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Legends of Astravia is a charming retro RPG set in a world of magic ✨

⚔️ Engage in dynamic battles where time is a resource
📖 Experience a dramatic character-driven story
🗺 Explore twisting dungeons full of discoverable secrets

@AstraviaGameReasons you may not be listed
Tomodachi 8in1 is a time capsule of eight narrative vignettes about the 2000s.
☎️ Text your friends
📼 Listen to mixtapes
🥚and take care of virtual pets, all in one bundle!

Check it out on itch 👇
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Heyo #PitchYaGame!

Galaia is...

✨a small adventure
made of big moments,
where your curiosity
will be rewarded! ✨

Alternatively: A mini Tunic meets Enter the Gungeon!
@JgDoesThingsYou did not pitch in official times (4am to 4pm PST June 7 + 1 hr grace period).
👁️ #PitchYaGame
More Than "one way" is our story driven survival horror game !
🔦Face the internet horrors that haunt your past.
🔦They don't exist.
🔦Actions will have consequences.
Demo this summer
@disorderedgamesToo NSFW/Sensitive/Duplicates of same game/Not real pitch/etc.
Yesterday we've announced the brillant Day of the Shell, a fast-paced tactical roguelike 

Steam page:

#pitchyagame  #indiegame #gamedev
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Hello there! #PitchYaGame

Echoes of the Skyfire is your new indie fantasy game obsession if you love:
💫 Character-centered RPG stories
⚔️ Epic turn-based battles
❤️ Deep party relationships and romances

🔁 Repost & follow for more, your support means the world to us!
@EchoesSkyfireIf you did a valid pitch & are missing send a DM to @IndieGameLover
Hi #PitchYaGame! Love tokusatsu fighting giant monsters? In turn based battles? With minimalistic pixel art? And queer disaster heroines? And NO GRINDING?

Then, hop on 8-Colors Star Guardians+, on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

We've got giant sharks and a wrestler lobster too!
Tour historic hotspots, silence gossips, and host the season’s most anticipated soiree in Regency Solitaire II.

Don't miss the party everyone's talking about!

Wishlist or buy here:

@GreyAlienSearch ideas:
engine you use, art types like pixel, genres like rogue, status like kickstarter.
Ragtag Heroes is a co-op roguelite deckbuilder inspired by Slay The Spire and For The King!
Fight powerful bosses, collect the cards and relics you want and save the realm together!
Play the free demo today 👇
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Hey #PitchYaGame

This is Whisper Mountain Outbreak, a survival horror indie game inspired by L4D & RE: Outbreak where YOU must escape a cursed mountain.

🗻 Play in online multiplayer coop or solo
🗻 Solve puzzles with escape room elements
🗻Survive zombies!

Wishlist below! 🔻
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It's #PitchYaGame day!

Kalia and the Fire Staff is a 🔥fiery🔥 top-down hack and slash where you play as an imp girl lost in an underground world!

Fight monsters, operate ancient machinery, explore unseen ruins and set the world on fire! 😈

Demo on itch! ⬇️
Hi retro game lovers! I'm making a game that generates small RPG adventures in the style of the early Dragon Quest games. Each story takes place in its own unique world.

Below are screenshot from the story of Kothy, an enchantress seeking the fabled World Diamond.
@DangersDenSorting Abilities:
It is #PitchYaGame time 🤟

Here comes Forgotten Mines, a tactical RPG with roguelite mechanics where you'll have to:

⚔️ Fight Goblins, Orcs, and more
🧙 Unlock a wide variety of classes
🛡️ Collect really cool equipment

⚔️ Wishlist & play the Demo:
@forgotten_minesSeveral ways to look through pitches:
Fun like a fart, but longer! #Pitchyagame Caracoles is the fastest slow multiplayer slug racing game ever! It will be at the #SteamNextFest starting Monday!
🎨Art by Luciop
🎙️Music by Dokaka.
More info below🙃
@from_YonderMore Info. [General PYG/Sheet Info]
🔞 Dive into a romantic #furry #VisualNovel!

