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Sustainability and climate risk insights and tools for business.
Building the largest open data business directory for company sustainability and climate change. Developed and openly published unique scores using open data to indicate company sustainability and environmental efficiency.
AMEE has created a innovative global resource delivering easily accessible insights and tools to help businesses mitigate and adapt to climate change. AMEE exemplifies the power of open to transform business behavior by empowering them with data to become more climate resilient and sustainable.
AMEE expands to cover 20 million companies - http://blog.amee.com/2014/09/29/going-global-20-million-companies-now-live-on-amee/; Unprecedented flood risk assessment for UK SMEs - http://blog.amee.com/2014/10/02/is-the-uks-economic-recovery-vulnerable-to-flood-risk/; AMEE transforms global climate resilience data into open, machine-readable resource - http://blog.amee.com/2014/09/17/new-climate-resilience-data-from-the-nd-gain-index-live-via-our-api-2/
Enel SpAwww.enel.com
Second largest utility company in Europe
Entering the Linked Open Data cloud by realising their retail networks and their EV charging stations network as geo linked data.
It's one of the largest organisation in the World to have committed to open data.
http://data.enel.com, http://www.slideshare.net/cyberandy/linked-open-geodata-for-enel-drive-w3c-lod2014
GeoData - they publish enhanced geospatial open data sets for free, in addition to their wide range of additional products.
Their two key open geodata sets are the open Census pack (190 variables) and the postal sector boundaries dataset. These have been instrumental in some of my recent research and GeoLytix are definitely leading in this area.
They are produce innovative, high quality geospatial products, which is something of a niche. They are leading the way in this area of open data so I think they would be worthy winners.
GeoData - first two are the key open data products: http://geolytix.co.uk/geodata
Geolytixgeolytix.co.ukLocation planning consultancy
They have made available a number of excellent data sets on an open basis which I know are well-respected and used in the commercial sphere, including a great set of postal sector boundaries, a set of retail locations, and the census data
The ONS spend half a billion pounds doing the census and then fell at the final hurdle when it came to making it useful and available to people. Geolytix filled the gap by collating together a consistent, simple, easy to use census data set for the whole UK. This has made the census much more digestible for several organisations including Tesco.
OCSI are a small socially-focused data business, best known for their consultancy and evaluation work for public sector clients, data services to local government and – most recently – for securing responsibility for updating the Index of Multiple Deprivation. Consistently active in the Open Data community, OCSI successfully balance enthusiastic participation in the development of policy and practice (their CEO chairs DEFRA’s open data advisory group and is a member of ODUG) with a keen focus on business relevant solutions. Together with housing sector partners, HACT, they created www.communityinsight.org – one of the most successful open data-mapping tools deployed in a business context.
OCSI have established a strong business profile over many years through conventional data provision, management and analysis. Services. Their key achievement, however, has been achieved over the last 2-3 years: radically shifting their business focus from in-house data analysis and curation towards the creation of accessible, affordable and usable tools capable of democratising access to open data within subscriber businesses – most notably through the codevelopment with HACT of www.communityinsight.org, www.populationinsight.org, www.valueinsight.org - which have transformed the way social housing providers access open data in their businesses - and the forthcoming localinsight, which promises to do the same for local government.
OCSI would be deserved winners of this award. Their radical shift of business focus – from being open data specialists to creating tools enabling everyone in a business to be an open data specialist – provides an example of where the open data sector should be going. They have achieved this without grant funding or external support, but through responsive development of great , commercial viable but affordable tools that are driving awareness and use of open data deep into the social housing sector – one of our most important public service areas, providing 1 in 8 homes in the UK
http://www.hact.org.uk/communityinsight/testimonials www.communityinsight.org www.valueinsight.org
Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI) provide open data analysis, products and tools for community and public sector clients. We develop open datasets, eg the DCLG Indices of Deprivation based on public sector data, one of the most important open data sets used to target >£1 billion of public and community sector funds annually. We also develop open data tools, including the Community Insight tool, subscribed to by over 80 major housing providers managing 1.2 million homes between them. Our open data Numberhood app has more than 80,000 downloads.
* ‘Data for Neighbourhoods’ (www.data4nr.net) commissioned by DCLG provided the first open data catalogue in the world, free to all users, with regularly updated weblinks & searchable metadata. Data4nr predated US Data.gov and Data.gov.uk by 5 years, and provided the content for data.gov.uk initial developer launch (more than 1,000 datasets). * Community Insight, open data tool subscribed to by over 80 major housing providers managing 1.2 million homes between them. * Open data packs underpin ‘data observatories’ run by 50 Local Authorities, including the Hampshire Hub. * ‘Rural Evidence’ open data resource is part of the toolkit for more than 4,000 rural communities carrying out local planning.
Initially ‘spun out’ from Oxford University as a social policy research consultancy, OCSI have worked on open data projects to the value of nearly £3M, helping 100s of public and community sector organisations to make their services more efficient and effective. Turnover has increased an average of 40% per year since relaunching as an open data business, with our growth potential recognised & supported by the Technology Strategy Board in their Growth Accelerator programme. OCSI also support open data progress; team lead Tom Smith chairs the Environment Agency data group, and previously a member of the cabinet office Open Data User Group.
