (names must be consistent)HighlightsDisastersOther commentsPhotosWorking trip titlesRoutePost trip spreadsheetRail TrailsBreweriesGeohashes
Port Philip Bay201/11/2005SummerMelbourneSorrento, Geelong, BallaratMelbourne3Medium320FelixFelix, MichaelCamping on footy ovals, Hours of biblical discussionBusy roads at night on 150km dayPractice run for mooted Melbourne-Sydney tourhttp://g.co/maps/wgg22


http://goo.gl/maps/3wqyS (new from Felix)
http://tw.gs/Rxw9i4 (OSM version)
Nowa Nowa309/06/2007Queens Birthday 2007BairnsdaleNowa NowaBairnsdale3Medium200FelixAlex, Clarissa, Danger, Felix, Jo, Miriam, Rob, Steve, Tim B, Tim C, TomTandem, Felix laughing maniacally...Tandem near-disaster on the first morning, Alex and Steve with gigantic backpacks, wet, muddy rail trail(Not everyone did the middle day - those people only get about 120)http://bit.ly/16wvhfehttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnIN-7Bbq6SDcEhSZlBoNGE0enktaVVZV01uenVxTWc#gid=0East Gippsland
Great Alpine Rd403/11/2007Melbourne Cup 2007WangarattaBright, Mt Hotham, Ensay?Bairnsdale4Hard308?Danger, Felix, Phil, Rob, TomBike pie in Omeo. Snow on the climb to Hotham. Tom's rainbow thermal pants.Snow on the climb up Hotham. Rob being slow, and the others leaving Tom to look after him and freeze...http://bit.ly/1dbGiYw
Last days of freedom4a23/01/2008-WinchelseaLorne,Lavers Hill,Beech ForestColac3Medium-Hard203Dave/HaydenDave B, HaydenPub at Wye River, surprise climb into Lavers HillHayden eating jubesApparently planned about 3am the previous day.http://bit.ly/1d9Dg78Old Beechy
Grand Ridge 1508/03/2008Labour Day 2008MorwellGrand Ridge, Tarra BulgaTraralgon3Medium155AlexAlex, Dave B, Felix, Nathan, Hayden, Miriam, Rob, Steve, TomDescent into Tarra Bulga, ginger beer at Mt TassieDirt roads; Steve's panniers breakingSteve started late due to sleeping in.The Great Labour Day Weekend Cyclo-Brewery Trip Of Awesomeness (TGLDWCBTOA)http://bit.ly/1d5MqBNGrand RidgeGrand Ridge
Corowa (Steve's derailleur I)622/03/2008Easter 2008WangarattaCorowa, YarrawongaWangaratta4Medium190FelixDave B, Felix, SteveEl Dorado pub with mythical 6-pot jug, on the fly route planning, tailwind along Lake MulwalaMillions of punctures due to Corowa thorns; Felix's tube being the wrong type so hours spent drilling out his rim; Steve's derailleur exploded near Corowa but was miraculously repaired the next day; Felix bringing Deb instead of powdered milk for Davehttp://bit.ly/1gdG73b

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnIN-7Bbq6SDcEhSZlBoNGE0enk5Yk5qYzZBbExnVGc#gid=0None (saw the M2M but didn't know what it was)-
Cyclofaff725/04/2008Anzac Day 2008WangarattaBeechworthWangaratta3Soft92AlexAlex, Danger, Ellen, Felix, Hayden, Liz Sim, Nathan, Rhonda, Rhys, Rob, RP, Rouge, SteveBakery, mountain biking, epic bonfire, endurance eating and drinking; 10 pubsCrappy weather for descent down rail trail; Rob's wheel breaking 9 spokes The Great ANZAC Day Weekend Cyclo-Brewery Tour of Awesomenesshttp://bit.ly/1gdGHxJBridge Rdhttp://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=lwcyoejvyoidvmzp
Grand Ridge 2807/06/2008Queens Birthday 2008TrafalgarMirboo North, Foster, Fish Creek, LeongathaWarragul3Medium201AlexAlex, Clarissa, Dave B, Felix, Hayden, Nathan, Rob, Rhonda, SteveEveryone pissed at Leongatha Pub, Clarissa's awesome lunch for Rob's birthday; awesome descent into Foster in pitch black; Big Buck Hunter at Leongatha PubSteve started late due to Steve.http://bit.ly/17onocl http://bit.ly/1JbdcKCGreat SouthernGrand Ridge
Cyclo-volcano920/09/2008Uni Semester 2 HolidaysAraratHalls Gap, Hamilton, Macarthur, Hawksedale, WoolsthorpeWarrnambool4Medium-hard300AlexAlex, Andrew, Felix, Hayden, James B, Nathan, Rhonda, Steve, Tim BWoolsthorpe pub lunch, Tim B chasing roadie up hill in the Grampians, drinking pubs out of stout. Summit of Mt Eccles (for 3 people). Monster tailwind to HamiltonFreezing cold, driving rain.http://bit.ly/1d5WVFd
Road bike Warrnambool1020/11/2008WarrnamboolMelbourne2Hard350Dave B, Felix, Tim CAntarctic winds, the joy of road biking, covering huge distancesFelix writing off his road bike and buying a new one in Warrnambool, Dave riding from Anglesea to Geelong on one leg due to dodgy kneehttp://bit.ly/1d9FaET
Erica softcore1124/01/2009MoeErica, Walhalla, Mt St Gwinear,Traralgon3Soft71AlexAlex, Nathan, Matt, Sarah M, Emily Sim, Tom, Dave B, Liz Sim, Natalie H, Rhonda, Mitch, Andrew, Phil, Cat, Rob, Clarissa, Danger, Adam, Adele, Hayden, Felix, Tim CBag of march flies for Liz, Tim getting picked up by his mumTim's ankle.without gwinear http://bit.ly/17omU5T and with: http://bit.ly/17omWL0
Dargo High Plains1310/04/2009Uni easter holidays 2009BainsdaleDargo, Dargo High Plains, Harrietville, Bright, Myrtleford, Whitfield, Mansfield, Bonnie Doon, Healesville Lilydale4.49Super hard525AlexAlex, Danger, Hayden, Nathan, TomEverything, eating ~2kg pasta between 5 people. Eating too much food. Kiewa Valley at Harrietville (and sending a photo to Felix).Almost running out of water while camping when we were 500m from a natural spring.Super Hardcorehttp://bit.ly/17omJHXBright?
