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10x Growth Accounta New cryptocurrency investment fund collaboration with the Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) and their secure platform seratio-coins.world to help many more people to start investing in Cryptocurrency without the worry of which coins to favour, which exchanges to use and how to invest. Will also provides amazing social enterprise benefits (CCEG)FinanceInvestingComing soon..https://www.bcdc.online
2giveDonation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon..
4NEWThe world's first eco-friendly, tangible Waste to Energy blockchain solutionstartupEnergy, EnvironmentEnergy, Renewables, WasteComing soon..KWATTEngland, GlobalLondon, England2017Varun Datta, Founder & Chairman; Sandeep Golechha, CEOhttps://pesabase.com/
9Needs Pvtusing blockchain to develop identity and contracting systems to let South African childhood development programmes register children and provide reliable databasePeople & PeaceChildhoodComing soon..South AfricaCape Town, South Africa2012Shaun Conway, Founder
A transparent companya company fighting for increased transparency of supply chain for fashion brandsSupply Chain & TradeSupply ChainComing soon..https://www.everex.io/
A.C. Simón Rodríguez para el Conocimiento Libre, R.S.Coming soon..Venezuela
Abraa Bitcoin-based remittance applicationstartupFinancePayment, Remittances, Financial InclusionComing soon..Mountain View, USA2014Bill Barhydt, Founder; Pete Kelly, Founderhttps://www.boule.one/
Abt Associates (project with Papua New Gunea)an MOU with the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea to pilot blockchain-based efforts to establish and confirm identify and improve financial inclusion in Papua New GuineaIdentity, FinanceDigital Identity, Financial InclusionComing soon..Papua New Guinea
Acorn Collectiveopen, free and global blockchain based crowdfunding platformFinanceCrowdfunding, InvestingComing soon..OAKGibraltar, Gibraltar2012Moritz Kurtz, Founder & CEO"www.irisguard.com/
ACTa decentralized funding platform for Activism and Social Good, addressing social accountability by aggregating micro payments from citizens to fund grass roots proposals that drive changeDonation & Aid, Government & Public, FinanceCivic Engagement, Donation & Charities, CrowdfundingComing soon..ACT, CE7Zug, Switzerland2017Andrea Hailey, Founderhttp://amply.tech/
Agoraa digital blockchain voting systemDemocracy & VotingVotingComing soon..Leonardo Grammar
AgriDigitala company building the trusted and efficient agri-supply chains of the future where all participants can operate with full confidenceSupply Chain & Trade, Agriculture & FoodAgriculture, Supply ChainComing soon..piloteRaftAustralia2015Bridie Ohlsson, Blockchain Program Lead; Emma Weston, Co-Founder & CEO; Bob McKay, Co-Founder & Head of Sales; Ben Reid, Co-Founder & Customer Success Managerhttps://kwhcoin.com/
Agriledgerusing blockchain technology to give small farmers in developing countries a fairer dealAgriculture & FoodAgriculture, Food, Fair tradeComing soon..
AgUnitya company helping the smallest farmers in developing countries via the use of blockchain tech, using Distributed Cryptoledger And Mobile Apps To Create A Circle Of Trust For Small Farmer Co-Operatives.Agriculture & FoodAgricultureComing soon..-Melbourne, Australia2017https://lo3energy.com/
Aid:Techa platform delivering digital entitlements via blockchain technology and digital identityIdentityDigital IdentityComing soon..Dublin, Ireland2016Joseph Thompson, Founder; Niall Dennehy, Founder
Aidcointhe ERC20 token that aims to become the preferred method to donate transparently through the Ethereum blockchainDonation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon..EthereumAIDGlobalMilan, Italy2013Francesco Nazari Fusetti, Co-Founder & CEOhttps://powerledger.io/
Akasha Worldsocial media platform based on blockchain technologyInternet & MediaSocial MediaComing soon..AETHZug, Switzerland2015Mihai Alisie, Founder
Akiri Switchthe first network-as-a-service platform optimized for healthcarestartupHealthHealthComing soon..early-stageUSA, CandaSan Francisco, USA2018Douglass Given MD, Chairman; Daphne Li, Chief Operating Officehttps://pylon-network.org/
Akona new cryptocurrency from Akon, the global artist and change-maker who founded Akon Lighting Africa (providing scaled solar power solutions throughout Africa), created to empower youth entrepreneurship and economic inclusion through an exclusive suite of sustainability and growth building crypto-based appsPeople & Peace, FinanceChildhood, Payment, Financing, InvestingComing soon..AfricaDakar, Senegal2017
AliceSIa platform that brings transparency
to social funding through blockchain technology
Donation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon..GlobalLondon, UK2016Raphaël Mazet, CEO; Areti Kampyli, COO; Jakub Wojciechowski, CTO"www.ecobit.io/
ALMBankA User-Driven Freelance and Charitable Job Market for ICO, Crypto Labor, and Blockchain JobsDonation & Aid, People & PeaceDonation & Charities, Job MarketComing soon..AALMLos Angeles, USA2017Austin Muhs, Founder & CEOhttps://www.orchidprotocol.com/
AltruistamComing soon..
