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TimestampNameGoogle+ URLBrief IntroductionCityState/Province/etc.CountyWebsiteTwitterFacebook
15/07/2011 12:56:52Adam Jack much skill as a bird, but a passionate wildlife observer happily learning bit by bit.GoldenColoradoUSAhttp://wildobs.com
15/07/2011 13:18:41Wren birder and blogger who loves to see birds where ever she travels, especially when seeing them with friendsMichiganUSAhttp://wrenaissance.com
15/07/2011 13:42:17Gyorgy Szimuly am birder, shorebird conservationist, bird photographer and sometimes twitching for rare birds.TataHungary
15/07/2011 14:10:14John Beetham of A DC Birding Blog. I'm primarily interested in birds and insects.NJ
15/07/2011 15:32:25Adam Sell birder from the Chicago area. Been birding since before I can remember. Getting a degree in education and later in environmental education to educate society about birds, the environment, and how we can protect them.GrayslakeILLake
15/07/2011 15:34:49Rebecca Latham painter exhibiting at galleries and museums in the US and Internationally, loving all things outdoors, nature, and wildlife. Interests in biology, science, technology, travel, law, psychology, botany, and healthy living.Saint PaulMinnesotaUSA!/rebeccalatham
15/07/2011 15:50:51Karen Latham Latham is a realistic wildlife/nature artist/biologist working in finely detailed watercolors. Works range in all sizes - all painted in miniature. Loves art, nature, wildlife, the great outdoors, travel, good friends.St. PaulMinnesota!/karenlatham
15/07/2011 16:47:37Rahul Sachdev Birder from India, would love to interact with birders from around the world.PuneMaharashtraIndiahttp://www.tigerlandphotography.com
15/07/2011 21:16:35Rohan Kamath and tech-geek from Pune, India.PuneMaharashtraIndia
15/07/2011 21:21:43Pramod Viswanath photographer from Bangalore.
15/07/2011 23:03:27Vatsal Trivedi Computer Engineering Student. I'm more of nature lover person. I like to spend my free time in birdwatching and photography... Also love to watch movies and like to listen Indian Classical fusion music...JamnagarGujaratIndiajamnagarbirds.blogspot.com
15/07/2011 23:10:22Ravi Vaidyanathan a trekker and photographer for around 16 odd years and a birder for last 7 years.. coordinated the mumbai bird races for 2009 and 2010 and ahmedabad bird race for 2010. Also into butterflies, insects etc etcMumbaiMaharashtraIndia
16/07/2011 01:13:18Pratik Jain Nature I'm Nature Lover. and like to conserve the different side of nature like reptiles and big cats, trees and grasslands, domestic animals and birds.

Birding is my hobby.
horse riding, dog training, rescue and rehabilitate life is my work.

by profesion i'm money lender.
16/07/2011 02:27:29Markku Salonen and nature photographer LahtiSouth FinlandFinlandhttp://www.markkusalonen.fi
16/07/2011 07:27:34Kevin have been birding since 2003. Just started bird photography, trying to record the beautiful moments of nature and wild lives.Dallas / MTVTX / CAUSA
16/07/2011 08:08:06Jay Bhayani far as u canJamnagarGujaratIndia
16/07/2011 08:58:05Dusty Gedge am a birdwatcher and naturalist. Being watching birds since I fell out of my baby chair age 3 trying to catch a Robin.London
16/07/2011 10:01:37Mital Patel birder from small town and wish to expand knowledge to share with other birders around the world.AhmedabadGujaratINDIA
16/07/2011 12:06:20Prashant "Pk" Srivastava birder from India. Would love to interact with fellow birders from around the world.PuneMaharashtraIndia
16/07/2011 12:33:31Evelyn Lamprey'm a commercial photographer who likes to spend free time watching and photographing birds. I'm not an accomplished wildlife photographer, but I'm working on it. MoultonboroughNHCarrollhttp://www.eslamprey.com
16/07/2011 19:14:06Gunnar Engblom, biologist, runner, post-punkrocker, owner, manager and guide of based in Lima, Peru. Blogging about birding, threatened birds, conservation, eco-tourism, Social media for birders, and lots of photos.MirafloresLimaPeru
16/07/2011 21:53:40ketki Marthakhttp://google plus.comketki, doctor by profession. love for birds .My hobby destresses my daily life completely. Volunteer for the BNHS..CEC section.mumbaimaharashtraindia
16/07/2011 23:44:40Suresh Sharma birder.SonepatHaryanaIndia
17/07/2011 00:37:45Gunnar Engblom, biologist, runner, post-punkrocker, owner, manager and guide of <a href=""> Kolibri Expeditions</a> based in Lima, Peru. Blogging about birding, threatened birds, conservation, eco-tourism, Social media for birders, and lots of photos.MirafloresLimaPeru
17/07/2011 06:13:48Rajesh Sachdev wildlifer, Photographer, Activist & yes...Real Estate professional.....I write blogs and do lot of nature photographing and like to be part of team, who believes in hardcore conservation of India's WILD World. Recently appointed as Mumbai coordinator of Great Himalayan Bird Count by Action and Research for Conservation in Himalayas.MumbaiMaharashtraIndiawww.rajesh-sachdev.blogspot.com!/rajeshdsachdev
17/07/2011 09:57:18Dick Mansfield got into birding about three years ago, just before I turned 70. I bird here in Vermont and during the winter, in the Southwest US where we go with our Airstream camper. Working on bird photography and digiscoping but most of all, just loving it. Blog at MiddlesexVermontUnited States!/vtbirder
17/07/2011 12:09:18Pravin Subramanian,

