Is Your Favourite Brand Anti-Racist?
Last update: 9th July Sept BST
BrandParent CompanyHave they made a statement?Have they committed to clear actions?Made a £ contribution?Are their commitments measureable?Have they committed to the #PullUpOrShutUp campaign?NotesTip offs /What do the (ex) staff say?
18montroseNoNoNoNoNoDissappointing seeing as they actively profit from streetwear and predominately Black culture
& Other StoriesH&M GroupYesNot really (comitted to learning, telling representative stories, and increasing representation of WOC in e-com)$500k*NoNoWill be sharing progress and actions in "Our Actions" highlight - check this
AAbercrombie and FitchYesPledging $200,000 to fund initiatives that support, uplift and embrace the Black community
•Accelerating leadership, recruiting, and retention initiatives for our Black associates at our home offices and globally ⁣
•Committing to year-round initiatives for our Black and people of color communities⁣
•Surrounding ourselves with people who will hold us accountable, including brand partners, customers, and associates of color
Pledged onlyNo - "with specific details to come"NoCommitments are extremely vague and the financial pledge is not clear
AdidasYesYes - developing a recruitment programme to ensure equitable hiring, remove bias, increase representation and accountability. 30% of open vacancies filled with Black and Latinx talent, 50% of new vacancies to be filled by marginalised groupsNoYes NoNeed to understand the breakdown of Black vs Latinx in 30% - important not to umbrella groups together. Also with the 50% - advancement of one group does not make up for the lack of anotherHave been informed that Adidas has made donations to the cause but currently unable to verify this
AldoYesYes - "committed to learning and educating by training our staff to shift from not racist to anti-racist. Creating a hotline with established organisations for customers and staff to report any instances of racism or prejudice to be dealt with by a CEO led board. Legal fees will be paid for any staff members detained whilst participating in peaceful protest"NoNoNoWhat does the training look like and will staff be given time off to participate in activism?
American ApparelYesNoNoNoNo
AnthropologieURBNYes but denied their racist security practises - see notes"Help rebuild and grow Black businesses, specifically in Philadelphia, diversifying workforce and use of models, expand diversity and anti-discrimination training"$100k*NoNoUse the code name "Nick" to refer to Black customers instore. Do not shop here
ArketH&M GroupYesNo$500k*NoNoCheck back in to see community recs - asked followers for actions they can take
ASOSYesYes - "Examining every area of ASOS. From leadership to recruitment. From training to mental health support. From charities we back to partners we collaborate with. From brands we stock to businesses we invest in. From faces we feature to content we create. Support our Black colleagues, customers and followers – and keep you informed along the way. Setting up diversity and inclusion plan, creating clear goals for equal opportunities in workplace and content channels"NoNoNo
BBanana RepublicGap IncYesNo - "amplifying black voices"$250k*NoNo
BarbourNoNo NoNoNo
Base RangeYesNoNoNoNoSaid they will use this time to reflect for change and haven't posted since - check back to see future actions
BershkaNo (black squares don't count)NoNoNoNo
Beyond RetroYesNoNoNoNo
They don't post often - check back
BoohooBoohoo PLCYes"As of this week we are establishing a diversity and inclusion board made up of people across our business that are closest to the issues, to collaborate with us to create a plan for change"Yes - undisclosedNoNoCheck back to see when the board is appointed, HOW they were appointed, the recommendations they make and how they're being implemented. Will it include staff from all levels? Will they be recompensed for their time and labour? Will they stop blackfishing their models?!
