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archipelagos journalan academic journal, fr, esKaiama Glover, Alex GilColumbia University Libraryarchipelagos is a born-digital, peer-reviewed publication devoted to creative exploration, debate, and critical thinking about and through digital practices in contemporary scholarly and artistic work in and on the Caribbean. Given the wide implications of the “digital turn” for our very conceptions of knowledge, our mission is to discern the ways in which the digital may enhance and transform our comprehension of the regional and diasporic Caribbean. archipelagos responds to this challenge with three distinct dimensions of critical production: scholarly essays; digital scholarship projects; and digital project reviews.Alex Gil@elotroalex2020
.break .dance: a choreo-essaya choreo-essay Parham.break .dance is a time-based web experience opened in response to a prompt for a SX Archipelagos issue, launched by Alex Gil and Kaiama Glover, and guest-edited by Jessica Marie JohnsonSchuyler Esprit@schuyleresprit2020
Le marronnage dans le monde atlantique: Sources et trajectoires de viea corpus
Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec Léon Robichaud
Université de Sherbrooke Groupe d'Histoire de l'Atlantique Français Fonds de Recherche Société et Culture Québec Conseil de Recherche en Sciences Humaines du Canada Initiative portée par le Groupe d'histoire de l'Atlantique Français (FRQSC) en collaboration avec le projet « SHADD Biography Project: Testimonies of West Africans from the Era of the Slave Trade » (CRSH) , « Le marronnage dans le monde atlantique » vise à décloisonner les archives de l'esclavage. En ligne depuis 2009, cette plateforme permet d’interroger un corpus inédit et évolutif composé de plus de 20 000 documents portant sur l’une des principales formes de résistance à l’esclavage.2020
La Médiathèque Caraïbe Bettino Laraune médiathèque Caribbean Media Library project wanted by the General Council of Guadeloupe is to federate documentary resources relating to the countries of the Caribbean basin by creating documentary tools making it possible to identify, locate or even exchange documents. The Caribbean Media Library (Laméca) is at the heart of a network of institutions and associations, a place of reference, a resource center that collects, organizes and redistributes information and documentation relating to the Caribbean2020
National Library of Jamaica Digitala digital library Library of JamaicaTo enhance access to its rich and varied collections, the National NLJ has digitized thousands of historical photographs, prints, drawings, pamphlets, programmes, manuscripts, books, rare maps and other rare and unique materials.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020Lots of subcollections. I have thoughts about managing subcollections
New Netherlands Online Publicationsonline publications, duNew Netherland InstituteThe New Netherland Institute is making available digitized versions of translations and transcriptions of documents relating to New Netherland. Written in an archaic hand, these seventeenth-century documents were damaged by fire and water, but they are our best source of knowledge about the former Dutch colony. Available on this website are government records held by the New York State Archives, private and corporate papers from the collections of the New York State Library, and selected documents from other repositories. Scanned originals of many of these documents are available on the websites of the New York State Archives and New York State Library.2020
Facing Climates of Inequality after Dorianan exhibit DevelopmentenIan Strachan et al.Climates of Inequality, Digital Humanities @ UB-North, University of Bahamas NorthThis exhibit presents stories of climate and environmental justice that emerge from local, community-based research projects by students in collaboration with local NGOsRoopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Puerto Rico Syllabusa syllabushttps://puertoricosyllabus.comActiveen, esYarimar BonillaThe materials gathered help place the current moment within the larger political, social, and economic history of this U.S. territory and illuminate how both the crisis and its proposed solutions are impacting the daily lives of millions of Puerto Ricans both within the territory and across its growing diaspora.Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020
Migration, Mobility, Sustainability: NEH Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanitiesan institute Developmenten of Florida; Digital Library of the CaribbeanFunded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, this institute was designed to give participants experience incorporating tools and openly accessible collections for developing a community of practice around digital pedagogy and teaching. Participants convened through in-person and virtual sessions over the course of 2019-2020. This web publication highlights their work and encourages further sharing and collaboration.Perry Collins@perrycollins2020