Great Divide Trail MTB tour1409/05/2009(Mother's Day)BallaratCreswick, DaylesfordCastlemaine2Hard135SteveAlex, Felix, Steve, WillTrying to drink the Daylesford pub out of stoutAlex FlickrCastlemaine-Ballarat Great Dividing Trail MTB ridehttp://bit.ly/1d5i16F (broken)https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnIN-7Bbq6SDcm1hekVxQWNrYklGalMxbE1URUp1Wmc#gid=0Great Divide (partial)-
Macedon/Goldfields1507/06/2009Queens Birthday 2009CastlemaineTrentham, Woodend, MacedonGisborne/Bacchus Marsh3Medium153AlexAlex, Andrew, Ellen, Felix, Hayden, Mikhaila, Miriam, Nathan, Pip, Rowena, Steve, Tim C, TomStaying at Ellen's parents' place in Woodend, Moonlit ride Gisborne-Bacchus Marsh, Hanging Rock; Steve and Ellen splurging on a motel roomHorrible weather in Daylesford, Hail on Macedon, ridiculous mountain bike ride down; Matt and Felix missing train home from Bacchus Marsh due to SteveAlex Flickrhttp://bit.ly/1cnKiox (vaguely)Holgate (?)
Blackwood MTB tour1604/07/2009-MacedonBlackwoodBacchus Marsh2Hard170SteveAlex, Felix, Hayden, Sara P, Steve, WillDelicious amounts of mud, romantic B&B in BlackwoodCarrying bikes down and up Lerderderg Gorge (Felix+Steve)Alex Flickrhttp://bit.ly/1d2fuKu-
Murray Mudbath1709/07/2009Kerang/EchucaBarham, Echuca, Barmah, TocumwalShepparton4Medium300TomAlex, Dave B, Tom, Matt, SteveEpic bonfire, stealth camping, meat raffle, mudMud, Steve missing train at BendigoAlex Flickrhttp://bit.ly/1cnMjRw - very approximate, OSM missing lots of data around shephttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApVpZOJ2T3XBdFFyVnRfX1V5ZDlJamgtY3cxa0UzcFE#gid=0-
Snowy River1805/08/2009BairnsdaleBruthen, McKillops Bridge, TubbutBairnsdale5.49Hard400AlexAlex, Tom, PeteWilderness, being benighted in amazing camp sitesTom's Brake pads wearing outAlex Flickrhttp://goo.gl/maps/HpGwH http://bit.ly/1d5KIAj
Notways1919/09/2009September Uni HolidaysMoeMirboo North, Port Albert, Tarra Bulga, TraralgonTraralgon4Medium200AlexAlex, Tom, Mikhaila, Nathan, Felix, Danger, Dave B, MiriamFisherman's Basket, $5 6 packs of Coopers, Crashing the 100th anniversary of the Tarra Bulga NP, Mud(Steve was off on a solo cycle tour)Alex Flickrhttp://goo.gl/maps/cfkJV
Road bike Swan Hill2027/09/2009Swan HillMelbourne2Hard387Dave B, Felix, Tim CHail stormhttp://bit.ly/17rzod7
Surprise Hard Core (Old Beechy)2123/11/2009ColacCape Otway, Beech ForestColac2Hard200AlexAlex, Tom, Nathan, DangerSurprisingly hard, brewery visit, awesome forest tracksAlex FlickrOld Beechyhttp://bit.ly/17olxUSOld Beechy
JazzBiking2205/12/2009MorwellMirboo NorthWarragul2Soft-Medium95Steve/RhondaEllen, Katie, Rhonda, SteveNew Melbourne band, getting pissed in Mirboo North with Liz DoyleBurnt out bridges on the rail trail meant we had to carry our bikes over the creekshttp://bit.ly/1cnMYCI
Grand RidgeGrand Ridge
Ballarat-Bendigo1227/12/2009Christmas HolidaysBallaratMaryborough, Castlemaine, Maldonm HeathcoteBendigo3Medium240RhondaBrendan, Hayden, Nathalie H, Mikhaila (only 150kms), RhondaEppalock Dam Wall, Natalie's amazing bikehttp://bit.ly/1i4WEodO'Keefe
Bass coast beach cycle tour2323/01/2010Australia Day 2010Pakenham/DrouinKorumburra, Inverloch, Cape Patterson, Wonthaggi, Cowes, BalnarringMelbourne4Medium242AlexAlex, Steve, Ellen, Mitch, Andrew, Pip, Tom, Miriam, AdamBbq in Balnarring, Ellen riding back 90km in one day; BMXing it up at Balnarring; beach at Cape PattersonEllen and Steve started a bit later and caught up at KorumburraAlex Flickrhttp://bit.ly/16t8rFrBass Coast-
Ballarat-Skipton quicksand2406/03/2010Labour Day* 2010BallaratLintonBallarat2Medium80AlexAlex, Steve, Ellen, Sarah M, MitchGreat camping spotSoggy rail trail, bad weather, missing out on epic hailstorm in Melbourne, Mitch's exploding tyre(* Labour Day weekend, but the trip actually finished before Labour Day)Alex FlickrLabour Day Long weekend Cyclo-brewery-distillery Tourhttp://bit.ly/16t4S1XBallarat-Skipton (partial)-
Mitchell River2524/04/2010Anzac Day 2010BairnsdaleBairnsdale3Medium105AlexAlex, Nathan, Tom, Pip, Rob, Danger, Mitch, Andrew, Tim C, Rhonda, Sarah MSwimming in the river, avoiding the rain by sleeping in the picnic shelter, Stories about Felix and Jack pronounced "Felix"Alex Flickrhttp://bit.ly/1d5L0XN
