Squamish to Lillooet Farm List
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Asset TypeLocationWebsiteAboutEmailPhoneAddress
Blackwater Creek OrchardGrowing FoodFarmDevine
A small scale mixed orchard bringing high quality fruit and fruit related products to the Sea to Sky corridor.blackwaterorchard@gmail.com604-848-5861Devine
British Columbia V0N 1L0
Spray Creek RanchGrowing FoodFarmLillooet Creek Ranch is a certified organic farm in Lillooet, BC providing local markets with diverse meats of known provenance and unparalleled quality.farmer@spraycreek.ca250-256-162015045 Texas Creek Rd. Lillooet, BC, V0K 1V0
JAR EnterprisesGrowing FoodFarmLillooet
J.A.R. Enterprises grows bedding plants for local customers and clients in the Lillooet region of British Columbia. They are currently expanding their farm operation to increase their bedding plant production and include an innovative aquaponics system that will produce vegetables, as well as fish and fish products.jarenterprises2015@gmail.com250-256-4050313 E Lillooet Rd. Lillooet, BC, V0K 1V0
Amlec Organic - T'it'q'et's Food Sovereignty Project
Growing FoodFarmLillooethttp://www.amlec.orgT'it'q'et is addressing issues of food security in their community through the Amlec Organic Farm. The three main componenets to the operations are: 1. Production (Garden), 2. Processing/Storage (Food security building), and 3. Distribution (Marketing and Brokering). The project also is providing training in Horticulture related workshops and developing relations with area farmers and food related organizations.letsgrowstuff36@gmail.com250-256-411810 Paul Street Lillooet, BC, V0K 1V0
Fluster Cluck FarmGrowing FoodFarmLillooet
Fluster Cluck Farm is an organic farm located in Lillooet B.C.flustercluckfarm@gmail.com250-256-7666P.O. Box 1231 Lillooet, BC, V0K 1V0
Fort Berens Estate WineryGrowing FoodFarmLillooethttp://www.fortberens.caFort Berens Estate Winery is a culmination of the dreams, vision and pioneering spirit of several entrepreneurs. It was founded with a pioneering spirit and forged on the road less traveled. The winery is owned by a team of eight individuals who share a common belief in the incredible winemaking potential of British Columbia’s Fraser Canyon and a shared vision to make Fort Berens into one of Canada’s leading producers of fine Highway 99 North, Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0
Texas Creek RanchGrowing FoodFarmLillooethttp://www.texascreekranch.comTexas Creek Ranch is a 165 acre property 18km south of Lillooet that is developing vineyards, organic and biodynamic gardens and exploring tourism opportunities.tcr@texascreekranch.com250-256-005118450 Texas Creek Road, Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0
Green Dirt FarmGrowing FoodFarmLillooet
Green Dirt Farm is a family farm planted in the midst of the wild and rugged region of Lillooet. Here their Certified Organic, veganically grown greens are grown, packaged and delivered to stores and restaurants around the province.greendirtfarm@gmail.com250-256-016110800 Texas Cr. Road, Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0
Fountain View FarmGrowing FoodFarmLillooet Farm is a place where eager students and experienced staff from Fountainview Academy unite to grow nutritious and delicious organic Box 500, Lillooet, British Columbia V0K 1V0
Cariboo ApiariesGrowing FoodFarmLillooet
Cariboo Apiaries is proudly owned and operated by Bob Meredith and his wife Leigh. Here you can buy honey in containers ranging from 1 pound jars, and honey bear squeeze bottles, to 30 pound pails. Delivery can be made in the BC Lower Mainland and the Whistler areas, or by freight to other areas– sell both to individuals and stores. N/A250-256-7231
3999 Moha Road, Lillooet, British Columbia V0K 1V0
Blue House OrganicsGrowing FoodFarmPemberton House Organics is a 20 acres organic vegetable farm and a farm stay nestled in the beautiful valley along Pemberton Meadows Road. surrounded by majestic mountains in Pemberton, Blue House Organics is only 30 minutes from Whistler, British Columbia.

Established in 2017, the farm is located along the scenic Ryan River in the Pemberton Meadows Valley above Pemberton, BC.

