Barista and Service Worker Funds(Responses)
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3/17/2020 19:47:16Caroline_ChildersCarri Childers (Be) Caffeinated
3/17/2020 19:47:55Caroline_Childers venmoCaroline Childers (Be) Caffeinated
3/18/2020 11:58:51Working at a shop that hopes to reopen... makes it hard to find another job knowing I could have the old one back soon. Barista for 6 years so.. obviously not much of a savings. Help always appreciated Connorjones5Connor jones5stones coffee co bellevue
3/17/2020 17:46:03The city of Minneapolis has severely limited the functionality of 7CC. My only job is as a barista. I am part time there while I am also a Theology student at Bethlehem College & Seminary. Already, paying for this semester was looking rough, due to the unpaid internship I am taking this summer to work at a church in Germany for the month of July. I am in my third year of my undergraduate, and I am hoping to graduate next year. Venmo @JesseM-NickellJesse Morgan Nickell7 Corners Coffee
3/17/2020 20:45:55Cashapp: $michellebreannaMichelle8th&Roast, Nashville, TN
3/18/2020 11:27:51I was laid off due to covid 19 outbreak and as of right now have no definite start date. I am struggling to figure out how to pay rent this month worried for the future of my restaurant because it could be out of business once this is over. My venmo is @emilyjanejacob anything is appreciated Emily Jacob
A neighborhood seafood restaurant in Chicago
3/18/2020 10:27:41Im used to working 60 hours a week to be able to pay my bills and I will be out of work indefinitely Dylan-Rushing-1Dylan Sierra rushinA salon and a restaurant
3/17/2020 16:01:16N.H. is currently take out only. Changes are being made to hours and staffing.noswerfsSamanthaA&E Roastery
3/17/2020 16:43:57Other than this I work various gigs, as a person that has a weakened immune system and a person that lives with an immuno-compromised person (my mother) I am not able to work at this time as I can risk not only my health but my mothers. venmo is slbord and cashapp is $slbordSarah-lisa Bord About coffee, the roost, inatesso
3/18/2020 12:16:24My heart goes out to everyone in this industry. So many of us rely on tips as a huge part of our checks. Stay safe everyone! Venmo: tavitamTavitaAchilles coffee
3/18/2020 16:51:22This whole thing was so sudden and I’m just a bit worried. I have 3 fur babies that rely on me. I’m so grateful for all the kind people out there. Venmo: VeroM3Veronica Achilles Coffee
3/18/2020 20:22:54I’ve gotten my hours cut from 38/week to 12. I applied for emergency UI but still no response from the state. As someone who solely survives pretty much on cash tips this has been stressing me out so much. @qiiroxQiró SolisAchilles Coffee Roasters
3/17/2020 23:05:57I'm so grateful to be taken care of by my employer and provided 2 weeks severance pay and being temporarily laid off to take advantage of emergency unemployment. I want to provide a space for people to talk, to discuss, or even to temporarily forget the chaos that is currently happening. I'm told my chat room, viewers, and streams are quite wholesome! So I hope that my streams can be a space for you to look for support or just have a good time chatting with others, or even just lurking. It's not necessary at all since it's a difficult time financially for a lot of us, but a subscription would be much appreciated to help support me as well.'s Discovery Cafe
3/17/2020 16:02:15We will most likely shut down completely soon and now most of my coworkers and I have to hold on to the hope that the government is gonna help us out.$TannerBootsTanner BootsAirship Coffee
3/18/2020 14:59:49venmo @mattiehinkleyMattie Hinkley
Alchemy Coffee in Richmond, Virginia
3/18/2020 19:22:41@samkittySamanthaAlchemy Hair
3/18/2020 8:47:50Out of nowhere all hours for non salary workers got cut completely, company refuses to join govt program to work with companies to provide workers assistance. Employment insurance only provides 55% of my part time wage and no tipsPayPal: ravefox3877@gmail.comLevi CoteAnalog Coffee (Calgary, Alberta)
3/17/2020 16:05:45I am technically on standby unemployment and am getting ~300 dollars a week from the government My Venmo is @emily-pote-1Emily PoteAnchorhead coffee downtown
