Senate Health Care Votes
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Cortez Masto:
Votes to pass:
Motion to Proceed on H.R. 1628
Motion to Proceed (start debate) on H.R. 1628, the initial House repeal-and-replace bill
S. Amdt. 270Original Senate repeal-and-replace proposal, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, including amendment from Texas Sen. Ted Cruz offering less rigerous "Freedom Plans" and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman's amendment allocating $100 million to help cover out-of-pocket costs for Medicaid patients who could lose coverage under the billNONO6043-57
Paul Amendement to HR 1628Affordable Care Act repeal bill, similar to the one Senate Republicans passed in 2015, with an amendment that would ban people from using subsidies to buy plans that cover abortion.NONO5045-55
Motion to Commit H.R. 1628Democratic-backed amendment to send the bill back through the committee process. NOYES5048-52
Motion to Commit H.R. 1628 Motion proposed by Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey to send the bill back though the committee process.NOYES5048-51
Motion to supend rules on S.Amdt. 288A Heller-backed amendment that would have lended symbolic, non-binding support to Medicaid expansion while still calling for repeal of the Affordable Care ActYESNO5010-90
S.Amdt.340 to S.Amdt.267Amendment from Montata Sen. Steve Daines copying legislation in the House creating a single-payer health insurance system that would provide free health care to all residents.NOPRESENT500-57
S. Amdt. 389Amendment from Alabama Sen. Luther Strange that would aim to apply the Hyde Amendment (barring the use of federal funds for abortion) more broadly.YESNO6050-50
Motion to Commit H.R. 1628Motion proposed by Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York to send the bill to committee with instructions on "Cadilac" health care tax.NOYES5043-57
S. Amdt. 502Amendment from Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada to repeal the so-called Cadillac tax on high-cost, employer-sponsored health insurance.YESYES5052-48
Motion to Commit H.R. 1628Motion from Democratic Sen. Patty Murray from Washington to refer to committee.NOYES5048-52
S. Amdt. 667"Skinny repeal," a last-ditch effort by Senate Republicans to pass some sort of repeal bill. The measure would repeal the individual and employer mandates, in addition to taxes on medical device companies.YESNO5049-51