The farm is Certified Organic (PACS # 16-824), Certified Canada GAP – Food Safety # C0507300-CGAPSNGL1, licensed Buy BC # 19C-0243, and is part of the Pemberton Farm Tour in the Pemberton Meadows Road. The farm nourishes the Sea-to-Sky and Vancouver communities with sustainably and lovingly grown produce.
bluehouseorganics@gmail.com778-953-28088184 Pemberton Meadows Road
Pemberton, British Columbia
Camel's Back FarmGrowing FoodFarmPemberton Camel's Back Farm family produce lots of great local food for the Pemberton and Whistler areas. Local residents looking for produce can purchase them at the Animal Barn in Pemberton when available.camelsbackharvest@gmail.com604-894-63599318 Pemberton Meadows Road
Four Beat FarmGrowing FoodFarmPemberton Beat farms organically with draft horses in the Pemberton Meadows. Their vegetables can be found at the Pemberton Farmers Market or through the North Vancouver CSA.fourbeatfarm@gmail.com604-902-1514Pemberton Meadows, British Columbia V0N2L2
Goat Mountain ProduceGrowing FoodFarmPemberton
Goat Mountain Produce is located on the forestry road in the upper Pemberton Meadows, where they sell many fresh goods via an honor system.potato@uniserve.com604-894-6773
9302 Pemberton Meadows Road, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L2
Helmer's Organic FarmGrowing FoodFarmPemberton’s Organics is a small, certified organic family run farm in Pemberton, B.C.. Their products are available at farmer’s markets and restaurants in Vancouver, Squamish, Pemberton and Whistler and on Meadows Road, Pemberton, BC, V0N 2L2
Hellevang FarmGrowing FoodFarmPembertonn/aPotato farm & Seed Potatoes. Varieties : Cascade; Chieftain; Ranger Russet; Red La Soda; Yukon Gold604-894-6844RR #2
Pemberton, BC
V0N 2L2
Ice Cap OrganicsGrowing FoodFarmPembertonhttps://icecaporganics.comGlacier Valley Farm is a pasture-based, local-market farm in the Squamish Valley, BC. They provided pasture-raised products including eggs, chicken, lamb and pork.icecaporganics@gmail.com604-966-7825770 Green Rd Pemberton, BC V0N 2L2
Kuurne FarmsGrowing FoodFarmPemberton
Kuurne Farms is located in the upper Pemberton Valley. They mainly grow elite seed potatoes but also produce and sell commercial potatoes to (mostly) local restaurants. On the side they rotate their crops between rhubarb and hay for their pasture of cattle.N/A604-894-6359
9318 Pemberton Meadows Rd, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L2, Canada
Laughing Crow OrganicsGrowing FoodFarmPemberton Crow is a certified organic farm and bee yard in Pemberton B.C. They provide products for customers demanding nutritious food grown in a respectful and sustainable manner. Their offerings can be found at local farmers markets in the sea to sky corridor (Squamish, Whistler), as well as through a weekly harvest box delivery program, C.S.A. (seasonal fresh veggie box delivery) and some retail and restaurant sales.laughingcroworganics@gmail.com604-906-1305PO Box 644, 7698 Pemberton Meadowns Rd.
Mountain CharolaisGrowing FoodFarmPemberton
Mountain Charolais is a family operated farm that primarily produces hay and purebred Charolais cattle.soovent@telus.net604-894-68857402 Clover Road, Pemberton BC
North Arm FarmGrowing FoodFarmPemberton Arm Farm is Whistler and Pemberton's Family Farm Experience. They have 60 acres of working organic farm, open daily to the public as well as a full kitchen which serves farm lunches and picnics daily and can also cater any on farm occasion from corporate to
1888 Sea to Sky Highway 99 PO Box 165Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0
Rootdown Organic FarmGrowing FoodFarmPemberton Organic Farm is a small-scale, organic farm situated in the Pemberton Meadows, British Columbia. Their operations consist of 2 acres of mixed vegetables in production, with 20 rare-breed pigs and laying hens rotated through the fields for the benefit of both the animals and the land. Rootdown markets their products in Pemberton and Whistler to restaurants, grocery stores, through their CSA harvest box program and Pig Share
8425 Pemberton Meadows Road, Pemberton BC, V0N 2L2
Shaw Creek FarmGrowing FoodFarmPemberton Creek Farm is situated in the beautiful Pemberton Meadows. Family owned and operated for 50 years, The Beks have been producing seed potatoes for 3 generations. In recent years we have branched out into other market garden crops such as beans, beets, corn and pumpkins all grown naturally, pesticide and herbicide free.beksspud@gmail.com604-894-6558
8971 Pemberton Meadows Road, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L2
Willowcraft FarmGrowing FoodFarmD'Arcy
We are a local small scale family farm that provides fruit ,flowers, garlic, value added products and a few surplus veggies and herbs the natural way.willowcraftfarm@gmail.com604-452-33548946 Pemberton Portage Rd, D'Arcy, BC V0N 1L0
Pemberton Meadows Natural BeefGrowing FoodFarmPemberton
Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef raises Red Angus cattle in the Pemberton Valley using all-natural farming methods. Founded by veteran farmer Bob Mitchell and his neighbour Don Millerd in 2004, the program expanded to include fall calving with the help of the Kuurne family in 2006. All Pemberton Meadows cattle live in herds outdoors, where they graze on pasture and are free to roam. Their diet consists of home-grown hay, and crushed oats and barley—all free of additives of any kind. The result is beef with a rich and delicious, BC
Plenty WildGrowing FoodFarmPemberton Wild Farms is a small-scale, certified organic farm committed to providing fresh, top-quality produce for our local communities.

