Every Star Trek Book Ever
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Every Star Trek Book Ever (& Which Ones Flourish Has Read)This list of texts is largely taken from someone else's spreadsheet.This sheet includes the photonovels. See other sheets for comics, etc.
TitleAuthorTV SeriesBook Series#Secondary Book Series#Release DateTypeFormat OwnedRead DateOpinionsReview on Sideblog
Star Trek 1James BlishTOS1/1/1967Fiction : NovelizationPaperback1/31/2017Well, that sure was a novelization. What's most interesting is how much James Blish wants Yeoman Rand to be a real character. The back copy cites her, too!
Star Trek 2James BlishTOS2/1/1968Fiction : NovelizationPaperback2/?/2017Hilariously, the copy that applied to Yeoman Rand in "Star Trek" is now taken word for word to apply to Uhura.
Mission to HoratiusMack ReynoldsTOS5/21/1968Fiction : NovelHardback8/14/2017Pretty dated in some ways (people are given LSD to make them pliable? What?) but rather fun, exactly like TOS. There's a culture in it that's "white people's fevered imaginations of Neolithic culture" that includes some bad Native American depictions, but since it's literally Paleo diet people who've founded their own planet, I believe they would have bad takes on it and create a planet o'bad takes.
Star Trek 3James BlishTOS4/1/1969Fiction : NovelizationPaperback7/15/2017I am relieved to see that Uhura's description is now: "Unbelievably beautiful, she is the most popular member of the Enterprise crew and also one of the most brilliant scan engineers around." Better!
Spock Must Die!James BlishTOS1/1/1970Fiction : NovelizationPaperback?/2016Always a classic.
Star Trek 4James BlishTOS7/1/1971Fiction : NovelizationPaperback8/31/2017they've started mentioning McCoy in the copy...although they refer to him as a super-Scot. Oh dear. whoever wrote the copy really had seen like one episode and forgot the characters!
Star Trek 5James BlishTOS2/1/1972Fiction : NovelizationPaperback9/14/2017Includes "Turnabout Intruder." Yikes. But they've improved the jacket copy!
Star Trek 6James BlishTOS4/1/1972Fiction : NovelizationPaperback9/1/2017Blish is usually good, but I feel like I need to to watch "The Mark Of Gideon" again, cause that episode makes no sense in short story form...
Star Trek 7James BlishTOS7/1/1972Fiction : NovelizationPaperback9/11/2017I really regret hearing the name "Miramanee," or even reading it. this was not the collection of TOS's finest episodes.
Star Trek 8James BlishTOS11/1/1972Fiction : NovelizationPaperback8/15/2016Mostly notable in that it includes the episode where Yeoman Rand is nearly raped - and deals with it with some subtlety, in my opinion, although it is still markedly old fashioned in many ways.
Star Trek 9James BlishTOS8/1/1973Fiction : NovelizationPaperback10/2/2017Read while recovering from a blow to the head. It was exactly my speed. Make of that what you will.
Star Trek 10James BlishTOS2/1/1974Fiction : NovelizationPaperback10/2/2017Like Star Trek 9, read while recovering from a blow to the head. It was exactly my speed. Make of that what you will.
Star Trek Log OneAlan Dean FosterTOS6/1/1974Fiction : NovelizationPaperback
Star Trek Log TwoAlan Dean FosterTOS8/1/1974
Star Trek Log ThreeAlan Dean FosterTOS12/1/1974
Star Trek Log FourAlan Dean FosterTOS2/1/1975
Star Trek 11James BlishTOS4/1/1975Fiction : NovelizationPaperback10/2/2017Like Star Trek 9, read while recovering from a blow to the head. It was exactly my speed. Make of that what you will.
Star Trek BlueprintsFranz JosephTOS4/1/1975
Star Trek Log FiveAlan Dean FosterTOS7/1/1975
Star Trek Star Fleet Technical ManualFranz JosephTOS11/1/1975
Spock, Messiah!Theodore R. Cogswell & Charles A. Spano, Jr.TOS1/9/1976Fiction : NovelDigital3/19/2017Surprisingly better than I thought it might be. A lot like an original series episode. The biggest downside is Ensign George and her "dop," which is original series-classic sexist/sexy bullshit.
