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FolderKorean TitleTitleDescription
@play앳플레이@playVariety show with emphasis on team play. MCs of the show (and the occasional progamer guest) against Bnet users. Same show that Hyungjun appeared on which Shark hosted. 
13game13게임단13 Game TeamVariety Show.
1st Korea E-SPORTS Awards제1회 대한민국 E-SPORTS 대상The 1st Korea E-SPORTS AwardsPlayers/coaches awards ceremony
2005 KTF New Office Celebratory Starcraft Club InvitationalKTF 광주신사옥 준공기념 스타크래프트 클럽 초청전2005 KTF New Office Celebratory Starcraft Club Invitational
2007caes2007천안 E-스포츠 문화 축제2007 Cheonan E-Sports Cultural FestivalEpisode 1 is the SC tournament and episode 3 is the documentary. 
7th Survivor League Offline Prelims리플레이 7차 서바이버 리그Replay 7th Survivor League OfflinesMBC Movies MST Offline Prelims. 
adrenalin아드레날린ADRENALINA collection of famous games as chosen by the progamers themselves. 
alivemslALIVE MSLHype programme in the run-up for Clubday MSL. Shows some of the best past games from the 32 who qualified for the Ro32.
amdstarAMD 전국 스타 최강전AMD National Star ChallengeAmateur tournament from 2007. One of the competitors was Ssak
apecfestivalAPEC 성공기원 E-SPORTS 페스티벌2005 APEC Successful Beginnings E-Sports Festival
backtotheteamleagueBack To The Team LeagueEach episode features a classic MBC team league match.
bandofsc밴드 오브 스타크래프트Band of StarcraftEach episode is a feature on a famous progamer/coach/commentator- in-depth interview and match highlights. 
BestFinalCollection베스트 파이널 콜렉션 1회Best Final CollectionCollection of the best finals (2005 and before), MBC team leagues and MSL. 
boxerv120BOXER V120Series on Boxer. Episode 1 is a collection of interview clips by esports personalities on Boxer. The other episodes consist of Boxer’s best games
CampusStarBattle캠퍼스 스타 배틀Campus Star BattleTournament for college students.
Champ Story챔스토리Cham StoryBasically, the story of past MSL champions. Includes match highlights. 1st episode was on Oov. Hosted by Min Ah from Girls’ Day.
chunjangjigu천장지구Cheon Jang Ji Gu (天长地久)Interviews with and career highlights from Nada, Kang Min, Oov, Yellow and Savior.
ckcg2005CKCG 2005 한중 E-Sports 문화축제CKCG 2005 Korea-China E-Sports Cultural FestivalSeveral episodes are SC related. Some are WC etc. Competitors include Gorush, Oov, Boxer, Nada etc.
coachsasingi코치사신기Coach Legend of the Four Gods2007 friendly tournament. Aficionado, kOs, Coach Park (Park Young Woon) and Coach Han (Oz) battle it out to see which star coach is the best at SC. Park Young Woon’s ID: Park Coach.
comsat컴셋스테이션Comsat StationInterviews several people in the gaming industry about recent developments in esports. 
crazycollection크레이지 컬렉션Crazy CollectionThe name says it all. Some of the craziest moments from past games, including the most amazing cheese. 
daeguep대구 E-SPORTS 페스티벌Daegu E-Sports FestivalProgamer exhibition matches in ep. 1. Amateur tourney, ep. 3 part 2. Round-up documentary ep. 4.
ddayD-DAYCollection of epic games that fall within the same week in a calendar year as important world events in history.
Elite School LeaguesElite School LeaguesMBCGame-organized middle and high school SC competition. Players from the winning and runner-up teams are awarded progaming licenses. Several top progamers were scouted from past competitions. 
epsorts122007 E-SPORTS 122007 Christmas Special. Hosted by Lee Seung Won and Han Seung Yeon from Kara. Kang Min, Yoo Dae Hyun and Tossgirl gather together to review the year’s events etc.
ggbacktalkGG後TALKAfter GG TALK2006-2007 show. First few episodes address hot topics in the SC scene. Later format includes interviews with progamers.
gudan2006Rookie Evaluation
HCN Invitational 050710HCN초청 스타크래프트 인비테이셔널HCN Starcraft Invitational. 