3/17/2020 16:53:23We are unsure if we are being compensated for our two weeks of closure.Alice_NuccioAlice NuccioAndersonville La Colombe
3/17/2020 18:42:50We’re closed indefinitely, I don’t know when I could go back to workpaypal heewonann@gmail.comHeewon AnAnodyne coffee rosters
3/17/2020 17:00:55Coffee nerd with time to experiment, but a small donation goes a long way for groceries.$coarsegrinderJorge CortezAscension Coffee
3/17/2020 16:12:23Everyone I work with has either been fully or partially laid off. I just want to be able to continue to make coffee for others, but I cannot risk being sick due to my asthma and lung issues. @NatePalmer126Nate PalmerAtwater’s
3/17/2020 15:38:51restaurants, cafes, bars, and venues are closed here. my partner is getting surgery friday (3/18). the doctor requests that i quarantine for his safety while he heals. i’m unable to pick up any type of new job or side gig because of this venmo: @meekowzmikayla malandrababys on fire, baltimore md
3/18/2020 7:58:00I just want to get my bank account out of it -160 dollar balance Cashapp: $dont4getthekale Eduard Van OsteromBaltimore Center Stage
3/18/2020 9:20:31 De MatteoBar Beau
3/17/2020 15:31:12We are a couple that has been in the coffee industry for about 7 years, Constantly struggling to make ends meet. This is the first time we have both been unemployed and we are so anxious that we won’t find a way through this. We’re hustling to pay April’s rent and don’t know what’s gonna happen after that.Venmo : @jdempz / Cashapp : $jdempz3
Jacob and Alejandrina Dempsey
Bar King and Stumptown Coffee
3/18/2020 10:41:04cash app: $kayladorvelkayla dorvelbar melusine, damn the weather
3/17/2020 16:26:38I lost all of my income at once when my jobs closed due to the restaurant/recreational center shut down. I am still technically on payroll at caffe vita and they said they may have a few shifts available but now I’m worried about my health. I have severe asthma and had been feeling pretty good about being a “healthy active young adult” that would be fine, but as things progress I don’t think it is smart for me to pick up shifts and risk my health. Unemployment has been slow to respond to my application. So here I am, asking for help in way I can get it.Venmo Chynna-SpencerChynna
Bar Taglio/Cafe Hitchcock/Modo Yoga
3/17/2020 15:50:59Hey guys, queer barista here. working in montreal, we are not close yet (reduced hours) but it’ll happen any day now.. really quiet at the shop, lost about 50% of income since the beginning of the week, and i’ll be will be out of work in a few days.. feel free to donate love (and cash)
Coline Wenker Ali-Belhadj
3/18/2020 9:08:11Currently at the verge of getting laid off, very uncertain on how I’m going to pay my bills, especially since I help my mother out with bills/rentVenmo: xoxomaxieMaxiel De Los SantosBarista
3/17/2020 16:28:06I’m laid off and will be recieving non of my accrewed PTO. I will receive only half of my previous income from unemployment, not enough to cover many of my bills.Venmo- MorganLaRose
Morgan LaRose / General Porpoise / Sea Creatures
Barista / Server
3/17/2020 15:37:20I’m down to working 8 hours a week and with no other way of income this truly will not even pay a quarter of my bills in the future $savrg or SavannaGarcia97 Venmo Savanna GarciaBarista at frothy monkey
3/17/2020 20:10:29That it’s not a joke. That your night out isn’t just canceled - our lives as we know it are in real danger. We may not be able to keep our homes or food on the table if this extends past two weeks. We live paycheck to paycheck & the complete plug of that is devastating. We don’t have the luxury of a salary, or of insurance, or a 41K. We’re the fringe of society monetary wise, & right now we are drowning. Venmo: @Emily-Martin-MckamieEmilyBartender in Houston
3/18/2020 9:08:04Bean Coffee Roasters is a huge part of the community in southern california. Members of the community know us by name and more often than not, come in to see us rather than just come for the coffee. We are family owned and our hours are being cut dramatically now that we are hanging on to just doing take out, however we might close our doors soon. I have quite a few bills to pay and a grandma I take care of on my days off. This is also my second job. First and foremost, I am a substitute teacher and can no longer work that job and we unfortunately are not getting paid while the school are shut down. Any little bit would help from this community. Thank you! gabsbarbosaGabriella BarbosaBean Coffee Roasters
