The A to Z's of Navigating Wagner Middle School
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The A to Z's of Navigating
TopicPerson to summarizeContact info.Definition
Afterschool: Manhattan Youth & Sports Academy Programs
Marylyne Myrthil, Program Director - Manhattan Youth After-School Program at Wagner Middle School- Manhattan Youth Mr. Tauber - Wagner's Sports Academy Middle School has two types of programs for afterschool activities. There is a Sports Program, where teams are run by Wagner coaches and compete with other middle schools. These teams are typically formed by a tryout. Sometimes, specific sport teams will not have a tryout to join, such as wrestling and beginner level tennis. The second afterschool program is run by Manhattan Youth. This program includes many unique and varied types of afterschool activities, such as homework help, chess, dissection club, gardening club, needlework, chorus, drama, spin classes, digital photography, museum club, and so many more! Getting into any club is based on student numbers with a minimum and maximum per activity.
Alumni AssociationLise Augliseaug646@gmail.comOne of our alumni parents, Lise Aug, would like to reach out to all alumni parents, to keep them informed about Wagner Middle School. Parents of alumni can also join our Facebook account or Twitter, to keep in the loop. See more in dictionary under "Facebook" and "Twitter".
Annual FundParents AssociationWagnerpa.anne@gmail.comThe annual family appeal is a general fundraising event that occurs throughout the year; where your donations go directly toward any and all of the programs that the wagner parents association sponsors during that year. It is also an opportunity for families who may have the ability to apply for matching gifts, to do so. You can find this form under the "Parents Association tab" of the Wagner website or under the "Bulletin Board" of the website. You can also email the PA, for them to email the form to you. A specific member of the Parent's Association E-Board, will chair this program and will be the contact person for this program. Elections for all positions will be held in September. This document will then be updated for contact information.
Appointments with Wagner Staff (AP's, Teachers, Guidance counselors, Principal, Parent Coordinator)CommunicationsA Staff Directory can be found on the Wagner website.The best way to make an appointment with all Wagner staff other than the principal, is to email the staff member directly from using the Wagner website. For the principal, email her secretary, Ms. Delehanty, to make an appointment.
ARISTA - See also topics: Community ServiceMr. Pavlou and Ms., Middle School is a member of the Middle School National Junior Honor Society, ARISTA. A one-page description is sent home in the "Welcome Folders" and can also be found on the Wagner website home page under the "Bulletin Board".
To qualify, students must meet specific criteria including academic achievement, attendance, and citizenship.
ARISTA community service forms are found under the "Students" tab of the Wagner website. We advise parents and students, as your child begins to collect their hours from their community service as well as in-school service, that they take a picture of their form for every time they collect a signature or submit their form to a bake sale, etc. Forms have a habit of getting lost and students are under pressure at the due date, to try and collect all the signatures again.
Attendance and LatenessSchool Policy/RegulationsJDeane@mail.wagner167.orgAttendance is essential for academic success. Appointments during the school day, medical or otherwise, are disruptive to the learning process and highly discouraged. Official school attendance is taken during morning homeroom and after lunch – all lateness/absences, morning and afternoon, are relevant. The school day begins at 8:20 AM. Students arriving after the 8:20 AM bell will be marked “late.” Latecomers will receive a late pass at security and sign in late with their classroom teacher as well.
AuctionParents AssociationWagnerpa.anne@gmail.comNot only an awesome party but our biggest fundraiser of the year. We ask that every parent in the school, to try and solicit or bring in, one donation for the auction. If every family sent in or solicited one donation, we would have an extra-ordinary auction this year!
Backpack MailCommunicationsAll Staff emails can be found on the Wagner website.The term "backpack mail" refers to the flyers or letters sent home with your child. Students are supposed to give these to you but should they forget, parents should ask their students daily, if they have any flyers or letters in their backpacks.
Bake SalesParents AssociationBake Sale co-chairs, TBAOnce a month, the Bake Sale Committee of the PA, organizes a bake sale as a PA fundraiser. All items are sold for $1.00. We ask all parents to try and bring donations so that there is enough for everyone. Any student who brings in a baked good that they made can get ARISTA credit with a maximum limit of 2 Arista hour credits for the school year.  
Blood DriveSheila Gonzalez-LiffeySGonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgWagner Middle School hosts two blood drives a year. The first is during one of the days of the Winter Concert and one drive is on one of the days of the Spring Concert. This is a community blood drive and all schools are invited to participate to recruit donors. The Parent Coordinator (PC) at Wagner is the contact for the blood drive.