Warburton rail trail2612/03/2011Labour Day 2011LilydaleWarburtonLilydale3Soft120AlexAlex, Dave B, Dave E, Ellen, Emma, Hayden, Matt, Mikhaila, Mitch, Steve, TomAqueduct TrailSteve loses handlebar bag multiple timesMatt drove due to a gig. Steve drove to Mt Evelyn due to needing to work on Labour Day. Nathan pseudo-attended the middle day.http://bit.ly/1d5QmCDhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuFN_hbjM1QxdG5hUWd4QWpJSm9Ec0o3VnRGdUxJa3c#gid=0Lilydale-Warburton-
Lakes Entrance cyclo-brewery2711/06/2011Queens Birthday 2011BairnsdaleBruthen, Lakes EntranceBairnsdale3Soft124MattAlex, Dave B, Danger, Dorothee, Ellen, Emma, Felix, Hayden, Jo, Laz, Matt, Mikhaila, Mitch, Rhonda, Tom, Will, Ruth, SteveBruthen brewery, colour spectrum jackets, bonfire shenanigans (inc. sausages, and carrying an entire tree for firewood). Secret snogging in the bushes.Poopy weather. Clothes thieves.http://bit.ly/1d5VsP6East Gippsland (partial), Gippsland LakesBullant
Road bike Bairnsdale2821/10/2011-BairnsdaleStratford,Moe, Noojee, Yarra JunctionMelbourne2Hard320CommunalAlex, Dave B, Felix, Nathan, Steve, Tim C, TomGeohash, power station, all you can eat plus more dinnerSteve loses phone in Moe, gets it posted backhttp://bit.ly/1chZvYhhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnIN-7Bbq6SDdGpOUk9iNDZGU1cyTE1TUGt6UXBVdXc#gid=0-http://wiki.xkcd.com/geohashing/2011-10-22_-37_147
Snowy River Adventure2929/10/2011Cup Day 2011Mackillop's BridgeMt DeddickMackillop's Bridge2Hard30AlexAlex, Felix, SteveGeohashing! Awesome descent from the mountain. Never having to do that again. :pBroken derailleur hanger, pushing shit uphill. Steve left tent pole in the car.Email chain lasted more than 12 months, 30km, but 1km of climbing!Snowy River National Park Deddick Track MTB Tourhttp://bit.ly/16t8Oj8https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnIN-7Bbq6SDdC12enNoMHFhX1RPOHVub2gxRl94Tmc#gid=0Bullant?http://wiki.xkcd.com/geohashing/2011-10-29_-37_148
Inverloch New Year's3029/12/2011-Geelong/Barwon HeadsQueenscliff, Stony Point, San Remo, AndersonInverloch3Medium230RhondaMatt, Rhonda, SteveFerries, Arthur's Seat, rail trailsRed Hill brewery not letting us have lunchhttp://bit.ly/19suspnN/ABellarine, Red Hill, Bass CoastRed Hill
DongWang3126/01/2012Australia Day 2012WodongaMt Beauty, Bright, Myrtleford, BeechworthWangaratta4Medium200SteveAlex, Andrew, Brendan, Dave B, Ellen, Felix, Matt, Nathan, Rhonda, SteveBarbeque at Kergunyah; Tubing at Mt Beauty, the gap, swimming at Bright, THREE breweries, Ellen getting towed by Nathan, red good, huge faff stopsScorching temperatures; Red good spillage; Andrew losing wedding ringGot up around 6am every day!http://bit.ly/1elbZynhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuFN_hbjM1QxdDJQVnpLY0R2YnZzNDA0RkFXR0w4a0E#gid=0High Country, Murray to MountainsSweetwater, Bright, Bridge Rd
Cyclo-volcano23209/03/2012Labour DayAraratHalls Gap, Hamilton, Port FairyWarrnambool3Hard340TomDave B, TomStealth camping, MTB through Mt Eccles, virgin rail trail, including large unopened section.Come on! This is Tom and Dave. Of course there were none! Yes there are, you guys missed the volcano! By about 20,000 years, probably due to excessive faff.N/APort Fairy-Warrnambool
TraLicJamWar3306/04/2012Easter 2012TraralgonLicola, Jamieson, WarburtonLilydale4Hard344.5Steve/AlexAlex, Andrew, Felix, SteveViews, getting there, awesome descents (Licola, Jamieson, Warburton)Raspberry Beer; Felix's minor rack failure, Steve's spokes, Steve waking up with a leech on his face"Guys, you can talk about that at the brewery"http://bit.ly/1cnOCEahttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuFN_hbjM1QxdHJyYkE0cVhGbkk5b2RyTS1FT3RnRXc#gid=0Gippsland Plains (partial), WarburtonJamieson
QBGRHCRTCT3409/06/2012Queens Birthday 2012EuroaStrathbogie, Bonnie Doon, Mansfield, Yarck, Alexandra, Molesworth, YeaTallarook3Medium175SteveAlex, Alex B, Andrew, Barry, Dave B, Ellen, Felix, Jo, Lachie, Matt, Miriam, Mitch, Nathan, Rhonda, Steve, TomSo much rail trail; drinking 3 pubs out of stout; Cafe Alex, awesome geohash; Alex and Andrew getting driven home by Alex's parents; convincing Felix there was a brewery in Yarck ("the Larck")Steve/Ellen missing train and having to drive; 7 (8?) puncturesEarly morning side trips to Mansfield and Alexandra in freezing coldhttp://bit.ly/1cBS520https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuFN_hbjM1QxdF9KNXBXOG5pYktDLWF1cVBYRHU4OWc#gid=0GRHCRTLarckhttp://wiki.xkcd.com/geohashing/2012-06-10_-37_145