Amplya digital protocol that uses the power of information to amplify the social and economic impacts of services delivered through decentralised networks, and provides every child with their own self-sovereign digital identity based on the blockchain. This will enable children to receive benefits and services that they might have previously been excluded from.startupIdentity, People & PeaceDigital Identity, ChildhoodComing soon..programEthereumAfricaCape Town, South Africa2016Shaun Conway, Co-Founder; Lohan Spieshttps://mpk.impak.eco/en/
AnanasstartupInternet & MediaComing soon..Ethereum
Annonaa mobile and web-based platform that suppliers use to manage procurement, payments and aggregate crop production from small-scale producersAgriculture & Food, Supply Chain & TradeAgriculture, Supply ChainComing soon..EthereumWashington, USA; Nairobi, Kenya2015http://echarge.io
AntLovea private, proof-of-stake blockchain that seeks to help make charities more transparent and accountable, from an Alibaba affiliateDonation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon..ChinaChina2017Cheng Li
APPIIAPPII is a career verification platform. The Platform verifies Identity, Education, Employment, Micro Credentials and also enables Background Screening.startupPeople & PeaceJob Market, CertificationComing soon..WorldwideLondon2016Gary McKay – Managing Director, Adi Ben-Adi – CTOhttps://climatecoin.io/
Arc-netthe company arc-net connects every step of your product's journey to deliver supply chain transparency and product security. The arc-net toolset provides an easy to use scalable platform, powering the strategic insights that unlock profit .startupSupply Chain & Trade, Agriculture & FoodFoodComing soon..GlobalBelfast, ireland2014
Arcade Citya blockchain platform decentralizing the corporate sharing economy, starting with ridesharingstartupEnergy, Mobility, OthersEnergy, Sharing EconomyComing soon..early-stageEthereumARCDAustin, USA2015https://cashaa.com/cas-token.php
Arcade.citya global network of local driver cooperatives called guilds. Guild drivers work together to provide reliable service to their local area.startupSupply Chain & Trade, OthersSharing Economy, MobilityComing soon..ARCD
ArcusstartupFinanceRemittancesComing soon..https://koina.cc/page/system
Ash Elementsan Asset Back Token (ABT) that captures the value of rare earth minerals in coal ash in the form of mineral rights, turning an unattractive liability into a viable environmentally responsible asset. This asset will be made available to the block-chain community and in doing so add value in many dimensions to our collective future.startupEnvironmentPollutionComing soon..early-stageASHCharlotte, USA2017Tom Friend, Founder and CEO
Atlasconnects people who want financial services with the people that can provide themstartupFinanceFinancial InclusionComing soon..New York, USA2014Mickey Costa, Co-founder & CEO; James Schuler, Co-founder & CTOhttps://moeda.in/
Austin guilda global network of local driver cooperatives called guilds. Guild drivers work together to provide reliable service to their local area. A project from Arcade.CitystartupMobilityComing soon..early-stageEthereumARCDAustin, USA2015
Australian Water Partnership & Civic LedgerWaterWater SanitationComing soon..https://www.stellar.org/
Ballotchaina blockchain system for online elections with secure and anonymous votingDemocracy & VotingVotingComing soon..
