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Venmo: @msproxyJamie Grace Alexanderpoetry, music & grafitti. This is to say written work, sound art & visual work bleeding into each other. This work imagines similarities between myself & those who share my many identities.Baltimore, MDI am making mailout zines on a mystery topic! The last one contained dad trauma & African masks from the Barnes Collection. Venmo atleast 7$ & I'll send you one!
Venmo: @chaskisolYchaskiManeuvering blur & rupture through audio video performance, solYchaski engage with physical & digital ecologies, dysrhythmia, and discontinuity.NYC
10 BekongDahlia Bekong is a 17-year old poet from Bronx, NY. When she is not busy writing or debating, she dabbles in music and studies critical theory.Bronx, NYEmail or DM Instagram
Venmo:@cordill3ra Cashapp: $cordill3ra Paypal: chaska.sofia@gmail.comPrecolumbianDJ, Producer, Cultural CreatorPhiladephia,
Venmo: @catherine-feliz Cashapp: $cimarronx Paypal: Catherine FelizMy artist practice is influenced by my continuous seeking of origins as a descendant of a “new world” “first contact” people, and a desire to de-center Western modernity / epistemologies from the collective imagination. Through mining the rubble of time’s inevitable ruins I ask, how did I / we get here? Where am I / we going? I also offer direct services as a full spectrum doula & plant spirit medicine healer on a sliding scale basis <3Brooklyn, NYEmail for commission based
Venmo: @ausetbennu Cashapp: $ausetbennu Paypal: Yasmin BratzI’m a Visionary and Creative Talent: Radio/Podcast Personality, Spiritual Liaison, Song Writer, Rapper, Performer, Actress, Dancer, Creative Producer, Model, and more Bronx, NYAll music platforms
Venmo: @Cat Hampton Cashapp: $lechatnoiroeuvreCharlie FlowersBlack Intuitive Imaginative Elemental IntrospectiveWashington, DC
Cashapp: $atbabbyBabbyRaised as a devout Pentecostal, Babby took on many aliases in an endeavor to hide his musical ambitions from elders that if known by the clergy would have been condemned. Galvanized by Jazz and Classical, Babby blends the symphonic worlds of the baroque with themes of love and metaphorical masochism in beautiful dark places you can call home.Washington,
Cashapp: $mackfoy MacKenzie River FoyI’m an archivist, writer/director, and foodie specializing in Black, neo-indigenous storytelling forms and histories. I’m independently contracted by production companies, theatres, and non-profits to develop and produce content connected to archival material. I also direct music videos and produce an IG series called Kitchen Witchin. Washington, DC (Northeast)Email
Cashapp: $MelanieMonjiSunflower MoI am an artist of many mediums. I do mainly spoken word events and I also host a monthly, donation based, open mic. I also bake homemade breads and sweets that I sell at local farmers markets. Washington, DCEmail for poetry+open mic+book inquiries, email sunflowerzgardenz@gmail for catering services or are just interested in purchasing fresh bread or desserts@__sunflowergardenz @liveindagardem
Paypal: nehan.thiam@gmail.comBlaq Milk (Zayn Thiam)Hello! I'm a photographer and performance artist; I also sell crafts Being an immigrant limits my current options to find remote work; would appreciate any help!Washington, DCEmail @blaq.milk And @negrotesque
Venmo @rickyyrosee CashApp $rickyyroseeRicky RoséAs an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, Ricky Rosé has taken the performance scene by a storm, performing with various troupes and events across DC, Maryland and Virginia, Puerto Rico, Texas, New York, Colorado, and Ohio. Most recently voted DC's Best Drag King 2019 and freshly back from the Austin International Drag Festival, this stud is out to bring a whole new meaning to Mr. Worldwide, adding a little sazón and grit to the charming glitz of the world’s oldest, finest wine. Ricky Rosé is more than just a performer, they’re a way of life.Washington, DCDM Instagram - taking virtual tips for performance
Cashapp: $theshanellejacobsShanelle JacobsShanelle Jacobs is an portrait and concert photographer based in Washington, DC. Shanelle started her photography career in 2014 by simply picking up her first point-and-shoot camera and a photography book, then going outside to capturing images of the world around her. Shanelle is now a full-time photographer, working with up-and-coming models, artists, local fashion lines, and documenting a variety of events. Shanelle’s philosophy is simple: “ I look to create great memories by bring out every emotion with each photo that I take. If I haven't done that, then I haven't done my job. I intend to have every session and event to be better than the last.”