Phillip Island to Noojee without Matt4229/12/2012Christmas to new yearCowesMoeNoojee1.5Hard195Rhonda/MattRhonda, LachieTail wind coming in to Moe, Salmon and stout in Moe, Noojee Burger. Hitch-hiking back to Pakenham instead of walking.Matt not coming on the trip due to food poisoning, Lachlan's broken chain cancelling half the trip.http://bit.ly/1g1cnpW4km of Bass Coast Rail Trail
Baw Baw with Matt4312/01/2013DrouinBaw Baw, Yarra Junction, Mount Evelyn, Mount DandenongBoronia2Hard223Rhonda/mattRhonda, Lachie, MattAmazing Dinner and excellent service at restaurant on top of Baw Baw. Sleeping in a bed on a cycle tour. Changing our mind at Mount Evelyn and deciding to ride up Mount Dandenong instead of just riding to Lillydale.Lachlan missed the train and had to play catch up, meeting Rhonda and Matt in Noojee. Baw Baw is steep.http://bit.ly/1ea5z4Unope
FASTACT3522/03/2013TraralgonLicola, Kelly's Hut, Dargo, Bright, MilawaWangaratta5Super hard450SteveSteve, FelixRiding till 11pm the first night; riding down Billy Goat Bluff Track, a super gnarly steep 4wd track; splitting up to gamble on a long shot chance at dinner in Dargo and making it; hen's night at Dargo pub; Dog chasing us for 50km up the Dargo High Plains Rd; awesome campsite near Hotham; Twins jeep trackMissing Kelly Hut in the darkness; Felix's pedal seizing up due to waving at 4WD; Great Alpine Rd closed below Hotham; last minute train replacement buses meant scrambling to get bike boxeshttp://bit.ly/19uZq06N/AGippsland Plains (partial), Murray to Mountains (Oxley-Wang)Bright
Murray-Goulburn3625/04/2013ANZAC Day 2013ChilternCorowa, Mulwala, Wunghnu, Mooroopna, Tatura, Murchison, Nagambie, SeymourSeymour4Medium/Soft300SteveAlex, Andrew, Andy, Ben, Ben D, Brendan, Cam, Dave B, Ed, Ellen, Emma, Emma H, Felix, Fi, Lachie, Liz Mutineer, Matt, Mikhaila, Miriam, Miriam P, Nathan, Rhonda, Rhys, Rosie, Rowena, Ruth, Sarah M, Sasha, Steve, Tarni, Tom, Tom W, Boat racing the locals; nude bike ride back from pub; pre-ordering 32 vanilla slices; wine-tasting at Murchison; editor from Numurkah Leader (not) writing an article; sherry shots at the Wunghnu pub; epic fire on the Murray; so many fricking people! tAlex picking up.Lots of punctures. Deon getting sick and missing it.GADSTEP (Great Anzac day softcore tour of epic proportions)http://bit.ly/16wuxqxhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsLr9AGtLMNOdGtGekZyZVRseE5HbjFvUWx0cFRybHcMurray to Mountains (Rutherglen-Corowa)-
NotwaysII3708/06/2013Queens Birthday 2013AlburyTallangattaWodonga3Medium-hard210AlexAlex, Andrew, Tom, Sasha, Ellen, Steve, Felix, MattAndrew's epic fire; sausages! ; poon that didn't get spilt; hume dam; awesome scenery; party tent; trestle bridges in various states of disrepair; black gatorade; Stupid trackworks on Warrnambool, Ballarat and Bairnsdale lines; Andrew missing train and driving up; very very cold; Steve being eaten by a blackberry bush; almost total lack of stout in KoetongMatt Google+Mystery Cycle Tourhttp://bit.ly/1elcN6khttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuFN_hbjM1QxdEVFX29aZjVSa2t2QndjeHctM25JQWc#gid=0High Country-
Walhalla Mudfields3813/06/2013NoneTraralgonRosedale, Toongabbie, Walhalla, Erica, Tyers Junction, Yallourn NorthMoe2.5Hard175SteveAlex, Steve, TomTK's house, fording Cooper's Crossing, totally rideable Walhalla rail trail, walking/riding down the Walhalla train line, mountain biking down Tyers Junction Rail Trail, getting three new rail trails, not much rain62.5% drop out rate (Sasha, Ellen, Rhonda, Mikhaila, Mitch), Felix not coming, overgrown Tyers Junction Rail Trail.http://bit.ly/1dLx9X1N/AWalhalla Goldfields, Tyers Junction, Moe-Yallourn (all complete), tiny bit of Gippsland Plains
Great Western Road Bike Tour3917/09/2013NoneSwan HillMildura, Hopetoun, AraratBallarat4Super hard774FelixFelix, TomDouble geohash day, NSW, Simone Hardinge in Mildura, Big Lizzie, Patchewollok pub, tail winds, knee pain.Tom crashing into Felix causing frame greenstick fracturehttp://bit.ly/19rLDHyNone (despite going through Stawell)http://wiki.xkcd.com/geohashing/2013-09-18_-34_142
