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TimestampEmail AddressNameService offeredAdditional DetailsRelevant experienceBioService(s) requestedQuestions and/or comments? (optional)
9/10/2017 16:43:34maayanstrauss@gmail.comMaayan StraussManicure, MassageManicure20 years of doing my own nailsHaircut
9/10/2017 17:11:27nswinston@gmail.comNechama WinstonCopy editing, FoodI'm an excellent proofreader and snack makerLegal, Cooking, Language
9/12/2017 11:47:54gee@recessart.orgGee WesleyLife Drawing I will offer free "professional" life drawing portraits to visitors. ;~) Bachelors of Arts degree in Visual Arts Studies honed by years of telephone doodling. As I'm very good at cross-hatching. HaircutI could use a cut!
9/12/2017 18:54:43alison.burstein@gmail.comAlison BursteinCopy editingAble to provide copy editing services for all materials and focused editing on arts writing of all types.Alison is an independent curator and master's student in the art history department at Columbia. She has worked at a range of arts nonprofits, including Recess, MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Brooklyn Museum.Headshots, Translation, Language
9/22/2017 6:59:49robgoyanes@gmail.comRob GoyanesCopy editingCopy editing services can include proofreading for error and style. Am also willing to workshop texts to develop prose, thought, and provide critical dialogue. Copy can be any kind: website content, academic article, artist bio, grants, etc. Currently a copyeditor for the American Airlines magazine. Writing has appeared in e-flux journal, Los Angeles Review of Books, BOMB, the Miami Herald, and is forthcoming in Artforum. Editing experience includes an MA thesis for Bard CCS, an academic article for the Cultural Critique Journal, various artist projects, advertising and business copy, etc. Extensive experience in writing and winning grants. Rob Goyanes is from Miami, Florida and lives in New York City. Besides his writing, he’s a co-founder and curator of the nomadic music and performance space Miami Music Club, which is supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. MMC has curated shows at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, and elsewhere. It was named Miami’s “Best Underground Club.”Massage, Graphic Design
9/28/2017 8:52:31pmohundro@gmail.comPatrickHaircutI will give you a haircut with clippers and scissors.I cut my own hair. I do an ok job.I am an MFA candidate at Hunter College around the corner.Haircut, Massage, Reiki
10/3/2017 10:09:38francescone.lauren@gmail.comLauren FrancesconeGraphic DesignI am a professional graphic designer capable of consulting on a project or providing actual design servicesThe Service Room! ;)Haircut, Headshots
10/3/2017 11:09:10jessica@recessart.orgJessica LynneListening, breathing, and affirmation TimeI will offer 15 minute listening and affirmation sessions for individuals who need a short break to pause, breathe, and regroup amidst the crazy of New York City. Registrants will be able to drop into Recess with the choice to participate in a few breathing exercises, use me as a kind ear on a bad (or good) day, or just pop by for a friendly chat.Jessica Lynne is Manager of Development and Communications at Recess.Massage
10/4/2017 8:28:56sarahelizabethcoote@gmail.comSarah CooteMake-up, Manicure, Copy editing, Spiritual, Crafts, Professinoal developmenteverything listed as a service I practice in my personal life; professionally I am an artist and administrator for an architecture firm. artist, femme, administrator (office manager), I'm a good writer and listenerI was born in Philadelphia and studied painting BFA RISD, MFA VCU. I moved to New York in July and I live in Queens. Massage, Reiki, Food, Astrology, Spiritual, Crafts, Cooking
10/3/2017 13:39:38jaimeshearncoan@gmail.comJaime Shearn CoanCopy editing, creative writing workshop/feedbackI can edit job or grant applications, help with writing artist statements, and/or give prompts or feedback for creative writing projects. I've led creative workshops for several years with New York Writers Coalition and have my MFA in Creative Writing. I have editorial and proofreading experience, I write about performance, and have worked with artists on writing about their work.Jaime Shearn Coan is a writer and PhD Candidate in English at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Massage, Headshots, Sewing, Astrology
10/3/2017 19:15:52davidxuborgonjon@gmail.comDavid Xu Borgonjon Translation, Coaching, Language, Professinoal developmentI can look at resumes, advise on art career stuff, and speak Chinese and edit English.Check my website davidborgonjon.comSee website! Thank you, sorry I'm doing this on the phone.Headshots
10/5/2017 19:00:51alisonlillie.roberts@gmail.comAlison RobertsHaircut, Headshots, Copy editingI have actual experience copy-editing, but will try my best to take your picture and cut your hair. I worked for a Magazine where I wrote copy, in addition to working as an editor. I work in communications with a focus on art and culture. I am also an art writer and editor. Haircut, Coaching, Astrology