This year we'll grow over 50 different types of veggies including staples like carrots, potatoes & tomatoes and unusual offerings like celeriac, kohlrabi & radicchio.

Order online for pick-up in Pemberton, Squamish & Whistler, visit our farm stand in Pemberton or shop at the Squamish farmers' market.

We also offer a Farm Share program - our unique alternative to traditional CSA harvest box programs.
7611 Pemberton Meadows Road, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0
Across the Creek OrganicsGrowing FoodFarmPemberton the Creek Organics grows potatoes for table and for seed. Gowers of double-certified Seed Potatoes

Certified Organic By PACS

Certified as Seed BY CFIA

30 years of disease free Seed Potato production

8324 Pemberton Meadows Rd. Pemberton BC V0N 2L2
Good Time Bee FarmGrowing FoodFarmSquamish
Good Time Bee Farm is a small bee farm that grows flowers and cover crops to feed the bees and the soil.goodtimebeefarm@gmail.com604-892-771238876 Buckley, Squamish, BC V8B 0B8
Nutrient Dense FarmGrowing FoodFarmSquamish aspiring bio-dynamic farm - grown from the heart of unconditional love. Use organic/bio-dynamic practicesnutrientdensefarms@gmail.com604-815-71791788 Magee Road
Upper Squamish, British Columbia
Squamish Valley Hops CompanyGrowing FoodFarmSquamish
This is a PACS certified organic hop farm in the scenic Upper Squamish Valley, British Columbia.mike@squamishvalleyhops.com604-389-958313800 Squamish Valley Road
Squamish, British Columbia
Stony Mountain FarmGrowing FoodFarmSquamish Mountain Farm is a small farm located in the picturesque Squamish Valley roughly 20 minutes north/west of Squamish, BC. They believe in raising all their animals respectfully, allowing them to interact in a natural setting, exhibit natural behaviors and live happy, healthy lives. The farm currently provides Squamish and the surrounding area with fresh free-range eggs, chicken, large black heritage pork and seasonal turkey. Find them at the Squamish Farmers Market! stonymtnfarm@gmail.com604-898-837714968 Squamish Valley Rd
Fieldstone GarlicGrowing FoodFarmSquamish Garlic Farm specializes in growing hardneck garlic varieties. We pride ourselves in being stewards of the land and practice biodynamic farming principles which results in amazing culinary and seed stock garlic.fieldstonegarlic@gmail.com604-848-4042
41015 Government Road (North Entrance), Squamish BC , V0N 1H
Whistler HarvestGrowing FoodFarmSquamishwww.whistlerharvest.comWe are an indoor vertical farming company and food distributor based in the Sea-to-Sky region of British Columbia, providing our customers with cultivated gourmet mushrooms and microgreens year-round. We also seasonally forage for wild mushrooms and wild greens sustainably in our British Columbia Midnight Way, Paradise Valley
Grizzly FarmGrowing FoodFarmPemberton
9023 Pemberton Meadows Rd, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L2
Nurture in NatureGrowing FoodFarmPemberton in the beautiful town of Pemberton, British Columbia, Nurture In Nature is a collaborative community space for practising a sustainable, healthy, new way of life.
7865 Pemberton Meadows Rd, Pemberton BC V0N2L2
Happilife FarmGrowing FoodFarmPemberton in the stunning Pemberton Valley, our 14 acre farm sits on some of the richest agricultural land in British
7702 Pemberton Meadows Rd, Pemberton BC
Mark's Mountain MarvelsGrowing FoodFarmSquamishWild, Pure & Organic Jams & Jellies, principally from Salmonberry, Blackberry and High-Mountain Huckleberry (Purple), harvested in the vicinity of Brackendale, sold across the Lower mainland.
Paradise ProduceGrowing FoodFarmSquamish Produce cultivates certified organic produce such as salad greens, tomatoes, carrots, herbes and cucumbers. The crops are grown according to organic and biodynamic principles and are free of chemical agents and fertilizers. The farm also supports Heritage and heirloom seed stocks.
Visit them in person at Squamish and Whistler farmers markets or online on their website.
(604) 898-9101
Bathtub GardensGrowing FoodFarmPembertonN/ASpecialty cut flowers from the Pemberton Valley. Organic certification 894-9458Box 34 Pemberton, BC Pemberton British Columbia
Big Mountain OrganicsGrowing FoodFarmPembertonN/ACertified organic vegetables (garlic, potatoes, spinach, chard, kale and lettuce), tomatoes, zucchini). Big mountain organics also produces organic fruit (apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches and saskatoon berries). The farm also grows raspberries, blueberries, asparagus, herbs and medicinal 907-28761882 Reid Road Pemberton British Columbia