Otways4126/09/2013NoneCamperdownTimboon, Port Campbell, Princetown, Lavers Hill, Glen Aire, Beech Forest, GellibrandColac4Medium224Steve/AlexAlex, Andrew, Ellen, Dave B, Jo, Matt, Nathan, Rhonda, SteveNo trackworks! Two awesome rail trails; 12 Apostles; swimming kangaroo; beautiful dirt road alternatives to Great Ocean Rd; impassable overgrown Old Ocean Rd; salami pasta; breakfast VBs! ; round of applause at the Gellibrand pub; Gellibrand faffe;Impassable sand on Old Coach Rd; impassable sand on Sand Rd; Naton's exploding derailleur; Steve's exploding tent; exploding VB; Rhonda's exploding ankle, chain and derailleur; shitty weather; closed breweryhttp://bit.ly/1fPN2znhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArwRNOR-_tCtdHRtQmdfZ1liMklIWXJvSXp1VFo1VVE#gid=1Crater to Coast, Old Beechy (both complete)That one in Camperdown (Red Duck?)
Grand Strzelecki Surprisclotour4409/09/2013Lachlan's a cripple and Tom is unemployed, life is a holiday.TraralgonTarra Valley Caravan Park on the Grand Strzelecki trackMorwell2medium111Lachlan/tomTom, LachieRiding down Tarra Valley road, riding along the Grand Strzelecki track and getting very muddy.Leeches everywhere, Tom's camera screwing up after taking a panaramic photo including three power stations.we took mountain bikes, there was a lot of mud and a lot of wheel spinning. We didn't have a GPS trace and a the track isn't on google or OSM so it's hard to map.https://www.facebook.com/tom.anderson.9421/media_set?set=a.10151863270973872.1073741828.515503871&type=3http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/grand-strzelecki-surprisclotour
WORT4512/10/2013NoneWarragulNeerim, Noojee, Lawson Falls, Gembrook, EmeraldBelgrave2Hard140SteveSteve, Ellen, Matt, Rhonda, Dave B, Lachie, Andrew, Felix, Sarah MObscure rail trails, beautiful descent into and return from Noojee, peaceful Bunyip forest riding, getting to camp "comfortable before dark", biggest fire log ever, awesome campsite, spectacular trails and rodes from Gembrook to Belgrave, no punctures, mechanicals or broken tents!Felix and Sarah not making it to camp, shitty weather on second day, Alex's thesis, too much beer, too much pastaIntended to be medium core, but surprisingly hard. (85km, with 40km of dirt, plus lots of climbing.)http://bit.ly/1f0nUmbRokeby-Crossover (complete), Noojee Trestle Bridge (complete)-
STOCASM4616/12/2013NoneJuneeNangus, Gundagai, Tumut, Talbingo, Cabramurra, Jagungals Wilderness, Perisher, Thredbo, Pilot/Cobberas Wilderness, Benambra, Omeo, Swifts Creek, BruthenBairnsdale7Super hard590SteveSteve, TomRail bridges in Gundagai, hydro dams, wilderness areas, huts, brumbies, swimming in every creek, Towel of Life, cycling to top of Kosci, zooming down the metal walkway, riding down the downhill trail, getting a replacement tyre for Steve in Thredbo, stealthing in Swifts Creek, super cheap pub dinner, Tom Walker spotting us near BenambraSteve losing lights, too much lunch crap, heatstroke, terrible dinner in Gundagai, Steve's downmat exploding, Tom's hitchhike fail, flies and ants, epic slide in Bairnsdale is closed, Steve's subcutaneous stickhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/102091103087242744336/albums/5960881819671017137?authkey=CMaJ2Oe_6arubghttp://bit.ly/1eLtIk2East Gippsland (Bruthen to Bairnsdale), saw possible future Murrumbidgee Valley RTBullant
Neaumaine4708/02/2014Labour DayCastlemaineHarcourt, Bendigo, Axedale, Eppalock, Tooleen, Colbinabbin, Rushworth, Whroo, Nagambie, AvenelSeymour3Medium242SteveAndrew, Dave B, Ed, Ellen, Hayden, Lachie, Jo, Mari, Matt, Mikhaila, Miriam, Rhonda, Rowena, Tom, Shaun, SteveEasy riding, Eppalock Dam, not being eaten by any bogans, big Eppalock bbq, Shiraz Republic winery, sprinting for Seymour train and catching it.Steve's derailleur.Beaumainebit.ly/1jgCXIjhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArwRNOR-_tCtdHA2RDFOb0xJOTk5bWYxX2xZNjR3YUE&usp=drive_web#gid=0O'Keefe (to Brownes Lane), Murchison-Rushworth (2 km around Rushworth, plus Matt got the other bit)-