Browns FashionYesWe are making a commitment to the education and diversification of our company across all levels, working more closely with our whole organisation to create policies that empower our Black team members, as well as supporting grassroot organisations who are doing tremendous work to fight racial inequality in the UK and globally.Yes - undisclosedNoNo
CCalvin KleinYesNot really - "ensure an organization where we support each other in open and honest dialogue, provide resources for further education on issues affecting our teams, practice radical empathy, and use our voice"Yes - undisclosedNoNo
Carhartt WIPCarharttYesNo "express our solidarity"Yes - undisclosed
CarharttCarharttYesNo "taking more steps to help the own people in our backyard with Grow Detroit's Young Talent org"$200k to GDYT
ChampionYesYes - expanding 7 yr partnership with Urban Dove, create an annual scholarship for students. providing scholarships to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, will continue to invest in Black creators and partners.⁣
NoNoNoWould like to know how many scholarships and how they will invest in Black creators and partners
ClarksYesNo - "creating a more diverse team is a natural move. The space we occupy within hip-hop and Jamaican culture is well known, and we see an opportunity to recognize, give back and support those cultures even more. As we build our action plans over the coming days, weeks and months, we will be inviting key leaders from across our company to contribute to this work and make it more of a reality."NoNoNoSpecifically considering the impact dancehall and West Indian culture has had on the brand, Clarks absolutely need to be held to account on this. Check back over the coming days and weeks
Club MonacoYesYes - (Commit to diversifying our community and org to ensure representation. Invest in partners who support the academic success of US black community. Form a Black Voices advisory council in addition to existing Diversity & Inclusion teams to address institutional racism and culture. Leverage platforms and resources financially to support and represent Black community - diversify talent reflected in photography, social media and partnerships. Pledge to work with more co-creators from Black community to ensure POV is represented. Provide commercial opportunities for Black-owned SME's instore. Mandatory bias and micro-aggression training for all employees. Educate leaders on allyship and advocacy. Paid time off provided for all employees to "ensure voice heard")NoNoNo
ConverseNikeYesYes - "working on our company culture, more opportunity, inclusion, belonging, representation and equity for current and future Black teammates at all levels.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Bring additional support to causes that affect the communities of our black designers, creators, athletes. Use our platforms to amplify the voices of Black youth, fund a dedicated community of emerging global leaders creating progress together.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
⁣⁣We will work with Nike and Jordan to commit $40 million over the next four years to support social justice, driving education and combatting racial inequility in Black communities. This investment focuses on organizations advocating for social justice, driving education and combating racial inequality.⁣ Support U.S. voter education and registration at the national and local level.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
UndisclosedOnly the $40mill pledgeNoFollow up on all of this also why all of this but Nike said nothing?
COSH&M GroupYesYes - "A forum will be created to give all employees across the brand an opportunity to speak out. We will be accountable for change – an internal working group will be set up with immediate effect. This group will suggest and initiate further actions we can take both internally and externally, and we will ensure we uphold these commitments. We will continue to educate ourselves – implicit bias training received by our leadership team will be rolled out across the organisation. We will review and clarify our recruitment, development and retention processes, as well as the partners and collaborators we work with."
$500k*NoNoWhat will the internal working group be comprised of and who will sit on it to ensure impartial accountability? Will this group be recompensed for the time and labour put towards carving out strategy? How will Black and nbpocs in the organisation factor into this?The internal working group made up of staff members workshopping "Diversity and Inclusion" strategy are of course, not financially recompensed for this additional work.
CrocsYesNo - "we are actively working towards providing support"NoNoNoCheck back
Crooked TonguesNoNoNoNoNo
DDickiesYesNoNoNoLast post was this on 31st May - check back incase they post an update
Dolls KillYesPledging $1million towards featuring Black owned brands and designers, matching employee donations in addition to $100k donation, incorporate diversity in all actions, lend voice to movement, examine all processes within organisation to become anti-racist including buy strategies, hiring processes, bias training and equitable opportunities.$100k, 100% of profit of $1mill buy range to BLM, Only the $1million buy commitmentNoHow will they be examining all of their practises - are they consulting externally? And how will they be sourcing the brands for the $1mill and what will be the selection process? What's the time frame for this?
Dover Street MarketYes - NOW DELETED!NoDiverting 100% of profits from 3 products that mysteriously "sold out immediately"NoNoInternal feedback suggests a lot of work needs to be done that is not being addressed at all right nowBlack customers report to have been very visibly followed instore by plain clothes security staff whilst with their elderly mother. Source - customer in the comments
Dr DenimYesNoNoNoNoNo
Dr MartinYesNot yet - actively explore other ways to empower Black and minority voices and will update$125k/£100kNoThey said they will update - follow up on this!
