Curriculum NameGrade LevelsPriceOnline, pen and paper, or both?Types of Students it's Best ForAboutSecular or Non-secular?Do Parents Recommend It?NotesSubmit Your Input
The Mindfull Mentor3-8$40/monthThere are in person classes and live online classesStudents who would benefit from group instruction and live teacher assistance.

Students who hate math. These classes are taught in a laid back, relaxed way to show students that math can be fun and interesting

*In person and online math classes taught by a live teacher so students can get live support
*Students get to collaborate with other students
*Optional homework assignments to do between class sessions to fit all different homeschool styles, and an optional end of unit test at the end of each unit to assess understanding

You can save $10 on your first month of classes with code NEWSTUDENT10
SecularYes: 5/5

No: 0/5
*Classes are by subject with a new class each month. Students are allowed to take any level class they want, regardless of age
Math Mammoth1-7$40-$50 Per grade levelYou can either buy the printed materials or digital versionStudents who are good independent learners
*Explains the "why" behind the math rather than memorizing rules and procedures
Secular*Starts with a placement test
*Aligned with Common Core
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Beast AcademyAges 6-13
$15/month (paid monthly, no commitment)
$96/yr (year commitment)
$160/yr (year commitment, online and books)
Both online and workbooks available. Offers live classes tooStudents who would enjoy comic-based, game based curriculum, likes to work in short bursts, likes a challenge

*An advanced comic-based math program
*Workbooks contain illustrated pages with practice problems, puzzles, and games
*Online program has interactive challenges, and students can play against other students around the world
*Short videos, fun games, great graphics,
SecularYes: 2/2

No: 0/2
*Focuses on critical thinking, not memorizationFill out the Google Form
AbekaPreK-12$50-$160 Per gradeWorkbooks (video lessons are available)Visual Learners
*Has Options for Consumer Math and Business Math
*Spiral learning for mastery
*Has lesson plans that guide you day by day
Non-Secular*NOT ALIGNED with Common CoreFill out the Google Form
SaxonK-12Around $100 per grade levelBoth (the first 3 grade levels are only workbooks and manipulatives)Students who respond well to drills and learn best through repetition
*Builds on prior learning by doing spiral review for mastery
*Has manipulatives and online resources
Secular*Aligned with Common Core
*Placement tests are available for new homeschoolers
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Teaching Textbooks3-12$40-$185 per grade levelBothStudents who work well independently, grasp concepts quickly, and don't need a lot of practice
*Recently added an app to go with the curriculum
*Automatic grading so parents don't have to grade
*Introduces concepts in "plain language" to make it simple for students to understand
*Students can work completely on their own
*Uses spiral approach for mastery
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Math U SeeK-12$140-$180 Per levelBothHands on learners
*Comes with Manipulatives
*Offers Video lessons and placement tests
SecularYes: 1/1

No: 0/1
*Aligned with Common Core
*Goes by skill level, not by grade level
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Rightstart MathematicsK-12$110-$120 Per Grade LevelBoth (you can do just workbooks, or they have online class options)Visual and hands on learners
*Interactive, hands on lessons with manipulatives
*Encourages critical thinking, students discover solutions to math problems through experiments
*Includes many math games and activities
*Gives lots of guidance for the parent leading each lesson
Secular*Aligned with Common Core
*Influenced by Montessori
*Uses the Abacus
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*Has parent portal where parents can see students progress reports and attendance, and assign specific things
*Students can interact with peers in a safe environment through the online platform (optional)
*Creates a personalized learning path for students based on their progress
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Khan AcademyK-12FREEAll OnlineStudents who do well with online programs, and who can sit and learn self-directed on their own
*It's a free full curriculum
*Students can go at their own pace
*Immediate feedback on practice problems
*Practice quizzes to assess progress
*Has video lessons and practice problems with explanations of all solutions
*Students earn badges and experience points to motivate them to keep working
*Students can work independently
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Time4LearningPreK-12$25-$35/monthOnlineIndependent Learners
*Has instructional videos, quizzes and tests, and printable worksheets
*Student-paced curriculum
*Flexible grade levels
*Ability to repeat lessons and retake tests and quizzes
*Real life applications
*Detailed lesson plans and activity planners
*Automated grading and record keeping
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Horizons MathPreK-Algebra 1Around $90 per math setWorkbooks*Visual and independent learners
*Child who can comfortably work on their own
*Students who like a challenge

*Has hands on activities
*Builds on prior learning by doing spiral review for mastery
*Short lessons designed to keep students focused and not bored
*Has teacher's guides available (but no script)
*Colorful engaging workbooks
Non-SecularYes: 1/2