10/7/2017 13:29:24apoulet@earthlink.netElaine AngelopoulosSewing, Coaching, Professinoal development, find the nested self withinI AM OFFERING TWO KINDS OF SESSIONS: 1) THEATER-OF-SELF is a professional development workshop based on the practice I devised for Theater-of-Self. This work will offer the participant a new direction or expansion in your creative practice through persona embodiment, scripting, and performance work. In preparation for the session, you will need to bring an article of clothing, an object, and something that you create (if its too big, have access to images online; but preferably bring it as a physical thing). I will talk to you about the significance of these things to you. Through scripting and our exchange, we will develop a persona. I will ask you to speak/gesture/move from the place of the persona by the end of the session. 2) The basics of sewing. I will largely teach basic hand stitching, and how to mend clothes and accessories; within this I will also teach how to make mends more creative than a simple fix. I developed the conceptual practice, The Nested Self/Theater-of-Self/Three Point Nomad, that combines performance, installation and digital media, and in studio, analog and digital methodologies. Persona development based on my personal narrative, and interactions with my public inform the development of the script and media works that become integrated into future installations and object assemblages.
I've taken this idea further with installations that address the autonomy and isolation of urban environments, counteracted though walks, and personal conversations. Objects used for installations called, When The Ground Breaks are acquired though commerce, gifting, and loans for the duration of the exhibition that features the work. I am currently working towards an iteration of these projects that combine these methods and invites participants to workshop and perform around urban footprints that have contributed to the higher cost of living in New York City, and how it intersects with a global economy.
I have been an artist, activist, and gallery manager based in New York since 1983. I create installations, performances and digital media that intertwine personal narrative and greater events as a non-linear compositional and relational space. Throughout the 1990's, I documented protests along the eastern seaboard in the 1990's, and collaborated on a variety of interactive installations, video works, and performances. Since 1989, I have been a staff member at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, based in New York City. My website is currently under construction, but you will find my work scattered online.Sewing, Food, Coaching, Cooking, Professinoal development, consulting on creativity, and how it connects to current trends of activism and theory
10/9/2017 9:53:35lizzthabet@gmail.comlizz thabetFood, Spiritual, CookingI make the best popcorn. Optional toppings include nutritional yeast, smoked sea salt, pepper, butter, and Old Bay. We can commune over snacks. I've honed my popcorn-making skills over several years. I inherited a great recipe from the time I worked at a women-centered arts collective in the Hudson Valley. Daily community practice revolved around a potluck lunch. I'm a multimedia artist and developer from North Carolina. My studio practice usually revolves around drawing, sculpture, zines and custom ready-mades. My physical practice includes bouldering and weight lifting. Massage, Reiki, Professinoal development
10/9/2017 12:31:16laiyi.ohlsen@gmail.comLai Yi OhlsenComputer programsI can help people set up their digital fingerprint and explain how it works and how it might be useful! I work as technical projects coordination for a cybersecurity organization focused on Internet Freedom and digital rights. Lai Yi Ohlsen is an artist and project manager with a background in computer science and movement. affirmations!
10/10/2017 20:48:10xaviacarin@gmail.comXavier Acarin WielandFood, Architecture / design, Cooking, Language, Curatingcatalan, spanish, english, italian, food, drinks, cooking, curating, writingBarcelona, New York. Haircut
10/11/2017 8:57:04noalembersky@gmail.comNoa lembersky Astrologyyou will need to provide accurate birth details. Birth time greatly enhances The consultation but not a must.Have been actively practicing astrology for the past five years. A member of the national council for geocosmic research. Musician & Astrologer. Have been residing in NYC for the past decade Haircut, Make-up, Manicure, Massage, Reiki, Food, Legal, Professinoal development
10/12/2017 9:29:51manuelmolinamartagon@gmail.comManuel Molina MartagonMassage, ReikiLeaving for Mex Oct 19-31Several workshops over the last decade in Latin America certify my skillsManuel Molina Martagon is a multimedia artist working in video, photography and performance. Molina Martagon holds a MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and a MFA in Creative Writing in Spanish from New York University. His work been shown in festivals like Proyector Madrid, Region 0 The Latino VideoArt Festival, YANS & RETO and Festival de Video Arte de Camaguey, and institutions such as the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia and Art Museum of the Americas in DC.
