What students wrote on the placement test, summer 2020
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First picture (write 2-3 sentences)Second picture (write 4-5 sentences)First picture (write 2-3 sentences)Second picture (write 4-5 sentences)First picture (write 2-3 sentences)Second picture (write 4-5 sentences)First picture (write 2-3 sentences)Second picture (write 4-5 sentences)First picture (write 2-3 sentences)Second picture (write 4-5 sentences)First picture (write 2-3 sentences)Second picture (write 4-5 sentences)
These students generally did not write any sentences.she is very happey mothere and the dohtere him same

they are very sade becouse they are tairedes and thenke in day and whate will eate they are very lovelyeMom speaks with her daughter. She smiles.They are getting on the bus and sitting on the seat. It is winter.they are women.
I look they are tired.
The girl love a your mom.
The Mother and daughter are very happy.
Two old women are sitting seat because the bus is moving.My mom loves me and I love her too. I love when my mom smile to me.They are traveling in the train for a long time. They are bored. They are cold. They are waiting for the next stop.The young girl is happy to meet her cousin. Her cousin Maria is front New York.Two women are sitting at seats on a bus. One is in a middle age, and the other is elderly. The younger woman has a brown hair, and she is holding the side bar. The older woman wearing a black beret and a glasses.There are a mom and a daughter, who look happy. They might be enjoying their vacation in the woods.This picture forces me to think a lot about my future when I get older. As a young person I never thought about my elder life. About the life when other may see my unable to do things. When I have to use the public bus because I cannot drive any more or no one around me would like to help. I think I will be lonely. Despite all of that I will still spend me time and effort to grow my kids as they like without waiting for return from them because this my parents did for me. And now I am not around them if they need help
Mother and daughter are happyTwo woman siring
Use glass
Have cap
Old womans
Mom holds she’s daughter, they’re smart face to face.The women are sitting on the bus.
They are going to at their houses.
They were worked for 8 hours.
The women have very cold.
She is very good mother .she lookslike her mom.They are Mother and daughter.
The woman have your hair brown.
The woman use a black coat.
She going to buy.
They have could.

The lady is holding her.They are smiling.I see a red light.Two ladies are sitting in bus..One of the lady wear glasses and a black hat.Another lady wear a black coat.She's having fun with her daughterThe old woman seems so tired. It look like that the person close to her is bored, too. Maybe they are traveling during long time. I think that old woman could get sleeping in any moment.I see a mother and her little daughter smiling to each other on this picture. They are looking happy and joyful.The weather was cold in the morning. There were two women on the bus wearing black jackets and crying a lot. They looked sad, and I did not know how to help them.
The Children has happy
Two young girls see

sheis weit for stopThe mother holding the baby. They are happy.Two womans is in the bus.
They are beatiful womans.
Nice picture.

She holds her daughter.
The girl touched her hair.
Pepole usually useing bus . but really hard especially for old pepole . I use the bus .They are two happy girls.This two ladies are riding the bus.
They are wearing winter clothes.
The weather looks cold.
I can see an age difference between the two ladies.
Here is one unbelievable moment of joy. Mother and daughter looking at each other and laughing.Both lady’s are in the bus. They have a very long way to their house. They are boring. Instead they are bored they feel very confortable with their comfy jackets.Mother is hugging her daughter. They look happy because they are smiling.In the picture, I see two elderly women who are traveling by public transport. One of them has a short haircut and dyed hair. She is dressed in a dark blue coat and is holding the handrail. Another woman has medium gray hear and wears glasses. She dressed in a gray patterned coat and a black beret. Both look thoughtful.
They are smiling. The two have long hair
mother and your son are very happy. they are a girl power.

They Are happy and She is cool.
I see two people. They are old. These women drive by bus. They from RussiaThe girl is beautiful. I see two girls in pictures.These women to going in the bus. They do not speak.
One woman is younger than the other .
It's happy day for mother and daughter. They smile.The woman has silver hair.
She put on her glasses.
Two peoples ride on a bus.
It’s very cold day.
A mom is holding her daughter. Mam is talking a funny story to her daughter.There were two old women on the bus. they all sat. they didn't talk to each other. A woman who has the silver hair was wearing glasses. The bus was stopped due to the red light.The lady who is black long hair is smiling at girl and holding her. The girl is wearing pink T-shirt and pink flower print pants and smiling at the lady.Two women are siting in a train. They are quiet. One woman wears a black jacket, and another woman wears a gray jacket and black hat. They looks old and tired.There will always be a special bond between a Mom and a daughter. These both look very happy.Two women are going back home by bus.
