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Email Strategy Pre-Campaign
How do I build a list if I'm not at my target size?
Hey there,

Exciting that you're getting ready to launch something! Hopefully we can help. These helpful things we made so you can run a better campaign.

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We recommend that you try to raise 30% of your goal in the first 48 hours of your campaign. Most campaigns that eventually hit their goal have strong launches, and the best way to launch with momentum is by sharing your campaign with a strong email list.Start with a landing page that allows people to give you their email address and start to send any interested parties there. We recommend that you use a site with A/B testing—like Unbounce, Optimzly, or Launchrock— so you can experiment with your layout to try to increase conversions.
You can use your goal and average contribution to get a rough estimate of a desirable list size. First, figure out what your average contribution will be (probably your product price) and what your goal is. I recommend you estimate a conversion rate of 5%. This may be high or low, depending on how qualified the emails on your list are.Once you have your landing page built, you need to drive traffic. A few simple ways to start

- Put up a vacation responder that sends people to your landing page.
- Included it in your email signature
- Encourage friends and family to share it with their networks
Once you have these numbers, you can use the calculator below. While this will likely be a high number, if you hit these numbers you can be very confident in your launch. If not, you may want to supplement these efforts with other forms of outreach as wellTo more actively build your list, plan out an email gathering campaign. You could use Thunderclap to coordinate a social push towards your landing page, which will help you gather emails from your extended network. If you have something else you can offer as an incentive, you could also use Gleam to run a competition to capture email addresses.
More detail ----->How Many Emails Do I need to Meet My Pre-Detemined Goal?How Many Emails Do I need to Meet My Pre-Detemined Goal?
How many emails you should gather to hit your goalsEmail list Needed6,667Email List4,000<-Only Edit Here, other fields are calculated
How many visitors your campaign will actually buy the product. 5% is high for normal traffic, but a reasonable guide for customers who have signed up to buy the product after seeing your websiteConversion Rate5%Conversion Rate5%
This is probably the price of your product, though you can boost it if you can convice people to buy multiple unitsAverage contribution (price of product)$900<-Only Edit Here, other fields are calculatedAverage contribution (price of product)$50<-Only Edit Here, other fields are calculated
30% of goal (target for first 48 hours)$300,00030% of goal (target for first 48 hours)$10,000
We estimate that you will raise 30% of your total goal within the first 48 hours, and extrapolate an end goal from there.Campaign Goal$1,000,000<-Only Edit Here, other fields are calculatedEstimated total raise$33,333
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