Islands in the Northa map, a timeline and a database GaynairRutgers Digital Humanities InitiativesThis digital project (re)creates the space and place of Black Canadian/West Indian immigrants in twentieth century Toronto, Canada.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Making of Caribbean Feminismsa project for Gender and Development StudiesUWI St. AugustineThis Making of Caribbean Feminisms project is founded on the belief that the impulse to further feminist theorising and activism needs to be transmitted to a younger generation. One of the outcomes has been the creation of a Special Collection on Caribbean Feminisms which is now housed in the West Indiana and Special Collections section and the UWISpace online archives of The UWI Alma Jordan Library, St. Augustine CampusAlex Gil@elotroalex2020
Memory of Cuban Nationan exhibit, pl, czPost Bellum, Florida International UniversityInstrument for the transformation of the Cuban society to the real freedomRoopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Archives Nationales d'Outre Mer: Archives Numériséesdes archives numérisees service with national competence installed in Aix-en-Provence since 1966, the National Archives of Overseas (ANOM) are responsible for the conservation, communication and collection of archives of the French colonial expansion.2020
Proyecto Humboldt Digitaluna iniciativa internacional Developmentde, esTobias Kraft et al.Casa Museo Alejandro de Humboldt (La Habana), Academia de Ciencias y Humanidades Berlín-Brandeburgo El Proyecto Humboldt Digital (ProHD) es una iniciativa internacional para la capacitación en las Humanidades Digitales que se ejecuta en dos lugares: La Habana (Casa Museo Alejandro de Humboldt) y Berlín (Academia de Ciencias y Humanidades Berlín-Brandeburgo).Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Obeah Historiesan exhibit Paton et al.Newcastle UniversityResearching Prosecution for Religious Practice in the CaribbeanRoopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Manioc Bloga blogmanioc-blog.blogspot.comActivefrDigital library: Caribbean, Amazonia, Guyana2020
Nancy Prince: A Transamerican Archivea transamerican archive DevelopmentenFlorida International University LibrariesA multimedia exhibit around the life of Nancy Prince.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
edition humboldt digitalan edition, enOttmar Ette, et alBerlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and HumanitiesDigital edition of Humboldt's papers, including The American Travel Journals.2020
Plenamaran online cultural magazine del Risco,Rafael Emilio Yunén, Fausto Rosario, José Mármol and Jochy weekly, Plenamar is a Dominican-based online magazine focused on local and international cultural production.2020
One More Voicea collection S. WisnickiOne More Voice focuses on recovering non-European contributions from nineteenth-century British imperial and colonial archives.Adrian Wisnicki@AdrianWisnicki2020
Latino Genealogy & Beyond: diasporic journeys across time and spaceblogshttps://latinogenealogyandbeyond.comActiveenEllen Fernandez-SaccoMabrika! Join me, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco as I research ancestors and discuss genealogy research with a Caribbean focus.Ellen Fernandez-Sacco@efsacco2020
Mapping Slaverymaps, nl, idMapping Slavery NL portrays historical places relating to slavery on the map of the Dutch colonial empire.2020
sx salona journal Baker JosephsSmall AxeOur digital forum for innovative critical and creative explorations of Caribbean literature, broadly defined. Caribbean creative writing has always wrestled with the idea of an aesthetic form that engages regional and diasporic understandings of our changing realities. As a forum, sx salon aims to stimulate these sensibilities and preoccupations across different literary genres. Initiated in 2010, sx salon appears three times per year (February, June, and October). We publish literary discussions, interviews with writers, reviews of new publications (creative and scholarly), and poetry and prose by Caribbean writers.Alex Gil@elotroalex2020
Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Templea digital humanities project; annotated documents M. McGehee, Rebecca MooreSan Diego State UniversityThis website is designed to give personal and scholarly perspectives on a major event in the history of religion in America.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Memory, Mourning, and Reslience in Grand Bahamaan exhibit Everson et al.
