2013-14 Expansion RFA Questions and Answers
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9/17/2013Can we get a copy of the agency’s procurement and contracting procedures?Our department's and the state's procurement and contracting procedures are voluminous. Please indicate specifically what information you are interested in and we will forward your request to our department contracts staff.
9/17/2013Can capital funds cover asbestos abatement costs?You will have to justify how asbestos abatement relates to the RFA's intent, which is to expand existing services. We will review your request in light of the funding requirements to make a final funding determination.
9/17/2013Can capital funds be used to buy a vehicle for a mobile program?No.
9/18/2013Can we delete rows that we aren’t using, i.e. care coordination?Pursuant to the RFA instructions, yes, you can delete rows (not columns) that are not used.
9/17/2013Do we combine Capital project and service related projects on the same budget worksheets (narratives & budget template)?The budget sheet included with the Expansion RFA is for build-out requests only. If you are making a service expansion request, you must use your currently approved contract budget page and add on the additional costs you are requesting. Since this RFA is to expand existing services, you must use your current budget and add on costs commensurate with your proposed expansion scope of work. Please see the instructions in the RFA.
9/19/2013 On the application checklist, it requires “Modified 2013-2014 Budget with Justification form (for all service expansions and one-time funding request NOT INCLUDING SPACE BUILD-OUT REQUEST)” and based on the text in the application it states “Budget with Justification Form:(Please read carefully)
• Using your approved 2013-14 Budget With Justification Form (in MS Excel) included in your current SBHC state contract, add lines within each budget section for the additional expansion costs under this RFA. (Since this RFA is intended to expand you current work, you must add to your existing budget.) “
If I am reading this correctly, we are supposed to use what we previously submitted as “Attachment D FY14 Budget with Justification Form” and add at the bottom additional lines related to the expansion. Is this correct?
Do we also submit an Attachment A for only those expansion items if it is not a build out or do we only do Attachment A if we are submitting a build out?

Please use the approved budget form attached to your current state contract and add the necessary lines to list and justify your expansion request. The reason for this is that the RFA funding is to expand existing services. Therefore, we need to see how your budget is going to expand beyond existing effort. Additionally, we must be able to see how the expanded budget is commensurate with your proposed RFA scope of work.

The expansion RFA Attachment A is only for build-outs. All other requests must be delineated as stated above using your approved budget attached to your current state contract. Please see the instructions in the RFA.

9/19/2013 In review of the Budget with Justification Instructions, related to columns 4-6, can you please clarify the statement “Gross or Annual Salary column would show the $42,000; Fringe column would show $770 fringe/benefits for this employee, and the Percent of FTE on projectwould be 40%” as it conflicts with the portion above it that states

Gross Annual Salary: $31,500
Fringe: $6,930
Percent: 40%
Total: $15,372 (this automatically calculates)

and the fringe calculation of 770 is the monthly amount, not annual amount. Should this statement have some other information or perhaps it should have been removed?

The fringe benefit at $770 per month should be calculated in the same manner as the the Gross salary, at an annual basis, however, this information also conflicts the amount to be entered, the prorated amount for the salaries and fringe. Please prorate figures as the example shows in the form. Fiscal will talk with the contract staff to bring to their attention that the information below lists figures for Gross salary at an annual salary and fringe at a monthly basis, which does not make sense.

“Gross or Annual Salary column would show the $42,000; Fringe column would show $770 fringe/benefits for this employee, and the Percent of FTE on project would be 40%”
1. If we are planning on opening in Carbondale within the 7-mo expansion period; the equipment, supplies, etc will be considered One-time Center Enhancement or Service Expansion?

2. If we are able a dental hygienist, the dental supplies and dental chair would be consider One-time Center Enhancement or Service Expansion?

1. These funds are not intended for sites that are not currently operational so if you are planning a new site in Carbondale, we aren't in a position to support that at this time. We're sorry if there's been confusion around this point.

2. The equipment would be noted under the one-time cost template and the dental hygienist's time would be noted under the service expansion as it relates to an increase in FTE. Both would be related to service expansion so your narrative should provide an idea of the additional number of children/youth who will be served by the expanded hours for the hygienist and the equipment.

9/19/20131. Having the possibility of asking for a no-cost extension from TCHF, and knowing that we asked them $100K to cover a percentage of personnel costs. Can we bump up the amounts requested for personnel from the initial RFA to a higher amount (keeping the salary rates the same)?

2. We just realized, if we are planning to open a new site in Carbondale... how would, the potential of this new site, would change the contract we have in place already and/or the way to present the new RFA request?

1. Any changes to your currently approved contract budget, including increases in personnel, are subject to the contractual terms for requesting/making budget adjustments. Please refer to your contract.

