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TitleAuthorSummaryGrade LevelSeriesCall # (YA)
Blood Is ThickerLangan, PaulThis sequel to Until We Meet Again follows the story of Hakeem Randall after his move to Detroit. Far from Bluford High, Hakeem quickly finds himself in a world of trouble, and his family is at the center of it. To complicate matters, a new girl hopes to make him forget Darcy forever.6Bluford372.41 BLU
Breaking PointLanghorne Folan, KarynBreaking Point follows the story of Vicky Fallon, a Bluford sophomore who appears in Brothers in Arms and The Fallen. In this story, Vicky can't take it. Her father has lost his job. Her parents are constantly fighting, and her troubled little brother is out of control. Once an honor student, Vicky is quickly falling behind in her classes at Bluford High. Now her teachers, friends, and her new boyfriend, Martin Luna, want answers. Pressured from all sides, Vicky knows something is about to snap. But the explosion that hits her home is worse than anything she could imagine.HL600LBluford372.41 BLU
Brothers in ArmsLangan, PaulMartin Luna, a new student at Bluford High, is at the center of this story. Haunted by the tragic death of his little brother, Martin seeks one thing: revenge. But his mother wants more for her only remaining child. Will Martin listen to her, or will he allow anger to control him?6Bluford372.41 BLU
Bully, The Langan, PaulDarrell Mercer, a 9th grader at Bluford High, is at the center of this story. Darrell and his mother move to the Bluford area in the middle of the school year. Physically smaller than his peers, Darrell quickly becomes a target for Tyray Hobbs, the freshman class bully.6Bluford372.41 BLU
Fallen, The Langan, PaulThis sequel to Brothers in Arms picks up the story of Martin Luna as he struggles to rebuild his life after the death of his little brother. In trouble at Bluford High School for fighting, Martin faces an even bigger problem at home: Frankie, the most feared homeboy from his neighborhood, is hunting him.6Bluford372.41 BLU
Gun, The Langan, PaulThe sequel to The Bully, this book is about Bluford freshman Tyray Hobbs, the tormentor of Darrell Mercer. The tale traces Tyray's troubled home life, his desire to rebuild his reputation, and his quest to get revenge on Darrell, the only boy who ever stood up to him.6Bluford372.41 BLU
Lost and FoundSchraff, AnneThis, the first book in the Bluford Series, centers on the life of Bluford sophomore Darcy Wills. Darcy contends with the return of her long-absent father, the troubling behavior of her younger sister Jamee, and the beginning of her first relationship.6Bluford372.41 BLU
Matter of TrustSchraff, AnneThe sequel to Lost and Found, this book centers on Darcy's growing conflict with her old friend, Brisana Meeks. Amid jealousy and competition, Darcy fights for her relationship with Hakeem Randall and struggles with her fears over her own family's future.6Bluford372.41 BLU
No Way OutKern, PeggyNo Way Out follows Harold Davis, a Bluford freshman who has appeared in The Bully and Someone to Love Me. In this tale, Harold is trapped. Medical bills for his sick grandmother are piling up, and a social worker has threatened to put him in a foster home. Desperate for money, he reluctantly agrees to work for Londell James, a neighborhood drug dealer. The choice leads him into a world of dangerous streets where no one is safe. Will Harold escape the violence that surrounds him, or will he become its next victim?HL580LBluford372.41 BLU
Pay backLangan, PaulBluford freshman Tyray Hobbs, the class bully and tormentor of Darrell Mercer, is determined to get revenge on Darrell, the only boy who ever stood up to Tyray. 20024.7Bluford
Pretty UglyLanghorne Folan, KarynThis book follows Jamee Wills, the little sister of Darcy Wills, who has appeared in many titles including Lost and Found, A Matter of Trust, and Until We Meet Again. A freshman at Bluford High, Jamee never expected Vanessa Pierce and her friends to go this far. The trouble starts at cheerleading practice when Vanessa begins teasing Angel McCallister, a shy new girl at school. When the insults turn nasty, Jamee tried to stop them. She wins Angel's friendship but makes many enemies. Now Jamee is a target, and someone is texting lies and pictures of her all over Bluford. Unwilling to tell her family or snitch on her fellow cheerleaders, Jamee is cornered. Will her next move solve her problems---or make them worse?HL630LBluford372.41 BLU
