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Charge?By Whom
7/8/11Johnson, Jon-ScottHave your EMC renewal yet?7/8/11
7/13/11Johnson, Jon-ScottWill it be on the agenda soon?7/13/11
7/13/11Johnson, Jon-ScottThe premium was?7/18/11
7/25/11Johnson, Jon-ScottRequests copies of complete records of pharmacy expenditures by month from January 1, 2010 until the present. Copies of all letter and all reports from Gallagher Bassett Services or Triadvantage Pharmacy Consultants concerning the participation of the ACSD in the Iowa Coalition Plan. Reports showing savings generated by the Plan.8/12/11 &
8/19/11Goodman, MatthewTotal Expenditures/Total Enrollment8/22/11
Johnson, Jon-ScottCopy of the 509A Report10/10/11
8/25/11Johnson, Jon-ScottThanks for the information. I looked at the District web site and the last plan update is from 2009. 80% district-20% member on the pharmacy benefit. Is that still the same? The member contribution and plan cost numbers on the excel spread sheet indicate members pay 65% and the district 35%.
9/14/11Jurenka, MaryAll e-mails between Tim Taylor & school employees including temporary employees such as StruXture & any contractors, between Tim Taylor & members of the public, & between Tim Taylor & school board members from March 1, 2011 & September 13, 2011. All e-mails between Karen Shimp & school employees, including temporary employees such as StruXture Architects any contractors & others providing services such as banking or insurance between Karen Shimp & members of the public & between Karen Shimp & school board members between March 1, 2011 & September 13, 2011. All e-mails between Gerry Peters & school employees including StruXture any contractors & others providing services such as banking or insurance between Gerry Peters & members of the public & between Gerry Peters & school board members between March 1, 2011 & September 13, 2011. All e-mails between Mandy Ross & school employees including StruXture any contractors & others providing services such as insurance or banking, between Mand Ross & members of the public & between Mandy Ross & school board members between March 1, 2011 and September 13, 2011.Called letting know request was ready 11/1/11 picked up 11/3/11
10/10/11Johnson, Jon-ScottA small additional request. Total members? Belly buttons.10/10/11
10/10/11Johnson, Jon-Scott528 active employees. Single contracts and family contracts are? How many dependents to those family contracts have insured?10/12/10
11/4/11Putz, DavidStudent counts broke out elem student count by building & grade including the "cap" & whether a grade was full or not. Counts by grade for the MS & HS
11/10/2011Johnson, Jon-ScottDr. Ross: Who are the student members of the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC)? The Leadership Team? Saw a presentation yesterday at another District.11/13/2011
11/14/2011Johnson, Jon-ScottI have noted that monthly financial summaries are not being included in the Board Agenda items. There was usually a very nice 4 page summary. Are those being given to the Board directly and not made part of the agenda?
1/28/2012Hamilton, Stephanie100 Fellows Parents Petition1/30/2012
1/30/2012Jurenka, MaryTo Gerry Peters - On March 26, 2011 you received an email from Scott Renaud requesting a private meeting with one or two board members a school district attorney, you, Tim and a developer who was interested in a land swap for the old middle school and Lincolnway sites. You emailed Tim and encouraged this meeting and Tim relented. When did this meeting take place? Who attended the meeting? What was the land swap?1/31/2012
1/30/2012Jurenka, MaryTo Gerry Peters - There were several emails about Stachbotrys (sp) "black" mold issues. What was the final resolution about its presence, the clean up and the factors that made conditions favorable for its growth. Were there final recommendations from the abatement company?1/31/2012
2/3/2012Jurenka, MaryThe agenda for Monday's (Feb 6) includes an action on Policy EDC, Authorizad Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment. One of my concerns is the personal use of technology resources including but not limited to computers, ipads, district servers and so on. Technology resources, like all other district-owned property ae not to be used for personal reasons. While Policy EDC states that personal use of school-owned property is prohibited and violates Iowa Code, I do not see a plan in Policy EDCC that monitors technology use. How can the district be sure that its employees are complying with Iowa Code? I also don't see a plan that details enforcement of this policy. I am writing to ask you to pull Policy out of the actionportion of the agenda. Since this policy has a direct relationship to Iowa Code, my suggestion is that you detail plans to monitor the use of school-owned property and enforce the policy (and code) when it is violated through the personal use of these resources.