Cashapp: $RowRuckusRow Ruckus Performance Kink Art, professional domination, performance masochism I’m a hard of hearing QTIPOC sex worker and performance artist in the leather community Los Angeles, CA DM InstagramDaddyPapiMister
Venmo: @EliNdoumbeElijah NdoumbeI am a photographer and director of photography focused on creating visual images that engage with questions of Queer identity across colonial and racialized histories, as well as intimate gestures captured through the lens. I work in analogue as well as digital mediums, and do design. I work a lot documenting processes of artistic creation, with musicians, and other creative independent filmmakers. I am also a DJ and curate spaces for Queer and POC joy. I've had two photography jobs (for next month's rent) be cancelled because of COVID-19. It's especially hard freelancing in a city that relies on a Western economy, and particularly, a short season of foreigners and foreign currency to secure living expenses. Particularly, Cape Town's cost of living is geared towards foreigners - but I'm a freelancer earning on the local Rand economy. Cancellation due to COVID-19 has a sustained and real impact. My only other job is in the service industry, making less than $1.30/hr; with the knowledge that if matters get worse this side, restaurants and service spaces are also sure to be impacted.Cape Town, South AfricaEmail or DM Instagram
Cashapp: $SupremeCuntyCunty MeMeHip-Hop, Erotic art, poetry, visual art/t-shirts Chicago, ILEmail for commission based, cuntymeme
Venmo: @jheyda-McGarrell Cashapp: $jheyda Paypal: jheyda1@gmail.comJheyda McGarrellI am a photographer and multimedia artist Los Angeles, CA Email or DM
Cashapp: $jupiterblack510Jupiter BlackMy art is intended to express freedom of the mind that flows into the body reaching spirit. Its righteous in its self expression. Los Angeles, CA Email Youtube, Souncloud, Spotify@jupiterblack_ @blackseoul
Cashapp: $eddingtonagain Paypal: eddingtonhoward@gmail.comEddington AgainI am a vocalist and performance artist with a focus on pop centric experimental soul musicLos Angeles, CA
Venmo: @voltaire-th-gameVoltaireA mix of graphic vector art and paintings. I also make logos, animated graphics, and video editing.NYCDM
Venmo: @TheBrooklynBruja Cashapp: $TheBrooklynBruja Paypal: TheBrooklynBruja@gmail.comKnivesSpace witch artwork that centers QTPOC and uses intuitive energy reading to pick the what images are used to decorate the center image. Brooklyn, NYWebsite for prints, custom prints and other goodies. DM Instagram for custom digital collages
29'm an artist born in France living now in UK. To be simple, I try my best to research and play good music. Music you never heard before but you know how to move on it.
My wish is to be able one day to spread my way of partying.
London, UK
Venmo: @Dyani-Douze Paypal: d.douze15@gmail.comDyaniMusician, DJ, producer Dyani works in the underground electronic music tradition of sonic myth-making to resurrect spiritual tradition, ancestral memories, generational trauma and healing. A student and lover of afrodiasporic dance music like Detroit techno and South African gqom, the London-based artist released their debut single, “Agwe” in February and will follow with a full-length album in 2020.London, UK
Venmo: @cy-borg Paypal: stathameb@gmail.comCY XI am a multimedia artist exploring time, portals, and memory through sound, movement, and interactive installations. My work investigates these essential questions: What would a black queer future look like? How can we take back control of time? How could we embody abolition in every sense? In what ways are our bodies programmed and how can we hack that code?Brooklyn, NY
Paypal: fullyspyc@gmail.comTati au MielPerformer/DJ/Designer Montreal, CanadaDM Instagram tatiaumiel.bandcamp.comtati_au_miel
Venmo: @azulveraAzul Verá MachadoAnticapitalist centric. I make art with any type of materials I can get my hands on. From designing shoes, to making jewelry, to paintings and multimedia sculptures. I like to try anything and everything as long as I have access to it.Seattle, WADM Instagram
Cashapp: $JillianLyles Paypal: lylesjillian@gmail.comJilliMy current creative projects center around the belief that queer POC hold the universal role as gatekeepers, accessing, nurturing and protecting the thresholds between the physical and spiritual worlds. I create many crafts including zines, waist beads, and clothing. All commission work plus my zines, coloring and activity books incorporate sacred geometry to teach universal relationships as well as provide a soothing exercise promoting creativity and relaxation in the mind, body, and spirit. My featured coloring book: “A Space Between: Volume One” is not only an expression of these gateways; the energy and intention behind all images are rooted in protective and healing consciousness. Additionally I design and create a diasporic clothing line to highlight and uplift the royal bloodline of all those who stem from the continent. I take custom orders as well as have a stock of premade designs for all ages and sizes.Cleveland, OHDM Instagram
