DRHS Jazz Band Listening Library 2017-2018
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Name of performer/big bandInstrument (only if it is a solo artist)What song(s) did you listen to?What did you like? Be specific.Your nameDate Submitted
Bud ShankAlto SaxophoneRio RhapsodyHe has a very rounded, warm tone during the melody that compliments the acoustic guitar, almost like the tone of Paul Desmond but more defined and less rounded. During his solo, it became double time, and he played almost exclusively with 8th note passages.Cole Gibson08-29-17
GRP All-StarsDonna LeeThe choice to have a flute, clarinet, and marimba play the melody gave it a unique open and airy feel. The shout section under the marimba solo was balanced and complimentary. The harmony added to the melody during the last head was tasteful and gave it a sense of finality.Cole Gibson08-29-17
George BensonGuitarBreezin' , Give me the nightBalanced music , nice soundMariana Saparyan08/28/17
Count Basie OrchestraShiny StockingsThe way that the band swings such a ludicrous amount(in a good way), as well as the exaggerated dynamics, especially in this performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV5apkGSkfMSam Mills8/29/17
John ColtraneTenor SaxophoneIn A Sentimental MoodThe way that he and Ellington compliment each other so well and with such few notes. Also, Coltrane's tone in the upper register almost sounds like sombody crying(also in a good way)Sam Mills8/29/17
Count Baise Jazz OrchestraBig Band Group-The Kid From Red Bank
Chick Coreapianosolo piano 2015 in Mariciacthe simple way he's playing but still creating this awesome and full soundBjörn Riedel8/31/17
Count Basie Jazz Orchestra-The Kid From Red Bank, Duet, After Supper, Flight Of The Foo Birds, Doubble O I really like the sound and swing of the group, I also enjoy the individual or soli parts that are featured throughout the songs especially in "After Supper"Cade Ryan8/31/17
Red GarlandPianoOn a Clear DayThe harmonizing of the piano, guitar, and drums emphasized the clear dynamics and allowed for the listener to have hear every note made by each artist. I also enjoyed Red Garland's light touch on the piano keys and how he was capable of leading the band onto the next soloist. Biz Piegat8/31/17
Count BaiseBig Bands groupIn a Mellow ToneI really enjoyed how every soloist was able to be expressed and heard in that particular moment. I also really liked how the band was able to get loud or really quite within a very short period of time (one measure of decrescendoing) to almost being completly silent within seconds of being at forte for several measures.Biz Piegat8/31/17
Hank MoblyTenor Sax This I Dig of YouI liked the wide variety of notes and articulation patterns within the sixteenth notes. He slured most notes and frequntly changed between upper and lower register. Chloe Meehan09/02/2017
Louis BellsonBig Bands groupSambandrea SwingI really enjoyed the upbeat time the cybal kept during all the solos. I also liked te accompaniments when solos got "handed off" to one another. The music was rather simple which was my favorite part, and adding improv could make it even more entertainng. Chloe Meehan09/02/2017
Philly Joe JonesDrum setIt Never Entered My MindI really like the slower pace of this song and his use of brushes. For a drum set player, he certainly understands that he is an accompanying voice and plays at an appropriate dynamic.Daniel Ives09/05/2017
Buddy Rich Big BandBuddy Rich is obviously a very talented player, and he certainly shows that off when he plays. Since it is his own group, he can solo and play very long passages where it is just him playing. During these, he demonstrates his amazing skill, but this sort of thing wouldn't work in a more normal setting. Either way, he is a very skilled player and he shows that effectively.Daniel Ives09/05/2017
Dizzie GillespieGroovin' HighI'm really fan of the ensemble's contrast in a rhythmic aspect and how everyone is locked in with each other, and how no one is trying to over play while they're playing their respective solos. Regarding the trumpet solo, I'm very much a fan of how the trumpet wants to make a statement but, he's not trying to play all of the notes all the time which, to me, makes the solo more effective.Mercury Flores09/07/17
Miles DavisTrumpetSo WhatI enjoy listening to Davis solo because he sounds so effortless and and relaxed which works well in this tune because of the mellow mood the rhythm section is setting. I like the saxophone solo because it is extremely different compared to the trumpet solo which gives the piece more color and contrast. Holland Morris09/07/17
Count BasieSwingin' The BluesThe call and response between the trumpet and the rest of the band at the very beginning is fun an gives the tune good personality and sets the mood for the rest of the piece. The call and response is passed around throughout the piece. I reay enjoyed how each section of the band came together to create the whole piece. This was a very up beat and exciting tune that was a lot of fun to listen to.Holland Morris09/07/17
Count Basie OrchestraBig groupHay Burner I enjoyed the sense of ensemble balance and consistency, each part seemed to complement one another and even during the solo section the sense of responsibility from each player is astounding. I especially appreciate how the prensence of the drumset was undeniable, yet it wasnt overbearing compared to the rest of the ensemble.Eliot Sale9/9/17
Gary BurtonVibe soloChega de SaudadeI enjoyed this piece because it not only displayed an astonishing amount of musicality, but also a deep understanding on how the instrument functions. Through the fast passages it seems he's utilizing different pedaling and strokes especially to best achieve his desired voicing on the instrumentEliot Sale9/9/17
Clifford BrownTrumpetEasy living and Joy Spring Clifford brown achieves a very soft tone and blends with the reed players well in Joy Spring, and I enjoyed the way that he emulated a human voice with his trumpet in easy living. He sounded very similar in playing to the way that Chet Baker sounds in singing the same chartJack Crowley9/10/17