It was winter and the weather is cold.
One of the women is wearing a gray jacket and black hat.
The other one is wearing a black jacket.
She is smil and play with girlThis granmother is cute.
She is 70 years old.
Mother and daughter are smile.
They looked each other.
A man and an old woman in the bus. They are like the very tired.She is whit her daughter. The girl is beautiful.The women in a bus. They wear a warm coat. They are boring. They are going at home/The woman is hugging a child. The girl is wearing a hat.They are on the bus.
White hair woman is wearing a hat.
She is putting on glasses.
Another woman is holding a bar.
The mother and the daughter are happy.
The mother is spending a good time with her daughter at the beach.
The train is faster than bus. She is going to visit her daughter. She needs to use glasses to see better. It’s a cold day because both of them are using a coat. It’s more difficult to use public transportation when are older.A lady is hugging a little girl who is sitting on a fence. They are looking each other with lovely smile.There's two ladies in the bus, one has gray hair and the other has red hair. They both seems to be concerned ,worried or distracted. I'm not sure exactly about their feelings, but I'm pretty sure that they are not happy or exited , probably they are late or tired after a long work day.The weather most be cold, but it seems to me that is not raining .It looks like a bright or a sunny day.
Mon and kids is smilleMy grandmother use glasses. My favorite color jacket is black.Love story nommy and kidThey are riding in the bus. They are maybe husband and wife. They are like sad. They are wearing jacket.Mother with daughter walk in the park. They are happy.Two woman are in the bus. Is winter in the city. The old woman wear glasses. They wear coats. They watching the street.The mom arounds her daughter in her arms. They are both smiling.There are two seniors on the bus. They are sitting side by side. In the winter, it's so cold. They want home soon.I love my daughter. She looks like me.The two old women are on the bus. They look a little bit tired. But fortunately they are sitting safely. The priority seats are good for them.A girl and her mother are looking each other.This is a picture taken at the bus. There are two old ladies sitting on the seat. One wears glasses, a grey coat and a black hat and the other wears a black jacket. It looks like that they are not talking each other, they are just looking outside.
Her blouse is pink. They are at the patk.1.they are sitting in da bus 2.Grandmoder has a gray jacket 3.they are both sad 4.the baret is black 5. they think of different thingNice girl and beautifull hairThey use a bus for traffic. Right woman has white hair. Left woman has brown hair. The right woman has a glasses. I see a red key in the picture.The girl is beautiful. She is her mother.Old ladies in warm coats went by bus. First lady has short hair. Second lady wear glasses and has a black hat. They look brooding.I see a women and her baby. They are happy!There are two women. One of them is 90 years old. She likes hat. She always go to hospital by bus. Another woman is 70 years old. She is going to work.They are holding each other.
They are staring each other.
It is winter and cold outside.
Two old women are riding on a bus to go shopping.
The older woman wears a gray coat , a black cap and glasses.
Maybe they don't have driver's license.
Usually, they like to chat a lot but they were not chatting at this moment .
A girl and her mother are in a park. They happily look at each other with big smiles.It looks like this photo was taken on a bus. Two women are sitting close to each other. Most likely they are unfamiliar. It seems like it’s cold outside, because they both are in warm coats.
The girl is beautiful. My mother is a wonderfull woman.The lady is sad.
The lady is worried and has red hair.
the children have a jacket
woman have long hair
They take a bus.The girls are happy. The younger sister has curly hair.1. The women are siting in the bus. 2. They are old women. 3. The black jacket is confortable. 4. The first woman is sad. 5. They are beautiful women.The woman who is wearing pink dress is girl's mother. She is so kind.She is upset because bus is so late. Her grandchild waiting for her at house. They are going to celebrate her birthday. She is thinking she might take a taxi.The little girl looks so happy in this picture.
I think this is a beautiful picture of a lovely family.
Two elderly women are sitting in the bus. One is wearing glasses and black beret. She has grey hair.The other is wearing black down jacket. She has short red hair.There are two people in the picture. They are mother and daughter and they are smiling to each other.The old lady is wearing glasses.They are riding the bus. They are comfortably sitting. The woman has grabbed the horizontal bar.
1. They have black hair 2.The moder is in tha parkthe women your have diferent feel
her jaket is black and gray
they is in the bus.
