TimestampParents' NameEmail AddressPhone NumberAgeDate of BirthGenderSkill LevelNotesChild's NameEmail Address
1/20/2024 10:06:08Arvind Sathe71937582961110/22/2012FemaleRec PlusPooja has played one season with San Ramon FC and was among their lead scorers and also played in the all stars game. Pooja is a strong forward and can also play good defense.Pooja
1/17/2024 13:49:06Michael Wilson216 906 60252012 and 201408/16/12 and 06/24/14FemaleRec PlusWe just moved back to Pleasanton from New Zealand, where we lived for the last 3 years. Both girls played 3 or 4 days a week with the club/academyKyler (2012 female) and Kiri (2014 female)
1/13/2024 9:22:32Lily905/20/2014MaleRecreationalLandon started soccer with SRFC rec last Fall. He played mostly defense during that time. Landon discovered his love for soccer a year ago and enjoyed playing on a team so much. Landon
1/10/2024 22:40:03Cindy Guzman(925) 999-59301103/26/2012FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)4 years of competitive soccer and futsal experience, 7 years total experience. Currently playing at Mustang Soccer Club & a member at COPA soccer training center.
Plays wings and midfield.
1/8/2024 19:37:41Lindsey Day925 339-13181205/23/2011FemaleRecreationalTyla has been playing in the Fusion Rec league for about three years as well as travel softball. She has played multiple positions, currently playing middle for this past 14u season. Tyla has decided that she really loves soccer and would like to up her skills by playing outdoor. She would like to play more competitive next season. She is also excited to meet new players and coaches. As of now Tyla schedule is pretty open for Sunday games. Tyla
1/5/2024 4:30:53Natasha719287655210091313FemaleRec PlusHermione has played soccer for three years and excels in defense. Her nickname is "The Wall" and she is quite tall. We are requesting for her and her friend Ciana to go into the same team together. Ciana is an agressive star player and very good in offense. Both girls are enthusiastic and show up to
1/4/2024 20:19:09Lisa56263183121311/07/2010MaleRecreational8yrs
1/3/2024 6:55:23Angela Hill51833041551509/26/2008MaleRecreationalRyan has played soccer for about 6 years on a club team and recreational team. He is available any day of the week. Our family is new to California and we are looking for a good club fit that he will grow with socially and advance his skills. Thank you for your consideration. Ryan
1/1/2024 14:26:25Palwasha Talib51082840621508/05/2008MaleRec PlusPlayed for 8+ Years, only until the last 2-3 years taken it seriously and to improve. Played as a Center Back/LB and in midfield at times. Anything but Wednesdays. Sohail Rahmanzai
12/30/2023 22:24:19Kristen 902/27/2014FemaleRecreational3 years of rec. for Pleasanton rage
12/27/2023 23:05:50Qasim khan41576326271005/20/2013MaleRecreational1-2 years experience. Prefers mid fielder position. Cannot play on Mondays. Emaad
12/17/2023 13:25:11Steven Wong51038440031110/07/2012FemaleRec PlusMadison
12/15/2023 13:47:31Nida Altaf9255778845812/10/2015MaleRec Plus1 year played for Mustang. We can play tuesdays, Thursday, Saturday Zayan
12/13/2023 21:12:59Nick Ramirez9253575052U1009/05/2014FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Emi is on U10 Pre ECNL Mustang girls teams. Looking a spot to have fun and play.Emi
12/13/2023 17:10:04Danielle 92598028281108/08/2012FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Twins players one defender one midfielderAubrey &
12/4/2023 12:58:04Sreevidya Subramanian54051412451205/31/2011FemaleRecreationalPlayed fall season of 2023 in mid field and forward positions. Cannot play on Tuesdays. Inara
11/30/2023 21:10:32erik gonzalez9253833561804/21/2015MaleRec Plusposition forward / middle
years played 2 years
anyday of the week

11/30/2023 20:56:41Kristyn Vaccaro 510-882-8895 9.5 (10 in Jan)01/10/2014FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Loves to play!! Currently plays u-10 Competitive Select with Mustang. Looking for an additional team to play on or at least sub with! Wants to play all indoor sessions like she did last year. Plays mid, and forward. Will play defense of needed Julia Vaccaro