3/18/2020 6:36:40We just shut down one of our locations and cut back drastically on the other. Essentially going from full time work to about a shift a week. Don’t have the savings or the income to sustain myself in this. $amkyler (CashApp) @amkyler (Venmo)Kyler ReasonBee Coffee Roasters
3/17/2020 19:14:32I’m in the same situation as many others, unfortunately. Business/tips took a big hit this last week and today I became unemployed. I’m a dog mama of two and self supporting w/ no savings. Big bummer. Venmo - @oatieKourtnie <3Bespoke Coffee in NC
3/18/2020 11:40:31I just lost 70% of my monthly income. I’m supposed to be getting married at the end of the year but will have to use the rest of our wedding savings to pay our bills. Kris-Campbell-3Kristen CampbellBetter Half Coffee & Cocktails
3/18/2020 11:04:10Im a POC artist living in Seattle with a ridiculous amount of student loans. My income from bartending helped me pay my bills and live my life comfortably, but I don’t have that option anymore. I am able to sell my art, but it’s not a long term fix, and who knows how long this will last. Any help is deeply appreciated m!!Venmo @amanda-bell-5Amanda BellBig Mario’s pizza as a bartender
3/18/2020 12:31:28Will by filing for unemployment, but tips sre what really made my checks come through. I use my money to pay bills and to save money so I can move to a safer space.Venmo: meechpeachy cashapp: meechpeachy11Michele MontoyaBird Rock Coffee Roasters
3/18/2020 13:06:22Lead barista who lost both of her jobs, needs to make rent and just purchased first car. Finally started adulting before the economy started to crash SOS hahaVenmo: kelsey-shockeyKelsey ShockeyBird rock coffee roasters
3/18/2020 20:09:19Our staff here at Bird Rock Bressi Ranch has recently been severely affected by the recent pandemic of COVID-19. Our store has been shut down for a month or more leaving the staff without income for life's necessities.

This is for our staff of 13 individuals (including myself). Most of us live paycheck to paycheck and have been largely affected by our employment being suddenly cut off due to safety and heath concerns for all.

The money donated will be used to help our staff purchase groceries, pay rent. For some even student loans.

We all are are extremely appreciative for any way you could help us. Even if that means just sharing this post on any social media platform. Every dollar donated will be cherished and used to lessen the stress we are all feeling.

All of us enjoy working hard to ensure our community have a wonderful start to their day, and a great cup of coffee!

Thank you so Much!!

Stay Healthy and Thank u for supporting us your Baristas @Bressi Ranch Carlsbad, CA.
Jeff, Nick & the Lady Birds
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
3/17/2020 16:04:54As many of you know having a boss and staff that you loving working for can be hard to find. That's why in times like these where business is hard, if not impossible, to run I find myself wanting to ask for less in order to lessen the financial burden on the business. I love the community we have in the area I work and all of the owners are really wonderful people. I don't know what I wanted to happen from saying this but that's something I did want to convey.Venmo: Joshua-LinBarista JoshBitter+Sweet
3/18/2020 19:43:31Totally screwed, coffee/service industry lifer here.Venmo @mike-mangamMike MangamBittersweet