Bananacointhe first environmentally friendly plantation in Laos which has released a utility token based on Ethereum, pegged to the export price of 1 kg of bananasAgriculture & Food, Supply Chain & TradeFood, Supply ChainComing soon..EthereumVIENTIANE, Laos2017https://fair-coin.org/
Bankymoona company providing insight and technical expertise to support our clients to be able to integrate into private or public blockchains it is important to understand their capabilities and limitations. Not all problems can be solved using the technology and many opportunities can easily be overlooked.privateConsulting, TrainingComing soon..programBTCSouth AfricaJohannesburg2015Lorien Gamaroff, CEO
BanQuthe first Economic Identity technology that enables a secure and immutable platform for creating economic opportunity for everyone, focusing on economic identities and extreme poverty
Identity, People & PeaceDigital Identity, PovertyComing soon..Indonesia, Kenya, Somali, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mexico, South East AsiaAustin, USA2012Ashish Gadnis, CEOhttp://bitfury.com/
Batana digital carbon offset and a collective effort to address climate change. By using social media, the power of the crowd, and secure digital transaction technology, Batan turbo-charges existing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.startupEnvironmentPollutionComing soon..London, England2015
BCDCa UK based startup committed to developing new technologies and leveraging them to make a positive impact on the world, helping to reverse climate change by building decentralised applications which provide global transparency and oversight in: Environmental Management, Recycling Management, Renewable Energy, Water management and Pollution Management.
startupEnvironment, Supply Chain & TradeRecycling, PollutionComing soon..piloteEthereumBCDCUKLondon, England2017Gordon Cowan, CEOhttps://www.factom.com/
BeamstartupFinanceRemittances, PaymentComing soon..
BeefLedgeran integrated provenance, blockchain security and payments platform for the beef supply chainstartupAgriculture & Food, Supply Chain & TradeSupply Chain, FoodComing soon..piloteno specific one yetBEEFAustraliaSuite 5.03, Level 5, 50 Margaret Street, Sydney, Australia2017Mr Warwick Powell
Mr Mark Dunworth
Mr Anthony Dunn
Mr Ross Honeyman (company secretary)
BenBenblockchain-enabled land registry allowing people to search, manage, and verify property and land documents such as site plans, indentures, and mortgages, with active programs in Ghana and NigeriastartupGovernment & PublicComing soon..Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Colombia.
BenefactoryDonation & AidComing soon..Globalhttp://www.giveth.io
Bermuda & BitFuryPPPGovernment & PublicGovernmentComing soon..BitFury
Bext360a blockchain technologies that streamline critical supply chains in emerging economies especially used for coffee productionAgriculture & Food, Supply Chain & TradeAgriculture, Coffee, Supply ChainComing soon..Democratic Republic of Congo,ColumbiaDenver, USA2016Daniel Jones, Founder and CEO"https://followmyvote.com/
BflowComing soon..https://getstarted.with.pink/
BFlow (Noble Profit)a blockchain solution being developed by Noble Profit to make it easier to report sustainability metrics. Our goal is to establish proof of reputation using data validated by trusted third parties.EnvironmentPollutionComing soon..Ethereum, Proof of ReputationGlobalSan Francisco, USA2017
Bit2mestartupFinanceRemittances, PaymentComing soon.."https://votem.com/
BitDegreeEducationEducationComing soon..https://www.aidcoin.co
Bitfury Project in Georgiaa project between the Bitfury group and the Republic of Georgia for advance transparency by developing a system for registering land titles using the Blockchain for the National Agency of Public Registry.PPPGovernment & PublicComing soon..GeorgiaAmsterdam, Tokyo, Washington, London, San Francisco2014Valery Vavilov
Bitgive Foundationan American nonprofit organization that solicits bitcoin donations for use in charitable causes and allows donors and the public to trace transactions in real timeDonation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon..GlobalSacramento, USA2013Connie Gallippi, Founderhttp://www.disberse.com/
Bithopefirst Bulgarian non-governmental organization (NGO) in public benefit that uses ONLY cryptocurrency to generate funds for the campaigns hosted on the BitHope.org websiteDonation & Aid, Government & Public, FinanceCivic Engagement, Donation & Charities, CrowdfundingComing soon..