Promises to KeepLangan, PaulOnce a feared bully, Tyray Hobbs has become an outcast, and when an unlikely friendship develops, he clings to it like alifeline, but when that connection is threatened what decision will he make? bullies, friendship2013600 LBluford
SchooledLangan, PaulThere's no backing down for Lionel Shephard, a new freshman at Bluford High. With a dream of joining the NBA, all he wants to do at school is play basketball. But everyone's trying to stop him. His father thinks basketball is a waste of time; his teachers don't know he can barely read and threaten to fail him; and his dropout friend Jamar wants him to quit school. Unsure where to turn, Lionel must make a choice. Will he pursue his dream or get caught in a nightmare.HL730LBluford372.41 BLU
Search for SafetyLangan, JohnSearch for Safety tells the story of Ben McKee, a new sophomore at Bluford High School. At home, Ben is living a nightmare. His mother has married Larry, an abusive man who wants nothing to do with his stepson. And when Larry loses his job and starts drinking, Ben finds himself--and his mother--in grave danger.6Bluford372.41 BLU
Secrets in the ShadowsSchraff, AnneThis book focuses on Roylin Bailey, a Bluford sophomore who appears in A Matter of Trust. Roylin makes a terrible mistake: He steals money to buy a gift for the girl of his dreams and finds himself in a nightmare he cannot escape6Bluford372.41 BLU
ShatteredLangan, PaulThis sequel to Summer of Secrets continues the story of Darcy Wills as she begins her junior year at Bluford High School. Eager to repair her relationship with her old boyfriend Hakeem, Darcy discovers that one of her biggest fears has come true. And worse: her closest friends have been secretly lying to her.6Bluford372.41 BLU
Someone to Love MeSchraff, AnneThis story is about Cindy Gibson, a Bluford freshman who first appears in Lost and Found. Cindy struggles with a stormy relationship with her mother, ongoing trouble at school, a dangerous boyfriend, and worse. Will her fragile family survive?6Bluford372.41 BLU
Summer of SecretsLangan, PaulDarcy Wills is at the center of this tale, a sequel to Until We Meet Again. Darcy hides a painful secret from her friends and family. Yet others, including her parents and her childhood friend, are keeping secrets of their own. When the truth finally surfaces, Darcy's entire world is turned upside down forever.6Bluford372.41 BLU
SurvivorLangan, PaulTarah Carson has hidden the secret of what her uncle did to her years ago, but an upcoming reunion is forcing Tarah's past into the present and she must choose whether to face her past and biggest fear. family reunions, child abuse2013Bluford
Test, The Kern, PeggyThe Test follows the story of Liselle Mason, a former Bluford student who first appeared in Until We Meet Again. Liselle Mason is in trouble. For weeks, she ignored the changes in her body and tried to forget her brief relationship with Oscar Price, her moody classmate at Bluford High. But when Liselle's clothes stop fitting, and her brother notices her growing belly, she panics. A pregnancy test confirms her biggest fears. Unwilling to admit the truth, Liselle suddenly faces a world with no easy answers. Where will she turn? Who will she tell? What will she do?HL570LBluford372.41 BLU
Until We Meet AgainSchraff, AnneSequel to A Matter of Trust, this story continues the tale of the Wills family. Darcy learns that Hakeem, her first boyfriend, is moving out of the state. Then her grandmother's health declines and a mysterious new person comes into her life.6Bluford372.41 BLU
Bonemender's ChoiceBennett, HollyDominic's children are kidnapped, but before they can be sold into slavery, a deadly plague strikes. 6Bonemender
Bonemender's OathBennett, HollyGabrielle and her brother Tristan fight to keep safe those they care for and to find a place for love in their lives.6Bonemender
