Immersive Briefings DelegatesAdd comment to this sheet or email with updates. More info:
NameJob TitleOrganisationQ1. Where can we find out more about you and your work e.g. Linkedin or Academic profile page?Q2. What are your core area(s) of expertise or research interest? You could include a link to a recent project.Q3. If you have an idea for the Immersive Research Development Partnerships Call, could you tell us a little more about it?Q3. Are you looking for partners?Q3. 1: Who are you looking for (tick as many as apply)Q3. 2: What knowledge and expertise are you looking for?
Chris TravisTechnologistCoherent audio capture for immersive mediaOpen to ideasYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersPractical video capture for immersive media
John DurrantCreative DirectorBDH Immersive Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 film, photogrammetry, visual effects, immersive narratives, Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard. i have an ideaYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersArts and science
Helen RanaSenior Research & Business Development ManagerUWE and business development supportxyAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | Otherx
Rik LanderCreative DirectorU-Soap core research and practice is in participatory narratives, eg The Memory Dealer or Job Vacancy: Echoborg http://echoborg.comI have an idea in developmentYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherTBC
Darren CoskerReaderUniversity of Vision / GraphicsIdeas around augmented aging, appearance changesYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersUse cases - industry or psychology
Rob HifleDirectorBDHWord of mouthImmersive tech, VRYesYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersMentoring
Jen SteinWatershed Professor of Design FuturesUWE Bristol technologies for storytelling; user experience designlots of ideas, but nothing concretized yet.NoAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersConnections with larger community engaging in "immersion" research.
Stephen HodgeAP in Live Art + Spatial PracticesUniversity of Exeter art + interdisciplinary spatial practices (often working with walking practices + urban planning) - gives some publicly-facing examplesi have some potential beginnings of ideaspossibly (i have some potential links)Academic Partners | Industry Partnerstechnical + interdisciplinary expertise
Mandy RoseDirector - Digital Cultures Research CentreUWE Bristol between documentary and emerging creative technology inc VR, and industry partners to work withNoOtherNone
Nariman MassoumiLecturerUniversity of Bristol ideas relating to (Iranian) diasporic experience, displacement, memories of migration and cultural histories of oilYesIndustry PartnersDigital media / VR / AR companies and expertise
Emma ColeLecturer in Classics and Liberal ArtsBristol University tragedy and postdramatic theatre, experimental and immersive theatre, translation and adaptation: Partners | Industry Partners.
Anastasia KoutsomitopoulouResearch AssociateUniversity of BristolUniversity of bristol newsletterMaterials Engineeringnot yetnoAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | Otherindustrial insights
Emma WhittakerResearch Fellow in Ambient Literature ProductionUWE, Bristol experience design, narrative, sound.Ambient Literature LabPossiblyAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherApp development, High Speed Internet
Ges RosenbergResearch FellowUniversity of Bristol Co-I on have an idea that I am keen to evolve.YesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersData visualisation, synthetic environments
Nick LambertHead of ResearchRavensbourne development, augmented reality knowledge interfacesCombining fulldome and ARYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersNA
Mike PhillipsProfessor of Interdisciplinary Arti-DAT, Plymouth UniversityEPSRCFulldome, simulation, VRNot yet...YesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersAI programmers.
