DEPD Curricular Integration
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DE AssetSCMSSLAetcYour NameCredit to (if recd from attendee include name & school)Lesson/Activity Description/Summarylink/sample
SongJannitaFor kinesthetic learners have students create motions to songs. By listening to the song over and over and creating motions, they will be learning the content and having fun
SongJannitaFor students who love to write, have them create a new version of the song
SongRosy Learned this at a STAR event...break students up into the different parts of the song then have students create a music video, each time students showing their understanding of the subject. The song will repeat so many times during this process that they will know the concept by the time they are done with the video.
Sound EffectsJannitaAs students enter your classroom from break have a sound effect playing in the background. Have them close their eyes and visualize the location. What do they see? How do the feel? What’s going on? Great way to intro/hook a unit
Example: Guns firing from the American Revolution
Example: Rain Forest sounds
Sound EffectsJannitaAs a story starter, have students close their eyes and listen to 2 or more different sound effects. Do NOT tell them what the sound effects are. Have them write a story.
Example: Thunder and wolves howling
Example: Glass breaking and dogs barking
Sound EffectsDennisGive students a folder containing sound effects. Let them listen to all the sound effects then write a story that incorporates the effects. Student then record themselves reading the story dramatically using sound recording software and mix in the sound effects to create their own dramatic podcast.
Clip ArtJannitaWork on providing more recognition for students by creating certificates with clipart
ImagesJannitaSample: Federal Troops at rest
Look at the upper right hand corner, the gentleman is reading a newspaper. Take on the perspective of a news reporter from either side of the war and right an article
Look at the middle of the image. These gentlemen are playing a game. What other types of games could you create and play in large open fields with limited supplies that you can carry and take along with you
Look at the lower right hand corner. This gentlemen is reading a letter from home. Take on the perspective of the wife, a child, a brother, or from him and write a letter and/or response
ImagesSarahPlace a few images that are on the same subject/topic on the screen or print out and pass out. Have students write what they see and what they wonder about. Great way to have them begin creating inferences on what they will be studying at the same time assessing their prior knowledge.
ImagesRayUse Animoto to string together images on the same topic to introduce a unit. Example: Images of leaders.... be sure to include pictures of the teacher, principal, etc so that it personalizes it for teachers
ImagesRosy On an interactive whiteboard take images of vertebrate and invertebrate animals, have students sort into correct categories, set containers to bounce back to location if image is in incorrect and cheer if placed in correct column. This could be used with multiple categories such as instruments, shapes, art history, etc.
ImagesRosy On Inspire use images in graphing activity, set each image to “drag a copy” to create as many images as necessary to represent a specified number.
ImagesRosy Creating timelines of various events in history, such as John F. Kennedy’s presidency to his death.
ImagesDennisSix Word Stories: Take history images from DE and have students describe what is happening in the image using only six words. They can be six descriptive words or a sentence containing only six words. Focus is on choosing the best descriptive language to emphasize the emotion of the scene.
Example: Give students an early 1900’s image of children working in a factory and have them write a 6 word story.
AudioRosy Link audio within a flipchart to attach to images, for example taking an image of Martin Luther King, Jr. and linking it to his speech, then having students create a timeline along with other images related to MLK.
AudioRosy Using a flipchart, have students match letter sounds with images in a container such as long and short vowel sounds.
AudioSuzanneUsing PhotoStory or PowerPoint, use music tracks as the background to their story which could use their own artwork, DE images, or text. The music would create a mood to the story.
GamesSuzanneUsing an interactive white board, having students play the games at the board encourages the kinesthetic learner and helps those active students to be physically involved. Promotes teamwork as well if students work in teams to play games.
Skill Builders VocabularyClare * Utilize the Frayer model - vocabulary is the major component of every discipline.
* Vocabulary is a huge part of any discipline/subject area. To encourage vocabulary use the Frayer Model with a few modifications.
* Add a list of synonyms for the word
* For ESL/ELL students add the translation of the word in their own language
Editable clipKarenThis valuable skill can be used at any level and across subject areas. Show teachers and students (model lesson time) how to identify and find editable clips. Download a sample, demonstrate how to "mute" original narration and to voiceover the video. This authentic assessment clearly shows what a student understands. You don't know it, until you can show it!
Encyclopedia article LindaCopy and paste an encyclopedia article into Wordle to help find the main ideas. This can be very helpful for middle grade readers or a student that finds reading harder. Once they know the big ideas it is easier to read the article.
All DE filesLindaUse Power Point to create a multi media unit of instruction that links DE resources (sound effects, video segments, images, games or other interactive activities like a virtual lab etc). This allows the full unit to be in one place and teachers do not need to keep going to each assets individually.
