Bataan Death March / Corregidor / Japanese POW Survivors - LIVING
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Last updated: 3/21/2017
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This list has been created and is maintained using information from a google alert for "Bataan Death March Survivor". If you can help make it more accurate, please email me! For more information or how to help keep the memory of the POWs alive, please visit the link below:
Please read about/participate in the annual Bataan Memorial Death March here:
First NameLast NameResides in or nearStateBirth YearNotesLinks
1BenAlpuertoDallas TXTX
2JulioBarelaTruth or Consequences, NMNM200th A Btry
3HaroldBergbowerPeoria, AZAZ~1920Hit by a bomb on 8 December 1941 pronounced dead and family notified of his death, but he woke up in the mogue and went back to fighting, Toyama camp,
Attended 2017 Bataan Memorial Death March
4JoeBergsteinLos Alamos, NMNMAir Warning Service Crop, US Army Signal Corps
Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Foundation of NM
5EugeneBleilLansing, MIMI~1921Wrote "Consigned to Death Six Times: Surviving Bataan, the Death March and Life as a POW", Army Air Corp mechanic
6James J. BollichLafayette, LALA8/15/1921Army Air Corp Cpl., 16th Bomb Sqdn, 27th Bomb Group, Mukden, Manchuria #1439, wrote "The Bataan Death March - A Soldier's Story"
emailed me 3/2/17 with an update
Attended 2017 Bataan Memorial Death March
7Hershel C.BousheyEverett, WAWA
8Richard PBurkeMcHenry, ILIL1918515th CAA Btry G, Clyde Maru, Fukuoka Camp #17,
From email from nephew.
9WayneCarringerRobinsonville, NCNC
10GeorgeCawleyPittsburg, CACA
11HenryChamberlainSeattle WAWA1922
12LelandChandlerGalesburg, ILIL~1923Corregidor, 60th CAAA, Cabanatuan, Nagata Maru, Yodogawa Steel Mill Osaka, Oeyama at Miyaza Harbor, Yokohama
13HarryCorreLos Angeles, CACAEscaped the March after 3 days, but captured later, 59th Coast Artillery, currently (at age 90) works as a patient advocate 4 days/week at local VA hospital,
14AnthonyCostaConcord, CACA~19204th Marines, Shanghai, sent to Philippines after Dec 8 attack, was in Nagasaki and after guards abandanded the camp he walked around in the city awash in radiation,
15DanielCrowleySimsbury, CTCT~1922Fought on Bataan, escaped March went to Corregidor, 24th Pursuit group, Nichols field,0,815218.story
16Richard JohnDalySanta Fe, NMNM515th A
17Anselmode la ReaSurrey, BC, CanadaCANADA
18ValdemardeHerreraCostilla, NMNM1919Fought on Bataan escaped to Corregidor, freed from Manuria China POW camp
Attended 2017 Bataan Memorial Death March
19CarlDyerOglesby, ILIL9/27/1924Fort William McKinley, 12th supply company, Corregidor, Nagato Maru, Tanagawa, Osaka, Tsuruga camp 3
20RandallEdwardsLakeland, FLFLsailor aboard a submarine tender stationed in the Philippines, Mukden
21BobEhrhartCarmichael, CACA
22GlennFrazierMobile, ALAL Wrote "Hell's Guest"
23Roy EdFrieseCalimesa, CACA~1923He joined the U.S. Army in 1941. He was captured on Corregidor in May 1942 and was shipped to Japan in July 1943 on Clyde Maru. He was held at Omuta POW camp. After WWII, he reenlisted in the U.S. Army and in 1947 transferred to the U.S. Air Force. He retired after 20 years of service.
The Quan summer 2013
24Pedro PeteGonzalezAlbuquerque, NMNM19th Bomb Group
25Byron CGordonOklahoma City, OKOK8/21/19194th Marines Shanghai. Transferred to Phillipines in Nov. 1940. Assigned to Cavite Naval Base. Once Cavite bombed out, transferred to Bataan. Once Bataan fell, one of about 250 men to attempt to swim channel to Corrigedor. Aided by providential dolphin that drove off hammerhead shark, Gordon received "tow" from dolphin the rest of the way to Corregidor. Once on Corregidor assigned with rest of Marines to beach support. Survived fall of Corregidor and was force marched to just outside of Cabanatuan. Crammed into boxcars for ride to Cabanatuan. As Gordon was more "healthy" than most, he was one of several hundred Americans assigned to the Yamamoto Butai forced work detail on the docks in Manila. Transported on hellship Nissyo Maru to Japan. Worked in lead and copper mines 1944-45 until liberated in August, 1945.
note from grandson, Chad Higbee
26EddieGrahamWichita, KSKS8/31/1917From NM, 515th D
27RalphGriffithHannibal, MOMO~1923Corregidor, Mukden
28ArthurGruenbergCamano Island, WAWA10/30/1921Marine, L company 4th Marines, Corregidor, Capanatuan 3 &1, Nissyo Maru, Fukuoka 7b, served in Korea,
29EdJackfertWellsburg, WVWV"Whether it was World War II, Vietnam, Korea or the Iraq War, victory for each of them was measured in survival and maintaining their faith and loyalty to our nation. When the reward for loyalty was continued starvation and death, their strong heart, great spirit and unyielding faith served as an inspiration to the rest of our nation,"
30ShelbyJohnsonAllen County, KYKY
31WarrenJorgensonBennington, NENE~19214th Marines, Corregidor
32TheodoreKampfSalt Lake City, UTUTCorregidor?