2/14/2012Stow, KevinWith this email I am requesting an electronic list of the names and addresses of individuals who signed the petitions for the school bond referendum for the April 3rd vote.2/14/2012
2/26/2012Price, DaveHow many teachers the district fired/didn’t retain because of performance, disciplinary reasons or other issues in the 2010-2011 school year, as well as how many teachers the district employed that year2/27/2012
3/8/2012Johnson, Jon-ScottAt the Board meeting you made mention of 100 building lots near Mitchell School. I hope I am quoting you corectly. The City of Ames does not have on file or pending any information relating to development of that size near Mitchell. Was this in relationship with another area of Ames? When are we going to see the proposed budget cuts to make up the "1M shortfall"? Before the Bond issue I hope.3/9/2012
3/18/2012Johnson, Jon-ScottI know the Riggenberg development. It is on the far western boundary of the district. With NEW Miller, those kids would be less than 1.2 miles from Miller. The last map I saw from Structure clearly shows that this development is in the MILLER are not Mitchell. Budget cuts done yet???
6/21/2012Des Moines Register - Daniel FinneyA copy of the Superintendent's contract, employment agreements and benefits information./
6/25/2012Invo HeathCare Assoc Inc - Rebecca Franklin//
7/9/2012Grzywacz, JohnCopy of the School Bus Fleet Bids7/10/2012
7/9/2012O'Halloran, JimCopy of the School Bus Fleet Bids7/10/2012
7/12/2012Johnson, Jon-ScottHow many responses to the RFP for bus leasing did the ACSD receive?? EMC renewal on insurance??7/12/2012
7/12/2012Johnson, Jon-ScottWho responded?7/18/2012
7/23/2012Johnson, Jon-ScottBesides Durham who where the others that sent in a response? May I please have copies of all the responses to the RFP?7/26/2012
3/21/2012Johnson, Jon-ScottThe Bidding Requirements DO ALLOW an exception to be made (2) Single-source purchases. Under the Administrative Rules, "Written justification MUST accompany any recommendation for a single-source purchase. The CFO shall keep the justification on file with the purchase documents. The Auditors Office suggested that I obtain a copy of that written justification. May I please have a copy. The auditors office also suggested that I obtain the written specification for the flooring that were used by Mr. Peters. Also, any correspondence or emails that were sent between Mr. Peters and the single source bidders. May I have copies of those records as well. Once I receive this information copies are to be sent to those Iowa agencies as well as the County Attorney. Please consider this to be a formal OPEN Records request.
8/27/2012Illinois Central School Bus - Debra CipkarCopy of May 2012 invoice for Student Transportation Services. Copy of the current contract for Student Transportation Services. Copy of the RFP from the last time your District sought competitive quotes for Student Transportation Services.8/28/2012
8/30/2012KCCI New - Angie HuntPlease send me a copy of RDG's renderings for the new school.8/31/2012
7/23/2012Phinney, DeanPursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 22, the Public Records Law, I am formally requesting copies of the following information: All current contracts with Durham School Services or assigned contracts to Durham School Services for transportation. Actual dollar amounts paid to Durham School Services during the school years and summers of 2010-11 and 2011-12 for pupil transportation, summer school transportation, athletic event transportation and field trips from any school within the district grades K-12 as well as any pre-school or after school programs. This can be in the form of year-end cumulative accounting and/or budgetary report. A complete list and description of any and all budgetary account codes used when distributing funds to Durham School Services for any transportation services. Copies of lists of all certified employees from Durham School Services. Copies of any and all contract violations involving Durham School Services. Copies of any and all safety violations involving Durham School Services. Copies of any and all accident reports involving Durham School Services. I am aware that I may be charged a reasonable fee for the cost of these copies. Should this fee exceed $50.00 please contract me so that I may review and select the records I need copied.8/31/2012
