TimestampCollege/University NameProgram NameWhat type of position are you reporting on?Maximum Course Section SizeAverage Course Section SizeWhat is the course length?What level of course are you reporting on?Which learning management system is used?What is the maximum compensation per course section (if part time or adjunct)?If the maximum compensation is variable, what is it based on?Instructor requirementsBest thing about this school?Worst thing about this school?What are the highest degrees you hold?What is your annual pay (if full-time)
8/6/2015 15:46:44Baker CollegeDoctoral ProgramAdjunct1112Graduate - Dissertation AdvisorBlackboard325Set amount per studentPhD
8/6/2015 14:38:29Jacksonville State UniversityAdjunct312012, 15Undergraduate - Upper DivisionBlackboard1500Nothing specific. Complete course control. Very flexible. Adjuncts have all needed support from faculty and student advisers. No office hours, no synchronous learning requirements. Low pay.
8/24/2015 9:48:00ConcordiaBusinessPart-time (regular)25158Graduate - MastersBlackboard2200PhD
8/24/2015 9:53:53ECPI UniversityAdjunct20155Undergraduate - Lower DivisionMoodle1500Interact with students in weekly discussion forums, grade business application assignment papers, two hours for office hours per week. Additionally, I have a live weekly online session Students must be contacted if they miss assignments. Though not officially listed, I respond to emails within 24 hours (48 on weekends). ECPI has a 401K as well as professional development.Contacting the students who are failing/not keeping up. Lots of times, they're difficult to contact, even by phone, text, and eMail!EdD (ABD)
8/24/2015 10:47:56UOP onlineHumanitiesAdjunct20125Undergraduate - Upper DivisionProprietary1500Set amount per creditDeliver standard course requirements, interact with students 5 days a week, grade participation and assignments.Pay recognition for level of degree
Regular increases of pay for length of employment
Bonus for longevity
Backing up teacher's grading and plagiarism charges
Removing students who violate honor's code
The reputation the school has in the general publicPhD
8/24/2015 10:56:32Baker CollegeGen EdAdjunct16166Undergraduate - Upper DivisionBlackboardSet amount per creditMicromanage students, post 6 days per week, gradingReally great colleagues
Facebook chat group
No pay differentiation according to degree
No pay increase according to longevity and experience
Ever increasing class sizes and additional meetings without compensation
Very needy students
8/24/2015 13:24:41Devry University OnlineBusiness and ManagementPart-time (regular)40308Undergraduate - Lower DivisioneCollege2480Office hours, discussion thread posts, 24 hr response to student calls and emails, phone call to student to welcome them to DeVry, graded assignments including: Discussion Thread participation, Quizzes, Papers, Final ExamUp until this year, my assignments were consistent. I still like DeVry's model of having flexible hours and short term courses. The courses pack a lot into an 8 week time frame and continue to remain relevant to what is going on in the Business and Technology sectors.Enrollment levels and course assignments. Lately, communication from faculty management has been non existent.MBA
8/24/2015 16:11:25K-12 online instructionSTEM subjectsPart-time (regular)3015individual paced, avg 12 weeksUndergraduate - Lower DivisionMoodle6000hourly pay, about $25/hrRealize this is very different as I am a K12 instructor and have only an undergrad degree, but this is my 2nd online teaching job and both had very similar requirements: Work with 'canned' curriculum, 24hr response to calls, emails. 24-48hrs for grading. Individualized feedback on all assignments and final evals. Published office hours for availability, monitor and reply to all forums (rarely used, never required for course participants)LOVE the students (I teach gifted kids right now), I am very well respected by administration who help me and rarely 'check up' on me once I got going. I love the institution and hope to add more hours/become full time. Curriculum department is very responsive when I find errors or make suggestions for improvement. (especially compared to my last position)I'd love to have more work than I do, and be a bigger player in the organization.BS (so far)
8/24/2015 16:17:38CapellaAdjunct322210Graduate - MastersBlackboard4000Set amount per studentOffice hours, monthly meetings, 24 hour response to urgent postsPayIncreased work without increased payPhD