No: 1/2
*Fast-paced curriculum
*NOT ALIGNED with Common Core
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Life of Fred1-12About $20 per bookHardcover story booksA child who prefers learning through stories and enjoys independent reading of word problems.
*Presents math lessons through a story format (Students learn math concepts as they read through hardcover story books)
*No guide or script needed since students are reading through a story
*Teaches conceptual understanding rather than memorizations of math skills
Technically Secular, but the main character is Christian*NOT ALIGNED with Common CoreFill out the Google Form
Singapore MathPreK-8$110-$170 per setBoth (mostly textbooks and workbooks. Have online resources as well)A student who grasps concepts quickly
*Focuses on critical thinking skills
*Instead of memorization, students learn how to understand the math concepts
Secular*Some parents say they need to plan ahead more with this curriculumFill out the Google Form
Apologia1-4$60-$80 Per setWorkbooks or Online optionsHands on learners
*Written to the student in a conversational tone
*Includes activities, games, and uses manipulatives (you will need to buy separately)
*Lessons are 30-45 minutes long
*Suggested daily schedule included with each course based on 4 days a week for 28 weeks
*Answer keys and teacher's notes included
Non-SecularFill out the Google Form
BJU (Bob Jones University)1-12About $150 per grade levelBoth Options
*Offers a consumer math option
*Offers options for differentiation for different students
*Focuses on critical thinking skills
Non-SecularFill out the Google Form
Master BooksK-12$35-$130 (Depends on the grade level)Mostly books, but has DVD supplements and online instruction available
*Includes a daily schedule for less lesson planning
*Has a placement test
*Short engaging 15-30 min lessons for K-6, 30-45 min lessons 4-5 days a week for middle school
*Includes worksheets, quizzes, and tests
Non-Secular*Charlotte Mason StyleFill out the Google Form
Spectrum MathK-8$5-$15 per workbookWorkbooks
*Provides focused practice to support mastery
*Each chapter includes a pre-test and post-test
*Answer keys are included
Secular*Some families feel that these are better for supplementing more rigorous curriculum, but some do use it as their sole curriculumFill out the Google Form
Learn Math Fast1-12About $40 per bookWorkbookStudents who are behind and trying to get caught up and fill in gaps
*Quickly helps students get caught up in a couple of months
*Dyslexia/Dysgraphia/Dyscalculia friendly
*Seld-Directed (doesn't require parent help)
*Short lessons and worksheets
*Written in an easy to read, conversational tone
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The Good and The BeautifulPreK-8Has free curriculum you can print (for grades k-6)
Or $50 per set to buy all of the materials
Workbooks and worksheetsHands-on learners, visual learners,
*Open and go lessons
*Builds a foundation of strong number sense and mathematical thinking
*Includes hands on activities and games
*Has a placement test
Non-SecularYes: 1/1

No: 0/1
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Wild MathK-5About $30 per gradeDigital files you download and print*Families that want to focus on outside time and want to incorporate nature into their lessons
*Hands on learners

*A unique curriculum that uses nature to teach math principles
*Covers all the typical math skills in each grade while providing activities, lessons, and games so you can take math outdoors
*Uses natural materials as math manipulatives
*Weekly year long plans are included with the Kindergarten curriculum (the other grades will have them soon too)
*Scholarships available for families experiencing economic hardships
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Math With ConfidenceK-2 (3-6 coming soon!)About $50 per gradeWorkbooks
*Short, hands on, fun lessons
*Lots of games, activities, and real-life contexts
*Open and Go
*Notes and tips that help you grow as a teacher
*Checkpoints at the end of each lesson to see if you're ready to move on or need to spend more time on a topic
*Optional picture book recommendations for real-life extension activities
*Focus on one concept at a time for several weeks to build deep, connected knowledge
*Each new lesson builds on the previous one
*Uses spiral approach to keep reviewing past material for mastery
*Comes with scripted instructor guide
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CTC MathK-12Single membership $15/month or $98.50 for a year
Family membership $20/month or $148.50 for a year
OnlineStudents that don't need a lot of review

Students that can work independently online

*You have access to any grade level
*Explanation videos with each lesson
*Mastery based
*Lessons are short
*You can access the explanation as many times as needed
*Student can work at their own pace
*It grades problems for you
SecularYes: 1/1

No: 0/1
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Moving Beyond The Page
Ages 5-12

$174-$270 for a full year


Designed for gifted students but works for all students

*Full year package includes curriculum, literature, parent manuals, interactive notebook, manipulatives, and one year of online access to their math quizzes
*Comes with guided daily lessons. Quizzes on line. Designed for gifted students with hands on projects at the end of each unit


Yes: 1/1

No: 0/1

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Christian Light1-12$70-$100 for the full setPen and PaperStudents who like and benefit from short lessons and a lot of review
*Comes in set of multiple mini-units
*Each lesson is relatively short, and then is followed by a lot of review problems from previous material
*There are tests and quizzes for each unit
*They have solutions manuals and teachers guides

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Denison AlgebraPre-Algebra - Algebra 2 (Trigonometry coming soon!)$175-$185OnlineStudents who can work independently and like online learning at their own pace
*Every lesson has a 15-20 minute instructional video taught by an experienced math teacher
*The notes seen on screen during the video are the exact notes has in their hand from the textbook
*Comes with student textbook, solutions manual, parent guide, and test booklet
Mr. D MathPre Algebra - Calculus I and Comsumer MathSelf Paced curriculum is $217 for the year. For live courses it's an additional $290 (or you can pay $34 pe rmonth for 10 months)OnlineNo textbook needed. You buy the math curriculum for the level your student needs and it is all sent to you. Students can go through the pre-recorded videos at their own pace, or you can sign them up for live classes that meet on zoom once a week, for an additional fee, if you want your student to have access to a live teacher. All grading is done for you.SecularYes: 1/1

No: 0/1
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