EellesseYesNo - posted about this many times but provided no real actionNoNoNo
END clothingNo - black squares do not countNoNoNoNo
EverpressYes and hereYes you can find them detailed here however this was possibly only drafted and published in response to the severe mistreatment of Cory (the companies only black team member - see tip offs)

Hiring a Diversity and Inclusion manager. Inclusion training rolled out from top down (does this include all staff or just management?) Working with external consultant to review bias in hiring. Partnering with diverese job boards and communties. Mental health support and compassionate leave for staff (did this not already exist?) Staff activism support in way of time off and donations matched. Mentorship programme to support Black and Brown artists (is this exclusively?) Publication of Diversity and Inclusion report.
£5kAt current, only the D&I report has been stated to give "quarterly updates" with the date of first release unknown. D&I training to be rolled out "in a few weeks" however there is no way of metrically reporting on the success or Drastically mistreated their only Black team member in 2019, made public via instagram. Staff member Cory was repeatedly maligned in his place of work, with a mutlitude of racist comments made to him with seemingly no adequate proceedures in place to manage incidents. The company had been previously questioned on their attempts at diversity and mentioned gender only and not race whilst it was glaringly obvious to be an issue with Cory being the only Black employee. After being told "we can't fire you because you're our only Black member iof staff", Cory was subsequently dismissed in 2019 after approx a year, leaving the company with no Black representation whatsoever. You can find all of Cory's experiences detailed on his instagram profile, along with his responses to Everpress' statements at @coryjed
FFashion NovaYesNo$1 millionNoNoHave said they will update throughout 2020 via Fashion Nova Cares. Need to follow up on when this will be, what it looks like, what's being implemented, and how they are measuring the effectiveness of this. Will they stop blackfishing their models?!Have been accused of institutionalised design theft from Black designers such as @TaniRiches, @klosetenvy and @FiftyKarats, @knots.and.vibes alongside others (and blocked them on social media afterwards).
FilaYes but only US, nothing on UK pageNo$100kNoNo
FineryNoNoNoNoNoHaven't posted in two weeks so check back
Forever 21YesForming F21 Diversity Committee to lead and develop inclusivity initiatives to evolve cultural change. Creating clear goals for equal opportunities in workplace and across content channels to lift black community. More black representation in mgmt and leadership teams throughout organization. Providing platform to better represent black community through collaboration and storytelling with black creators and models. Collaborating with black owned fashion and beauty brandsNoNoNoFollow up on all of these commitments via the F21 Diversity Committee. How and when is it appointed and who is on it?
Fred PerryNo (black squares do not count)NoNoNoNo
Free PeopleURBNYesMatching empoyee donations to causes, hiring a more diverse workforce, increasing representation of Black models, influencers and brand parters, educate existing teams to create culture that respects anti-racism)$100k* and $300k individuallyNoNoAccording to a commenter, Free People is a Republican Party donor. How are they hiring a more diverse, specifically Black, workforce? How are they educating teams and changing culture? How can they ensure the practises of sister company Anthropologie aren't used in theirs?