8/24/2015 16:34:21Drury UniversityContinuing StudiesAdjunct25208, 16Undergraduate - Lower DivisionBlackboard2780No major requirements; academic freedom. Most people have to design their own online courses, though, for no pay. If students complain, though, you will be held accountable for that.Great students; academic freedomNot being paid to design a course; sometimes you might design an entire course and never get to teach it.PhD
8/24/2015 16:46:21Drexel Library Science ProgramAdjunct282211Graduate - MastersBlackboard4000Respond to discussion threads, grade, monitor class, guide from the side.Generally good students that are highly motivated. Easy on the adjunct requirements. Once you're on the roster, you're good to go as long as you do your job.This is the first raise in ten years.PhD
8/24/2015 18:29:05Everglades UniversityAdjunct35254Undergraduate - Lower DivisionBlackboard2300Post 3x per week in discussion, answer email/questions within 24 hoursPayManagementPhD
8/24/2015 20:58:00globe universityinformation technologyAdjunct15611Undergraduate - Upper DivisionBlackboard28 per credit hourPhone calls
Discussion board
48 hour response
8/25/2015 3:30:36Odessa CollegeAdjunct248Undergraduate - Lower DivisionBlackboard1650Set amount per creditNo office hours, some DB posts (one interaction per week), 24-hr response for email with 48-hr response over weekends, 1-wk turnaround on assignments, mostly course shell but some instructor modifications allowed. Most of the course [dev ed math] is held on MML site.Friendly dean, department chair, support staff. $50 stipend for listening to Prof Dev recordings of on-site meetings.MAS
8/25/2015 7:37:25Jackson State UniversityManagement classesAdjunct603514Undergraduate - Upper DivisionBlackboard4500set amount per 3 credit hour classdiscussion posts, time to gradeincome, not especially micromanagedmany unprepared students
very political environment
8/25/2015 19:59:57Herzing University OnlineInformation SystemsAdjunct22158Undergraduate - Lower DivisionBlackboard3000Set amount per student5 office hours per week spread over three days; 10 discussion board responses per week; e-mail responses within 48 hoursyearly survey bonus; opportunities for course authoring and peer reviewsclasses usually don't make every other term due to highly fluctuating enrollmentMS
8/26/2015 22:03:49RasmussenOrganizational LeadershipAdjunct30256Undergraduate - Upper DivisionBlackboard2000Set amount per creditOne live lecture per week
Office hours
36 hours response time on email
Great ongoing developmentClass sizesMBA
8/29/2015 8:54:13APUSEnglishFull-time30258
Undergraduate - Lower Division
This is for undergraduate; upper and lower division. Teach 425 students per year. Starting pay is around $38,000. Posted office hours are required. No more than 48 hours between visits to classroom. Respond to half of initial posts. Writing assignments graded within five days of due date. 24-48 hour response time to messages. Course lead responsibilities for management, update and maintenance of a standardized course for at least one course. Committee membership participation. Monthly faculty conference calls except during the summer.
Opportunity to teach overages (over the 425 student requirement) at the end of the year for an additional $95 per student. One full month of vacation during a month of your choice. Excellent health, vision, dental, life, flex and disability insurance plans. Matches 401K at 5%. There are program and faculty directors for each program. This means an actual go-to person with questions, concerns, or ideas. Some schools don't have this.
Low pay. Large classes. 50% forum response requirement in large classes can be problematic. The five-day grading timeframe is also difficult for large classes especially in writing-intensive courses such as English and literature. There is no extra pay or any concessions for course lead work, committee work, or any other service to the university.
8/29/2015 9:24:52Park UniversityEnglishAdjunct18158
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Set amount per student
Active in course room four days a week - one weekend day. No specific requirement for number of forum posts - be active in forums. Forums graded within 48 hours of due date. Writing assignments graded within six days of due date. Post office hours are required. Respond to student questions within 24-48 hours. Weekly announcements.
Good class sizes. Good pay if instructor can keep students from dropping. Autonomy in the classroom. With the exception of an annual evaluation, they stay out of the classroom and let the instructor do his or her job. High quality students who are generally prepared for college-level work.