Molina Martagon has also been a recipient of multiple international awards and grants, such as Fulbright, CONACYT (Consejo Nacional Ciencia y Tecnología), Alice Beck Odette Grant, and PECDAP (Programa de Estímulo a la Creación y Desarrollo Artístico de Puebla) and so on.
Massage credentials include Shiatsu, Swedish, and Lymphatic drain.
Massage, Reiki, Translation, Astrology, Cooking, Professinoal development
10/12/2017 13:04:00jessica@recessart.orgJessica LynneListening, Breathing, and Affirmation SessionThis will be an informal meditation session. Jessica Lynne is Manager of Development and Communications at RecessGraphic Design
10/12/2017 19:13:33sthurer@gmail.comSally ThurerFashion AnalysisRead Vogue with me and talk about it. (1 hour)I'm smart and very opinionated about Vogue. I haven't read Vogue in a while, so I can't predict what my opinions will be, but I guarantee they will be very strong and entertaining.Sally Thurer is an independent art director, graphic designer, illustrator and animator in New York City. She received her MFA from The Yale School of Art and is the former Head of Experiential Methodology and Critical Theory in Richard Turley's department at MTV. Before all that, she was creative director of Missbehave and art director of Mass Appeal. Sally does design and illustration for various clients including The Village Voice, The Fader, and The New York Times. She also likes to make videos, websites, high-concept dance parties and pedagogical instagram accounts.Reiki, Spiritual
10/16/2017 18:23:40Jule KorneffelSpiritualprofessional card readingOne of my clients told me to sign up here. - I give card readings and so far everyone has been very content, sometimes astonished.
I regard card reading as a language, the reader is just a translator of what is already there. There is nothing to fear,- you already know it. I will just bring some clarity into it. I am very discrete and grateful for every clients trust.
I have been doing card readings for myself and friends for almost 2 decades. I regarded it as a hobby or even just an entertainment until the day a card reader I went to saw my skills in my card deck. She trained me and now we are colleages.Haircut, Massage, Reiki, Coaching, Astrology, Spiritual, URGENT: I have a problem with my iPhone (6)
10/17/2017 9:08:00bitton7714@gmail.comNir BittonFood, Computer programs, CookingDeep-pigment smoothie to work your core or lazy-cooking with fancy-serving;* Comp' programs mainly on the design-video spectrum, but not only

* vegan
Manicure, Massage, Headshots, Copy editing
10/17/2017 12:13:29molly@canopycanopycanopy.comMolly KleimanEditing, copy editingOffering editorial assistance. Available to assist at any stage in the text's development: from discussing structure and concepts, to refining prose and phrasing, to copy editing a finished work. I'm editorial director of Triple Canopy, a magazine whose work encompasses digital works of art and literature, public programs, and books. I'm also part-time faculty at NYU's Gallatin School, where I teach in the Writing Program, and was formerly the Writing Program Coordinator. Molly Kleiman is editorial director of Triple Canopy, co-director of the Back Room, and part-time faculty at New York University’s Gallatin School.Flexible based on availability
10/18/2017 15:23:21GINZBURGNOA@GMAIL.COMNoa Ginzburg Reiki, Translation, An Online Shopping session I hate going shopping for cloths. My friends are a like. I help them find the objects they desire on sites like asos. Over 10 years of personal experience. A good understanding of sizes and materials. I'm an artist, I make installations, drawings and prints. I teach Hebrew and art, and I translate and edit (scientific articles) from English to Hebrew. I can also Reiki and Teta heal, and i cook a mean vegan ramen. Haircut, Copy editing, Coaching
10/21/2017 13:59:36cdw.chrmbk@gmail.comSacha ToncovichPassword Painting - pintura con contrasenaWhen you have open profile on facebook it is good to share the password - Cuando tienes un perfil abierto en Facebook, es bueno compartir la contraseña. A good way to share the password is by painting it - Una buena forma de compartir la contraseña es pintándola. we will paint and learn together how to paint and share passwords - pintaremos y aprenderemos juntos cómo pintar y compartir contraseñas. Also we will think about the many ways to paint and share the password - También pensaremos en las muchas formas de pintar y compartir la contraseña.

