Players Seeking Teams - Youth Leagues (U6 to HS) San Ramon
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TimestampParents' NameEmail AddressPhone NumberAgeDate of BirthGenderSkill LevelNotesChild's NameEmail Address
2/15/2020 12:12:35Aditya Chandorkar9255483648808/05/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Rachit is playing soccer since he was 4 years and started with little kickers. He is currently playing under skill level 2 advance. He plays forward and scores most goals there. He is great in passing and doing tricks.Rachit
2/12/2020 14:18:31Lili Decosta914-282-1503704/16/2012MaleRec PlusAaron has played on mustang rec soccer for the past 3 years. He's competitive, was on the winning team this past season. Cannot participate on Thursdays. Aaron
2/1/2020 15:56:48Ashley Koenig925-984-5706102/18/2010FemaleRec PlusTatum has played rec plus for 2 year. Her first year she played strictly defense and her team went undefeated then went on to win the dick King tournament. This past year she worked into playing forward and became one of her teams highest scoring players. She is eager to improve at any position wherever she is needed Tatum Koenig
2/1/2020 15:35:48Ashley Koenig 925-984-5705102/18/2010FemaleRec PlusTatum has had two years at the rec plus level, year one she went undefeated and went on to win the dick cup tournament. That year she was strictly a defensive player but this last year she excelled and became one of her teams top scorers as a right forward. She is eager to learn and work hard to become a better player at any position. Tatum Koenig
2/1/2020 10:46:28malutrehan@gmail.com92588651821103/03/08FemaleRecreationalSaira has played rec since kindergarten except last year, where they could not form a rec team for her level. She usually plays defender but is open to other positions. She can participate Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.Saira
2/1/2020 10:14:02Staci Rodgers 92578603481011/24/2009MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Desmond is a hard working midfielder. He’s been playing soccer for years, most recently Mustang Bronze level does outdoor and indoor. He has a great attitude, is a team player, and very coachable - he listens and puts what coaches say into practice. He would LOVE to play another season of indoor but his coaches aren’t doing spring session. Thanks!!Desmond Hanstke
1/22/2020 13:37:58David Lingle50375370701210/23/2007FemaleRecreationalMary
1/18/2020 9:50:29Renee Palm9253811604509/22/2014MaleRecreationalLoves playing soccer. Played for San Ramon FC in the Fall. Wants to keep playing and they are booked out for their Current clinics.Dylan
1/16/2020 21:53:22Melonie Schulze9258996807806/06/2011FemaleRec PlusShe played rec+ last year but willing to play rec or rec+. She loves defense!Abigail
1/16/2020 21:44:51Melonie Schulze 92589968071011/06/2009FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Looking to play on a rec+ team since there’s not a competitive team for her age this session. She plays premier/bronze and typically plays forward but will always play wherever needed. She loves soccer and would love to join an indoor team.Madylin Schulze
1/14/2020 11:27:57Tim Yu8588770158812/19/2011MaleRecreationalEmmett played one season of soccer with Newark Soccer Club last year. He enjoyed playing defense, passing, and learning the game of soccer. Emmett cannot play on Thursday or Friday nights, but other days are free. Thank you!Emmett
1/11/2020 20:13:24Melonie schulze92589968071011/06/2009FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Plays competitive premier, forwardMadylin
1/7/2020 10:48:22FNU Shilpa65043045321309/30/2006MaleRec PlusHe has played soccer for 2 years. Tuesday through Friday, any day is suitable Srinidhi Srujan
1/4/2020 7:12:44Rakesh Tripathy4082181105805/06/2011FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Shreya played for U10 Dublin Select Team this year and did well. She has been playing soccer since the last 3 years in rec, rec plus leagues and was a good experience this year to join a select team and play good teams. Shreya
12/28/2019 9:44:38Margarita Osipov2154600340707/25/2012MaleRec PlusChild has been trained during 1.5 years. And now is in a skill institute. Can play Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.Gregory
12/8/2019 11:40:15Bobby Wilson9794177951711/6/2012FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Brooklyn played on the 2012 Elite Girls Mustang team this year. She generally plays left defender or left center midfielder. Her team played 2011 teams for nearly the entire year so she is well versed at playing girls taller and older than her.Brooklyn