Venmo: @ReinaProjectny Cashapp: $ReinaProjectny Paypal: John.almanzar95@gmail.comJohn AlmanzarI'm a queer drag performer and activist. Also do community organizing and teaching Artist work. My work sadly can not be bought I'm currently working on digital offerings for my work but since I'm a performance artist I'm left with very few options amid covid.NYC
Cashapp: $travelindoulaprojectNdiaje' Tatsuhw'aI am an Intuitive Healer, Birthworker, Artist - I serve through Guided Movement & Meditations that can be done in person or virtually. I serve through spoken word, through plant medicine. ALWAYS guided by Spirit and my AncestorsPG County, MDI have a poetry book that heals the inner child called iNdigo Nights : The journey of Birdie y Mariposa (available on / All other services can be found via my Instagram / for exchanges of salves/oils/teas can be done through shipment or pick up
Venmo: @slbord Cashapp: $slbordSL Bord
SL Bord is a multi-ethnic queer artist born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. They love bright colors and hate even numbers
Brooklyn, NYDM Instagram
Venmo: @hotbirdbathHotbirdbathHotbirdbath is a queer asian artist based in LA focusing on their tattoo practice, as well as performance art and metal fabrication work.Los Angeles, CA Email, book through jotform, or DM Instagram
Paypal: yousefsshami@gmail.comYousef ShamiDrum work in a variety of contexts. Lessons, playing in bands, gig workRockville, MD Email @yousefshamidrums on FB and IG,
Paypal:jesicasarraf_@hotmail.comChanty OTM & alex gabberDj producer vocalist performerUSA (East Coast)Bandcamp/soundcloud/instagram/facebook/ youtube/ spotify/ all platforms
Venmo: @Tina-Carzon Tina CarzonI make music, make art (illustrator/artist), and do photography. Washington, DCDM Instagramtinacarzon.comFacebook —
Venmo: @obscured-minds Cashapp: $obscuredmindsObscuredmindsPaintings primarily. I do watercolor/acrylic contour lined portrait commissions :)Thank you so much for this. I’ve had a really low commission season these last two weeks. San Diego, CAEmail or DM Instagram @obscuredminds
Venmo: @Sonia-1RaverJinnGraphic designer, photographer + stylist, dj, + jewelry designer. Can also offer design / DJ lessons. Brooklyn, NYEmail or DM @raver.jinn
Venmo: @emulsifyEmulsifyI am a graphic designer and illustrator! I can do any graphic related ask! Brooklyn, NYEmail or DM Instagram
design website: art shop:
45 ShaktiÌ am an interdisciplinary artist working in textiles and paint. I work with marginalised communities, running workshops predominantly with elderly people of colour and teenagers. My current project Making History runs as free tapestry making workshops across the UK, we explore ideas around migration, displacement and recording our stories through collective making. My work is focused on self-love, confidence building and bringing people together to create IRL supportive and reflective communities. Within the last 3 days all my work has been cancelled, as an artist working in the community, I live month by month, so this is very concerning. I really appreciate any support that anyone is able to offer and I am so grateful to Mutual Aid Project - sending out love and strength at this difficult time.London, UKEmail,
Venmo: @soraya-zamansoraya zamanPortrait and fashion photographer with a focus (but not limited to) queer identity NYCEmail
Venmo: @Carly-TalhamiCarly TalhamiI am a photographer and graphic designer. I am proficient in adobe suite. Photography wise, I focus on black and white film and digital editing. I sculpt and work well with power tools. I have done stage/set design for theatre. I Have worked in the music industry doing production.San Francisco/Bay Area, CAEmail or DM Instagram
Venmo: @bbeautyssupply Cashapp: $bbeautyssupply Paypal: bbeautyssupply@gmail.combbeauty ssupplyI mostly make jewelry (chainmail & silk knot statement pieces), but I also provide graphic design/illustration services for myself and musicians/friendsHouston, TXDM Instagram for commission based,,