Star Trek Log SixAlan Dean FosterTOS2/1/1976
The New VoyagesSondra Marshak and Myrna CulbreathTOS3/1/1976Fiction : CollectionPaperback12/23/2016The stories are fine, but really the commentary on fanfiction vs. "professional" Trek canon - all in the introductions - is the best part. Amazing that so much focus is on getting Kirk and Spock laid - though in only one story is K/S really implied.
Star Trek Log SevenAlan Dean FosterTOS6/1/1976
Star Trek Log EightAlan Dean FosterTOS7/1/1976
Star Trek Log NineAlan Dean FosterTOS1/1/1977
The Price of the PhoenixSondra Marshak & Myrna CulbreathTOS7/1/1977Fiction : NovelDigital3/19/2017Holy shit, this is the slashiest licensed novel ever. Spock is instructed to kiss Kirk like Sleeping Beauty (while Kirk is naked under a "thin sheet") and thinks, constantly, about how Kirk is the only person he's ever bared his "naked soul" to. It's also somewhat incoherent and features a super muscular, kinda butch Romulan commander who (spoiler!) talks a duplicate of Kirk into being her pool boy. I'm half "oh man this is awful" and half "OH MAN i AM SO HERE FOR THIS."
Planet of JudgementJoe HaldemanTOS8/1/1977Fiction : NovelPaperback12/27/2016It's Joe Haldeman, so it's very well written and engaging; but in my opinion the plot is a bit of a reach. Still, no more of a reach than what's in TOS all the time, I suppose. I would have liked it better if there was more attention paid to the female crewmembers—I really felt their lack, given the setup.
Star Fleet Medical Reference ManualDoug Drexler and Anthony FredricksonTOSBallantine TOS10/1/1977Reference : In WorldPaperback6/27/2017I think this is the best Star Trek thing I own. Seriously. I love it.https://everystartrekever.tumblr.com/post/162362349846/the-star-fleet-medical-reference-manual-memory
Star Trek 12James Blish with J.A. LawrenceTOSBantam TOS11/1/1977
The New Voyages 2Sondra Marshak & Myrna CulbreathTOSBantam TOS1/1/1978Fiction : CollectionPaperback12/25/2016Even more K/S UST—including a story by Nichelle Nichols that basically proves to me that she's a fan of Kirk/Spock/Uhura. Also includes an intense story featuring genderswapping. Overall, I'd say that even though it includes serious stories by people who'd written for ST:TAS and so on (not to mention a NASA scientist), this really continues the "fan-to-pro" idea that New Voyages 1 did. Also notable: two stories that partially prefigure the Borg.
Star Trek Log 10Alan Dean FosterTOSBallantine TOS1/1/1978
Mudd's AngelsJ.A. Lawrence with James BlishTOSBantam TOS5/1/1978Fiction : NovelPaperback7/6/2017Man, "Mudd's Women" and "I, Mudd" were not good episodes, and they were not made better by the addition of JA Lawrence's final story, which was real bad...but it's all bad in that classic TOS way, which I suppose is praise of a sort.
Vulcan!Kathleen SkyTOSBantam TOS9/1/1978Fiction : NovelDigital3/21/2016I do not believe the psychological underpinnings of this novel for an instant, nor its portrayal of Vulcans. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it in the way I'd enjoy an iffy lay-Spock fic.
The Starless WorldGordon EklundTOSBantam TOS11/1/1978Fiction : NovelDigital3/21/2016Also not great. "A god who is also a star." Okay then. Doesn't hold up to Q, et al! Plus use of "Klingonese." Okay theeeeen.
Trek to MadworldStephen GoldinTOSBantam TOS1/1/1979Fiction : NovelDigital3/22/2016Extremely TOS-style. Features very underdeveloped Klingons. Again.
