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Sallie Mae
Need help finding college scholarships? No problem. Register to get free access to more than 5 million college scholarships. Find college scholarships that match your skills, activities, and interests based on the profile you create. Set up customized alerts to notify you when a new scholarship that matches your profile becomes available. Plus, be entered to win $1,000 in our monthly sweepstakes. College scholarships are financial aid for college that you can apply for, through organizations, websites, scholarship tools, and more. Scholarships can be need-based, merit-based, or based on things like your hobbies, field of study, ethnicity, religion, and more. You don’t need to be number one in your class or an all-star athlete to get free money for college. Various
San Diego Foundation
The San Diego Foundation Community Scholarship program provides scholarship opportunities for local students to help pursue their educational goals and achieve their higher education dreams.Various
Scholarship America
Scholarship America is here to help you break down barriers, open doors and access scholarships that help you succeed in life. There are tons of scholarships out there, designed to help students like you get to—and stay in—college. Start exploring and start the application process with the click of a button.Various
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Scholarship Owl
ScholarshipOwl is here to make applying for college scholarships easier. We provide you access to our proprietary scholarship management interface technology and services which help you apply to as many scholarships as possible in the least amount of time.Various
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Receive direct scholarships or tuition assistance by participating in the Awards! Direct Scholarships: National Medalists are eligible for scholarships of up to $10,000. Portfolio Scholarships: High school seniors submitting a portfolio of six works are eligible for scholarships of up to $10,000.Various
Student Scholarship
College Scholarships 2020 - Scholarships List 2020-21
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Student Scholarship Search
With one of the largest databases of scholarships online and a speedy scholarship matching tool, StudentScholarshipSearch helps students find scholarships that are most relevant to their background, field of study, sport, skill, interest, achievement, or other attribute. Whether you're in grad school or were just accepted into college, we'll have a match for you. College scholarships and grants are the best place to start financing your education. Our goal is that students use this database to invest more wisely in school, prior to relying on alternative resources and loans. Additionally, while many students may be unaware of forthcoming due dates for scholarship applications, deadlines will be clearly visible on the search results so that users only apply for current and upcoming awards.Various
The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans Inc.
The Horatio Alger Association honors the achievements of outstanding individuals in our society who have succeeded in spite of adversity and who are committed to supporting young people in pursuit of increased opportunities through higher education.Various
Did you know there are thousands of college scholarships? In fact, according to NCES, on average, students at 4 year colleges are awarded $9,740 in grants and scholarships each year. Wait. What is a scholarship? It might seem too good to be true, but it is free money. This money may be used to pay tuition and fees and other charges such as room and board or bookstore charges.

It is not a loan. It is a sum of money that serves as a gift and does not need to be repaid, as long as the requirements are met. Some may ask students to maintain certain a GPA or other criteria. Here is a list of top categories on Unigo: for high school students, grants for college, unigo sponsored, women, military, undergraduate students, by major, merit based, minority, religious, graduate students
Rustic Pathways
Rustic Pathways is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a high school or college student attending an accredited U.S. college or university in 2021. There will also be $1,000 granted to the school that referred the winning student. To apply for this scholarship, you will be required to submit an essay based on the Global Perspectives Scholarship prompt.Various
Bold.orgStudents around the country are taking on huge amounts of debt to get access to the education they want and need. By enabling students to fund their education through exclusive funding opportunities, broadens access to that education in an affordable and sustainable wayVarious
Going MerryGoing Merry is a free scholarship and financial aid platform. Personalized matching. Thousands of scholarships and grants Various
Access ScholarshipsScholarship search too striving to connect students with scholarship opportunities, helpful information, and resources that they need to be successful in their higher education journeys and beyond.Various
Money Matters ScholarshipThe American Payroll Association and Workday, Inc. will award one (1) $5,000 scholarship and two (2) $1,000 Scholarships, eligible to any high school junior or senior or individual pursuing continued education who shows an acceptable understanding of the Money Matters National Education Day curriculum. Award amount varies $1,000-$5,000. September 30, 2022
Family Adversity ScholarshipYates and Wheland is pleased to offer the 2022 Family Adversity Scholarship to recognize students who have been through hardships with their families. As lawyers, we have served many individuals who have been in hard situations, and we know how stressful it can be during those times. We admire people who are able to learn and improve when faced with struggles. That’s why we are offering the Family Adversity Scholarship to recognize students who have been through hard times with their families and have come out the other side a better person. Award amount is $1,000. September 30, 2022
"$$$ Isn't Everything" ScholarshipWhen people start seeing dollar signs, they can become blind to the more important things in life. We each get a precious, short time on earth, and there can be tremendous pressure to spend the majority of it focused on money. This scholarship exists to help one new student or graduate each month to worry a little bit less about money and get a bit of time and energy back to focus on the important things. Award amount is $500.