Blue CardMain OfficeMain OfficeThe blue card is the main "emergency" card that Wagner has for contacts for your family. It is located in the main office. Students are not allowed to be taken out of school before dismissal, by anyone who is not on the blue card, unless a letter is sent in to the teacher, by a primary caretaker, stating that another person who is NOT on the bluecard, has permission to pick up your child early from school.
Boxtops for EducationParents AssociationWagnerpa.anne@gmail.comThis year-round fundraiser adds valuable funds to our school budget. . Classrooms are given prizes for those who collect the most boxtops. Boxtops collection times are set by the PA's chair for this program. She will send home information for collection times via the Parent Coordinator's eblasts or the morning announcements.
Calling the main office to inquire about whether your child is in school or not, whether they are having a good or bad day or asking them to call home, etc.School Policy/RegulationsMain OfficeThe courtesy phone in the main office is for emergency use only. Students may not use this phone to inform their parent/guardian that they have arrived to school or need an item brought to school. Please know, unless it is an extreme emergency, we cannot get messages to your children during the school day. Also, please refrain from calling the school to see that your child has arrived. Students can text their parents to say they have arrived safely before entering the building. There are also tracking features on phones, that you may utilize to check on your children. The main office should not be called if your child has forgotten to text or call you when they have arrived at school. Please remember that Wagner is a large school with a very large student population.
Career DayGuidance grade Career Day is an event held in February. The guidance team looks for volunteers that would be interested in giving three, twenty minute presentations (the same one, three times!) to our students about their diverse fields of work. If you are interested in volunteering a few hours of your time to do so, please reach out to your grade level guidance counselor who will give you more details about the day.
Change of AddressJill Deanejdeane@mail.wagner167.orgIf your student moves during the school year, please bring 2 original "proofs" of address to the Pupil Accounting Secretary. He/She will update your address in ATS.
Class changes (students)AP',, any type of class change request, you must speak with your grade level assistant principal.
Coffee Chats (by grade - 6th, 7th or 8th grade parents/guardians)Sheila Gonzalez-LiffeySGonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgMonthly or bi-monthly informal meetings with the Parent Coordinator as well as her guest speakers who may be one or more of the following: the Grade level AP, Guidance Counselor, the Principal, the Dean(s) or a member of the PA. Parents enjoy coffee and a share their thoughts as they also meet fellow parents and learn more about Wagner. There is no "agenda" for these coffee hours. They are meant to be both social and informal. Often, questions or discussions will come up in the coffee hour, that gives the PC a chance to bring to light new ideas or concerns or questions from parents to the school staff/administration. Volunteers to bring the coffee & light snacks, are welcome! If you are interested in volunteering, please inform the parent coordinator.
Coin Drive (PA Fundraiser)Parents Associationwagnerpa.anne@gmail.comA PA fundraiser. The top 3 classes who raise the most money (one from each grade) win a pizza party. This fundraiser gets our students involved in a fun and interactive way.
College Awareness DayGuidance Awareness Day is celebrated throughout NYC (usually in January). The guidance department asks for all staff members to wear a college shirt or sweatshirt on that day. Staff are encouraged to share something about their college experience with each of their classes. Students are also encouraged to wear something from their parents' college or the college they would like to attend or represent. Our goal is to motivate our students and make them aware of various educational possibilities.
Communication with teachersYou can contact the teacher directly or contact your grade level assistant principal.,, first line of communication with your child's teacher should be via email. You can request a meeting with your child's teacher via this mode of communication. Please give your teacher up to 48 hours to respond to your email.
Communications from WagnerSheila Gonzalez-LiffeySGonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgThere are 4 forms of school-wide communication from Wagner Middle School. The first source of communication is our website. Daily announcements, monthly calendars, b-fast and lunch menus, after-school cancellations and school-wide updates, will be posted in the "Morning Announcement" section of our website (located on the main page of the website). The second source of communication and most primary, is the Parent Coordinator's eblast list. These emails come from the parent coordinator's email address. If you are not signed up to receive emails from the Parent Coordinator, you will miss many important communications from the school - including events, activities, DOE notices/letters and Parent Teacher Conference information. For in-coming 6th graders, you will have an opportunity to sign up for these eblasts on Meet and Greet Day. If you are new to Wagner and are still not on the eblast list, please email the Parent Coordinator and let her know what grade your child is currently in. The third form of communication is what we call "Backpack mail". These are the non-electronic forms, flyers or letters, that we send home with your child. At times, this form of communication is less reliable as it is dependant on your child to give you the documents. The fourth form of communication is the Remind texts or emails which may entail last minute reminders, notices or celebrations. You can sign up for remind texts by contacting Ms. Elias at: All of the above, are sources for school-wide communication. Individual communication can occur anytime between your family and teachers and/or staff members.