World Without EndJoe HaldemanTOSBantam TOS2/1/1979Fiction : NovelDigital3/27/2016Who's surprised that this was a good one? Very reminiscent of much older sci fi (like, Radium Age sci fi). Also features weird interpretation of the Klingons, but this time I feel like they could be real Klingons, like, it's a reasonable thing that that could be a direction the Klingons could go and not suck. Hooray for Joe!
The Fate of the PhoenixSondra Marshak & Myrna CulbreathTOSBantam TOS5/1/1979Fiction : NovelDigitalConfession: I tapped out on this one. I got about halfway through and couldn't bear to go on. I guess I'll have to come back to it. With whiskey.
Devil WorldGordon EklundTOSBantam TOS11/1/1979Fiction : NovelDigital3/29/2016I really don't get why "devils" are such a big thing. I guess they were more of a big thing in the past? But like...IDK. I really don't think that people feel like Satanic horns are THAT scary anymore. The only other notable thing here was that there's a Jain character (!) but...she seems to only know it as a philosophy and not anything about the religion? It's weird.
Star Trek: The Motion PictureGene RoddenberryTOSPocket TOS112/1/1979Fiction : NovelDigital : Kindle1/8/2013Fun fact: As I understand it, for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Alan Dean Foster wrote a story which was turned into a screenplay by Harold Livingston, and in this novelization Gene Roddenberry is adding his own gloss to it. Way to play Telephone. Still, getting insight into Kirk's thoughts adds a lot to the movie, despite the sometimes awkward prose.https://everystartrekever.tumblr.com/post/154915118236/star-trek-the-motion-picture-novelization-by
Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The PhotostoryRichard J. AnobileTOSPocket TOS1/5/1980Fiction : PhotostoryPaperback7/9/2017definitely a better experience than watching the Motion Picture in actual motion picture form...
Perry's PlanetJack C. Haldeman IITOSBantam TOS2/1/1980Fiction : NovelDigital3/29/2016Clumsy dealings with the idea of pacifism ahoy!!! But we do get the Klingon blood oath, which is remarkably like the Klingon blood oath in later versions of this world, and the idea of holograms that are 3D...
Star Trek MapsSydny WeinbergTOSBantam TOS8/1/1980
The Galactic WhirlpoolDavid GerroldTOSBantam TOS10/1/1980Fiction : NovelDigital3/30/2016Another, more modern-feeling take on the "generation ship that gets lost" theme. Of course, the history laid out here is far from anything that could remotely be considered canon, but it's interesting history, and I like it. All in all, a pretty good outing.
Death's AngelKathleen SkyTOSBantam TOS4/1/1981Fiction : NovelDigital4/1/2016If I were the type of person to yell "Mary Sue," this book would have me yelling it. We learn of a wing of Starfleet that does investigations and is really rather gestapo-like; the lead character, Elizabeth, is investigating a series of deaths as the crew and a cargo of Federation ambassadors goes to try and, perhaps, negotiate a detente with the Romulans. Not great, but not great largely in that it reads very much like an actual original series episode that's been perspective-shifted onto the female love interest, so I can't hate it.
The Entropy EffectVonda N. McIntyreTOSPocket TOS26/1/1981Fiction : NovelDigital : Kindle4/2/2016(I originally read this long before, but don't know exactly when.) Man, the quality just jumps when we get to the Pocket series, even including Joe Haldeman's entry—or maybe it's my taste. One thing's for sure, previous novels have taken a very 1950s attitude towards sex and marriage, whereas here Kirk is considering joining a polyamorous family (!) There's also some nice alien crewmembers. The longer format really gives it a lot more oomph.
The Covenant of the CrownHoward WeinsteinTOSPocket TOS48/1/1981Fiction : NovelDigitalSometime before June 2017I can't take "Kailyn" seriously as there was a girl the year below me at Reed named that. Also, McCoy makes awfully heavy weather about being too old for a beautiful young girl - heavy enough weather that I feel like it's ridiculous they don't end up together. Not good, overall.
