SETUP:Tomorrow1/14/22Data Source:RWC Wharf 5INSTRUCTIONS:
— Select the date setup from the first dropdown box (B4). This can be "Today," "Tomorrow," or "Specify Date:"
— If "Specify Date:" is chosen, input the requested date in the following cell (C4).
— Select the data source in the second drop down box (E4). This can be "Smith Slough," or "RWC Wharf 5."

WARNING: This chart provides information on the tide conditions at Bair Island Aquatic Club. Please be aware that this is only advice. If you are rowing outside of coached sessions, always row within your ability and experience.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If the sheet appears corrupted, open the version history, view only named versions, and restore the named version "RestorePoint." If you're stuck, contact tom(dot)taylor(at)gmail(dot)com

CREDIT: This chart was made by Tom Taylor. It uses tide and sun data from Mobile Geographics (