Barry Way4820/04/2014Easter AND Anzac DayAlburyJingellic, Walwa, Tintaldra, Khancoban, Thredbo, Jindabyne, Seldom Seen, Buchan, Orbost, Nowa NowaBairnsdale9Hard620AlexAlex, Dave B, Steve, TomUpper Murray scenery, Tintaldra Teahouse scones, Dead Horse Gap, all excellent campsites, epic fire at Suggan Buggan, 500 at Jindabyne, Barry Way, Snowy River swim, meeting Nijat the enduro cyclist, koala, stunning Orbost-Buchan Rd, all the potato cakes, meeting up with WAGs, Dave's rim and knee surviving,Steve's cold, Tom's front rack, Dave's knee, Dave's rim, missing pub dinner in Jingellic by half an hour, Bullant Brewery's bad beerMeet up with Metung on Day 9https://plus.google.com/photos/102091103087242744336/albums/6008622680738569537?sort=1http://bit.ly/1k1fLO2https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kkzjm2BM9Kgx5rfS8eXdx_MvmHskLTFiR6Q3JRWH8ZI/edit#gid=0East Gippsland (complete)Wild Brumbery Distillery, Bullant
Metung 4927/04/2014Anzac Day 2014BairnsdaleBairnsdale3Medium-soft135MiriamEllen, MiriamMiriam crashing into a chicane and grazing her arm.Meet up with Barry Way on Day 3http://bit.ly/1k1id79https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kkzjm2BM9Kgx5rfS8eXdx_MvmHskLTFiR6Q3JRWH8ZI/edit#gid=0Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail (to Scriveners Rd), East Gippsland from junctionBullant
King Valley5007/06/2014Queens birthday 2014BenallaWhitfield, Milawa, Everton, BeechworthChiltern3Medium160AlexAlex, Rosie, Tom, Lachie, Dave B, Jo, Rhonda, Matt, NathanSun, Wine, Vom Dog, Arriving at camp before sundown, No punctures, Emma&Jon joining for a day, Fat do-do, Everton Pub, Powering into Chiltern, Matt not able to get into his sleeping bag, river swimmingNilbit.ly/1jgBkKOMTM(Presumably Bridge Rd)
Otways II5130/06/2014RMIT uni holidaysCamperdownTimboon, Port Campbell, Princetown, Lavers Hill, Beech Forest, Gellibrand, ForrestColac3Medium272Lachlan/tomLachie, TomTrack works, geohash, 3 rail trails, 12 apostles, no stoutTrack works between melbourne and geelong, we rode from Weribee to Geelong, included in the 272.tom took lotsOtways reboot bit.ly/W68kzT and bit.ly/W69U4QnoTiger, Old Beechy, Camperdown-timboon
Mawson5218/09/2014NoneBlinmanWilpena, Rawnley Park, Mt Little, Hawker, Quorn, Wilmington, Melrose, Laura, etcAdelaide15Hard900AlexAlex, Danger, Felix, Matt, Mitch, Nathan, Rhonda, Steve, TomEverythingVanilla slices, headwinds, mud, centipedes, exploding tyresDanger, Rhonda and Matt only did the first 350. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19_3usHCv6V6kcfMc-_rfrY-oowOSj1RR3IBqAbx-qU8/edit#gid=384000178Southern Flinders, Riesling, Rattler, Barossa, GrampiansClare Valley, Barossa, that other one where we met Rhonda
Beechworth Relaxation5331/10/2014Cup DayBenallaWarby Ranges, Boorhaman, Beechworth, YackandandahWodonga4Medium205AlexAlex, Rosie, Steve, Ellen, Tom, Miriam, Nathan, Ris, Rob, Andrew, Rowena, Dave B, Jo, Ryan, Katherine, Matt, Michael H, LachieThe return of Robert and Ris; Warby Ranges; Improvised BBQs; Awesome Vline service; Three breweries; Rail trail adventures; Katherine S's debut cycle tour!Lachie's shoes vanishing in Beechworth; An ortlieb broke...!Steve, Ellen, Dave, only did 160km. Jo 115km. Matt, Michael H 115km, Nathan 58kmbit.ly/1tOf7wvhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pebrK2HQqqi-RHW0EKGj8HieAwplgboW3Vd6X4JfifY/edit?usp=sharingMTM (Bowser-Beechworth), HCRT (Baranduda-Wodonga)Black Dog, Buffalo, Bridge Rd
South Gippsland Jazz5407/03/2015Labour DayWarragulMirboo North, Dumbalk, Korumburra, Inverloch, Toora, Welshpool, Yarram, BalookRosedale4Medium310MattAndrew, Dave B, Ed, Ellen, Lachie, Matt, Mitch, Rowena, Steve, TomSteve and Ellen drove down and started from Welshpool. Lachie and Tom (I think?) did the GRRT twice. Andrew and Rowena started at Morwell. Dave B started at Trafalgar. Rowena and Ellen went home on Monday night.http://bit.ly/18etaDIGrand Ridge (Steve, Ellen, Andrew, Rowena, Tom, Lachie); Great Southern (Korumburra to Meeniyan; Buffalo to Welshpool; Tarra Trail)Grand Ridge
Around the Bay in Two Days5523/05/2015NoneSouth GeelongPortarlington, Queenscliff, Rye, Mornington, FrankstonMoorabin/Dandenong2Medium150Dave BAndrew, Dave B, Ellen, Jo, Miriam, Rob, Rowena, Steve, TomBellarine Estate Brewery (mmm RIPA), surprise bike pathsNo trains from Frankston to Moorabbin, non-existent rail trail, Tom's broken seatpost boltRowena, Ellen and Miriam took shortcut through Drysdale. Andrew, Steve, Rowena, Ellen went home via Dandenong Creek Trail to Dandenonghttp://tw.gs/2xT5hw (sort of - pretty messed up from Mornington onwards)Bellarine, Mornington (if it's a rail trail...)Bellarine Estate. (Some people went to Mornington?)