Crossing the LineAlegria, MalinWhen Fabiola's sister Alexis joins her at Dos Rios High, she warns her away from the troublemaking superjock Dex Andrews, but Alexis does not listen, and soon it is up to Fabiola to make things right, even if it means breaking her sister's heart. 2012680 LBorder Town
Falling Too FastAlegria, MalinWhen Alexis, who dreams of becoming a famous singer, develops a crush on the lead singer of a band from another high school, she is willing to do anything to capture his attention. 2012640 LBorder Town
Quince ClashAlegria, MalinHoping to celebrate her quinceaƱera abroad instead of having a traditional party, Fabi clashes with a mean-spirited rival and resolves to put the girl and her squad of friends to shame with the biggest quince the town has ever seen. 2012620 LBorder Town
No Second ChancesAlegria, Malin650 L2012Border Town
Back-up Quarterback Robins, Eleanor Dan must choose between personal glory and team success when a new boy in school threatens to overtake the quarterback position he has worked toward for three years. 2.7Carter High chronicles372.41 SAD
Boy of Their DreamsRobins, Eleanor Kim must decides whether to risk her friendship with Fran when she realizes they are both interested in the same boy. 2.3Carter High chronicles372.41 SAD
Too lateRobins, Eleanor Matt, frequently late, does not think his lack of punctuality is a problem, but he begins to see the benefits of being on time when his tardiness costs him his girlfriend and a chance to pitch at the big game. 2.5Carter High chronicles372.41 SAD
Aztec Ring MysteryRobins, Eleanor Jack must work to clear his name when Mr. Flint's Aztec ring is stolen and he is a suspect. 2.2Carter High mysteries372.41 SAD
Secret Admirer MysteryRobins, Eleanor Paige finds a note from a secret admirer in her science book and must somehow figure out who wants to take her to the school dance. Lexile high 100's to low 400's in series1.4Carter High mysteries372.41 SAD
Secret MessageRobins, Eleanor Previously published as: The secret message mystery. Logan's lie about liking to break codes comes back to haunt him when Quinn gives him a message to decode, and he must either figure out the code or tell Quinn the truth. 1.2Carter High mysteries372.41 SAD
Be FairRobins, Eleanor Dru, a new student at Carter High, jumps to conclusions when she sees a boy she likes talking to another girl, and almost ruins her chances at being his friend. 2.3Carter High senior year
Very Good YearRobins, EleanorClay's chances of getting a date with Kim start looking better when he discovers that she is the sister of fellow football player, Hank. 1.8Carter High senior year
Worst Year EverRobins, Eleanor Griff believes his senior year is off to a bad start when he is assigned to classes with two of his least favorite teachers, and has to sit behind Laine, a girl he wants to date, but he soon learns that everyone wants him to succeed. 2.4Carter High senior year372.41 SAD
Wrong WayRobins, Eleanor Claire and Marge are sure that Gwen stole Claire's boyfriend, Kirk, and is now trying to get Claire's part in the senior play, so Claire lies to Kirk to get him back. 2.4Carter High senior year372.41 SAD
Break All RulesRobins, Eleanor When football teams from opposing schools stay at the same hotel and are ordered to be polite and keep to themselves by the coach, Cole begins to wonder if Rick is up to no good, especially when Garrett, from Oak Hill High, goes missing. Lexile high 200's-low 300's in series2.7Choices372.41 SAD
Friend or Foe?Robins, EleanorThe students realize they need to elect a new class president after Trace moves away, and when Cory and Brock enter the race, Jazz and Dru wonder if either of the candidates will make good leaders. 2.7Choices372.41 SAD
Pay backRobins, Eleanor A group of friends deal with hurt feelings and envy when Kay finds out that Torie is dating her ex-boyfriend, Lance, which leads to Kay dating Brad to make Torie jealous. 2.5Choices372.41 SAD