11/29/2023 10:17:09Suzette Monk415-377-2700910/08/2014FemaleRec PlusPrefer week nights. Played rec plus last season, played rec 2022-2023, did Mustang Junior Academy.Suzelle
11/19/2023 12:59:31Rebecca Griffin925-550-06611311/29/2009FemaleRecreationalExperience rec soccer player can play any position except goalie. Charlotte
11/16/2023 15:46:01James Salter510-501-1143906/21/2014FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Daughter has played since age 4. She wants to continue to play during winter and has indoor and futsol experience. She plays midfield, wing and striker. She currently plays for Rage Premier team and NorCal futsol. She has played indoor for a few seasons on rec, rec plus and comp team at 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 birth year levels. She has a pretty strong shot and is taller for her age. Love to join a team. Eva
11/15/2023 23:10:53Jason Faataualofa92560568461006242013MaleRec PlusMy son has been playing recreational soccer for the past 2 years mainly as a midfielder and forward. I would prefer weekend games over weekdays due to school obligations, but willing to make it work if need be. Phoenix Faataualofa
11/15/2023 23:10:46Jason Faataualofa92560568461006242013MaleRec PlusMy son has been playing recreational soccer for the past 2 years mainly as a midfielder and forward. I would prefer weekend games over weekdays due to school obligations, but willing to make it work if need be. Phoenix Faataualofa
11/15/2023 20:32:53Kristian Guerra9254370110812/10/2014FemaleRec PlusGoalie/Striker
Available Fridays and Weekends
11/15/2023 6:24:31Brandi5102900018710/20/2016MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)2 years experience he is fast and confident really wants to play just signing up late
11/15/2023 6:23:01Brandi5102900018710/20/2016MaleRecreational2 years experience he really want to play this winter just signing up late hope to get on a team
11/14/2023 17:02:25Shobha Setty408-952-98811308/30/2010MaleRec PlusRishi
11/14/2023 13:51:50Simon415-269-05711408/15/2006MaleRec PlusIntermediate soccer player looking for a team for the upcoming sessoins...will play wherever is
11/13/2023 18:02:22Brandi 5102900018710/20/2016MaleRec Plus2 years experience James Nathan
11/13/2023 18:00:39Chris92598456831110/23/2012MaleRecreationalPretty new to soccer. I’m happy to help coach.
11/13/2023 15:18:22Dareen Sakalla4153102284805/04/2015MaleRec PlusZach has been playing fir Mustangs since he was 4. He plays different positions but mainly defense and goalie. He wants to make a competitive team next season and would love the opportunity to play in a competitive team this winter. He is coachable, athletic and enthusiastic!Zacharia
11/13/2023 15:15:56Dareen Sakalla41531022841309/24/2010FemaleRec PlusSarrah has been playing soccer for 2 years, played rec and rec plus. Their team made State cup this year. She would love to play on a competitive team and wants to play with skilled players this winter. She is very enthusiastic and coachable and has showed great improvement this season. Sarrah
11/12/2023 19:03:38Cecilia Giovacchini51055242067 1/212/13/2015FemaleRecreationalForward or mid field…. Very fast runner. Has played for Mustangs for 2 years. Very motivated and competitive. Alessandra
11/12/2023 8:42:17Arvind Sharma40821834071402/22/2009MaleRec PlusAryan has been immersed in recreational soccer since the age of 6, and his passion extends beyond the field to include the art of playing the guitar. Renowned for his exceptional teamwork, Aryan thrives as a player who not only contributes to the team's success but also possesses a keen ability to score goals. Aryan's aspiration is to take on any forward position, showcasing his skills and dedication to the game. Thank You!Aryan
11/11/2023 14:49:18Garrett Krueger41551557781205/09/2011MaleRec PlusHe played premier for 4 years and didn’t play this yearColin
11/8/2023 21:55:59Cheryl Ngo510421023291/14/2014MaleRec PlusRussell currently plays with the U10 Select team for Ballistics United in Pleasanton. He is a strong defender and has generally played center back. However, is open to playing other positions. He has played soccer for 4 years. Russell
