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Guardian to bed angry if you want to the bulk of a marriage is hidden from view, but the bit you take out to parties and show off, should appear exemplary to outsidersDon't make the time you spend together too special, otherwise it creates undue pressure to enjoy yourselvesWhen it comes to questions such as "How do I look in this?" everyone appreciates something that sounds like an honest answerDon't go out on Valentine's DayNaturally there is a lot of disagreement in a partnership, but make certain you're on the same side when battling outside forcesEvery partnership is unique: you should not feel the need to judge the success of yours in comparison to other relationships
Cosmopolitan out of characterTouch a lotDon't be BFFsEnjoy a steady diet of sexTake turns talkingWhen making decisions together, try to find common groundBe More Positive Than NegativeRefelct what the other is saying, especially when disagreeingGrow Your ToleranceTake a Time-Out with Each OtherHave His Back, always be on his sideSpend a Little Money on Each OtherBe a good date
Marie Claire yourself firstHave quickiesDo go to bed angryRespect Your Relationship's PrivacyAvoid Toxic FriendsUnplug after workOutsource houseworkGet a prenupTalk about money / Don't agrue about money
Elle't dwell on failures; treat them as learning opportunitiesShut the bathroom doorSay you're sorry for any of your own bad behaviour Go to your girlfriends instead of your man to ventSnuggle moreEat and work out like you’re singleTalk about money / Don't agrue about moneyFigure out what you wantAsk questions; The question you’re most afraid to hear the answer to is the one you should askDitch the ridiculous deal breakers, accept that the perfect partner for you will not be perfectStop comparing yourself to othersBe logical, Remind yourself to be rational, ask questions, and really listen to the answersResolve to be more fully present for your relationshipIf you are holding on to guilt, make amends and forgive yourself for past mistakesHave adventures togetherGive small gifts year-roundAre you acting or just reacting? Often the need to “do something” is often driven by emotion, so you may get better results by waiting until you can make a more rational decisionMind your manners Learn to live in the moment instead of obsessing over “having it all.”Give yourself permission to delete your toxic friends, ex-boyfriends who can’t commitSchedule sexGo to bed angryCompliment each other
PsychCentral a safe environment where you can trust and share openly without being afraidSeparate the facts from the feelingsConnect with the different parts of yourselfDevelop and cultivate compassionCreate a “we” that can house two “I’s”Partner, heal thyself - each of us can only heal ourselvesAsk questions when you’re unsure or are making assumptionsMake time for your relationshipSay the “hard things” from love.
Mark and Angel Hack Life go of old wounds through forgivenessCome clean when you make a mistakeStop gossiping and start communicatingGive others the space to make their own decisionsDo things that make YOU happyShow your loved ones your kindness in small ways every dayPay attention and be a good listenerLet your love and trust overpower your fearAccept, don’t expectLet the wrong ones go
Huffington Post when you are wrong: Forget pride.Imagine losing the other person during a fightLaugh moreArrange weekly meetings for practical mattersSchedule sexTalk about the little thingsHave your own lifeRemember to thank the other personStop yelling and fighting dirtyHold hands. Even when you are mad at each other, just touch
Dating Handbook to Avoid Resentment Through CommunicationLearn Your Partner's Love Language then Foster ItLearn to Validate Your Partner's FeelingsLearn to CompromiseKeep the Surprises Coming
I Love You You Love Me try to see relationship problems as opportunities for self developmentwhen feeling emotional pain resist the temptation to move away from your partnerCommunicate about feelings and fearsBe willing to gain emotional awareness, take responsibilityAppreciate your partner for all their strengths and giftIf let down by your partner, or feel that they are not giving you something important, give them exactly the thing you are lackingThe more emotionally connected you are, the better your sex life will beSay you're sorry for any of your own bad behaviour If you are having really big problems in your relationship and you believe in a higher or spiritual power, then ask for helpMake time and space for each other
Harville Hendrix up the fun factorStop trying to control each otherLearn to listen deeply and empathicallyMake love all the time — and sometimes have sexCompliment each otherRemember that you can't change each other but you can change yourself Be a little selfish. Pay attention to what makes you feel happy, rested, wholelearn how to love in the other what you dislike in yourself
IVillage timecompromisedependence and independence in balanceEncourage listening, by showing appreciationDon't wait for a spontaneous compliment, but say something good about yourself and ask for his agreementlearn how to give fail-safe orgasmsgive genuine, loving and approving smilesLearn to love your partner, warts and allif something bothers you, say itLearn that punishing your partner won't work
Nick Dating Specialist regular bonding timeDon’t resent what they don’t knowAddress your feelings as soon as possibleSet expectations early on of what you wantWhen receiving criticism, try not to take it personallyWhen giving criticism, never launch into a barrage of what she’s doing “wrong”.Serious discussions should be in-person and privateNever go to bed angryBe curious. Ask “stupid” questions.Maintain focus during disagreementsDon’t make assumptionsDon’t interrupt.Share your problems with your partner, not just friendsDon’t lie by omissionStop trying to “win” argumentsTouch moreAccept that your partner is not you
Your Tango, your best love life your manners Variety is the spice of lifeThe couple that plays together, stays togetheFight right. I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.Two heads are better than oneDistance makes the heart grow fonderTalk out the tough subjectsLaughter is the best medicine.Keep your eyes on the prize - If you keep your perspective fixed on the goal—to be in a happy, functioning partnership—you're less likely to get tangled up in every minor annoyanceQuitters never win. Find a ritual and keep it aliveWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going... to therapy