The University of The Bahamas-North
Enjoy our storiesRoopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Mi Maríaa mass-listening project DevelopmentenRicia Anne ChanskyUPRMMi María: Puerto Rico after the Hurricane is a mass-listening project that collects and circulates stories of Puerto Ricans who have survived Hurricane María and are trying to survive its aftermaths amidst innumerable humanitarian concerns and social justice issues.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Slave Societies Digital Archivea digital archivehttps://www.slavesocieties.orgActiveenJane LandersThe Slave Societies Digital Archive (formerly Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies), directed by Jane Landers and hosted at Vanderbilt University, preserves endangered ecclesiastical and secular documents related to Africans and African-descended peoples in slave societies. SSDA holdings include more than 700,000 digital images drawn close to 2,000 unique volumes dating from the sixteenth through twentieth centuries that document the lives of an estimated four to six million individuals. This collection contains the most extensive serial records for the history of Africans in the Atlantic World, and also includes valuable information about the indigenous, European, and Asian populations who lived alongside them.Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020
Mapping the Haitian Revolutionan interactive map and timeline Curci, Christopher Jones, Axis MapsStephanie Curci, Christopher JonesA map and timeline of the Haitian Revolution, with additional educational resources designed for high school students.Stephanie Curci@stephcurci,@theunionmarches2020
Mapping Haitian Historya historical visual records project, fr, htStephanie CurciStephanie CurciA trilingual Haitian historical records site. Visual preservation of Haïtian historical, natural, and cultural sites. Offering a visual road map to some of Haiti's best features--for research and more. Where possible, links are provided to external documentation (such as ISPAN).Stephanie Curci@stephcurci2020
RSHHGG Lab: Online Index and Lab for the Revue de la Société Haïtienne d’Histoire, de Géographie et de Géologiea collection, fr, htOnline Index and Lab for the Revue de la Société Haïtienne d’Histoire, de Géographie et de Géologie.2020
Santería Music Databasea database, esMartin BlaisWelcome to the Santería music database, a collection of information about afro-cuban folkloric music. The main purpose of this database is to cross-reference the different resources and recordings to the batá drum rhythms (" toques" ) and chants (" cantos" ) of the Santería religion.2020
Slave Revolt in Jamaicamapshttp://revolt.axismaps.comActiveenVincent BrownThis animated thematic map narrates the spatial history of the greatest slave insurrection in the eighteenth century British Empire. To teachers and researchers, the presentation offers a carefully curated archive of key documentary evidence. To all viewers, the map suggests an argument about the strategies of the rebels and the tactics of counterinsurgency, about the importance of the landscape to the course of the uprising, and about the difficulty of representing such events cartographically with available sources.Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020
Tan Listwaa blog, frJessica Pierre-LouisWelcome to the Martinican company Tan Listwa. As a historian, I provide you with the skills of a researcher and a trainer in humanities studies. Specialised in history and heritage of the Caribbean, I carry out missions of research engineering, training, and assistance for your genealogical research.2020
Ramble Bahamasa tourhttp://ramblebahamas.orgActiveenTracey Thompson, Jessica DawsonThe Oral & Public History Institute of the University of The Bahamas“From Dat Time”: The Oral & Public History Institute of the University of The Bahamas invites you to explore Ramble Bahamas. The site can be explored by browsing individual stories, browsing Rambles, or through interacting with the map. Each place-based story includes a narrative which centers on an historically significant site or object.Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020
A Colony in Crisisa curation and translationshttps://colonyincrisis.lib.umd.eduActiveen, htAbby R. Broughton, Kelsey Corlett-Rivera, Nathan H. Dize, Brittany de GailVanderbilt UniversityThe website is designed to provide online access to both the French originals and the English translations of key primary sources dealing with the grain shortage faced by the colony of Saint-Domingue in 1789Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020
Radio Haiti Archive (Radio Haïti-Inter)a digital collection, ht, frLaura Wagner (Radio Haiti Archivist), Craig Breaden (Audiovisual Archivist), Tanya Thomas, Krystelle Rocourt, Catherine Farmer, Eline Roilllet (student assistants), and other Duke Libraries staffDuke University (Rubenstein Library)Complete audio archive of Haiti's first and most prominent independent radio station, Radio Haïti-Inter (Jean L. Dominique and Michèle Montas). Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Council on Library and Information ResourcesLaura Wagner2020
Repeating Islandsa blog Romero-Cesareo, Lisa Paravisini-GebertNews and commentary on Caribbean culture, literature, and the artsRoopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
The Barbados Synagogue Restoration Projecta collection S. Levi; Digital Library of the CaribbeanDigital Library of the CaribbeanDigitized archives from the restoration works of the " Nidhe Israel" Synagogue in Bridgetown, Barbados.Amalia S. Levi@amaliasl2020
The Barbados Mercury and Bridgetown Gazettepublic workshops S. LeviThe HeritEdge CollectionThe Barbados Mercury and Bridgetown Gazette ​was ​printed​ ​bi-weekly​ ​in​ ​Barbados. The Department of​ ​Archives holds ​the​ ​most​ ​complete​ ​set​ ​of​ ​volumes​ ​of​ ​​The Gazette (20 volumes covering 28 years between 1783-1848).Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Oliwon Lakarayiba portal JustonOur digital platform dedicated to the Caribbean.
