Summer Sandbox Feedback (Responses)
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TimestampKey Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of the value of "beta testing" and failing forward]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of "soft skills" as they relate to 21st century career readiness]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of the value of STORY and cohesive THEMING]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of the value of COLLABORATION and DIVERSE SKILL SETS]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of PLAYER TYPES (achiever, socializer, explorer, griefer)]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of the four MOTHER MECHANICS (agon, alea, mimicry, ilynx)]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of "NEAR MISSES" and the power of creating games where the outcome is always guaranteed to be a close call]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of "sweet spot" FAILURE RATES in game design]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of FLOW STATE]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of PLAYER MOTIVATIONS (intrinsic vs. extrinsic, black vs. white hat)]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of "THE MAGIC CIRCLE"]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of how games provide Specific Actionable Feedback Expediently (S.A.F.E.)]Key Takeaways: Day One Presentations [I have a clear understanding of the difference between a "TOY" and a "GAME"]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Lock Screen Story Swap]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [30 Circle Challenge]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [The Marshmallow Challenge]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [The Egg Dash Challenge]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Presidential Anchor Chart Keep-Away]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Rory's Story Cubes]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Equity Maps (iPad app for Socratic Seminar)]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Silver Sticker Scratch-Off Surprises]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Hidden Prizes Using Envelopes]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Embedding "secret" information in QR Codes]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Snake Oil (product creation / pitch)]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Two Rooms and a Boom (social deduction game)]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Sorting Groups with Magnetic Player Cards]Key Takeaways: Day One Games [Board Game Dissection (playtesting)]My favorite part of the first day in the Summer Sandbox was:Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Microlab Protocol (timed dialogue trios)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Clothespin Bumper Cars]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [LEGO Design Challenge (using Pokemon balls)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Mischief Cards (Dice Traps & Hidden Abilities)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [#QRBreakIN (Summer Sandbox Scramble)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Empathy Maps]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Web Quest (chart 10 items from a web search)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Quizizz (online arcade-style multiple choice game)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Google Form (length validated questions online)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Digital Escape Room (multi-stage Google Form with branching paths)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Sketchnoting (illustrations with annotation)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Flipgrid (app for video recording)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Creating Video Trailers Using iMovie]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Book Tasting Protocol]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Content Bracketology]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Hero Builder (using RPG dice to create a character)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Breakout EDU]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Rally Coach Relay]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Leader Badges]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Power Up Cards]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [The Matrix (player item matching grid)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Dungeon Maps (color-coded unit guides)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games ["No Red Lights" Rubric ("Good," "Great," or "OK" checkpoints)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Games [Personal Record Rubrics (Spiderweb charting for growth mindset)]Key Takeaways: Day Two Presentations [Greg Toppo Keynote: Why Games Matter]Key Takeaways: Day Two Presentations [Greg Toppo author Q&A]Key Takeaways: Day Two Presentations [John Meehan Keynote: EDrenaline Rush]Key Takeaways: Day Two Presentations [John Meehan author Q&A]My favorite part of the second day in the Summer Sandbox was:Summer Sandbox Impressions [There was ample parking]Summer Sandbox Impressions [There was enough food and enough time to enjoy meals]Summer Sandbox Impressions [The facilities and room layout were clean and easily accessible]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I felt that the price of registration was fair and reasonable]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I felt that these sessions were appropriately paced]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I felt that my voice was heard by session facilitators and that my opinion mattered]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I felt that my questions were adequately addressed]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I felt there was an appropriate balance of traditional presentation and hands-on working sessions ]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I am leaving this event with a clearer understanding of game-inspired course design]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I am leaving this event with confidence that I can apply some of these strategies in my own classroom]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I found myself entering the "flow state" during this event]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I felt that two-day program was valuable to my professional growth]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I am leaving this event with many ideas to bring back to my own school classroom]Summer Sandbox Impressions [I would recommend this two-day event to a colleague]Please use this space for any additional feedback you might have about the Summer Sandbox
6/27/2019 15:07:31554555554545523333333333333333332333333233255555555445555555555444544
6/27/2019 15:08:12454533443445533254533453344Trying out games. 4554545544344543435445442344The QR game thing 55554445553555There was a LOT of content! But it would have been great to have a little
More time to think about how to apply some things to our field.