Ask Men your friendshipCompliment each otherBe availabile in the here and nowDon't distort things and judge your partner so harshlyShare the power and develop a more accepting attitude toward compromiseFind common goalsUnderstand your anger. It is a secondary emotion which covers up a primary emotion of fear or sadnessBreak negative cyclesFocus on what's fixableAccept the unsolvable, and address the bigger issues underlying your difficultyWhen your partner is talking, listen and be nonjudgmental
Fit and Health your manners Break up the routineLearn to argue wellMaintain outside relationshipsKeep up good grooming and hygeine
Better Health to each otherIf you have something to bring up, do it gentlyListen to each otherRemember the positives about your partnerSay you're sorry for any of your own bad behaviour Spend time together Work on feeling good about yourselfEveryone is different – accept and value differences in others, including your partnerMake plans – set goals for your relationship and plan for your futureDon't blameLearn from argumentsStay calm during disagreements; take an "us" perspective rather than a you or me stanceLook at your part in the conflict rather than focusing only on your partner’s contributionBe sexually considerateBe attentive – demonstrate your commitment to the relationshipEnjoy yourself – have fun and celebrate your life togetherBe flexible – let your relationship grow and adapt as you both changeShare power – ensure that each of you feels that your opinion countsStay curious about, but respectful of, each other
Reader's Digest your battlesDon’t force your spouse to take part in the activities that you enjoycut out words like should or oughtDon’t have a script for a happy marriage in your headRecognize what your partner brings to the relationship rather than focusing on what you wish they broughtDon’t compare your relationship with othersCome to some resolution to restore peace after a fight
Don’t lose sight of what attracted you to the other person in the first plac
Viral Nova stop dating, never take your partner for grantedProtect your heart, keep a special place in your heart only for your partnerFall in love over and over and over againAlways see the best in your partner, what you focus on will growDon't try to change or fix your partnerTake full accountability for your own emotionsDon't blameStay present and don't run away if your partner is upset, just let them beBe silly, laughLearn your partners love language and allow them to feel cherishedBe present and give your time and focusBe willing to take her sexuallyDon't be an idiot, learn from your mistakesGive your partner spaceBe vulnerableBe fully transparentNever stop growing togetherTalk about money / Don't worry about moneyForgive immediatelyAlways choose love
Happy Wives Club't be selfishYou can't change peopleDisagree fairlyTalk about money / Don't agrue about moneyAlways continue to do what you did to get himStop and think before you pick a fight if it is really worth itKnow your partners buttons and don't push themLet your partner have their own hobbiesSet aside time for good communication
Buzfeed yourself, love is either there or not Accept each other for who you are, and be open on how to be betterLearn how to fight fairlyTemperament is important, termperature or silly things aren'tThe passionate adrenaline rush is not realDon't be coolBe romanticRespect each other emotionally, spiritually and sexuallySex should be a team sportDon't put yourself in a situation where you will cheatHave great sex, but also lots of touchDon't sit together when you go out with a groupThink of your partner firstDon't be too unrealisticly romantic
Huffington Post healthilyMake time for exerciseTalk about your early days of datingBond with each other's frriendsGive your partner alone time with their friendsBond with each other's familiesTouch a lotDrop your old issuesFight fairlyCook togetherHave a sense of humourKnow when to listenCarve out quiet timeBe financially responsibleSpeak well of each otherBe playfulDon't stall on each other's requestsAccept that you both have bratty momentsDivvy up the choresAsk your partner whay they need more of?
Huffington Post every fight is the Big One. Don't go to the mats on everything.Don't use the "D" word unless you mean it.Revenge isn't a dish best served cold. It's a dish best not served at all.You won't always get along, but remember your commitment to the marriageJealousy isn't a measure of affection; it's a measure of insecurityAffection can take many formsWake up in the morning and ask yourselves "How can I make him/her happy today?"Make your marriage -- not your children -- your top prioritySometimes it's a good thing to go to bed angryIt's best not to get into the habit of calling each other mommy and daddyWhatever you do, don't stop kissing your partner hello and goodbye.
Huffington Post on each other’s side no matter whatForget the ledgerMarriage can make you feel like a bad personUse positive reinforcementBoring is okayDon't let your partner become something on your to-do-listLaugh at yourselfDon't take things out on each otherTurn off the TV, don't waste the opportunity to sit and talkKeep working at your relationship
Huffington Post something new togetherRemember to laughBeome a foodieMake life an adventureAlways keep each other's confidencesBe honestCommunicate in an empathic way
Huffington Post how to communicate with each otherStay on topic when having a discussionListen to the other personTake datesLearn how to have a fightSay something nice to your partner every dayStay in touch with your partner; take time to share your experiences
Live Science a similar spenderHave a lot of sex, especially if you are neuroticSay "thank you" and couple-focused words such as "we," "our" and "us"What bugs you now will only get more irritatingplacing blame and other negative exchanges can motivate partners to change, and could be good for the relationshipWork hard at it
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