Helping local authorities improve their evidence base for decision-making
Helping to improve open data accessibility for reuse by local organisations
Versatile and professional - a real asset to local public services
Open Companyopencompany.co.uk
Free data of every UK limited and public company
Providing key information for UK companies
Opencompany provides data of UK companies free and fast. The design is simple and elegant. Competitors use the same free information to charge their customers and visitors. Opencompany is free.
Open Corporatesopencorporates.com
Providing open data on companies globally
Making company data useful, accessible, and easy to navigate
They're a critical data source for us and other companies who work with commercial enterprises and governments, since company data is such a critical part of many of our projects. I use their data all the time and think they should be recognised for their impact in providing a key data layer for analysis
Open Corporateshttps://opencorporates.com/Knowledge about company data
Consulting governments on how to bring about corporate transparency, thus achieving financial transparency ( in the fields such as taxing ). Eg: Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Delaware, Czech Republic Belgium
This is one of the biggest #opendata projects which brings about transparency in corporate domain & recognition for valiant efforts will only be the boosting factor
Open Meteo
meteorology/wether forecast
http://meteo-parapente.com/ and http://pioupiou.fr/ one site that give free high resolution meteo forecast and one open-source device that share weather condition in real time.
because meteorology is critical in most activity and country and get good information freely can improve economy and save lives.
OpenCorporates is the world's largest open database of companies with financial and legal information on over 84 million companies in 94 jurisdictions worldwide. OpenCorporates is revolutionising access and reusability of company data, making it not just freely available on the web, but also giving access to the underlying data through its API and with an open licence.
(1) Being the world's largest open database in the world, (2) Launching a Open Company Data Index with the World Bank, (3) Creating a crowdscraping platform where a community of bot writers and researchers can come togethere to release open data: missions.opencorporates.com. (4) Launching the Global Legal Entity Identifier System (GLEIS), designed to address the problems of corporate identity, particularly in the financial markets , (5) Contributing to the award-winning campaign of Global Witness (TED Prize Winner 2014) & (6) Creating a sustainable revenue stream through paying clients
Through providing an essential service under an Open License, OpenCorporates has made themselves an irreplaceable part of the ecosystem to many open data projects. Furthermore, they have partnered with prestigious organisations like World Bank to create a portfolio of tools and platforms to inform citizens at the same time as signing up commercial clients. Their client portfolio now includes names such as Swiss Re, Stripe, Evention, DNB, LinkedIn and Funding Circle. With every commercial deal OpenCorporates signs, more open data is added to the platform, resulting in social impact for every pound earned.
Pioupiouwww.pioupiou.frOpen data meteo
security about : paragliding, Kite-surfing, and all other sports or activity.
Because he's a young Genius-Guy who's work for all of us :-)
http://meteo-parapente.com/ | www.pioupiou.fr |
Open meteo data at a low cost for everyone anywhere
they entirly create a "pioupiou" allowing people to determine the wind where they want at a very low price, and is creating a community of people sharin open meteo data.
They succeeded where most failed: to provide simple and useful tools for open data.
SalzburgerLand Tourismus Ges.m.b.H.
Regional agency for tourism in the region of Salzburg in Austria.
Releasing touristic datasets from the SalzburgerLand region as Linked Open Data to innovate their industry and increase direct bookings.
First mover in Austria for the Tourism industry.
Shoothillhttp://www.shoothill.comRiver Levels / flooding
Making complex data available - cleverly using individual Twitter accounts. Fantastic as an angler and guide
Vital info made available in a simple, focused format
Shoothillhttp://www.shoothill.comgauge map
preventing destruction of peoples prize posessions i.e homes and personal mobility
they helped thousands through the darkest days
Shoothill create award winning, bespoke solutions for bringing content and data to life through rich, interactive applications for a diverse range of clients.
Shoothill Gaugemap and Shoothill FloodAlerts, Shoothill Historic Mapping
Shhothill's Gaugemap and FloodAlerts provide virtually real-time information aboud water levels and flooding throughout the UK, enabling individuals and organisations to take timely action to save lives and property. This is a public service of national importance.
http://www.gaugemap.co.uk/ http://www.shoothill.com/floodmap/
Shoothillhttp://www.shoothill.comdigital agency
dsiplaying flood risk areas across the UK
innovation, informative and and their creativity in displaying data via GIS platforms
Shoothillhttp://www.shoothill.comRiver level mappingMapping thousands of EA stations
Providing invaluable information helping people prepare for floods and raising awareness
Their open data platform which helps organisations (mostly governments and councils) open up their data and engage citizens.
Helping governments use data to find more efficient ways of operating, present themselves in a more transparent way and innovate with open data to improve government services.
They are building up an impressive range of evidence and open data stories proving the social and economic value of open data.