A cat returns to village for summer, finding his childhood friend ill, and only he can save her!

🎶 Atmospheric music
🧩 Mini-games
🦊 4 heroines
💖 Multiple endings

🎮 Wishlist now:

#PitchYaGame #indiegame
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🏺 Hello #PitchYaGame 🏺
You, your friends, lost in a cursed tomb, a torch, your voices, and your bravery. Uncover the truth, find the exit, or not. Oh, and one of you is a bit... corrupted.

#Sanctua #Indiegame
@ChooseRedGamesRandom. [Totally randomized order]
Oh, to be a frog running your own pub! 🍻 Explore and gather ingredients by day, serve quirky drinks and get to know your guests at night! 🍹

Our steampage just went live, wishlist now! 🐸🧡

#PitchYaGame #IndieGame #GameDev
@ostendgamesRandom 2 [Totally randomized order]
An "Easy to Learn, Hard to Master" anime Action Puzzle Game with unlimited replayability for casuals and hardcore players alike (with future multiplayer crossplatform between mobile and PC... that's the promise at least 😜) #PitchYaGame #Indiegame #indiedev
Hey #PitchYaGame
How about a little sprinkle of pixel-art tower-defense?

⚔️Tower Defense
♾Endless Mode
@kantalliveReverse Alphabetical.
Chiaroscuro🌗 is a fascinating first-person puzzle game where you master the art of lights and shadows while restoring the lost balance between two deities. Wishlist on Steam now!
#PitchYaGame #IndieGameDev #indieGames #gamedev
@torcheyegames#PitchYaGame Direct

Gruesome Hand-drawn Survival Horror!

A young girl tries to survive a nightmarish house intent on killing her and her family...

Wishlist now on Steam! (link below)
Enter your flow state with LUCID

Tightest controls you ever felt 🎮
Gorgeous art 🎨
Colorful characters 🎭
Music you'll never stop listening to 🎵

Don't sleep on this genre defining #indiegame
#Wishlist LUCID today!

#PitchYaGame #metroidvania
👋 Hello #PitchYaGame 👋

📢 Introducing NEXT STOP: ABYSS!

A thriller full of mysteries and with a cast of very interesting and different characters 🌀

👁️ Do you think you will be able to solve the mysteries that make up the story?

✅ Don't hesitate to follow us to see the…
Hi #PitchYaGame!🥳🥳
Mini Settlers is a minimalistic city builder! Settle islands, construct cities, and design efficient logistic networks to fulfill your buildings' needs.

Wishlist now and don't miss the free demo!

#GameDev #indiedev #indiegame
Hey #PitchYaGame

Blue Prince is an atmospheric strategy adventure where you need to find the hidden 46th room in a 45-room mansion.

🚪 Build the world you explore, room by room.
🔍 Solve puzzles and find secrets
🕵️‍♂️ Uncover a mystery

📣 ANNOUNCING Judofuri : a one-button couch party game with cute little fruits!! 🍓🍌🍏 #PitchYaGame

👪2 to 9 players
🕹️each player only needs ONE button to play!
🏆over 20 silly mini-games

⬇️WISHLIST on Steam below! ⬇️
🐍Gorgon Shield 🐍

So ... eh ... the elevator pitch is that the elevator *is* the pitch.

😀And it's a shield.
😲And it's spinning like crazy.
😱And your party of heroes are probably going to die on it *long* before you reach Medusa.

🥳Woohoo, good times!

We may not be a part of the #SummerGameFest but you can still wishlist our game!

Ever wanted to smash Roguelike upgrades into a Mini Golf game? Get your wish by downloading the demo now!

Hey #PitchYaGame!

Do you like card games?

Do you like fighting games?

Well, let me introduce 'Death or Glory' the character-focused card battler!

Play (free) & Wishlist:
Join our community:

#videogames #cardgame #fightinggame…
#PitchYaGame is upon us🍻 Ale Abbey is an upcoming monastery brewery tycoon set in the late Middle Ages where you:

🍺craft and brew your own beers
📜 run a crew of cute Nuns and Monks
⛪ bring prosperity to your monastery and the communities around it!

