Author 1Author 2Article/Essay TitlePublication/Book TitlePublishing infoDateEntry TypeSubject Desc. 1Subject Desc. 2Subject Desc. 3Annotation
-Scope Note: Some articles which cover fanzine history have been included. These appear because they relate to the history of contemporary zines. This bibliography does not offer complete sources on the history of fanzines, the literature of which goes much deeper than those few sources included here.
-Scope Note: The subject descriptor “Zine Reviews” exists to set apart those reviews which appear here because they are especially pertinent to the subjects of feminism and zine librarianship. This bibliography does not include zine reviews beyond those with this focus.
-Scope Note: This bibliography is an update of Chris Dodge’s Nov. 1998 zineography and is made up of those sources not included on his version, or published after Nov. 1998.
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