we have painted and shared our password in many ways and many times - hemos pintado y compartido nuestra contraseña de muchas maneras y muchas veces.Sacha Toncovich - we are you and me and we share our password and facebook profile. we may be everything or nothing and we paint our passwords and sometime dream in new pazworld - somos tú y yo y compartimos nuestra contraseña y perfil de Facebook. podemos ser todo o nada y pintamos nuestras contraseñas y en algún momento soñamos en un nuevo mundo de paz.Computer programs
10/21/2017 15:22:46sobjablum.s@gmail.comSonja BlumManicureHand scrub / massage and basic nail polish application Only doing my own nails, definitely not a professional Sonja Blum is a neurologist and an artist, currently an MFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of ChicagoManicure
10/22/2017 16:36:50alona.weiss@gmail.comAlona WeissGraphic Design, Headshots, Food, SpiritualI can offer any graphic design consultation or quick work that can be made during the session. Can also take headshots with light edits on the spot, teach a 20 minutes self - healing kundalini meditation technique, or make a salad. I have been working as a graphic designer for the past 12 years, have a good eye for portraits photography (candid or formal), and been practicing kundalini yoga and meditation for the past decade. I'm not a trained teacher but happy to share what I have learned. I know all the Adobe design programs and happy to share my knowledge, and I love making salads. I’m a visual artist (video, installation) based in Brooklyn. MFA - Parsons the New School (2014), BDes- Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem (2006). I work as a studio manager / editor for Cecilia Vicuña Studio (Lehmann Maupin), Guide art tours via Chelsea Gallery tour, and as freelance graphic designer.
Copy editing / grant application
10/26/2017 6:53:26xccv35@gmail.comNiv fridmanCookingHiYoga
10/26/2017 7:07:29gabriellelamontagne@gmail.comGabrielle LamontagneGraphic DesignIllustration, graphic designArt Director at Chobani, Independant graphic designer, clients include The Met, RoAndCo, Alldayeveryday.Gabrielle Lamontagne is a designer and illustrator based in New York by the way of Montréal. Massage, Reiki, Astrology, anything to treaaat myself
10/26/2017 8:05:20justin.ifill@gmail.comJustin IfillYoga
I strive to help others help themselves, stay balanced, and love their breath! His classes are an uplifting, innovative and soulful journey — a practice steeped in the timeless traditions of yoga, infused with music and spiced with divine inspiration.
Justin Ifill, RYT 200 fell in love with yoga as soon as he started and has now been practicing for over six years. Following some of his inspirational teachers and mentors, he completed his teacher training at Laughing Lotus (Lotus Flow University) earlier in 2017.Graphic Design, Headshots, Cooking
10/26/2017 9:43:47lgerndt@gmail.comLauren GerndtMassageswedish & shiatsuAstrology
1/27/2018 9:23:58kelseybryden@gmail.comKelsey Bryden
Graphic Design, Headshots, Food, Spiritual, Computer programs, Crafts
I'm a designer with a newfound interest in Human Design, hence my spiritual contribution
Haircut, Reiki, Graphic Design, Headshots, Copy editing, Spiritual, Computer programs, Crafts
1/31/2018 21:34:36elesherliao@gmail.comEmma Lesher-LiaoFood, Cooking
anti-inflammatory foods and recipes, herbs/supplements
have worked in a couple restaurants (as servers, with some food prep), but mostly just an enthusiastic home cook. have been thinking about starting a catering business with friends recently and would be cool to have the opportunity to try things out on new people :)
currently finishing up college studies in studio art and anthropology, originally from los angeles
Massage, Headshots, Sewing
thanks! let me know