Makai Wars Character Info
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NameIconTypeSkill 2Skill 3Passive 1Passive 2Strategy/Notes
Feel free to contribute! Fire, Gun, Female, WalkingMagical Bazooka - 1x3 line AoE, Knocks back one space, CD 4 (max CD 2)Assault Dancing - 3x3 Around Asagi, 25% chance to stun (max 35%), CD 6 (max CD 5)Hero Properties - Gain 30% (max 50%) attack boost when ally diesIndomitable Spirit - 15% (max 30%) chance to survive a killing blow
Dark, Spear, Female, WalkingSexy Beam - Heart shaped AOE, base 30% (max 40%) confuse chance (CD 4, max 3)Chaos Impact - High damage, base 35% (max 50%) Burn chance (CD 6, max 5)Dignity of a Genie - Acts as all elements; all incoming attacks are not very effective, all outgoing attacks are super effectiveFlat devil Jealousy - Base 20% (max 30%) extra damage against same sex (female) targetsEtna will never be taking weakness damage and has very good skills. Female attack boost may be more relevant in PVP than SP quest.
Fire, Sword, MaleOverlords Wrath - Cross AoE, 35% (max 50%) chance to burn targets for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)Meteor Impact - 3x3 AoE arround Laharl, 20% (max ?)chance to stun CD 7 (max CD?)Counter - Counters with skill 1 when attacked by adjacent enemyMeteor Impact has a 15% chance to ignore 50% of enemies defence
FlonneLight, Staff, FemalePower of Love - 3x3 AoE surrounding Flonne that heals allies for 30% HP and removes debuffs, CD ?Flonnezilla - 3x3 AoE 15% chance to stun for 1 turnAura of charity - When Flonne is KO'd, Heal all allies by 25% remove debuffs and increase attack by 15% for 2 turns?
Fallen Angel FlonneDarkCross Shape, CD 5 (max CD 3)3x3 Grid infront of Flonne with a 15% (max 30%) chance to stun for 1 turn, CD 7 (max CD 6)5% (max 15%) ATK boost for each ally alive
Heals all allies by 5% (max 15%) when using skill 2
Fire, Fist, MaleCrimson Blaze - Single Target attack, Reduces target defence by 25%(max 50%) for 2 turns, CD 3 (max CD 2)Vulkan Blaze - Single target attack, 30% (max 50%) chance to stun, CD 5 (max CD 3)When an ally falls, Adell heals 3% hp, and gains 15% attack and speedSpeed Star - When Adell's Speed is higher then targets 50% (max 80%) chance to increase targets wait time by 10 (max 20)
RozalinWater, Gun, FemaleRose Thorns - Single target attack, reduces enemy speed by 25% (max 35%) for 2 turns, CD 3 (max CD 2)
Rose Liberation - 3x3 AoE around Rozalin 30% (max 50%) chance to confuse targets for 2 turns
Queen's Confidence - When Rozalin kills a enemy heal 20% (max 30%) and reduce her wait time by 35 (max 50)Queen's Aura - Increases male party member's ATK and DEF by 10% (max 25%)
AxelDark, Fist, MaleMy Heart Shakes - Single target attack with 30% chance to paralyze for 1 turnLove Dynamite - 3x3 grid in front of AxelShining Charisma - Increases drop chance of rare or above ranked itemsAbundant Power - 5% attack boost for alliesDark Ticket Only
MaoDark, Sword, MaleShine Beam - 1x3 lineVasa Aegrun - 3x3 AoE infront of Mao with chance to confuseThe Genius' Experiment - When attacking 20% chance to clear 1 enemy's buff
Guard Breaker - Decreases enemies defense within 2 squares by 5%Dark Ticket Only
RaspberylWind, Tome, FemaleD-Rule 1: Morality - 3x3 grid infront of Raspberyl, CD 5 (max CD 3)D-Rule 3: Ecofriend - All Allies 4% (max 8%) Damage CutAll enemies within 2 squares have 10% (max 20%) Status resistance down
Light, Sword, MaleRunning Crosses - Single Target attack, Boosts SPD by 25% (max 50%) for 1 turn, CD 4 (max CD 2)Summoned Sword Dance - 3x3 Grid infront of Almaz, CD 7 (max CD 5)Heal all allies 4% (max 10%) when Almaz critsDeals 25% (max 50%) extra damage to dark enemies
SapphireIce, Axe, Female1x3 Line Heals all allies within 2 spaces of Sapphire by 25% (max 35%) removes negative effects, CD 6 (max CD 4)Increases ATK by 5% when hit up to 10 times, resets per waveGives a shield worth 5% of max HP when recieving a critical hit