Sound Effects and ImagesKimGive students sound effects and images/clip art to match up sound to image, etc. Great for the younger students.
Song and ImagesKimStudents listen to song, and either have images (or draw their own) to go along with the song. Have them go further and create this in Photostory/iMovie/Movie Maker/iPhoto/Power Point to make into a movie/slideshow
Videos/Video segmentsKimUsing PhotoBooth on the Mac, import the DE video clip, and right in Photo Booth they can green screen and film themselves to overlay onto the DE clip. No green screen needed!
Videos/Video segmentsRosyPlay video without sounds and teacher narrates, pair up students, have student A repeat to student B what teacher said and then switch, each time playing the video. Give students a graphic organizer and replay the video with sound. Students should record any new learning on graphic organizer.
Videos/Video segmentsRosyAt conclusion of a unit have students rewrite their own script to an editable video related to unit, record using either podcasting or video editing software.
Videos/Video segmentsRosyPromethean’s Inpire software allows you to take images from video embedded in a flipchart, depending on grade level, take a number of images and have students sequence them in order.
Writing Prompt Builder
SuzanneBy using different types of resources (i.e. encyclopedia article, picture, video, song) students can learn the same information from the type of resource that suits their learning style best.
Quiz Builder
SuzanneBy creating different versions of the same quiz, teachers can differentiate their assessments according to the different types of students they have.
Assignment BuilderDennisFace to face time with students is valuable. Rather than use 40 minutes of class time to watch a video, use the assignment builder to make that video homework and include pre and post-viewing questions that students will use to prepare for in-class discussion.
CalenderRosyUse calendar to transition from one subject to another throughout the day.
CalenderSuzanneMany teachers have “Student of the Week (or Month)”. The student can use the information from their birthday on the calendar to show how important people were born on their birthday or important events occurred. They can then tell what they will do when they grow up to be “famous” too.
AtlasRayAs a bell ringer or wrap-up activity at end of period to reward students and take them on a virtual field trip to any part of the world they would like to visit. Educates students about the world outside their community-city-state-country, which many never see, much less visit.
AtlasSuzanneIn schools where there are students of different cultures, teacher can highlight a different country each month (or week) to show a video or two about the people of a country that relates to some of the students. This can be done in any school situation, really, to increase awareness of different cultures around the world.
CalendarSally(More so for upper-grade through high school) At the beginning of the class period, have a student read aloud in from of the class what happened on that day in history in the particular subject. Students will be excited about reading aloud and will be practicing fluency and comprehension as well.
AtlasCindyWhen students come in asking about various countries that are being highlighted in the news, show them..use the Atlas at the end of the day when you're waiting for the bus! A little geography is always good!
STEMCindyTake a video of a job once a week, ask the students if they know anyone that has this job, ask the students what kind of education do you need to have this job. Focus learning on those subjects areas, have students find articles about that specific job. Pretend they have that job...what would your day look like?
Video SegmentsClareChoose several video segments on specific topics. Show a 30-45 second cllip to the class. Divide the class into groups of 3-5 students. They can make team names. Explain that the class will watch a video segment and each round different groups will ask different teams a question about the video. If the team answers it correctly, that team gets a point. I they answer incorrectly the questioning team gets the point. Each round changes so teams ask questions to different teams. After a couple of rounds stop and talk about questioning skills. Explain Bloom's Taxonomy of Cognitive Thinking. Subsequent rounds students will develp (hopefully) more higher order thinking/questioning skills. The ensuing discussions should support the lesson goal.Knowledge, Comprehension, Application (lower levels); Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation (higher levels)
ImagesTeressaSuch a simple thing, but every week I would change my computer desktop to a picture that represented the story or theme of the week for our language arts. The students always noticed and it stimulated discussion about the story focus. It presented perfect opportunity for providing background knowledge, using vocabulary words to talk about the image, and keep the class interested in the changing topics. Since it is such an easy thing to do - right clicking on image and "set as desktop" I sometimes did it more than once a week.
VideoClareQuick Writing / Relationships - While watching a video students write every fact/idea they hear. Teacher may have to pause to permit them to keep up. Assign a different fact to each student. Video tape students reading their fact. Great to use the video, with students as the stars for reviewing for the test. For higher order thinking, divide students into groups of 3. Give them a few minutes to find a relationship between their facts. Share out relationships
Sound EffectClareUse the sound effect for breaking glass. Tell students: Your usual routine when you come home from school is to let yourself into the house with your key. Your job is to start immediately on your homework until your parents come home, which is usually 15-20 minutes depending upon the traffic. You are working diligently on your homework and you hear this sound... [play the sound of breaking glass] Write what you do next and why.