Mitch TurnbullProducer/DirectorBramble reality and engagement with the natural worldI have an ideaYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherInteractive 3D graphics in VR and sound design
Rebecca GouldReader of Comparative LiteratureUniversity of Bristol, Islamic culturememory, migration, refugeesyesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | Otherdigital storytelling
Sam LambsheadResearch Development AssociateUniversity of BristolLinkedin (needs updating!)Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and LawN/A - I am in Research Support, not ResearchYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | Othernot sure yet
Seth HonnorArtistic DirectorKaleiderkaleider.comI'm an artist - for this I'm interested in a VR choreography work in public spaceIt is a probably a bit under wraps so don't want it broadcast to the entire attendee list - but it is combining choreography with a VR experience in public space.yesAcademic PartnersResearch in performance - particularly hybrid digital and live in public space and/or VR
Hannah TempestPrincipal UX ConsultantNomensaLinked in and nomensa.comMobile, VR, AR - Omnichannel experience designWe have many ideas, we are looking to expand outside our commercial partnersYesIndustry Partners | OtherTechnical Implementation
Simon EvansCTOVisumind Limitedwww.visumind.comUsing VR to improve drug-free pain relief.Several areas of exploration at the moment!YesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersBehavioural Psychology
Andrew CalwayReaderUniversity of and virtual reality; computer visionhave ideasyesAcademic Partners | Industry Partnerscreative
Kathryn JohnsonDevelopment EditorVictoria and Albert Museum, Popular Music, Youth Cultureliterature exhibition projectPotentiallyIndustry Partners | OtherVR/AR technology / interactive visitor experiences
Zsolt BaloghCreative DirectorNew Visual Paradigm design, animation, theatre design, exhibition designYesNoOthern/a
Jacqueline MaingardReader in FilmUniversity of Bristol film audiences, South Africa - recent article: project re: audiencesYes - not sure what industry partners would entail so have ticked academic partners onlyAcademic Partnerscollaboration to extend the project more widely
becalelis brodskisCreative DirectorInterAnimawww.reimagineyourtown.orgParticipatory Arts with digital mappingdevelopment of re-imagine Your townyesIndustry Partnersprogramming in Unity and VR
Sherryl WilsonSenior LecturerUWE and the digital culturenot at the momentNoAcademic Partners | Industry Partnersmore information on the call
Madge DresserResearch Empath Project/ Slavery and memoryImmigrant experience/ memory walks and gamingPossiblyAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherNetwork and update
steve pooleprofessor of historyUWE, Bristol\s2-poolehstry from below and immersive, locative experienceRomancing the Gibbet - blends immersive locative performance with collective public memory, poetry, sound-art and historical research ,already have partners ready to goOtherany!
Johann GregoryResearch AssociateCardiff University Economy / English LiteratureNot sure yet - could be in relation to my literature expertise around digital storytelling and place / memory. Or it could be that I support someone else at Cardiff through my RA role to put forward an ideaNot at presentOtherN/A
D-M WithersResearcherFeminist Archive Southdeborahwithers.netdigital archives and preservation, community heritage, feminism, collaborative meta dataCurrently developing ideas to rework the Feminist Archive South at interface and infrastructural - already done scoping / development looking for programmes to apply toyesAcademic Partners | Industry Partnerstechical and pedagogical - especially in open source / cultural heritage digital preservation linked data
Carrie SuppleDirectorJourney to Justicewww.teachingforsolidarity.com no idea yet!I'm wiht JtoJ Bristol, Dr Madge DresserOtherAction for social justice
judith astonSenior LecturerUWE/i-DocsLinkedin, AcademiaEdu, TwentyfirstCenturyFilmmaking wordpress siteinteractive documentary, expanded film, immersive design, emplaced interactionYes - I have a mixed reality ideaYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersVR development skills, production design, camera and editing
Ralph Hoytewriter 3 yr live art and located media 'Romancing the Gibbet' (Georgian crime-scene executions in the West of England) collab with Steve Poole/Regional History Centre/UWEyesIndustry Partners | Otherexpand 'Romancing the Gibbet'
Jacqui MulvilleReader in ArchaeologyCardiff University animal and human health, and public engagement.Yes, and an international partnerYesIndustry PartnersImmersive theatre.
Mark ChittyWeb DeveloperNomensa and VR Market Research (via have several ideas internally which have been considered for development pending further analysis.No (May change in the future)OtherThe state of the local VR industry as well as an idea of how Nomensa may help existing VR Companies within our area of expertise.
Marco FacciniStrategic ConsultantImmerse use of VR and AR in Education and Corporate Learningcollaborative & social multi-player learning in VR and not bu utilising AvatarsYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersCognitive and Behaviourial
Paula SerafiniResearch AssociateUniversity of Leicester and politics, social movements, embodiment, creative labourWe have an idea related to the idea of play in relation to immersive experiencespotentiallyAcademic Partnersn/a
Peter FlemingProfessor of HistoryUniversity of the West of EnglandUWE profile pageLater medieval urban history/heritage/time, space and powerNoNoAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersNot sure
Charlotte CroftsAssociate Professor FilmmakingUWE Bristol, Cinema History, App Development, Cary Grant FestivalSeveral seeds of ideasYesIndustry Partnerstext recognition / interaction
Stephen HindeMedia Immersion ResearcherBristol Vision Institute, Media ImmersionMeasuring Immersion While Audiences Watching MediaYESAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherContent Providers, Service Providers, Broadcasters
Tarim .Creative TechnologistMedia Playgrounds instllations people can play withNot yetNoOther.