September 30, 2022
Expand Your Horizons Scholarships“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” - William Faulkner Getting the most out of life requires both the courage to explore the world, and the kindness and openness to welcome and accept all those you meet along the way. One student whose profile demonstrates an openness to learning about other cultures and sharing their own will receive $2,000 to help them continue on their path to travel and learn.September 30, 2022
Home Depot Foundation's Path to Pro Scholaship The Home Depot Foundation works to improve the homes and lives of U.S. veterans, train skilled tradespeople to fill the labor gap and support communities impacted by natural disasters. The Foundation has pledged to invest $50 million in training the next generation of skilled tradespeople and bridging the opportunity gap through its Path to Pro program. Award amount $2000.September 30, 2022
True Impact of Injury ScholarshipEach day, Hess Law Office, PLLC, works with injury victims to help them receive compensation for their injuries from at-fault parties. From years of experience, we’ve seen that most people do not realize the components of a personal injury, from medical bills to the mental and emotional strain. Each personal injury accident has a different profound impact on victims. Some of these impacts stay with individuals and their families for years. To help shed light on this issue, Hess Law Office PLLC is proud to announce the True Impact of Injury Scholarship. Award amount is $1,000. September 30, 2022
Don't Text and Drive ScholarshipDo you know how far you will drive on the freeway if you take your eyes off the road for five seconds, the average time it takes to send a text? An entire football field. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting while driving makes drivers 23 times more likely to get into a "safety-critical event." Award amount is $1,000. September 30, 2022
Roger Boston Scholarship"Imagination will often carry us to the worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere". -Carl Sagan
Roger Boston was a community college professor who shared his curiosity and excitement for the world through teaching. He impacted his family, community, and students, inspiring a sense of wonder in them. To honor his legacy, the Roger Boston Scholarship will support students who are pursuing a degree in astronomy or computer science at a community college. Award amount is $1,850
October 1, 2022
25 No-Essay Communitty ScholarshipThis scholarship is for students who recognize the value of a strong community, and are always on the lookout for ways to help their friends and strengthen their community. It will be awarded to a student who has invited many friends to join Award amount is $5,000. October 1, 2022
Vegan Teens Are The Future ScholarshipThe adoption of a vegan ethical framework is the most effective and important step a person can take to truly change themselves and the world for the better. High school seniors are eligible to apply if they are vegans and have been for over a year. This scholarship is for students pursuing any area of study that will enable them to thrive and become involved in promoting change towards veganism. Award amount is $1,000.October 1, 2022
Wieland Nurse Appreciation ScholarshipThroughout Wieland’s long history, they have spent valuable time with patient advocates, clinicians, facility engineers, environmental services, healthcare designers and dealers to learn and educate themselves. Wieland has created the Wieland Healthcare Nursing Scholarship to support the next generation of nurses who can make a difference in the healthcare field. High school seniors planning to go into nursing and college students currently pursuing a nursing degree are eligible to apply. In your application, write about why you chose to pursue a career in nursing and what inspired you to do so. Award amount is $1,000.October 1, 2022
Cedrick'a Jackson Memorial ScholarshipCedrick’a Jackson was an outgoing, loving, and caring person who passed away too soon in August 2021 due to complications from Sickle Cell Disease. This scholarship aims to honor the life of Cedrick’a Jackson by supporting students who are pursuing degrees in the medical field and/or have been diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. Award amount is $1,350October 1, 2022
CouponBirds Help To Save ScholarshipCouponBirds has launched the "Help to Save" scholarship for high school and college students who need help with their tuition fees. Firstly, this program requires the participants to upload a 2-3 minute video (no longer than 5 minutes). Secondly, participants are required to post on Twitter or Facebook with information related to saving money with CouponBirds SmartCoupon Extension. Individuals with the best idea and response will be selected to give a presentation at our site, last but not least, the person with the most creative idea will win the grand prize. Award amount varies. October 10, 2022
Heisman ScholarshipThe Heisman High School Scholarship program extends the Heisman prestige to the nation’s most esteemed high school seniors by celebrating and rewarding outstanding male and female scholar-athletes who understand that the most important victories happen not only on the field, but also in their schools and communities. Award amount varies.October 18, 2022
U.S. Bank Student ScholarshipGet rewarded for learning about important topics like financing higher education, building a strong financial foundation and developing healthy habits. Simply register and complete short, free, online lessons for a chance to win up to $14,000 in scholarships toward your education*.October 30, 2022
California Youth Sustainability AwardInspired by the young scientist and innovator Gitanjali Rao, CG Roxane LLC, the family-owned and operated maker of Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water®, is kicking off an annual commitment to communities with the announcement of a $55,000 annual award program beginning in August 2021. This annual Sustainability Awards Program will give $55,000 across six prizes to young individuals who are making a difference in their communities through sustainability efforts such as recycling, coastal clean up, planting trees, neighborhood litter pickup, or planting a community garden.