11/7/2023 9:00:56Jitender Singh5107806425909/16/2014MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Kiaan has been in to Mustang Soccer League playing for last 3 years. His favorite positions are Mid field and defense. He has also played as galie in few matches. Mustang soccer season just got over but he is excited to continue his soccer passion.Kiaan
11/6/2023 12:12:07Steve Profumo925-980-34531206/26/2011MaleRec PlusNolan has 2 years of bronze level comp experience. One year with Fusion and one year with West Coast. Nolan will play anywhere you put him on the field, but has been primarily playing midfield, wing, or forward on his current team.Nolan
11/5/2023 16:24:49Aravind Krishnasamy41523808891206/10/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Part San Ramon FC Pre NPL teamAditya
11/5/2023 8:09:35Ana Mendoza 9259224240135/20/10MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)He play as center mid he been playing for 6 years he can play any day of the week Rolando
11/3/2023 14:47:02Tom Hua41587798881212202012MaleRecreationalmy son played soccer for fun 1 year, we can play games on weekend. Jerry
11/3/2023 14:44:34Tom Hua4158779888812242015MaleRecreationalmy son played soccer for fun 1 year, we can play games on weekend. Harry
11/3/2023 9:34:06Shelbi Peralta408-221-180493/20/14FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Currently playing 2014 Rage Premier, played SRFC White last year. Prefer Weds games but can work with the schedule to shift things for other days. Prefers to play center mid, good at distributing the ball.Natalie
11/2/2023 22:38:41Nancy Chang6507663771822/29/2015FemaleRecreationalHe good for any position Ryan
11/1/2023 14:16:22Kara Lemke925-698-5748609/01/2017FemaleRecreationalEmma has completed one season of Rec soccer. We intend to play Junior next year. She loves the sport and wants to develop her skills before next season. She has a positive attitude and is eager to learn. Flexible with schedule and available most days/times.Emma
10/31/2023 0:52:04Cheryl Ngo5104210232809/14/2015FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Waverly is doing her first year of competitive soccer with San Ramon FC. She plays forward and midfielder but open to other positions. She cannot play on Wednesday and Friday evenings unless it is after 7pm. Waverly
10/29/2023 22:20:55Niki Chiunti209 814116813, 2010, 8th grader. will be 14 in January 202401/04/2010FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Is a goalkeeper, but wants/can to play any field position this winter. She didn't get enough field time this fall. Can play co-ed also.Alivia
10/29/2023 13:39:02Jenny Robles51068188081212/10/2010MaleRec PlusOutdoor rec player for 8 years. Has speed, endurance, agility, and a strong leg. Can use left foot. Takes penality and corner kicks regularly. Also runs cross country. Coachable. Alex
10/27/2023 9:06:38Kelly Mitchell3103511989801/12/2015MaleRec PlusJackson has always played up one year, has a lot if experience, forward position, lefty Jackson Mitchell
10/27/2023 8:32:54Ngan Nguyen510-292-01491308/03/2023MaleRecreationalCan come to practice any day after 4:30pm. Willing to learn and be a team player. Mom is supportive and is always on the field. Mom is willing to volunteer.Joshua
10/25/2023 16:08:07Lauren Cymeryrs408-802-2896904/29/2014FemaleRec PlusAdrienne is working to get on a Mustang comp team for next year and would like to play with an indoor team this winter. She currently plays defense because the team needs her there, but also plays midfield and striker. She has 4 years of experience in Mustang and one as an indoor player and is available for games on Thursdays as indicated by the East Bay Sports schedule, but can make Monday-Wed if needed. Fridays and weekends not preferred due to skiing. She is a tough and consistent player, runs fast, tries her best, cheers on her teammates and wants to get better. Thanks!Adrienne
10/25/2023 6:52:21Dave Fiscella9256058232905/16/2014MaleRecreationalGreat at defense. Has a very strong kick. Lots of potential. Cannot practice on Mondays unless it’s after 7pmEthan