Annual performance review is rigorous, inflexible and stressful. They are in the classroom for several weeks watching everything. The exam is pass or fail. If the instructor fails, it negatively affects the instructor's "rating" leading to fewer course offerings for the upcoming year. Evaluations reflect individual interpretations and bias of the evaluator in addition to whether or not the instructor met the standardized requirements. There is no recourse to or defense of the evaluation outcome. With a good rating, the maximum courses per year is 7 for adjuncts. They are lower with a poor rating. There is an online faculty entity rather than named program or faculty directors. There is no go-to person. There is no personalized communication or engagement.
8/30/2015 10:36:59KeiserBSAdjunct30104
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Highest education and # of cr
Discussion, comment daily
MicromanagementMS, MA65000
9/2/2015 22:00:21APUSBusinessFull-time25258
Undergraduate - Upper Division
SakaiHealth benefitsUnfair evaluationsMBA, PhD65000
9/5/2015 10:48:18Davenport UniversityAdjunct257
Undergraduate - Upper Division
I believe it varies based on the degree that you hold.
2 hours OH
24 hour turnaround response
72 hour grade turnaround
Active 5/7 days in discussion
Decreasing workload
Invariably there is an IT fail when it comes to course copy time.
9/5/2015 10:51:13APUSAdjunct308
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Set amount per student
Depending on department - very little micromanagement.
5 day turnaround on grades
Sometimes class sizes can be small. FT gets assigned first so winter months typically go unscheduled. Different standards among different departments.
9/5/2015 11:35:41DeVry
Nutrition, Health and Wellness
Undergraduate - Lower Division
eCollege2860Set amount per credit
No leadership, class hasn't been revised in over five years
9/5/2015 12:35:11
Florida State College at Jacksonville
Liberal ArtsAdjunct30188, 12, 16
Undergraduate - Lower Division
BlackboardSet amount per credit
Office hours by appointment; active in the course, 24 - 48 hours email response time. Grading must be kept currently,
Pay is $672 per credit hour
Great students; administration is wonderful, lots of free additional training, blackboard pre-designed courses used, standard book
add lots of classes toward the start of semester so lots of last minute classes.
9/5/2015 14:13:56
Arizona State University
English Dept. Adjunct383816
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Blackboard3000Set amount per creditNoneAutonomy Ed.D.
9/5/2015 19:24:42Villa Maria College
Accelerated Learning Lab (ALL) Leader
Part-time (regular)402015
Undergraduate - Lower Division
CAMS Enterprise240Set amount per credit
Class observation, phone calls, email response time within 48 hours, tutor hours if requested.
The culture. It is a small school and the students and faculty are a very close knit group.
The pay.MA, MBA
10/11/2015 13:41:45Miller-Motte OnlineAdjunct35326, 12
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Set amount per student, per credit
12/1/2015 16:42:35Liberty UniversityEducationAdjunct24188
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Discussion board posts
email within 24 hours
grade within 7 days after due date
12/23/2015 3:33:09Grand Canyon
Colangelo College of Business
Adjunct258Graduate - MastersProprietary2100per course (grad)
log in 4X/week; 24-hr response to student questions
12/23/2015 4:23:59Baker CollegeGeneral EducationAdjunct1596
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Post six days per week and respond to emails within 24 hours. Set up all courses several weeks before they start.