Each month, videos and podcasts in history, geography, humanities and social sciences.
The Black British Mapmaps DevelopmentenLiberty MartinA map of Black British protests, uprisings and battles throughout the 20th centuryLiberty Martin2020
From The Caribbean Digital seminar
Radio Haiti (Pilot site)a digital collection, ht, frLaura Wagner, Meagan Bonnell, Laurent DuboisDuke University (Forum for Scholars and Publics)Pilot website for the Radio Haiti project, created by the Forum for Scholars and Publics before the bulk of the collection was digitizedKaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020edited by Laura Wagner
Saint-Domingue Lost: Imperial French Narratives of the Haitian Revolutiona multimedia exhibit, frAndrew Blank Morgan Cornacchini Nathan H. Dize Porter Geer Paul Miller Mikael Reijonen Claire Weinstein Elisabeth ZakThe Spring 2018 version of Vanderbilt’s FREN 3621: Enlightenment and Revolution course explores the historical forces, motivating ideas and consequences relating to the events of the French revolutionary period of 1789-1794 and the Haitian revolutionary period of 1791-1804.2020
Néhri, Chef des Haytiensan online edition McIntosh, Grégory PierrotIn 1819, Haitian playwright, polemicist, journalist and statesman Juste Chanlatte published Néhri, Chef des Haytiens, his dramatized, fictionalized version of Haiti’s final victory over France. It has been presumed lost or unpublished for 200 years. Today it is back.Greg Pierrot@wwjjddo2020
The Caribbean Commonsa network Baker JosephsCUNYWelcome to The Caribbean Commons. Begun in 2010 as part of the Caribbean Epistemologies Seminar at the CUNY Graduate Center, this site publishes announcements of Caribbean Studies CFPs, and publications, as well as Caribbean-related events in the Northeast US. It also archives information from the CE Seminar, 2010-12.Alex Gil@elotroalex2020
Branding the Cuban Revolution[digital collection] DisrepairenSteve Hyland, Jr.Reflections on the political messaging of the revolution to Cubans.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
The Falmouth Projectmaps P. NelsonScholars Lab, UVAThe town of Falmouth Jamaica has one of the richest collections of historic architecture in the Caribbean. This web site, the product of ten years on-site research, is a window into that architecture and its history.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Slave Voyagesa database,es, ptMarcy AlexanderEmory UniversityThis digital memorial raises questions about the largest slave trades in history and offers access to the documentation available to answer them. European colonizers turned to Africa for enslaved laborers to build the cities and extract the resources of the Americas. They forced millions of Africans across the Atlantic to the Americas, and from one part of the Americas to another. Analyze these slave trades and view interactive maps, timelines, and animations to see the dispersal in action.2020
The New Map of Max Edelson and Bill FersterS. Max EdelsonMaps and visualizations of the British Caribbean in the eighteenth century, with a special focus on the Ceded Islands. A digital map exhibition produced on MapScholar, and NEH-funded platform for geospatial visualization. Produced in tandem with Edelson, The New Map of Empire (Harvard, 2017)S. Max Edelson@maxedelson2020See especially the link to chapter 5, " Charting Contested Caribbean Space"
The Louis J. Boeri and Minín Bujones Boeri Collection of Cuban-American Radionovelas, 1963-1970collection, esHoward-Tilton Memorial LibraryFrom his office and studios on the fifth floor of " The Freedom Tower" in Miami, Italian-American businessman Louis J. Boeri and his company, America's Productions, Inc. (API), formed a radio programming empire, selling their shows to government, to more than 200 radio stations throughout Latin America and Spain, and to Spanish-speaking radio stations in the United States during the second half of the 1960s. With scripts written by acclaimed exiled Cuban screenwriters and Mexican writers, America's Productions, Inc. produced two types of programs: the first with political content and the second, of a more general nature, distinguished as " pure entertainment." Designed for a Latin American and Latino audience residing in the US, the pure entertainment included radio soap operas / dramas, comedies, advice and self-help programs, biblical dramas, mysteries, spy stories, and variety shows.2020
Slave Trade of the MCCcollection, nlThe trading of Africans who were forced into slavery was the ‘core business’ of the MCC (The Middelburgse Commercie Compagnie). From 1732 to 1807, 31.095 African slaves were bought by the MCC with the intention to sell them in the West Indies. The archive of the MCC is kept by the Zeeland Archives and is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.2020
The Caribbean Dictionarydictionary dictionary of Caribbean English2020