Bitlanda company that makes use of digital innovation to create transparent, non-falsifiable Land Title records in Ghana.startupGovernment & PublicComing soon..Ghana; AfricaGhana2014Narigamba Mwinsuubo Founderhttps://almbank.io
Bitlumensa peer to peer platform where users adopt PV systems to reduce carbon emissionsEnergy, WaterEnergy, WaterComing soon..EthereumBLSZug, Switzerland2017Veronica Garcia, Founder & CEO
Bitminutesa pre-paid minutes asset backed token that collateralizes micro-loans for over 2 billion consumers in 70 countriesFinance, Internet & MediaRemittances, Lending, Financial Inclusion, TelecommunicationsComing soon..2012Tom Meredith, CEO; Morris Mwanga, CTOhttps://www.gridcoin.us/
Bitnationfully functional Decentralized Autonomous Organization where everyone can create a team called a HolonPeople & PeaceRefugee CrisisComing soon..
BitNationstartupFinance, Government & Public, IdentityRemittances, Digital Identity, GovernmentComing soon..https://www.brooklyn.energy/
BitnaturaEnvironmentComing soon..
Bitpesaa digital foreign exchange and payment platform for frontier markets, reducing the cost of cross-border payments in AfricastartupFinancePayment, RemittancesComing soon..programAfricaNairobi, Kenya2013Elizabeth Rossiello, CEOhttps://energitoken.com
Bitrefillthe largest cryptocurrency top-up prepaid phone company, reaching over 160 countries and supporting 600 operators worldwidestartupFinance, Internet & MediaFinancial Inclusion, TelecommunicationsComing soon..Sergej Kotliar CEO
Bitseedrestoring the rainforest through blockchainComing soon..ClosedXSEED2014https://restartenergy.io
BitsparkstartupFinanceRemittances, PaymentComing soon..
Bitta Financial Technology company that utilises distributed ledger technology to improve speed, efficiency and significantly reduce the costs of the payment systemFinanceFinancial InclusionComing soon..CarribbeanBridgetown, Barbados2013Gabriel Abed; Founderhttps://solardao.me/
BittstartupFinanceRemittances, PaymentComing soon..
Black Coin (Seratio)a coin announced on the seracoin platformPeople & PeaceSocial ValuesComing soon..GlobalUK2017https://www.rootproject.co/roots-tokens/
Blockcertsan open-source initiative initially designed and developed by MIT’s Media Lab and Learning Machine, which goal is to create an open standard for creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying blockchain-based certificatesstartupEducation, IdentityCertificationComing soon..AgnosticUS
Blockchain Development CompanyComing soon..GlobalUKsustainability-international.org
Blockchain for Changea technology company at the nexus of technology, community, and digital identity. We build transparent and accountable solutions for social impact on top of a blockchain-agnostic marketplaceIdentity, People & PeaceHomelessness, Digital IdentityComing soon..closed?New YorkNew York, USA2017Josh Thompson, Co-Founder & CEO; Amanda Graham, Co-Founder & COO; Calin Bradley, Co-Founder & Chairman of Board
Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration (Bloc)the leading community and platform for maritime and energy blockchain based solutionsEnergy, WaterEnergy, WaterComing soon..Copenhagen, Denmark2016Deanna MacDonald, CEO"https://chromaway.com/
BlockFakesHealthHealthComing soon..http://www.kora.network/
Blockgrainthe first industry-wide platform to provide seamless integration between growers, grain brokers, buyers and logistics providersAgriculture & FoodComing soon..AustraliaAustralia
BlockIDBlockID by 1Kosmos revolutionizes identity management, enabling people and companies to escape from the legacy systems of paper-based documents and move into a true digital identity with unprecedented privacy, security, transparency and individual rights by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.startupIdentityFinancial Inclusion, Credit ScoringComing soon..BIDworldwideJersey City, New Jersey, USA2017Rohan Pinto – CTOhttp://banquapp.com
Blockstack (formerly called OneName)Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps where users own their data.
A browser is all that’s needed to get started.
startupInternet & Media, IdentityInternet & MediaComing soon..early-stageStackGlobalNew York2014Muneeb Ali,
Ryan Shea
BlockverifyBlockchain based anti-counterfeiting solutionComing soon..Paul Tanasyuk
Bloomend-to-end protocol for identity attestation, risk assessment and credit scoring, entirely on the blockchainFinance, IdentityCredit Scoring, Digital IdentityComing soon..