12/23/2015 4:25:25
Southwestern College (KS)
General EducationAdjunct16146
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Blackboard1450Super friendly staff.MA
2/24/2016 12:38:54UMUCBiologyAdjunct32328
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Desire2Learn5000Faculty supportPhD
2/24/2016 12:40:28
Penn State World Campus
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Canvas8000Set amount per credit
Students are well prepared for college
2/24/2016 18:57:38Bethel universityFull-time408Graduate - MasterseCollegeMBA
2/25/2016 12:41:54APUSScienceAdjunct302016
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Set amount per student, per credit
Office hours weekly, DB posting every 48 hours incl. weekends, respond to all messages within 48 hours, make your own exams
Support and pay per student (173/4 cr. hr)
Want to teach morePhD
2/26/2016 12:39:05Brown MackieBusinessAdjunct30154
Undergraduate - Lower Division
eCollege1250PhD, MHR
3/7/2016 21:29:35
Independence University
General EducationAdjunct25204
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Set amount per Module (4-week term)
1 live session per week, 1 hour office hour per week, 2 BIG discussions per week and 20% presence in the discussion forum, 1 weekly assignment, grades with 24-48 hours of deadlines, email with 24 hours, 2x monthly meetings (mandatory)
Steady/consistent classes
No raises. Like, ever...set/flat rate pay only
3/24/2016 15:13:44
Independence University
General EducationFull-time35284
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Set amount per student, per credit
Live lecture per class 1 hour
4 days in discussion board
Extra Curricular expected not compensated
1 phone call per 4 week mod if not more
24-48 hours
Raises lifted but depends on seniority
Very supportive administrators and great people to work with, hard really knowing are they listening or placating to make you happy for the moment.
No pay differentiation according to degree
No pay increase according to longevity and experience
Students given tablets that are broken, not working and then dropped for not being able to particpate
Very needy students
3/25/2016 10:18:57Fortis collegeGeneral education Adjunct103012
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Blackboard1400Set amount per credit
5 days a week participation in the course. 2 live lessons per term. Weekly itemized reporting on students.
CultureLow payMA
3/25/2016 10:20:17Trevecca universityLiberal artsAdjunct10256, 12, 16
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Blackboard2500Set amount per creditMA
3/31/2016 9:38:31
Eastern Gateway Community College
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Blackboard450Set amount per credit
Online courses - required office hours, response to students within 24 hours, grades and attendance updated weekly.
N/A for adjuncts
No support from management, no training for adjuncts, wing it
3/31/2016 9:41:37
Eastern Gateway Community College
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Blackboard600Set amount per credit
In person courses - required office hours, response to students within 48 hours, update attendance daily.
Adjuncts are not trained, wing it. No benefits, PTO, sick etc.
Management runs over you and you are treated like crap. If you don't know something (because there was no training), you are still in trouble.
3/31/2016 9:48:23
Eastern Gateway Community College
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Blackboardbase salary
Required office hours, teaching 31 credit hours between fall and spring terms, most classes are 3 credit hours each. Required to advise students in certain subjects based on your discipline. Mix of blended, online and traditional in seat courses.Student advisees can range from 26 assigned to 600+ depending on your discipline/location. Required to respond to students within 48 hours.
There are benefits (high deductible), they offer sick time but frown on anyone taking it. Union raises are outlined in the contract. Evaluations are done annually by non-teachers.
Most employees here are not happy - high stress low morale environment. Students don't care either - just there for the financial aid check, then they disappear. But you are held accountable for low retention/enrollment. Everyone recruits.
3/31/2016 11:41:30SNHUBusinessAdjunct33110Graduate - MastersBlackboard2500Set amount per class
Weekly contact with students who are at risk; 24 hour response time, instructor expected availability 7 days/wk; required to provide students unlimited opportunity to resubmit work until desired grade is achieved (once resulting in about 48 resubmissions on the last day of class); extensive discussion board participation; extremely detailed grading feedback. Instructors are expected to publish grades upon submission (rather than after due date) - if not, instructor evaluation takes a hit. Final grades due before 4pm EST three days after course concludes. SNHU claims to have changed the policy this term, but students are considered always right (i.e. customer is always right).
Not worth it.
No student accountability; very unfair evaluations; note to new adjuncts: SNHU is transitioning faculty - newer adjuncts losing course contracts and being phased out.
4/17/2016 17:41:52
City University of Seattle
Criminal JusticeAdjunct20610
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Weekly attendance submission, 24 hour response time, 3 day grading turnaround, heavy discussion participation
Great development opportunities. My particular program director is very engaged in developing the talents of his teaching faculty.
5/26/2016 8:58:06keiser universitycriminal justiceAdjunct10104
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Blackboard3750set amt per course
Masters. M-F 8-1 or MTR 9-1 depending on course. LIVE. Micromanaged.