GanniYesNot yet - "commit to doing better and commit to continued action. starting this week and each week moving forward, we will be commissioning work from the Black creative community to share on our platforms" - have put a call out for Black creators to collab with$100kNoNo but have provided the following info in instagram comments: teams are mainly based out of the US, UK and Scandinavia. Across those markets, the percentage of POC on our team is 8.38%. In the US alone it is 35% (they have not specified which of these numbers are specifically Black or any breakdown)Want to see what actions they take and the results of comissioning work from the Black creative community - will it be art to share on instagram? Is it designers?Ex staff member disclosed that they suffered racial discrimination within her team and that there are no HR facilities at the US branches or wholesale teams at Ganni . She was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and so provided this information under anonimity. Source - ex staff member
GapGap IncYesNot yet - updated on 18/06 - doubling representation of Black and Latinx employees at all levels in US HQ and in functions that make and market our products by 2025. Increase representation of Black employees in store leader roles by 50%. Rolling out anti-racist training brand wide. Ensure products and graphics are designed to represent our customers and cultural identities. Work with "Colour Proud Council" to inform better design, merchandising and marketing. Advertising through working with talent in front and behind the camrea that is collectively > 50% POC. Will review partnerships and only partner with companies that share same values. Update every month on progress - full statement and list of commitments here.$250k*Only the percentage increase on new staff hires and a very far in advance deadline of 2025. In order to measure the true progress of increasing diverse hires, we need to know the current breakdown of staff ethnicity vs pay across all levels.NoAgain without a clear plan in place to secure diverse hires, it is impossible to see how the company can increase in a credible way over such a long period of time - 5 years. it is also crucial to gain insight on the training that is being rolled out, owing mostly to the incidents we have learned about taking place amongst staff on the shop floor. Gap have also not paid their Bangladeshi suppliers for planned stocks over the Covid-19 pandemic, and have most recently "ghosted" NY designer Teflar in favour of collaborating with known Trump supporter Kanye West for a 10 year partnership.On just a few days prior to their latest statement dated 18/06, a Black member of staff was told he looked like a caveman because he had grown out his beard during quarantine. The staff member stated it was due to not having access to a barber, to which the manager who commented went on to reply "well you look like a monkey with that haircut" and proceeded to make monkey sounds at the staff member. There is video evidence of the complaint being filed to corroborate the story. Whilst the manager has now been dismissed, it's concerning that GAP is pledging to increase it's POC and predominantly Black hires without instilling the proper training of all employees to ensure no POC or Black staff members will have to experience this by fellow collueges, let alone their own managers. Source - @ruru_muzo on Twitter
GhostYesNo - "implementing necessary changes"NoNoNo
GoodhoodNo - black squares don't countNoNoNoNoFor a brand that heavily utilises and relies on Black culture, this was disappointingSource close to employees can verify the company has done nothing to support the movement internally or externally. Will check back for an update

UPDATE - ex staff say Goodhood suck

I asked for an update three times in their comments and was not only promptly ignored, but set on by some "all lives matter" commenter - GH have not intervened or responded. Will not be shopping here again
HH&MH&M GroupYesNo (comitted to using their voice)$500k*NoNo
HollisterYesPledging $200,000 to support the voices, movements & people working to make the world safer for the Black community. Educating ourselves on the right organizations to partner with. We will be changing the way we work. Addressing the opportunity gap facing BIPOC communities through programs & initiatives that can have a measurable impact on change.⁣⁣Pledged onlyNot yet - "we will be working to get you the answers we don’t have.⁣⁣"NoRacist workforce and culture akin to Zimmerman staff authoritorian rules - source diet prada comments
House of CBYesYes - creating a Black owned business fund, annual design scholarships for Black designers, improve race equity amongst senior roles, appointing a global chief diversity and inclusion officer, developing a business start-up programme$20k and 15% profitsNoNoCheck back to see updates on all
House of FraserNo (black squares do not count)NoNoNoNo
JJ BrandYesNoYes- undisclosedNoNo poc on their page
J. CrewYesNoYes - undisclosedNoNo
Jack WillsNo (black squares do not count)NoNoNoNoPersonally knowing the racism ex-boyfriend recieved whilst working here, throw this entire company in the bin
Jeffrey CampbellYesNoAll digital sale proceeds from June 8th - 21stNoNo
