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Worksheet: WorksheetWorksheetWorksheetWorksheetWorksheetWorksheetWorksheetWorksheetWorksheet
Artist Statement: Typical Artist StatementArtist StatementArtist StatementArtist StatementArtist StatementArtist StatementArtist StatementArtist Statement
Day 1 StepsNext Steps: Finish your storyboard and share it with us. Complete the worksheet. Next Steps: Review and polish presentation, finish worksheet, come up with 10 names and meanings for those names, come with the box tomorrow and what you have of the puppets. Bring your printed Anonymous mask. Next Steps: Edit presentation to add detail based on their feedback, finish worksheet, storyboard of the photos you will take on Monday, sketch of where everything will be on the final productNext Steps: Review and polish presentation, finish worksheet, come up with 10 names and meaning, complete at least 1 helmet for tomorrowNext Steps: Tomorrow, bring what you have of your final productNext Steps: Complete your worksheet, review and polish your presentation to address concerns and the feedback you received. Come with what you have or your product tomorrow (physical) and 10 title ideas and meanings. Next Steps: Finish worksheet, bring the tree to this meeting tomorrow, bring what you have of one lantern. Next Steps: Edit presentation, finish worksheet, identify the city and work on the titleNext Steps: Finish your worksheet, practice glass etching during the work time. Try to get the product the way you want it to be. If you have time, work on your cookie cutters (but know that you can knives in the end if we need to).
Day 2 StepsNext Steps: Finish artist statement, show us video Next Steps: Add photos of the box to the presentation, come with printed Anonymous mask, add 1 liner explanations to each of those names, research how and then put together the puppets, continue discussions on the plexi-glass, add coins to one of the backgrounds, complete the artist statement and share it with Carol Next Steps: Add photos of what the final product will look like on your powerpoint, elaborate on audience feelings and experiences, share the artist statement with Carol, email photo of storyboard to Carol, vary up the type of photos you are taking, no more than 3 of the same planned photo, finish the prototype, complete the artist statement and share it with Carol Next Steps: Add detail and elaborate on the worksheet, make sure the box is sent to the laser cutter, add sketches or photos to the powerpoint, bring materials for helmets, focusing on professionalism and clean craftsmanship, be sure you all know where you supplies and products are, complete the artist statement and share it with Carol Next Steps: Add photos of these prototypes to the powerpoint, bring all 4 final products are they are on Tuesday, Elizabeth & Andrea- complete your illustrator, complete the artist statement and share it with Carol Next Steps: Elaborate and add detail to the worksheet, complete the artist statement and share it with Carol, add more images to the powerpoint and proofread it, come with some progress beyond just having the slides and the woodNext Steps: proofread the worksheet, add more detail about the lanterns to the document, work on cohesion of ideas, work with some lanterns that Schwartz gives you, improve aesthetic quality of the tree Next Steps: complete the artist statement and share it with Carol, finish the worksheet that is linked, come up with 10 titles and 1 liner explanations for those titles, find a way to make it so the viewer has to become the camera, make us want to look inside by what goes outside, make something light up, add images to the powerpointNext Steps: complete the artist statement and share it with Carol, continue to work on the stencil on the glass and try to glass etch, bring your cookie no Tuesday, thnk of at least 3 other possible titles and reasons why they would be good titles for this piece.
Day 3 StepsNext Steps: Edit artist statement to add the surveillance part, edit formatting of the artist statement, play with possible opening slide or ending one, play with volume of the song and sound effects Next Steps: work on the puppets and put them together, paint the scenes, add the coins to one of the background, complete artist statement in correct format and share with Carol, continue work on Anonymous maskNext Steps: Add photos you took to the Powerpoint, work on your final product now, and print out photos, and begin making final work as soon as you receive materials, work with the printers and see if you can make them work to print out photos, work on the time stamps, play with quality of photosNext Steps: Reinforce the helmets, work on how it will be shown when the person puts it on, finish the helmet focusing on professionalism and clean craftsmanship, complete the box, edit artist statement Next Steps: Add photos of prototypes to the powerpoint, begin painting and complete the go pro, send Elizabeth's file to Mike TODAY, complete the Artist Statement, as soon as you get your laser cut prints, work on completing thoseNext Steps: add images to the powerpoint, take photos and upload them right away, clean up the professionalism and craftsmanship of your work, complete your boxWorksheet needs to be finished, Laterns need to be resized, Tree needs to be finished and AI files need to be with Mike in the AM so he can cut them. Artist statement needs to be finished.Next Steps: Share the artist statement with Carol, elaborate on the worksheet, come up with more abstract titles and have explanations, bring us everything you have to the meeting, work on the outside of the box, add photos to the powerpoint, work on building the model insideWork on the cookie cutter and share file with Mike. Find glass and finish the etching.