SPAT Memory Projectcollectionhttp://spatmemoryproject.orgActiveenSchuyler Esprit Create Caribbean SPAT Memory Project is a repository for the publications and related documents of the Dominica-based non-profit organization, Small Projects Assistance Team (locally known as SPAT).Schuyler Esprit@schuyleresprit2020
The Cuban American Dream Timelinea timeline Bagué Alexis BaldacciGeorge A Smathers LibrariesA timeline of events that explore the reasons behind the immigration of Cubans to Florida from the 16th to the 21st century, the pressure that such immigration brought to local and state governments, the reactions of Floridian communities to Cuban immigrants, the ways in which Cuban immigrants adapted to their new reality, and the contribution of Cuban immigration to Florida.2020
The Free Womb Projectexhibit, esDr. Yesenia Barragan Dartmouth CollegeWelcome to The Free Womb Project—a bilingual (English and Spanish-language), digital collection of laws legislating the gradual abolition of slavery through “Free Womb” decrees in fifteen different governments across the Atlantic World during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.2020
Slavery: Supporters and Abolitionists, 1675-1865collection Online ArchivesSlavery was divisive in its time, see the arguments from slavers and protestorsRoopika Risam@roopikarisam2020Who writes their taglines?
Arquitecture of necessity/Arquitectura de la necesidad[blog] OrozaArchitecture of Necessity is a concept with a double function. It initially operates as a descriptive and austere term in its rhetorical value that points to an architecture of urgency and precariousness. Its second and most important function is metaphorical: it enunciates an architecture that is its own diagram.2020
The Work of Man Has Only Just Begun: Legacies of Césairea forum and a researchathon DisrepairenKaiama Glover, Alex Gil, Kelly JosephsColumbia University LibrariesPoet, statesman, and singular voice of the anti-colonial movements of the 20th century, Aimé Césaire continues to influence contemporary discussions of ethics and aesthetics, politics and history in this precariously postcolonial world. In an effort to contribute to Césaire's living legacy, we have organized an online forum in which four pairs of scholars, from a variety of disciplines, offer reflections along four different critical pathsAlex Gil@elotroalex2020
The Atlantic Networks Projectmaps SluyterLouisiana State UniversityIt focuses on mapping the routes of vessels between about 1750 and 1900 that carried cargoes of coffee, sugar, spices, gold, and many other products as well as enslaved Africans between Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, North America, and Asia.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Worker Rebellions in the British Caribbeantimeline Class HistorySample timeline from events detailed in Labour rebellions of the 1930s in the British Caribbean region colonies by Richard Hart, put together for the Working Class History project.Kaneesha Parsard@kaneeshaparsard2020
Slavery Imagesimage collection LovejoyUniversity of Colorado, BoulderThis website is envisioned as a tool and a resource that can be used by teachers, researchers, students, and the general public - in brief, anyone interested in the experiences of Africans who were enslaved and transported to the Americas and the lives of their descendants in the slave societies of the New World.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
The Puerto Rican Experience In The U.S. Military: A Century Of Unheralded Servicecollection is a research institute that is dedicated to the study and interpretation of the Puerto Rican experience in the United States and that produces and disseminates relevant interdisciplinary research. Centro also collects, preserves, and provides access to library resources documenting Puerto Rican history and culture. We seek to link scholarship to social action and policy debates and to contribute to the betterment of our community and enrichment of Puerto Rican studies.2020
The Afrolatin@ Projectproject mission is to serve as a resource center and cultural advocate for documentation and preservation of cultures, histories, and experiences of Afrodescendant people in the Americas and the Caribbean.2020
The Public Archivebloghttps://thepublicarchive.comActiveenPeter HudsonIn light of this obliteration of history, The Public Archive was initiated to serve as an accessible clearinghouse of historical essays, archival sources, and informed contemporary journalism on Haiti. The Public Archive compiles links to documents freely accessible through the digital collections of libraries and repositories as well as open-access online periodicals, academic journals and newspapers.Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020
TonyOldiesdigital archive HadleyPhotographic cyber museum of vernacular and colonial imagesEmilie Boone2020NANTON, PHILIP. " Tony's Oldies: Visualising Vincentian Diasporic Memory." Caribbean Quarterly 58, no. 2/3 (2012): 101-15. Accessed November 13, 2020.