KKickersYesNot yet - "in the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing details of a long-term programme which will address multiple facets of diversity including how we can better support the Black and broader BAME communities, ranging from partnerships, donations, teaching support and mentoring"NoNot yetNoCheck back over the next few weeks for details of the programme
Kurt GeigerYesNo - "we’re having a lot of internal conversations about how to ensure we make effective and meaningful change and we’ll be updating you on this in due course"NoNoCheck back to see the update
LLazy OafYesNo - "we acknowledge white privilege. We are looking within us to do better and be better. We need and are ready for fundamental change"NoNoNo
LevisYesHave implemented a hiring process to combat bias, with one poc to be on each vacancy slate. Recruit from historically Black colleges (HBCUs) for our internship program. Partnered with leaders like Zach Norris of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Pastor Mike McBride of Live Free, who work on the front lines of change to address issues that affect Black communities$200k in donation and grantsOne poc per vacancy slate - not great but that is measurableNoMore expansion on the internal actions and to not umbrella POC for this one slate position - the advancement of one marginalised group does not make up for another
LibertyYesYes - "begin adding brands and giving BAME entrepreneurs more opportunity, especially in the beauty sector. Our initial goal is to add at least one of these brands every month for the next year. Will incorporate bias training for all staff. Investing and sponsoring at undergraduate level and then filling positions when we have them to increase minority applications. Using our creative channels and to work with black creatives and models to better represent. Form a Diversity Executive Committee that will be the voice and the source of ideas to ensure diversity is influential in how we run the company and the brands we select. Diversity Executive Committee and leadership team to create a list of actions with a timeline that we as a business can be held accountable for.No Adding at least 12 BAME beauty brands to Beauty Hall in a year, starting June. Diversity Executive Committee to provide timeline to hold account withNo but have provided the following info on leadership team: "Of the 12 directors, half are female. We have two members that identify as BAME, at least one LGBT. The age range is between 32 and 66. Two members are non-British. We don’t formally track racial diversity across the organisation – we will from now on. As previously mentioned, while our store has a very diverse population, our offices are far from representative" Follow up on the racial breakdown for leadership team and all staff. Follow up on How DEC has been formed, the list of actions they put forward and the timeline they propose for them. Follow up on the beauty brands being added, with a specific focus on Black owned brands.
LipsyNo (black squares don't count)NoNoNoNo
MMangoYesNo (in the process of becoming a more responsible brand every day)NoNoNo
MadhappyYesNo ("Trying to create a conversation around mental health - we will be sharing ways that we are getting involved")100% of profits of Madhappy LimitedNo
Marks and SpencerNoNoNoNoNo
MatchesYesEstablishing a Black Employees Forum to put into action a racial equality learning programme across the business over the next few weeks. Step up our efforts to achieve greater diversity among the designers we retail and publish an annual breakdown of the designers we support by ethnic background. We commit to make our first disclosure by the end of August.
Get better representation of different communities at every level in our business. We are setting ourselves new goals and measures to speed up our progress and, again, we commit to publishing an annual breakdown of colleagues at different levels of seniority by ethnic background.
NoYes - pledged to publish ethnic breakdown of designers featured along with all staff at all levelsNoCheck back to see what the BEF recommends to put forward. Also transparancy on how black empoyees are being recompensed for their time and labour towards strategy for the racial equality learning programme. Check back in August for first disclosures
Matt and NatYesNo$100kNoNo
Miss SelfridgeArcadiaNoNoNoNoNo
MissguidedYes and hereLoosely - "This week I’ve also asked a number of people from our senior leadership team to pull together the first stage of an action plan. Champion diversity, how can we engrain this into our DNA and celebrate it, understand our model and influencer selection and ask ourselves whether we could better represent our customers and society as a whole. Can we do better to ensure our content strategy reflects a new desire to reflect broader values of equality and diversity? Also look whether we do enough to offer clothing for our whole customer base and how we can make it easier to do that."NoNoNo
MissPapBoohoo PLCYes"As of this week we are establishing a diversity and inclusion board made up of people across our business that are closest to the issues, to collaborate with us to create a plan for change"Yes - undisclosedNoNoWhat does the diversity board look like? HOW they were appointed, the recommendations they make and how they're being implemented. Does it include staff from all levels and marginalised communities? Are they amplifying focus on Black employees? Will they be recompensed for their time and labour?
