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Prioritization App ViewdoneDevelopmentcriticaleasy140
Where prioritization takes place, task goes in 1 of 4 quadrants, the axes and quadrants should be flexible s. description in the platform view, need for predefined templates
Add task textdoneDevelopmentcriticaleasy140Only text no formatting, no other features, only content, possiblity to link to the goals (optional) and to quadrants
OnboardingdoneMarketingcriticaleasy140See detailed description in the product requirements document, the first version simply explains the concept by video or tool tips / no coding!!!Example
CategorisationdoneDevelopmentcriticaleasy140There should be a possibility to create projects, lists, customers, goals, where tasks can be categorised under some category, which is connected to specific goals
Inbox list viewdoneDevelopmentcriticaleasy140This is where all tasks are stored if they are not in the quadrants and projects, works like a backlog in agile
Due date for taskdoneDevelopmentcriticaleasy140User can add due date
Mixpanel integrationdoneMarketingcriticaleasy140Integrate mixpanel for analytics and automation/drip campaigns
Today viewdoneDevelopmentcriticaleasy140
Today view is mainly like a feed (twitter), where tasks are shown based on priorities from 1Q to 4Q, where strategic tasks are listed all. Highlighted tasks are tasks with due dates, if no due date don't show the task in the today view for quadrant from 2to4, but quadrant 1 is listed always where today's tasks are highlighted and future tasks are marked grey
This weekdoneDevelopmentcriticaleasy140
This week is analog to the today view, it's need to have something similiar to sprint planning approach, since the due date stuff is not working for tasks which are done in sequences
Google Tag Manager integrationdoneMarketingcriticaleasy140Integration of google tag management solution which gives the possiblity to connect other tools for analytics, automation, analysisExample
Completed task viewdoneDevelopmentcriticaleasy140User can see all completed tasks and things what he/she has done
Grandma UX Testnot startedMarketingcriticaleasy140If the product is not easy enough it won't be a real fast growing product, babushka test should be conducted among at least 10 non technical people or so
This is where the users starts to move tasks which are not in 4 quadrants into different 4 quadrants, so he/she knows which priority the task has, drag and drop from inbox to prioritization
Create landingpage for beta user acquistion in order to drive traffic from fb and other sources, where people can sign up, refer to friends. Copy lander from
Task notesdoneDevelopmentcriticaleasy140Add notes to the task
Instead of one signle framework, there should be a possiblity to use different predefined frameworks as templates: Impact (, due dates (Eisenhower), simple things first (Google prioritization framework), impact and enjoy your work framework from Google Apps, Customer framework X-axis = effort, Y-axis = money, or custom made framework. It gives the full flexibility for the enduser, since most of them have different habits, like some of them following deadlines, some working alogn the impact, some want to do simple things first.
Registration moduledoneDevelopmentcriticalmiddle130There should be simple email registration form to keep the information synced over all platforms. The registration form should contain email and password.
Timeline list viewdoneDevelopmentcriticalmiddle130Additional timeline view which shows all tasks based on quadrants in a simple list view
Delete taskdoneDevelopmentcriticalmiddle130Possibility to delte a task
Complete taskdoneDevelopmentcriticalmiddle130Possibility to mark a task as completed
Change content of a taskdoneDevelopmentcriticalmiddle130Possibility by clicking on a task to change name or content of the task like due date, notes, name
Data layer concept/integrationdoneMarketingcriticalhard120
Creation of universal data layer concept for in order to use most important customer interaction events, define important events like amount of signups
A major piece of software, as an operating system, an operating environment, or a database, under which various smaller application programs can be designed to run. These applications are:
mailbox (inbox), prioritization, calendar, goals, team management, connectors (integration with other apps like dropbox, evernote etc.)
Web versiondoneDevelopmentcriticalhard120Possiblity to use the application in the web browser
Profile managementnot startedDevelopmenthigheasy80User can adjust information about himself, like password, email, payment etc.