Hero Expedition히어로 원정대HERO ExpeditionShark and Pusan travel together to the 2008 Haksan (?) Amateur Game Meet. Yoo Dae Hyun interviews them along the way. They have a fan-signing there and then play an exhibition match against one another. VODs of the match (with Shark and Pusan commentary) are included
Hero Manner SchoolHERO 예절학교가다HERO Go to Manners/Etiquette SchoolThe 2008 HERO workshop. One-off special. 
herochatter영웅들의 수다HERO ChatterTalk show with the MBC HERO players following their championship win in 2007. 
HeroinPhuket히어로 푸켓 원정기HERO Phuket ExpeditionHERO team in Phuket in 2007 after their PL win. Two-episode special. 
heroinvitationMBC게임 HERO 인비테이셔널MBCGame HERO Invitational Short tournament for MBC players. Competitors: Pusan, July, Ruby, Junitoss
Hero's ExcursionHERO의 신나는 외출HERO’s Exciting ExcursionMBCGame follows the HERO team on their 2009 team workshop/vacation. One-off special
heroteamHERO 팀배틀HERO Team Battle HERO player vs HERO player live matches from 2007. Pusan, July, Bisu, Jaehoon, Shark, Hyun, Sea etc. Coach Ha as one of the commentators. 
heroXfileHERO X-FILEMBCGame HERO intra-house ranking games from 2007-2008. 
hnmbcgameHappy New MBC게임Happy New MBCGameTo commemorate the opening of the Loox HERO Center in 2008, some friendly matches were played between Shark, Kim Sung Soo (actor who used to host that KBS baseball variety show) and Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa). 
HyungJoonHyungJoonHyungJoon becomes a Progamer and HyungJoon forms a Game Team
I Love e-SportsLIVE! e스포츠가 좋다LIVE! I Love e-SportsEsports news show, including player interviews. Decent show but too many episodes and not all of it is SC related.
imbcamagameimbc 아마게임대회imbc Cup Amateur Game MeetBack in 2008, when its parent company still had a CEO who supported esports, MBC held a gaming festival. Episode 1 is a documentary (including short interviews with MBC players) and episode 3 is an exhibition match between Bisu and Ruby
ImSungchoonsStarClassroom임성춘의 스타교실Im Sungchoon’s Star-ClassroomIntotherain gives SC lessons, using specific PL and MSL games (not his games) as examples. 
iustar4uIU의 스타포유IU’s Star For YouAnother variety show hosted by a then budding kpop singer. Phone interview with a progamer, IU sings, then they show some more match highlights. Broadcasted in 2009. Only interesting part was the interview with the progamers. 
jngrandprix전남 그랑프리2007 Cheonnam Grand Prix 
ktamarstarKT WIBRO & 1to1 아마추어 스타배틀KT WIBRO & 1to1 Amateur StarbattleAmateur tournament from 2007. Some episodes feature exhibition games against HERO players- Bisu, Pusan and Shark. 
lineupmatch프로리그 라인업매치09-10 Proleague Line-up MatchRequested matches
lordofwarLORD OF WARCompares famous battle scenes from movies to SC matches. 
Magic Station Amateur Star Challenge2006 매직스테이션 아마추어 스타최강전2006 Magic Station Amateur Star ChallengeTournament. Shuttle and Hogil were among the competitors.