Community PartnershipsParents Associationwagnerpa.anne@gmail.comModell's, Fairway, Amazon Smile, Goodsearch, etc. Throughout the year, parents can shop at Fairway and use a Fairway card for monthly discounts and specials. Wagner Middle School will also get money back at specific times of the year. Parents are encouraged to use "Goodsearch" to shop on-line. More information on Goodsearch, can be found on the Parent's Association tab of the website or by contacting the PA co-presidents. Three times a year, Modell's give us a 15% discount coupon for all our friends and families to use, as many times as they want. Wagner gets a portion of these sales. Finally, if you shop on, please sign up for Parents can choose Wagner Middle School Parents Association as their "charity" and Wagner will get a portion of all sales. For more information and to get started with, go to:
Community Service Hours (ARISTA)Mr. Pavlou and Ms., Service hours must be completed for those who are hoping to join ARISTA, the National Junior Honors Society at Wagner. Community service consists of hours done "in-school" and "out in the community". For example, in-school hours can be accumulated by students volunteering to help their teachers during recess, after-school, or for Parent-teacher conferences. Students can also earn up to 2 hours by baking home-baked goods for the various bake sales. Students can also volunteer in the main office, with the school Deans, or the Assistant Principals (AP's). For a student to volunteer with the various school staff, they need to ask directly if they can volunteer for service hours and bring their forms to be signed by the school staff member. Students are encouraged to begin earning these hours early in the year and to take a picture of their signed forms, each time they are signed. Many students lose these forms and are scrambling at the last minute, to try and collect the lost information. Also, please encourage your children to try and complete their service hours, early in the year and not wait until the final month.
Curriculum NightMs. StefanickSGonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgA special evening to visit the classrooms, meet your student's teachers, attend workshops, and see what Wagner has to offer.
Dances, 6th, 7th and 8thSheila Gonzalez-LiffeyGrade Level AP's, Parent Coordinator, Parents' AssociationHalloween Dance (6th graders), Neon Dance (7th graders) and Black & White Dance (8th graders). These are for the students only. All dances take place in the gym. There are light snacks and a DJ. Students are asked for a $5 donation.
Dean of StudentsMr. Eldridge & Ms. De Office of the Dean of Students at Wagner Middle School 167 is to maintain a safe, respectful, and secure educational environment so that effective teaching and learning can take place for students. The Office of the Dean of Students has an open door policy for all students to enter to share their voices regarding their educational and social interactions as well receiving, support, feedback, and intervention.
Dial-A-TeacherUnited Federation of Teachers UFT has a help center for students to call and get help on homework in the afternoons and evenings. It's called Dial A Teacher. The number is 212.777.3380.
Doctor's notes for "excused absence"Ms. Gutic/Ms. DeaneMain Office or email Ms. Deane at: JDeane@mail.wagner167.orgDoctor's notes for an "excused absence" goes to the main office, attention: Ms. Gutic. In order for an absence to be considered “excused”, official documentation (letters provided by dentists, doctors, and other official organizations) must be attached and be submitted to the main office within one week of a student’s absence. Failure to do so will result in attendance not being updated. While some educational related, religious, or medical absences are considered “excused”, please know that the Department of Education does not consider vacations, family functions, or other such events, as excused. All absences and lateness will be displayed on printed attendance reports, even if they are “excused”. A period of extended absences may result in contact from an attendance officer or other outside agency. If your child has a long-term absence for medical or unusual family circumstances, please contact your child’s Assistant Principal.
Dropping off homework assignments, lunches, musical instruments, etc.School Policy/RegulationsMain OfficeWagner Middle School and families are partners in helping our middle school students develop responsibility and independence. To this end, you are asked not to bring to school any items that your child might have forgotten such as gym uniforms, homework, sneakers, instruments, etc. In addition, if your child forgets their lunch, they will be provided one in the cafeteria since we cannot deliver lunch to students.
ELL's (Also referred to as ENL's or ESL's)Ms. Delaney - AP Ms. Nevins - ELL (currently on maternity leave),.govThe term "ELL" stands for English Language Learners". Wagner's student population is very diverse, representing most countries from around the world. ELL students are not completely fluent in English, but come to Wagner to study and improve their English Language skills. The term "ENL" stands for English as a New Language. The term "ESL" stands for English as a Second Language. Whenever these initials are used (ELL, ESL, ENL), they all refer to the same group of students.
Excused AbsenceJasmina 3 days, please bring a doctor's note to Jasmina Gutic, in the main office. She will update your child's attendance record.