Constant turnover ensures opportunity
micromanagement, stingy, meetings
5/26/2016 8:59:23
city college of ft. lauderdale
Undergraduate - Lower Division
live1350Set amount per creditmasters degree. LIVEthey leave you alone
low pay, but only one meeting a week
5/26/2016 9:00:51
florida international university
criminal justiceAdjunct808012, 16
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Blackboard3000Set amount per creditmasters. LIVEthey leave you alone
no opportunity for FT. Not even an interview!
6/22/2016 12:35:56Adler UniversityAdjunct17158Graduate - MastersCanvas3600Set amount per creditMPA
6/22/2016 12:52:12
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Student #s: 2-9 = $1200, 10-19 = $2350, 20-30 = $3350, 31-49 = $4500, 50+ = $5500
6/22/2016 12:56:28
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
AllAdjunct50209Graduate - MastersCanvas6000
Student #s: 2-6 = $1750, 7-18 = $3350, 19-30 = $4000, 31-49 = $5000, 50+ = $6000
6/25/2016 15:19:54
Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg
Full-time1252516Graduate - MastersCanvas5000
Office hours are required along with discussion board, calls and e-mail responses.
Perks and reputation
Certain administration members
7/9/2016 19:19:30SNHUOL/MBAAdjunct292910Graduate - MastersBlackboard2500Per Course
Typical requirements. You must be in the discussion board 5 of 7 days, grade withing 7 days (although they pressure you do do it sooner), contact students about missing assignments weekly.
Consistent course scheduling.
Students are not held accountable for submitting the work. It is not uncommon to receive calls from associate deans, advisors, or team leads to ask that you consider changing a student's grades. Most students are conditionally admitted to the grad program, so they need at least an 83% in each class. They don't mind pressuring you to ensure that students pass classes. Up until last term, students were allowed to submit assignments up to 10 weeks late in a 10 week class.

If you have a PhD and are well-versed in adult learning and higher education, stay away from this school. They like to hire people without teaching experience as it is easier to mold them as they are less likely to know right from wrong. They also require you to set update the blackboard shell 3 or 4 before the start of the class. The students get access 2 weeks before class starts, and you are expected to check in and answer questions if necessary. In essence, you are working 13-14 weeks for a 10 week class.
7/22/2016 5:31:51Strayer UniversityNursing RN-BSNAdjunct10711
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Blackboard3500per course
post every 48 hours
respond to student questions within 24 hours
perks - access to and grammarly
7/27/2016 14:04:59SNHU
Online, Undergraduate Business
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Daily discussion board check in
24 hour email responses
Week introduction announcement due by Monday night of new week
Zeros entered for prior week's work by Wednesday night
Ease of online platform
Nothing I can think ofMBA
7/27/2016 14:10:44Brandeis University
GPS (Garduate Professional Studies)
Adjunct201710Graduate - MastersLatte5000
daily discussion board involvement
post announcements frequently each week
24 hour email responses
Office hours two hours a week
Let's MBA teach grad courses with 10+ years of relevant experience
Traditional semesters- Fall, Spring, Summer unlike other term programs.
7/27/2016 15:49:59Strayer UniversityFirst Year ExperienceFull-time303012
Undergraduate - Lower Division
7/27/2016 17:25:32Bryant & Stratton BusinessAdjunct3015
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Blackboard1500New teacher salary
30 mins minimum office hours per class stationed in the library, full syllabus including weekly breakdown, new teachers required to attend 2 sessions of orientation (6 hours total), first semester new teachers work with a peer coach.
Starting pay and parking at the Buffalo campus.
7/28/2016 11:29:40
Bryant and Stratton College
Psychology Department
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Either Blackboard or eCollege; they switched at some point
They changed the way they pay. You have to co-teach with another instructor. The main teacher gets 1500 and the co-teacher gets 1000. Longevity does not guarantee that you get to be the main teacher.
Respond to every students' main post during the week, at least three days per week. What they really want is 'closing the loop', which means many levels of dialogue with each student. They want detailed feedback in rubrics, and then a personalized summary, and they want in-text comments, too. You are told to use a late work policy, but then are told to be flexible when students go missing, or don't schedule their time well and don't turn in their work.
A paycheck.