ArchenemyHoblin, PaulAs a defender for the Fraser High girls soccer team, Addie used to be ready for anything. There was no play she couldn't shut down. But now the biggest threat on the field is one of her teammates ... who is also Addie's former best friend. 2013720 LCounterattack
Beast, The Hoblin, Paul2013680 LCounterattack
OffsideHiggins, M. G.Faith Patel doesn't feel like part of her soccer team, so when the coach starts to give her extra attention, she develops a crush on him, but matters get worse when her frenemy Caitlyn decides that Faith is getting special treatment. 2013590 LCounterattack
All books in the series have a girls' soccer theme. lexile levels 600's-700'sCounterattack
Marty's DiaryCross, FrancesMarty writes in her diary about her stepmother and her family life after a divorce. 2012710 LCutting Edge
Only Brother, TheWard, CaiasAndrew is haunted by his memories of his dead brother, Will, but, instead of feeling sad, Andrew is angry and lashes out at everyone, including his dad. brothers, anger, ghosts, haunting800 LCutting Edge
Questions Within, TheSchaeffer, TeresaConstance feels alone and ashamed when she finds herself attracted to another girl in high school until she finds strength and pride in being gay. 2012790 LCutting Edge
Danger in the DarkLancett, PeterDark Man, a hero who lives in the shadows, goes to the bad part of the city to find a girl wanted by the Shadow Masters and escort her safely to the Old Man. Lexile high 100's to low 500's, all pages illustrated, very little text.1.4Dark man372.41 SAD
Dark CandleLancett, PeterDark Man, a hero with secret powers, rushes to find the magical Dark Candle before the Shadow Masters in order to heal a sick girl. 2Dark man372.41 SAD
Dark DreamsLancett, Peter The Dark Man, weary of his quest to find the Golden Cup of power, is given a vision of what would happen if the evil Shadow Masters found the vessel first.2Dark man372.41 SAD
Dark GlassLancett, Peter The Dark Man, a hero working for good, is told by a dying girl that he must find the Dark Glass, and, in his search for it, he fights a demon. 2.2Dark man372.41 SAD
Dark MachineLancett, Peter The Dark Man fights evil Shadow Masters to send the Dark Machine back to the Realm of Screams before the Shadow Masters can use it to summon their demons. 2.3Dark man372.41 SAD
Dark River Lancett, Peter The Dark Man needs to collect seven gold coins that will help him find the Golden Cup, but the dark waters of the river hold many secrets and is home to many creatures. 2.5Dark man372.41 SAD
Dark Side of MagicLancett, Peter Dark Man, a hero who lives in the shadows, tries to save a girl with strong magical powers before she falls into the hands of the evil Shadow Masters. 1.6Dark man372.41 SAD
Dark Waters of TimeLancett, Peter Dark Man, a hero who lives in the shadows, uses Angela, a woman with murder in her soul, to help him find the Golden Cup, a vessel of great power. 2.5Dark man372.41 SAD
Dark WordsLancett, Peter Dark Man, a hero with secret powers, tries to find an old document lost in the forest that could do great harm if it fell into the wrong hands. 1.7Dark man372.41 SAD
Day is DarkLancett, Peter Dark Man, a hero with secret powers, is sent by the Old Man to rescue Angela from the Shadow Masters, even though she is a killer. 1.8Dark man372.41 SAD
Dying for the DarkLancett, Peter Dark Man, a hero with secret powers, must face down agents of the evil Shadow Masters in order to help a sick girl. 2.2Dark man372.41 SAD
Killer in the Dark Lancett, Peter Dark Man, a hero with secret powers, pursues a killing shadow and finds it is attached to a girl who is blind. 2Dark man372.41 SAD
Shadow in the darkLancett, Peter The Dark Man, a hero who lives in the shadows, puts his life in danger when he goes to a steel mill in search of the Golden Cup, a vessel of great power. 1.8Dark man372.41 SAD
all of the books are on sports--football, baseball, basketball, track, soccer. (50-high 100's Lexile)50-high 100's Lexile in seriesDistrict 13
Dork Diaries seriesRussell, Rachel ReneeFourteen-year-old Nikki Maxwell writes in her diary of her struggle to be popular at her exclusive new private school, then of finding her place after she gives up on being part of the elite group.2009710LDork DiariesF Russell, R.