Executive Board (aka Eboard)Parents Associationwagnerpa.anne@gmail.comThe executive board is your PA’s administration — it runs your PA. It should function also as a representative of the entire parent body. Our PA’s bylaws dictate the composition of our executive board. Wagner's PA executive board is made up of officers elected by the general membership. We also have several "members at large" (parents from the general membership) who were elected at the annual PA elections.
FacebookMs. out Wagner's facebook page at:
Gold CardsDeans: Mr. Eldridge and Ms. Gold Card is a special ticket, given to a student, for exemplary behavior. Students may get one or more gold cards for showing "respectful behavior", by giving "a helping hand", by showing "Good work habits in the Classroom", by showing "Concern For Our Community", by displaying "Proper School Behavior" or another type of good or exemplary behavior, witnessed by a staff member in the school. Gold cards can be collected and submitted monthly for prizes. Gold cards are different from ARISTA hours and are not included in community service hours.
Guidance CounselorsMs. Onwudiwe, Ms. Ibishaj, and Ms. grade has a guidance counselor, who is dedicated to the social and emotional support of the students in that grade. Please contact your grade level guidance counselor (GC) if you feel or if your child feels, that they could benefit from additional support at school.
High School Access Nights, High School GuidanceMs. any questions relating to High School or the high school application process, you can contact Ms. Schwenzer. Ms. Schwenzer will have open office hours during the year, to help look over your high school application. Ms. Schwenzer works closely with Maurice Frompkin, our high school consultant, to make the High School Access Nights, available to our parent. Dates for these high school nights, will be on the calendar in the Fall. Also, flyers will be sent home with dates as well. Each night of the series, will cover different topics regarding the high school search and application process. Please check your welcome folders received at the first day of school, for upcoming dates/times/topics.
Homework Planner also called School Datebook $7.00Home-room teachers or Ms. Deane in the main office (if child needs a replacement)All staff emails can be found on the Wagner website.The homework planner is an organizational tool for students to organize and write down their homework. The charge for the Wagner Daily Planner, is $7. Planners are given out in class during the first few days/weeks of school.
Honors Classes - 8th gradeYour child's grade level Assistant principal (AP),, the 8th grade, two additional honors classes are offered to the 8th grade students. They are: Social Studies and Science. Students are placed into either or both of these classes, based on their scores on the placement test at the end of their 7th grade year. Parents will know if they have been placed into one of these honors classes when they receive the final report cards in June. If they have been accepted, a letter will be included to let the student know that they have been selected. If they do not see a letter with their report cards, then that student has not been accepted into an honors class.
House ModelSubject teachers or AP'sYour child's teachers or your grade level APEach grade (6th, 7th and 8th) is divided up into 3 "houses" per grade. This "house" usually 5 classes per house, have the same core subject teachers (ELA, Science, Math, Social Studies). These teachers meet several times a week, to discuss their curriculums and students.
Instagram @ms167manhattanMs. anyone wants to post a special article, pictures, updates, etc., please send info to Ms. Elias at:
Interim Reports & Report CardsAP',, academic year is divided into 3 trimesters. Students will receive an interim report halfway through each trimester, and a report card at the end of each trimester. A letter from teachers outlining specific class expectations and the Wagner Middle School grading policy is sent home to all families.
Families and students can view student grades online using Pupil Path. Daily announcements, homework assignments, and other important information can be found on Wagner’s website (
Language taught at WagnerSheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgSpanish is the only language taught at Wagner in 7th and 8th grade. 6th graders do not have a language class.
Lost and FoundSheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgAn area in the lobby hosts the Lost and Found (L&F) for the school. Unfortunately, many students do not come to the L&F to find their lost item. Often, a lost item will take 4 or 5 days to be returned to the L&F. The PC occasionally emails pictures of items from the L&F to encourage parents to look through the many amazing items that end up there. Lost cell phones, glasses & wallets are usually sent to the main office and not the L&F. The PC needs parent volunteers to assist to help keep the L&F clean and organized. If you would like to volunteer for this, please email the PC at:
Lunch at WagnerLunch is Free at WagnerFor now, school lunch is free for our students. Students have the option of the hot-lunch (monthly menus are posted in the Morning Announcements of the website), salad, or cold sandwiches (cheese or PB&J sandwiches). Students have an ID code that they punch in to receive the lunch every day or any day they would like it. Students can also bring their own lunch.
Manhattan Youth - After school programMarylyne Myrthil, Program Director - Manhattan Youth After-School Program at Wagner Middle School- Manhattan Youthmmyrthil@manhattanyouth.orgManhattan Youth will be organizing all after school activities (free of charge) for Wagner Middle School. Applications for programs will be on-line and will be available mid to late August. If you are on Ms. Gonzalez' email list, she will forward all information via email when the on-line portion (registration/descriptions) is/are available. After-school activities are separate from the sports teams run by Wagner Middle School's teachers/coaches. Sports teams will have a fee associated with team membership.
