Official List of Challenges for Mikva Challenge's 2020 Great Electoral Race
Bolded items = affiliated w/a Virtual Lesson
To qualify for points, Instagram posts/stories must
1. be public, 2. tag @mikvachallenge and 3. include two hashtags: #greatelectoralrace and the one listed in Column E below
ClusterState namePoint ValueChallengeHashtag
CandidatesAlabama9Create and share your own ad (print, audio or video) on behalf of a candidate you support. Be sure to include:
1. A policy and/or character argument as to why your followers should support this person
2. At least one advertising technique from this link:
Political VoiceAlaska3Create a post directed at a candidate of your choice to let them know about an issue that is important to young people in your community. Be sure to include at least one reason WHY you think it is important (could be a personal story or a statistic) and to tag that candidate's account in your post.#AKchallenge
VotingArizona11Pick a group you are a member of that votes less often (ex. young people). Make a 1-2 minute PSA for this target audience that explains why it is a problem that this group’s voices are missing at the voting booth and envisions how America could be different if more people from this group turned out to vote in November. What issues could get more attention? What policies could change? #AZchallenge
Political VoiceArkansas6Create and share a 30-60 sec audio PSA that explains:
1. the top three issues YOU would tackle if you ran for president (and why) AND
2. a campaign slogan to help audiences remember you
CandidatesCalifornia55Organize and host your own candidate forum or campaign fair (virtual or in person) wherein at least 1+ candidate (or campaign representative) joins and takes questions from you and at least 5 guests about their position on different issues, what it is like to run for office/work for a campaign, etc. Cover your event like a reporter would - aim to capture pictures, video, and direct quotes from participants. When it is done, compile your content into a post or story that helps your followers understand the who/what/when/where/why of your event AND what participants learned from it.#CAchallenge
Campaigns & ElectionsColorado9Post a video of yourself in which you explain your position on the Electoral College. Do you think the U.S. should keep it as it is, reform it or abolish it? Support your answer with at least three reasons.#COchallenge
Political VoiceConnecticut3Find a yard sign (or other type of campaign swag) and take and post a jumping picture of yourself holding or in front of it.#CTchallenge
VotingDelaware3Make a list of everyone you know who is eligible to vote this fall. Count how many people are on the list and set a goal for how many people you can personally commit to make sure cast a ballot this fall. Then create and post a meme to share this number with your followers, ask them to be your accountability partners to help you reach it, and invite them to set their own voter turnout goal.#DEchallenge
VotingDistrict of Columbia3Imagine that you were suddenly in charge of deciding what it takes to vote. Using the format of your choice (video, song, poster, meme, essay, etc.), create a piece of art that addresses at least two of the following questions: 
*Who SHOULD be able to vote? Why? 
*How/Where/When SHOULD people be able to register? Why? 
*How/Where/When SHOULD people be able to vote? Why? 
*Is voting a right or a privilege?
VotingFlorida29Organize and host your own ‘Ballot Party’ for at least ten people (virtually or in person). A good ballot party should include both entertainment (i.e. an act, a performance, food, good music, etc.) so people will want to come AND education/information about how to vote (i.e. a Q&A about how/when/where people can register to vote, a chance to review and complete a sample ballot, instructions for how to complete a mail in ballot correctly, etc - whatever election info people in your community need most). Take pictures and/or video during the party (with the permission of your guests) and post them afterwards along with your reflection about what voting info you chose to share / went well / any lessons you learned that would help other hosts plan their own ballot parties.#FLchallenge
CandidatesGeorgia16Create a set of Candidate Profiles for all candidates running in a race of your choice (local, state or federal). For each candidate, include information both about who they are AND their policy plans for three issues of your choice. #GAchallenge
Media LiteracyHawaii4Choose a media outlet that is popular your community and spend some time reviewing its coverage of youth and the 2020 election. Then create and share a post in which you answer the question, "In general, what - if anything - does this media outlet get right in its depiction of young people and what, if anything, does it need to change?"#HIchallenge
Campaigns & ElectionsIdaho4Interview a campaign staffer or volunteer (with their permission) to ask 5+ questions about who they are, why they support that candidate, and what motivates them to be engaged in this election. Then create and share 1-3 posts (in the style of Humans of New York) that use pictures and quotes to tell this person’s story and share what you learned about this person.#IDchallenge
VotingIllinois20Select five pieces of information you believe all voters in your community need to have in order to vote this fall. (ex. Who is eligible to vote? What kind of ID/documents do they need to have to register / vote? When/where can people register to vote (or check if they are already)? How/when/where can people vote early? (By mail? In person?) How/when where can people vote on Election Day? Why should people bother?) Research this information for your community and use it to create and share a PSA or voter guide.#ILchallenge
Political VoiceIndiana11Find someone who is different from you (age, gender, race, political ideology, etc) and invite them to have a conversation with you wherein you each share your answer to one of the following prompts: 
1. Is there someone with whom you disagree but still respect? Tell your story about that relationship. What makes you disagree with them? What makes you respect them?