SalvatoreFire, Gun, Female, WalkingDamage Knockback up to 4 SpacesATK+5% for all allies within 2 SpacesAll Enemies -10% Speed for first 2 TurnsSuper OP for arena due to slowing enemies down. Can replace Sera/make great synergy with her when speed is needed
ChamplooFire, Fist, Male
ValvatorezDark, Fist, MaleBloody Hole - Around Valvatorez, CD 4 (max CD 2)Tyrant Flughude - Hits in a cone shape starting as a 1x3 then expanding to a 1x5 column
Revive! Sardine Power! - Revive on death once per wave with 25% HPProof of Vampire - Heal for 5% (max 15%) Damage Dealt
Fenrich Fire, Fist, Male
Light, Staff, FemaleBoosts all allies ATK by 50% (max 80%) for 2 turns (max 3 turns)3x3 AoE infront of Artina that boosts her SPD for 2 turnsBoosts allies SPD by 4% (max 10%)Increases HL dropped from enemies by 5% (max 15%)
FukaTree, Axe, FemaleBomb-Bat-Stic - Single Target Attack, 25% (max 50%) chance to stun target, CD 5 (max CD 3)Pringer Kaiser-XX - T Shaped Attack, CD 7 (max CD 5)
At end of turn, clear all debuffs and status ailments on FukaDream Girl - Decrease damage by 25% (max 50%) when recieved Critical damage
DescoLight, Female3x3 Grid infront of Desco3x3 Grid infront of Desco with a chance to seal enemy skill 3 for 1 turnEvery turn Desco gets a 4% crit chance that maxes at 40%, resets every waveWhen Desco drops below 30% HP CritDMG increases by 70%
Des X3x3 AOE CT4 max CT2True Godly Weapon Z - 3x3 Around her, seal skill 2 with 100% chance CT6 max CT4Increase attack 10% every turn max 10 time, reset every wave, max 20% every turnLethal Weapon Z - When hp is 30% or less increase CritDMG 70%, max When hp is 50% or less increase CritDMG 100%Dark Ticket Only
KilliaWater, Fist, MaleExploding Tiger - 1x3 line, 80% (max 100%) chance to blind targets for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)Avidya Holy Water - Single Target attack, Decrease enemy defense by 25% for 2 turns and knockback, CD 6 (max CD 5)Revenge Boost - Decrease wait time by 10 (max 20) when attackedDestructive Demon - Increase attack by 25% (max 50%) per enemy beaten, resets when wave changes
SeraphinaLight, Gun, FemaleBalor Gaze - All Allies 30% (max 50%) Speed Boost for 2 turns, CD 4 (max CD 3)Battle Orchestra - 1x5 Attack that has a 30% (max 40%) chance to reduce enemy attack by 25% (max 35%) and knocks back 1 spaceQueen's Privilege - Has a 10% (max 20%) chance to get another turn after doing any skill
No other passive
UsaliaLight, Axe, FemaleFlatty Dance - Single Target Attack with 25% (max 35%) to paralyse Target for 1 turn, CD 4 (max CD 2)Prinnical Meteor - 3x3 Around Usalia knocks back targets 1 space, 20% (max 35%) to stun targets, CD 5 (max CD 3)Cute Pose - Decrease enemy ATK by 15% (max 25%), when 2 enemies are adjacent Usalia her DEF increases by 75% (max 100%)Anti-Bully Aura - 44% (max 66%) chance to nulify enemy team attack damage
MajoritaDark, Staff, Female5x1 Line, 35% chance of lowering target ATK by 20% (max 35%) for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)
Draugr King - 3x3 Grid Infront of Majorita, CD 7 (max CD 5)
Revive once with 25% (max 50%) HP and a 15% (max 25%) DEF boostWhen afflicited with a status there's a 45% (max 65%) chance of giving the attacker the same status
ZerokenWind, Fist, Male, WalkingExploding Fist - Single Target Attack, CD 4 (max CD 2)Hellfire Shot - Single Target Attack, Knocks back target 1 space, CD 5 (max CD 3)Something about a 30% (max 60%) crit chance boost I think if his speed is higher then opponents he gets a 35% (max 50%) attack boostIf passive and everything is correct he is basically a glass cannon able to run in and deal massive damage to one target
Red MagnusFire, Fist, Male1x3 Line, CD 4 (max CD 2)Cross shape, CD 6 (max CD 4)20% (max 50%) when attack enemies adjacent to Red MagnusTakes 20% (max 50%) less damage when attacked by a enemy adjacent to Red Magnus