The Klingon GambitRobert E. VardemanTOSPocket TOS310/1/1981Fiction : NovelDigital4/2/2016Feels like a Star Trek episode that's been stretched too thin, over too many pages. One of those "everyone starts acting mad because of an alien artifact" plots, which also have been done a lot, and featuring a pneumatic junior science officer Spock's lusting after (proving that not only women write intensely cringey Spock sex fantasies).
The Prometheus DesignSondra Marshak & Myrna CulbreathTOSPocket TOS53/15/1982Fiction : NovelDigitalI genuinely think I might have a mental block when it comes to Marshak & Culbreath's writing. It just seems like gibberish to me. Surely I'm not the only one? I tapped out, again. I'm gonna have to come back and really grit my teeth.
The Abode of LifeLee CorreyTOSPocket TOS64/1/1982Fiction : NovelPaperback6/?2017Somewhat interesting in that it plays with the idea of a 'lost colony.' It seems another version of the "World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky" idea, but this time with an actual world, not a generationship. Not very compelling, however, in the end - I felt like the Mercans needed more development for me to truly care about their curious society.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanVonda N. McIntyreTOSPocket TOS77/1/1982Fiction : NovelDigitalSometime before June 2017This novel adds whole storylines that aren't in the movie - maybe that were in early drafts? - and also features Vonda McIntyre's pet characters, which aspect I like a lot. It makes the whole universe of Star Trek novels feel more real somehow.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan PhotostoryRichard J. AnobileTOSPocket TOS10/1/1982
Star Trek II: Short StoriesWilliam RotslerTOSPocket TOS12/1/1982
Star Trek II BiographiesWilliam RotslerTOSPocket TOS12/1/1982
Black FireSonni CooperTOSPocket TOS81/1/1983Fiction : NovelPaperback12/24/2016Well, they can't all be "My Enemy, My Ally," I guess. The best thing I can say about it is that with the pirate Black Fire, it embraces the Horatio Hornblower/Royal Navy aspects of Trek more than most later books would.
TriangleSondra Marshak & Myrna CulbreathTOSPocket TOS93/1/1983Fiction : NovelDigitalSometime before June 2017Lo and behold, I made it through a Marshak & Culbreath! Mostly because this features my favorite thing - people who really ought to be in a happy triad. I've loved it ever since I came up with using it in my 1D fanfic. Sadly, this still is not a good book. I don't get their sexual or gender politics at all.
Web of the RomulansM.S. MurdockTOSPocket TOS106/1/1983Fiction : NovelDigital6/16/2017The names in this book drive me nuts - S'Tarleya (Star Leia,) S'Tokkr (Stalker), S'Talon etc. In general, it follows in the "Romulans are like Romans" idea, but it's pretty unsatisfying there. Also features a weird and kind of sexist computer being made into a lady subplot. IDK.
Yesterday's SonA.C. CrispinTOSPocket TOS11The Yesterday Saga18/1/1983Fiction : NovelDigital6/21/2017I like it. Not what I would call a very modern-feeling story in many ways - but then, it's directly taken from a rather old fashioned TOS episode. And Spock's difficulty in interacting with his son made a lot of sense to me.
Mutiny on the EnterpriseRobert E. VardemanTOSPocket TOS1210/1/1983Fiction : NovelPaperback2/19/2017Like "Black Fire," pretty "sea story" as these things go, with Kirk requiring resources from a planet to complete a voyage. At first I thought it was a fairly boring anti-Communist metaphor, but it kind of saved itself from that by the end; I enjoyed it a fair bit.
The Wounded SkyDiane DuaneTOSPocket TOS1312/1/1983Fiction : NovelDigital3/?/2017Who doesn't love crystalline beings?