6/27/2019 15:08:23454555555555523554555555554Two Rooms & a Boom!!5455554555533334535544551155Tasting of game components/time to ask John questions in smaller group settings 53445555555555I really enjoyed the videos from John’s classes and would’ve liked to see more!
6/27/2019 15:09:0254555555555554555555454Equity mind maps would be an ideal way to collect data that increases engagement. 5555554455454544545445555555Having a chance to explore different books and games and ask questions.45554545555555
6/27/2019 15:09:08323332333122234444443233344434444444434433434443344114442444444422444
6/27/2019 15:09:45554455555454554454555555555Learning about the “science” behind board games 5555545455455545545555455455Love the application piece. It makes it feel doable in my classroom. 55555555555555I am so appreciative that all three of you were completely patient, willing to answer questions or hold conversations even when you were busy with the logistics of facilitating the event.
6/27/2019 15:10:08545555555444553454443344455Learning how students game and then disecting games 4433544445353443334334552345The game tasting44534445554555Give more content specific examples so we can get an idea of how to use them in a more math/science -not text heavy contents.
6/27/2019 15:10:37555555555555533344554445545Getting to see the application of the ideas in the student work and classroom videos5335555555545445555555555455The digital break-in55555555555555
6/27/2019 15:11:01555555555555544555555545455Interactive activities5555544454455544314433444455#QRBreakIN55544454544555This was great. It gave me a lot to think about. Can’t wait to read your book.
6/27/2019 15:11:05553543423224453345555555331playing the variety of games 5524424555553311342251143244playing games and getting more ideas53452223442342thanks for all the hard work you put into this!!
6/27/2019 15:11:21445555445345543343554445355Seeing so many games and all the interactive activities.5544555545544554344344553254Digital Breakin/out and the book/game tastinc54544553454555Day 2 was a lot of sitting and listening. I would have enjoyed more time to explore and interact. I would also have liked time to start designing or brainstorming specific games for my Classroom with guidance from leaders and participants.
6/27/2019 15:11:29444554554344544353533454444Game dissection3544533445445444433333553355Gamification taste test and Meehan q and a.55555554555555awesome two days. I will tweet about it. Psyched to start reading e rush book!! Thank you!
6/27/2019 15:11:29524451123224553345545545543Trying to remember everything! So many amazing ideas!443244333243551335223453435554555555555555Thank you!!!!
6/27/2019 15:11:3055555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555Learning different ways to make learning exciting 54555555555555
6/27/2019 15:11:325455555555445555545544535542 rooms and a boom535555355555533444423555455Qr all activities competition55355555554555Wonderful cant say enough I will say the upstairs bathroom for men/boys was unsightly and had many different bugs. Almost an infestation
6/27/2019 15:11:38435555555545545555545554555Learning about the parts of games and how they can be used in the classroom 555454555544454554455555555Being able to see hands-on examples of games used for instruction55555555444555Thanks so much! I have so much to prep for next school year! 😬
6/27/2019 15:11:55545554554455544443544445434Learning about game design and player types534455344435343444534345554The break-in room55555555555555This is one of the most useful and hands-on trainings I’ve ever had, and also the most fun. Thank you!!
6/27/2019 15:12:45415554445454455555544555554The energy and excitement.5252554444454444535545554555The sharing of real life activities that work54555555555555Include a story or two about what you tried and didn’t work
6/27/2019 15:13:27344355543121552452215543554Two rooms and a boom exercise445234144234255452331133Game tasting35553445443455
6/27/2019 15:13:3433334434434344345544444555Winning. Just kidding, I enjoyed meeting new people and having a day of learning that was fun.5555545555454434444554445555Winning ;)...LEARNING!!! Thank you! 55555555555555It was wonderful. Thank you.