They is grandmothers
1. My mom is lovely. 2. We are happy.They are in the bus. They are not happy. They want walker.They are happy
She is oldyng her
The grandmother have glasses. The younger woman has red hair. The younger woman grab the iron bar in the bus. They women have jackets.The mother and her daughter meet again. They are so happy.There are two wemen in a bus. They all look boring. The women sit right wears a grey coat,and the left one wears a dark blue coat. The right one wears glasses and a cap. She is older than the left women.The old girl is holding her young sister. They are happy because they are going to see a movie.Many people use the public transportation.
This two ladies are wearing coat.
The seats in the bus are tight.
Those glasses are pretty.
The picture illustrates a mother, who is so happy to hug her daughter. It is a sunny day, so both the mother and daughter feel so joyful.Allison is taking her mother to the doctor by local public transportation. This morning she found that her car wouldn't start. The engine sign was on!! It was a cold freezing day but they made it. Thanks goodness!!
The girl in the gray sweater
She has a long hair
She is taired
I like to black hat
She is think
They are beutiful. The picture is great.On the busThey are happyThey are in the bus .
They are seating.
One of the
The girls are happy because they have a very nice parents.
The little girl has a beautiful hat.
Front sheet are handycap or old peoples sheet. You can set this sheet but if haudycap or old peoples get in the bus please move difflent sheet or standing. If they ask you help, please help them or ask bus driver.The sisters are enjoying a typical fall day outside when the world was covid free. They went to a pumpkin farm and now they are waiting to come back home with a big pumpkin to carve and make it scary for halloween.In this picture, we can see two people in the bus. The person on the right side of this photo is an old lady who wears the coat. Another person is younger than the old lady. Because they are both silent, I considered that they are not acquainted.The little girl is sitting on a fence while her mother is holding her. They are both smiling.There are two women in the tram.
A woman wearing a black down jacket is grabbing a metal bar while she is sitting.
The other elderly woman wearing a black beret and a gray coat is gazing through her glasses.
They are sitting quietly.
they is happy.
A woman and a girl.
They are happy . They are beatiful.Two personas end busThe mom is happy 2._ The girl have her curly hair.He is look the way . She is old woman. They are riding the bus. They are wearing coats. She is wearing a hatThe mother holds her daughter who is sitting on the fence. They are looking at each other.Two seniors are sitting on the priority seats. They look like tied and boring. One wears a pair of glasses and a black cap. Another, who wears a black coat ,she could go to grocery shopping because she carries a shopping cart.A woman and a girl looks happy. They have long black hairs.The two women ride the bus.maby they are going to the doctor. The older woman’s look sick .I hope she gets better soon.It seems like those are mom and her daughter. The daughter is sitting on mom’s lap. They are hugging and smiling.Two old ladies are in the bus. I think they are heading home after grocery shopping. They look bored and tired. They must have a long day.
The children it's beautifulTwo girlsthey are sister, the grandmother is sitting in the bus,
Carla are looking for a restaurant,
Mirna is going to eat whit you sister,
They Take a bus.
They’re family.
They are in park.
The lady wore ablack jacket. 2. The laly have her red hair. 3.The old lady brings a gray cap.The girl is smiling. Mom is looking her daughter.Two older people go on the train. The old lady wears glasses and old coat .They are thinking the weather is really cool .The women have a black coat and is really nice and her hair is nice too.It’s a beautiful picture about family. The love between mom and daughter is so strong, and both are them are so happy!Two women are sitting on a bus. The women who wear glasses are going to her clinic. They don’t talk each other. They are bored.The long hair woman is holding her daughter in the picture. They smile happily each other.There are 2 passengers in the picture. While the woman, who is sitting on the left is middle-aged, the one sitting on the right is older. The mature woman is wearing a thick winter navy jacket. In contrast, the aged woman is wearing a long gray coat. Both of them feel bored and exhausted due to a long bus trip.
I look and mom and girlMother and doughter
they are smailing
two woman
they are in the bus
they are serious
They are happy.
They are girls.
They are getting the bus.
The women go to the hospital.
They will get off next bus stop .
The woman and the girl are happy, so they like to smile.My garndmother like to take a bus every day. She have one friend always go with her. They like to go market and go to the market, so in the morning they will take a bus.It’s nice weather today. The siblings are playing outside.These two ladies are in a bus. The old one is wearing glasses and also a hat. Both of them are staring at something. It seems that the bus is not very crowded because no one is standing on the bus.A girl wearing a brown knit cap is smiling at her mother.