3/17/2020 20:04:00Being a barista after college was never my intent. I went to school solely based on getting a degree in something other than what I wanted to go in for. Being Asian-American, you are born into a culture with very high expectations. Go to school, do good and do better (not the best you can do, but BETTER than what you’re capable of doing). This is the expectation. Career choices aren’t chosen by you to begin with, but expected (usually). It’s usually a career in medicine or law and it’s not exactly as simple as it seems for a young college student. But when I went to school, I panicked in the middle realizing that I was going to school for my family and not for myself. And constantly failing at something I didn’t know how to do and something I was passionate about or even good at chipped away at my self-esteem. I had gone to school making good grades to becoming a grade A failure in college. My peers who were around me didn’t help much either since they were in my classes trying to achieve their dreams in the medical field as well so I felt inferior. It wasn’t until after I moved back with no success in finding a job (after receiving a BS degree in Health) that I got a job as a barista due to a suggestion of a friend. I got into it with no experience and realized how much I loved it. Coffee has become a passion, and it’s also given me opportunities to communicate with my community. Through this, I realized that I want to someday travel around the world and become an English teacher while also researching the world of coffee! I want to eventually come back to the US and open a coffee shop with experience and knowledge of my new found passion and share it with everyone! Going to school for my family’s sake was not what I had hoped my college days would be like so working as a barista is has been eye opening for me. And although it doesn’t make me millions of dollars each day, it’s helped me realizing who I am and what I want to do in this big world! Venmo: @Anna-ChandrakasemAnna ChandrakasemBlack Coffee
3/18/2020 12:09:23My business has gone under and is refusing to pay our earned paid sick leave days and is pushing our last paycheck till the end of the month. Unemployment site is crashing so I currently have no income. Frazier-Greenberg Frazier Greenberg Black fox coffee
3/18/2020 2:15:31I already live paycheck to paycheck, my car was stolen last month, and while I'm excited to have a new one, it means more monthly bills. Losing business and hours means less I can get paid hourly and in tips, and until the dynamic changes further or great bounds have been made I'm going to be perpetually stressed about rent and everything else I owe.Venmo Sam-shippySamBlack Rock Coffee Bar
3/18/2020 15:19:04Hi! I’m a 21 y/o barista and I’m a full time university student! I have always supported myself throughout my college career. I pay all rent and college fees myself, so this pandemic is creating financial tension for me. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks! :)) @am-martinez17Asia MartinezBlack Walnut Bakery
3/18/2020 11:49:06Off work for two weeks or so (estimated) and need financial support Venmo: Loganpaz666 Cashapp: $LoganpazLogan PazBlackbird Pizzeria
3/17/2020 16:33:15Obviously we rely a lot on tips but also we would like for everyone to have the opportunity to stay at home and quarantine and not have to worry about how we’re going to pay our bills. Kim-chapman-39Kim Chapman
Blind Tiger Cafe - Cruise port, Tampa, FL
3/18/2020 11:26:24I take care of my mom who has brain and breast cancer. Just like everyone else applying, i depend on tips and live check to check. I’ve been a part of the coffee community for 7 years and I’ve never been put in a situation like this where I have to look my mom in the eyes and tell her that I’m unsure if everything is going to be okay. Cashapp- $TiffaniHeavenridgeTiffani Heavenridge Blind Tiger Cafe (Ybor City)
3/17/2020 16:59:31Good chuck of my income are my tips and the next couple of weeks are gonna be tricky to cover bills. Car tags, insurance, and car payment are all due in the next couple of weeks ... Venmo : jdizzle323James CastroBlue Bottle Coffee
3/17/2020 15:49:08I’m on a forced vacation for two weeks. I’m paid with full healthcare benefits for that whole time, and my cafe isn’t letting go of anyone rn. I’m still going to be short on my living expenses for the month because I won’t make any tips, which are about 18% of my income. I’m telling people this to encourage people to donate—I’d be financially devastated if I didn’t have any income for two weeks, and that’s exactly what’s happening to so many service workers right now. I’m incredibly lucky my cafe can pay me for the two weeks I’ll be at home. Please donate to those who are without income rn!!!@monicavbmonicablue bottle coffee
