TimestampParents' NameEmail AddressPhone NumberAgeDate of BirthGenderSkill LevelNotesChild's NameEmail Address
2/13/2022 23:24:27Sneha1105/31/
2/12/2022 15:13:00Dipkumar408425066676/18/2014FemaleRecreationalShe is a starter.
2/12/2022 8:13:15David Vieler51036253871105/10/2010FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Piper has been playing with Pleasanton Rage for 6yrs (and even played on a “bootleg” team throughout Covid. Has the hustle and great field awareness and can play anywhere you put her.
Has played Select for the last 2 season, and places 2nd at star cup this past fall.
If possible she would love to play with her teammate Tenley Bishop who also signed up and has equivalent skills. They have been teammates since 5 years old.
2/10/2022 15:08:08Tejal Patel408-218-425872/23/14FemaleRecreationalKeera
2/8/2022 0:46:19Mandy209614300268-7-15MaleRecreationalMy son has only played with the East Bay Sports home team. He does not have a lot of experience, but he has played multiple
1/27/2022 16:47:51Christine Enderby92599731191612/27/05FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)11 years. Outdoor Defense … indoor offense as well and Defense Hannah
1/26/2022 13:03:03Bec Straker925548028465/23/2015MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)previously played for
1/25/2022 19:58:44neeraj wadhwani650-241-52005yr 11months02/17/2016MaleRec PlusHe played BUSC league(U6,4v4) last fall as left winger(25 goals, 10Games). He understands when to run back to defend and when to pass the ball along with usual dribbling skills needed for the winger.kabir
1/21/2022 12:42:07Anjali Durepo40881342481302/22/2008MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Eli has played on AYSO ~ 5 years, 1 year travel team in MI, has participated in summer soccer camps. Preferred field position is mid field but will also play forward. He is a team player, has a good attitude, works hard, and is v. quick on the field. Eli
1/13/2022 16:35:02Alisa Assefa 510-333-2300908/21/2012FemaleRecreationalAudrey is a very athletic girl but her experience at this point is in dance and competitive swimming. She is very motivated to dive into soccer and plays a lot with friends at school and practices at home. Audrey
1/10/2022 21:14:00Dharma Devarapalli40876846731211/16/2009FemaleRec PlusAnika
1/3/2022 23:09:30Roshely Meza92532509771202/21/2010MaleRecreationalMy son is very excited about soccer and I would like to get him on any team to help him build his sportsmanship and to create a bond with other kids and hopefully further his soccer level. Owen meza
12/9/2021 8:03:16Jennifer McBride151050825971012/12/2010MaleRecreationalMy son is brand new to soccer but is quite athletic and loves competition. He just finished a soccer skills camp for the first time and we would love to get him on an indoor team. He is fast and aggressive and I believe would pick up skills quickly!Devin
12/6/2021 11:29:18Ali512/18/2015MaleRec
11/30/2021 13:48:58Nathan McCan 510593871273/5/2014MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Playing since lil kickers (age 2), currently starting striker for Benicia Arsenal Kennon McCan
11/24/2021 0:20:38Gilbert Hernandez4155276673901/14/2012MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Currently plays for Danville Mustangs 2012 Elite boys team. He plays Striker and center mid. He has no weak foot. He has played in this league in the past.Daniel
11/23/2021 21:31:08Laura Jensen Norberg925-817-9593904/30/2012MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Theo enjoys playing keeper and midfield, as well as forward at times. He played Rec with San Ramon FC starting in 2nd grade, and made the competitive team (2012 boys) in January of this year.
11/22/2021 15:07:34Amy925-864-5335904/25/2012MaleRecreationalPlayed a few years, but still beginner level. He usually plays midfield. He’s small for his age and not really aggressive, but actually enjoyed soccer this year and wants to get better.
11/21/2021 16:56:10Jay Hermon4087698130710/16/2014MaleRecreationalLeo just finished his Mustangs soccer league on the Earthquakes (he is 7 and in 1st grade) and loved it. This was his second season with his first season being in Australia. He was one of the stronger players on his Mustang team and wants to keep playing. Leo's sister Zara had her first indoor game on Friday with the Lightning Strikers (she is 8 and in 3rd grade) and we love it and want to get Leo on a team as well. I can be reached at or 408-769-8130Leo
11/21/2021 16:28:21Jennifer Alderete151029040711101/16/2010MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)He's played competitive for 3 years then took a break before middle school last year. Will be playing next year and very interested in indoor again (played at Bladium a handful of times). Interested in midfield or goalie but will play any position if needed. Colin
11/16/2021 15:08:35Nivedita Tiwary6692249846809/25/2013FemaleRecreationalPlayed for 1 season. Good defender.Vanya
11/16/2021 11:39:41Sandy Uelese92557745541006/13/2011FemaleRecreationalplayed for Fusion for 5 years. Can play all positions, but is great at defense and/or
11/15/2021 16:38:11Nikki Gill559-287-5941801/16/2013FemaleRec PlusSophie is willing to play anywhere- including goalie (part time). She is best a defense Sophie
11/14/2021 23:14:42Nam Nguyen408-431-88541009/22/2011FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Elsa played two years at Left Wing in Premier Blue Travel Soccer in Maryland ( and has played for a total of 5 years at all positions. Elsa is great at creating plays, building up her teammates, and makes the game fun. She has great ball control in high traffic situations. Elsa
11/14/2021 21:48:42Melonie Schulze92589968071006/06/2011FemaleRecreational5 years experience, plays all positions, Abigail
11/14/2021 21:42:15Melonie Schulze92589968071211/06/2009FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)6 years playing experience.