2. I'm not entirely sure I understand your second question so, if I miss the mark, please email again. Depending on what you request in the RFA, we will make a determination whether we'll amend your current state contract or initiate a new one. If your request is ultimately about service expansion by adding another site, then we will look to modify your existing contract to include the additional site and the increased number of students to be served at that site.

9/20/2013The question regarding “agency procurement and contracting procedures relating to build-out funding”, we have a procurement department who does all of our bidding, based on the organizations policies and procedures and is consistent with information in the application regarding 3 bids. Based on the language, I thought there may be some special requirements when dealing with construction that we may need to follow. For example, if we were building a clinic in an existing space, are there any special requirements that we need to be aware of regarding allowable cost, or required procedures. I think in another question, asbestos was specifically mentioned – if in the build-out, we found things that were not up to code or federal/state building regulations, can funds be used to support those specific cost?
Our department certainly has procurement rules and procedures; however, for purposes of this RFA, you must follow your own agencies rules and requirements. As a measure of good practice, we ask that you get three bids before selecting an entity to do the build-out work. The bids should be kept on file as they be requested at a later time or as part of an audit, if ever conducted.
9/20/20131. If we have a “Service Expansion request” which includes new personnel (wages and fringe), consumable supplies and new equipment to provide the service, is all of this included under the “Service Expansion” request or is the equipment, since it is a one-time purchase, pulled out and listed as a separate “One-time Center Enhancement request”? Example, you were going to change an existing room from an office to be an exam room – no construction is required, and were going to hire additional staff to increase capacity for additional visits, had consumable supplies (tongue depressors, exam gowns, adhesive strips, etc.) and needed equipment such as an exam table, patient chair, PC station, storage containers, etc. with varying cost between $10 and $10,000, is the request all one or is equipment split out into the “One-time Center Enhancement request”?

2. In the “Service Expansion request”, does the 7 month cost include everything needed for the Service Expansion (new personnel (wages and fringe), consumable supplies, office supplies, repair and maintenance, cell phones, medical supplies, etc.) or does it only include personnel and fringe expense?

3. If we have several “Service Expansion request”, and add the specific budget items onto our existing budget, how are we to distinguish what budget items go with each expansion item?

4. Is a cost match required with this additional funding on the “Service Expansion request” or “One-time Center Enhancement request”?

1. For purposes of this RFA, equipment (and any other requested items as listed under One-time Center Enhancements) should be pulled out and listed as a one-time request.

2. List personnel under Service Expansion and all other items in One-time Enhancement using the "Other" line, if needed.

3. As with the original RFA, on the budget page, there should be a column where you explain/justify the expense in relation to the requested Scope of Work.

4. No

9/20/2013Are vehicle maintenance and fuel cost acceptable on the grant if we have a designated vehicle that travels to multiple sites with equipment for services an allowable expense on the grant? –gas, oil changes, brakes, etc.

If the above is not allowable, can we submit mileage reimbursement for said vehicle on the grant?
It does not sound like a fundable request, but, if you feel strongly about it, you will need to make your case for how this expense meets the RFA's definition and examples of service expansion.

Please keep in mind that our department is going to receive many funding requests that will likely exceed the amount of available funds. Reviewers will have to make choices for those requests that most clearly demonstrate the Legislature's intent for the additional money ... to expand existing services to many more young people in need of care statewide. It is unlikely all requests will be funded that is why we also require applicants to prioritize their requests.

9/23/20131. When I am filling out the SOW worksheet the second column asks for the SBHC site for this request. The behavioral health FTE expansion would be split between all 4 of our sites. Will it be better to quantify it per site?

2. The Care Coordination/Health Education /Medicaid Enrollment/ and Third party payer FTE might also be utilized and located between the 4 sites. The 3rd party billing capacity could be on sight at SCCC. Will this be a red flag?
Can I put all 4 sites into Column 1?

1. Please list each of the 4 sites and, yes, please quantify the FTE per site so we can get an indication of how much more of the behavioral health service will be expanded to each site.

2. You should provide all details related to your request. Be specific on what may occur at one site versus all four sites. Remember that the reviewers must get a clear indication of what you're asking for and how it very clearly demonstrates an expansion at each of the sites.

9/23/2013In regards to page 5 of the RFA, paragraph 2 : “For space build-outs under One-Time Center Enhancement, the applicant must comply with its agency’s procurement and contracting procedures, if awarded build-out funding. CDPHE requires a minimum of three (3) written bids (kept on file) prior to selection of a building contractor, if applicable.”

Question 1. Does the applicant (SBHC) have to submit the name of the contractor, and 3 written bids with the RFA? Could this be submitted after the award is made?

Question 2. Does the applicant have to submit a completed architectural plan with the RFA?

Question 3. If a floor plan is submitted, can there be modifications made to that plan after it is submitted?