Western Whale-watching5606/06/2015Queens birthdayArbitrary PointHeywood, Yambuk, Port Fairy, KoroitWarrnambool3Medium205Rhonda/SteveAndrew,Dave B,Ellen,Katherine, Matt, Mitch, Rhonda, Rowena, Sasha, SteveNo rain! Glorious sunshine, tailwinds, wind turbines, riding no hands, newborn lamb, Tower Hill, wading emus, sleeping in beds, Glenelg River NP, bus driver taking scenic detour due to navigation failNo whalesCharter bus from Warrnambool to Arbitrary Pointhttps://vimeo.com/130425599http://tw.gs/27U8E3Port Fairy-Warrnambool:(
Eildon hills5730/10/2015Cup DayTallarookYea, Alexandra, Fraser camping block, Eildon, Jamieson, MansfieldBenalla4.5Medium-hard284Steve/MattAndrew, Dave B, Ellen, Matt, Matt C, Nathan D, Steve, TomWombats and echidnas, Tom's epic Wagon Wheel success, port under the stars, Jerusalem Creek Track, freezing cold skinny dips, neighbours starting a fire for us, camp burritos, lunch faff on Blue Range Rd, watching the Cup at Tatong HotelMitch's family farm fiasco, Ellen's pedal falling off at Tallarook, Andrew colliding with/being charged by a wombat, Nathan D's broken spokes, Jamieson Brewery's terrible beer, dropping catches at Jamieson Brewery, Matt's broken flange, not remembering the third verse of Livin' on a Prayer.Nathan D came up on Saturday morning. Originally we were meant to stay on Mitch's family farm, but got vetoed at the last minute.http://bit.ly/1kqyI3ZGreat Victorian (Tallarook-Alexandra)Jamieson
3 Peaks 3 Days5827/12/2015NoneMt BeautyHarrietville, Hotham, Omeo, Falls CreekMt Beauty3Hard238MattFelix, Lachie, Matt, Rhonda, SteveSurviving the huge climbs, Bogong High Plains, Omeo not being shit, dinner with Rob and Ris in Mt BeautyLachie's tyre falling apart, Matt's spokes losing tensionhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/felixdance/albums/72157663013107456http://bit.ly/1MLOJYLhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tijjFMMmDLidWEGkiG4oXvyTfhcuamGbXYSz0BpMWWU/edit#gid=30000115-(Rode past Sweetwater)http://wiki.xkcd.com/geohashing/2015-12-28_-37_147
DongWang II5929/12/2015NoneWodongaMt Beauty, Bright, EvertonWangaratta3Medium207TomEllen, Miriam, Tom, Felix (120km), Steve (120km)Bright river, geohash, finally going to Derailleur Cafe in WangFirst two days had to be done in one day due to trackworks. Ellen died in heat and had to be sag-wagoned. No thunderstorm at Ovens.Steve and Felix missed day 1 due to participating in 3 Peaks 3 Days ridehttp://bit.ly/1MLP1PiAbout half of Murray to MountainsBrighthttp://wiki.xkcd.com/geohashing/2015-12-31_-36_146
Omeo Highway6019/02/2016NoneWodongaTallangatta, Eskdale, Mitta Mitta, Anglers Rest, Falls Creek, Mt Beauty, KergunyahWodonga2.5Hard340SteveSteve, Tom$3 scrambled eggs in Eskdale, sprinkler fun in Mitta Mitta, scabbing breakfast in Anglers Rest, changing plans midway to go up the back of Falls, Steve's successful 85km train chase, all the swims!Steve throwing up before starting the back of Falls due to food poisoning, no beersOriginal plan was to ride through Omeo to Bairnsdalehttp://cycletour.org/?hl=en&loc=-36.10567,146.87141&loc=-36.12242,146.87346&loc=-36.14875,146.93689&loc=-36.13591,146.95958&loc=-36.14007,146.99695&loc=-36.14834,147.02075&loc=-36.15441,147.02689&loc=-36.16452,147.03092&loc=-36.18478,147.03497&loc=-36.21976,147.06443&loc=-36.22521,147.07532&loc=-36.22537,147.10723&loc=-36.22416,147.11320&loc=-36.22656,147.12402&loc=-36.22253,147.13658&loc=-36.22500,147.15621&loc=-36.21800,147.17257&loc=-36.21598,147.17726&loc=-36.21628,147.18633&loc=-36.33568,147.25132&loc=-36.46313,147.23050&loc=-36.55579,147.40541&loc=-36.97769,147.49001&loc=-36.95338,147.35635&loc=-36.89396,147.29959&loc=-36.87093,147.31301&loc=-36.85301,147.27202&loc=-36.74019,147.17459&loc=-36.31908,147.03601&loc=-36.18236,146.95551&loc=-36.12429,146.88661&loc=-36.11999,146.87323&loc=-36.10562,146.87118&z=11&center=-36.31291,147.12685&alt=0&df=0&re=0&ly=1299162384High Country (tiny bit)(Rode past Sweetwater)