Day 4 StepsNext Steps: Edit the artist statement and elaborate on the 5 sections, help Ashby's group complete their product Next Steps: Spend 20 minute all 3 of you working with the puppets. Add coins and complete painting. Fix artist statement formatting. Check on the anonymous mask. Next Steps: Change powerpoint title to correct title, once you receive materials, finish the final product, edit artist statement, figure out the look of your time stamps Finish box, check for clear coat and finish a helmetNext Steps: Paint and finish the go-pro. Complete all the camera heads. Zac and Elizabeth read the artist statement and Andrea and Moises come to Carol with it on a computer for final edit. All work on circuits. Finish box and finish photos and complete allNext Steps: Finish your model, inside and outside, with working lights
Feedback from ChristianGreat video. Perhaps add a phone number at the end to act a layer of detail that connects back to mocking to the puppy video where people look at the commercial and don't do anything about it. He questions the blood color but likes it. TV should be used to display the work at the museum. He enjoys the flags and suggests adding coins of other kinds of denominations to the money area too since they are talking about power in various countries. Make sure it is able to hold if you want people to interact. It's obvious that it is different layers so glass might not be necessary but Esdras talked about adding symbolism to the layers on top of the glass. Make sure the outside is nice and clean--all white might be good for the outside. Would you consider installing it on the gallery wall instead of on the cork board? It might have a better impression to have the red string on the white wall instead of on corkboard. There are a lot of them that are just shopping, but can there be other pictures incorporated that are a little more personal. Try to figure out some more ways to make the photos more personal. Add the timestamps. Make sure the font is like the typical typewriter old school font. How will you prevent the people from putting on the helmet and then walking away? Add instructions on the box. Make sure that you are all wearing the same colors. The box needs work--perhaps make the box all white or all black and clean. Consider how the person gets the helmet put on them and how it is taken off of them. Consider having a chair for them. Flush out the details of the performance. The polaroid camera brings in a historical aspect. He really likes the fact that it is a serious subject but they are bringing in humor. He questions what they will be wearing--he thinks it should be something that is uniform for all of the group members. Figure out how it will be performed--will you arrive in the camera heads? Will they all be on pedastals and then you put them on at the same time? Have 4 pedastals for these pieces. The lollipop in the mouth is distracting in the photo. Take out the lollipop. He likes the idea of secrecy and the component of the slide in and out. He is unsure if you are communicating your message. Send Christian photos via email as soon as you retake them. Where are you getting the other photos? Why lanterns? If you're holding onto them, why are you hanging them on a tree? He sees it as a ritual. He doesn't see the suffering really displayed. How will the silhouette be displayed? If the silhouettes are clear and clean, it could work. The shadows and silhouettes have to be clean. He is a bit distracted by the leaves. They don't need a laminated list or hotlines because it may take it to a different direction. Add more statistics on the outside of the box. He likes the fact that you are incorporating Spanish and English. He likes the lights and he's excited to see it. He thinks it's an interesting topic that you're talking about how surveillance is specific to different groups of people. Show our biases. Consider adding a photo or a layer beneath the glass might add a layer of meaning beneath it. Make sure to have a knife or fork or something near it, and perhaps napkins or plates. Maybe add text to the napkins to tie everything together. Remember everything is part of the art.
Debrief NotesHe is afraid that it is going to fall apart. What are you hiding? What is in your drawers? Structure is conceptually good but images need work. Pull away from arts and crafts. It looks elementary at the moment. Research statistics.
Day 5 StepsFix the editing this weekend. Work with Fernando's group on the pictures, 20 sets.Continue on the box, paint the box , work on the puppets.Time stamps, clean up board, retake some or find other photos, some black and white.Work on the helmets, work on the box, smoke machine circuit with lights.Work on performance piece. Instructions.Keep working on the camera heads, make working red lights, possibly include a real poliroid photo?Fix runners for the box, then glue the box, take pictures Monday. Story board for MondayMake wooden laterns with quotes and images, start to fix tree (remove leaves, scorch wood)Fix drill marks, make the city and create dome lights that light up neighborhoods, not just houses.Research stamp for napkins, clean up etching.