The Trellisane ConfrontationDavid DvorkinTOSPocket TOS142/1/1984Fiction : NovelPaperback7/10/2017I found this book pretty uneven. I really liked the way that galactic politics and local star system politics played out. I was also really interested in the Onctiilian and its relationship to Nurse Chapel - so often I feel like Star Trek novels don't really try to delve into alien ways of life, and the Onctiiilians certainly were an attempt at that. But then, the idea that the Expansionist villain really secretly wanted to be Kirk, the way that captaincy was held up as a higher calling or unique burden - that part felt very old fashioned, and the Klingons and Romulans weren't well drawn, in my opinion. So while I enjoyed the book, it's not gonna be on my list of faves.
CoronaGreg BearTOSPocket TOS154/1/1984Fiction : NovelPaperback7/1/2017While the way this deals with "bigotry" is kind of simplistic, it was very touching at moments, and I really enjoyed seeing Spock and McCoy team up (and the interpretation that McCoy doesn't like Spock because they're so much alike but Spock is better at resisting his emotions than McCoy). The idea that quasars are caused by a force totally different than our life's force....all in all, this felt like a nice middle ground between classic TOS's morality plays and a more nuanced vision of the world. Very good.
The Final ReflectionJohn M. FordTOSPocket TOS16Worlds Apart15/1/1984Fiction : NovelDigital : Kindle6/28/2017Sure to become nearly as much a favorite as Diane Duane's RIHANNSU series. If only this were really the way the Klingons were represented in the main series! Well, maybe I will think differently after watching more DS9 and Worf; still.
Star Trek III: The Search for SpockVonda N. McIntyreTOSPocket TOS176/1/1984Fiction : NovelHardcover1/12/2017Straight down the middle - though it does reference Mandala Flynn, and explain why Amanda wasn't there for Spock's resurrection!
Star Trek III Short StoriesWilliam RotslerTOSPocket TOS6/1/1984
Rihannsu, Book One: My Enemy, My AllyDiane DuaneTOSPocket TOS18Rihannsu17/1/1984Fiction : NovelPaperback12/23/2016Delightful in basically every way, although it took a little while to get into it. I'm very glad it was suggested as a good starting point for this project.
The Tears of the SingersMelinda M. SnodgrassTOSPocket TOS199/1/1984Fiction : NovelDigital : Kindle10/20/2017I rather liked this one, mostly because it addressed the problem of communication which so often gets utterly handwaved with universal translators. I also liked the focus on Uhura and her love story; she is great. I didn't love the Klingons, but given when it was written there wasn't so much to go on, and it at least presents them as individuals rather than a faceless menace.
The Vulcan Academy MurdersJean LorrahTOSPocket TOS2011/1/1984Fiction : NovelDigital6/28/2017"Degenerative xenosis" comes from here—a very nonsensical ailment, but a good one for storytelling. And there's a lot here about Sarek and Amanda that I think is well-established in headcanons! But the mystery wasn't great.https://everystartrekever.tumblr.com/post/162410220036/the-vulcan-academy-murders-by-jean-lorrah?is_related_post=1
The Klingon Dictionary: English/Klingon Klingon/EnglishMark OkrandMultiple1/1/1985Reference : In-WorldPaperback12/23/2016I hoped for more of a phrasebook. Interesting—but I'm unlikely to learn Klingon except for fanfiction purposes.
Uhura's SongJanet KaganTOSPocket TOS211/1/1985Fiction : NovelDigital7/8/2017Really liked this one! I feel like we're having a good run of Trek novels right now. I really liked that this introduced another feliniform race (besides Snarl's race) and that it spent a huge amount of time on their culture. It feels authentic in a way that most of the representations of alien cultures to this point haven't in the novels. I'm not such a huge fan of how we keep having to introduce Harry Mudd esque trickster characters. Evan Wilson was just fine, and I really appreciated that she wasn't posed in competition with Uhura or anyone else, but I didn't feel like she added that much to the story ; it would have been more exciting, in my opinion, if her character had been melded with Uhura's, and Uhura got to be the daring adventurer for once!