Award Tiers: Hero Award (1) - $20,000 Champion Award (2)- $10,000 Leader Award (3) - $5,000
October 30, 2022
Defining the Disability ScholarshipAt Berkowitz Hanna Malpractice and Injury Lawyers, we have experienced how a disability could affect the daily life of someone. We understand that defining disabilities goes beyond a medical definition. We believe strongly in giving back to our community and do not want to see students give up on their dreams because of disability. The Defining the Disability Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship available to students who meet the scholarship eligibility requirements below and who best describe in a 750-1,000 word essay what discusses how to define disability in the modern world versus its medical definition?October 31, 2022
The Coca-Cola Scholars Program ScholarshipThe Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities. 150 Coca-Cola Scholars are selected each year to receive this $20,000 scholarship.October 31, 2022
Aspiring Attorney ScholarshipOur firm has decided to offer the Aspiring Attorney Scholarship to give back to students who are interested in practicing law! We hope that this $1,000 award will help lessen the financial burden of a passionate future attorney. October 31, 2022
Big Future ScholarshipsEarn entries in monthly drawings for $500 and $40,000 scholarships by completing steps to plan for college. The sooner you start and the more steps you complete, the more chances you’ll have to win. Every month, BigFuture selects two $40,000 winners and hundreds of $500 winners who complete one or more steps.October 31, 2022
Future Minority LeadersHigher education can be a gateway to a world of knowledge, connections, and career opportunities. Unfortunately, many students still don’t have access to college due to the associated costs. When considering the price of tuition, books, living expenses, and supplies, a year of college costs an average of $35,331. As a result, low-income students, many of whom are racial minorities, are often unable to afford college without relying on student loans. This scholarship aims to support and uplift minority students so they have the resources necessary to complete their degrees. Award amount is $1,000.November 1, 2022
Affordable College Prep's First Time Winners ScholarshipAffordable College Prep is a non-profit helping students find scholarships. We want students to benefit from learning more about scholarship opportunities, financial aid, internships, and other college advice. This scholarship is for students who have been tirelessly applying for scholarships and still need help to cover their college expenses. This scholarship is designed to support students who haven't won scholarships yet. Award amount is $500.November 1, 2022
Entrepreneurship and Biology ScholarshipThe Pond Guy is proud to help support the next wave of entrepreneurs and biologists through this scholarship. Offered bi-annually, a $1,500 grant will be awarded to qualified students in accredited entrepreneurship or biology programs.The scholarship will be awarded twice each year, in the Fall and Spring.November 1, 2022
Jose Montanez Memorial ScholarshipIn November of 2016, our dear friend Jose Montanez passed away suddenly. We met Jose at a foster home in our community where I was volunteering, and he eventually became part of our family. Jose was passionate about music, the arts, and loved working with his hands. He was also very giving of what little he had, always helping those around him in need. To honor Jose’s memory, and continue his spirit of giving, we started the Jose Montanez Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to young adults pursuing any level of college or trade school certification. This scholarship is specifically for high school seniors who are graduating in 2023 and will go on to pursue undergraduate degree or trade school certification. Award amount is $1,000.November 1, 2022
CHEA Drug Awareness ProgramThe purpose of the Drug Awarness Video Contest is to involve children, schools and parents in the Drug Awarness Program. Video should be 2-5 minutes and should include anti-abuse message or making the right choice message. Award amount varies. Please reach out to your counselor for scholarship information. November 15, 2022
Learner Scholarship For High School SeniorsGetting ready for college is stressful, especially when it comes to figuring out how you’re going to pay for it. You’ve already done the necessary work to get into college, and it can be tough having to do even more to make college happen. At Learner, they are committed to making sure that all of your hard work is noticed and that finances won’t be a barrier to entering college. To help a high school senior to help pay for school, the Learner Scholarship for High School Seniors seeks to alleviate some of the stress associated with paying for college. Award amount is $500.November 15, 2022