Plays forward (usually left/center). Positive attitude. Can play any days of the week.
Madylin Schulze
11/14/2021 21:18:55David Costantino51084701591005152011FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Sofia is a motivated, passionate and determined player. She has been playing since 4yo starting with rec, flight and competitive league at Rage. She plays center, midfield, defender and goalie positions and loves them all. She has been named the mvp and has a high scoring average along with powerful, strategic play and leadership skills. Sofia
11/14/2021 20:34:28Miguel Sedano 151061940638 years old 05 07 2013MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Gol keep and middle fielder Ian D. Sedano
11/14/2021 8:19:04Elizabeth Peabody510378158545/2/2017MaleRecreationalLuke just finished his first season for Mustang soccer. He is highly motivated to play. We are available all weeks. He would love to continue his soccer experience indoors! Luke Peabody
11/13/2021 16:15:47Amber Lindsey925-580-45001506/22/2006MaleRecreationalPlayed 10 years, left footed, any positionAJ
11/13/2021 11:16:06Charles Delmolino9255190481910/14/2012MaleRec PlusPlayed Rec level outdoor soccer for a few years, but looking for something more Competitive to suit his skill level. Named to All-Star team each season. Strong dribbling skills, offensive/attacking minded. Looking for Monday afternoons, ideally.Tyler
11/13/2021 10:52:15Justin yeh5302285188510/07/2016FemaleRecreationalEdda is extremely enthusiastic about playing soccer. She just finished her first outdoor year playing in the Mustang league and would love to continue playing.Edelynn (Edda)
11/10/2021 8:55:09Aaron Williams602 705-35991201/19/09MaleRecreationalMatthew has played for the last couple of years with SRFC and has played LacrosseMatthew
11/9/2021 18:47:21Louis Fong14083943683801/10/2013FemaleRec PlusKylie play left forward on U9 rage. She’s a good asset to the team and adds a lot of team spirit.Kylie
11/9/2021 11:57:54Miguel Zuleta4195032439702/28/2014MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Part of the Tremors leagueJulian
11/8/2021 22:04:28Stephanie Brener-Harvill7203007198712/19/2013MaleRecreationalShon has had a year of Mustang Clinic, and has a year of Lacrosse experience. He’s very tall, strong, athletic, and is not afraid to be physical. He likes to play defense and to create assists. (He has not yet caught the scoring bug.) He needs someone to help develop his focus and attention on the field. Shon does very well with positive reinforcement coaches who like to connect with the players.

Wednesdays are the only day we would prefer not to practice, but could make it work if need be.
11/8/2021 10:08:27Jessica Dummett151033314376.501/18/2015MaleRec PlusJulian started playing with FC San Ramon as a 4 year old. He just ended his season with FC San Ramon as a 6 year old and played in the All-star game. He is competitive by nature and wants to work on his ball skills all the time. He is comfortable in most positions (but hasn't tried goalie yet). We are flexible with regard to game days.Julian
11/6/2021 13:47:09Monica skikos415-370-2881507/07/2016MaleRecreationalCole would like to play on an indoor team. He likes to play forward and is aggressive. He is competitive and plays with heart. He finished his first season with San Ramon FC and did little kickers since he was 3. Cole is in kindergarten and both parents work. Weekend games work well or after 4pm. Cole skikos-messinger
11/5/2021 19:55:37Maria Camarena51069073881205/16/2009MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)My son has played soccer for the past 6 years. He played for Castro Valley in both their rec and comp teams (recently in competitive soccer) and decided to take a break from playing but is missing it and wanted to get himself back into it over the winter break. He is a good striker, having a strong kick as he’s 5’5 and only 12 years old. He plays defender and goalie and enjoys the game of soccer. JiannCarlo
11/4/2021 16:42:01Ofer Ronen41526451606.512/19/2014MaleRecreationalCobi
11/4/2021 16:41:31Ofer Ronen4152645160908/14/2012MaleRecreational Ari
11/2/2021 17:48:20Ahad Wahab415-336-8030510/04/2016FemaleRecreationalMy daughter Sana is a beginner, she is 5 years old and has never played soccer.Sana
10/30/2021 21:20:41Jaya41569699181006/13/2011FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)AnIka has been playing soccer from 5 years and her strength in soccer is defense. I am looking for her to continue in competitive. Anaika
10/29/2021 23:51:11Cynthia Dillon5108621367408/24/2017MaleRecreationalDeclan has played 1 season at CVSC and would like to continue playing with his teammates Kamil Barry and Fewah Olutade.
