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Contact and Conflict: Literatures of Israel and Palestine
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1967651967610Six Day War"An Israeli soldier walks in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City in June 1967 after it was captured during the Middle East War, widely known as the Six Day War, in this picture released on June 4, 2007 by Israel's Defence Ministry." Business Insider. Photo by Reuters.Historical Event#555c55
2007DocumentarySix Days in June, a documentary by Ilan Ziv ZivPosted on YouTube by Doron PascalHistorical Event
1941313Mahmoud Darwish is bornOften called "the voice of the Palestinian diaspora" FoundationAuthor
715Al-Ramla becomes the political capital of PalestineSuleiman, the Umayyad Caliph at the time, declared Al-Ramla the capital of the region. of SuleimanHistorical Event
1947122Dalia Eshkenazi is bornDaizy (or Dalia) is born to parents Moshe and Solia Eshkenazi in Sofia, Bulgaria. of DaliaLemon Tree
194226Bashir Khairi is bornBashir is born to Ahmad and Zakia Khairi in in al-Ramla. of BashirLemon Tree
1969221Supersol bombingA Jerusalem supermarket is bombed by the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). Bashir is accused of involvement. Kosher NewsSupersol MarketHistorical Eventmaroon
1936Ahmad Khairi begins construction of his home in al-RamlaAhmad and his wife Zakia hope for a stable, peaceful existence, but day-to-day life in Palestine was not simple. House RamleThe home of the Khairis and eventually the EshkenazisLemon Tree
199110Open House opensThe first four Arab children enter Bashir and Dalia's Open House in al-Ramla. House RamleThe Open HouseHistorical Event
1933130Adolf Hitler appointed chancellor of German government.The Nazi Party gains control in Germany when Hitler was appointed head of the German government. Hitler's rise to power signifies the beginning of Nazi rule in Germany, and eventually Europe, ultimately leading to the Holocaust. SunAdolf Hitler in powerHistorical Event
195075The Knesset passes the Law of ReturnThe Law of Return grants every Jew the right to settle in Israel. The Translator's Network for Linguistic DiversityIraqi Jews land in Israel having registered for Aliyah (immigration) in Baghdad. Historical Event
2004714Dalia Eshkenazi makes pilgrimage to Sofia, BulgariaDalia returns to Sofia to reconnect to familial, personal, and collective history, heritage, life, and loss. She reconnects with her family and important sites in her family and peoples' history in the area. visited the tombs of Orthodox Bishops Kiril and Stephan in the Bachkovo, paying respects to these leaders who fought Bulgaria's attempts to deliver Jews to the Nazi Party in 1943.Lemon Tree
194592End of World War IIGermany surrenders to the Allies. The Holocaust is over and the Jewish survivors of camps and elsewhere attempt to reconnect with their families, return home, and/or move to (most commonly) Israel and the US.!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_804/image.jpgStars and StripesNewspaper relaying the Allied victory on May 8, 1945.Historical Event
194812Ahmad and Zakia move their family to Gaza.The lack of job opportunities and miserable environment encouraged the couple to search for a better life elsewhere. Gaza has warmer weather and familial connections to live rent-free. MailPalestinians waiting to travel to and from the Gaza stripLemon Tree
19574Dalia notices racial differences between Jews at her school.She recognized the racial prejudice and replied to the teasing of the darker-skinned girls by saying, "Of all people who should know how not to treat someone badly just because they are different" (117). She reveals her ability to see beyond differences in race, background, and other cultural markers that segregate the population. AtlanticGirls with different cultural and/or racial backgrounds collaborate on a project. Lemon Tree
1949214The Knesset is covened for the first timeThe First Knesset is led by David Ben-Guiron's party with himself as Prime Minister. BritannicaDavid Ben-Guiron inside the First KnessetHistorical Event
19741113Yasser Arafat addresses the United NationsThe chairman of the PLO makes a speech in front of the General Assembly of the UN. by Nader Jaber on YouTubeYasser Arafat Speech Young at the United Nations in 1974 [English subtitles]vHistorical Event
2004The ICJ pronuounces itself on Israel's barrier construction.