Void DarkDark, Spear, MaleSingle Target attack, CD 4 (max CD 3)Damages enemies within 2 spaces of Void Dark, CD 6 (max CD 4)15% (max 33%) chance to paralyze attackerWhen Defeating an enemy Steal any buffs target had
Summer JudasIce, MaleDamage
Has a 40% chance to stun for 1 turn
When using skill 1, 10% chance to reduce skill 2 and 3 CD by 2
Gets 3% ATK for each surviving ally, Gets 15% DEF for each fallen AllySummer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer RosalinDark, FemaleReduces Targets SPD by 25% for 2 turns
Heals allies 35% (max 45%) CD 7 (max CD 5)
Takes 10% less damage from light enemiesHeals 4% HP of all Dark allies when she passes her turnSummer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer AlvitrFire, FemaleDamage
Takes 10% less damage from water enemies
Has 100% crit chance against water enemies
Summer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer AsagiFemaleCan knock back enemies 3 spacesDamage
15% chance to confuse when attacking a enemy with a lower SPD statGets a 10% SPD boost for 2 turns at beginning of each wave
Summer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer RandgridrFemaleBuffs a single ally's SPD by 45% for 2 turns
Has a 25% chance to blind targets for 1 turn
Reduces CD of all skills when Randgridr defeats a enemyMale allies get a 4% SPD boostSummer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer ValvatorezMaleDamage
Heals 5% when passing turnDeals 25% extra damage when target has less then 30% HPSummer limited unit, not in main gacha
Sacred Tome ZettaDark, Tome, MaleZETTA BEEEAM - 3x1 Line, CD 5 (max CD 3)Tome of Omnipotence - Single Target attack 45% (max 75%) chance to seal target's skill 3 for 2 turns, CD7 (max CD 5)Seal of Aggression - When attacking with skill 1 there is a 20% (max 35%) chance to seal targets skill 3 for 1 turnOverlord's Vision - Reduce damage from adjacent enemy by 15% (max 25%)Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
Overlord ZettaFire, Fist, MaleZETTA BEAM!!! - 3x1 LineTrue Omega Drive - Single Target attack
30% (max 60%) chance to Ignore half enemy's DEF when using skill 3
When Zetta's HP is higher then targets increase ATK by 20% (max 50%)Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
PramIce, Staff, FemaleFreeze Prophecy - Cross shape, 30% chance to bind targets for 2 turnsIce Dragon - 3x3 grid infront of Pram25% chance at start of each turn to boost all allies ATK by 10% for 2 turns25% chance to boost all allies SPD by 4% for 1 turn at end of each turnPhantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
PettaDark, Tome, FemalePetta Beam - 1x4 LineThe Aisle of the End - Heal ally for 40% HP, CD 7Time Accelerator - when Casting skill 3 there's an 80%(max 100%) chance to reduce all allies skill 3 CD by 1A Gift from the Future - Heal 8% (max 15%) hp when passing Petta's turn
Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
MaronaWind, Staff, FemaleMiracle Time - 3x3 AoE with a 25% (max 40%) chance of sealing skill 3 for 1 turn, CD 6, (max CD 4)Psycho Burgundy - Cross shape, CD 7 (max CD 5)Get 5% (max 15%) extra mana at end of stage
Gives all allies a 20% (max 33%) ATK and DEF boost when an ally is defeated
Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
AshIce, Sword, Male
Big AoE, DamageBig AoE, Damage
15% chance to survive a killing blowGets a 75% ATK boost when below 50% HP
Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
AlexLight, Axe, Male
Single target attack, 25% chance to paralyze for 1 turnSingle target attack, knocks back 1 space20% chance to paralyze when using skill 1All light allies get 10% ATKPhantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
SalomeDarkSingle Target heal, Heals for 40% HP20% chance to confuse and blind targets for 2 turnsAll enemies within 3 spaces gets a -10% (max -20%) debuff resist
Lowers all enemies crit chance by 20% (max 40%) within 3 spaces
Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
FreyjaIce, Bow, FemaleIcicle Rain - Cross AoE, CD 5 (max CD 3)Area Heal - 3x3 Around Freyja healing all allies by 40% (max 50%), CD 7 (max CD 5)Blessed Tsukkomi - Decreases Surrounding enemies DEF by 10%Fruit of Blessing - At start of Freyja turn remove 1 status effect from allies within 2 spaces
PandoraDark, Staff, FemaleGuard Up - Buff all allies DEF by 25% (max 40%) for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)Brilliant Gift - 3x3 AoE, CD 7 (max CD 5)Solid Fortress - Pandora's DEF increases as HP decreases
The Last Gift - When Pandora is KO'd, Heal all allies by 15% and reduce their wait time by 15
SurtrFire, Sword, Female
Flame Blast Blade - Cross AoE, CD 5(max CD 3)Maken Levan of Flame - 3x3 AoE Grid in front of Surtr with a 50% (max 100%?) chance to burn for 3 turns CD 6 (max CD 4)15% (max 40%) chance to reduce CD of skill 2 and 3 by 2 when using skill 3No other passive
UnutFire, Fist, Female
Yan Burst Prison Boxing - Single target attack, CD 4 (max CD 2)Asura Senju Palm - 3x3 Grid in front of Unut with a 15% (max 30%) chance to stun, CD 6 (max CD 4)Allies within 2 spaces get a 5% (max 15%) SPD boost
Acceleration of Anger - Decrease wait time by 10 (max 20) when attacked
OdinLight, Spear, Male
Ray Lance - Single target attack, CD 4 (max CD 2)Divine Spear Gungnir - 3x3 grid infront of Odin with a 15% (max 30%) chance to stun for 1 turn, CD 7 (max CD 5)Protective Clothes - When attacked 30% (max 60%) chance to reduce damage by 20% (max 30%)God of War's Ambition - when attacking with skill 1, 20% (max 40%) chance to reduce other skills CD by 1
ValkyrieLight, Sword, Female
Tri-Feather - Single Target AttackFinal Ray - 3x3 Around Valkyrie with a 25% (max 50%) chance to confuseAt start of every turn, Valkyrie heals 5% (max 10%) HP and cancels one debuff
When attacking with skill 1 25% (max 50%) chance to cancel 1 enemy buff
SusanooWater, Sword, Male3x1 Line infront, CD 5 (max CD 3)Straight Line forward and behind, Reduces Targets Speed by 15% (max 30%)4% (max 8%) Damage Cut for all allies3% (max 10%) Def buff for every ally alive, 15% (max 25%) ATK buff for each ally lost
HildrFire, Axe, FemaleExplosive Smash - Single target attack, 30% chance to paralyze enemy for 1 turn3x3 Grid Infront of Hildr
Every enemy Hildr Defeats boosts her ATK by 15% (resets each wave)
Attacking with skill 1 has a 50% chance to stun
MistIce, Staff, Female
Freezing Gale - 1x3 line, 80% chance to bind targetsAbsolute Zero - 3x3 grid infront of Mist with a 65% chance to bind targetsGuardian of Fog - Increase allies DEF by 5% when within 2 squares of Mist
Illusion of Fog - Ignores enemy shields
YggdraWind, Spear, FemaleRapid Growth - Increase all Allies ATK by 25% for 2 turns
Solar Beam - 3x3 Grid infront of Yggdra with a 30% chance to inflict burn for 2 turnsWhen Yggdra waits, she heals 5% (max 15%) HP
At start of Yggdra's turn remove one debuff from all allies
OlrunLight, Sword, Female
Lightning Blaze - 1x4 Line, 20% chance to stun for 1 turnWhite Nova - 3x3 grid infront of Olrun
Every enemy defeated heals Olrun by 10% (She doesnt need to defeat them)
Attacking with Skill 1 has a 15% chance to remove enemy buffs
SleipnirWind, Spear, Male3x1 Line, CD 5 (max CD 3)
Increase SPD of all allies by 5% (max 15%)
JudasDark, Sword, MaleMoonlight Bliss - Single Target attackDimension Slash - 3x1 line, 20% (max 50%) chance to stun for 1 turnDangerous Aura - ATK increases as HP decreases, and survives a killing blow once per waveSinister Implications - Attacking with skill 1 has a 20% chance to extend? all enemy debuffs 1 turn
AlvitrWind, Bow, FemaleSingle Target attack, CD 4 (max CD 3)10% (max 15%) regen to all allies for 3 turnsWhen Alvitr crits, she gets a shield of 10% (max 25%) of her max HP
At start of Alvitr's turn, 15% (max 25%) chance to reduce all allies skill 2 CD by 1
RandgridrDark, Gun, FemaleCross Shape, Debuffs ATK by ?