MBCGame Onair Real Broadcasting 리얼 중계석 MBCGame Onair Real Broadcasting Behind-the-scenes look at what MBC commentators are doing when the camera is not on them.
mcbigcrashMC 대격돌MC Big Crash2009 New Year’s Special. MBC commentators (including Kang Min), Hyun and 910 compete in some friendly matches. Competitors are given a headset with mic so they can be interviewed while they’re playing. Funny.
mcbnetMC B.NET 굴욕MC B.NET HumiliationAnother version of Bnet Attack but with MBC commentators. 
mcspiritMC SPIRIT RELOADEDPusan’s own show, in which he discusses strategies, introduces some classic matches and chats with his teammates. 
missionimpossible미션임파서블Mission ImpossibleThe producers create some challenging UMS maps for viewers to attempt. On the show, they show some of the replays of these attempts. 
MSL16MSL 16Famous past games from the 16 players who qualified for the Pringles MSL 1 (2006).
MSLBest11MSL 베스트 11MSL Best 11Best 11 matches from the CYON MSL and 7th Survivor (2005-2006).
MSLBreakMSL BreakMSL highlights show, includes some interviews with progamers. At one time hosted by a Kara member
mslfinalfantasyMSL FINAL FANTASYCollection of epic MSL Finals
mslthemeMSL 테마극장MSL Theme TheatreA collection of some of the best MSL games of the past. Each episode has a specific theme, eg. revenge (FBH vs Much, Arena MSL). 
MustHaveHeroMUST HAVE_HEROMBCGame HERO documentary. 
nightfood배달왔습니다! 야식드랍 Delivery is here! Supper Drop2009 show. MBC hosts visit progamer dorms to chat with them over some chicken. Khan episode was subbed by TL: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=115251
OurTeamIsBest우리팀 킹왕짱Our Team is the BestMBCGame visit the Oz, Stars, MBC HERO and Khan houses to conduct intra-team Ro8 tournaments. The winning progamer from each team receives a vacation prize worth 1000,000won to give to their parents. Commentary by the hosts and progamers from each team. 
Oz오즈의 마법사,날개를 달다The Wizard of Oz gets its wingsDocumentary on the founding of Hwaseung Oz.
pioneerPIONEERA 2007 show the highlights some defining matches from some of the most influential progamers in SC. 
ReplaySpecial리플레이 스페셜(06 여름)Replay Special (06 Summer)Earlier seasons are are under the 스타크래프트(기타) section (page 6 and page 8). Analyses of progamer replays.
replayspecial0607리플레이 스페셜 06-07 WINTERReplay Special 06-07 WinterAnalyses of replays from the 2006-2007 season. Hosted by Lee Seung Won, Yoo Dae Hyun and an MBC progamer. Bisu, Jaehoon, July, Shark, Light, Saint etc. appear as guest hosts.
respecial2005리플레이스페셜(2005.12)Replay Special (2005.12) Winter 2005Analyses of past match replays. 2nd season of this show. Summer 2005, winter 2005, summer 2006 and winter 2006.
rivalrival라이벌(RIVAL)Rival RivalAbout some of the best rivalries in SC. Contains highlights from the earliest KPGA Tours as well.
samgukjistar삼국지 스타 명장전History of the Three Kingdoms: Chronicles of Star GeneralsSC heroes are compared to figures from the Three Kingdoms. Guan Yu vs Nada, Zhao Yun vs Reach etc. Not sure how good the show is but the concept is interesting. 
showreplay쇼 리플레이 황당무적Show Replay Absurdity Unrivaled Viewers can send in their craziest and most absurd replays and MBC commentators provide the commentary. Entertaining show but many episodes. 
sidaehero시대영웅Heroes of a generationCollection of games from SC legends. See p. 9.
sidaehero2시대영웅IIHeroes of a generation IICollection of games from SC legends. 
SMDmini스무도 MINI 시즌3 LiveStar Infinity Challenge Mini Season 3The mini version of Star Infinity Challenge. Seasons 2 and 3
SpotlightThe Spotlight 2008Mostly an interview with Bisu and Ruby. New Year special.
Star Infinity Challenge스타무한도전Star Infinity ChallengeVariety show modeled after the original MBC Infinity Challenge where a bunch of funny guys are tasked with the most absurd and impossible challenges to complete. In the SC version, 5-6 MBCGame commentators (and the occasional progamer) play on some really crazy UMS maps and talk a lot of crap along the way. Longest running MBCGame variety show. Entertaining show but too many episodes to download. 