I'm Pravin and i'm a birder and recent photographer based in Mumbai, also associated with the HSBC Mumbai Bird Races as the Coordinator along with Ravi Vaidyanathan.

I like exploring new areas for birding considering the forest cover in Mumbai is disturbed and whatever remains of it is under restricted access zone. The beaureaucratic workflow to get access is a nightmare, so...

Another hobby of mine is to win converts among non birders into the religion of Nature love and the prayer of birding!

That's enough i guess! :)
17/07/2011 23:11:21Geetanjali Dhar birder...I love to explore the wilds and enjoy nature..dabbles in wildlife toursimBangaloreKarnatakaIndia
17/07/2011 23:54:25Viswanath Vittalhttps://vittalBirds, animals, photography, music, (old) movies, books, etc.
18/07/2011 02:14:57Anilkumar GT, Wildlife / Bird / Landscape / Temple Architecture Photography .... ample enough reasons to get me out of these concrete jungles.BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
18/07/2011 04:21:09ganesh am a trekker n wild life enthusiastrohamaharashtraindia
18/07/2011 14:40:35Amith Kumar Chowdappa amateur birder/photographer from Bangalore, India.BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
18/07/2011 19:09:40Raamesh Gowri Raghavan amateur birderMumbaiMaharashtraIndia
19/07/2011 07:46:03Dawn Fine Full time Motor-homing and traveling in the USA since 2001~ love Birding, hiking, mushrooming, shelling, rocking, and hanging out in the great outdoors and spending time with family and friends...

19/07/2011 15:50:34Hillary Truslow'm the Internet Marketing Manager for Mass Audubon -- interested in nature, wildlife, birds, and technology.
20/07/2011 06:11:04Livia Schäffler am a biologist dedicated to conservation.

While I focused on Malagasy lemurs in my professional life, I am enthusiastic about birds and have been voluntarily contributing to bird protection in Munich.
Munich, Germany Schäffler
20/07/2011 08:41:34dreamfalcon & bird lover - loves to look closely at almost anything - hobby photographerZurichSwitzerlandhttp://dreamfalcon.wordpress.com
20/07/2011 20:45:40Melinda Hughes-Wert'm a co-founder and the President of Nature Abounds, an emerging national environmental non-profit. We're bringing people together for a healthy planet through volunteerism, education, awareness, and inspiration. IceWatch USA, Watch the Wild, and the Senior Environment Corps are programs under our umbrella.