Gippsland Plains Fafftacular6110/09/2016NoneStratfordFaffra, Heyfaff, Toonfaffie, GlenfaffyTraralgon2Soft91TomEllen, Miriam, Lachie (150km), Steve, TomCamping at the geohash, Lake Glenmaggie, eating far too much at all the placesHeadwinds, mossieshttp://cycletour.org/?hl=en&loc=-37.96803,147.08225&loc=-37.97870,146.78497&loc=-37.94467,146.78887&loc=-37.92915,146.79204&loc=-38.00773,146.69705&loc=-38.02319,146.67487&loc=-38.00012,146.65839&loc=-38.19013,146.55335&loc=-38.19748,146.54049&loc=-38.19855,146.53823&z=10&center=-38.21229,146.40656&alt=0&df=0&re=0&ly=1299162384Gippsland PlansCamped at one!
Felix's Triumphant Return (Grand Ridge IV)621/12/2016NoneRosedaleBalook, Mirboo North, Drouin, Kurth Kiln, Seville, Mt Evelyn, ElwoodMelbourne CBD4Hard355Felix/RhondaDeclan, Felix, Matt, Rhonda, Steve (Colin, Bert)Whole Grand Ridge Road, 125km on the first day, Matt's spectacular dash for beer, Felix's ridiculous tyre repairs, awesome lunch spot in Bunyip State Park, pasta at Adele's, bushbashing from Adele's, fanging on the Blind Creek Trail, beers at Fed Square.Felix's disintegrating tyre, Declan's faff, missing dinner time at Mirboo North, psychotic drivers in Yellingbo (air horns, beer cans, abuse)Colin did day 3 and parts of day 4. Bert did 3 and first part of 4. Ricky, Chris, Andy, Rob, Ris did parts of day 4.http://cycletour.org/?hl=en&loc=-38.15662,146.78751&loc=-38.23594,146.69518&loc=-38.30252,146.70699&loc=-38.32067,146.72170&loc=-38.35450,146.70979&loc=-38.36702,146.69723&loc=-38.43100,146.55177&loc=-38.44211,146.48722&loc=-38.53566,146.35559&loc=-38.48374,146.28623&loc=-38.44605,146.24092&loc=-38.41231,146.16722&loc=-38.40040,146.15338&loc=-38.39533,146.14632&loc=-38.39144,146.13882&loc=-38.34543,146.00468&loc=-38.29541,145.91334&loc=-38.25022,145.87565&loc=-38.02882,145.79840&loc=-37.92880,145.59421&loc=-37.90522,145.56802&loc=-37.84188,145.53080&loc=-37.78597,145.46465&loc=-37.80447,145.37459&loc=-37.83398,145.35571&loc=-37.85548,145.33360&loc=-37.86802,145.24716&loc=-37.89176,145.10332&loc=-37.89978,145.07245&loc=-37.89903,145.05520&loc=-37.89325,145.01451&loc=-37.89680,145.00389&loc=-37.87855,144.97581&loc=-37.84125,144.93336&loc=-37.82025,144.96940&loc=-37.82025,144.96940&z=12&center=-37.83989,145.56885&alt=0&df=0&re=0&ly=1299162384Warburton (tiny bit), Rosstown (most)Grand Ridge
Warburton softcore6310/12/2016NoneLilydaleWarburtonLilydale2Soft80EllenEllen, Miriam, Sally, Steve, TomWeather, camping, dinner with Adele, communing with deer, Steve's 10,000th EMS cycle touring kilometreNil?Rhonda initiated, but didn't come.http://cycletour.org/?hl=en&loc=-37.75696,145.34800&loc=-37.75336,145.70686&z=11&center=-37.74466,145.82771&alt=0&df=0&re=0&ly=1299162384 (x2)Warburton (twice)
Tom and Steve's romantic weekend6410/6/2017Queen's BirthdayWoodendTrentham, Lyonville, Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, Vaughan SpringsCastlemaine2Medium110SteveSteve, TomSurprise mud, "no road", great stealth spot in Hepburn Springs, barbecued pizza, Radio Springs Hotel, mountain biking fun, no disasters, new brewery!No pegs. New brewery.DominoHolgate, Castlemaine
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