11/30/2019 8:37:26Prieya925808829385/6/11MaleRecreationalNishan has played soccer for 3 yrs and really enjoys it. He typically plays forward. He is a great
11/27/2019 15:14:59Kim Hauskens510-780-69511007/27/2009MaleRecreationalHe's played two seasons of recreational outdoor soccer, and one of indoor. Henry
11/25/2019 8:38:57sanaz vijeh925286634374/15/2012MaleRec PlusKian's been playing for 5 years. Center position or any position really. kian
11/22/2019 19:50:53Kara Micali8607863440503/09/2014MaleRecreationalLoves playing, gets it, wants a challenge,
11/22/2019 19:48:47Kara Mucali8607963440809/14/2011FemaleRecreationalSkilled, knowledge of the game, offenseGianna
11/18/2019 20:11:45Sasha Whittington925-548-76769 & 801/16/10 05/24/11FemaleRecreationalI have two daughters that just finished playing Mustang Rec teams and want to continue playing during the winter. They don’t have to be on the same team but would make it helpful logistically. They both have 3 years of playing experience. I have a forward and goalie between the two of them.Stella & Olivia
11/15/2019 12:54:54Christy Gomez9258953177903/13/2010FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Lexie has played indoor soccer a couple of years. She has been in a competitive soccer team for 3 years and a competitive futsal team for 2. She is strong mid-fielder and can also play strong wing and target. She is fast, hustles, and is aggressive. She is skilled on the ball and enjoys soccer very much. She is really hoping to make an indoor soccer team.

Lexie can also play an age group up if necessary.
11/15/2019 7:45:04Nancy Garrison50354511451005/23/2009FemaleRec PlusPreferred position right forward, played goalie when goalie didn’t show up and has a a great drop kick, but team couldn’t afford to not have her up front. She scored anywhere from 1-4 goals per game on her 12U rec team in the Rage League and her coaches suggested she move up a level. She’s only played two seasons of soccer, this year she really focused on passing and if she wasn’t the one who scored, she usually had the assist. She’s a leader on the field and talks to her teammates about marking other girls and when to pass. Her left foot skills are also improving. Any days work, however her little brother will be playing Futsal Mon and Wed 4:30-5:30 at Pleasanton Middle School starting in Dec 2019 so we would like to avoid a conflict in practices if possible. Madeline
11/14/2019 14:52:00Lesley Carr5104279032802/14/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Cody has played soccer for 4 years. He first started in Rec soccer and played for 2 years. He then transitioned to Castro Valleys competitive team last year and is with them again this year. His strongest position is defender. He enjoys playing defender knowing that he is the last person that has a chance to get the ball away from the goal. He is very accurate and strong with his kicks. The best days for Cody to play right now are Monday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s. He has not played indoor soccer before but he is excited to try something new. Cody
11/14/2019 11:52:47Jeff9255750621405/26/15MaleRecreationalWould love to add him to a team for season starting in
11/14/2019 6:55:13Sai Yendluri2142154258907/29/2010MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Playing Comp in BUSC Pleasanton since 2017Aakash
11/13/2019 13:15:26Gretchen415-505-28581005/07/09MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)This was Mason’s first year trying out and making a Premier team - he’s played many years with Mustang prior starting with Ponies! He loves playing midfielder but commonly plays right or left back. Recently he’s also stepped in at left wing/forward. He’s pretty versatile and has great speed. He trains with Quang Hamon and is dedicated to improving his soccer skills and he LOVES playing indoor!! He’s also well-liked by coaches and is a great teammate!
11/12/2019 23:25:00Jung Eun Hong40846644231710/02/2002MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Played competitive club soccer from age 9 to age 15. Played for Ballistic United Soccer Club and played in NPL1. Played High School Soccer as well.
Plays CDM or fullback in a 11v11 game.
Can play on any days of the week as long as it is past 4:30 on weekdays.
Great defensive positioning and 1v1 defending, and pretty good at keeping the ball and making smart passes.