#indiegame #pixelart
Hey #PitchYaGame, here is ..

Cat Detective:
Albert Wilde, Quantum P.I. 😼🕵️‍♀️
A comedy sci-fi adventure game!
Inspired by noir films of the 1930’s 📽️


🗑👑Kingdoms of the Dump🗑👑
An indie RPG about a world of trash made by real janitors!

🦵Freeform Jumping
🧗‍♂️Everything is a platform
👨Jump on NPC heads, it's ok
♻️Character Swapping on Field
🗡 Grid Based Combat

Coming 2025,
Wishlist now on Steam

Oh hey, it's #PitchYaGame day!

Do you like:

✨The world & world-building of BLAME!
✨The character & creature designs of Junji Ito & NieR Autotmata
✨The gameplay of classic story shooters like Bioshock & Half-Life
✨And a hell of a lot of bullets?

Then you'll LOVE Luna Abyss!
Draft a team of epic Titans, cute heroes and awesome monsters in this asynchronous auto battler!⚔️

Upgrade them with loot and maximize your team's potential and battle for victory here:

Good Morning #PitchYaGame!

In Mr. Sleepy Man, you play as a little sleepy guy who's up way past his bedtime and out of control!
This sandbox adventure is filled with comical hijinks, outrageous characters and platforming action! 💤
It's #PitchYaGame!

Kill your clone before you die 🔪🩸
You have a clone hiding among the crowd. Hunt them down before you die!

⬇️ Link ⬇️

Run in all fours!
Fight weird jungle dudes!
Pet some baby monkeys!

🎮Play Dunjungle's Demo on Steam🎮
#PitchYaGame Play as the Grim Reaper and crush the townspeople on your path to collect the souls of powerful lords.


Link below!
What's good #PitchYaGame!

Forever Lost VR a psychological horror adventure.

Who are you...and what happened at the Hawthorne Estate? Escape the room to find the answers.

🔎Search for clues
🧩Piece the mystery together
😱Rediscover who you are

Wishlist below 🙌
Shift87 is an unannounced observation horror game where you'll come across both: Horrifying + subtle anomalies.

♾ Can you find & report all of them to end your shift?
🤯 Or will the terrible paranoia be your downfall...?

#pitchyagame exclusive first insights.

For updates…
Hey #PitchYaGame, check this out.

Phantom Spark 🚅💨〰️

⏱️ improve your line - improve your time
📏 full speed precision racing
📈 time trial leaderboards
🌊 instant reset flow

〰️Demo next Monday (Steam Next fest)
〰️Coming to Steam & consoles
〰️Follow @_PhantomSpark
#PitchYaGame Infinity Knights: Xross brings 3-player couch co-op, a deep story about immortality, engaging dynamic combat and characters, and music by Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana composer)!

Kickstarter JUNE 25th! (Trailer below!)

#PixelArt #IndieGames
#PitchYaGame 🩵 Gelatina is hungry 🩵 a platformer + arcade!

You are a small jelly. You came to Earth from Outer Space. And, oh boy, you are really hungry. And nothing can stop you when you're hungry... How far will you go?

💥How much can you eat?!💥
Build🏰, Battle⚔️ and Rule👑 small kingdoms as you conquer a medieval fantasy world

Wishlist Small Kingdoms on Steam:

RailGods of Hysterra is a Solo/Online Co-Op Lovecraftian base-building/survival game

Ride, upgrade and control a living train whose locomotive is entangled with a weird creature


Discord server:

#PitchYaGame #indiegame
Time to #pitchyagame

Mars Rapid Transit: Engineer a Mars train network🚄 Grow colonies with deep sophisticated economic simulation📈


Looking for Publisher:
- Funding $80k
- Marketing

- Develop/Brighton
- Gamescom/Cologne
#PitchYaGame I am creating a #horror game where you play as a baby on a Tricycle which you can customize, paint and ride around the childcare around with! 🚲 👶


Demo coming very soon! #gaming @horrorvisuals
WitchroidVania is a Metroidvania-style exploration action game! If you enjoy playing the demo, please add it to your wishlist!
As part of my collaboration with @2_left_thumbs, Beetle Ninja: My 2020 RPG about the last two weeks before the apocalypse, is coming to Steam!
Promotional art by @CptnChrispy, music by @PostElvis.
🐝 Bee Welcome! is the name of this Hidden Object game,
🏨 AND the name of your bee hotel.
💖 Only the most adorable bees will be your guests.