Tim KindbergFounderVorb platforms, especially for engagement and participation in collective actions e.g. video platforms and http://nthscreen.tvNot yetYesAcademic PartnersPractitioner with in-depth knowledge of urban social issue to tackle
Barney HeywoodDirectorStand + Starewww.standandstare.comheritage, museums, technology, storytellingI have a few ideas, but want to find out more.YesAcademic PartnersNot sure yet.
John DurrantDirectorBDH Immersivewww.bdh.netVirtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 film, photogrammetry, visual effects, immersive narratives, Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard. have ideas in developmentYesAcademic PartnersArts and science
James PollockDesignerBDH Immersivewww.bdh.netImmersive tech, VRWe have ideas in developmentyes we are looking for collaborationAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersData sets and mentoring
Dan ElstonProducerBDH Immersivewww.bdh.netImmersive tech, VRWe have ideas in developmentyes we are looking for collaborationAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersData sets and mentoring
Simant PrakoonwitAssociate ProfessorBournemouth University, AR, 3D Computer VisionHave some ideas about VR/AR for the disabledYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersApplications of VR/AR for the disabled
warren lesterProduct ManagerVicon Motion Systems ltdlinkedinVR/ARvicon can provide a broad range of expertise and products to facilitate research partnershipsnoAcademic Partners | Industry Partnersnone
Lukus RobbinsInteractive Performance Performance, Creative Producing, Experience DesignI have an ideaNoOtherblank
Jenny KiddSenior LecturerJOMEC, Cardiff Universitywww.jennykidd.orgdigital cultural heritage, museums, ethics, latest project info can be found at would like to further the work with yello brick and National Museum Wales, further exploring possibilities for subtlety, silence, sociability, ambiguity and disruption in digital heritageNot presentlyOtherNA
mark milesCEORender solutions for enterprise, our latest experience can be seen here have ideas and thoughts at early stageyesAcademic Partners | Industry Partnerspartnerships around hardware, and academic
Luke EmeryCreative ProducerIndependent, immersive performance, site specifc performance, heritage, digitalN/AN/AOtherN/A
Tom BaileyArtistThe mechanical animal, sound, field recordings, environment and climate changeI have an idea. I'd more but I'm on an iPhone. Happy to share in personYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersTechnical expertise, especially regarding sound
steven blakeCo-Founder, DirectorWhiley + Blake media applications for areas of business applications such as Architecture, Engineering & ConstructionUnder ConsiderationYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersData Analysis, AI, Medical Research
Ossian WhileyCo-Founder, DirectorWhiley + Blake media applications for areas of business applications such as Architecture, Engineering & ConstructionUnder ConsiderationYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersData Analysis, AI, Medical Research
Liz FalconerAcademic Learning DesignerBournemouth University reality, virtual worlds and immersive technologies for education. For example see https://lizfalconerblog.comI have an idea for immersive constructions of ancient british sites to encourage the participation of 16-24 year-olds in history and heritage. Research partners are secured and the bid is under construction.NoAcademic PartnersLandscape and soundscape specialists
Hazel GrianInteractive WriterPervasive Media Studio - Will join other projectsOpen - Will join other projectsAcademic PartnersEmerging technology platforms, academic research
Tom McDonaghArtistSelf Employedwww.tommcdonagh.coOptics, Robotics, Theatre, Installation3D shadow environments combined with live performanceYesAcademic PartnersVisual perception, Sensory neuroscience
MariCarmen Gil OrtegaSenior LecturerUniversity of the West of EnglandDr MariCarmen (Maika) Gil Ortega in Linkedin or\mc-gilImmersive technologies, VR, VWs, ARyesyesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | Othernetworking and sharing knowledge
Sharon ClarkCreative DirectorRaucous immersive theatre, film and digital technology in 'found' spacesI have an idea to research further our use of 'totems' - personally adopted inanimate objects that can be animatedYesAcademic Partners
Industry Partners
Psychology and ethics. Product design.
Bruce HoodProfessorSpeakezee immersive experience in performanceYes!NoAcademic PartnersM/A
Mike PonyDirectorSubmerge Festival / Digital / PerformancexxOtherx
Clive RadfordLecturer/researcherBournemouth University some ideasYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersIndustry
Paul LewisFounderMedia Grand have an ideaYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersPsychology
Elspeth Van VeerenLecturer in Political ScienceUniversity of Bristol, UKUniversity of Bristol webpages/Academia.eduIndustry Partners
Julian BrigstockeLecturer in Human GeographyCardiff University geography, social theory, performanceI have an idea involving performance, landscape, and biosensor technologiesYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners
Kate Moleslecturer in sociologyCardiff UniversityCardiff University websiteCollective memory, place, nostalgia, heritage, ethnographyI have two potential projects - both around the politics of remembering and collective memoryMaybe!