3/17/2020 20:28:13Our shop closed yesterday, out a job for the foreseeable future. Any little bit helps, thank you! ❤️ @e-f-snowEmily Blue Copper Coffee
3/17/2020 16:39:49I’m a barista/student in Jacksonville Florida. I’ve been serving delicious coffee to the best of my abilities with Bold Bean Coffee Roasters since 2016. Our hours just got cut as well as our employees on the floor during shifts. Trying to get by, thank you so much!JasonoftheparksJason mcmillenBold Bean Coffee Roasters
3/17/2020 17:53:34I’m out of school, work, and my living situation could be compromised. I was supposed to be showing my BFA show and graduating, but it’s all been cancelled along with a lay-off from work. Times are hard for us all. Venmo: nessypoo88 Cashapp: $nonsensenessy
Vanessa Hough, Barista
Bon Appetit Cornish College of the Arts
3/17/2020 15:27:02I don't know my hours or what the schedule will be for my work since we're doing it week by week. My hours are cut by more than half. German-Martinez
Bon Appetit Food Management Co @ Cornish College of the Arts
3/17/2020 15:41:47Hourly wage, tips, and health benefits are on hold until further notice @jessmayarnoldJess ArnoldBongo Java
3/18/2020 12:43:15We would like the community to know that we all found Bootstrap in times of need and it’s been the best coffee working experience each of us have ever had. During this time, we just want to be able to hang in there until we can return to the place where we love to work! We have the most incredible bosses who have INCREDIBLE integrity, so we need to stay strong for them so they can continue to make waves in the coffee industry.Venmos: spogart, Alexa-Blake-1, christinamhuber
Elliott, James, and Teeny
Bootstrap Coffee Roasters
3/19/2020 12:04:27Closed down the brewery until further notice, no paid leave because we rely on tips as bartenders 😔
@SammyKPalm (Venmo)
Sam PalmBosque Brewing Co
3/17/2020 21:10:29I am a mother of 3 young boys. the quarantine took my job and we already live day to day in a dire financial situation. @Ash-House Ashlee Brass Smoothies
3/18/2020 7:23:07Temporarily out of work due to mandatory quarantine@Kaina-Percifield (venmo)Kaina PercifieldBREW Coffee Bar
3/18/2020 6:02:56I’m a student at NC State with off-campus student housing that has asked me to leave while still owing rent, student loans, and no way of currently bringing in money to pay any bills or even for groceries in this time due to jobs being closed. I’m also trying to assist my parents in taking care of my little sister while my mom is in self-quarantine due to being ill but not having any available testing. Venmo: @AmberLaskowski1003 Amber Laskowski
Brew Coffee McNeill Pointe and Black Pelican Seafood Restaurant
3/17/2020 16:04:43Extremely anxious to see how these next weeks pan out, but hopeful to see the community come together. @annaroserossiAnna Rose RossiBroomwagon Coffee
3/17/2020 16:56:39I’m a senior in college about to graduate with a degree in social work. I support myself off working at a restaurant, but it’s closed now due to COVID-19. @marshallsmilesAshley MarshallBuca di Beppo
3/17/2020 17:27:19The company I work for isn’t closing while others in our community have. We’re continuing to try and work during this (risking health) but customer numbers have dropped significantly, as a result finances are affected placing me in a sea of uncertainty. yayitshaleyHaley O’ConnellBuddy Brew Coffee
3/17/2020 16:56:26Hi, I’m Kyle and I am one of 6 baristas that works at Cafe Bambino in Seattle. I have worked there for 4 years and it is a great family owned shop. However, we have had to suspend operations indefinitely because of the effects the virus has had in our community.

We will re-open eventually and I have applied for standby unemployment until the situation improves and the shop can open again. They say I’m only eligible for $188/week though, which will only cover 1/2 of my monthly bills including my health insurance premiums.

Any additional financial assistance during this time, would be so humbly appreciated. Thank you! We will make it through this!