Venmo: @oranjesoda Cashapp: $AnissaAmalia Paypal: Anissa AmaliaI am a freelance filmmaker/videographer/photographer. My work ranges from portrait photography, product photography, music videos, docu style work and more. I'm a very versatile artist and have backgrounds in installation work, video work and photowork. I hope to focus more on becoming a director but as of now I have been working in different mediums. For my photography, my work tends to combine bright colors and haziness to capture a world that is more imaginative. My film experience also ranges, I have worked as an editor, assistant camera, DP, assistant director, directing, producing, PA, production designer, and also art director. I also dabble in graphic design a little bit, I often design flyers or pitch decks. I have taken product photos for BRWNGRLZ earrings and Cocofloss. I also used to work for Adolescent Content as their In-House editor and graphic designer.I'm currently in need of financial help for those who are able to help. I lost all the gigs I received this month which costed me $1,500. I still have my cat's hospital debt I'm paying off as well every month until October which is an additional $288 per month on top of rent and bills and also my own debt I have to pay off. My visa situation has been very complicated in which I'm unable to do any service or retail jobs as I'm only able to work within my field that I applied to. I also am going to be a Reiki practitioner by the end of this month and will be offering affordable Reiki services to the community! I also read tarot and oracle cards for anyone needing guidance.Los Angeles, CA Email or DM;;
Venmo: @ushamami Paypal: menaka.sachdev@gmail.comUshamamiMena Sachdev is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, engineer, synthesist and educator based in Brooklyn. Their primary project is releasing music as Ushamami, with a distinctly addictive sound that fuses RnB, experimental pop, house, and much more. Their art centers their identities as a queer non binary south asian, and she has committed her musical career to creating space for queer futures. Mena also composes for film and does mixing and mastering. They have a great deal of experience scoring and designing in the installation format, and are currently exploring building DIY synthesizers. Brooklyn, NY Email ushamamimusic@gmail.comItunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music@ushamamii on FB, @ushamami everywhere else
Venmo: @Melika-DaveMelikaI am a multi disciplinary artist producing poetically fueled music and paintings. I am primarily interested in the overlap of the abstract and representational. I enjoy combining spiritual symbols, text and geometric shapes to create a poetic story in my visual work and my music focuses on similar spiritual and aesthetic references.NYC
Venmo: @MLovell Cashapp: $MLovellLES ANGÈLM Lovell is a black lesbian latinx from suburban-area D.C. He rwork is grounded in transcendental trauma beside black queer ancestors and awakened by practice in dream recall, heavy love, and ritualism. Her multidisciplinary artistry incorporates various mediums such as 2D visual arts and 3D structures, performance, and prose-poetry. By portraying transparency and intimacy of heart eating, clown becoming,
and egg delivering, Mayah demonstrates the psyche of neo-erotica to combat spiritual warfare against mental, sexual, and physical dysphoria.
due to recent international travel, my job is having me go on a 14 day quarantine, which they are not covering funds for. this will be 80 hours without work and therefore an entire paycheck out of work. ideas: i could perhaps sell chapbooks which are small books of writing, or sell art prints events so that majority of the money would go to gender expansive performers and maybe people interested in my work can buy from me. also able to participate in performance work later on after things settle. thanks! Washington, DC (Northeast)DM @mayahlovell_art
Venmo: @glitxch Paypal: avery.charlie.chang@gmail.comOKXKXO Queer Galactic Mixed Media, dabbling in 3D sculpture, 2D illustration and more. I have stickers,zines and laser cut pronoun keychains that’s I was prepping to sell at in person markets, but Will be announcing a remote sales option soon via Instagram-Baltimore, MDDM on Instagram
Cashapp: $JessUdeh Paypal: jess@chiamaka.studioJessicuntmixed/multimedia - collage & sound (dj + soundscape), @jessic_nt
Venmo: @cryscrossscry$crossI create interactive epk's/resume's for artists, musicians, dj's performers prioritizing QTPOC artists to promote and market themselves professionally! i also dj!!Brooklyn, NY