1. No, but you must keep the three written bids on file as well as the selected contractor in the event of a future request for it or an audit.

2. No, but you must keep it on file in the event of a future request for it or an audit. You must, however, give a detailed explanation of what architectural changes you are wanting.

3. You do not need to submit a floor plan, but rather, keep it on file in the event of a future request for it or an audit. You must, however, give a detailed explanation of what changes you are wanting.

9/23/2013Is the total award for both Expansion Funding (1) Service Expansion and (2) One time Center Enhancement-facilities, $300.000 . Or can you spend $300,000 on facility and then spend additional money on “Service Expansion”? The latter. One-time Center Enhancements are limited to a total of $300,000, including all one-time requests. Your Service Expansion request is separate from that. You will, however, have to prioritize as we expect that funding requests from all of SBHCs will exceed the amount available under this RFA.
9/23/2013Our existing SBHC at Florida Mesa Elementary needs a small remodel (remodel of check in counter, removal of carpet in one room, internal window added for better monitoring of shared space) to better separate school nursing from the SBHC operations. Would this be considered a build out or a center enhancement? Based on how this would be classified, when would I need to follow the 3 bid process?Since you are modifying an actual space, this is considered a build out and would require a separate budget submission. Even if you do not currently have a total of three bids in place, it is important to have an idea of the cost for your build-out request. Finalizing of the bid process can be made after the notification of award however, if your build-out funding request is approved, should the bidding prove to be higher than you anticipated, we would not be able to increase the amount of your award.

9/23/2013Will I be submitting the RFA to the email address Colorado.sbhcprogram@gmail.com or another specific email address?Yes, please submit the RFA to Colorado.sbhcprogram@gmail.com
9/23/2013I believe that I do not need to fill out Attachment B nor the Scope of Services checklist as all 4 of our sites were written into the original contract. Is that correct?Attachment B is intended only for the sites that did not apply for all of their SBHCs under the RFA released earlier this year and who are seeking support for those sites.
9/23/2013The 3rd party billing capacity could be on sight at SCCC. Will this be a red flag? It's completely fine for billing staff to be located at a site other than the SBHC(s) since this is the reality for other programs as well. Offsite staffing for this particular role would not be a red flag to us.
9/24/2013Do all the expense to operate the two clinics and all the in-kind match need to be reflected on the budget sheet or do we only included the new requested costs on the budget sheet for this application? The in-kind match on the original budget exceeded the required match. Can some of the excess match be used for this budget?As you are including a site that was not originally noted in the RFA released this past Spring, you do need to include the total cost to operate that site in your budget document. Given the limited amount of the original awards, all contractors exceed the 50% match requirement. We still require that the full budget be provided as we are asked yearly by the JBC about the average cost to run a school-based health center and must use the information provided in the budget documents to arrive at this figure.
9/24/2013On items that will require three bids – do we use an estimated amount on the budget sheet since we will not know in advance the exact amounts of the three bids?Even if you do not currently have a total of three bids in place, it is important to have an idea of the cost for your build-out request. Finalizing of the bid process can be made after the notification of award however, if your build-out funding request is approved, should the bidding prove to be higher than you anticipated, we would not be able to increase the amount of your award.
9/24/2013In the 1st round RFA we categorized a portion of the Med. Admin. salary as "in-kind" contribution. We would now like to request frunding for that amount.

1) Can we seek funding for the personnel expenses that we initial listed as "in-kind" ; and

2) If yes, then are the Round 1 items modified to delte the "in-kind" from the Round 1 budget detail and insert or add it to amount requested for Round 2 ?

This then would be the same process we would follow for other items listed initially as "in-kind" that we now request for funding, correct?

