Give the title of your club (for example, Student Council)Club sponsors / leaders (please include all adults that help). Include first and last names. Include a short description. What is the purpose of the club?When does this club meet?
(select all that apply)
Provide details about who can join the club. Include membership restrictions, dues, specific grade levels, course, etc. Provide details about additional requirements to participate. Ex: members must volunteer x amount of hours, members must attend x meetings, etc. Type of Club
AP exam review (APUSH & APGoPo)Mark McCannprepare students for upcoming AP exams in MayDuring I&Eonly students enrolled in AP U.S. history and AP gov't and politics in fall of 2023School-Sponsored
Art GuildEmily AtkinsonArt Guild is Brevard High School's original visual art student organization. It is open to all students who have an interest in art, whether they are enrolled in art classes or not. Activities include student led workshops and planning the annual Dodgeball Tournament.After school, Extra meetings, as neededOpen to all students by application.No additional requirements, but it is expected that members are part of the planning and running the dodgeball tournament. Students pay $25 in dues each year which goes toward t-shirts and expenses for club events.School-Sponsored
Battle of the Books Jennifer HeaslipStudents read books and compete in Battle of the Books competitions.During I&EAny studentNo requirementsSchool-Sponsored
BHS Shooting TeamColby Guice, Lance OufnacTo teach students gun safety, rules, and regulationsDuring I&E, After schoolAnyone who is able to pass Hunters Education Class and is not suspended from school. 6-12 grades currently. $40.00 club duesMembers must show up at practices and be part of the team.School-Sponsored
Chess ClubJennifer HeaslipStudents gather to play and learn the game of chess. During I&EAny student up to a cap of about 50.No additional requirementsStudent Led
Crafting Club Jennifer Heaslip, Maureen Hankala Students gather to complete craft projects and work on personal crafts. Anything from painting, bracelet making and embroidery to coloring, scrapbooking and working with clay. During I&EAny student, up to a cap of about 35. No requirementsStudent Led
DJMrVWe run all music oriented aspects at school events. Pep rallies, field days, all dances etc.During I&EAnyone is allowed. Professional conduct is expected and must maintain a C in all classes to DJ event.You must be willing to move, set up and tear down at all events.School-Sponsored
Dungeons and Dragons Jessica TidmoreThe purpose of D&D is to provide a space for students to play fantasy tabletop, role-playing games. During I&EAny student can join. no additional requirements Student Initiated
FCAShane Worley, Kat Bailey, Chase McIntyre, Katrina SmithFellowship of Christian Athletes is a club that provides students a place to come and be led by other students through worship, devotions and small groups with an emphasis on promoting the club to extend to their sports teamsDuring I&EAnyone can come to the Friday meetings; there is a group of student leaders who also meet at various times throughout the year to plan the Friday meetingsThere are no requirements other than a student cannot skip their 4th period I&E if they have a low grade or need to go to their class due to absences. Student Led
FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America)Meg Buchanan & Jessica WhitmireFamily, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a national Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for students in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education in public and private schools through grade 12. FCCLA offers intra-curricular resources and opportunities for students to pursue careers that support families. Since 1945, FCCLA members have been making a difference in their families, careers, and communities by addressing important personal, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education.During I&E, Extra meetings, as neededMembership is limited to students who are or have been enrolled in FACS classes. FACS courses offered at BHS are culinary and interior design courses. Dues are $20 or $35, depending on whether the student wants to attend the Fall Leadership meeting. All grade levels are welcome.Members must pay dues to participate.School-Sponsored
FFASarah Clayton & Dan HarrisThe National FFA Organization is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

To accomplish its mission, FFA:

Develops competent and assertive agricultural leadership.
Increases awareness of the global and technological importance of agriculture and its contribution to our well-being.
Strengthens the confidence of agriculture students in themselves and their work.
Promotes the intelligent choice and establishment of an agricultural career.
Encourages achievement in supervised agricultural experience programs.
Encourages wise management of economic, environmental and human resources of the community.
Develops interpersonal skills in teamwork, communications, human relations and social interaction.
Builds character and promotes citizenship, volunteerism and patriotism.
Promotes cooperation and cooperative attitudes among all people.
Promotes healthy lifestyles.