10/25/2023 6:50:08Dave Fiscella9256058232807/30/2023MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Played soccer for 3 years. Likes defense but can play any position. Cannot practice on Mondays unless it’s done by 6:30. Liam
10/21/2023 16:03:47Raymond Wu6174383694404/26/2019FemaleRecreationalAthena
10/19/2023 11:49:31Nancy Lopez3217466625610/06/2017MaleRec PlusJared has been playing soccer since last year in San Ramon Fc, he plays all positions well for his age. He is very competitive and understands the rules of the game.Jared
10/18/2023 13:02:00Marilia 510-757-7951 1109/24/12MaleRecreationalPlayed rec outdoor soccer only has never played futsal. Good as a defender. Follows directions great sportmanship.Luca Do Amaral
10/16/2023 10:53:32Steve McDevitt6199206443708/18/2016MaleRec PlusDaniel has been playing in Pleasant Hill rec for 3 years and a little bored with competition. I'd like to get him into some more competitive leagues especially during the winter/rainy months so looking for indoor soccer league. We're flexible on days as we'll be 100% free come Nov. Thank you. Daniel
10/15/2023 11:32:54Kelly Giddens9257876727511/12/2018FemaleRecreationalHas done Li'l Kickers for about 1 year and is playing Mustang U6 currently Paige Freeman
10/14/2023 13:25:44Ana Mendoza 9259224240135/20/2010MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Senter mid i have been playing for 5 to 6 years i can play any day of the week Rolo
10/14/2023 9:31:16Ella9175136200808/04/ on same team as Riley RegelmannHenry
10/10/2023 17:58:24Aakash Gupta6509337656606/07/2017FemaleRec PlusAnayra is playing recreational soccer with RageAnayra
10/10/2023 11:37:33Sala bellahsene 650218922855/6/2018MaleRec PlusEnzo has two years experience in recreational league, he loves soccer and enjoy playing with his
10/9/2023 0:21:24Jordan925336152512 (13 in November)11/01/2010MaleRec PlusGoalkeeper / Defender looking for team. Played almost seven fall seasons Boys Rec in Castro Valley and one winter season indoor at East Bay Sports in Livermore. Took a few years off but now back this current season and only gives up only 0-2 goals per full game (5 regular games and 2 practice games so far) as Keeper in Castro Valley u14 Super Rec season. This season have played Castro Valley, Livermore, and San Ramon Teams.
10/8/2023 11:54:37Bonnie Bakalar41584550141104/06/2012MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Micheal's been playing 6 years (indoor and out) and is looking to join an indoor Comp team to play some good, competitive soccer! He has great ball control, accurate passing and a powerful shot. He's versatile, loves playing forward, but is also a strong defender! Past coaches always commend him on being incredibly coachable and a team player. Michael
10/8/2023 9:38:00Yesica925-998-3358806/03/2015FemaleRec PlusRec/ Rec Plus player looking for a team that can help her further develop her ball skills. She loves offense, but can play defense as well. She takes direct well and listens to her coaches. She has played 3 years of mustang soccer. We can make Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. Ideally nothing too late in the evening. Thanks!
10/1/2023 17:58:14Venkatarao Gude92536586301404/17/2009MaleRec PlusHas not enrolled in a House team yet. Currently plays for SRFC in Super Rec Division.Varshith
9/27/2023 18:54:41Stella Wong 71460022611211/24/2010FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Kaitlyn plays defender, usually right defender. She has been compared to a wall because it’s hard to get ball passes her. She is flexible with her schedule. Kaitlyn
9/27/2023 18:52:17Stella Wong 71460022611003/18/2013MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Christian plays forward mostly left wing (left footed) and also mid (he has some good speed). Flexible in schedule Christian
9/23/2023 21:15:15Sala6502189228505/6/2018MaleRecreationalEnzo has 2 years experience playing in recreational league. He plays with both feet but he is a left footed. He enjoys playing soccer with his teammates!