Dwellers in the CrucibleMargaret Wander BonannoTOSPocket TOS251/9/1985Fiction : NovelDigital8/13/2017I really like that this book tried to tackle the th'y'la relationship, but I don't think it totally succeeded. I respect the attempt, but there's just so much rape and attempted rape, so much struggling with sexuality, and so little recognition that WOMEN SOMETIMES BANG WOMEN, for lord's sake, that it was really undermined for me. I'm not saying that the th'y'la bond is sexual, but only that the possibility of sexuality today would need to be addressed at least from the human side, y'know?
Shadow LordLaurence YepTOSPocket TOS223/1/1985Fiction : NovelDigital7/16/2017I have really mixed feelings about this one. I love the focus on Sulu and especially like that it attempts to tackle questions of how Starfleet might be viewed as a colonizer. But I feel like the book is hamstrung because it must be relentlessly pro-Starfleet. We know that the people who oppose Angira's entry into the Federation will be either convinced or defeated. And there's an idea that Angiran society is "broken" and must be fixed. I'm not saying that I am a moral relativist, but there ought to be a better and more nuanced way to deal with the two sides of the issue. Still, I don't think that option was open to the author, so I won't blame him.
IshmaelBarbara HamblyTOSPocket TOS235/1/1985Fiction : NovelDigital7/16/2017I am probably supposed to be too cool for Barbara Hambly, who invented Callista, quickest of all Luke's love interests to be nuked by other writers (sorry for getting Wars in your Trek, guys). But I really enjoyed this novel, probably because in so many ways it was very fanfictional. Of course, if it were fanfic, it wouldn't have had all the callbacks to Kirk in the main timeline (unless it was K/S). Or maybe Biddy Stemple would have been Nurse Chapel's (or Uhura's) ancestress and it would have ended on a maybe-Spock-will-finally-love-Chapel (or Uhura - although that is definitely more in the Kelvin timeline than the one this novel is in) note. But I don't care. It paid a lot more attention to the characters as humans and as physical beings, and I loved the way Uhura was portrayed in the few scenes where she appeared. 9/10 would read again.
Killing TimeDella Van HiseTOSPocket TOS247/1/1985Fiction : NovelDigital7/17/2017This is the novel that had real K/S in it (and was later edited to have less). But even the edited version, which I read, is pretty damn slashy. I also liked the Romulan character, Thea. As far as time travel hijinks go, it could be better, but who cares? The characters were enough to carry me through it.
Pawns and SymbolsMajliss LarsonTOSPocket TOS2611/1/1985Fiction: NovelDigital8/17/2017If this were fanfiction, someone would say it was a Mary Sue: it's a woman who gets caught up in the highest of Klingon politics, basically. I'm not sure it's a great book, but I did enjoy it a lot - the author's a strong enough writer to keep me going along with it, even when I felt like "aw, c'mon, this is a lot of id candy." And the Klingons, while not my preferred version, had some real worldbuilding behind them, unlike many books.
MindshadowJ.M. DillardTOSPocket TOS271/1/1986NEED TO BUY GOOD COPY
Enterprise: The First AdventureVonda N. McIntyreTOSPocket TOS1/9/1986Fiction : NovelDigital8/21/2017Like many of McIntyre's works, this seems to bridge the gap between a very classic and old fashioned Trek story and the modern fanfiction-ish stories that I feel like I usually read. I really valued the interesting twist on the old tired "generation ship" plot, and I liked the character of Stephen, for all that he's not very canonical. A Good Book, is my summary.
Crisis on CentaurusBrad FergusonTOSPocket TOS283/1/1986Fiction: NovelDigital9/4/2017A very present day feeling story, with Kirk owning land that he save up for, references to companies like American Express, and a big stinking nuclear plot. Still, propulsive writing (and the fun situations people find themselves in) carries it through.
Dreadnought!Diane CareyTOSPocket TOS29Fortunes of War15/1/1986Fiction: NovelDigital 9/5/2017What a shame that a writer with lots of elan and a Mary Sue style protagonist who's actually a lot if fun, would be an Objectivist and full of really awful political takes.