Jimmie Lunceford & his OrchestraLe Jazz HotThe way that Jimmie Lunceford chooses to layer instruments and entire sections in is satisfying. In this song in particular he starts with a baseline rythm in the reeds and layers the rest accordingly behind a screaming trumpet. Its pretty standard, but the way different tones he brings in is interestingJack Crowley9/10/17
Lee MorganTrumpetSince I Fell For YouI have always loved the way that Lee Morgan plays, so being able to listen to him with just some bass, piano, and drums is really enjoyable. The transition of style from beginning to end is also interesting to me; the beginning of the chart is very soft and gentle but after the piano solo it gets loud, but only for a few seconds until it ends soft again.Quincy Batchelar09.11.17
Duke EllingtonSummertimeThe style change from latin at the beginning to swing more towards the middle is something I have always been a fan of. My absolute favorite part about the piece is the trumpet solo for many different reasons. First off I the tone is very full and open, even in the high register. Then, behind the soloist, the band's backgrounds fit perfectly in dynamics.Quincy Batchelar09.11.17
Gary Burton Little Girl Blue
Miles DavisFreddie FreeloaderThe overall swing style and skill of the group is exellent. The group utilises solos from almost every instrument, and the song primarily follows the twelve bar blues format that we discussed in class to do so. Ryan Flanagan09.11.17
Grant GreenGuitarWee Bit O'GreenThe mood of the piece changes a lot, with lots of build and release of tension, making the song surprisingly catchy and exciting for a slow blues song, esspecially near the middle and end. This song also features jazz organ starting at around 3:25 in the youtube recording I found, which is rarely seen in modern jazz so this is pretty unique and cool.Ryan Flanagan09.11.17
Charles MingusMoanin'This is probably one of my favorite pieces to listen to in the Jazz genre just because of how cool it is. The Bari Sax solo in the opening really sets the scene for the rest of the piece. In which, instruments add in gradually playing parts that almost seem complete random solos, until it semelessly shifts into a section soli or unison part. The trumpets often hit very high notes and still manage to be in tune and there is a very technical style in the rythem section, just to show the difficulty of such a piece. There is also a neat trombone solo with a plunger that fits the dirty style of the piece very well I. (I mention this because it's my intrument.)Ryan Flanagan09.11.17
Big Phat BandCount BubbaThis is the song that originally got me to want to do jazz, I love the fast tempo in the beginning and the middle that's so different than the rest of the song. Overall just a song you can jam to, and isn't that what jazz is all about?Michael Archuleta
Fats WallerAin't Misbehavin', Honeysuckle roseVery upbeat, happy songs. The vocals go along with the music very well but the music can also be played without the vocals. The songs go along with any mood. You can listen to them being happy or sad and the song can fit your mood. They very much help define jazz.Logan McGrew10/30/17
Scott JoplinSaxaphone QuartetThe EntertainerThe parts for all saxaphones are not too simple and all have a bit of melodic parts at some time. Each saxaphone compliments the other and it has an old timey feel that I enjoy. I have heard it played at faster tempos as 135 bpm and at tempos slower like 85 bpm. The piece works at either tempo but I prefer the faster tempo. In the end it is a nice piece that plays well on saxaphone.Logan McGrew10/30/17
Ella FitzgeraldvocalsDream A Little Dream Of MeI feel like a lot of the stuff we listen to in class is jazz that does not contain vocals, so I enjoyed the vocal duet between Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Vocals in jazz are very different from the vocals we hear in pop songs on the radio. I feel like these vocals were more meanningful and personal. Holland Morris5/8/18
George BensonGuitarSix to Four This song is super sick. Driving beat followed with super cool solos by George Benson and Ronnie Foster on the Mini-Moog is super cool, especially that octave button. Wow.Mercury Flores5/9/2018
Sun RaSynth/Composition Door of the CosmosThe interesting composition makes for a great avant gard jazz experience and all worked very nicely Gabby Ortiz5/9/2018
PianoSophisticated LadyI really enjoyed the sounds created within the piece and the contributions from each playerBiz Piegat5/9/18
Benny GoodmanClarinetsing sing singIt does not seem like there are plazing a lot of instruments, but the sound is very full and very happyBjorn Riedel5/15/18
Dave BrubeckPianoTake FiveBrubeck's quartet is carefully chosen. He managed to balance the sound of different instruments. I really liked his solo. His hand are smoothly moving across the piano, making it pleasant to listen to the music and watch the video at the same time. After playing one of his other pieces, I feel better, understanding his concepts and ways of thinking.Mariana Saparyan5/16/18
Billy StrayhornPianoLush LifeThis song is a very beautiful piano and lyrical melody. His voice is beautiful and central in this piece. It is also interesting that this song has inspired numerous covers by modern and older jazz artists. The ballad style of this peace, additionally makes a very interesting and more somber mood in listening, his sadness is portrayed well.Cade Ryan 5/16/18
Bill EvansPianoPeri's Scope(from the album Montreaux II)This performance of Peri's Scope, an original composition by Evans, is a testament to his musical discipline and ability to perform well despite his drug addiction; In his solo, Evans clearly struggles and fails to play at a constant tempo and rushes severely as a consequence of taking whatever drug he was on, but it is one of his best and most famous nonetheless.Sam Mills5/21/18
Louis ArmstrongVocal/TrumpetHello, DollyLouithis song uniques Armstrongs unique singing and advenaced trumpet skills make this song unique. In this song, he starts out on vocal and switches to trumpet while playing high and camplex rhythyms. Adelle v.5/1/18
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