Encourages excellence in scholarship
During I&E, After schoolStudents who choose to participate in FFA are required to pay a $20 yearly membership fee. This includes a national and state membership and a FFA chapter t-shirt. All students are welcome to join FFA.Members are required to attend weekly I & E meetings. Members are encouraged to participate in competitions, community service projects, and chapter activities. School-Sponsored
FFA and Garden ClubSarah Clayton Dan HarrisFFA CTSO and Garden Club Campus community beautificationDuring I&E, Extra meetings, as neededAnyoneFFA Dues/ Garden Club attendanceSchool-Sponsored
IgniteErica ThompsonIgnite club is a small group Bible study. The purpose is to come together to study the Bible, pray, and encourage one another in the faith. During I&EAny student interested in small group Bible study is welcome to join. No requirements to participate. Student Led
InterACT Club School Sponsor: Laura Patch Rotary Sponsors: Dr. Ann Farash & Dr. Rik Emaus InterACT Club follows the motto of Service Above Self by taking action within our community. We are involved with education, international understanding, and goodwill of others to make a difference and build leadership skillsDuring I&EAll grade levels are welcome to join InterACT Club, there are no restrictions to join and no course it is attached to.Club requirement includes participation in one community service event during the semester to remain an active member. School-Sponsored
National Art Honor SocietyEmily AtkinsonNational Art Honor Society is a service organization affiliated with the National Art Education Association. Members complete art related community service including the maintenance of the BHS Gallery. As seniors, members create an artwork that they gift to BHS and receive an honor cord that they wear at graduation.After school, Extra meetings, as neededStudents must be enrolled in Art II, have a grade of B or above in art classes and a 3.25 GPA. Qualifying students are invited to apply during the first few weeks of school.Members are required to complete 16 hours of art-related community service each year, attend meetings weekly, and as seniors complete an artwork that they gift to the school. Dues of $15 annually, which pays for the club t-shirt and club dues to the national organization.School-Sponsored
National Honors SocietyJessica Tidmore, Daisie Hullender, Morrey DavisThe National Honor Society (NHS) elevates a school's commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. We focus on volunteer work and service hours in our community. Before schoolOnly rising juniors may join who have a minimum 3.75 weighted GPA and have completed the application process, of which a council of at least five teachers reviews. $35 is the total dues amount throughout a student's time in this club. Members must volunteer/tutor at least 40 hours before the end of their senior year to receive their stole and/or other regalia. They must attend at least one meeting a month to remain in good standing.School-Sponsored
Newspaper ClubMorris DavisTo publish a regular student-created school newspaper.During I&E, Extra meetings, as neededThis fall, it was open to all. In spring, it will be by application.No general requirements at this time, other than students must complete the work they agree to do on the paper.Student Led
Speech and Debate ClubJohn HoganLearn the fine art of debate and develop the ability to give a coherent speechDuring I&EUp to thirty membersnothing other than showing up.Student Initiated
Spirit ClubJosh Tinsley Spirit Club sponsors school spirit events and helps promote and support other school-based clubs. For example, we are helping student council with a Winter Spirit Week and the cheerleaders prep for pep rallies. During I&EAny student who helps promote a positive atmosphere at BHS. Student Led
Sports ClubHeidi JordanKids come on Wednesdays to play a variety of games such as ultimate frisbee, volleyball and basketballDuring I&Eanyone is able to joinno other requirementsSchool-Sponsored
Student AdvisoryKayla Byrd and Hailey BrinkeA group focused on improving the school culture and climate. Students drive initiatives to increase morale, focus on mental health, and ensure BHS is a place everyone feels they belong. During I&EAll are welcome in the club. No additional requirements.Student Initiated
Student CouncilAndrew Lindsey, Blakely Crain, Richard StubbsStudent Council strives to promote fun and engaging activities for the student body, and serve as the voice of the students.During I&E, Before schoolAny student at BHS is welcome to join, however there are positions that students must be elected into by the student body.All elected or appointed officers shall have no more than three (3) unexcused absences and five (5) excused absences from Student Council meetings during their term of office,
Unexcused = failure to inform advisor and student body secretary, in writing, in advance
Excused = written note from teacher, in advance
Excused = participating in school-related field trip or excused absence from school
All other student council members shall have no more than five (5) unexcused absences and five (5) excused absences from Student Council meetings,
Shall have no class truancies during their term,
Shall maintain a “C” average in each of their classes each nine weeks,
Shall have no nine-week grade below a “C” during their term,
Shall be placed on probation for no more than one 4 ½ weeks grading period for each semester for any grade below a “C.” If the elected member has not brought their grade (s) up at the end of the probation period, he/she will be permanently removed from office.