33PaulKerchumBenson, AZAZ~1920
34OscarLeonardParadise, CACA1919
Attended 2017 Bataan Memorial Death March
35RalphLevenbergReno, NVNV~1920Army Air Corps, 17th Pursuit Squadron
36Rosenaldo RossLovatoGallup NMNM~1920200th A Btry, Received 9 missing medals during Bataan ceremony in Santa Fe 4/9/2014
37HoustonLoweSan Antonio, TXTX11/28/1919
38George Don NanoLuceroAugusta, ME (from Santa Fe, NM)ME6/7/2013200th B, he escaped shortly after arriving at the camp, but he was recaptured and returned to the camp only to escape once more. The second time the Japanese guards put Lucero in front of a firing squad. "Why I wasn't shot, I don't know," he said. "They worked me over." Lucero said he knew his captors were going to kill him, so he determined he would run again if he got a chance. That opportunity came one night when he was guarded by a single Japanese soldier who began to feel sorry for Lucero. He loosened the shackles that bound the prisoner. "He got careless with his rifle, so I took the chance," Lucero said. He shot the guard and fled into the jungle, where he met up with guerillas, alongside whom he continued to fight the Japanese. He also met his first wife, a woman who cared for the resisting soldiers. His wife returned to the United States with Lucero before eventually going back to the Philippines.
39Victor LMagallanes SrMakakilo, HIHI07/28/1916Believed to be the oldest vet in Hawaii
40JamesMartinJacksonville FLFL1920
The Quan summer 2013
 email confirmation from friend alive as of 4/14/14
41Trinidad GeorgeMartinezBrenham, TXTX~12/25/1917200th G
42OmarMcGuireEugene, OROR1923Army Air Corps mechanic, Kokura Japan steel mill, Kokura was to have been the 2nd atomic bomb site, but smoke had them divert to Nagasaki, past ADBC National Commander,
43JamesMurphySanta Maria, CACA1921
44Douglas NorthamReno, NVNV1919raised in rural Texas, enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1940. After being stationed in China he did patrol duty on USS Oahu in Manila Bay, Philippines until it was sunk shortly after the fall of Bataan, Northam was then assigned to Corregidor, where he was captured in May, 1942. Following internments at prison camps at Bilbid in Manila and later Cabanatuan, he was sent to Japan on the “hell ship” Nagata Maru in November, 1942. Held at Umeda Bunsho in Osaka, he performed forced labor at a Mitsubishi railroad yard and other locations in the Osaka area, primarily in Suita. The concluding months of the war he spent in Tsuruga. Remaining in the Navy until 1948, Northam later worked as research technician for the Shell oil company from 1951 until his retirement in 1977. He has been married for 64 years, has two children, and enjoys gardening, horse racing, and cooking.
ADBC Convention 2014
45William BillOvermierAlbuquerque, NMNM2/14/1920Corregidor, 200th B
Attended 2017 Bataan Memorial Death March
46BenignoPerezWestlake, CACA~1920
email from daughter in law
47PaulPhillipsDenver, COCO~1919
48BernardPothierReading, MAMA1918
Update from VA admin on 1/11/17 now living in Reading and doing well.
49KenRiceFreeland, MIMI1921Marine,
50DanielRobertsPrescott Valley, AZAZ~1921
51RalphRodriguez, Jr.Albuquerque, NMNMOctober 1917200/515th Medical Corps
52GeorgeRogersLynchburg, VAVA4/18/19194th Chemical Co, then infantryman 31st Inf Regt on Bataan, Nissyo Maru, Fukuoka 3,
53JoeRomeroAlbuquerque, NMNM200th A
54RobertRosendahlSpringfield, MOMOMukden
55William BillSanchezMonterey Park, CACA191859th CAA, Corregidor
56SolSchwartzMission Viejo, CACA
57BenSkardonClemson, SCSC7/14/1917Walks 8.5 miles at Bataan Memorial March each year!!!!! It is his Mecca, 2017 was his 10th year, Survived march thanks to a can of sweetened condensed milk. Survived POW camp thanks to his Clemson ring which was traded for medicine and food, Captain at start of war, Company A of 92nd Infantry Regiment Philippine Army, 2 Silver Stars, 4 Bronze Stars for Valor, Henry Leiner & Otis Morgan (Clemson alumni) kept him alive by trading his ring for help, Oryoko Maru (Otis Morgan died when it was bombed, Henry Leitner died in a POW camp in 1945), Enoura Maru, Brazil Maru, Manchuria camp, freed by the Russians, weighed 90, Served in Korea, retired in the Army as a Colonel in 1962,
Attended 2017 Bataan Memorial Death March
58GranvilleSmithLas Cruces, NMNM60th Coast Artillery
Bataan Corregidor Memorial Foundation of NM
59WaltStrakaBrainerd, MNMN~1919194th Tank Battalion, Company A - Brainern MN, last survivor of this company, PrivateNr. 39231899 C194, listed in Proviso as "Killed In Action October 24, 1944 on Arisan Maru "Hell Ship",
60BillSwickardWest Terre Haute, ININ
61Jasper GeorgeTaylorTampa, FLFL~1921Corregidor, 27th Bomber Group, radio operator,
62RichardTraskClovis, NMNM200/515 CAA B Btry
Attended 2017 Bataan Memorial Death March
63RaymondVasquezRancho Cucamonga, CACA~1926Corporal 1st calvary, 3 purple hearts,
64BobVoglerRancho Bernardo, CACA
65JackWarnerElk City, OKOK10/19/19214th Marines Battalion, Corregidor, Formosa, Lima Maru, Dainichi Maru, Tokyo camp 5, Sendai 5b Kamaishi,
66CliffordWarrenShepherd, TXTX10/15/192460th CAAA, Corregidor, Lipa City, Missyo Maru, Nagoya 1b Kamioka
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