Net promoter score (NPS)not startedMarketinghigheasy80If we have more promoters than detractors, we can scale and grow our customer base, a kind of product/market fit measurement what Sean Ellis suggested 40%
Customer feedbacknot startedMarketinghigheasy80Integration of in order to get customer feedback
Create a goalnot startedDevelopmenthigheasy80Use can create/set a goal, the creation of goal should have a wizard described as a feature, where user can set: deadline, metric, status, progress
Goal trackernot startedDevelopmenthigheasy80
There should be a simple progress tracking status bar e.g. Complete = 80%, also there should be a Status: On track, Behind, Compete. User can set a value for goal progress (manual check-ins). e.g. every friday he is going to get a reminder that he/she has to check-in the progress
Upload filesnot startedDevelopmenthigheasy80Upload different files and attach them to the task
Subtasksnot startedDevelopmenthigheasy80User can create subtasks under the main tasks
Quck add tasknot startedDevelopmenthigheasy80Task can be added directly into one of the forth quadrants, if user already knows where the task should go
User scoringnot startedMarketinghigheasy80Analyse users based on the segments from mixpanel predict feature and create specific actions for most engaged users and analyse less engaged usersExample
AI assistantnot startedDevelopmenthighmiddle70
If you put the task into housekeeping, you can define a time for housekeeping tasks e.g. friday afternoon, if friday afternoon arrives the priority timeline changes from quadrant 1 to quadrant 4 so you can do the tasks for housekeeping. Personal assistant who schedules tasks for you: User choses working schedule (from 8pm to 18pm), Assistant divides the day into 2 parts: strategic/home runs, 80%, 20% housekeeping, If user signs-in he gets always the overview what as text, Shows tips how to spent your time
Goal managementnot startedDevelopmenthighmiddle70
User can create/set and view his own goals (SMART) the goals can be set based on users preference so he can add a deadline for the goal, staus for the goal see example
Goal Wizardnot startedDevelopmenthighmiddle70
SMART. Goal Wizard providing a library of targeted goals by job description so you can simply select one or write your own based upon key words in the description.
Remindernot startedDevelopmenthighmiddle70Like evernote where you can set reminder for some tasks, you get reminders by notifications, emails
Add commentsnot startedDevelopmenthighmiddle70Add some text to the task, so you can keep track on it
Worktime schedulernot startedDevelopmenthighmiddle70User can assign work hours based on his preference, from that he can assign special hours per day for each quadrant how he wants to spend his time
Internal inbox for tasks (Forward)not startedDevelopmentmediumeasy70User should have internal inbox where he can send something from his inbox and it appears in the app
Task statusnot startedDevelopmentmediumeasy70In progress (toggle feature), done
Calendar integrationnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60
Synchronisation of calendar for due dates of the goals and tasks based on the quadrants: 1Q before 12pm, 2Q from 12pm to 5pm, 3Q from 5pm to 6pm (time should be flexible), apple/gmail calendar
Integration with Google Keep, Evernotenot startedDevelopmenthighhard60Connect to boards, sync activities and give the possibility to move the tasks into 4 quadrants: Outlook, Trello, Evernote, Google Keep etc.
Mobile versionnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60Possiblity to use the application on the mobile phones
Mailbox integrationnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60
Apple mail, Google Mail, Outlook and other most used mail clients should be integrated with (through plugins). Add task from the mail client w/o going to 3rd party
Evernote Integrationnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60Integrate Inbox with Evernote notes and sync an evernote notebook to the inbox, customer can choose which notebook to sync there
Activity Trainernot startedDevelopmenthighhard60
Like the apple watch concept, where you are getting some tips what to do, like standup for 5 minutes: 3 rings telling what to do: 1 ring make 1 big task from 1Q, 2 ring make 3 tasks from house keeping, 3 ring groom your inbox
Full email integrationnot startedMarketinghighhard60
Where based on rules by connecting to IMAP emails can be automatically captured as tasks, so CEO has nothing to do and can organise himself by email (privacy issues)
Open platformnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60
User if they arrive on the website or on the application, they can use the application without creation of an account, so they can do some stuff and if they want to save or to do more stuff, the registration form appears like open libertex terminal (gradual enagement)
Search functionnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60User can search to find his tasks or things written in the tasks or uploaded documents
Maildropnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60
User can directly drag and drop email from apple mail client in the inbox, just take the incoming email and drag it to the screen and drop it, new task will be created automatically
Calendar viewnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60A full calendar app with the view and tasks with due dates based on priorities, also other appointsments and tasks synchronised from email or other calendars
Calendar App Viewnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60Internal calendar app where user can set and see due dates
Mailbox Appnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60
Instead of inbox, there should be a real mailbox where user can directly interact with the email and put them into quadrant directly from the mailbox interface, also he can answer, delete, archive etc. own app for mails
Speech recognitionnot startedDevelopmenthighhard60
You can add tasks by simply speaking into your microfon, it could be a game changer on mobile e.g. you open app > the first screen is add task, it's already listeting to you, you can just speak and say save/stop, the code of the mobile app is simply adding tasks from the first screen, like dictophone, click open app > speak to add task > go further
Time zonenot startedDevelopmentloweasy60In order to create intelligent timeline, the time zone is needed
Geo Location Managementnot startedDevelopmentloweasy60
Possiblity to add different features and settings based on the country location of the user, e.g. payment methods, language or some legal informations like data storage
Whitelist internal email adressnot startedDevelopmentloweasy60Like amazon when you try to send notes to your kindle from not authorized email, amazon asks you to white list the new email to avoid spam
Chrome pluginnot startedDevelopmentmediummiddle60Chrome plugin, so people can create todo's directly from chromeExample
Time settings (user preference)not startedDevelopmentlowmiddle50User can setup a working time in order to make timeline intelligent
Invitesnot startedDevelopmentmediumhard50
Build acquisition into the product liked LinkedIn and Transferwise. Invite your co-workers (or best managers from CEO perspective) into the app, to make their work more productive (like invite your friends). Get 1 year free premium or linkedin premium subscription, per 5 paying users. Force your best managers to use the tool, so the whole organisation will improve the speed. We need a logic and tracking, like for 1 active users we can give something another for free. Logic and use cases will be worked out by me!