Math and Science DayDr. Aschenbrand/Mr. Cherkasky/Ms. sgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgWagner Middle School's 8th grade students host a carnival-like event for 4th graders in nearby elementary schools, in which they teach them the Math and Science activities they learned during the year.
Math Honors Program for current 6th & 7th grade students: How are students selected at the end of 6th or 7th grade, to take the Math Honors Placement Exam?AP',, few new students are invited into the math honors program for 7th and 8th grade. Select students (approx 10) from each grade will be asked to take a placement exam at the end of the year, and based on their score, may be invited into the Math Honors class for the next year. Parents do not need to contact the grade level AP about their student being selected as students will have already been identified within the school.
Math Honors Program for incoming 6th gradersAP',, the results from the State testing in August are available, students are ranked in order and the top performers on the exams, are selected for the program. Typically, there are three honors math classes; which amounts to 99 students. Once students are accepted into the honors mathematics program they have to maintain an average of 85% or higher in their mathematics class. If a student falls below 85% in mathematics, they are first put on probation. If they cannot get their grades up in math, they are removed from the program. We fill the seats the next year by giving an in-house placement test to select students who have maintained a 90+ average in mathematics and scored in performance level 4 on the state exam. We select the highest performers on the test for the open seats.
Meadow Farms Fall FundraiserParents Associationwagnerpa.anne@gmail.comPA's first Fall Fundraiser. Students/families sell products. Wagner makes a significant % of all sales. It's a win/win for Wagner. Products come in typically in December before Winter break.
MetroCardsStudent Services Manager: Jill DeaneJdeane@mail.wagner167.orgEach student is assigned a MetroCard by the DOE according to their address on file with ATS. The DOE has distance standards which will assign your child a half-fare, full-fare or Special Education Full Fare Card. If you would like to log into the DOE's Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) to view these guidelines, you can go to their website. Lost MetroCard Procedure: Students or parents can fill out a MetroCard Replacement form, located on the website under the "Bulletin Board", in the morning announcements, in the main office or outside of the Parent Coordinator's office (Room 124). The student or parent can return this form via email or in-person to the Pupil Accounting Coordinator. These forms can be left in the main office for her in a box labeled "Replacement MetroCards". MetroCards are given out at dismissal daily, from the main office. Metrocard replacement, may take up to 7 days; however, in most cases, the pupil accounting coordinator will try and replace your child’s MetroCard within 24-48 hours. If the pupil accounting coordinator is not available at dismissal, a main office staff member will give out metrocards. Please note: Your child is not called down to pick up their new MetroCard, they must come at dismissal to pick it up or the parent may pick it up at dismissal.
Mission StatementSheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgWagner Middle School is an educational community designed to enrich the lives of our students, families, and staff members through academics, athletics, and the arts.

We challenge ourselves, encourage rigorous expectations,and always strive for success. Collaboratively, we prepare all students to be critical thinkers for college, careers, and beyond.

We are dedicated to supporting our students as they become independent, responsible adults who
Live to Learn, Dare to Care.
Mix It Up Day (6th graders)Guidance Team - Ms. Onwudiwe, Ms. Ibishaj, Ms. Block,, get a chance to learn about students from other classes as travel to different classes and play games with new students in their grade.
Mouse SquadTBAMOUSE is a national organization that supports a student run technology help desk. Mouse empowers all students to create with technology to solve real problems and make meaningful change in our world.
Out-lunchAP',, is a privilege at Wagner. Students also need parental permission in order to go "out to lunch" in the community. Out-lunch can be given to an entire class or just a few students, depending on the circumstances. Students would not be sent "alone" to out-lunch. If the individual child is given out-lunch, a friend is also given one as well to keep the child company. Both students would need a signed permission slip to go. Permission slips must be signed or the Assistant Principal will not allow them to leave the building.
Parent/Teacher ConferencesSheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgConferences are limited to three minutes. All teachers will have sign-in sheets outside their classrooms and families will be seen on a first come, first served basis. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be moved to the bottom of the list. Student volunteers will be stationed outside of classrooms to facilitate this process. If you feel you need more time than the allotted three minutes and would like to schedule an appointment during the school day, please call the school at (212) 535 – 8610 and leave a message for your child’s teacher. It is not necessary to meet with all of your child’s teachers. Please limit your conferences to areas of concern or to elicit information that will help you to assist your child in the learning process. In order to maximize your time with teachers, it would be helpful for you to bring your child to conferences, come prepared with specific questions for teachers, review and bring your child’s interim report and familiarize yourself with the names of your child’s teachers and classroom numbers. Due to the long work hours these conferences require of our staff, we will end the conferences promptly at the appointed time.