Venmo: @QueenBratLayLuscious PayPal: BookLayluscious@gmail.comLay LusciousI’m a 23 year old Haitian-American Rapper, Internationally Published Model, Director, Songwriter, Singer, and LGBT influencer who has lived through much struggle, survived homelessness, and decided to create a positive out look on negative events to keep my dreams consistently alive. Triple threat with profoundly talented sexy pop-rap flow & image converted from international poetry slam competitions, my writing skills & dance training of 10+ years. Not only but also the video producer, set designer, director, stylist, full independent investor & casting director to her visually appealing music video “9LIVE$”Corona Virus hit all of us hard. Just moving into my new place and escaping a toxic relationship. I am in the mist of fundraising money for my Trans Brother-in-Law who is currently fighting cancer and my partial of ticket sell proceeds and all of the donations were going all to him and my sister! I also just invested into a music video as an unsigned songwriter & artist. Meaning I spent my own independent budget out of my own pocket for my music video literally right before the virus took a hold on the masses and it was a public epidemic. Not only but ALL of my other bookings, events, side hustles and gig keep getting cancelled due to the prevention of the spread of the virus. Atlanta,
Cashapp: $bauzochalane Paypal: chalanebauzo@gmail.comAnónimaHouse/Techno club dj Atlanta, GaEmail
Venmo: @InfiniteDakota Paypal: dakotacamacho@gmail.comDakota CamachoI create spaces for humans to acknowledge our (inter)connections with land, ancestry, the elemental forces, genealogy, our bodies, ourselves, and each other. These spaces come to life through ancestral song, incantation, movement, installation, video, altar-making, sound design, music, and community-based education. I work with knowing that comes from both my bloodlines and the diverse lineages that inform my indigenizing journey.Duwamish TerritoryEmail
59 García Maura Garcia Dance offers performances featuring choreographic works of Artistic Director Maura García and collaborating artists. García (non-enrolled Cherokee/Mattamuskeet) founded MGD to uplift Indigenous cultural values, to form connections and to explore the rhythms of the natural world. From interactive performance experiences to compelling solos to community-integrating ensemble shows, MGD provides deeply engaging performances for the stage, the out-of-doors and in response to specific places and events.Lawrence, KS and Chapel Hill, NCEmail or DM
Venmo: @bipch Cashapp: $bipch VACÍA I make music and am a drag artistDenver, ColoradoDM Instagram
Cashapp: $sonibh Soni BhallaI am a photographer, writer, musician, illustrator, and tarot reader. I’m also available for freelance copywriting opportunities! I have four years of experience writing copy and developing social media material for entertainment venues and non profits.Houston, TXEmail or DM Instagram
Venmo: @melasol Cashapp: $melasol Paypal: www.solgaleano.studioSol GaleanoMy design work is primarily minimalistic in natureNew Orleans,
Venmo: @fanafellahinFANA'My art centers around Kurdish liberation and revolution throughout the Middle East.Pittsburgh, PA
Venmo: @prettymajor Cashapp: $TaleciaTuckerTalecia Tucker I am an interdisciplinary artist, working mainly in photography. My photography explores the social and cultural nuances of Black identity in the America. It engages themes of familiarity, cultural identity, class, gender, and encapsulates fleeting moments of intimacy. Atlanta, GA Email or DM @stolengfsclub
Cashapp: $havjayyJavierPhotography, fashion, video, graphic design, jewelry, New JerseyEmail or DM Instagram for commission based,,
Paypal: amirahelenbrown1@gmail.comAmira BrownI am an artist and painter who works in both textiles and paintings combined in both imagined and perceived space. I'm a fine artist who used their illustration background and intuition to bring my work to life.New Haven, CTEmail or DM Instagram
Venmo: @YES-SEGURA SeguraAs a multidisciplinary visionary my design work is rooted in uplifting historically marginalized communities. I design everything from maps, websites,graphics, and streetscapes. I also research and advocate (write) for equity & health within transportation.Seattle, WA
Venmo: @IngridiViruelIngridi ViruelI shoot mostly with film because it is a more practical and delicate process. I use photography to register what makes our passage through Earth social and meaningful. I photograph life and the pleasure details. I photograph moments, people, feelings, windows... Consequently includes the questioning of human existence and the confusion of our feelings. I also create stories with series of photographs, with cinematography. I am inspired by avant-garde and artistic movements, mainly surrealism and romanticism. My art goes beyond street photography, portraits, self portraits, fashion photography, still life, but it also involves practical processes of photographic manipulation and media mix. DMV areaDM