6/27/2019 15:13:44354554444434544554555553454Playing the activities/games4554544555545543445444555455QR Break-in game55555555555555Thank you for increasing the passion for teaching and keeping teachers motivated.
6/27/2019 15:13:4955353354534533345344444343Getting to see and experience the examples. 5444545555555431313341553344More examples45555554444445Thank you for your time!
6/27/2019 15:14:2255555555555learning about game play and putting it into action5454444545554553544355555555Greg Toppo44555555544555
6/27/2019 15:14:304425444334225554524454444542 Rooms and a Boom4444555435345511512242553355Intro and breakout and book tasting55555555455555Info overload but in a GREAT way THANK YOU
6/27/2019 15:15:37535455545455553555555535555I liked John’s opening lecture on the game types. Two rooms and a boom was my favorite game. 5555553555455555535553555455The sandbox scramble55545555555555Thank you!
6/27/2019 15:15:58442443555414342151515345114I really thought this was the most beneficial PD I've ever been to, legit. I walked away with many ideas that I want to put into practice.5354414553355553335414553343Book tasting54555553554455There was just SO much information I felt like I needed a to brain dump everything, like every 5 minutes. Maybe break up after each session and allow people time to brain dump any notes they want to take before jumping into the next session. I have a very hard time writing and listening at the same time, for fear I would miss something said, (maybe most people have a greater capability of doing this than I, very likely) Also, let people think/write how they could use what they just learned/heard specifically into their class, even if they are able to take notes while listening. This could give them time to think of application.
6/27/2019 15:17:43233333323333354455555555555Your classroom videos with students totally engaged.5555555555554355555555554455Your presentation on how you present literature through the year.55555555554555
6/27/2019 15:19:4255455553555454355554545555The egg dash5455544545555545555555455All time spent with Meehan and Team55555555555555This has been the best PD EVER
6/29/2019 10:49:52443443224435354555324443334the combination of presentation and hands -on activities, something I try to do in my classroom4133311443332121111111133344lots of hands-on activities, although by the end of the day I had reached a saturation point where my eyes kind of glazed over. That's why I rated a number of the games, etc. above a 1 because I just don't remember them55455555442544
7/1/2019 15:02:41445433444444434221435445544Playing the games, especially two rooms and a boom and the snakeoil salesman1123322223311333333333442233Participating in the google forms stations33432333442434It might be a good idea to separate those who are familiar with using games in the classroom into a different introductory group so that they could have more time to experiment with ideas they might already have.

Try to work within the frame allotted for each presentation and task and allow participants more time to converse about how these games could be applicable to their own teaching.

Show examples of students who didn't necessarily buy in and their work so that the full range of work can be seen
7/31/2019 14:20:11555555555555554355553355444Getting to try new techniques 5432555555345553543345355455Reinforced what I have already learned and also gave me new ideas.55555555555555Really enjoyed this seminar. Can’t wait to try out these ideas.
7/31/2019 14:24:05455542235435555545555535152Learning4452333252231222222222223233John Meehan 15332345542555
7/31/2019 14:32:30445555454545455454554455453My favorite part of the day was the PowerPoint presentation of different types of players and introductions of more books to explore.55345555555554445454444545John’s presentation and the avengers style challenge with my yellow team/pilachu teammates3455555544555The sandbox made me sad for my fellow O’ Connell teachers that chose not to attend. Really was inspiring to see the igKnight team in action and amazed at all the work and planning that went into it. Also made me want to become a history teacher even though I know I can apply severa of the ideas to my performing arts classroom. Thank you John, Siobhan and Carlos! You will be missed, Carlos! =(
7/31/2019 14:36:4955555555555555455555555551I loved everything! 5555555555555555555555554455Getting to be here was awesome! I am so excited to start back to school and improve my “game”! 55555555555555I use games in my class and have for several years but I feel much more confident after this training. I appreciate getting to be here. Thank you for the fantastic sessions.