Parents AssociationParents Associationwagnerpa.anne@gmail.comEvery parent is automatically a member of the PA. Fundraising done through the PA on a periodic basis.
PEEC Trip6th Grade Science teachersYour child's 6th grade science teacher. (Note: Be on top of this as paperwork is sent home but some students forget to give it to their parents until after the deadline. Also, if your child's science teacher has an email list, be sure that your email address is on this list - for reminders). PEEC provides educationally enriching experiences for children in a camp setting. Some of the activities students participate in might include wildlife & pond studies, day & night hikes, astronomy, orienteering and canoeing. Additional activities may include an evening dance, an animal expert from a nearby wildlife rescue group, and a campfire that includes singing and storytelling. This is an excellent opportunity for students to see real world examples of what they are learning in the classroom. This is an annual 3-day/2-night overnight trip that occurs in mid June. Like all school overnight trips, participation is based on a first come, first served basis. Parents/Guardians pay for their students to participate in these trips.
Peer Mediation ClubMs. Carrine/Ms. a concern? Worried that two students have a conflict that’s getting out of hand? Are you telling peers to stop over and over again? We have a solution, peer mediation is in activation! When making a referral, please include the students’ names and homeroom.
You can make a referral to the Peer Mediation Team! Contact Ms. Carrine at OR Ms.Duplessis at Thanks for your help in making the school feel safe to all!!
Penny Harvest or "Pennies for Patients"Ms. for Patients is a coin-drive program hosted by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). LLS is the world's largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. This program consists of collecting spare change over a three-week period beginning November 21st and ending December 9th. All proceeds will be used to help fight against blood cancer. By participating, not only will kids learn about making an impact, but about leadership, teamwork, philanthropy, and what “doing good” for others can mean. Last year, Wagner Middle School was the top fundraising middle school in all of Manhattan.
Pick-up during the day and student dismissalSchool Policy/RegulationsMain OfficeIn order to leave during the school day, a family-approved escort (name must be on the emergency contact card), must be 18 years old or older, must show ID, sign in with security, and then proceed to the main office. Students will then be called from class and must be officially “signed out” from the “Student Sign Out Book” in our main office.
2. No students may be signed out during their lunch period. They may be picked up prior to their lunch period or after their lunch period. 3. Students should NOT be picked up between 2:30 and 2:40pm (dismissal). Plan your pick up to arrive prior to the last 10 minutes of class or wait until dismissal.

Students may never leave school on their own during school hours. Only an approved adult, named on the emergency card, may sign out a student.
Picture DayMr. Eldridge arranges picture day per grade in October. There will also be a make up day in December (see calendar for details). He also has a Club and Team photo day. For lost photos, or ID questions, you can email Mr. Eldridge directly.
PupilPath Mr. Hernandez/ Ms. PupilPath is a student information system for parents and students. PupilPath allows parents and students to view important student and school information such as student class schedule, grades, progress reports, and report cards. A reminder: Your child's report card reflects the most up to date attendance information. There is often a delay for attendance updates within pupilpath.
Questions concerning a teacher, class or fellow studentAP'sAll Assistant Principal's emails are on the website.The first line of communication regarding the classroom, would be your child's homeroom teacher. If you prefer, you may also contact your child's Assistant Principal (AP). If you would like to discuss issues of behavior between students, you may contact the teacher, AP, Guidance Counselor (GC) or Dean of Students or the Peer Mediation Team.
Ramapo WorkshopsMs. over 90 years of experience in direct service and training programs, Ramapo for Children has developed a unique ability to create inclusive environments that promote positive behavioral change, foster skill development, and help support learning and personal growth. At the heart of the Ramapo Approach is our ability to equip educators and other caregivers with the skills they need to build trusting relationships, serve as effective role models, handle challenging behaviors constructively, and improve continuously through reflective practice.
Reading with a Slice of PizzaELA DepartmentMs. Oakes/Ms. Delaney:; family event, hosted by the ELA Department, encourages reading for young and old alike. Family members and their Wagner student, bring a book, have some laughs and eat some pizza.
Remind AppMs. is a communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents. Send quick, simple messages to any device. Stay up to date with the latest information right to your mobile device. If you would like to sign up to receive the Wagner "reminds" click here:
Remind TextsMs. our Remind Community: Remind@MS167. Remind texts can be sent to your cell phone or email with important school reminders.