The Other Revolution: Haiti, 1789-1804exhibit W. Ghachem, Susan Danforth, Leslie Tobias-Olsen
The John Carter Brown Library, Brown University
In many instances the revolutionary spirit can be only dimly perceived through the eye-witness accounts and recollections of literate white colonists and free people of color, but it is there all the same.
The exhibition items have been chosen, and the captions written, so as to provide a running narrative of the Haitian Revolution.
Kaneesha Parsard@kaneeshaparsard2020
thepostarchivearchive, es, frYoutube channel that tends to have many Carribbean writers and artists featured on it.2020
Bibliography for " runaway" enslaved peoplea bibliography DevelopmentenAmalia S. Levi & Dr. Paola A. SchiappacasseBibliography developed during the public workshops for the " Barbados Runaways" collection.Amalia S. Levi@amaliasl2020
US Caribbean & Ethnic Florida Digital Newspaper Projectblog, esUniversity of Florida: Melissa Jerome, Sarah " Moxy" Moczygemba University of Florida: Melissa JeromeBlog that features/contextualizes newspaper content digitized by the US Caribbean & Ethnic Florida Digital Newspaper Project. Newspapers published between 1800-1963 that are chosen for digitization for this project come from Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and are made openly available for access via the Library of Congress site, Chronicling America ( as well as in the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) and the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC)Melissa Jerome@mmespino202020over 150,000 pages of historic Puerto Rican newspapers (from 4 unique titles of historic significance) are currently available for viewing & text searching; More Puerto Rico content and content from Virgin Islands is being digitized and will be made avalable over the next year.
Visualizing Sovereigntya story-telling, community-building, and solidarity economy project Bonilla, Max HantelRutgers UniversityAnimated video designed by Yarimar Bonilla (Rutgers University) and Max Hantel (Dartmouth College) for the journal SXArchipelagos.Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020
Traveling Caribbean Heritageexhibit Developmenten, nlRose Mary Allen et al.
KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies
In this project, Caribbean and Dutch scholars and cultural heritage specialists address these questions, identifying and questioning the dynamics of heritage formation, and developing a multi-generational human resource base as well as a digital infrastructure for the preservation of insular cultural heritage, for outreach activities, and ultimately for stimulating the sustainable development of these non-sovereign SIDS.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
The Puerto Rico Citizenship Archives Projectdigital archive R. Venator-Santiago University of ConnecticutThe Puerto Rico Citizenship Archives Project (PRCAP) is part of a public repository designed to document the legal history of the extension of citizenship to the U.S. territories. The PRCAP provides a comprehensive overview of 120+ year story of debates over the extension of citizenship to Puerto Rico. It also provides public access to the key historical documents shaping this history. The main goal is to create a reliable public archive of primary documents that can foster new research projects on Puerto Rico and its relationship to the United States as well as on broader visions of U.S. citizenship.2020
Unmapping the Caribbean: Cuban Santeríamultimedia exhibit Santería is a hybrid religion drawing from the Catholic doctrine imposed by Spanish colonialists, and the Yoruba religions brought by enslaved Africans.Tao Leigh Goffe@taoleighgoffe2020
Valor y Cambioproyecthttps://www.valorycambio.orgStableen, esFrances Negrón-Muntaner, Sarabel Santos-NegrónValor y Cambio is a story-telling, community-building, and solidarity economy project started by artist Frances Negrón-Muntaner and collaborator visual artist Sarabel Santos Negrón.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Two Plantationsa diagram and a family treehttp://www.twoplantations.comStableenVincent BrownThis website displays research into the lives of 431 enslaved people in seven multi-generational families at Mesopotamia plantation in Jamaica and Mount Airy plantation in Virginia.Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020
AfroMixportal Portal of African and Caribbean Cultures. News, music, arts and culture, society, travel, events.2020
Maniocdigital libraryé des Antilles, L'Université de GuyaneManioc est une bibliothèque numérique spécialisée sur la Caraïbe, l'Amazonie, le Plateau des Guyanes et les régions ou centres d'intérêt liés à ces territoires. Vous y trouverez des documents textuels, sonores, iconographiques et des références concernant l'histoire culturelle, sociale, économique ou politique de ces pays.2020
Protestitaspoetry bot FloresA Twitter Bot providing social commentary and activism related to Puerto RicoAlex Gil@elotroalex2020
Banque Numérique des Patrimoines Martiniquaisbanque numérique by the former General Council of Martinique, the Banque Numérique des Patrimoines Martiniquais is an access portal to documentary resources on the cultural and historical heritage of Martinique backed by the geographic information system of Martinique (SIGMA).2020
Documentation of the Sidney Martin Library Art Collection, UWI (Cave Hill Campus)documentation[not available yet]In DevelopmentenAmalia S. LeviProject to document the Sidney Martin Library collection with archival material and photos. Public-facing omeka site created, but not yet activated.Amalia S. Levi@amaliasl2020
Biblioteca Nacional Aruba: Coleccion Digitalcolección digital Nacional ArubaInternet ArchiveDigital Collection of the Aruba National Library.Alex Gil@elotroalex2020
Age of Revolutionsan open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal
Bryan Banks Cindy Ermus
The word “revolution” is a human tool. At any point in time, its meaning has shifted to accommodate those wielding it. By establishing a site like this — Age of Revolutions — we are participating in the humanities, surveying revolutionary changes in history, encouraging the comparative study of revolutions, and exploring the hopes imbued in the term “revolution.”2020
...... et les chiens se taisaienta scholarly edition, frAlex GilDuring the height of the fascist Vichy regime in Martinique, Aimé Césaire was secretly at work on a forceful historical drama with the title " ...... Et les chiens se taisaient" —" ...... and the Dogs Were Silent." The plot of the drama follows the events of the Haitian Revolution and the tragic destiny of its leader, Toussaint L’Ouverture, determined to die betrayed in a frozen cell in the Jura mountains rather than compromise his truth.Alex Gil@elotroalex2020
19th Century Caribbean Cholera Timemapa timemap,-74.3994140625&date=1853-05-01In DisrepairenDeborah Jenson et al.John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke UniversityThis timemap locates the main cholera outbreaks in the Caribbean in the 19th century, citing the journalistic sources at the time of each outbreak.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Academia Historia Dominicana: Revista Clíopublicaciones
Dr. Federico Henríquez y Carvajal
The Dominican Academy of History was created by Decree No. 186 of July 23, 1931. With the primary objective of knowing and studying the past in general, and mainly that of the Dominican nation.2020