2. Was there a moment, event, or person in your life who shaped your political views? How did it impact your perspective and beliefs?
3. Do you feel misunderstood by people who have different beliefs than you? Explain the context, and what that’s been like for you.
If you and your partner are willing, record and share the conversation itself (or broadcast it live). If not, create a post afterwards that shares your reflections about the experience.
VotingIowa6Find someone who has worked at the polls on Election Day (or during early voting) before. Interview them about their experience - How did they first find out about the opportunity? What was the best part? The worst part? Would they do it again? Why or why not?

Create a post that shares one thing you learned from this interview that you think others should know when considering whether to work at the polls this Election Day.
Media LiteracyKansas6Social media platforms have long struggled with the question of how to handle false information shared by users. Watch these two clips about how Twitter and Facebook have taken different approaches to this question this summer and then decide - how (if at all) do you think social media companies should try to regulate the spread of false content on their platforms?#KSchallenge
CandidatesKentucky8After watching a debate, create a post that explains to your followers why they should OR should not watch debates. To support your case, include answers to the following questions about your own viewing experience:
How well did the candidates answer the questions?
Were you surprised by anything in the debate? Explain why or why not.
Do you feel any differently about any of the candidates after watching this debate?
Political VoiceLouisiana8Create a piece of art that explains which issues, positions and/or other qualities are most important to you - and why - when evaluating which candidates you support this fall. Post this art to your instagram feed and use the caption to explain the post and invite your followers to create and share their own version.#LAchallenge
Campaigns & ElectionsMaine4Visit Use the ‘Reset Map’ button to make the map blank (gray). Then click on the states to create a map that shows your predictions for who (Biden or Trump) will win each state in November. Share this map to your instagram feed and use the caption to explain what it is and invite your followers to weigh in on which of your predictions they agree/disagree with.#MEchallenge
VotingMaryland10Create your own Voting Squad - a group of people who pledge to make sure each other votes this fall - and recruit at least 5 people to join. Register your squad at Then take a picture of each person holding a sign that says "I'm voting this fall because ___________" and create a photo collage post that includes a picture of each member, introduces your squad to your followers, and invites others to join your squad and/or pledge to vote themselves.#MDchallenge
Media LiteracyMassachusetts11Choose a candidate with an Instagram account and spend some time watching video ads posted in their feed. Choose one, share it to your feed, and use the comments section to deconstruct it / answer four questions:
1. Who is the target audience for this ad?
2. What type of ad is it? Negative, warm and fuzzy, humorous or scary?
3. What advertising techniques is it using?
4. Do you think it is effective? Why or why not?
Campaigns & ElectionsMichigan16Log 5 hours of campaigning for a candidate of your choice. As you earn your hours, document your experience with pictures. When you finish, create a multi-photo post and use the caption to reflect on at least 3 of the questions below:

What was the best encounter you had with a voter (or another volunteer) on the phones or doors? What made it the best?
What was the WORST encounter you had? What made it the worst?
What is something you learned about yourself while campaigning?
What is something you learned about the candidate/campaigning?
Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Why or why not?