Day ^ StepsFinalize the video, TV and loop of video. Help with Fernando's group as director of photography.Continue on the box, paint the box , work on the puppets.Work on Artsist Statement. Help othersTake pictures and fix the boxWork on napkin idea and find a mirror
Name of ProjectEmbersHumanity vs. SecurityThe Watching EyeSurveillance and GrafittiIntruderVirtual World@Ned_and_TedBearIdenity
HavenSebastianEric G.OmarCameron
Day 6 StepsESP Label SubmittedESP Label SubmittedESP Label SubmittedESP Label SubmittedESP Label SubmittedESP Label SubmittedESP Label SubmittedESP Label SubmittedESP Label Submitted
Artist Statement:Artist Statement
Titles: TitlesTitles
Day 2 StepsNext Steps: They have decided to start again with a new concept. Create a detailed new PowertPoint presentation and share it with us ASAP. Complete your worksheet. Work on the title of your piece. Come up with at least 10 titles and one line reasons of their meaning. Next Steps: Finish the worksheet, complete a storyboard with the image and the recordings/videos lined up, come with at least 2 things that you are hanging on the wall in your hallway. Start your video editing.Next Steps: Edit your presentation addressing their concerns and adding detail, finish worksheet, create something physical that is part of your final product, come up with at least 5 possible names for the project and reasonsNext Steps: Edit your presentation addressing their concerns and adding detail, finish worksheet, bring the base and the start of the paper mache tomorrow, come with selfies that you will integrate into the piece. Next Steps: Finish the worksheet. Come with a way to make your brick wall- come with at least 3 different types of bricks. Come up with at least 10 names for your project and one line reasons on why this name has meaning. Next Steps: Edit presentation based on feedback, finish worksheet, get images like the Saturn/Jupiter example Schwartz showed you and see how these images would look like, research how we would get images from your radio telescope, bring us what you made so farNext Steps: Edit presentation, finish worksheet, bring 10 polished images to us tomorrow, bring storyboards for all the images that you plan on taking. Next Steps: Edit presentation, finish worksheet, create 30 ideas for your title with one line reasons why.
Day 2 StepsNext Steps: Add more detail to the powerpoint, update it with the correct dimensions, get specific with the images and add detail so that we can see the images in our heads as we read this powerpoint. Contact a charity. Edit and elaborate upon your worksheet. Complete the list of 10 titles and reasons. Research your counter and wiring of your like button. Next Steps: Add detail to the worksheet, come up with 10 names and explanations for the names, finish the storyboard, finish the prepared Illustrator files for the laser cutterNext Steps: Continue to edit the powerpoint, print your worksheet, fix the distortion on the photos, continue work on the raspberry pie. come up at least 10 more titles for your project with one liner explanations on why.Next Steps: Proofread the powerpoint, add more detail (especially on the meaning), find a model to follow with your eye, edit your worksheet and powerpoint to talk about selfie culture, read the two articles about selfie culture and annotate them (2 of you read each one and annotate them and discuss), be sure to bring materials and make progress on the product, more elaboration on the worksheet, bring selfies that you will integrate into the projectNext Steps: Proofread your worksheet, combine the methods (the grout on the styrofoam), begin working on the final wall, add your stencil to the wall, proofread powerpointNext Steps: add some of the radio frequency photos to the powerpoint, add meaning to story section, send Carol measurements of the radio telescope, brainstorm painting, finish artist statement and share it with Carol, brainstorm how to cover logos and begin doing soNext Steps: Add images to your presentation, edit your presentation for grammar, bring us 12 polished images by Tuesday, bring storyboards for all images (15 images), finish the artist statement and share it with Carol Next Steps: add photographs of your actual work, and screenshots of your instagram, fix spelling of the title, add at least 2 more photos to the instagram by Tuesday, complete artist statement and share with Carol, 30 ideas for titles have layers of meaning
Day 3 StepsNext Steps: Complete your artist statement, post your photos, print them in the instagram style, work on your counter Next Steps: Cie'Cayla: Mess with the video and see how the second part of it can be as powerful as the first, come up with 5 more names and explanations/ Arlene: finish and print the worksheet, finish the storyboard, and finis the Illustrator files and send them to Mike Next Steps: Add photos to your powerpoint, add one line explanations to your title proposals, add images and make your Powerpoint professional, raspberry pie needs to be completed, print photos and have something to show of final productContinue to work on the powerpoint to make professional and with more information. Start a new eye with foam and shape a better eye. Bring in the pictures of selfies and printer to print them out. Finish the worksheet and come up game plan to finish and share with us.Next Steps: Proofread your worksheet and powerpoint, sponge paint on the wall trial, when Schwartz brings you the final wood, complete your actual wall, add your stencil to your wallRadio telescope photos , sized and framed. Continue to learn to operate the satillite finder. Replace or fix wrong bolt and polish up presentation.Next Steps: Add your own images to the presentation, edit the presentation for grammar, finish an artist statement and share it with Carol and print it out for 2:30pm today. Shared schedule of posts
Day 4 StepsNext Steps: Print out artist statement, add your photos to your instagrams, build a following on your emberrs instagram (at least 23 followers by tomorrow)Finish Art pieces, Artist Statement, Work on videoNext Steps: add your photos to the powerpoint, create your final product with photos and the raspberry pie, create one LED/photo combination alongside an I Did Not Say CheeseCut down eye, coat the eye with a smoothing paint or putty to make it more life like. Take selfie's with different backgrounds to make look like an iris. Clean up power point and worksheet.