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued an advisory opinion that Israel's building of a barrier in the occupied Palestinian territory is illegal and said construction must stop immediately and Israel should make reparations for any damage caused. IndependentA Palestinian man in front of the Kiryat Arba settlement on the outskirts of Hebron GettyHistorical Event
19829Maasacres in Palestinian camps in Lebannon.The Israeli army allows a right-wing Lebanese militia to enter Palestinian camps in Beirut. Hundreds of Palestinians are raped, killed and dismembered. all of the dead were women, children and elderly men.Historical Event
1948514Israeli Declaration of IndependanceDavid Ben-Gurion declared Israel’s independence in an address to the Jewish Provisional Council in Tel Aviv. Ben-Gurion reading Israel's Declaration of Independance.Historical Event
1967917Bashir Khairi is arrestedBashir is arrested. He will spend the next one hundred days in a Ramallah jail. New York TimesPalestinians surrender to Israeli soldiers in June 1967 in the occupied territory of the West Bank.Historical Event
1966Dalia GraduatesDalia Eshkenazi graduates from high school. Eshkenazi LandauLemon Tree
1948114The Eshkenazis arrive in IsraelThe Pan York docks at Haifa port. Hayesod CollectionThe Pan YorkLemon Tree
197310619731025The Yom Kippur War (October War)"Hoping to win back territory lost to Israel during the third Arab-Israeli war, in 1967, Egyptian and Syrian forces launched a coordinated attack against Israel on Yom Kippur." ( of IsraelA wrecked Israeli tank in the beginning of the Yom Kippur WarHistorical Event
1916927S. Yizhar is BornYizhar Smilkansky was a famous Israeli author and Knesset member ArchivesS. YizharAuthor
19471129UN votes to partition PalestineThe UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling for Palestine to be partitioned between Arabs and Jews, allowing for the formation of the Jewish State of Israel. New York TimesThe UN votes on partition, November 29, 1947Historical Event
1917112The Balfour DeclarationBritish Foreign Secretary Balfour writes a letter to Britain's most visible Jewish citizen, Baron Rothschild, expressing the British government's support for a Jewish state in Palestine. Jerusalem PostLord Arthur James Balfour and the text of the Balfour DeclarationHistorical Event
19481211Resolution 194The UN adopts Resolution 194, most famous for recognizing the right of refugees to return. and FactsJewish Refugees from Arab CountriesHistorical Event
1915819163McMahon-Hussien CorrespondenceA series of letters between British High Commishoner of Egypt, and the Sharif of Mecca, offers the promise of Arab independence in all Ottomon provinces with the exception of Syria, in exchange for a coordinated Arab revolt against the Ottomon Empire. StudyHussein, Sharif of MeccaHistorical Event
19226Creation of Mandatory PalestineUnder the League of Nations Mandate system, Mandatory Palestine is officially decalred a temporaty British holding. CommonsPublic Seal of Mandatory PalestineHistorical Event
1923724Ottoman Empire FallsFollowing their loss in WWI, the Ottoman Empire is partitioned, ceasing to be a political entity. BritanicaMehmed VI, Final Sultan of the Ottoman EmpireHistorical Event
19472The Exodus IncidentThe passenger ship Exodus sailed from France to Haifa, carrying mostly Jewish Holocaust survivors from Europe to Israel. The British Mandate in Palestine took control of the ship and deported the passengers back to Europe. CommonsExodus 1947 after British takeoverHistorical Event
1982Israel invades Southern Lebabon Israel conqueres the "security zone" in Southern Lebabon used as a land buffer between Israel and Lebabon. Invaded land in order to crush the PLO.!/image/1433934520.jpg_gen/derivatives/headline_609x343/1433934520.jpgHaaretzIsrael-Lebanon border Historical Event
1987128The First Intifada BeginsAn Israeli truck strikes and kills four Arab workers in a refugee district of Gaza, sparking Arab riots protests Herald TribuneModern pro-Intifada graffiti Historical Event
2002Construction for the security barrier begins Due to terrorist attacks coming from the West Bank, Israel built a security barrier on that border. News Security WallHistorical Event
19671122UN passes resolution 242Israel was to withdrawl all armed forces from territories conquered in 6 Day War in exchange for Israel's acknowledgement of sovereignty. Center for Public AffairsUN security council Historical Event
1994225Cave of the Patriarchs MassacreBaruch Goldstein, an American/Israeli doctor, opens fire inside the Cave of the Patriarchs, killing 25 people and sparking a fresh round of Palestinian protests. (This event is also referrred to as the Hebron Massacre or the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre). JazeeraThe Ibrahimi Mosque after the 1994 massacreHistorical Event