7/31/2019 14:43:01455555555554423333333333333Story Cubes, game type personalities, spontaneous dialogues that made it obvious people wanted to deep dive - game vs toy for example 2233333333333322323333335555Greg Toppo was disarmingly engaging 🤗 - I enjoyed his shares - your keynote final presentation was awesome (& I’ve read your book, highlighted a lot!) - you brought the book into focus in meaningful ways - Probably biggest - yeah... I need to bring more of THAT kind of empowered learning to my students/ your poetry example- g45544555554555Planning a workshop can be hard bc you always want to leave ppl wanting more & you did that! It was obvious there was a desire to continue the conversations on many topics- perhaps a Padlet “assignment” for homework on Day 1- 1 question attendees have - start day 2 with that- or others could come in with collaborative answers - to continue the conversation - great job! Thank you for all your doing.
7/31/2019 15:05:54445554444544555555555555555All the game ideas I could use in class5555545554545445545543455555Getting to sample and play in the games so that I know how it works.54544455555555This was a fantastic couple of days. Thank you for putting in all this work!
7/31/2019 15:06:31435553444443455554545455355Egg dash challenge 5555533421221323355333553355QR break out 45555555554455
7/31/2019 15:06:3144244131144555555555The play testing: it’s going to be difficult to look at any kind of game the same way again 11154514444555151144The book menus55554555541433I truly wish I was able to have taken part fully in both days; judging by the success of the Summer Sandbox, it might be necessary to offer a third session!
7/31/2019 15:06:37555555555555555555555555355All of it was amazing 555555555555555555555555445555555555555555Thank you for an amazing experience... I wish every PD session was run this way at my school.
7/31/2019 15:06:40555555555555555454555555255The Snakeoil Salesman activity5444444455553555444444443344Book Tasting55555555553555The Snake oil Salesman activity will definitely be making an appearance in my classroom in the near future!
7/31/2019 15:07:11554554454445543343534431433Cubes5444444444444334434434444343Micro lab protocol54454554444444
7/31/2019 15:07:23455543454444355551434544454Hands on demonstration of the different games.5555344534443553434334455455John Meehan presentation... Generated so many ideas for my classes...55555555554555
7/31/2019 15:07:2945555555544555455555555345Analyzing games455555555455445555455554455QRBreakin55555555555555I left my beach vacation midweek to attend. It was worth it!!! (Heading back!)
7/31/2019 15:07:38455455545455533554434545543The wealth of knowledge presented and the possibilities for my classroom it spurred. 444554445545434545545555555Seeing how a themed classroom functions. 45555555555555
7/31/2019 15:07:58515455355555555154553345154Learning about what makes a game and story cubes5554552534555335534453545Summer sandbox scramble
7/31/2019 15:07:58344343332333344334435443354Hands on 4443433444452232443443554444Talking more and hearing different ideas45444554454555Great job. Enjoyed it.
7/31/2019 15:08:0655555554453545555544545545Two rooms and a boom! 553434444554444444444444455Learning about games for teaching. 55555555554555Thank you!
7/31/2019 15:08:18535555554555555555555555555Everything! The high energy, the hands in application of activities in the classroom, the enormous range of possibility in taking what I learned back to my own teaching practice.5534545555454444544445554455The games we played in the morning added to my teacher toolbox; love it!55555555555555Cannot day enough positive things about how I feel after these two days of training. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your generosity with time, information, advice, resources is incredible and appreciated.
7/31/2019 15:08:24355555555443454555554445555Two Rooms and a Boom5544555535555544554455555555Personal Record Rubrics! This is Win-Win-WIN!55555555555555Impressive techniques to improve student achievement and engagement - my goal is Boss Level! Thank you.
7/31/2019 15:08:40454545554545443554545345354Story Cubes and Snake Oil (Tied)5533543355444533533545554455Under the hood of John’s classes34345555545555Thank you! So awesome!