Lockdown: Escape from Furnace (series- vol 1.)Smith, AlexanderWhen fourteen-year-old Alex is framed for murder, he becomes an inmate in the Furnace Penitentiary, where brutal inmates and sadistic guards reign, boys who disappear in the middle of the night sometimes return weirdly altered, and escape might just be possible. 2009-2013Escape from FurnaceF Smith
2 DaysTillit, L. B.When Neema is kicked out of her house, she goes to be with her boyfriend Nate for two days until her mom calms down. But those two days made all the difference, and Neema must draw from somewhere deep for the inner strength she will need.2012390 LGravel Road
Bi-NormalHiggins, M. G.Brett Miller is one of the kings of Elkhead High, a football star. Nobody messes with him and his friends. His life seems perfect, normal. His girlfriend Jillia is hot. He loves her. Then Brett meets Zach . . .2013330 LGravel Road
Edge of ReadyTillit, L. B.A horrible rape and its powerful aftermath threaten to bring Dani's life crashing down--forever.2012400 LGravel Road
Falling Out of PlaceHiggins, M. G.Gabby Herrera struggles for acceptance from her parents who want her to be just like her responsible, obedient sister Celia, and finds herself drinking more and her life getting out of control. 2013340 LGravel Road
Screaming QuietlyJacobs, Evan"Ian Taylor lives a secret life. At school, he's a varsity football player, dating one of the hottest cheerleaders on campus. At home, he's his divorced mother's right hand, helping her manage his autistic younger brother, Davey. To Ian, Davey is a freak. And no one must ever know he exists. But when Davey begins attending Ian's high school, everything changes..."--Back cover. 2013590 LGravel Road
UnchainedTillit, L. B.After two years in a loving foster home, TJ is sent back to his mother and the brutal life he thought he had escaped for good. 2012400 LGravel Road
Dancing on the EdgeJennings, SharonBonnie Lee finds her life changing when she starts attending the arts high school and finds she has to take risks and work hard to succeed. Lexile level 400's for series3Hip edge
InsigniaKincaid, S. J.Tom, a fourteen-year-old genius at virtual reality games, is recruited by the United States military to begin training at the Pentagon Spire as a combatant in World War III, controlling the mechanized drones that do the actual fighting off-planet. 2012750 LInsignia
Keep Jumping/No HatingMoore, Stephanie Perry and Derrick When Charli Black makes the Lockwood High School cheer squad she deals with jealousy, and when Amir Knight makes the football team despite his parents objections he forges his father's signature in order to play. 2012640 LLockwood Lions
Shake It/Got PrideMoore, Stephanie Perry and DerrickShake It: Desperate to belong, Randal Raines--the shyest girl on the cheer squad--risks losing it all until she learns to love herself. Got Pride: High school football player ER Stone is just what the football team needs for a championship year, but ER's eligibility is in question and he starts to wonder what it is he really wants. 2012620 LLockwood Lions
Aftermath, The (book 1)Michelle, SaraBook 1: the Aftermath: Survivors begin to accept their new reality seven days after "The End," which came with no warning except from the predictions of Nostradamus.
2012500 LMy New Normal
Beginning, The (book 5)Michelle, SaraBook 5: The Beginning: 2012760 LMy New Normal
Inside, The (book 2)Michelle, SaraBook 2: The Inside: Having survived "The End" and after finding an abandoned snow shelter home, Ryan and Cecilia are joined by other survivors.2012550 LMy New Normal
Others, The (book 3)Michelle, SaraBook 3: The Others: Tensions are high at the refugee camp as the earthquake's survivors
work to figure out their next moves, and Cecelia and Ryan experience
troubles in their relationship.