Venmo: @Kyle-TodaroKyle TodaroCafe Bambino / Seattle
3/19/2020 19:46:15@hannahbillenHannahCafe currently shut down
3/17/2020 17:30:40Laid off due to lack of business, projected date back is 4/10, who knows if that will happen or not. Cashapp $rosieposie4Rosie GonzalesCafe Hitchcock
3/18/2020 5:57:32Closing up shop for a few weeks in a business area because everyone is working from home. Doing my best to be proactive and applied for temporary work. I’ve also begun the process to file for unemployment. Hoping everything works out! Cashapp: $amontero / Venmo: @Alejndro-Montero-1Alejandro MonteroCafe Levity
3/18/2020 18:12:15Eduardo-Padilla-25858Eduardo PadillaCafetal coffee
3/17/2020 22:54:12I only had 9 hours of sick time. Anything is greatly appreciated.Venmo: jasoncarrionJason CCaffé Fiore
3/17/2020 15:37:31Hours are cut, tips are very low, and I straight up can’t afford food. Unemployment won’t come fast enough. Bills are due. My credit score is in the 500s already from growing up poor & neglected. I never ask for help, I’ve been self sufficient since I was 15, but that’s over now. Venmo @melissa-kullman Melissa KullmanCaffe Fiore
3/18/2020 22:23:32@mrhawsCaffe Ladro
3/17/2020 19:35:50I am currently out of work due to cold symptoms and i needed to to my part for my team and community @courty_courtCourtneyCaffe Ladro
3/18/2020 14:21:27Hours have been drastically cut and totally closing seems inevitable. There is absolutely no way I nor anyone I know can survive on unemployment. Venmo: Betsy-Gosline BetsyCaffe Vita in Portland
3/17/2020 22:48:37I’m unemployed, our cafe closed tonight. I’m having dental surgery on Friday. I’m a survivor of abuse and have no contact with family. I have no savings. I appreciate anything. Venmo @melissa-kullmanMelissa KCaffe Vita/Caffe Fiore
3/18/2020 5:49:39My coworkers and I were laid off with no severance because our shop closed suddenly due to covid19. We are all filing for unemployment but qualify for less than half what we were making before. No idea how I’m going to pay my rent or bills of they don’t suspend payments for a while. Anything helps, and I really hope all of you make it through this. Sending all the love to my fellow baristas.Cash app $mdegooshMiloCandy’s
3/17/2020 16:15:57Lauren-sotolongoLauren Sotolongo Cartel coffee lab
3/18/2020 21:15:42Have been taken off the schedule for an indeterminate amount of time due to coronavirus...there have been lay-offs and benefits cut already and I am concerned for my financial well being.@Trenton-clark-betchTrenton ClarkCartel Coffee Lab
3/18/2020 21:26:31After a month of unemployment, I was so excited to start my job at Cartel Coffee Shop. For the past few weeks, I’ve loved learning more about coffee, connecting deeper with my community, and gaining new friends after just moving to Arizona less than a year ago when I returned from Peace Corps. I am an artist as well and my job at Cartel Coffee Shop was supporting me and my partner (who has been working as a line cook until his teaching program starts in May) with bills while I continued to pursue my dream. Things really started to look optimistic as I was also just hired for my first solo exhibition set in April 2020. But then the Coronavirus happened and within days, both me and my partner are out of a job for the unforeseen future.MelanieNicoleArtMelanie ZimmermanCartel Coffee Lab
3/19/2020 10:21:22Living off tips doesn’t help when filing for unemployment. Anything helps!
Venmo aaron-goldstein-12
Aaron GoldsteinCartel Coffee Lab
3/18/2020 21:19:45These are very very rough times for the service industry Venmo jordanfostersucks69Jordan foster Cartel coffee lab
3/18/2020 21:34:18Myself and a lot of other service workers are technically unemployed @sohianySohiany Cartel coffee lab
3/17/2020 20:57:37Tips are about 50% of our income so unemployment alone (if processing can even handle the demand) will not keep tour servers and baristas afloat! Not to mention most of us are in school and have very little margin as we try to finish our education. We need you! Cash app: $AbigailfraserAbigailCascadia coffee/coffee time!