1998Sandy Tolan heads to Israel to follow Dalia and Bashir's StorySandy Tolan, author of Lemon Tree went to Israel and the West Bank in 1998. His goal was to uncover the story of how Bashir and Dalia were connected. He traveled throughout the region, conducted interviews, etc. Annenberg School for CommunciationSandy TolanAuthor#F2EBB1
19985"The Lemon Tree" podcastNPR's Fresh Air releases Sandy Tolan's podcast, documenting the story of Dalia and Bashir. In the podcast you can hear Dalia and Bashir discuss the house that is so important to them both. <iframe src="" width="100%" height="290" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" title="NPR embedded audio player"></iframe>NPR FreshAirHistorical Event
2005125New lemon tree plantedDalia and Arab and Jewish teenagers from Ramla plant a new lemon tree on Tu B'shvat (the Jewish holiday to celebrate trees). Tree
200072000 Camp David SummitUS president Bill Clinton meet with Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in an attempt to seek agreement between the two nations. The talk fails as Arafat refused to compromise on the "land-for-peace" Jewish occupation of the West Bank(235). CommonsIsraeli prime minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat shake hands at the White House in Washington.Historical Event
19959Oslo II signedThe Oslo II agreement demands Israel to concede control on Area A West Bank cities to Palestine and withdraw troops from Area B, while it still retains control over Area C military bases. The accord presents a "fractured visin of a truncated Palestinian state", and does not gain popularity among the Palestinians (228). CommonsThe map of Palestine as described in Oslo IIHistorical Event
1941123Bulgarian governmenet passes the "Law for Protection of the Nation"The Law for Protection of the Nation called for numerous anti-semitic measures on the Jews of Bulgaria. This included the confiscation of Jewish posession, exclusion of Jews from public service and changes in their names. CommonsTsar Boris III of Bulgaria's official approval of the new lawHistorical Event
19871291991111First IntifadaThe First Intifada was a Palestianian uprising against what they perceived as the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. This included both forms of civil disobedience and violent tactics of terrorism. Israel deployed 80,000 soldiers in response. By the end, there were 277 Israelis and 1,962 Palestinians killed. WebThe "United National Leadership of the Uprising" was a Palestinian group that published and circulated such documents to persude Palestinains to join them in the uprising.Historical Event
2000928200528Second IntifadaThe second Intafada, which is also known as the Al-Aqsa Intifada, began when Ariel Sharon visited Temple Mount in what was viewed by the Palestinians as highly provactive. This five year period involved suicide bombings and shootings by the Palestinains as well as targeted tank and air attacks by the Israeli army. About 1,000 Israelis and over 3,000 Palestinians were killed. Israeli Border Policeman and an Arab Palestinian man yell at one another in the Old City of Jerusalem on October 13, 2000.Historical Event
19677Bashir and Dalia First EncounterBashir Khairi and Dalia Eshkanazi meet for the first time in the house in al-Ramla Khairi and Dalia EshkanaziLemon Tree
197295197296The Munich MassacreBlack SeptemberHistorical Event
194912The Creation of UNRWA United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is established to support Palestinian refugees, following the 1948 Arab-Israeli Conflict EventBlue
19677Bashir and his cousins visit Al-RamlaAfter the six day war, Israeli soldiers had been redeployed to other fronts to patrol the vastly expanding occupied territories, leaving fewer Israeli soldiers along the Green Line. This made it possible for many Palestinians to cross into their old homeland, including Bashir and his two cousins. View of al-RamlaLemon Tree
19681Dalia travels to Ramallah Dalia travels to Ramallah with an English acquaintance, Richard, to visit and speak with Bashir, where they argue about the Israeli-Palestine conflict, sharing their own opinions and perspectives on the ethics of the situation. LotysLemon Tree
1988113Bashir and three other Palestinians are deportedAfter having been convicted of being involved with a terrorist attack through military court, Bashir and three other Palestinians are deported to Lebanon. AttarFour Palestinians deported from Israel (left to right) Bachir Kheyrie, Jibril Rajoub, Hassan Khador, and Jamal JibaraLemon Tree