2012450 LMy New Normal
Outside, The (book 4)Michelle, SaraBook 4: The Outside: 2012650LMy New Normal
ClubWatson, StephanieJosh and his friends find an old game that promises the players good fortune at the expense of those who have wronged them, but when their luck skyrockets and horrible things happen to their enemies, they try to end the power they unleashed. 20103.9Night fall372.41 DAR
CombinationCarr, Elias On the hundredth anniversary of the erection of a high school building by an architect considered to be insane, the misdialing of locker combinations may turn the structure into a gateway to hell unless students Dante, Miranda, and Vincent can help historian Dr. Spangler stop it. 20114.7Night fall372.41 DAR
FoulHoblin, Paul Rhino, a star basketball player at Bridgewater, except at the free throw line, does not know who to trust when he starts getting anonymous messages threatening to hurt the people around him if his free throw record does not improve. 20113.9Night fall372.41 DAR
Last DessertsAtwood, Megan Ella, an aspiring baker, always tries to make things perfect, but she comes to appreciate the differences in people and in life when the mysterious Marta opens a bake shop selling cookies that have a strange effect on the town. 20114.2Night fall372.41 DAR
Late BusJasper, RickBridgewater High junior Lamar Green begins having strange visions of demonic figures preparing to attack the late bus, a route recently taken over by the mysterious, disfigured Emmet Rumble. 20114.1Night fall372.41 DAR
Lock-inMary-Todd, Jonathan When a high school lock-in, meant to ease tensions between the lacrosse team and a group that likes to play werewolf, goes awry, Jackie does not know if she is safer in the panic of the dark hallways or with the crazed student council president determined to maintain control. 20114.2Night fall372.41 DAR
Messages from beyondWatson, StephanieCassie starts getting texts from a guy named Ethan, but after she realizes he looks just like the guy in her nightmares, her search for his identity leads to a shocking discovery. 20103.6Night fall372.41 DAR
PrankHarris, Ashley RaeBridgewater High junior Jordan, eager to fit in with a popular crowd, takes part in a series of pranks that go horribly wrong, and as she and her friend Charlie investigate, they begin to wonder if the spirit of a prank victim who died twenty years earlier is to blame. 20114.1Night fall372.41 DAR
ProtectorsKarlsson, Val After the accident that killed Luke's mother, he begins to get messages from the bodies in the funeral home where he lives with his stepfather, who is acting even stranger than usual, and in trying to solve his mother's death, he uncovers a horrifying secret. 20103.8Night fall372.41 DAR
SkinJasper, RickNick's bad skin, bones that feel like ice, strange scratch-like rash, and fierce anger lead him to a realization that something evil is living inside him, and a dead kid's diary, a nun, and a local professor try to help him find a way to destroy it without destroying him. 20103.6Night fall372.41 DAR
Thaw Jasper, RickAfter a storm causes a power outage at the Institute for Cryogenic Experimentation, the thawed-out bodies of twenty-seven federal inmates are missing, and when her best friend disappears, Dani Kraft learns he's been taken in by a defrosted cult leader, and she must enter a dangerous alternate reality to get him back. 20104Night fall372.41 DAR
UnthinkableDuke, Shirley SmithOmar Phillips, Bridgewater High's favorite teen author, is having horrible visions of death and destruction, and when they start coming true, goth girl Sophie tells him how he can end them, but the only thing worse than her cure may be what happens if he ignores it. 20103.9Night fall372.41 DAR
B NegativeGrant, Vicki When Paddy discovers that the man he thought was his father is not, he struggles to put his life back together. 3.9Orca soundings372.41 ORC
BackMcClintock, Norah Jojo returns to his neighborhood after serving time for a violent crime and tries to rebuild his life while others wish only to do him harm. 4.1/700 LOrca soundings372.41 ORC
BangMcClintock, Norah Quentin is worried about his best friend JD, who has taken to
increasingly dangerous behavior, but when the two are involved in a
robbery and JD shoots a witness, Quentin is the one that the police
20073.9Orca SoundingsF McClintock
Battle of the BandsDenman, K. L The members of the band The Lunar Ticks--Jay, Kelvin, and Cia--prepare for a battle of the bands and hope to win the grand prize of a day in a recording studio, but when their competitor's guitar is trashed, they are named the prime suspects and must prove they are innocent. 20063Orca soundings372.41 ORC
Big GuyStevenson, RobinDerek is forced to face his sexuality and his troubled relationship with his father after he meets an injured young woman who helps him realize what is truly important in life.20083.8Orca soundings372.41 ORC
Blue Moon Halvorson, MarilynBobbie Jo tries to turn a beat-up old horse into a champion barrel racer.20044Orca soundings372.41 ORC
BreathlessWithers, PamBeverly gets into serious trouble when her starvation diet interferes with her scuba diving. 20054.4Orca soundings372.41 ORC
Bull Rider Halvorson, Marilyn Sixteen-year-old Layne faces a dangerous challenge when he defies his mother and enters himself in a bull riding contest--the same rodeo event in which his father was killed. 20034Orca soundings372.41 ORC
Bull's EyeHarvey, Sarah N., After the death of her aunt, Emily finds that her life has been a lie and she has to search for the truth about where she came from and who she is. 20074.1Orca soundings372.41 ORC
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