Political VoiceMinnesota10Take one or more of the following ideological quizzes:

According to the questionnaire(s), where do you fall on the ideological spectrum? Were you surprised by your results? Why or why not?

Share a picture of this chart (including your initials that show where you sit on the spectrum) to your Instagram feed and use the caption to reflect on the questions above and invite your followers to share their own position as well.
Campaigns & ElectionsMississippi6Complete three missions in Then choose three recommendations you want those who will draw new districts for your state in 2021 to remember and factor into their process over the next year. Create a post in which you share those recommendations and explain why you believe each is important and will help create better maps.#MSchallenge
Media LiteracyMissouri10Pick a piece of media that covers a recent debate, and share your analysis: Is the piece you chose news or commentary? What did you appreciate about the reporting, and what do you think it got wrong? #MOchallenge
CandidatesMontana3Take and post a selfie with a candidate you support (could be the actual candidate, a picture of them, or with them on a screen in the background). #MTchallenge
VotingNebraska5Think of 3-5 questions a first time voter might have about what to expect when they vote (by mail or in person). Then find someone you know who has voted many times, interview them about their experience to get answers for your questions, and create a post to share their answers with your followers and encourage them to vote.#NEchallenge
Media LiteracyNevada6Watch this clip from experienced reporter Jorge Ramos.
Then create a post to share your thoughts on the following question: When it comes to covering the election, should a journalist's goal be to “tell both sides of the story” or to “reveal the truth about a story”? What, in your opinion, is the difference between the two?
Media LiteracyNew Hampshire4Create a post or video in which you reflect on your own news consumption habits (i.e. How do you get your news? What do you value about the sources you read/watch/listen to? Would you recommend them to others? Why or why not?), assign yourself a grade, and commit to develop one new habit (i.e. consume more or less, diversify your sources, etc.) before Election Day. #NHchallenge
Media LiteracyNew Jersey14Create a PSA that includes 3 tips for how to spot fake news and why it’s important - particularly during an election season - for people to check whether news sources are reliable before they post on social media.#NJchallenge
CandidatesNew Mexico5Watch a debate or other candidate event and pick one quote from that candidate that stood out to you. Create and post a meme (or picture) to share the quote. (Be sure to use quotation marks, attribute it to the candidate, and add the date/location of the debate where she or he said it.) Tag the candidate in your post (if they are on Instagram) and explain in the caption of your post why this quote stood out to you. #NMchallenge
Media LiteracyNew York29Organize and host a Debate Watch Party (virtual or in person) for at least five people. Invite your guests to watch together in one room/zoom OR to tweet using a unique hashtag so you can chat with each other throughout. Provide them with a ‘candidate scorecard’ to complete as they watch the debate - and when it ends, facilitate a short discussion wherein participants share what grades they gave each candidate’s performance and why. Take a group picture (or video of the discussion) and post it on Instagram along with your own Head/Heart/Feet reflection (what you learned, what you felt and what you’re going to do next) about how the event went.#NYchallenge
Campaigns & ElectionsNorth Carolina15Create a PSA that explains to voters in your home state why you think each campaign (Biden and Trump) should or should not be spending time and resources in your state. Make sure to include: 
1. What state you live in
2. Is it a safe state (for which party), a swing state or a battleground state?
3. How do you know? Does it make sense for the Biden campaign (and its supporters) to spend resources courting voters in your state? Why or why not?
4. Does it make sense for the Trump campaign (and its supporters) to spend resources courting voters in your state? Why or why not? 