🔎 Can you find them among dozens of others?

#PitchYaGame #cozy #cozygame #hiddenobject #indiedev #indiegame #bee #bees #cute
Hi #PitchYaGame

Check out our upcoming 3D puzzle game Frankendice!
We have:

🧩Unique dice (or torture) related puzzle mechanics
🎨Cozy retro art style
🎲Choose your own difficulty

Wishlist & Demo below ⬇️
#PuzzleGame #IndieGame #VideoGame
#PitchYaGame How about a mystery ADV/visual novel? 🔍

🕵️ Expressive pixel art portraits + pre-rendered 3D backgrounds
📖 Gripping and emotional story
🎮 Inspired by classics like Famicom Detective Club, Hotel Dusk, and Ace Attorney

Hey #PitchYaGame! This is Flancisco, the sweet protagonist of Flantastic Café Run, our f2p game for Android

🍮 Help Flancisco to become the best dessert at the café!
✨ Collect ingredients to bake new skins and get them all.
💕 Customize your flan to unlock new habilities.
someone described my game as "Diablo for masochists" and they were right.
#pitchyagame #indiegame #indiedev
Hey #PitchYaGame
I'm a solo dev making Loya, an open world survival crafting game where you can building walking houses and fight giants!

You can wishlist the game on steam right now!
Hey #pitchyagame
Did you know getting scared is a great way to learn Morse Code?

🆘SOS: Forgotten planet teaches you Morse code.
🪐Scavenge to survive in the ruins of a dead planet.
☠️Beware of the scary monsters!

DEMO AVAILIBLE! Link in first Comment.
Embark on an unforgettable journey aboard the ISE Horizon Prime interstellar freighter, coming on Steam this June 19!

Make sure to wishlist Omega Warp 🚀:

#PitchYaGame #indiegames #metroidvania
⚔️#PitchYaGame TIME! ⚔️




What better way to celebrate our selection of #indiegames?

Check out Fantasy Kommander on Steam 🧙‍♀️

#indiegame #indiedev #retrogames #retrogame

Potion Punch Rivals is a competitive multiplayer shopkeeping game!

🍲Serve fantastic magic items!
⚔️Vie for the hearts (and coin!) of patrons!
🧙‍♀️Unlock keepers, pets, and deities!
🛠️Upgrade your alchemical arsenal!

In development for PC, Console, and mobile 🎮

✅Roguelike precision platformer
✅Extremely difficult and will make you rage
✅Cute ducklings that follow you around

Prepare to quack under pressure with Duck Paradox.
Oh I see its #PitchYaGame . The Horror at Highrook is an occult card management RPG. Explore a haunted mansion with a team of investigators, summon dark entities, craft powerful protections, uncover the fate of the missing family. Wishlist on steam below!
🏭 Satisfactory meets Willy Wonka 🍫
A delicious first-person factory automation game.
Build your dream Chocolate Factory to produce the tastiest sweets!
It's #PitchYaGame time! 🎮

Be the super-powered chicken you've always dreamt of being! 🐔💪
Catch Rascal the thief and save the day, in Super BAWK BAWK Chicken! ✨

Play now:

"FUTURE SWASHBUCKLER". Demo will be coming soon.
"Daily bread". Wishlist on Steam:
"Dunes of Valor". Wishlist on Steam:
"Cosmic Consciousness". Wishlist on Steam:
#Indiegame #Soulslike #FPS #PitchYaGame
Hey #PitchYaGame! This is #QuartetRPG:

-Classic turn based with regenerating AP and instant character swapping

-Split character stories, with an intersecting narrative

-Tight, linear plot with tons of goodies to find

-Made by developers of Shadows of Adam and My Familiar
Unleash your brainpower in Linkito and ignite the insurgency!