11/12/2019 12:55:18An Ching,Cheng9255943760804/15/2011MaleRecreationalHank,
11/12/2019 12:16:47Jaideep Vijayakar95220058101203/16/2007MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)My son is playing in the Blue Team Competitive level for San Ramon FC. He is a forward on the team and has been playing soccer for the last three years with San Ramon FC. He can play on most days in the evening.Ayaan
11/11/2019 22:51:29Gregg Cox91641617521512/05/2003FemaleRec PlusMy daughter has played six years of soccer, both indoor and outdoor. Three of those years were on a travel team on the east coast. She can play forward and defense. She can shoot with both feet. She has not played in a year due to an injured ankle.Micayla
11/10/2019 18:59:14Andy Shi15105529916901/18/2010MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Jasper play soccer 4years Mustang Competitive 2010 red good Middlefield Jasper
11/10/2019 16:13:57Robin Velasquez 9254281612904/21/2010MaleRec PlusHe prefers mid and forward. A.J. Velasquez
11/9/2019 12:58:54Deanna Geddie510-394-88561308/09/2006FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Kasey loves indoor soccer and is open to playing any position in competitive or rec plus. She kicks with left and right foot; currently plays left forward, and has played years in midfield and defense. Kasey
11/8/2019 9:38:14Sangini Sood6268083748810/16/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Sid plays for Mustang on a premier team. He usually plays forward or midfield and can be counted on to score for his team. Sid started playing at the age of 4 with OYA in orinda and at 5 moved on to competitive play with Lamorinda Soccer Club. We moved to Danville last year and he joined Mustangs. Sid
11/7/2019 21:43:26Melissa Acevedo925-475-9533706-13-2012FemaleRecreationalSofia
11/7/2019 16:16:10Rima Switzer 6787021900712/20/2011FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Kate played mustang rec last year and premier this year. Kate
11/7/2019 14:45:36Jen O'Grady925389238079/7/12FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)My daughter did academy last year and then played on a rec U8 team this year because she wanted me to coach her. She had a blast but it was not very challenging for her. She will be trying out for elite in February so she would love to play with the competitive girls for indoor soccer if you have any spots open on any of the U8 or U9 comp teams. Please let me know! Thanks so much! Mia O'
11/6/2019 21:42:44Leticia Melendez91/22/2011FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)All Star team past 3 yearsJuliana
11/6/2019 21:37:30Andrew Weiss92594854591701/04/2002FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)She can play any position, mostly defense and striker. She played outdoor and indoor for 9 years. If needed she can play goalie as well. She can practice everyday of the week besides Tuesdays.Jessie
11/6/2019 11:46:35Lindsay Keller8052684679701/24/2012FemaleRecreational(Karly +1 Rec Plus Friend-Juliana) Are hoping to play with Carolina Sicat (Lina) please text me if it's an option, or if it's not so I can register anyway.Karly
11/5/2019 12:41:46Priscilla9254371878701/24/2012FemaleRecreationalplayed walnut creek
11/5/2019 11:52:22Erik Ludvigson9253819728805/09/2011MaleRec PlusPlays LW, CM or ST. Top player in rec level, moving into select. Mays
11/4/2019 13:06:06jill tavis9257651323606/27/13FemaleRecreationalshe had her first season this year and is lightening speed and wants to continue through winter. she is still a beginner, but aggressive and fast.kendyl
11/4/2019 8:38:28Tammy Comb415-335-5753805/20/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Michael has played two years of Rec Plus and is interested in Mustang Premier next year. We would like him to play on a team that will help him keep his skill level up and learn new things. Michael
11/3/2019 11:47:24Lorie Edam 1010/15/2008MaleRecreationalMalik has had a couple years experience playing soccer but loves to play. He has a lot of energy and is a strong player. Malik
11/3/2019 11:45:14Lorie edam1210/15/2007MaleRec PlusZain has played for 5 years and is a very good, fast and effective player. He prefers striker or forward and has great legwork and dribble skills. He would really like to join a team and has a great season on the Cosmos with Mustang. He has a great playing attitude and is a team player. Zain Edam
11/3/2019 10:41:02Sol kalnicki 23959516431411/01/2005FemaleRecreationalI would like to start 11/16 please . How can I sign up ? Thanks
10/28/2019 16:50:12Neerajkumar Chourasia14085102311601/30/2013MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)My kid plays at forward position and scores amazing goals. He is playing since he was 3 years old. He could play any day as long as it's after 6 pm on weekdays. He is the most goal scorer for his current team in San Ramon FC Rec as well as last year.Maharth Neerajkumar
10/25/2019 16:51:43Christine Salazar925-366-05771303/23/06FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Normally plays Defensive Mid or center Mid - open to playing whatever (no goalie)
Has played for 6-7 years, rec/select and 2 years comp
Good ball handling skills, aggressive play, loves playing indoor and would love to join a team.