Caribbean Literary Heritagea project team led by Alison DonnellCaribbean Literary Heritage is a project funded by the Leverhulme Trust that promotes literary and archival preservation in the Caribbean and the diaspora, as well as bridging connections between the literary past and present with an interest in exploring the new challenges and possibilities of born digital initiatives.Nadine Zubair@NadineZubair2020
Beyond the Sugar Curtaina project, esJennifer LambeBrown UniversityInitiated by the former General Council of Martinique, the Banque Numérique des Patrimoines Martiniquais is an access portal to documentary resources on the cultural and historical heritage of Martinique backed by the geographic information system of Martinique (SIGMA).Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
Archivo Mesoamericanoarchivo, enDigital Collection Services, Indiana UniversityEl Archivo Mesoamericano representa un archivo digital que consiste de grabaciones históricas y etnográficas, montado en colaboración con estas instituciones respectivas: el Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS, México), el Instituto de Historia de Nicaragua y Centroamérica (IHNCA, Nicaragua), y el Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen (MUPI, El Salvador). / Archivo Mesoamericano is a digital archive of annotated historical and ethnographic video materials created in collaboration with the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS) in Mexico, the Institute of History of Nicaragua and Central America (IHNCA) in Nicaragua, and the Museum of the Word and the Image (MUPI) in El Salvador.Mary Borgo Ton@maryeborgo2020
A Boricua Abroad[blog] CaroccioJennifer Caroccio is a doctoral student in the American Studies Program at Rutgers-University-Newark. Her research interests are in U.S. Latin@ culture & literature, folktales, and graphic novels. Employing Women of Color Feminist, Postcolonial, and Critical Race theories, she examines issues of racial identity and misogyny in Caribbean and Caribbean-American texts.Roopika Risam@roopikarisam2020
The Barbadiandigitization S. Levi, et alEndangered Archives ProgrammeDigitized historical newspaper " The Barbadian" (1822-1863).Amalia S. Levi@amaliasl2020
Barbados Ephemera Collectiondigitized ephemera DevelopmentenAmalia S. Levi; Modern Endangered Archives ProgramModern Endangered Archives ProgramDigitized ephemera material from the Barbados Archives.Amalia S. Levi@amaliasl2020
Caribbean Literaturecollection Street PressThe literature of the Caribbean is exceptional, both in language and subject. More than a million and a half Africans, along with many Indians and South Asians, were brought to the Caribbean between the 15th and 19th centuries. Today, their descendants are active in literature and the arts, producing literature with strong and direct ties to traditional African expressions. This literary connection, combined with the tales of survival, exile, resistance, endurance, and emigration to other parts of the Americas, makes for a body of work that is essential for the study of the Caribbean and the Black Diaspora—and indeed central for our understanding of the New World.Alex Gil@elotroalex2020
AImé Césaire: Open Blibiography on Zoteroa bibliography Disrepairen, frAlex Gil, et alA Zotero collection of primary and secondary sources by and about Martinican poet Aimé Césaire.2020
Coasts in Crisis: Caribbean Arts and Cultures after Hurricanesa platform Developmenten, esCharlotte RogersUniversity of VirginiaThis a digital space that explores the cultural meaning of the hurricane through Caribbean art. It features work from artists who experienced Hurricanes Irma and María in 2017 and gathered at the University of Virginia on September 2019 to present and discuss their work.Winnie Pérez Martínez@_wepm2020
Digital Library of the Caribbeandigital library, fr, es, du, htUFL/FIUUFL/FIUThe Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is a cooperative digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean.Alex Gil@elotroalex2020
CUNY Dominican Institute Publications publications Dominican Studies InstituteCUNY Academic Works is a service of the CUNY Libraries dedicated to collecting and providing access to the research, scholarship, and creative and pedagogical work of the City University of New York. In service to CUNY’s mission as a public university, content in Academic Works is freely available to all.2020
Carisealanddigital research project DevelopmentenSchuyler EspritThe Carisealand (Caribbean Sea and Land) digital research project, launched in 2015 by scholar, teacher, and activist Schuyler K Esprit, provides an interactive framework within which to imagine a more sustainable way of life for Caribbean people, both in the present day and in the future. The project aims to create awareness around the impact of climate change in the Caribbean region; to initiate and sustain collaborations with scholars and artists in an effort to find solutions to social injustices resulting from climate change activity; and to present models for alternate Caribbean futures.Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020
Caribbean Memory Projectcollection of archives Adonis Browne, Dawn Cumberbatch​The Caribbean Memory Project promotes public awareness and participation in the collection and circulation of everyday archives for cultural, social, and historical research.Kaiama L. Glover@inthewhirld2020