🔌Link, build, solve, defuse, and decode
🧠Craft your own challenges in the level editor or tackle community creations
🤯Go further by connecting to #Twitch or real devices

#PitchYaGame #SteamNextFest #solodev
We'll wander but we'll always remember when it's #PitchYaGame time! ✌️

Embark on an epic martial arts adventure through ancient China as a young swordsmen. Forge bonds, master ancient techniques, & rise as the ultimate Wuxia hero!

Pls like & RT! ♥️

#pixelart #rpg #ドット絵
Hey #PitchYaGame!

GHOSTWARE is an Unreal-inspired blend of retro-fps, metroidvania and adventure. Escape the cyber afterlife you've been trapped into, hop between realities and shoot your way out with the help of your new allies.

v1.0 coming JUNE 10th

link in comments ⬇️
Hey #PitchYaGame

Rogue Voltage is the Engineering Roguelike. Construct your own skills by wiring up modules. Build crazy machines to zap the monsters and trigger satisfying chain reactions.

Out now on Steam Early Access, 95% positive reviews
Link in Bio 🔌⚡
Hi #PitchYaGame!
🌏Ardaria is a game which implements the minecraft core loop on a magic planet instead of a flat world
📨I released the creative mode on Steam, free of charge
📅Upcoming in 2024:
- Procedural Planet
- Fight PvE
- Terraforming
- Crafting
🍩 Donuts are everywhere, and you'll hate them! 🤪
🎮 Battle through mazes, face off against zany doughy foes and destroy the Dough Mixers in FuryDough roguelite.
🕹️Play the demo and wishlist now!

#PitchYaGame #roguelite #gaming
#pitchyagame Solus Ascending: The world's glaciers melted, leading to rising waters. The only surviving structure in the world remains standing: Solus Tower, a now generations old building, ran by a government that has only its best interests at heart..
The first #PitchYaGame I can participate in!
Meowstery of a Growing Aurora is a 2D adventure game where you have to figure out why your pet cat, Aurora grew to a colossal size before it's too late!

You can try out the demo at:

And wishlist it on Steam 📌
#PitchYaGame - 'Vignettes: The Dream City' is a dungeon crawler set in the surreal city you've been dreaming about, ceaselessly, for months

Knowledge-based gameplay, non-linear exploration, turn-based combat

Inspired by King's Field and LSD: Dream Emulator

⬇️Wishlist below⬇️
Hey #pitchyagame

A FPS action-adventure game, with RPG elements and survilal.

Imagine Halo and Metroind Prime meets Relic Odyssey: Ruins of Xantao

Demo & EA :

Media Kit:

#gaming #halo #indiegame #gamedev #actiongame
Time for #PitchYaGame!

Check out our VR action horror game LIMINAL PHASE. Explore the dark corners of a fractured mind consumed by video games

📢 Now only $4.99❗️

🔗 Steam:
🔗 Meta Quest:

Salam&Hi. Ive released a Horror Walking Simulator on #GooglePlaystore and #itchio.Check it out!!!
Link for Playstore:

Hey #PitchYaGame!
Here's our game KAKU: Ancient Seal an Open-world Action adventure combining exploration with puzzles and dynamic combat.

🌟Craft your unique combat style
🌟Experience Challenges and Puzzles
🌟Embark on an epic journey with Piggy

Check out our New Demo below👇
✨Hey #PitchYaGame What about a 3D Pixel Art adventure?👀

🐶This is Sands of Hope - Dive into the friendship of a little robot and an abandoned doggy! 🤖

🏜️Explore a small Open World & solve puzzles and minigames to restore the water flow on a desert!🌊

#indiegames #pixelart
Heyyy #PitchYaGame
This is Wéko The Mask Gatherer!

Embark on a magical adventure inspired by classic Zelda games. Explore vibrant worlds, solve intricate puzzles, and engage in dynamic combat using mystical masks. 🎭
Did someone say #PitchYaGame? Think Vampire Survivors meets Helldivers (but also jetpacks!)