3x3 Grid infront of RandgridrInstant Reload - 10% chance to attack after using skill 1 up to 3 times
Dark Ticket only
VerdandiFire, Tome, FemaleGrants a 30% DEF buff for 2 turns
Heals allies for 25% HPRandomly grant a shield worth 5% of the ally's max HP at start of turn25% chance of lowering a random ally's skill 2 CD by 1 when passing turn
HeigrotIce, Gun, Male
Single Target attack, has a 80% (max 100%) chance to bind for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)
5 space cross, 40% (max 50%) chance to reduces target's attack by 15% (max 25%), CD 6 (max CD 4)Enemy's crit percent drops to 0 when Heigrot is hit by a critical
30% (max 50%) DEF for defeated allies
ThrudLight, Axe, Female
3x3 around Thrud, 15% ATK boost to allies for 2 turns, CD 6 (max CD 4)3x3 grid infront of Thrud, has a 15% chance to paralyze for 1 turn and burn for 2 turns, CD 6 (max CD 4)ATK increases by 50% (max 75%) when HP drops below 30% (max 50%)
Act again if enemy killed had a status effect
Percival40% chance to bind for 2 turns, knocks back 3 spacesAoE damage
When Percival crits they get -10 wait timePercival's crit chance increases when their health lowers
Boosts ATK by 50% for 3 turnsAoE damageWhen Afflicted with a status effect gets a 50% ATK boost
When skill 1 crits burns for 2 turns
TsukuyomiWaterApplies a -10% (max 20%) ATK debuff to all targets, CD 5 (max CD 3)Heals all allies for 25% (max 40%) and applies a 10% (max 20%) DEF boost, CD 7Reduces all enemies ATK by 10% (max 25%) for 2 turns
Takes 10% (max 20%) less damage from dark enemies
MedjedLight, Staff, Female1x5 Line with a 25% (max 35%) chance to confuse for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)5x3, knocks back 5 spaces, CD 6 (max CD 4)Takes 20% (max 50%) less damage from enemies skill 3, Survives a killing blow onceWhen Below 5% (max 15%) HP reduce skill 3 cooldown by 4
AthenaLight, Spear, Female3x3 Grid infront of Athena with a 15% chance to blind for 2 turns, CD 5All Allies recieve a 10% DEF Buff, adjacent allies recieve BarrierGets 5% DEF for each alive ally
When hit by a critical heal 15% (max 25%) HP
RotaLight, Sword, FemaleX-Shaped attack that has a 20% chance to paralyze for 1 turn. CD 5 (max CD 3)
X-Shape attack, CD 7 (max CD 5)15% (max 25%) chance to dispel enemy buffs when attackingHeals all allies for 4% (max 10%) when defeating an enemy
Halloween AsagiWind, Gun, Female1x3 Line, knocks back 3 spaces, CD 4 (max CD 2)Oddly spread AoE, Debuffs targets ATK by 20% (max 40%) and SPD 30% (max 50%), CD 6
Skill 3 CD -2 when attackedWhen using skill 3 make a shield equal to 10% of max HP
Halloween exclusive unit, not in main gacha
Halloween SeraphinaDark, Gun, FemaleCross shape, 50% (max 70%) chance to daze targets, CD 4 (max CD 2)
3x3 Grid, CD 6 (max CD 4)Gives surrounding <Male> units 50% (max 100%) attack boost for one turnReduces damage from male characters by 30%, (max 50%)Halloween exclusive unit, not in main gacha
Halloween MistFire, Staff, Female80% (max 100%) chance to burn in a 1x3 line in front, CD 5 (max CD 3) 3x3 Grid, CD 6 (max CD 4) Heals for 10% (max 20%) damage dealt Deals 44% (max 66%) extra damage to enemies at full healthHalloween exclusive unit, not in main gacha
Dark AsagiDark, Gun, FemaleDark Bazooka - 1x3 Line Attack, knocks back 1 spaceKilling Darkness - 3x3 surrounding Asagi, 25% (max 45%) chance to blind targets, CD 6 (max CD 5)
Acts as all elements; all damage taken is not effective, all damage dealt is super effective30% (max 50%) increased damage against enemies with a statusShards Obtained in Asagi Episodes in SP Quests
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