3/17/2020 16:34:50I’m currently under temporary layoff with no foreseeable end date. The best the company could offer under these conditions was the option to file for unemployment (with no guarantee of acceptance or date for receiving said income) and an extension to our pto to be used at a later date when we return to work. Portland is a mess right now so any help to allow me to pass on to housemates + loved ones is immensely appreciated. @cailin_cCailin CurtisCase Study Coffee Roasters
3/18/2020 12:48:51The location in which I was working shutdown. I moved back home to help my family but my financial stability was largely dependent on my barista job. Still need help paying bills (car ins., student loans, etc) Anything helps <3Venmo @AdriCanoAdrianaCat & Cloud Coffee
3/17/2020 15:54:39I love my job and know they are doing everything possible to keep the community safe and bring us back on as soon as possible, but we all are going to need help in the coming weeks. Rent is rough. Seattle is expensive. And the cost of living doesn’t change just because we’re all trying to stay healthy. I am so grateful for the kindness of the regulars who continue to support us and for the community that is willing to help the service workers in our city. Venmo: @Malorie-SandovalMalorie SandovalCedar & Spokes
3/17/2020 15:46:41I have applied for unemployment but the estimated payout is barely enough to pay my rent. My partner who I live with has severe asthma and a family history of fatal bronchitis, so I don't want to do temp work at a grocery store in fear of transmitting COVID to them. Sean-dunn-7Sean DunnCedar and Spokes
3/17/2020 16:20:48No@Robert-Connelly-8Rob ConnellyCeremony Coffee Roasters
3/17/2020 19:20:02Going to work during the crisis is bittersweet. I want to continue doing what I love and serving coffee, and I also desperately need my paycheck. But at the same time, I'm putting myself and others at risk every day, and I dont have a choice. I am grateful to currently still be given hours, but I have had awful anxiety surrounding the crisis and not being able to isolate. I have no choice but to keep going because I cant afford to lose any of my income when I have no other stream to fall back on. With no clear end in sight for this, I'm starting to become fearful. I love my job and the community I get to serve every day. Any help at all would go a long way. <3@Lauren-Genovese on venmo Lauren Genovese Ceremony Coffee Roasters
3/17/2020 19:17:10I’m considered at-risk with a compromised immune system (autoimmune disease) so this reality terrifies me. I miss more than anything clocking into my barista job, chatting with customers, and spreading joy in the little things (such as making someone a picture-worthy latté). But I remain positive that we’ll get through this together. I’ve never seen such a sense of community and it warms my heart and gives me a lot of hope. Can’t wait to love on everyone once this is all over. ❤️❤️AnnieRookerAnnie Cha Cha Matcha
3/17/2020 17:40:46While paying rent in NYC is already hard enough on barista wages, it is now literally impossible without them. I relying purely on the kindness, understanding, and generosity of others to get through the next few weeks. Me and my three cats will be working hard on anything we can (namely art commissions) to make a few bucks here and there in the meantime. @KMDorrian on Venmo and Cashapp, Etsy is Dorrian
Cha Cha Matcha, and Koneko Cat Cafe
3/18/2020 19:58:15Our hours were significantly cut, so they cut down on the number of baristas working for the time being. Prior to this pandemic I was already struggling to pay my bills due to significantly high student loan payments that I have to make— and for some reason I can’t put a pause on those during this time. I filed for unemployment but don’t know if it will come soon enough, or even be enough to provide relief. I also don’t have an exact date of when I will be returning to work.Venmo @stefftrifSteff Trifkovic
Champion Coffee - Greenpoint, Brooklyn
3/18/2020 16:06:38Just another barista being handed some over extracted espresso by life. Current circumstances are manageable, but headed downhill fast. Much love for this community and all the people - don’t be afraid to reach out if this pandemic has displaced you in any way!Venmo - tjbostockTyler BostockChapters Books and Coffee
3/17/2020 22:38:59Work is slow, was told not to come in today and unsure if we'll close our doors in the next 48 hours. $JadeGlantzCherrity Bar
3/18/2020 10:06:31My wife and I were robbed a week ago. Our house was broken into and we lost around 17k worth of my wife’s work equipment (she’s a photographer). Besides that, I work in the hospitality industry and found out that I won’t have work until at least May 9th due to the heavy restrictions put in place towards restaurants located in hotels (like the one I work at)My wife has accounts: @annajunghwa // $annajunghwaTimothy HeywardCherry Circle Room/Milk Room
3/17/2020 16:04:24I’m working in a medical building downtown and as of only yesterday I was told my hours would be cut. I have applied for partial unemployment but because my income is reliant on tips I’m not sure I will be able to get by. I have no health insurance and am risking myself and others (while doing what I love) by coming into work every day.
@shaybales4HaleighCherry Street Coffee
3/17/2020 17:49:37My partner and I both work in coffee and have loved meeting folx of all walks of life through it. With the current state of things we’re counting every cent because we’re unsure when we can have a stable life once again. Venmo: @danilapuzDani Cherry Street Public House