Micromanagement depending on who your supervisor is. Some supervisors are rude and unprofessional. Scheduling is flaky; it doesn't matter how long you have been there. You have to co-teach and the process of just setting up the course can be touchy depending on who you co-teach with. There are guidelines for who does what with the co-teaching, but not too many people follow them. Most main teachers want an even split on the workload, but they get $500 more than the co-teachers!
9/28/2016 4:53:44
Pennsylvania State University World Campus
MPS in Homeland Security
Part-time (regular)403516Graduate - MastersCanvas5000contract
Office hours on campus, e-mail monitoring and responses and faculty meetings
School brand and fellow faculty.
Senior leadership.PhD72000
11/8/2016 15:40:23Georgetown University
School of Continuing Studies
Adjunct151016Graduate - MastersCanvas7000
Some live-sync sessions, 48 hour e-mail reply, availability for students to schedule phone/video appointments.
Excellent support from supervisors and support staff. Non-matched deferred comp plan.
Really, nothing!MPA
11/29/2016 10:21:54Excelsior College
College of Health Sciences
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Call students if requested, discussion boards, email within 24-48 hours, return assignments within 5 days.
11/29/2016 10:25:02Excelsior College
College of Health Sciences
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Call students if requested, discussion boards, email within 24-48 hours, return assignments within 5 days.
12/29/2016 21:57:26APUSInformation TechnologyAdjunct25258
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Sakai 125
Set amount per student
Typically scheduled for the year
1/23/2017 14:10:35Aspen Nursing Adjunct118Graduate - MastersDesire2Learn150
Set amount per student
5 week new faculty training, no pay.
2/15/2017 7:02:01Marylhurst University
AOP-Accelerated Online MBA
Adjunct25125Graduate - MastersCanvas2200
24-hour response to students, high touch, and grading within 72-hours.
Low class sizes
Unreliability of classes running
2/27/2017 6:23:58APUSInformation TechnologyAdjunct159Graduate - MastersCanvas1PhD0
3/2/2017 9:29:09
University of Houston Downtown
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Lecturer and above need 5 hrs office a week. May not be virtual.
E-mail response within one business day (For all instructors)
Full benefits for Lecturers
Hidebound MIS faculty (Older Tenured) figh updating program
3/3/2017 6:24:15UMUC
Graduate Cybersecurity Management & Policy
Adjunct25-2312Graduate - MastersDesire2Learn12000
Faculty rank, terminal degree, # of credit hours taught for UMUC, # of credit hours in course
Grade within 4 days of submission, respond to emails or questions within 24 hours, no discussion boards in the ELM competency based programs.
Awesome students, great pay, opportunities for advancement or FT, full support of faculty by administration, no one leaves voluntarily - faculty routinely receive awards for teaching here 30-50 years.
3-4 terms per year, so you will have income gaps. Also, can only teach 18 credits per year as an adjunct...but...program chairs have been known to help out adjuncts by assigning them to paid committees or course/program development during times when they aren't teaching so income continues.
3/3/2017 6:28:06Broward College
BA in Supervision and Management/ BA in Supply Chain Management
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Faculty rank, terminal degree, # of credit hours taught for UMUC, # of credit hours in course
Submit final grades within five days of term end, administratively withdraw students from courses if they are failing at Midterm
No micromanagement, academic freedom, stable pay and enrollment
Lots of long-term adjunct faculty, so generally only 1-2 courses per term, 6-8 courses per year.
3/3/2017 6:52:14Grantham University
Business Undergraduate
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Set amount per student
One Office hour per week, respond to all students every week, and email response time 48 hours.

Great place to get teaching experience and then find better opportunities elsewhere.

Military/ Veteran Culture

Faculty Training and development is very active with webinars and courses.
$80 per student undergrad
$100 per student grad

Pay is low and there is no minimum amount of students. I had a couple of classes with 2 students in them. It honestly is not worth the time if there are less than 10 students in my opinion.