1916927Yizhar Smilansky is bornYizhar is born in the town of Rehovot in what would soon become a British mandate. He is not the first writer in his family, his father Zev Zass and his great uncle Moshe also had a literary background. Smilansky or S.Yizhar for his pen name.Author
19885Nuha and Ghiath Khairi visit Dalia in hospitalWhile Dalia is being hospitalized for her cancer and her pregnancy, she receives the visit of Bashir's sisters. maternity room in the 1960s.Lemon Tree
193777The Palestine Royal Commission publishes its reportThe Commision - led by Lord Peel - inquired into the causes of instability in mandatory Palestine. The report suggested, for the first time, the idea of partition. Arabs were opposed to partition, while some Israelis welcomed the proposal. portrait gallery of the UKWiliam Robert Wellesley Peel, 1st Earl PeelHistorical Event
1949S. Yizhar writes "The Prisoner"Following the War of Independence / Nakba, Yizhar writes the story of an Arab sheppard's capture. Throughout the account, the narrator's voice discusses the inhumanity and horror of torture, revoked freedom, questioning, and power dynamics within the ranks of the Israeli military. Times of IsraelIsraeli Defense Force soldier commandeering a blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian manAuthor
1949S. Yizhar writes "Khirbet Khizeh"Following the War of Independence / Nakba, Yizhar conveys the hauntingly-realistic story of a group of Israeli Defense Force soldiers overtaking and expelling Palestinian civilians from their village. The internal monologue from the narrator reflects the pain and guilt from forcing villagers out of their homes, stripping them of their humanity, forcing them into exile, and overtaking the village for their "own" people. Yizhar utilizes motifs such as nature, animalistic metaphors, and silence to convey the presence and/or lack of hope, humanity, and emotional turmoil. Post UKPalestinian refugees forced out of their home villages into exile. Author
1995114Assassination of Yitzhak RabinRabin, Israel's fifth Prime Minister, was well known for his efforts towards peace between Israel and Palestine. Most notably, he played a part in the Oslo Accords. He also recieved a Nobel Peace Prize with Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat. Minister Yitzhak RabinHistorical Event
1996619997Benjamin Netanyahu's first term as Prime MinisterNetanyahu was first elected as Israeli Prime Minister in 1996. He is a member of the Likud, a conservative political party. Times of IsraelHistorical Event
193810Sheikh Mustafa Flees PalestineSheikh Mustafa left the country for Cario due to fear of assassination. He returned within a month. GuidesMap of EgyptLemon Tree
19395British government Releases its White PaperThe British government released its White Paper. The British agreed to strictly limit Jewish immigration and to tighten restrictions on land sales in Palestine. The document called for a single independent state. Hajj Amin al-Husseini rejected the White Paper. for Online Judaic StudiesTitle page for the White Paper documentsHistorical Event
19487Expulsion of Palestinians from al-Ramla and LyddaSix-year-old Bashir, his family, and over 30,000 others are forcibly expelled from their homes by the Israeli army in the largest explusion of the war. The Khairis leave behind their home and the lemon tree.David. S. Boyerexpulsion from LyddaLemon Tree,c_limit/131021_r24123.jpg
2004Most recently documented meeting of Dalia and BashirThe final meeting of Dalia and Bashir featured in The Lemon Tree yields little. While the two, now in their sixties, have developed more empathy for the other's peoples, they are unable to agree. "We could create a single reality together," Dalia says, but it seems unlikely.Canadian ChristianityLemon Tree
19491967Yizhar Smilansky serves in KnessetYizhar Smilanski represented the center-left Mapai party from 1949 to 1965 before changing to the breakaway party Rafi for the remainder of his term. Behind the NewsThe Knesset todayHistorical Event
1959Yizhar receives the Israeli Prize for Literature for his epic novel Days of ziklagDays of Ziklag was an epic novel in two volumes, over 1,000 pages long, that detailed the lives of young men in wartime. UntranslatedThe cover of Days of ZiklagHistorical Event
1963Kanafani publishes "Men in the Sun""Men in the Sun," a novella about three Palestinian Men trying to move to Kuwait for a better life is published. Kasaba TheatreMen in the desert Author
1936Ghassan Kanafani is born in Acre.His birth was in Palestine during the British Mandate. Author
1948Kanafani leaves Palestine.Due to the War of Independence in Israel (or the Nakba), Kanafani leaves Palestine to move to Damascus, Syria. Author
1967Kanafani joins The Popular Front for the Liberation of PalestineKanafani puts his pen to the service of the PFLP by editing the group's magazine 'al-Hadaf' and writing the movement's program. flag of the PFLPAuthor