10/23/2019 18:49:20Chin ache 8185185875405/06/2015MaleRecreationalHe has taken soccer shots and little kickers classes but have never played in a gameEmmett
10/23/2019 10:14:56Natasha Malak9258585100811/02/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)My son has been playing soccer since he was 3. He is currently on Ballistic United Select U9 team. He plays forward Zain
10/22/2019 12:51:26Melonie9258996807806/06/2011FemaleRec PlusAbby played in the Mustang Academy for 1.5 years, then broke her arm mid season. She returned this fall to Rec+. She loves to play defense, but is open to all
10/22/2019 12:19:16Elizabeth Messana9259978194904/14/2010FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)1 yr Academy, 2 yrs SRFC Navy, 1 yr SRFC WhiteKatherine
10/22/2019 6:25:46Gregg Berke48443238471108/20/2008MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)competitive premier player - strong defensive skills and soccer IQ, heavy shotGavin
10/21/2019 7:56:38Yash Kolambkar404-583-53651006/21/2009FemaleRec PlusAvika has been playing organized soccer since she was 5 and it is her favorite sport. Currently she plays for San Ramon FC. She typically plays in midfield but can play winger as well. Her strengths are her vision, passing and understanding of the game. She is a team player and loves to feed her team mates.

Avika can’t play on Mondays or Tuesdays, but should be available on other days. On some weekends she may have San Ramon FC games, but there will be only a few games during this season.
10/21/2019 7:16:03Wee-Ding Ng40879923647.503/17/2012FemaleRec PlusPlayed Kids Love Soccer for one season, and RAGE for two seasons. Preferred Saturday! She loves to play and improve herself. Likes running. I can be assistant coach.Jacelyn
10/19/2019 16:01:08Beatrice reyes51093836901302/14/2006FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)She has played 4 years rec and 3 years comp. Plays right or left back or center midfielder. Tzintzuni
10/19/2019 13:28:03Artem Korostelev415-513-3114901/11/2010MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Preferred to play as offense.Timothy
10/18/2019 22:11:39Iwona Phillips3104979826910/30/2010MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Dillon plays in Competitive Premier, offense position Dillon
10/18/2019 15:22:29Liz Czander6502749749604/17/2013MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)My son plays in the Walnut Creek U8 Academy and wants to play while they are on break. He can play both offense and defense. He is coachable and listens. Vincent
10/18/2019 14:42:36Mahesh Pandian4178488030702/12/2012MaleRecreationalArnav
10/17/2019 12:53:21Amy Rose925-330-6786608/08/2013FemaleRecreational2 years of Rec Mustang soccer. We can play on Sundays & Mondays.Olivia
10/16/2019 10:22:33David Widemann 120295782009O7/20/2010FemaleRecreationalAthletic, played 2 years rec soccer Soraya
10/15/2019 2:52:37John1206/19/
9/29/2019 23:03:27Nick19253575052509/5/
9/29/2019 12:01:33Diana Short808260389911 years old 11/13/2007MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)He always plays Soccer for fun last year we didn’t register him but he was play soccer at the AYSO in Hawaii for 5 years, he love to be in midfield but he was rotating to different
8/8/2019 20:32:57POORNIMA HARINATHA2052394693601/21/2013MaleRecreationalSAMARTH
6/11/2019 20:38:54Heather Weston925-381-11631908/02/1999FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Can only play on weekends
Preferably a defender but will he playing forward for her college team and can play any position
Has played for 16 years
Played competitive club for 12 years on premier level teams and National premiere league teams
5/30/2019 17:36:31John Ferraro402.301.9167602/09/13FemaleRecreational6 year old girl looking for regular practice, team, league Roslyn
5/4/2019 7:40:59Glen6504923137802/24/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Glenn is a very good defender.