A lady with long wavy hair in a burgundy dress is embracing her daughter sitting on the wood railing.
The old woman who wears a black hat looks grumpy. She might be worried about something. She might feel cold, she might have back pain. The brown short hair woman is sitting next to her.
they are happy and lovely in the picturethese womans are waiting paintaly for there to get of the bus
there very tired
they are exasted
They are seeing each face.They are old.
They are old women.
They are in the bus.
They are not happy.
The little girl has beautiful hair.
Mom and daughter look like happy.
The lady with gray hair has a black hat.
And I think they are mother and daughter.
They probably is going to the store, because they have a red shopping cart.
The woman wearing blue jacket looks worried.
It's a beautiful day. A mother and her daughter have a great time in the park.The two ladies in the bus do not know each other, but their lives crossing at many times. Ten years ago, both of them come to the US from another country and studied English at the same place. Now, they work at the same place (a big store at downtown). And everyday they catch the same bus. Even though they've never met before, they can be friends one day, if they look around themselves and smile more often.A girl is sitting on a wooden fence or something. She is smiling at her mom.The old lady is sitting in the bus next to another woman. She is wearing a beautiful black hat. It must be cold outside because her jacket looks very thick and warm. She looks very tired. Maybe she did groceries in the city and now she is going to drive back to her home.
she is a mother, and she is happy. the daugther is five years old.The lady wear a glasses
Beautiful girl and mama togetherShe is sitting chair in bus.There are two beautiful girls. There are happy and enjoying the weather.There are two women.
They sit the seat in a bus.
The woman sitting right side wears glasses.
The women sitting left side wears black coat.
I think they are not friends.
They are very happy. They are looking at each other.We are on the bus. I am the one who wear a black jacket. And the lady who wear the glasses is older then me. The bus is going to the hospital. A women is hugging a girl. Both of them wear long sleeves.There are two ladies on my bus. I think they're mother and daughter. They´re probably going shopping because of the tray one of them is carrying. It's cold outside so they are wearing coats.
they are look happyTwo oldmens at the bus .They are pretty and so similar. Was a nice pictureTwo grandmother together and the bus1,This girl look at her mother. 2,The beautiful lady hug her daughter1,They are on the bus. 2,They looks tired. 3,The weather is coldA woman holds her daughter. The cloth that the girl wears is so pretty.The public transport in the US is incredible. All bus has a lot of seats for old people. The US respects the people that need public transport. In Portland have a lot of lines of buses.There are 2 old ladies sitting in a bus. One lady is wearing a glasses and a black hat. The other lady is wearing a black thick coat and grabbing a safety bar. They are staring at somewhere with their mouth shut. It looks sunny day as seen over the window.
They are happy. She is happy with her mom.Im tired. Im going home. Im late to work. Idon't want to walkShe is whit her daughter. The girl is beautiful.They are laughing. The little girl wearing a jacket.There are two women on the bus. They are sitting. A woman is wearing a big block jacket. An old woman wearing glasses. Also, They look so sad.A woman is holding her daughter in her arms. They are smiling each other.The senior lady’s taken the bus every Sunday morning at 10 am. They are going to go the church together after a while They are make a good friends. They always taking about what they are doing during the week.There are two old women who are sitting on a seat in the bus. One of them is wearing a black hat and glasses. The other woman is wearing a black coat . They are looking outside. Maybe, they are going to go shopping.
love famely
i se butifol pictsher
i see old woman
isee a man set besid a woman
they set in the bus
they look autside
The older girl hugs the younger girl. The younger girl who wears a gray jacket and she pulling her hair. They seems to be on good terms.Two women are sitting down on the bus. Maybe these people don't know about each other. There are two different colors of jackets. There are thinking or looking at different things. One woman has a hat and another woman doesn't have a cap.They are very happy. They are looking at each other.Those women are on a bus. It's a day of winter and it should be cold outside because they wear coat. I suppose something was happened in front of them and they are looking at it. What happened might be unhappy thing because they seem to be worrying something.Two ladies are sitting next to each other on a bus. The lady on the left is wearing a black jacket with a hood. The lady on the right is wearing a gray coat and a hat. It looks like they are waiting to get to their stops without much emotion showing on their faces.
Write 2-3 sentences about this picture.Write 4-5 sentences about this picture.