DemonsJ.M. DillardTOSPocket TOS307/1/1986Need new copy.
Battlestations!Diane CareyTOSPocket TOS31Fortunes of War211/15/1986Need new copy.
Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeVonda N. McIntyreTOSPocket TOS12/1/1986Need a copy.
Chain of AttackGene DeWeeseTOSPocket TOS322/1/1987Need new copy.
Deep DomainHoward WeinsteinTOSPocket TOS333/1/1987Fiction: NovelDigital9/10/2017At first I didn't like this, but it had some interesting ideas in it. I need to figure out where it fits in the movies - Admiral Kirk gives up the Enterprise for being a teacher... what movie was that? idk.
Dreams of the RavenCarmen CarterTOSPocket TOS345/1/1987Fiction : NovelPaperback12/30/2016When I realized this included amnesia, I wasn't sure I'd like it, but it turned out to be a really good story—just weird enough to match TOS, but also really about McCoy's friendship with Spock, which was heartwarming.
The Romulan WayDiane Duane & Peter MorwoodTOSPocket TOS35Rihannsu28/1/1987Fiction : NovelDigital3/?/2016More DD plz.
Strangers From the SkyMargaret Wander BonannoTOSPocket TOS9/15/1987Need new copy.
How Much for Just the Planet?John M. FordTOSPocket TOS36Worlds Apart210/1/1987Saving this one for a rainy day when I really, really need a book I know will be good.
Encounter at FarpointDavid GerroldTNGPocket TNG10/1/1987Need a copy.
BloodthirstJ.M. DillardTOSPocket TOS3712/1/1987Need new copy.
Final FrontierDiane CareyTOSPocket TOS1/1/1988Fiction : NovelDigital9/20/2017Diane Carey continues to have a strongly individualistic mindset but she's not doing the hyper-Randian thing anymore, for which I'm grateful. I think someone who likes classic sea stories might like this, as there's a fair bit about battle and maneuverability, but I didn't find it as engaging: George Kirk just can't get me excited the way that the "real crew" can! Still, a more than competent book.
The IDIC EpidemicJean LorrahTOSPocket TOS382/1/1988Fiction : NovelDigital9/24/2017Not great, Bob... there were certain things I liked about this book, but it combined a weird licentiousness about "forced reproduction" with an implied critique of racial mixing. I'm not saying I don't think the themes in it could be dealt with well; they could, and I don't think every culture meshes easily with every other!! But it was not handled well here.
Time for YesterdayA.C. CrispinTOSPocket TOS39The Yesterday Saga24/1/1988Need new copy.
TimetrapDavid DvorkinTOSPocket TOS406/1/1988Need new copy.
Ghost ShipDiane CareyTNGPocket TNG17/1/1988Need new copy.
The Three-Minute UniverseBarbara PaulTOSPocket TOS418/1/1988Fiction : NovelDigital9/25/2017Started off slow, but really picked up - in a weird way it was as though there were two halves of the book: the half where the Sackers were "monsters" and the half where, you know, they were interesting beings. Uhura's fear of fire was not the most subtle storyline in the universe, but I liked it nevertheless, as well.
Spock's WorldDiane DuaneTOSPocket TOS9/1/1988Fiction : NovelDigital : Kindle1/30/2017Why can't every book be by Diane Duane? Only half joking. I really love this one.
The PeacekeepersGene DeWeeseTNGPocket TNG29/1/1988Fiction : NovelDigital10/1/2017Generally pretty interesting, I especially liked getting to spend so much time with Geordi and seeing how his vision altered his perspective on the world. The brief uses of Troi and her connection with Riker were also surprisingly good, although I wish I had seen more of both her and Yar - it was a very dudely book. Unfortunately, the end was rather flimsy: I didn't, and don't, believe that massive multigenerational conflict on a planetary scale can be solved by "ooh scary aliens." But Star Trek has repeatedly suggested that it can be, so this is more a Trek problem than a this-book problem.