3/3/2017 15:49:31APUSScienceAdjunct25258
Undergraduate - Lower Division
173/student/4cr hr course
1 office hour a week
48 hr responses to messages
Culture, care about students and rigor
3/3/2017 15:51:19DeVryHealth sciencesAdjunct35308
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Ecampus2400Set amount per credit
Daily discussions
Phone calls
Office hours
Very whiny students who don't want to do the work
4/9/2017 9:13:17UCLA Extension
Business - International Trade
Undergraduate - Upper Division
None. You get a blank course shell and have complete academic freedom to choose materials and teach the course.
Culture is great, most students already have degrees - they're coming back to get certificates for a promotion, new job, or their own business. Students are highly motivated, no issues with plagiarism or check chasers (no financial aid for certificates!) UCLA also is a nationally ranked university, so it's good for your CV. No micromanagement, plenty of opportunities for training if you want it.
While the pay may look low, it's really not for the amount of work you actually do. Few sections and highly specialized nature of certificates means you only get to teach 2-3 sections a year.
4/9/2017 9:15:25West Liberty UniversityMBAAdjunct25158Graduate - MastersSakai2600
Extra students, extra pay
Typical - reply to emails within 48 hours, grade within 7 days.
Courses are standardized, no micromanagement.
Small program, so only get to teach 1-2 times per year.
4/27/2017 10:40:53UMass Dartmouth
Charlton College of Business
Undergraduate - Upper Division
5/17/2017 14:57:06Argosy University
Undergraduate Mathematics
Undergraduate - Lower Division
3 hours weekly for office hours, reply to all students in the discussion board and attempt contact with all students in week 1. Email response time is 24 hours during the week and 48 hours on weekend.
Higher Pay
Week 1 there are 2 discussion boards and call attempts to all students. It is a very work intensive week.
5/17/2017 17:06:12Miami U. of OhioProject Dragonfly M.A.Adjunct201915Graduate - MastersCanvas2050Set amount per credit
Grade and participate in discussion boards-flexible, no minimum number of posts, grade an 8-10 page paper in both rough draft and final format. Some courses have one instructor led discussion, but most discussions are student led. Instructor must critique student questions before they post them.
students are enthusiastic and fun to work with, no lectures, interesting discussions, no hard and fast rules about rate of grading and you get retirement with matching funds, but you also have to pay in-only really benefits you if you stay a long time
some classes involve a lot of grading and are only two credits-pay is $1025 per credit hour, some of the summer classes are 3 credits each, so they pay $3075 per course.
5/26/2017 16:44:03Ashford UniversityundergradAdjunct28286
Undergraduate - Upper Division
CanvasSet amount per credit
flexible hours, one to two discussion posts per week, email response times 24 hours, one to five papers per class, depending upon course.
They are always trying to improve the education experience, provide many PD opportunities, Great place to get started.
They used to consider my JD a terminal degree and then dropped the pay $200 and did not consider it terminal my last year I was working there. I was advised that they have a link the students can press anytime they do not reach the teacher as fast as they want, or if they are distressed. Since this was implemented the external monitoring went up and the demands were so time consuming that I stopped teaching for them.
7/20/2017 15:13:14
San Jacinto Community College
Student SuccessAdjunct201616
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Set amount per student
Bachelor's and teaching experience
Everyone is amazingly resourceful and kind
Too many adjuncts and rarely hire full time employees. I have plenty of courses in the Fall and usually one in the spring and none in the summer. Max per semester is 4.
7/24/2017 22:16:35Aktu ,UP, IndiaB.techFull-time806016Graduate - MastersBlackboard22000None8hrs.Near to homeNo salary increment.PhD22000
7/24/2017 22:17:36Aktu ,UP, IndiaB.techFull-time806016Graduate - MastersBlackboard22000None8hrs.Near to homeNo salary increment.PhD22000
7/24/2017 22:19:35Aktu ,UP, IndiaB.techFull-time806016Graduate - MastersBlackboard22000None8hrs.Near to homeNo salary increment.PhD22000
8/7/2017 12:39:02Miami U. of OhioProject Dragonfly M. A.Adjunct211912Graduate - MastersCanvas3075Set amount per credit
no responsibilities for setting up the class, grade discussions and participate (but no need to reply to every student in every discussion), grade research papers, no set e-mail response times, reach out to students with missed assignments, weekly e-mails to students, assist students in leading student led discussions (some classes), one office hour per week-your choice
students are passionate about their studies, supervisors are not too picky about response times, grading time frames flexible
Summer classes are 3 credits and semester long classes are 2 credits, & pay is $1025/credit hour. There is a lot of grading even in the two credit classes. It is hard to teach many sections, since the workload is light most weeks then very heavy when research papers are due.