10/29/2021 21:50:48Andrea Paris40876397241408/26/2007FemaleRec PlusHas played on a club soccer team in the past in Milpitas Ca. Bella
10/27/2021 22:02:58Roger Long92528634221407302007MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Tyler plays for SRFC silver team, looking to keep soccer skills fresh during the winter break. Loves indoor soccer - has played many seasons to date. Defender/holding midfielder. Tries to get the best out of his teammatesTyler
10/27/2021 18:43:07Casey Chalmers5027672728511/16/2015MaleRecreationalRobbie has played on a team for one indoor session right before the pandemic. He also went to a week-long soccer camp with 24/7 Soccer Academy in Oakland this past August. He does not have a preferred field position yet. Our preferred day to play would be Saturday.Robbie
10/27/2021 17:50:38Jeff and Christy Soskin5104149481509/24/2016MaleRecreationalJordan Soskin
10/27/2021 13:37:23Cherie Clark619-818-9213602/27/2015MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Currently plays Castro Valley Rec U7. He has excelled in skill and has been a standout player. Loves the sport, takes coaching and direction well and thrives on good competition. We are looking for a place he can continue to play, grow and thrive as a soccer player. Kai
10/22/2021 11:14:30Lizbeth92557754171309/18/2008FemaleRecreationalHazelia has been playing recreational soccer since 2014. She took a couple years off but recently played this season. She also played indoor soccer in 2015 or 2016. She is very passionate about the sport, and wants to play year round. We are very flexible on dates and times for games and practices. She made all-stars 2 years in a row, and she has no preference on position, other than not goalie. Hazelia
10/21/2021 10:25:06Mohan Pattanaik14086778969809/24/2013FemaleRecreationalShe is novice, did few sessions of soccer before Pandemic. She is beginer.Ishani PattanaikMOHANPATTANAIK@YAHOO.COM
10/18/2021 17:58:05Amy Silver137/22/2008MaleRec PlusEthan is looking for a team to play with. He stopped playing outdoor in 2019 but would love to get back into playing indoor. Just looking for a fun, semi-competitive team.Ethan
10/16/2021 18:46:20Lionel Gentil65082303811206/03/2009FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Amy plays for the Dublin 2009 Premier team (Part of the Gold/Silver fall league)Amy
10/7/2021 13:43:19Evan201-230-0357512/14/2015MaleRec PlusHe will be 6 in December. He's very into soccer and has developed some decent skills quickly. I'm looking for a more involved environment than simply placing him with kids who have never played
7/31/2021 10:19:01Shoba Hariharan 41553001675.512/13/2015MaleRecreationalHe was part of the lil kickers in 2019. He is good at the game and will be appreciate as a defensa.Ishaan Yeshwanth
3/6/2022 8:18:30Mary Sasomsub 40831606371102/24/2011MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)7 years of experience
Currently playing for Mustang 2011B Elite team
Would like more training
Joshua Sasomsub
4/2/2022 8:12:45Edward9256954547909/20/2009FemaleRecreationalOdessa plays both outdoor and indoor leagues , she is available on Mondays and Saturdays and times vary during the week due to work schedules, she is a defensive player and loves the game and would like to play year round
4/3/2022 21:50:53Edward Funes9256954547909/20/2012FemaleRecreationalOdessa enjoys being on defense where she is more strong at , she has been playing outdoor and indoor for past few years , days of the week she available would be Friday to Mondays and depending times during week due to work schedule Odessa Funes
4/10/2022 7:29:19Stephanie Hershman 9259633637801192014MaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)All positions; 1 yr; competitive; can play Sunday, Tues, Thursday, Friday. Saturday before 4:00; Murray Hershman
4/17/2022 20:59:34Derek Houdyshell415-244-8404901/25/2013FemaleRecreationalShe plays soccer at school but hasn't played organized soccer yet. She has been playing basketball (with mostly boys) the last 3 sessions and been an all-star each time. She is very tall for her age.Haley
5/4/2022 13:04:33nesrin tarablosi171486091221001/06/2012FemaleRecreationallayal
5/4/2022 13:05:09nesrin tarablosi17148609122709/23/2014FemaleRecreationalraya
5/9/2022 15:43:17Kristen Yarbrough818621262367/12/15MaleRecreationalHe has not played before. Cannot play Sunday mornings. We prefer non-weekend games. We have a great attitude and mom loves to volunteer!Aaron
5/22/2022 22:48:09Gupta ILindra51055640051411/10/2007MaleRecreationalHe has played games before. I would say he's an amateur.Amrit
5/24/2022 13:13:48Ofer Ronen415 264-5160908/14/2012MaleRecreationalAri played two soccer seasons in this league. On his Rec team he was the highest scorer.Ari