Star Revolution 050105-071015스타 레볼루션Star RevolutionAnother collection of the best MSL games, voted on by the viewers. Hosted by Rookie (Kim Dong Jun). 
starageSTAR AGEA few episodes are on Nevake already. Description from youtube: “There have been a lot of progamers that have come and gone on the scene. Here are the games that both shocked and amazed the fans. Sometimes it can be dramatic, sometimes it can simply leave you speechless.”
starbang스타방위대Star Defense SquadVariety show hosted by Kim Chul Min, Shark and Saint. Shark vs Saint, playing different races each week and advised by a guest progaming legend. Some famous progamers and coaches (eg. Oov) appeared as guests to dish out advice. Only 7 episodes.
StarBattlefield스타 배틀 필드Star BattlefieldAnalysis of the “battlefield”, including map and match-up analyses from the spotlighted game. 
starcameleon스타카멜레온Star Chameleon Variety show where Shark or one of the other hosts try out scenarios from recent high profile games.
StarClanTeamBattle스타 클랜 팀배틀Star Clan Team Battle2006 Clan team tournament (1v1s) between fOu, 3.33 and S.G. Competitors include Lomo, Juni, Hoejja, Zergboy and current Coach Han of Oz, back when he was still a player. 
starkillerSTAR KILLERA collection of famous games where the supposedly weaker race in each match-up won.
starmax스타 맥시멈Star MaximumThe best matches from the Gomtv MSL 1 as well as the corresponding 10th Survivor Tournament. 
starmuhantalk스타 무한 토크Star Infinite Talk: CSISome famous progamers Oov, Anytime, Nada etc get “interrogated” by a group of MBCGame MCs. MCs shoot some tough questions at the progamers, including addressing some internet rumours. 8 episodes
StarQuizKing스타 퀴즈왕Star Quiz KingSC quiz show with progamers as contestants. Zeus, Canata etc.
StarSecretsRevealed스타 토정비결Star Secrets Revealed2010 New Year’s variety special. 1 episode only.
starvsstarSTAR VS STARLee Seung Won and Kang Min give their views on the most recent results in the BW pro-scene followed by re-broadcasts of those games. 
Sungchun show성춘쇼Sungchoon ShowVariety show. Progamers and coaches appear as guests on the show every week. First part is a talk show with a lie detector test segment. Second part of the show is the avatar game. Hilarious. Supposedly, slumping progamers get a boost after appearing on the show.
Superstargameshow슈퍼 스타 게임쇼Superstar Game ShowCelebrity progaming team Annex Telecom and the HERO players compete together in some friendly matches
theaceTHE ACECollection of Ace games from team Aces. 2006 and before. Oov, Xellos, Stork etc.
theheroThe HERODocumentary on the first season of MBCGame HERO. 
therookieThe RookieMatches between the top amateurs on the scene as well as practice partners of pro-teams. 
This is MSL 050321-050328This is MSLRound-up and history of the MBC Star Leagues and Team Leagues up to 2005, including some of the best games. Co-hosted by Lee Seung Won. 
UserTaste유저의 취향User’s TasteVariety Show. Present format has a progamer guest and 2 MCs play Bnet users on a variety of UMS maps. Old format was without the progamer as guest. Funny show. 
V-MSLV-MSLCollection of the best MSL games from legends of the game. V stands for VIP
wef06WEF 청도 2006WEF Qingdao 2006. World E-Sports Festival 2006. Competitors include Nada, Sea, Savior etc. 
wef2005WEF 2005Tournament. Competitors include Reach, Savior etc.
Woongjin웅진 스타즈 캄보디아 가다Woongjin Stars Cambodia TripWoongjin’s 2009 team workshop/vacation in Cambodia. One-off special. 
Yong-In Cyber Festival 2010용인 사이버 페스티벌10th Yong-In Cyber Festival 2010First episode is the amateur BW competition.