8/21/2017 3:39:19AIUAdjunct25235
Undergraduate - Lower Division
2 hours of "office hours" = you being available to live chat
1 hour of live chat lecture per week

DB posts 5/7 days out of the week, 48 hr response time on student e-mails.
Continuous course offerings
Dumbed-down nature of instruction .....paint by numbers approach.
9/14/2017 11:39:15Walden UniversityHealth AdministrationAdjunct302016Graduate - MastersBlackboard3135
Office hours, discussion boards, phone conferences, email responses. Opportunities to be on various committees and additional compensation for serving on a dissertation committee.
Fellow faculty are terrific!

School management could compensate adjunct instructors at a higher rate ($4-5,000.00 per course) and still make money.
9/29/2017 11:11:57
Northern State University
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Just to respond to students and post grades. Nothing specific although I respond and grade things every day even though I don't have to.
Flexibility and the people!
I rarely get assigned a summer course.
9/30/2017 4:27:06clarion universitycriminal justiceAdjunct302512
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Set amount per student
office hours, phone calls,post, emaill response,meetings,disscussion boards
staff is friendly
staff replying to questions in a timely manner
10/29/2017 8:04:02Aden UniversityMBAAdjunct20106, 8Graduate - MastersCanvas3000
Set amount per student, per credit
No micromanagement.
No micromanagement.Low pay.PhD
10/29/2017 8:05:49George Washington UMPHAdjunct20188Graduate - MastersMoodle12000Set amount per credit
One hour synchronous lecture each week.
Pay, culture, reputation, students
Will only give one class per term.
10/29/2017 8:08:06West Liberty UniversityMBAAdjunct20207Graduate - MastersSakai2600Set amount per credit
Two discussions - must respond to every student every week in every discussion
Consistent work
Only one class per term, three terms per year. Low pay.
11/13/2017 16:28:28Strayer UniversityAdjunct252512
Undergraduate - Lower Division
Blackboard2400Set amount per creditMED
11/13/2017 17:17:37
Grand Canyon University
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Set amount per student, per credit
Respond to messages within 23 hours, grade DQ’s, Subsative Posts and papers within 7 days of the student turning the work in not the due date. Post responses, announcements and in the forum every 4 days.
I have an awesome boss!!!
They tray adjuncts poorly!
11/30/2017 6:09:09University of LiverpoolMasters of ScienceAdjunct25258Graduate - MastersBlackboard2100
Hefty work in the discussion boards with 5 days of participation required per week and all grading feedback within 3 days of submission.
Culture of the University and the support.
It's in the UK making communication difficult with students.
11/30/2017 6:11:59
University of the West Indies
Masters of ScienceAdjunct301813Graduate - MastersMoodle2000
Weekly discussion board participation with 3 to 4 live lecture presentations per term.
Culture and University Support
Location with constant issues and shut downs. Payments on time. Getting classes.
12/22/2017 15:48:29
Bethel Univesity, McKenzie, TN
Masters in EducationAdjunct22-68Graduate - MastersVcamp3601850
10 office hours per week, grades within 72 hours, participation on discussion board, reports due after course ends for NCATE/CAEP accreditation, disposition evals on all students after each course for NCATE/CAEP
We used to do less work for $3,600-$5,000 per course. Now we get paid $1,850 but have more work to do.
2/3/2018 7:18:23Baker CollegeBusinessAdjunct16168
Undergraduate - Upper Division
Respond within 24 hours, grade within 48 hours of deadline
No micromanagement, facukty are supported
Low pay, one class at a time
2/9/2018 16:00:09Ashford UniversityMaster's level Adjunct33206Graduate - MastersCanvas1800per course Ed.D