Blue Map (China's Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs)a blockchain-based application that enables the public to check real-time data on air and water quality, local sources of pollution, and scrutinize emissions from 9,000 polluting companiesEnvironmentAir pollutionComing soon..ChinaBeijing, China2015Michael Robinson, CTO at Deloitte Digital UK"www.m-kopa.com/
Boom Starter networkstartupDonation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon.."http://ixo.foundation/
Bouléa voting technology based on the blockchain, we now have the ability to bring voting securely online and make our elections verifiableStartupDemocracy & VotingVotingComing soon..piloteBOUItaly, SpainItaly2017Claudio Perliniwww.bitland.world
Brexit Coin (Seratio)a coin announced on the seracoin platformPeople & PeaceSocial ValuesComing soon..GlobalUK2017
Brooklyn Microgrida Microgrid Intelligent System for Energy jointly built on the Ethereum by Lo3 Energy, Siemens and Consensys Systems, tested in BrooklynEnergyEnergyComing soon..EthereumNew York, USNew York, USA2015Lawrence Orsini, Lo3's Founder; Scott Kessler; Director & Business Developmenthttps://www.bext360.com/
Carbon TokenA decentralized peer-to-peer self-organizing consensus mechanism and marketplace for carbon offset lifecycle management using cryptographic blockchain tokensEnvironmentComing soon..
Carboncoinan energy efficient digital currency that plants treesEnvironmentComing soon..CARBON2014AxisMundi, CTOhttp://healthcoin.nl/
CarbonXCarbonX enables enterprise companies to satisfy the growing consumer demand for sustainable business practices. We source and recast carbon offsets as crypto tokens on a private blockchain, thereby validating provenance and ensuring the security and immutability of all transactions.StartupEnvironmentComing soon..EthereumGoodCoinsGlobalToronto, Canada2017Don Tapscott, William Tapscott
CARDAMONend-to-end digital solution for humanitarian cash transferPeople & Peace, Donation & AidDisaster Relief, Development Aid, Development Finance, Donation & CharitiesComing soon..Globalhttps://www.esolidar.com
Cardano land ownership trialsthe announcements that Cardano (ADA) will trial their blockchain in Africa for land ownershipstartupGovernment & PublicComing soon..CardanoAfrica
Care GameWe create an alternative for playing mobile games : our Care Game platform pays better game developers, and distributes a cut to NGOs !startupDonation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon..PFGGlobalParis2017Benjamin Athuil, CEOhttps://www.dorium.world/sobz/
Cargilla pilot blockchain technology to track the provenance of its turkeys, providing consumers with information on where individual birds were raisedSupply Chain & Trade, Agriculture & FoodSupply Chain, FoodComing soon..Global
Cashaathe Next Generation banking Platform for the Next Billion, building a no-fee remittance system for the remittance marketstartupFinancePayment, RemittancesComing soon..CASNigeria, IndiaLondon, UK2016Kumar Gaurav, Founder & CEOhttps://thewaterproject.org/donate-bitcoin
CCCoin(closed) charitable crypto-currency that raises capital through currency exchanges and donates the proceeds to notable trusted charities chosen through a democratic voting processstartupDonation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon..
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) & IBMan agreement between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and IBM Watson Health to research the use of blockchain for storing and exchanging medical data.PPPPeople & Peace, HealthDisaster ReliefComing soon..early-stageIBM"https://www.mivote.org.au/
Chai Wine Vaulta project that verifies authenticity of wines and reduce wine counterfeiting, especially of wine purchased as an investment assetpartnershipAgriculture & Food, Supply Chain & TradeFoodComing soon..Everledgerhttps://charityspace.net
Change BankChange is a new age financial proposition for individuals with high financial ambitions.startupFinanceFinancial Inclusion, RemittancesComing soon..early-stageCAGGlobalTallinn2017Kristjan Kangro CEO
Change Healthcarethe first blockchain solution for enterprise-scale use in healthcare to create a distributed ledger that makes claims processing and secure payment transactions more efficient and cost effective for all stakeholders across the revenue cyclecorporateHealthHealthComing soon..Hyperledger Fabric™ 1.0http://www.gigagiving.com/
CharitexOverviewFinanceImpact Investing, LendingComing soon..CharitexAustraliaMelbourne, Australia2017Campbell Woskett CEO
Charity DAOBlockchain-based project bringing revolutionary decentralized governance to giving.
Donation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon..early-stageGlobal2016www.daoact.org/
Charity SpacestartupDonation & AidDonation & CharitiesComing soon..
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