VotingNorth Dakota3Find a first time voter and ask them why they are voting in the 2020 election and/or why they believe voting is important. Create a post that celebrates this person, includes a quote from how they answered your question, includes the hashtag #brandnewvoter and tags them (with their permission).#NDchallenge
Campaigns & ElectionsOhio18Are unlimited campaign contributions a matter of free speech or a threat to democracy? Create a post that explains your position, offers 2 reasons why you picked that AND at least one argument for the other side that also makes sense to you.#OHchallenge
Political VoiceOklahoma7Rewrite the lyrics to a popular song to explain why this election is important. Record audio or video of yourself singing the song (with your new lyrics) and post the video. Pro-tip: Include lyrics in the caption of your post to make sure viewers can follow along.#OKchallenge
CandidatesOregon7Create and share a Candidate Profile about a candidate running in a lesser-known race near you. Make sure to include information both about who they are AND their policy plans for three issues of your choice.#ORchallenge
Campaigns & ElectionsPennsylvania20Organize and host a phonebank (virtual or in person) with at least 5 callers for a candidate of your choice. Towards the end of the phonebank, take a group picture of everyone making calls and ask your participants to share a Head/Heart/Feet reflection (what they learned from phonebanking, how they felt doing it, and what steps they're going to take next to stay involved). Post the photo and use the caption/comments to share highlights from the group's reflections.#PAchallenge
Campaigns & ElectionsRhode Island4Attend a campaign event - virtually or in person. Then create and post a video of yourself answering the following questions: Was this event what you expected it would be like? Why or why not? Did what you saw/heard at the event make you more or less likely to support this candidate/campaign? Why?#RIchallenge
VotingSouth Carolina9Research the steps a voter in your state must take to complete and return a mail in ballot correctly to ensure it will be counted. Then create and share a post that explains this process to your followers. #SCchallenge
Campaigns & ElectionsSouth Dakota3Help a candidate you support by creating a meme that recruits your followers to volunteer for the campaign. Be sure to include: what types of help the campaign needs; where (address or website) people need to go to sign up, and your best pitch for why someone should consider volunteering.#SDchallenge
CandidatesTennessee11Pick two candidates running in the same race (of your choice) and three issues you care about. Research each candidate's stance on your three issues and assign each a letter grade for each issue. Then create a report card for each candidate that includes their name, party, office they are seeking, a grade for each of three issue positions, and an explanation for each grade. Post both report cards - along with your recommendation for which candidate you hope your followers will vote for and why.#TNchallenge
Political VoiceTexas38Organize and host an event (virtual or in person) for at least 5 people wherein participants each share an issue that is important to them and then discuss three questions: Why should presidential candidates pay attention to young people? How does this issue impact young people? What made you interested in this issue? Then create and share a 2-3 minute presentation (skit, video, spoken word, something else - your choice!) that summarizes and shares the substance of your dialogue with everyone else who was not in your group to answer: "What should presidential candidates (and others) know about how this issue impacts young people?" Make sure your presentation includes a role for all participants and reflects all the voices and perspectives offered in your group. #TXchallenge
CandidatesUtah6Pick a race (local, state or federal) in your community. Brainstorm 10 questions you would ask candidates if you were moderating a debate. Share your questions via video or a slide deck and tag any candidates running in that race who have IG accounts to see if you can get any of them to answer.#UTchallenge
Media LiteracyVermont3Create and share a meme that captures how you feel when you see a friend or family member share fake news.#VTchallenge
Political VoiceVirginia13Make your voice heard! Record and share a video of yourself giving a short speech that answers the following question: What is a pressing issue facing young people in your community today, why is it important, and what should be done to address it? #VAchallenge
Media LiteracyWashington12Find one example of media bias in a broadcast and/or print outlet's coverage of the 2020 election. Share a screenshot of the source to your feed and use the caption to 1. describe the bias technique and 2. explain what messages might be missing.#WAchallenge
CandidatesWest Virginia5Watch a debate and complete a Candidate Scorecard. At the end of the debate, share your scorecard to Instagram - either by posting a picture or going live to talk through why you gave each candidate the grades you did. #WVchallenge
VotingWisconsin10Survey at least 10 people in your community who were at least 18 years old at the time of the last election (e.g., parents, older family members, business owners) to learn their answers to the following questions: Are you registered to vote? Why or why not? Did you vote in the last election? Why or why not? Then identify the most common reason you heard for not voting and create a post in which you propose an action you and your followers can take between now and Election Day to address this problem and increase voter turnout.#WIchallenge
Political VoiceWyoming3Get an official campaign account to share/repost a post your team has submitted as part of this Race.#WYchallenge