Birken FarmsGrowing FoodFarmPembertonN/
Bradley Organic FarmsGrowing FoodFarmPemberton
Bradley Organic Farms is nestled in the Upper Pemberton Meadows valley. Spencer Hutchins grows mixed market garden vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini), raises goats and keeps bees.
(604) 894-50663085 Lois Road Pemberton British Columbia
Growing FoodGrowing FoodFarmPembertonN/AFree Range Organic Farm is a certified organic farm located in Pemberton. The farm produces garlic, mixed veggies, fruit (apples, cherries, plums and pears), cover crops, forage and 894-5331
7698 Pemberton Meadows Road Pemberton British Columbia
Mount Currie Wildlife FarmsGrowing FoodFarmMount CurrieN/A604-935-2100
P.O Box 268, Mount Currie, BC Mount Currie British Columbia
RiverlandsGrowing FoodFarmPemberton Market Garden uses traditional farming methods without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This farm uses seeds that are carefully selected from healthy heirloom and heritage varieties.riverlands@gardener.com604-902-7003
The Hare Family Blueberry FarmGrowing FoodFarmPembertonN/AThe Hare Family Blueberry Farm grows certified organic blueberries (Reka, Draper and Liberty varieties) 894-00361993 Sea to Sky Highway Pemberton British Columbia
Skipping Rooster Organic FarmGrowing FoodFarmPembertonN/AOur fruits and veggies are grown with love in rich, nutritious soil, watered with natural spring water, and surrounded by fresh, clean air.
Our beautiful 130 acre farm is located in Birken, BC. We are surrounded by amazing mountains and pristine wilderness. We have a fantastic old orchard with several types of heritage apple trees, cherry trees, plums, pears and walnut trees. We also grow vegetables.
9472 Portage Road, Birken, BC Pemberton British Columbia
Armit Spring OrchardGrowing FoodFarmLillooetN/ACertified organic STOPA Farm specializing in organic tree fruit, berries, vegetables and grapes.
N/A250-256-4969P.O. Box 442 Lillooet BC
Askom Valley Herb FarmGrowing FoodFarmLillooet Valley Herb Farm is a ten acre farm located between Lytton and Lillooet, B.C. Askom sells certified organic produce year round (such as garlic and eggs) and in season fruit, vegetables, hazelnutes and chicken.askom@telus.net1-250-256-4906
Bitterbine Hop CompanyGrowing FoodFarmLillooethttp://bitterbinehops.blogspot.comBitterbine Hop Company is 20 acre, newly established farm in Lillooet which is run by two biologists from 256-78394142 Highway 99 N Lillooet British Columbia
Bruin's End OrchardGrowing FoodFarmLillooetN/ABruin’s End Orchard is a certified organic grower that produces organic apples, apricots and 256- 7178PO box 1389 Lillooet British Columbia
Ryan Creek FarmGrowing FoodFarmPembertonN/ 894-62998745 RR#2 Meadows Road
Pemberton, BC V0N 2L2
Pemberton Valley FarmsGrowing
A 3rd generation Family Farm by the Van Loons committed to provide responsibly-grown, local & tasteful veggies. We specialize in carrots, beets and potatoes & also offer perfectly imperfect 2nd and 3rd veggies for a reduced price.
778-953-44359302 Pemberton Meadows Rd V0N 2L2
Brew Creek Centre
Rose Hill FarmGrowing FoodFarmLillooet https://rosehillfarm.caRose Hill Farm is a small-scale sustainable farm, focused on production-bred chickens, Silver Appleyard ducks and grass-fed Dexter
Local Roots Farm MarketGrowing FoodFarmSquamishlocalrootsbc.caA farm market built by locals for locals. Stop by for local organically grown produce from our onsite garden, as well as all your home gardening needs. Wander through the garden while browsing our selection of seedlings and seeds, garden centre accessories, and pottery. Proudly supplying the Sea to Sky with untreated seeds for organic growing from West Coast Seeds and natural organic growing soil from Sea
41015 Government Rd North Entrance, Brackendale, BC V0N 1H0
Pemberton Meadows MushroomsGrowing FoodFarmPembertonpembertonmushrooms.comProudly grown mushrooms in the beautiful Pemberton Meadows, BC. Delivery weekly in the Sea to Sky corridor and Tuesday delivery to Vancouver. We’re currently expanding our indoor grow facility and will have more fresh lions’ mane, oyster and chestnut mushrooms available for sale at a later date. pembertonmushrooms@gmail.com604-880-1308Box 427 Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0