Venmo: @onmommas Cashapp: $onmommas / sasha kelleyMy current art practice's include djing & event productionOakland,
Venmo: @snapcashme Paypal: hopdn12@gmail.comHopI enjoy an interdisciplinary healing arts practice that weaves sound, body work, painting, performance, movement and photography! Los Angeles, CA Email or DM @369h20 for commission based work
Venmo: @k_lo87karina lopezI'm a visual artist and designer, I work in different mediums but my main focus is the intersection of (moving) image and code. I can do web dev, graphic design, creative tech, motion design and photo. my art focuses on the intersection of art and technology and examines human perception, time and space. Los Angeles, CA Email
Venmo: @sukhpreet-purewal Cashapp: $SukhpreetPsukhpreet writing/photography/tarot + holistic offerings Los Angeles, CA DM Instagram
Cashapp: $brinda19 Paypal: Brinda IyerI’m a model, photographer, performance artist and DJ Los Angeles, CA DM Instagram
Venmo: @christineskies Paypal: allhailchristine@aol.comchristinereiki-imbued portal paintings, other abstract work, and love letters from the akashic records Los Angeles County, CA Email or DM Instagram@cynicalpinay
Venmo: @Lehua-TaitanoLehua M. TaitanoArt 25: Art in the 25th Century is a dynamic collective co-founded in 2019 by artists Lisa Jarrett (Portland, OR) and Lehua M. Taitano (Santa Rosa, CA). It is the culmination of years (and ancestral lifetimes) of shared curiosity, vision, and an outright insistence to see their culture thrive within contemporary art. Art 25 investigates how Indigenous and Black art lives in the 21st century and collaborates with contemporary artists worldwide who envision how it will flourish in the 25th century and beyond. In forming a future archive, the collective interrogates historical access, curation, collection, consumption, and preservation of Indigenous and Black art and culture.California Email for commission based
Cashapp: $QueenFrostyMiss FrostyI am a digital artist and a painter! I do digital pinups of cartoons, and digital portraits. My paintings vary from landscape, to the female body.NYCDM @queenshy_art or @queenshyfrosty . I can ship paintings out or deliver them personally. All digital pieces can be received via email or DM along with a time lapse
Venmo: @Aarati-Akkapeddi Aarati AkkapeddiI am a first-generation Indian-American, cross-disciplinary artist, educator, and programmer interested in the poetics and politics of datasets. I work with both personal and institutional archives to explore how identities and histories are shaped by different methods of collecting, preserving, and presenting data. NYCEmail aarati.akkapeddi@gmail.com
Venmo: @bindirambindiramMy music is a fusion of his Indo-Caribbean and Bay Area upbringing - blending sounds of dancehall, neo-soul, and hip-hop. It is an expression of my queerness, upbringing, and culture.NYCEmail,
Venmo: @Jasdeep-KangJasdeepfilm &
Venmo: @sadeswift Cashapp: $sadeswift Paypal: Cards by DéCards by Dé is a worker owned cooperative that creates handmade crafts. We provide crafting spaces and services that are grounded in racial, healing and social justice. We create handmade greeting cards, design reports, create prints and much more!Bronx, NYEmail
Venmo: @maxwell-viceMaxwell Vice Theatre Actor/ Magazine Director/ Fashion ModelI lost my manager job at Superchief Gallery bc the gallery close due to event cancellations. I also work as a theatre actor but a job I was looking forward too is on hold for casting due to the virus so I’m not booking. This happened in the middle of the month I’m 20 years old and don’t live with my parents. That job was my survival job. I don’t know what else to do, I don’t have a college degree and that was my only full time job. Queens,
Venmo: @schnuug Cashapp: $schnuug Paypal: lomari14@gmail.comSoxMultidisciplinary artists who’s focused on graphic design based around beloved characters of my childhood in order to further heal my inner child .Brooklyn, NYDM Instagram
Venmo: @shahdalbaz ShahdVisual art/beaded jewelry Brooklyn, NYDM InstagramTwitter: @kombutchbitch
Cashapp: $kaylaisnotrealEveMakeup artist Brooklyn, NYDM Instagram
Cashapp: $TamaraJadeKazTamara-Jade KazAs an illustrator, Tamara-Jade works predominantly with themes relating to social identity and social change. She often references her experience as a black lesbian in her practice, and uses her work to celebrate marginalised groups. London, UKEmail for commissio nbased work or DM Instagram to buy