Finish taping the wall, spray paint it red and grout and them project stencil and copy.
Next Steps: Find photos and print them, record a video and take a photo of you finding a satellite, add a Viewer Experience slide and tell us what we are meant to question, feel, and experience. Next Steps: Add your own images to the presentation, edit the presentation for grammar, finish an artist statement and share it with Carol and print it out for 2:30pm today. Working with others until critque
Feedback from ChristianHe doesn't know if you need the photos printed out. If you display a link or a QR code that goes directly to this, that would be great. If you are able to add a counter, it works. What you are showing is powerful and emotional. How is the sound going to be displayed at the museum? The sound might be distorted since it's a hallway. If it's super loud, it might be taking away from other people's pieces. How can the individual experience the sound? Can we add headphones? Email Luisa and Christian the files of the artpieces. He is concerned about it just being art work that is already done by other people. Can you make happy images that pair with the sound that is hard? What if you took video stills of the happy imagery and paired it with the sounds? He is unsure about the lights. He has a problem looking at this because it's just photos taken of each other in classrooms. Without the explanation, it's really hard to understand what is going on. Can there be other photos that are not at school? The goal is for the audience to put themselves in the shoes of the people in the photos and at the moment, it is hard to see this goal. He doesn't see the correlation between "No Consent" and the photos of girls at school. Think about backgrounds and places that are private--like bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. so that you are really talking about how private lives are being exposed. He is unsure if you need the black or anything else in the background. Just the eye with selfies as the pupil is strong. Work on the construction of the eye. Email Luisa and Christian photos of your product. Title is Observe & Procure. He likes that the audience is being incorporated and that they can be tagging the wall. Why are they taking pictures of the people tagging, though? How is the audience going to be encouraged to write on the wall. Where are the photos of the people going to go? The idea of you guys giving people freedom to write on the walls is a good concept alone. What about mass producing the drawing? What about making stencils or stickers and putting them all around? Watching the video reminds him of an infomercial. Because all of this is availble, we have the power to see people and the information because it is actually easily built. People can see us, but we can also see them. Most people don't know how to make it. Perhaps make it a "product" and "sell" this product as a way for people to see others. You can say "With this product, you are able to see which satellites are watching you!" Justin could be a good actor. He finds it interesting. He wishes there were 50 followers or so. Put more scenarios and add more people into the photos. Seeing this literally is interesting! Email Luisa and Christian 20 different scenarios by Wednesday of next week. Continue to take more and more photos. As we get closer to the date, they can edit the profile. He would like to see more backgrounds. He doesn't know if we need the bear at the museum. Displaying the QR code on the wall would be enough. What if it was a bear and a QR code right above it? What if the bear was holding the QR code? Keep on taking photos and keep on posting things. Try to do much more public photos.
Debrief NotesThese are huge. They don't understand why they are so large. The idea about celebrities being used for products is an interesting idea but the idea isn't fully developed yet the way it was articulated. Continue to take photos and email them to Luisa and Christian. The title has too many other connotations. Continue to take more and more photos everywhere. It needs to be out and about. The photos look posed. The wall feels fake. Can you take the sticker and put it out in the world?
Day 5 StepsFinish presentation and artist statement today, polish and very sellable.Lay out hallway, work with Anna P. on prjecor and head phones, continue on art pieces.Work on the UV lights, see if green screen can be used for the photos.New selfie's, make the eye, cut hole for pupil.Continue with the wall, fix paint, make the grout lines, make more stickers. Talk to Henry about a live feed.Stencil name on telescope, continue working on script, be funny and cheese.Need to take at least 10 sets today, more people, more scenarios. True to help compose and take photos.Research QR Code.Review power point and make sure it's clean and complete.
Lay out hallway, work with Anna P. on prjecor and head phones, continue on art pieces.paint eye, continue with photosFinish powerpoint so we can submit and review