1939Amos Oz is bornAmos is born in Jerusalem during the Brtish mandate. OzAuthor
2002Amos Oz 's A Tale of Love and Darkness is publishedFirst published in Hebrew in 2002, the autobiography of Oz was translated into English in 2004 by Nicolas de Lange. In 2006, the text won the National Jewish Book Award. In 2015 it was then adapted into a movie with "lovely and memorable moments" (NYT) learningworksCover of A Tale of Love and DraknessAuthor
1970Kanafani Writes "Returning to Haifa"Kanafani writes this story about a Palestinian child raised by an Israeli family. Asian Pacific American CenterReturning to HaifaAuthor
1972530Lod Airport MassacreMembers of the Japaneses Red Army recruited by the PFLP attacked the Lod Airport in Israel; 26 were killed in the terrorist attack. AirportHistorical Event
19727Kanafani and his niece are killed in an explosion.Kanafani and his niece were killed by the explosion that resulted form his booby-trapped car. He left behind his wife and two children.,f_auto,q_auto,fl_lossy/fc/3019361-poster-1280-car.jpgFast CompanyFatal Car ExplosionAuthor
1958The four Palestininans from Men in the Sun undertake their journey to KuwaitAbu Qais, Assad, Marwan and Abu set off for kuwait after making a deal among themselves. They cross the desert from Basra to Kuwait on a lorry. old water-tank lorryMen in Sun
19981031Fay Afaf Kanafani publishes Nadia, Captive of HopeFay Afaf Kanafani reflects upon her personal struggle as an Arab Muslim woman, recalls her family's dislocation throughout the Middle East, and reflects upon her husband's commitment to the Palestinian struggle in this memoir.,204,203,200_.jpgAmazonNadia, Captive of HopeAuthor
1965Where the Jackals Howl is publishedAuthor Amos Oz made a collection of short stories about kibbutz life. The book, descibed as "strong, beatiful, and disturbing" (NYT), was his first one. Before, he used to write articles in a kibbutz newsletter called 'Davar'. bookCover of Where the Jackals HowlAuthor
1992Emile Habibi is awarded the Israel PrizeIsraeli Prime Minister Itzhak Shamir awarded him the prize for his role in promoting tolerance and mutual understanding in his writing. Before that, Emile Habibi also received the Al-Quds prize from Yasser Arafat, making him the only Palestinian Arab to win the highest awards from both Israel and the PLO. PeopleEmile Habibi Author
19484Battle of HaifaThe Haganah's or Jewish forces conducted what they called the "Passover Cleansing" by capturing neighborhoods of Haifa. The battle is considered an important event between the Palestine civil war and the Arab-Israeli War of 1948 fleeing Haifa in April 1948Historical Event
192453Yehuda Amichai is bornAmichai is considered one of Israel's finest poets. FoundationYehuda AmichaiAuthor
1969Kanafani becomes Editor in Chief of Al-Hadaf (The Target)Kanafani became the editor in chief of Al-Hadaf (The Target), a weekly magazine which was the mouthpiece of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Electronic IntifadaGhassan KanafaniAuthor
197279Kanafani DiesSeveral weeks after the PFLP claimed responsibility for an attack by three Japanese Red army gunmen at Lod Airport that left twenty-six dead, Kanafani, age thirty-six, and a young niece were killed by a bomb planted in his car by the Israeli Mossad. for Palestine StudiesGhassan KanafaniAuthor
1909The first Israeli Kibbutz is establishedDeganya, the first Israeli kibbutz is established. More kibbutzim will be established in the years to come, such as the one where stories within "Where the Jackals Howl" will take place. Jewish Learning Kibbutz Historical Event
1948429The Koshens enter their home in Halisa. For the first time, Iphrat and Miriam Koshen enter their home in Halisa, a neighborhood in Haifa, with their 5-month-old boy, Dov. The home was lived in previously by Said S., Safiyya, and Khaldun (Dov), their son. Rubinsteinoil painting of Old HaifaReturn to Haifa
1862Moses' Hess: Rome and Jerusalem. The Last National Question is publishedThe book is considered as the genesis of the Labor Zionist movement - a Jewish socialist movement which adavocated the creation of a progressive Jewish society based on kibbutzim, moshavim and the efforts of the Jewish proletariat. In Where The Jackals Howls, Oz talks about veterans who suffered from the labor movement. of Rome and JerusalemHistorical Event
1855Kerem Avraham Neighborhood Founded in JeruslaemThe Jerusalem neighborhood, founded by the British Consul James Finn, became the eventual home for the celebrated author Amos Oz. It also served as the backdrop for his well-recieved memior A tale of Love and Darkness. The name translates to "Abraham's Vineyard." original gate of the nieghborhood.Historical Event