9/12/2012Johnson, Jon-ScottMay I please have a copy of the current Durham contract. Activity buses covered by the agreement?9/12/2012
9/13/2012Grzywacz, JohnWould it be possible for me to get a copy of the transportation bill for this school year?9/14/2012
9/17/2012Grzywacz, JohnPlease send me a copy of the bus lease bill, facility lease bill and services bill.9/17/2012
9/24/2012Johnston, GailCertified Enrollment from 1994-20129/24/2012
11/4/2012Sullivan, AileenOperating budget for utilities, gas, electric, water, sewer at Willson-Bearshear school, Asbestos record, what has been removed, what is still there at Willson-Bearshear School11/13/2012
6/20/2013Johnson, Jon-ScottRevised 509A filed with Iowa Insurance Division7/2/2013
7/1/2013Ames TribuneAny and all written communication, including emails and letters, regarding the District's one to one computer iniative sent between the dates of January 1, 2013 to July 1, 2013 from Karen Shiimp, Tim Taylor, Karl Hehr, Kathy Hanson, Dan Woodin, Luke Deardorff, Rodney Briggs, mike Espeset, David Putz, Teresa Simpson, and Bill Talbot; Forwarded all communication to David Putz on 8/1/13 (Kathi S)7/16/2013Kathi S.
8/12/2013Des Moines RegisterNumber of school district administrators, by race. Total number of teachers by race.9/9/2013
9/1/2013Johnson, Jon-ScottCopy of property, liability insurance renewal9/6/2013
2/21/2014Elizabeth CollinsDistrict's policy for handling a school lockdown; the circumstances that lead to declaring a lockdown; the responsibilities of administrators, faculty and staff; and how and what parents are told about the lockdown. Kathy Hanson complied by email. Items sent were a link to the Crisis Management Policy EBC, an electronic file of the building emergency flip chart, and an electronic file of the information we provided parents for Communication in a Crisis. It took about 15 minutes for Kathy to fulfill the request, 9/24/2014No charge
3/23/2014Tom WalshCurrent Retirement Policy regarding insurance; Scanned both Certified and Support Staff policies as reviewed on 8/19/13; emailed to the requester3/25/2014No chargeKathi S.
5/26/2014Johnson, Jon-ScottSpreadsheet provided to Board at worksheet at April 22 Board work on funding of potential budget increases on elementary school projects3/27/2014No chargeKaren S.
9/4/2014Joy HaugeEnrollment numbers and number of sections for grades K,1,2 for all Ames Elementary Schools9/6/2014No ChargeKaren S.
9/9/2014Joy HaugeUpdated enrollment numbers for same as above. Emailed the Xcel file as given to Dr. Taylor by Barb Peterson on Sept. 5, 2014.9/9/2014No ChargeKathi S.
8/19/2015Lewis RosserThe district’s policies and practices related to in-school and out-of-school suspensions. Requesting the number of in-school and out-of-school suspensions that have occurred over the last four years, and the racial/ethnic breakdown of the suspensions that have occurred over the last four years.9/24/2015, provided district policy, but other data not availableNo chargeKathi S
1/6/2016Warren FrankeRequest payscale for teachers--what a teacher is scheduled to be paid based on their years of experience and educational degree. If it makes a difference (e.g., teaching elementary vs high school students),1/6/2016No chargeMary Jo
7/27/2016Pat BrownRequest 10 year actual enrollment figures. Enrollment counts provided by Chris Stensland and sent by email to Pat Brown.7/28/2016No chargeKathi S
9/15/2016Daniel PrymekIowa Laborer-Employers Cooperation & Education Trust: request list of subcontractors & completion date of project regarding 2016 Facilities Management & Bus Storage (New)9/15/2016No chargeGerry Peters
6/21/17Karen StewartContract between Ames School District and Chartwells
Line by line budget regarding Ames School Lunch Program
Employees policies regarding how to handle students when they have
negative balances below $25
6/21/17No chargeChris S.
sent via email