Ronald McDonald Fun RunSheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgThe Ronald McDonald Fun Run is a city-wide fundraising activity by and for the Ronald McDonald House. It takes place in Central Park in November. Students who participate in the run, receive 5 hours of ARISTA credit. The Parent Coordinator (PC) coordinates this event for Wagner. In 2017, Wagner was the highest fundraising school in NYC and was the first school (public or private) to break the record for having over 200 participants.
Ronald McDonald Pantry DriveMs. Schwenzer, Ms. As many of you know, the Ronald McDonald House New York is a home away from home for families from around the country and around the world, while their children are being treated at New York City Cancer Centers. Although they pay a nominal fee to stay at THE HOUSE, they are still faced with costs for the purchase of food, paper goods and other products while they are here; and some of the children’s illnesses require them to remain with us for months at a time. In addition, shopping for these items makes the parents lose time that they could be spending with their children either at the hospital or at the House.To alleviate some of these costs, Wagner Middle School does a collection in March for some of the needed items. Please help us make a difference!
Saturday Family Arts ProgramSheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgCoordinated by the Parent Coordinator, Sheila Gonzalez-Liffey, this family art program takes place on Saturdays, at Wagner Middle School. The program runs for 5 Saturdays in Spring, with an art-display during the final class. Check out last year's class participation video:
Save RoomTBAStudents who do not adhere to the Discipline Code may be remanded to the SAVE room through either a Student Removal or an in-school suspension. A Student Removal could last for a class period(s) or for an entire day. Students serving an in-school suspension report directly to the SAVE room at the start of the school day. Class work, homework, tests, etc. are provided to the SAVE room by subject teachers to keep students current with their class(es).
Scholastic Book FairParents Associationwagnerpa.anne@gmail.comThe book fair is done twice a year as a fundraiser for the school. Every parent is automatically a member of the PA.
School "Breaks"Sheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgThere are 3 school breaks during the year - winter break, mid-winter break and spring break. Check the calendar on the Wagner website, to see the dates of the 3 school breaks. See DOE's 2018-2019 Calendar:
School Based Support TeamMs. Emily Nord-Podberesky (Pychologist) Ms. Barbello (Family Worker) support team consists of social worker, a psychologist and a case worker, who together, address the needs of the students who need additional supports beyond that of the guidance counselors.
School ColorsSheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgRed!! On school spirit days, wear your Wagner gear or anything with the color red!
School ConcertsMs. Cuevas, Ms. Dyer, Mr. band teachers host two school concerts: the winter concert and the spring concert. At the winter concert, performances include: the 7th 7 8th grade bands, the Jazz band, the chorus, and sometimes a surprise guest performance featuring a teacher and/or student. At the spring concert: performances are the same as the winter concert but with the added delight of also seeing the 6th grade bands perform.
School Dress CodeMs. Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgPlease see the Wagner website under the "Bulletin Board" for letter on Dress Code.
School ID CardsMr. year, after the students have taken their individual pictures, they will also receive an official school ID card with that picture on it. Requests for replacement ID's should go to Mr. Eldridge.
School Leadership Team (SLT)Sheila or SGonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgSchool Leadership Teams (SLTs) are vehicles for developing school-based educational policies, and ensuring that resources are aligned to implement those policies. SLTs assist in the evaluation and assessment of a school’s educational programs and their effects on student achievement. SLTs play a significant role in creating a structure for school-based decision making, and shaping the path to a collaborative school culture. New York State Education Law Section 2590-h requires every New York City Public School to have a School Leadership Team. In addition, Chancellor’s Regulation A-655 (CR A-655) establishes guidelines to ensure the formation of effective
School MusicalMr. Cherkasky, Ms. Crotser, Ms R. of the Club 167 After school program, the school musical is a junior adaptation of a musical suitable in content and length for middle school students. We generally produce shows from Musical Theater International. The adaptations are created by renowned educators who have the best interest of younger students in mind. Students have the opportunity to become a part of the show by participating in one of two ways: on-stage as an actor or joining the stage crew to design and create the set. This a great way for any interested students to experience the joy of collaborating on a show.
School Musical Bake Sale (Drama Bake Sale)PA Bake Sale Liaison. Usually a parent whose child is in the drama production will volunteer to organize the Drama BakeSale. However, more parents are needed to run this event so please consider volunteering! The chair of this event will be elected in September and this document will be updated.Contact the drama team to sign up to volunteer!!A Bake Sale to fundraise for the props and costs of putting on the School Musical. Parents are needed to volunteer for this event. If your child is in the Drama afterschool club, please sign up to volunteer with Mr. Cherkasky or the PA chair. There are 2 drama bake sales during the course of the school year.