Filter viewnot startedDevelopmentmediumhard50
The navigation contain of different filters, where you choose a filter, you stay in the same screen, it's not like you are navigating to a different screen, you stay on the same view. A good example is filter navigation in the ecommerce stores
Kanban Boardnot startedDevelopmentmediumhard50Kanban board view grouped by persons, tasks statuses, quadrants
Roadmapnot startedDevelopmentmediumhard50
Important events timeline like a roadmap for releases, can be substituted with reminders. It always a pain to be on track for important events in the company, like releases you have to set tasks or reminders to get remineded when something will be released or should be done, the suggestion is here to set reminders and to visualise them in a roadmap view like here:
Task routingnot startedDevelopmentlowhard40
If = importancy (yes) and urgency (3 days) than goes to 1st quadrant (DO), if = importancy (yes) and urgency (no date or week) than goes to 2nd quadrant (Decide), if = importancy (no) and urgency (3 days) than goes to 3rd quardant delegate, if importancy (no and urgency (no date or some day) goes into 4 qudrant (Delete)
Importancy yes/nonot startedDevelopmentlowhard40User can choose while creating a task important yes/no, so it goes to the right quadrant of the eisenhover matrix
Urgency yes/no (due date)not startedDevelopmentlowhard40
User can choose while creating a one-click due date: today, tomorrow, this friday, next week, next month, pick date, based on that the urgency is calculated and goes to the right quadrant with the information of importancy. While creating a task there could be buttons: today, tomorrow, next week, next month, pick a date
Task movernot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Based on the due of the task if e.g. task should be done in 3 days it moves into "do it now quadrant"
Notificationsnot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Pushing due dates, messages, tips and tricks, check-in, task progress etc. proactive warning for goals set by a user
Add task picturenot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Picture and content
Add task voicenot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Only voice which can be transformed into text
Housekeeping rule for prioritizationnot startedDevelopmentlowhard40From 5pm it goes to top priority and on friday after 2pm it goes to top priority
Activity Trackernot startedDevelopmentlowhard40
Like apple watch fitness tracker function where it shows different circles, like tracking amount of steps on the iphone the same logic here, Where to invest your time which tasks should be done, 1 big strategic goal, 3 small housekeeping or 1 home run, 3 small housekeeping tasks per day, so you can see and track your time on what you are working
Multilanguagenot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Flexible possibility to translate the app by uploading a csv file into the system, everything should be translated by simple upload of file
Social registrationnot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Registration through social media profiles: facebook, twitter, linkedin
Payment modulenot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Payments based on the Payment methods: credit card, paypal
Livescribe/Moleskine integrationnot startedMarketinglowhard40Integration with offline digital pens so a user can write on a blog and the data is synced to the cloud, like a paper A4 with 4 quadrants
Desktop versionnot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Possiblity to use the application on the desktops
Pricing modulenot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Module for setting variable prices based on different options from the profile, also the possibility to test different prices
Team managementnot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Manage and add your team members
Assign a taks to the team membernot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Assign tasksk to your team members
Achievements (Gamification)not startedDevelopmentlowhard40Get badges based on your activity and the activity tracker/trainer, so you can achieve more and work towards effectiveness
Team chatnot startedDevelopmentlowhard40Team chat like Slack or connection to slack
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