Healthy Eating ScholarshipCollege students are known for having poor diets–and for a good reason. Eating healthy comes at a cost, and college students don't always have the money to afford a proper diet. Top Nutrition Coaching seeks to change that, helping students afford wholesome foods, ingredients, or meal plans that will encourage healthier eating. Not only can more nutritious foods improve students' physical health, but they can also improve students’ well-being and how they feel. The Healthy Eating scholarship will help students pay for healthier meals while in school. Award amount is $1,000. November 15, 2022
Mind, Body, & Soul ScholarshipCollege opens many doors and teaches young adults how to live independently. This change comes at a cost, and new college students may find it challenging to care for their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Award amount is $1,000.November 15, 2022
Your Health Journey ScholarshipStudents have plenty on their plates. However, some go above and beyond to excel in all areas, including their health. A healthy lifestyle takes time and money to maintain, on top of the effort it takes to do well in school. Top Nutrition Coaching commends the effort it takes to develop a healthier lifestyle and wants to show their support for students who have taken steps to build a healthy lifestyle for themselves. The Your Healthy Journey Scholarship will recognize the work students have done as well as encourage their future progress towards living a healthy lifestyle. Award amount is $1,000.November 15, 2022
Scholarship for Tomorrow's EntrepreneurThe purpose of The GreenPal Small Business Scholarship is to assist a motivated, driven student and future business leader. We believe that the generation of today's students are the future employers of tomorrow. The future of our county will be forged by the entrepreneurial spirit of today's generation. Award amount variesNovember 15, 2022
National Space Club ScholarshipSince 2013, The National Space Club and Foundation has offered the opportunity for a student to give the keynote address at the National Space Club and Foundation's annual Goddard Memorial Dinner, one of the space industry's most prestigious gatherings. The student must intend to pursue a career in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) fields, be academically strong and excel in public speaking. Award amount is $15,000.November 15, 2022
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation ScholarshipThe Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program is the largest undergraduate scholarship program available to high-achieving high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend the nation’s best four-year colleges and universities. In addition to the monetary award, Cooke Scholars receive comprehensive educational advising, significant cohort-based programming, and graduate school funding, as well as a thriving network of nearly 3,200 fellow Cooke Scholars and Alumni. Each award is intended to cover a significant share of the student’s educational expenses – including tuition, living expenses, books and required fees. Awards vary by individual, based on the cost of tuition as well as other grants or scholarships he or she may receive.November 17, 2022
Holistic Health ScholarshipCollege poses many new challenges for young adults, and living a healthy and well-balanced life may not be every student's priority. Yet, holistic health is crucial to a college student's success. We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and believe every student should strive to live a well-balanced life while away in college. Award amount is $1,000. November 30, 2022
2022 Safe Cycling ScholarshipThe personal injury attorneys at Felix Gonzalez Law Firm have dedicated their practice to protecting those who have been injured due to the negligence of others. We care about everyone’s safety, especially cyclists on the road. This year, we are offering a scholarship to promote safe cycling. For this scholarship, please explain how governmental measures, like bike lanes, can help prevent accidents in your community. Discuss old and new laws, education around the dangers of cycling in an unsafe space, and if you think more could be done to ensure the safety of cyclists. Award amount is $1,000November 30, 2022
Mindscape Big Picture ScholarshipThe universe is extraordinarily complex, but it is also understandable. It is crucially important that we support young people who are passionate about working to understand it better. Sean Carroll is a physicist, philosopher, and host of the Mindscape podcast. Mindscape is dedicated to the idea that the quest to understand our world, from a wide variety of angles, is one of the most important of all human activities. The Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship was created to provide financial support for those who are looking to pursue higher education to understand how the world works. Award amount is $10,000.December 15, 2022
Bellus Accademy High School Scholarship Bellus Academy will award a scholarship to prospects who enroll and start class at one of our four academies within one year of high school graduation. Award amount varies. Please reach out to your counselor for scholarship application.December 21. 2022