MonkiH&M GroupYesNoYes - undisclosedNoNo
Motel RocksNo (petition squares don't count)NoNoNoNo
NNapapijiriNo (black squares do not count)NoNoNoNo
Nasty GalBoohoo PLCYes"As of this week we are establishing a diversity and inclusion board made up of people across our business that are closest to the issues, to collaborate with us to create a plan for change"Yes - undisclosedNoNoCheck back to see when the board is appointed, HOW they were appointed, the recommendations they make and how they're being implemented. Will it include staff from all levels? Will they be recompensed for their time and labour?
Native YouthYesNo - brought attention to this early and spoken on it frequently by stating "we have black employees and are influenced by black artists" but provided no clear forward actionYes - undisclosedNoNo
Net-a-PorterYes"We are taking the time, Group-wide, to work out how best to take action to support real change, both immediately and in the long term. Ensure that we are always truly inclusive, representative and diverse. Setting up a Diversity & Inclusion Council powered by and for the voices of our people and create a safe space for dialogue. It will work to increase education and awareness and ensure our interactions with people, including recruitment and development, are continually challenged and strengthened. Creating a new Responsible Marketing Policy, reviewing our casting and our network of collaborators, and supporting and stocking more black-owned businesses with a goal of achieving greater diversity among the designers we retail. We will share with you our findings, updates and progress on these programs and those still to come."NoNot yetNoWho is on the Diversity and Inclusion Council? Will members be recompensed? How will they measure the diversity of designers they retail? Follow up on the updates, progress and findings.
Never Fully DressedYesNoYes - undisclosedNoNoHosted a "Race Equality First" workshop on 5th June. Is there a future programme? Why have they made no commitments
New BalanceYesNo10,000 pairs of running shoes to Black community programmes in AtlantaNoNoHave been supportive of Trump
NikeYesNoNoNoNoThis is so dissappointing considering how heavily they are featured in elements of Black culture, how much they benefit and profit off the image of Black people on their channels and branding and how engaging they usually are from an identiy perspective using their Nike London store and programmes. This absolutely needs to be called out and questioned as they were early supporters of Colin Kaepernick's stand on this very issue
Nobodies ChildYesNo - educating themselvesNoNoNoThey are pausing their comms to focus on educating themselves - what will be the result?
North FaceYes
⁣ ⁣
Yes - existing Explore Fund will be going forward solely addressing and eliminating barriers that prevent safe exploration, creating access for all, reassessing our partnerships and working with community leaders to bringing more Black and athletes of color to our global team
$50k, $25k to @outdoorafro and $25k to centre BIPOC in movements for environmental justiceNot yetNoResearch Explore Fund, find out which communty leaders they are working with and establish structures to support existing poc staff New note - North Face have paused their advertisements on Facebook following a campaign led by NAACP asking large advertisers to cease use for July in response to Facebook failing to act in preventing racist and violent content on the platform.
Nu SwimYesUpcoming fundraising efforts, holding ourselves accountable as white owned to use our priviledge and platform for anti-racist work internally and externally). Made up of a team of only 2 so understandable it is not huge team operation despite online scale. Comitting to only using female photographers and hiring BIPOC for next vacancy.$3k and 100% of sales from signature Straight One Piece donatedYes - commiting to only use female photographers and to hire bipoc for next vacancy of web designer which will take bipoc team metrics to 30%No due to small team size however has provided metrics of model breakdown:
50% Black
30% Asian
20% White

On going commitment to interview every applicant for each role that has applied.