7/31/2019 15:08:40444354334555555555434545354533454454554344453454455445555555555544455
7/31/2019 15:08:40455555555555554455543553452Learning the different types of gamers and how it applies to the different types of learning. 5545555545455455335555555555Greg Toppo talk had really informative points and gave me a different perspective on the history/role of gaming in the classroom.34555555555555The Summer Sandbox was my very first professional development event as a teacher, and it was a great way to reframe my thinking about how I am going to make an impact in my classes as a new teacher. Every activity was relevant. Talks/lectures were timed appropriately. Most important of all, I had fun learning! I'm very excited to take the tools and strategies shared these past two days and use them in my own classes.
7/31/2019 15:08:46555555555545554555555454544Marshmallow Challenge5555555554553433435555555555QR breakin54555555555555
7/31/2019 15:09:15435554545455553555552225453I loved getting the opportunity to try so many different tools that I can easily adapt to social studies. Day 1 left me inspired and ready to create!4334533455445243344345453354I enjoyed having some time at the end of the day to mill around exploring different games and having free discussion with other teachers about ways to implement and adapt gaming ideas.55555545545555
7/31/2019 15:10:32544555555555545553555554555Theresa: Learning that teaching can be fun and not so boring! Two rooms and a boom. 5545555445555555555555555555Greg Toppo was great to listen to! 55555555545555Thank you!! This was amazing!
7/31/2019 15:11:47454454555434554555224543253Seeing ideas from Edrenaline Rush in action. 5534423555133323434242452244Learning about where I can find the resources. 54544543554555
7/31/2019 15:12:31455555445555554454555555455The insight I gained about player types which in turn explained why some games I have used in the past failed.5553555555555455555555554455The opportunity to see and hear the throughline of gaming.55555555544555
7/31/2019 15:12:365455455555554444544445444554445455554555454555455555555555555555555
7/31/2019 15:12:42134554223343545553535555151Story cubes354452554553555151555133115525553555453555
7/31/2019 15:13:01345553444355554444444434544Being the leader in two rooms and a boom, even though it made me anxious. 4345433354445443334434423344Doing the breakout race with my colleagues!55555545533455Thank you John, Siobhan and Carlos! You all put in so much work and everything was so cool.
7/31/2019 15:14:22555555555555553344554554354Snake Oil5555555554543345455455555555555553555Wonderful, inspiring, and completely game changing!
7/31/2019 15:14:28455555555555555555555455455All the gaming information and the quick pace with lots of games.5555545445555555555555555555Summer Sandbox Scramble, over all game45555555555555This was so great and I learned so much. I am looking forward to trying these and sharing with other teachers.
7/31/2019 15:14:31445555554555555554545554454Practical application and experiential learning achieve through game play. 5455544455545433445544535555The morning games45555555555555It was an edrenaline push for the new school year!! Thanks to all for a great workshop!!!
7/31/2019 15:15:0644555455455453433455554354Playing some of the games I’ve asked students to play. 3455542545435444445534555354Hearing from both speakers, playing the QR Break IN so I have a better idea of what students experience and where I can make adjustments in my classroom.25354555555555You all are great. I appreciate the thought and incredible effort you put in to all this. This will have a ripple effect and help more students than you’ll ever know.

Suggestions: Change groups up more often (especially on the first day) to meet more people. Also, it was hard to see the screen during the “lectures.”

Thank you!!
7/31/2019 15:15:35343454555555555442255224241Listening to your lectures. 554525244555453355555Toppo’s presentation 35555555554555Bathroom breaks were necessary.
7/31/2019 15:15:40555554355455555453545545355Overall, being motivated and energized to come up with ideas to use in the classroom. I had felt like I didn’t have the tools or empowerment to cross the bridge into the world of more game-focused learning, but now I feel very comfortable heading into the school year wanting to make my student experience much more impactful. 4555545555555445245535555555Experiencing what it would be like to do specific gamified activities through the QR break in. It was useful to be able to do these specific activities and “play test” them. 55554555555555Looking forward to connecting further to brainstorm and run ideas through you all. Wonderful experience these past two days.
7/31/2019 15:15:58455543443344432133323322132John's lecture about gamifying5555542554553345244333335555Greg Toppo35555555554555Great use of methodologies to teach and model the content.
8/1/2019 10:37:28555555555555533222451214133511145545554434453413354334354554535353355