In Hive Jump 2: Survivors, killer alien bugs attack and you try to survive. The premise is simple…survival is not.
#PitchYaGame The most ruthless outlaw of the devil wild west is Poncho Rodriguez 🤠

🎲Isometric #NuclearThrone style game
🔥Electro-western music

Soon in steam 👀
Meanwhile you can play our demo here:
It's #PitchYaGame! If you are a fan of fighting games, anime, or indie games, check out Konsui Fighter! We just launched into early access on #Steam! Play the demo, Wishlist and join the fray today!
Greetings from the sea #PitchYaGame!🐟

Ecosystem is an evolution simulator where you can create your personal – you guessed it – ecosystem.

Modify terrain and grow marine plants. Then populate the world with unique creatures that evolve new features and behaviors on their own.

10m10 is an uncomfortable mech game where you need to walk a 100 meters under constant gunfire and Archer-like verbal insults.
It's #PitchYaGame today! 🎮

Wild Woods is a co-op game full of action, teamwork and woodland critters. You and your friends take on the role of a cat defending your way through a dangerous forest ⚔️🐱🛡️

#indiedevs #indiegame #madewithunity
🐾 MOJITO Woody's Rescue 🐾

Dive into a charming 3D pawtformer adventure!
Guide Mojito on a quest to rescue his best dog friend Woody

🏝️Explore vibrant worlds
🧩Solve puzzles
⚠️Overcome obstacles
❤️A heartwarming tale of friendship


Wishlist below 🙌
Hey #PitchYaGame! 👊

We're making a game that's like "a retro Mega Man, but made by Nintendo" 🤣.

Imagine platforming action, but with rogue-lite stuff, village building, and a ton of weapon mixing. 💥

Wishlist it on Steam if you wanna support us!
Hey, it’s #PitchYaGame!!

『BrokenLore: UNFOLLOW』
Upcoming Horror Game on the Dark Side of social media.

🍝 Cook Heart Milk spaghetti
🪱 Feed a Giant Worm Head
🪞 Get chased by Suzi Hunter

Watch our new trailer on #IGNLive on the 9th and Wishlist it on Steam!
#PitchYaGame: Diablo has meet Overcook in our #dungeoncrawler #roguelite Doors & Loot. Reach the top of the tower, defeat diferent monsters, bosses and get loot. Find the diary pages to discover the history. Available now, enjoy😉
A Tithe in Blood is our dark yuri visual novel with...

🩸 atmospheric world about a modern woman traveling to an alternate world with blood magic
❤️ rich story with 70k words
✨ action, mysteries... and wlw? 💖

Play the demo:
Hey #PitchYaGame!
This is Situation Normal 🔫
A unique shoot-'em-up tight platformer. Follow our secret agent in his freefall into a mysterious underground world. Uncover the sinister plans of Dr. Hibble and his family. A game from a father and his son.
Happy #PitchYaGame day! ⭐️

We're working on Corona Celestia - a classic space exploration game, inspired by Starflight.

We're still in early development, but would appreciate a follow anyway! We can't wait to show you more 🌌
It's #PitchYaGame !
Night at the Meowseum is a cute puzzle RPG inspired by Paper Mario and Panel de Pon, featuring:

🧩 challenging puzzle battles
🖌️ animated cat-scene
🖼️ strange cat artifacts
🐈 A lot of cats

Releasing this month on both iOS and Android!
⬇️ Link below…
I think it's worth a shot! #PitchYaGame

Pixil Platformer is an Indie Puzzle Platformer that I have been developing for well over a year now

An older version is out on itch now, but I am currently working on an update with tons of secrets, so stay tuned!
Check out #Moduwar, an #RTS game with innovative modular gameplay. Control the Modu, an evolving alien creature.



#IndieGame #PitchYaGame
#PitchYaGame !!!
RED SNOW is a brutally violent snowboarding game where your kills boost your combo score.

Flip, spin, and grind to survive against violent mobs of winter-sports-enthusiasts.

Upgrade your arsenal between runs and become the ultimate snowboarder-warrior.