Check upcoming fundraising efforts
Nudie JeansNoNoNoNoNoNo acknowledgement - disappointing
OOffice ShoesNo (black squares do not count)NoNoNoNo
Oh PollyYes(improving diversity & inclusion of Black representation across brand, educating audience and team on racial discrimination and white privilege. Through Phenomenal People program, amplify voices of Black activists, provide resources for allies to make positive impact. Amplify and support Black UK causes as understand that systemic racism is global issue.⁣ ⁣Ensure that continued work with Black creatives and professionals across sector and provide a safe environment for work. Work with fashion education institutions to encourage Black fashion talent to thrive in industry.⁣ Undertaking review of influencer program to increase representationYes - undisclosed as 5 figure sumUnsure unless through the phenomenal people programme. More context to commitments can be found here.NoCheck out the Phenomenal People Programme, ask for results of the influencer review, follow up on the educational institutional work. Ask to see how they are improving diversity across brand and educating staff.
PPretty Little ThingBoohoo PLCYes"As of this week we are establishing a diversity and inclusion board made up of people across our business that are closest to the issues, to collaborate with us to create a plan for change" UPDATE on factory working conditions will be uploaded asapNoNoNoCheck back to see when the board is appointed, HOW they were appointed, the recommendations they make and how they're being implemented. Will it include staff from all levels? Will they be recompensed for their time and labour? Will they stop blackfishing their models?!
PrimarkYesNo (use platform to help support positive change)NoNo
Public DesireYesYes - diversify recruitment process at all levels, increasing influencer outreach activity for Black and nbpoc, collaborating with Black owned businesses, ensuring diverse representation on all channels, working with impartial focus group to review all upcoming campaigns, content and brand operations. Hosting workshops for Black and nbpoc students to enter industry with more updates to comeYes - undisclosedNot yetNoHow will they collaborate with Black owned businesses internally and externally - are they primarily an own brand label? How has their focus group been compiled and are they being paid?
Pull and BearInditexNo (black squares don't count)NoNoNoNo
PumaYesNoYes - undisclosedNoNoThey have posted three times and used the imagery from protests but said nothing
RReebokYesNoNoNoNoHold them accountable on their latest post - they have commited to no action!
ReformationNot really - "Launching an independant investigation to look into workplace concerns that have been raised in stores. Launching a Diversity and Inclusion Board comprised of team members and external advisors. Update quarterly sustainability report to include goals and metrics on diversity and publish. Work with more Black creators through creative process and diversity in imagery, partnerships and voice."

Update: As of June, Yael Afalo stepped down as CEO - according to a reply in the comments section of Reformations post, she no longer works at the company. A third party company has been hired to investigate all allegations against the company and take action.An independant, anonymous hotline has been launched for employees to report incidents to. "We will reflect a broader representation of the Ref community across out platforms. We will work with more diverse creators, models and partners." - no way of measuring this.
$500kOnly once the Quarterly Sustainability Report is published so until then, no. They have published that their HQ team is comprised of only 1% Black people but pose no action of how this will be improved.In the form of the Quarterly Sustainability Report - when is this being published? Ask for the Diversity Metrics now. Update - yes have uploaded percetage breakdown of workforce (exc retail and factory employees) as follows:
52% White
21% Asian
21% Latinx
5% Two or more races
1% Black
76% Female

80% White
20% Asian
80% Female
Yael Afalo has stepped down as CEO and been replaced by Hali Borenstein, however Hali Borenstein was informed in 2016 of Elle Santiago's treatment (see tip offs) and took no action. This is most notable in relation to the actions of Yael and Elana Rosenblatt, VP of Wholesale, who posted a photo of themselves eating chicken to celebrate Black History Month. As of June 2020, Rosenblatt is no longer employed by Reformation. But why did it take so long?From a previous manager: "Working for Reformation deeply traumatized me. Being overlooked and under valued as a woman of color who worked & managed their flagship store for 3years was the hardest. I cried many times knowing the color of my skin would get me no where in this company. Yael never looked at me. She would walk pass me and never spoke to me. But would tell white associates that they were pretty. I once went to visit the shop after a couple years gone and a new black associate asked me if i honestly thought there was a chance for black people to move up in the company. And i said if youre asking this 2yrs after I left, than the answer was and will always be no. This story goes deeper and Ive always been afraid to tell it. But no more fear from me." - Source - Elle Santiago, more information can be found here
ReissYesNoYes - undisclosedNo