2015516The film A Tale of Love and Darkness is released at the Cannes Film FestivalThe fim, produced by Ram Bergman and
David Mandil, was based on the autobiographical novel of Amos Oz with the same name. It starred Natalie Portman, the famous American actress who was born in Israel. It recieved mixed and positive reviews. film poster for A Tale of Love and DarknessAuthor
1967630Sa'id and Safiyya return to their home in Haifa for the first time since the NakbaAfter the Six Day War, the Palestinian couple, at the time living in Ramallah since the 1948 explusion, return on a mission to see their home and find out any information about their son. As they meet their son, they quickly learn that he has been raised as an Israeli and is currently serving as a solider in the IDF. HyphenIllustration depicting the tense confronation between Sa'id and his son.Return to Haifa
1948421Sa'id and Safiyya flee the incoming Haganah forces on a boat to Acre.The Haganah conquered Haifa and Palestinian residents fled on boats to Acre during this important battle in the War of Independence, or the Nakba. Sa'id and Safiyya leave their baby at home amidst the chaos. MagazineMagazine Cover depicting the Palestinians from Haifa boarding British ships to Acre as the Haganah conquers the city.Return to Haifa
2009431Benjamin Netanyahu's second term as Prime Minister beginsNetanyahu was reelected to as Prime Minister in 2009. He still serves as Prime Minister today. He is a member of the Likud Party. Times of IsraelObama and Netanyahu meet in 2016Historical Event
1974The Secret Life of Saeed: The Pessoptimist is PublishedEmile Habiby's book "The Secret Life of Saeed: The Pessoptimist" is published. This book tells the story of Saeed, a Arab lliving in Israel. Book DepositoryCover of The Secret Life of Saeed: The Pessoptimist is PublishedHistorical Event
1988Khalifeh becomes the founder of the Women's Affairs Center in NablusKhalifeh has been studying English and Women Studies in the United States. After the intifada of 1987, she decided to return to Palestine and set up the Center in Nablus. Later she would open other branches in Gaza, the West Bank and Amman. PortalLogo of the Women's Affairs CenterAuthor
1862Les miserables is published.In Wild Thorns, reference is made to Victor Hugo's novel. The french novel protrays the ideology of revolution against oppression, which is very similar to the situation in Wild Thorns. bookCover of a modern print version of Hugo's Les miserablesHistorical Event
1890The Trappist Monastery of Latrun is foundedFounded by the French Trappist monks, the monastery was located on a no man's land from 1948 to 1967. In Amos Oz's short story The Trappist Monastery, Nahum and Itcheh reach the Latrun site after a pointless car chase. Nahum then explains the origin and meaning of the only trappist and most famous monastery of Isarel. monksPinterestHistorical Event
-587Exile to BabylonA very painful event for Jews at that time, the exile to Babylon was a forced deportation of Israelis from their homeland - Canaan to Babylon after king Nabuchadrezzar won the war agianst the Isarelis. Many prophets of the Bible talk about this exile, preaching repentance, and reminding the deported Jews that redemption would come and that a Messiah would free them of all foreign yokes. writing on the wall in Babylon announcing the doom of the dominering empire.secretagendaHistorical Event
1492Jews welcomed into Ottoman EmpireSpain issued the Alhambra Decree, ordering the expulsion of practicing Jews if they refused to convert to Christianity. The waves of Jews seeking a place of refuge were welcomed into the Ottoman Empire in 1492. As a result, Jewish settlements spread across Northern Africa and the Middle East, including Palestine. There, Jews were able to coexist with nonJewish neighbors for generations. World HistoryExpulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492Historical Event
194848Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni killed, losing strategic location for Arab army. A revered Palestinian resistance organizer and military commander, his death represented a great loss in the Palestinian resistance movement, lowering morale of his armies. Additionally, his death was correlated with the Palestinian loss of the city of al-Qastal, a victory of strategic significance for the Israeli army. The combination of these two events played an integral role in the Israeli victory. al-Qadir al-HusayniHistorical Event
1998Amos Oz is awarded the Israel PrizeOz receives the prestigious Israel Prize for his many works of literature of IsraelAmos OzAuthor
199652Emile Habibi diesEmile Habibi passes away in Nazareth, Israel at age 74 as the only Palestinian Arab to win the highest literary honours from both the PLO and Israel. CultureEmile HabibiAuthor