Shall adhere to the attendance policy during the year of candidacy,
The student should have no more than minor disciplinary referrals during the school year of candidacy. Issues resulting in suspension (either ISS/OSS) for a full day are not acceptable and will result in removal from office.
Shall have no violations of school rules or criminal or civil violations documented by the principal or assistant principals during his/her term,
Shall conduct themselves both at school and in the community in a manner that reflects positively on Brevard High School and the office held. They are expected to follow all codes of conduct listed in the Brevard High School Student Handbook and Transylvania County School Board Policy.
Student CouncilBlakely Crain, Richard Stubbs, Andrew LindseyStudent Council is a student leadership organization which organizes events for the student body and encourages student involvement.During I&E, Before school, Extra meetings, as neededStudent Council officers are elected by their grade level for the positions of class president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and publicity director.
Team Jeopardy!Matthew TuckeyTest your knowledge of random useless trivia against that of your peers.During I&EPrior members excluded (at least until we have some openings)School-Sponsored
Thespian SocietyCandice BurchillTo engage students in theatre productions, community outreach, and access to professional theatre workshops and competitions as well as build connections among students with interests in performance, film, and technical theatre. During I&E, After school, Extra meetings, as neededAnyone can join our Brevard Troupe; however, to become an official International Thespian Society member, you have to earn 10 theatre points through performance or technical theatre and pay $35 one time dues.Official Thespian Members can earn honors cords through maintaining a B or higher in all arts classes as well as earning over 100 Thespian Points through performances, technical theatre, competition, and community outreach. School-Sponsored
Transylvania Youth CouncilLeslie Taylor and Chase LanceTYC is an organization to allow local youth in TC yo have a voice in matters of civic interest. Students perform service project and work events to earn community service hours.During I&EAny student in grades 9-12 in Transylvania CountySchool-Sponsored
Unified ClubKatrina Smith, Donna SamotisTo involve exception children with Regular Education studentsDuring I&EStudents who want to be involved and make friends with our Exception children's community. Members must attend all club days unless otherwise absent or informs teachers they can not attend on a specific day. Must stay involved with EC student's during club time.Student Led
Voice of the StudentsRebecca Walkup, Sarah Hankey, Charlotte Shackleford, Celia RichmondSponsored by TCS, Spart Point, and the Hunter Foundation, the purpose of this club is to focus on issues that are important to the students of our school. VOS serves as a solid platform for youth driven strategies that support mental health and emotional wellness.
ridge mental health and overall well being for teens.
Creates a sustainable connection between community support organizations and youth.
Helps teens find resources and opportunities related to their chosen strategies (school and community).
Open to all middle and high school students in Transylvania County.
During I&EAny student is more than welcome to join us.There are no requirements to join VOS, other than to come to meetings and help plan fun things/events to support the mental health of students within the school.Student Led
Walking ClubAdria HardyWalking club meets at the track (weather permitting) to walk during I&E. The purpose of the club is to give students an opportunity for movement and fresh air. During I&EAny BHS student can join the walking club.Student Initiated
Gaming Club Jennifer Heaslip
This club is all about gaming, although primarily video games. Students will play video games, have competitions and work toward forming an esports team next semester.
During I&EAny student with an interest in gaming.
Students must apply this spring semester as we work to get the club off the ground.
Freshman ConnectSonya Jenkins
Freshman Connect is a place for students to get organize additional help with assignments and connect with teachers and peers.
During I&EFreshman n/a
AP ReviewMark McCAnnhelp students prepare for the AP exams in MayDuring I&Estudents enrolled in an AP courseN/A
Science FictionAndrew Lindsey
We will be watching Science Fiction shows/movies. In addition we will have optional short stories/reading that relate to that weeks topic. Shows/Movies will be picked from a variety of decades and will incorporate class choice. Come out and tune in!
During I&EAny students at BHSNone