Kate Moleslecturer in sociologyCardiff UniversityCardiff University websiteCollective memory, place, nostalgia, heritage, ethnographyI have two potential projects - both around the politics of remembering and collective memoryMaybe!
Susie McFarlandBusiness ConsultantSusie McFarlandI am attending on behalf of my client, Mark Miles, Owner of Rendermedia: Company profile: Personal profile: work in immersive technology creating Apps, VR and AR for enterprise. We work with organisations in manufacturing and engineering across the business. Please see a few case study links here for work completed for Airbus: have ideas for projects that are at an early stage development.YesIndustry PartnersManufacturing and engineering sectors to help address challenges around process and product driven solutions that these industries face
Michael StraeubigMarie Curie FellowPlymouth University sure
Rachel de GarangArtistic Director/Artist LiaisonOutreachAfrican Sambistas/Tribe of & of the African Diaspora & the value of retaining traditional, cultural and spiritual praticesAncestral Memories in the creative processYEsAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherIndepth knowledge of field & funding
Erika HughesSenior LecturerUniversity of Portsmoutherikaehughes.comimmersive performance, cultural diplomacy, applied theatreI do have an idea!YesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | Otherprogramming and VR, distribution, capture and coding
Terry FlaxtonArtistVidualFields Image Research recently director of CMIR UWEI have a project concerning the nature of engagement within MRYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherParallel research level
Eva ElliottSenior Lecturer in Social SciencesCardiff University inequalities, place, cultural participation, regenerationYes - ish!Not yet
Keith ChapinSenior LecturerCardiff University aesthetics, ecocriticism, 18th-century musicNo
Yan XingResearch FellowCardiff Universityacademic profilearchitecutre and ecosystems
Malcolm HamiltonCo-DirectorMufti Gamesmuftigames.comBespoke play projects and interactive game base theatrePotentially something brewing!Yes
charlotte biszewskiFreelancen/
Giorgio CortianaSound DesignerStudentwww.giocosound.comImmersive Sound. Virtual Reality. Procedural Audio.
Trudy BarberCourse leaderUniversity of Portsmouth person to person experiences and narrativesI have several ideasYesIndustry PartnersHaptic feedback
Rebecca BangayDigital Media ProducerRB Digital Media and 360 video, especially multi-sensory applications. for multi-sensory VR/360 video experiences inspired by the natural worldYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherMental health research, VR dome technology, dynamic volumetric video, haptic technology, intelligent material technology
Tom AtkinsonCreative DirectorR3Digital ProductionYesYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersAcedemic and Industry expertise
julia thorneycroftchoreographerjulia thorneycroft dance with dance and VR/AR
silvia carderelliDance artist, filmmakerSilvia Carderelli-gronau, contact improvisation, interspecies telationshipsYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersProfessional artists
christopher ralliCreative DirectorREWILD.lifewww.rewild.lifeEnvironmental issues, GPS tracking, FolkloreMultiple ideas using VR AR apps and gamingAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | Other
Jenifer LeaLecturer in Human GeographyUniversity of Exeter of the body/embodimentPossibly...Maybe an arts and humanities partnerAcademic Partners
Jose FonsecaLecturer in Games TechnologyBournemouth University Animation, Body Expression Representation, Virtual HumansI have some ideas I am working on.
ginger coonsResearch
Kelli Rose PearsonEarly Stage ResearcherWageningen Universitysusplace.netArt, Mindset/Culture Shift, Social-Ecological TransformationYesIndustry Partners
simon johnsongame designerFree Ice
Seth GiddingsAssociate Professor of Digital Culture & DesignUniversity of Southampton design for postdigital play. e.g. yet!YesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners
Ben TrewhellaManaging directorOpposable Group a VR development company, run VR World Congress, setting up Bristol VR Lab
Fred CharlesPrincipal AcademicBournemouth University Storytelling, Multimodal Interaction, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Virtual RealityI have a couple of potential ideas to submit to the call.YesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersArts and Creative Industries
Doon MacDonaldResearch AssistantSwansea University, interaction design, sonificationno idea yet!no i don't think so
Anthony HeadSenior LecturerBath Spa UniversityWebsite - www.anthonyhead.coAR/VR, projection, coding, 3D stereo, immersive experiencesRepresentingYes.Industry PartnersVR experience.
Ambrose SeddonLecturerBournemouth University, sound.I have an idea.