On the personal side, I'm a Pennsylvania native that has also lived in the Washington DC area. I'm an alumnus of the Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvania and a former AmeriCorps VISTA. I'm married and have two fur-kids Yoda and Bella. When I'm not working to save the planet, I also enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends, nature photography, and geneology.
21/07/2011 03:59:52Alan McBride, writer, photographer from Sydney Australia.SydneyNSWAustralia
21/07/2011 06:00:03Dan Rhoads'm an American molecular biologist, who grew up around birding. After grad school, I moved to Cyprus, joined BirdLife Cyprus and became an active birder and conservationist. NicosiaCyprushttp://migration.wordpress.com
21/07/2011 06:21:32VEER VAIBHAV MISHRA am working as a Naturalist with (CEDO) Center for Desert and Ocean. I also help in organizing nature education camps for students and native tree plantation in Kutch.I am from Bharatpur, Rajasthan. I started birding in 1991. I am working as a Bird Guide for Great Rann of Kutch, Little Rann of Kutch-Gujarat, Mount Abu, Desert National Park,Jaisalmer, Kheechan, Phalodi, Gajner,Bikaner, Blackbuck Wildlife Sanctuary, Tal Chhapar-Churu, Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, National Chambal Sanctuary, Chambal River Sanctuary India, Agra/Dholpur. Wildlife photography is my hobby.
21/07/2011 08:00:47Dave Wenning native of Washington State, pharmacist, gardener, weather geek, beachcomber, amateur scientist, friend to wildlife, novice photographer, computer nerd and web master. Well, web wannabe, at least.AnacortesWASkagit
21/07/2011 14:17:17Carole Sevilla Brown Biologist who believes that wildlife conservation begins in our own backyards. Ecosystem Gardening, teaching you to garden sustainably, conserve natural resources, and create welcoming habitat for wildlife in your garden. Author, educator, speaker, avid birder. PhiladelphiaPAUSAhttp://ecosystemgardening.com
23/07/2011 05:48:50Arka Sarkar am a software engineer by profession and amateur birder and photographer by hobby. I am located in Kolkata, West Bengal and particularly fond of birding in Eastern Himalayas. I am also interested in ecology and evolutionary biology and try to understand avian life forms in the broader perspective. I believe that creating awareness about biodiversity should be a goal of all who appreciate it and I try to get involved in such activities whenever possible.KolkataWest Bengal
25/07/2011 17:16:48Melissa Penta became a birder through my love of bird and wildlife photography. Both are my biggest passions.VestalNew YorkBroome
25/07/2011 17:30:18Pat Bumstead birdwatcher and bird blogger in southern Alberta, CanadaCalgaryAlbertaCanadahttp://www.birdcanada.com
25/07/2011 17:45:18Kjetil Greger Pedersen Wildlife, birding and underwater photo's ;)BergenNorway
25/07/2011 18:50:00Rob Daugherty am a Wildlife Photographer, I enjoy finding and Identifying new Birds all the time, Raptors are my Absolute Favorite, then it would be Great Blue Herons, I am going to Africa Very Soon, and Hope to Get Hundreds of New and Exciting Birds North Salt LakeUtahUSAhttp://RobsWildlife.com!/RobsWildlife
25/07/2011 21:15:10Dave Ingram naturalist based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia - interested in birding, botany, photography and all other aspects of natural history.Vancouver IslandBritish ColumbiaCanadahttp://IslandNature.ca
25/07/2011 22:40:02Subramanian Sankaranhttps://Nature lover who enjoys unspoiled beauty of lakes, rivers, streams, brooks, hills, valleys, meadows, clouds, rains, winds, sunshine, birds, animals, reptiles, insects etc. etc. Uncomfortable with steel, cement, glass etc and other structures that stand out and mar the fine balance that nature has struck. BangaloreKARNATAKA
26/07/2011 22:38:53Girish Chonkar Birder, Photographer, Designer.Vasai-ThaneMHIndia
27/07/2011 07:48:25Michael Thompson'm an intermediate-skilled birder with some international experience. PhiladelphiaPAUSA
27/07/2011 08:18:15santanu nandy am a bird and wildlife photographer from Mumbai India. MumbaiMaharastraIndia!/SantanuNandy!/profile.php?id=622006888
27/07/2011 16:02:23Juliane Clausen love nature and especially birds and I enjoy to watch birds and other animals even if they are common species. Germany
02/08/2011 06:15:58Steve Creek Photographer From ArkansasLavacaArkansas
03/08/2011 12:50:59Kathryn Brown, photographer, and sustainable living advocate. Wildlife photography is my favorite pursuit!Los AngelesCaliforniaLos Angeleshttp://www.kebiana.com
06/08/2011 12:08:56Alexandra Cohen birdwatcher from Moscow, Russia. I'm a little bit geeky and into web technology, knitting and yoga.MoscowRussia!/Aluajala
06/08/2011 16:53:44Alan McBride, writer, photographer, tour guide in Sydney, AustSydneyNSWAustralia
13/08/2011 02:13:58Tom Tarrant birding since the 'seventies and have travelled extensively. Currently residing in one of the best birding areas of Australia in SE Queensland.BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
23/08/2011 11:36:07Ricky Jones'm a wildlife, portrait, architecture and event photographer. I've been taking pictures since high school in the early 80's but started to take it more seriously in the early to mid 90's.WI
24/08/2011 01:12:41Adfam Kumiszcza and photographer living in northern Poland but traveling a lot.Ruma, Polandwoj. PomorskiePoland (country)
01/09/2011 11:15:08Christina Rollo photographer with a love for animals and nature. I am drawn to color and compelled to capture it! Love the outdoors and everything living that exists on the earth. Everything I encounter is an opportunity to learn something new. My interest in photography and passion for animals has led me to take many photographs of wildlife, pets, nature and scenery, as well as sports and a variety of other subjects.Castle CreekNew YorkBroomehttp://www.rollosphotos.com
07/09/2011 21:58:31Blake Evans in New York CityNew YorkNY
21/09/2011 12:39:19Ali Sheehey in south central California. Mostly broke and non-traveling.
Life list somewhere around 550 with a Kern County, California list that sits at 332.
Prolific photographer.
Biologist, botanist, anthropologist, geologist.
14/10/2011 12:36:10Chuck Graham about birding for more than 40 yearsMadisonALMadison!/crgpm
02/11/2011 04:33:59David Sparks avid amateur bird and nature photographer. Retired neuroscientist.PensacolaFloridaEscambia
03/11/2011 13:15:48Delta Willis Senior Communications Manager for the National Audubon Society, Delta Willis taps extensive experience as a travel writer and environmental journalist to cultivate positive media coverage across the country.

