2018-2019 Mansfield ISD Grade K-12 Curriculum At-A-Glance Master
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This document provides a BROAD overview of concepts and APPROXIMATE time frames recommended for classroom instruction in core content areas.
The document below includes a complete list of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
Kindergarten TEKS
KindergartenFirst Instructional Period
August 15 - November 2
Second Instructional Period November 5 - February 14Third Instructional Period
February 19 - May 23
Weeks in Unit123456789101112123456789101112123456789101112
ELARELAR and Social Studies are integrated*(Ongoing - Fiction, Expositiory); Procedural Texts (Directions, Lists, Signs, Sequence); Introduction to Writing; Phonics (A-Z) *(Ongoing - Fiction, Expositiory); Folktales/Fables; Sensory Details; Story Writing; Phonics (Finish A-Z) *(Ongoing - Fiction, Expositiory); Research; Phonics (Digraphs) *(Ongoing - Fiction, Expositiory); Poetry; Rhyming; Writing Poems; Phonics (Short Vowels)*(Ongoing - Fiction, Expositiory); Media Literacy; Phonics (CVC, CCVC, CVCC Words)
MathTeam Building MathUnit 1: Counting and Representing Quantites to 5Unit 2: Counting and Representing Quantities to 10Unit 3: Introducing Sorting and Classifying
(2D shapes and data)
Unit 4: Deepening Understanding of Quantities to 10Unit 5: Measurement ConceptsUnit 6: Introduction to Addition Concepts and Equility to 10Unit 7: Introduction to Subtraction Concepts within 10Unit 8: Applying Addition and Subtraction Concepts Within 10Unit 9: Developing Number Concepts to 20Unit 10: Financial Literacy and CoinsUnit 11: Continuing Classifying and Sorting With 3D Shapes
ScienceSafety and Journals Five SensesProperties of MatterForces and Motion Part 1Forces and Motion & Magnets Part 2Weather- Fall; Farm Plants and Animals (Basic Needs and Life Cycles)Food Sources Food EnergySound, Heath and Light EnergyWeather WinterObjects in the SkyHabitats and Basic Needs: Arctic and DesertWeather PatternsLife Cycles and Basic Needs; Insects and PlantsCaring for EarthRocks and Soil--Compare and UsesProperties of Water--Clarity, Color and UsesWeather Summer
Social StudiesELAR and Social Studies are integratedLocations on Maps and Globes, Jobs, Rules/Laws & Authority Figures, Constitution DayPatriotism/Citizenship, Columbus, Rural/ Urban/ Suburban, Government--Safety, Flag, Pledge of Allegiance, VotingHistory--Holidays, Customs, Veteran's Day, Needs and Wants, Similarities and Differences between Cultures, Customs, and TraditionsPresident's Day, G. Washington, Martin Luther King, chronologyStephen F. Austin, Jose Antonio Navarro, Maps/Globes, Landforms, Bodies of Water, Natural Resources, Flag, Pledge of AllegianceIndependence Day, Technology
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