As long as you can still show a 50% match to the initial $50,000 award (e.g.: $25,000) it is fine to modify the document to reflect additional funding being sought for FTE that was originally listed as being provided through in-kind support.
9/24/2013Your response lists “One-time Center Enhancements”, does this mean only additions to a current space? We are exploring costs for new construction that would double the space we have, located on school grounds, to include foundation, connecting to utilities, etc. We believe we can build a new clinic that would fall within the $300,000. I need confirmation that you would fund a new building as long as we could complete it within the time frame and within the cost parameters of the RFA meeting ADA requirements for new construction. We have been in contact with CDE and League of Charter Schools as well.Yes, build-out funds may be used for a new space at an existing school-based health center location as long as you are able to complete it within the time and cost parameters as well as assure that you meet the core requirements for school-based health care facilities referenced on pages 9-10 in the Quality Standards for Colorado School-Based Health Centers.
9/24/2013We encourage applicants to use a different colored font to show any NEW or MODIFIED line items on the budget document. This will help our fiscal person as she conducts her technical review.
9/25/2013 In the Service Expansion Scope of Work, column 3; should that be the total FTE for the site or just the additional FTE. For example, we have 0.8 FTE currently and wanted to request funding for an additional 0.2 FTE. Would I enter 1.0 FTE or 0.2 FTE in that column?If you refer to the guidance at the top of the table as well as the example, you'll see that we ask you to state what is currently in place in column 2, and the requested additional FTE in column 3.
9/25/2013Do you want us to insert additional rows for each request within an item, or include all additional requests under each heading. For example, 0.2 FTE Nurse Practitioner at site XYZ and 0.6 FTE Medical Assistant at site ZYX. Would they look like this:Please add a row for each staff position; however, if you are asking to increase the same staff position for more than one site, include the sites within that section (e.g.: if you want to increase nurse practitioner time at 2 sites, list the two within the same row.) Use a new row for a new position.
9/25/2013 For priorities, do you want the category (i.e. Primary Care, Behavioral Health, etc.) or the separate items within each category (i.e. 0.2 FTE Nurse Practitioner at XYZ site, 1.0 FTE Behavioral Health Counselor, 0.6 FTE Medical Assistant at ZYX site)?We are deferring to the applicants to make that decision. If it's important that an entire category be prioritized, then list your top three categories. However, if you really need "x" position, and "x" and "y" equipment, then list the top three items.
9/25/2013 Would we include the concept design fee for a future Clinic Space Build-Out, even if the remodel wouldn’t happen until the future?You may add this as a one-time cost request if the "concept design" that you reference will be completed by June 30, 2014.
9/25/2013 Please confirm that we only need to include Attachment A if we’re requesting funds for a Clinic Space Build-Out. Otherwise, we just do the modified budget.That is correct.
9/25/2013 Please confirm that we only need to include Attachment B if we’re requesting funds for a site not included under our current funding.That is correct.
9/25/2013 When we completed our original Budget with Justification Form, Angela had us put the total program budget amounts in the Match or In-Kind column, rather than the 50% required match amounts. Do you want us to keep to this format for this revision?Yes, you must keep the same format that is currently in your budget by representing the entire operating budget for the sites for which you are applying.
9/25/2013 We’ve heard that the Colorado Health Foundation is willing to change the terms of their grant funding to let the SBHCs take full advantage of the additional CDPHE funds. However, I don’t believe we would be eligible for this since the Foundation is funding current operations (salaries and expenses already included in our budget) rather than new expenses (like for capital expenses). Could you please clarify this for us and let me if I’ve made an incorrect assumption? Please speak with your contact at The Colorado Health Foundation to see what would be applicable based on your current award from them.
9/25/2013 Will we be doing this process again in the Spring? I ask because we are requesting funds for the concept design for a future Clinic Space Build-Out, but then will need to seek funds for the actual remodel and are not sure if CDPHE will be a source of capital funds again next year.As noted on page 5 of the RFA under Amount and Terms of Funding, we do not anticipate being able to offer the one time center enhancement support (including capital) in future years.
If federal funding may be used as a match, and it was related to the original contract, does this apply to the expansion? Federal funding cannot be used to match the SBHC expansion funding. If the agency's federal funding award allows match, a 10% percentage may be used to match the original contract executed on 8.1.13, this is in the event CDPHE matches SBHC funding with other funding. Local matching and own resources are highly recommended.
9/27/20131. The increment will be shown by increasing the Percent of FTE on project?
2. The increment should match the amounts approved by TCHF? or could be lower/higher?
3. For these increments, do we need to have a match or in-kind contribution? if so, which percentage?
1. I am guessing that you are referencing the FTE that you will list on your Budget with Justification form? Rather than defining this as a "project", see the budget form as complete accounting of the costs for you to operate your centers. Therefore, if you are seeking additional FTE, that total number is what should be listed next to the staff position on the budget(e.g.: a .5 FTE position that you are proposing to increase to 1.0 FTE would be listed as 1.0 FTE but the amount that you will request will be for 7 months of the additional .5 FTE costs since we will be covering Dec 2013 - June 2014).

2. The increment can be whatever your program deems is needed.

3. For the 2013-2014 contract year, we are only seeking a 50% match on the original award. However, to help you sustain this increase in staffing/services, if your increased FTE request is approved, the support from CDPHE will carry into Years 2 and 3 of this grant cycle, and will increase from 7 months to 12 months of support to represent a complete funding year for the FTE. Therefore, in accordance with the initial funding terms for the RFA posted this past spring, your program will be required to show a 50% match for the total amount of the modified award from CDPHE in contract years 2 and 3.

9/27/2013Are the expense added to the existing budget to be calculated until the end June 2014 on the end of July 2014? So can we pay additional salaries through the end of July?