Since joining Audubon in 2007, her strategic campaign increased media results for Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count by 313%. Media outlets include The New York Times, NPR News, The LA Times, Dallas Morning News, Reuters, USA TODAY, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, and Martha Stewart TV.
Delta began her career as a publicist at J. Walter Thompson, then the world’s largest advertising agency. Her interest in conservation grew while working for a JWT division, Anglia television’s Survival series. As Vice President, Director of Programs & Press, she helped develop and promote award winning wildlife documentaries. In addition to articles for Audubon, Outside, People and The New York Times, Willis is the author of 3 books. She served as Chief Contributor to the Fodor’s Guide to Kenya & Tanzania from 1981-2001, and in 2005 was elected as a member of The Explorers Club.
New York NYUSAhttp://www.deltawillis.com!/@DeltaWillis!/delta.willis
23/11/2011 17:11:46Moroccan Birds, birding and ornithology in Morocco.Morocco!/MoroccanBirds
13/01/2012 03:58:40Arpit Deomurari'm technocrat trying to find out smarter ways to get away from the “technology world” for my pursuits in wildlife. Nature is a passion and sheer poetry for my soul. I'm totally fascinated by the wonders of the natural world. I have a keen interest in Avian Research specially Distribution and Environmental Niche Modeling, Population Dynamics of Waders, Breeding Biology of Gulls and Terns. Earlier I have worked on Marine Biology also.

I'm aspiring professional wildlife photographer. I am highly influenced by many of the world’s great wildlife photographers Andy Rouse, Arthur Morris, who, little does they know, has inspired me into this field of photography. Little did I know how difficult it was going to be, which makes what they do all the more admirable.

But the Lifelong Mentor to me is Yashodhan Bhatia, a famed wildlife photographer from Jamnagar-Gujarat-India, Who taught me ins-n-out of Wildlife Photography. I prefer to show as much possible, all the variation of plumages, their habitats, behaviors.

My most of the work is concentrated in Gujarat, Its one of, if not the best, place for wildlife photography. At present I seem to be concentrating on wild bird photography. I love photographing Birds especially Waders/Shorebirds and Seabirds.

My Photographs have been published in many national and international publications, books, scientific journals and monographs.

I believe that wildlife photography is much more than just equipment and materials. It is essentially a way of looking at nature with a kind of sensitivity and response. I also involved in wildlife protection and related projects by contributing my images to various organizations across the world. Hoping to inspire and ignite young minds about the need for wildlife conservation, I had delivered lectures to various sections of the society covering various aspects from Photography to conservation practices.
01/12/2012 20:22:36Bill Napper'm a volunteer naturalist at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. I participate in night programs such as full moon hikes and astronomy events. Dedicate all the spare time I have to learn about nature and how it's connected. Became a birder about three years ago and it has become a passion of mine.ShepherdsvilleKentuckyKentucky
22/04/2013 01:28:53Phillip Dews am Phillip a self-employed website developer and designer as well as an obsessive Birder of some 20+ years! I have been building my bespoke social network Birdbook for some time now and is slowly attracting a few birders already! I will be bringing more and more features to the site over time so do please watch this space!BirminghamWest MidlandsUK