9/22/2023 6:58:20Diana McCarthy 4082058393710/21/2015FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Currently on SRFC 2015 Girls comp team Emma
9/17/2023 13:44:24Season Oglesby9175967093803/24/2015MaleRecreationalRiley has been playing with the Mustangs for 2 years now. He's also played at EB Sports for about the same time. I wasn't sure whether to put him at Rec or Rec Plus level. He's an enthusiastic, passionate and positive player. He's mostly been playing forwards and mids, but is happy to play any position. Riley
9/15/2023 16:02:32Lori Sadoski435-760-1917410/01/2018MaleRecreational2 fall 1 spring outdoor rec Nicholas
9/13/2023 16:54:30Brian Davis92591300411405/02/2009MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Plays as a CAM on his competitive team but any position works. A-rated IQ, passing, and shooting. Dylan
9/13/2023 8:03:06Tim Sledge925-200-56601201/10/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Daniel is an experienced player of 8 years. The last 3 years as premier. He has played in every position. At the moment he is playing as goal keeper and fullback/2. He has played indoor before. Daniel is playing for DUSL on a 2011 U11 black level premier team. He is excited to play this winters indoor season!Daniel
9/10/2023 16:19:36Eric Apbertoni510-715-02491008/13/2013MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Niko has played soccer since 4 years old and has had great success. He is currently playing an age group up in U12 instead of U10 for Mustang soccer Rec+. He is looking to play indoor to help develop his touch. He is full of energy and aggressiveness and has a great knowledge of the game.
9/9/2023 11:00:44Sirisha Gande510-579-9058807-12-2015MaleRecreationalVamsi loves soccer and he is interested learning tricks of shooting ball in the goal post. He has been playing in Fremont city recreational soccer for almost a year.Vamsi
1/29/2024 23:06:41Mukund716-491-0708 911/14/2014MaleRec PlusKrish has been with Fremont Rush soccer for past 2 years. Recently played in Winter 1 league at the East bay soccer
1/30/2024 19:15:34Maria osmani 2093213676611/14/
2/5/2024 16:17:18Jamiy Mariano (925)338-3555704/20/2016FemaleRecreationalNew to soccer, winter clinic and scrimmage 1 day per week. Looking also for financial aid opportunities Elijah
2/5/2024 17:27:46Jamiy Mariano (925)338-3555704/20/2016FemaleRecreationalNew to soccer, winter clinic and scrimmage 1 day per week. Looking also for financial aid opportunities Elijah
2/12/2024 12:22:11Edwin Arce628-333-5099122011FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Technical - Excellent skill set. Can execute V-turn, Cryuff, Iniesta. Can juggle to 1000+ Physical - Consistently improving. Does 2-3 sets weekly of weighted squats, sit-ups push ups, pull ups. Club practices 4x per week. She spends extra 30+ doing extra work before or after EVERY practice.Erianna
2/17/2024 21:43:01Mat Lopez408-375-552910 (2013)12/7/2013MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)My son currently plays goalie on the Mustangs 2012/2013 Winter Select team. He is looking to only play goalie. Thanks!Enzo Lopez
2/27/2024 10:23:36Sanjay Shah7347512338910/26/2014MaleRec PlusOm played last season in the rec league for the Albany Berkeley Soccer Club, with his 3rd grade class participating as a team. This season he was evaluated and approved to join the next level up (level 2 of 3), but the rest of his team was not. He loves to be part of a team, and celebrates team accomplishments. He’s played a lot of defender and forward, with a knack for getting to the ball and helping change field position / direction quickly. Om has been playing soccer via camps or training programs for the past 3 yrs. The one day he can’t play is Tuesday night due to a conflict with his German language class
3/18/2024 14:02:24Allison Reed925-989-5455906/14/
3/18/2024 14:03:04Allison Reed925-989-5455501/06/
3/29/2024 21:48:00Ahuja Ramesh65045079751209/04/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Mihir plays competitive soccer for the last 1 year with SRFC. He is open to playing any position. He is a very good defender and he would like to get a chance to play as a winger.Mihir