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Is the decedent a police officer who was killed? (Yes or No)Decedent's nameDecedent's ageDecedent's gender (Male,
Female, Transgender)
Decedent's raceVeteran (Yes or No)What instigated the initial contact? (Click for possible responses)If 911 call, was a physical description of suspect included? (Yes, No, Unreported)Did the decedent have a disability? (Yes or No)If yes, select all that apply: Cognitive (e.g. autism, Down syndrome); Mobility (e.g. in a wheelchair); Chronic health (Diabetes, Alzheimer's); Sensory (Blind, Deaf); Mental health (see subsequent columns)Was initial contact because mental crisis or drug use? (Yes, No, Unknown, Drug or alcohol use)If Yes or Drug or alcohol use, what type?Was there an after-the-fact exposition of drug use or mental illness?If yes, what type?Was drug use implicated (Not explicitly stated, but for example, the interaction was during a drug bust)If officer is not the decedent, officer(s)'s name(s) (Separate by commas)If officer is not the decedent, officer(s)'s age(s) (Separate by commas)If officer is not the decedent, officer(s)'s gender(s) (Separate by commas, Male,
Female, Transgender)
If officer is not the decedent, officer(s)'s race(s) (Separate by commas)Officer(s)'s number of years on the force prior to the date of incident (Separate by commas)Agency or agencies involved (Separate by commas)Date of injury resulting in deathTime of day (Midnight-4a; 4a-8a; 8a-noon; noon-4p; 4p-8p; 8p-midnightLatitudeLongitudeLocation of injury (address)Location of death (city)Location of death (state)Location of death (zip code)Location of death (county)Cause of death (Click for possible responses) If "Vehicle," is cause of death, is decedent: Driver in fleeing vehicle; Passenger in fleeing vehicle; Pedestrian bystander; Bystander in other vehicle; Police officer driving pursuit vehicle; Other police officerArmed or UnarmedAlleged weaponIf different than alleged weapon, what was item held in hand? For example, cell phone.Fleeing? (Foot, Motor vehicle, Bicycle)A brief description of the circumstances surrounding the deathOfficial disposition of death (Click for possible responses)Criminal charges for officer?Administrative discipline for officer?Criminal charges for third party?Civil lawsuit? (Civil suit/Pending;
Civil suit/Family awarded money;
Civil suit/Dismissed;
Civil suit/Settled out of court;
Civil suit/Results unreported)
Amount of settlementIs there video of the incident: Surveillance video, Cell phone video, Body cam video, Other video, No, or Unreported)URL of image of decedentLink to news article or digital reproduction of official documentLink to videoAdditional URL 1Additional URL 2Additional notes/relevant commentary Any additional details about the officer's records (civilian complaints, suspensions/discipline, previous shootings, etc.)