School Spirit DaySheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgOn the first Friday of every month, Wagner Staff and Students celebrate the "spirit" of Wagner, by wearing their Wagner gear and/or the color red.
School Tours/Open HousesSheila Gonzalez-Liffeysgonzalez@mail.wagner167.orgSchool tours are done in the Fall season, from late September through November. The tours begin at 9:15am in the Wagner auditorium. Families may sign up for a tour on the Wagner website, under the "About Wagner" tab. Tour families are greeted by our principal, who tells about the foundation of a student's educational experience at Wagner. After that, four staff members and approximately 8-10 eighth grade volunteers, take families around on a tour of the building. Tour are approximately 1.5 hours long.
School TripsAP',, school trips require an NYC DOE parental permission slip, signed and returned to Wagner Middle School. This includes Field trips and out-lunch. Your child will not be permitted on a field trip without the signed permission slip.
Section SheetAP',, section sheet is an attendance sheet that travels with each home room class. It includes information such as attendance, as well as other important information that would be important for teachers to know.
Senior CruiseMr. 8th grade event. This cruise is always in June. Throughout the year, Mr. Eldridge collects the fee for this event. Cost is typically $95 unless prices increase.
Senior DuesMr. dues cover the costs for the cap and gown and autograph book, for the 8th graders. Dues are typically $100. Mr. Eldridge will inform parents of the exact costs in the current year.
Senior Pajama Day8th Grade,, graders come to school dressed in their PJ's. Of course, even PJ's are subject to school dress code guidelines.
Shopttkits: Ordering September's school supplies online. PAPA Presidents: wagnerpa.anne@gmail.comPre-Ordering your 6th, 7th & 8th Grade School Supplies: Basic kits and deluxe kits with calculators are available as well as backpacks and lunch kits. You can also purchase a donation kit of teacher friendly supplies that will go directly to our school. A portion of every sale goes to Wagner. Save money, save time and give back to our kids. Place orders by June 30th for in school delivery in September. Please note this is a basic supply kit and your teachers may ask you to purchase supplementary items once school starts. *Deluxe includes the calculator needed for math class.
Social Studies Movie NightMs. NaughtonSocial Studies Department hosts this event. Contact: clips of cinematic classics highlighting topics covered in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Social Studies! Then join in on a dynamic discussion of the films and life during these exciting time periods!
Soles4SoulsWagner's Service Learning Club (Ms. Chey) Soles4Souls: Soles4Souls is an organization that collects shoes and gives them to people in need INTERNATIONALLY. Wager's Service in Learning Club, is currently collecting donations approximately at the end of February/very early March. Please drop off your old lightly used shoes in the bin, from today through March 2nd. All donations must be in a bag with your full name and class number so you may receive your gold cards. One pair of shoes gets you one gold card, or you can make an anonymous donation. Remember all donations must be in FAIR condition, for example, no holes or rips. 
Spelling BeeMs., 7th and 8th grade students particpate until there are finalists. The final students from 6th, 7th and 8th grade will continue to compete in the district and city.
Sports AcademyMr. are not set dates for each of the sport seasons. However, most of the teams generally start the same time. Fall sports begin in September, usually in the 2nd or 3rd week of school. Winter sports usually start right after we come back from the long Thanksgiving weekend. Spring sports start up in the 1st or 2nd week of March. Each coach holds a tryout and makes cuts according to ability level. Each coach keeps a certain number of students on the team that they deem appropriate for that sport. Students are allowed to tryout for more than one sport in a season, but should talk to the coaches about it first. Fall Sports: Tennis, Cross Country, Wrestling, Girls Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Flag Football. Winter Sports: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Winter Track, Table Tennis. Spring Sports: Rugby, Spring Track, Baseball, Softball, Boys Volleyball, Tennis
St. Jude Math-a-thonMs. M. math-a-thon is a fund raiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. With this community fundraiser, the students ask people to sponsor them with either a flat donation or a per problem donation. The student does a bunch of math problems, collects the money and turns it in to school. To date, we've raised over $90,000 for St. Jude's. Students receive a certain amount of community service hours for their participation. This community fundraiser takes place in February.
Staff Appreciation LuncheonParents AssociationPA Chair person: Lisa FisherThe parents association hosts a luncheon that takes place between early afternoon and evening Parent Teacher conferences, to say thank you to all of our Wagner staff for their hard work.
State Exams - ELA and MathAP',, schedule for state exams can be found on the DOE website calendar as well as the Wagner website as soon as dates are confirmed. Results for the state exam come out in August and can be found on-line with your NYC Schools Account. Go to to log in to check your child's scores.
Student Council Mr.
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