2015 Autumn STM Warrant Articles Tracker & Implementation Status
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Article #Article TitleArticle SponsorBoard of Selectmen Recommended VoteDate of BoS VoteTown Meeting Floor VoteNote 1Note 2
1School Building ProjectElementary School Building Committee5-010/20/2015Clear Majority
2Oliver Lane Retaining WallTown Manager5-010/26/2015Unanimous
3Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal YearTown Manager5-010/26/2015Unanimous
4Fy2016 Supplemental AppropriationsTown Manager5-010/26/2015Clear Majority
5Transfer to the General Stabilization FundTown Manager5-010/26/2015Clear Majority
6Other Post Employment Benefits Liability Trust FundTown Manager5-010/26/2015Unanimous
7Pay-As-You-Go Capital ExpensesTown Manager5-010/26/2015Items A-H, J, K, and L passed on a Clear Majority voteItem I (Police Station Parking Lot) was approved on a Roll Call: 154-75
8Fruit Street Indoor Recreational Facility/Athletic Center -- ConstructionTown Manager4-1.10/26/2015Appropriation Committee recemmendation of "No Action" FAILED on a Roll Call vote: 84-164. AMENDMENT by Mr. Clark: To use free cash to fund the facility & remove the debt exclusion language. ROLL CALL: 39-181. AMENDMENT FAILED. AMENDMENT by Mr. Dobinski: We move that the Town vote to appropriate $500,000 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) for engineering designs, bid documents, and construction services related to construction of an indoor recreational facility/athletic center at the Fruit Street Athletic Fields; and, for the purpose of meeting such appropriation, to authorize the Town Treasurer, with the approval of the Board of Selectmen, to borrow said sum in accordance with Chapter 44, Section 7(3) of the Massachusetts General Laws, or any other enabling authority; said sum to be spent under the direction of the Parks & Recreation Commission; provided, however, that this vote shall not take effect until the Town votes to exempt from the limitation on total taxes imposed by Chapter 59, Section 21C of the Massachusetts General Laws (Proposition 2 ½, so-called) amounts required to pay the principal and interest on the borrowing authorized by this vote. AMENDMENT PASSED: 154-67.
9Vehicle PurchaseBoard of AssessorsNo ActionNo Action
10Vendor Contract for Personal ServocesBoard of AssessorsNo ActionNo Action
11Zoning Map ChangeProperty Owner Petition, 79 Hayden Rowe Street LLCNo ActionNo Action
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