Paypal: nsgchmv@gmail.comMorita VargasAmbient/Experimental/
Venmo: @gemgemgemCami DominguezI make mixed media sculpture, performance pieces, video installations, and music.Brooklyn,
Venmo: @adelinamcruz Cashapp: $amcruz85 Paypal: amcruz85@gmail.comAdelinaI focus on painting, digitial illustration and murals. my art is very bright and bold, using acrylic paints and spray paint, I have a contrast of abstract and realism. Themes i explore in my work is cultural and gender identity, sexuality, mental health, healing and the natural world.New MexicoEmail or DM
Venmo: @evanjamesatwoodEvan James Benally AtwoodEvan is a queer Diné photographer and artist born to the clans Ta'neeszahnii (Tangle clan) and Naakai dine'é (The Mexican Clan), residing in Portland, OR. Their work comes from the intersection of a queer identity and honoring ancestral indigeneity. Evan is passionate working within the queer, indigenous feminist communities, documenting stories, and uplifting marginalized voices.Portland,
Cashapp: $feejos Paypal: purpledaze88@gmail.comFeeSparklesMakeup Artist NYCDM Instagram
Venmo: @Brianherrera22 Cashapp: $Brianhe22Brian HerreraMy art explores the themes of immigrant identity and queer culture through different mediums such as print media and street installations! Chicago, ILEmail or DM Instagram for commission based work.
Venmo: @emilia-turner Paypal: emiliadturner@gmail.comEmilía Turner/Paradot
I'm a visual and sound artist working in alternative process photography, mixed media, performance and sound art. I release music and perform under the name Paradot - a collaborative, experimental electronic project whose sound is somewhere in between techno, ambient, noise, and pop. My work explores liminal spaces, altered states of consciousness, ritual, and environmentalism.
Los Angeles, CaEmail to purchase prints,
Venmo: @powernotpanic Paypal: nikkilunapaz@gmail.comNico PazMy art is art-activism that is installation and performance based. I also make costumes and textiles.Los Angeles,
Venmo: @JaydenFosburg Cashapp: $jaydenfosburg OwllegatorHigh saturated digital and traditional 2D artwork.MarylandDM Instagram
Venmo: @sydneiicee Cashapp: $sydneiicee PayPal: sydneiicee@gmail.comSydneii CeeSydneii Cee is a 21 year old artist currently residing in Brooklyn. She specializes in illustration and portraiture that mainly focuses on black people.I've been working in theatre and TV for the past year and due to covid19, all theatres and TV/film productions have been shut down. I have enough for April's rent but if these closures continue for much longer I don't know if I can make rent each month. So anything (especially commissions) helps. Thank you!Brooklyn, NYEmail for commissions
Venmo: @biancalovemusic Paypal: budgetdangelo@gmail.comBianca LoveI'm a contemporary jazz/soul musician, producer, actress and teacher. I lead a band and I sing and also play trumpet and guitar. Along with my live gigs, my acting gigs have also been canceled and the schools I'm teaching at have closed down.New Orleans, is my sponsor site where every "follower" will earn me $2 at no cost to them. all they have to do is click follow and type in their email address. my tracks are available there for sale and also for free.
Cashapp: $cesiadlCesia Dominguez LopezCesia Domínguez López is a facilitator, curator, & cultural practitioner striving for our collective liberation. Through many modalities, she explores Historical Legacies of Healing to (re)imagine & build infrastructure that centers the health and dignity of Black & Indigenous communities.Goleta, CADM Instagram
Venmo: @AngelicVortex Cashapp: $AngelicVortex Angelic VortexI'm a self taught digital artist that specializes in portraits and character design! I love designing characters inspired by fantasy, creepy/cute factors, and diversity. I create unique and eye catching designs.Texas
Paypal: Jinxy PoppetMixed media artist, native to New Orleans currently resides in Colorado. Custom murals and commissions! Ships World WideColorado Springs, CODM Instagram
Venmo: @Yamira-SerretYamira SerretYamira Serret uses pen and pencil to blend elements of the natural world into new forms that give gravity and gesture to things unseen. Taking lead from her introspective wanderings in dream work and esoteric thought, Yamira is informed by the time eternal themes of human experience: love, loss, the search for authentic being, and transformation. Her work employs figuration of fauna and flora in surreal arrangements both delicate and unforgiving. Queens, NYEmail or DM Instagram