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Learning Management System Selection WorkbookFor technical support please contact:

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Tab SummaryDescriptionHot Tips
Vendor & Feature EvaluationThis tab is your main work horse when you are evaluating vendors

On this tab you can see the full list of features we consider when working with clients

For features that are not of interest to you, just delete the row

To add a feature, just add a row to the bottom of "Vendor & Feature Evaluation" and "Score Card"

IMPORTANT: If you add a feature to the bottom of "Vendor & Feature Evaluation" you will need to copy and paste the data validation from the row above. You also need to auto-fill the formula on "Score Card" to the new bottom row
Hide the columns for vendors you are not working on to help you focus on just one or two at a time
Score CardThis tab tabulates the scores based values selected on "Vendor & Feature Evaluation"

IMPORTANT: Do not alter the formula, you will break the calculations on the "Analysis" tab
AnalysisThis tab automatically tabulates the score for each vendorYou can sort the table from Z -> A to get your vendor list sorted by score
Vendor & Feature Evaluation SummaryDescriptionHot Tips
OverviewThis spreadsheet uses drop down values that drive automatic calculations performed on "Score Card" and "Analysis"
Importance of FeatureThe first column, "Importance of Feature" allows you to weight specific features according to Low, Med, and High

Low means that your vendor earns 1 point if they offer that feature

Med means that your vendor earns 3 points if they offer that feature

High means your vendor earns 5 points if they offer that feature

This weighting is important because some features are simply less important than others given your business strategy and how your feature set supports that strategy
Vendor ColumnsEach vendor is represented as a column; changing the header of a column will update the name of that vendor in all relevant locations

Each feature is represented as a row

When evaluating vendors, it's important to start by simply asking salespeople, "Does your product offer this feature?"

We don't recommend assigning a numeric value to the degree to which a feature meets your business needs because this is more of a judgement call only your team can make

Even if a vendor says, "Yes, our product does that," make sure to ask for a demo and probe them for the specific usecase you envision for that feature

If you determine that the feature offered by a specific vendor does not actually meet your needs, change the dropdown from "Yes" to "No"
Do not take salespeople at face value, ask for a demonstration of this feature and ask as many questions as you can think of; make your salesperson earn that commision!